October/November 2018


New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abbott, Jeff. The Three Beths (GC, 26.00) Oct. A daughter desperately searching for her mother who has disappeared and eager to clear her father of suspicion for her murder discovers a link with two other women recently disappeared—and all three are named Beth.

Alexander, Ellie. The Pint of no Return (STM, 26.99) Oct. Octoberfest is particularly exciting in Leavenworth, WA because a film crew is in town to make a documentary about beer, but when the unpleasant host of the documentary is found dead, brewmaster Sloan must turn amateur sleuth.

Andrews, Donna. Lark, the Herald Angels Sing (STM, 24.99) Oct. Preparations for Christmas abound in Caerphilly, and while rehearsing a Nativity pageant, Meg Langslow finds a baby in the manger with a note saying that her brother is the father.

Avon, Joy. In Peppermint Peril (Per, 26.99) Nov. In a debut mystery, a woman returns home for Christmas and while helping her aunt cater a book-themed tea finds that a dead body, a mysterious will, and a missing heirloom ring make for a less-than-festive season.

Axelrod, Steven. Nantucket Counterfeit (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. Henry Kennis, Nantucket’s chief of police is called in when the artistic director of a local theater is found strangled and his body stuffed in a meat freezer.

Backlund, J.R. Down the Broken Road (Per, 26.99) Oct. Former SBI agent Rachel Carver is working as a legal investigator in North Carolina when a new murder appears to be related to the murder that ended her law-enforcement career, but soon she finds herself on the run from a double murder charge while trying to find the truth.

Baldacci, David. The Long Road to Mercy (GC, 29.00) Nov. An FBI agent assigned to protect the area around the Grand Canyon must investigate when one of the mules is stabbed and its rider is missing, but her superiors abruptly call her off the case just as she finds evidence of a larger plot.

Beaton, M.C. Dead Ringer (STM, 26.99) Oct. Agatha Raisin investigates when the wealthy women who have fallen for the handsome visiting bishop disappear, a case that becomes more serious when one of the smitten bell-ringers is found dead.

Berney, Lou. November Road (HC, 26.99) Oct. An Oklahoma housewife takes off with her two young daughters to find a new life in California the week of the assassination of JFK only to run across a New Orleans mobster on the run because he knows too much about what happened in a crime novel that is enriched by the characters’ search for connection and a better life. This tops my list of best of 2018.

Berry, Tamara. Séances are for Suckers (Ken, 26.00) Nov. A woman who works as a “ghostbuster” despite having no belief in the existence of ghosts, is hired by a wealthy English aristocrat to find out what’s behind the phantom lights, pranks, and mysterious accidents in the ancestral castle, but the discovery of a dead body turns her from a fake medium to a true sleuth.

Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn. The Antiquities Hunter (Peg, 25.95) Oct. In the first of a new series a San Francisco PI teams up with an archaeologist when her friend is shot during her work as a National Parks Service operative, in a case that takes them to Mexico and the world of powerful antiquities traffickers.

Bolton, Sharon. The Craftsman (STM, 27.99) Oct. A WPC in Sabden, England is instrumental in the conviction of a mortician for the murder of teenagers, but twenty years later after his death she realizes that she may have been wrong in a mystery tinged with supernatural elements.

Boyne, John. Ladder to the Sky (Soho, 27.00) Nov. A charming would-be novelist turns a chance encounter with an elderly, famous novelist into the beginning of a successful career based on using other people’s stories in a Highsmithian psychodrama of high ambition and low morals.

Brady, Eileen. Penned (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. Veterinarian Kate Turner investigates when an elderly woman is murdered after claiming to have seen “someone evil” at a Halloween street party.

Brown, Rita Mae. Homeward Hound (Ball, 27.00) Nov. Sister Jane and the hounds must discover who killed one of the controversial members of the hunt, the president of an energy company pushing for a pipeline through the Virginia countryside.

Bruen, Ken. In the Galway Silence (Per, 26.00) Nov. Jack Taylor is hired by a wealthy Frenchman to investigate the murders of his twin sons, but it becomes clear that a vigilante assassin is on Jack’s trail.

Burnell, Mark. The Rhythm Section (Picador, 28.00) Oct. A young woman whose family was killed when a terrorist attack brought down an international flight is recruited by a covert intelligence organization that offers to train her, and if she performs certain acts, will help her avenge her family’s deaths in an international espionage thriller.

Byron, Ellen. Mardi Gras Murder (Per, 26.99) Oct. When a flood leaves the body of a stranger practically on her doorstep, Louisiana B & B-owner Maggie Crozat must find out his identity and who killed him in the midst of Mardi Gras celebrations.

Canadeo, Anne. Purls and Poison (Ken, 26.00) Nov. When one of the Black Sheep Knitters is accused of poisoning a business rival, the rest of the group puts down its knitting needles and goes to her defense.

Child, Lee. Past Tense (RH, 28.99) Nov. Jack Reacher decides to visit the small New Hampshire town that his father was from only to discover that no one named Reacher had ever lived there.

Childs, Laura and Terry Farley Moran. Glitter Bomb (Brk, 26.00) Oct. Scrappy sleuth Carmela must hunt for a killer when an exploding Mardi Gras float is used as a murder weapon. Only in New Orleans.

Clark, Mary Higgins and Alafair Burke. You Don’t Own Me (SS, 26.99) Nov. Television producer Laurie Moran is approached by the family of a talented doctor who was murdered in his driveway, and whose wife has been suspected by his family of being responsible, but when she investigates Laurie finds that the family and the doctor himself have plenty of secrets. I love this series, which is cozy, but not too, suspenseful, and clever.

Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Png, 23.00) Nov. A hardcover edition of the classic stories. A great gift for the mystery lover.

Connelly, Michael. Dark Sacred Night (LB, 29.00) Oct. LAPD detective Renée Ballard joins forces with Harry Bosch when she surprises him one night going through the file of a runaway teenager killed in 2009, an unsolved murder that is personal for Bosch.

Copperman, E.J. Bird, Bath, and Beyond (STM, 26.00) Oct. When an Amazon parrot witnesses the murder of the star of a zombie-themed TV show, the detective in charge of the case thinks that the bird may be able to tell him what he saw, although animal talent agent Kay insists that that isn’t possible in the second in this charming, funny cozy series.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Cat Wedding (Ken, 26.00) Oct. When the wealthy, cantankerous owner of two cats decides to put on an elaborate wedding for her felines, Abby and Bernie are forced to turn sleuth after she is murdered.

Crosby, Ellen. Harvest of Secrets (STM, 26.99) Nov. Virginia vintner Lucie Montgomery has her hands full with the discovery of human remains on her family land and the murder of a French winemaker who had taken a job at a neighboring winery.

Cussler, Clive and Graham Brown. Sea of Greed (Put, 29.00) Nov. The NUMA team must save the world again when a greedy oil baron wants to infest the world’s oil wells with a deadly bacteria.

Daly, Paula. Open Your Eyes (Per, 26.00) Oct. The wife of a crime novelist, who has put her writing career aside to concentrate on her perfect marriage, must confront the cracks in her life when her husband is violently attacked, and while he is in a coma she decides to find out who attacked him and why.

Delany, Vicky. A Scandal in Scarlet (Per, 26.99) Nov. When Gemma puts on an afternoon tea with a charity auction to rebuild the town’s museum, the event is cut short by the discovery of a body in the backroom, so she and her friend must find a killer after a neighboring merchant falls under suspicion in the fourth of this cozy series.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. Overkilt (Ken, 26.00) Nov. When a troublemaker reacting to her father-in-law’s plan to market his inn as a destination for singles over Thanksgiving is killed, Liss needs to find a killer before her father-in-law is trussed up like a turkey.

Early, Barbara. Death of a Russian Doll (Per, 26.99) Oct. When her romance with the local police chief is cut short by the return of his beautiful Russian wife, vintage toy shop owner Liz and her former beau become suspects when the woman is found strangled, and it’s up to Liz’s retired policeman father to find a killer.

Eskins, Allen. The Shadows we Hide (Mull, 27.00) Nov. Minneapolis report Joe Talbert investigates the murder of a man who could have been his father, and discovers a man thoroughly disliked by his neighbors, who may have been in line to inherit millions from his late wife who committed suicide in a nuanced story of family and self-discovery.

Evanovich, Janet. Look Alive Twenty-five (Put, 28.00) Nov. Stephanie Plum investigates when the managers begin disappearing from Trenton’s best deli.

Fletcher, Jessica and Jon Land. Murder She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder (Brk, 25.00) Nov. Jessica investigates when her publisher is murdered after having been investigated by the FBI for financial malfeasance and finds that the case is tied to a missing manuscript that he had agreed to publish.

Flower, Amanda. Death and Daisies (Per, 26.99) Nov. American florist Fiona has decided to open a flower shop in Aberdeenshire after inheriting her godfather’s cottage with its magic garden, but opening day is marred by the discovery of a body on the beach in the second in this cozy, magical series.

Fluke, Joanne. Christmas Cake Murder (Ken, 25.00) Oct. In a prequel to the series, a young Hannah is just beginning her planning to open the Cookie Jar when she is distracted by a crime from the past.

Forsyth, Frederick. The Fox (Put, 28.00) Oct. Former British Intelligence officer Adrian Weston is put in charge of handling the latest U.S. and British secret weapon—a brilliant teenaged hacker.

Francis, Felix. Crisis (Put, 29.00) Oct. A crisis manager at a London firm is called in when six Thoroughbred horses, including a Derby favorite, are killed in a barn fire, but more surprising, human remains are also found in the ashes.

French, Tana. The Witch Elm (Vik, 28.00) Oct. In a standalone novel of suspense, a man struggling with his injuries after an assault moves in to care for his dying uncle, and the discovery of a skull in the garden forces him to confront his past that may not have been as he believed it to be.

Frost, Jacqueline. ‘Twas the Knife before Christmas (Per, 26.99) Nov. When a body is found ten days before Christmas, Holly must check off her naughty-and-nice list to find a killer.

Grisham, John. The Reckoning (RH, 29.95) Oct. After a man from a prominent Mississippi family murders his friend, the minister of his church, he refuses to say why or to help his defense lawyer in any way.

Haines, Carolyn. A Gift of Bones (STM, 24.99) Oct. PI Sarah Booth Delaney investigates when a friend asks for her help after her pregnant cousin is kidnapped and the kidnappers threaten to kill the victim if the police are called in in the latest in this slightly paranormal, very funny Southern series.

Hallinan, Timothy. Nighttown (Soho, 26.95) Nov. When a woman in an orange wig offers him $50,000 to break into the house of a recently deceased recluse and steal a doll from her collection, Junior Bender is suspicious, but when a friend is murdered, he decides that it’s time to find out who she is and what she is really after. I love this series—it’s funny, well-plotted, intelligent, and sometimes really poignant.

Harvey, John. Body & Soul (Peg, 25.95) Nov. In the fourth and final of the series featuring former Nottingham police detective John Elder, who discovers that his emotionally fragile daughter has become a person of interest in a murder case. Harvey is one of the best.

Harvey, Michael. Pulse (Ecco, 27.99) Oct. A suspense novel set in 1970s Boston where a Harvard athlete is murdered in an alley and the homicide detectives are shocked when his younger brother knows all about the crime, causing them to investigate the past of the two brothers, a dark story of murder, sordid characters, and metaphysical conspiracies. I loved this for its compelling characters and twisty plotting.

Havill, Steven F. Lies Come Easy (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Nov. The disappearance of a Forest Service range tech and the murder of a woman in the nearby border town overshadow Christmas festivities in Posadas County, NM.

Heley, Veronica. Murder by Suggestion (SH, 28.99) Oct. When Ellie Quicke’s daughter arrives at her London home after her husband has thrown her out, it’s only a matter of time when her friends show up as well: it seems that the ladies have been playing a murder game with each coming up with a way to dispatch her spouse, and now two husbands have died.

Hill, Susan. The Comforts of Home (Over, 26.95) Nov. On a remote island recovering from injuries he received on a case, DCS Simon Serrailler is asked by the local authorities to help when a well-regarded newcomer is found dead, and then his brother-in-law asks for his help in the case of a missing woman.

Hurley, Andrew Michael. Devil’s Day (HMH, 26.00) Oct. A man returns to his family farm after the death of his grandfather to help gather the sheep in from the moor, to keep the sheep safe from the devil, but without his grandfather’s knowledge of the ancient rituals and tales, the villagers fear that the devil is among them in a creepy supernatural thriller.

Ide, Joe. Wrecked (Mull, 27.00) Oct. Long Beach, CA PI Isaiah Quintabe is asked by an artist to help find her mother whom she hasn’t seen in a decade, but he soon discovers that the ex-military founder of a global security firm is also after her to retrieve a video of their torturing of prisoners at Abu Graib.

James, Miranda. Six Cats a Slayin (Brk, 26.00) Oct. Charley and his Maine coon cat Diesel must discover who killed a pushy neighbor before two friend’s end up on the local sheriff’s naughty list and Christmas is ruined for everyone.

Johansen, Iris. Vendetta (STM, 28.99) Oct. A former Army Ranger honors the dying wish of a CIA operative to protect his daughter from a terrorist who blames her for the death of his father in an action-packed thriller.

Kingsbury, Kate. Be our Ghost (Per, 26.99) Oct. When a developer with plans that would ruin the atmospheric coastal town where she and her grandmother have their inn is found dead, and a friend becomes the main suspect, Melanie turns again to sleuthing, with some help from the inn’s laughing ghost.

Lakin, Rita. Getting Old Can Hurt You (SH, 28.99) Oct. Gladdy Gold and the senior sleuths in Fort Lauderdale deal with an alligator in a swimming pool, a string of holdups at Starbucks, and the search for the missing father of one of their grandchildren in the latest in this cozy series.

Lethem, Jonathan. The Feral Detective (HC, 26.99) Nov. A woman hires a hirsute detective who lives in the Mojave Desert with his dogs and an opossum to find the missing daughter of a friend and their quest leads them to California’s Inland Empire filled with hippies and vagabonds who live off the grid.

Levine, Laura. Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge (Ken, 26.00) Oct. Jaine is helping a grumpy former child star edit the screenplay he figures will put him back on the A-list, but when he is murdered, she is put on the suspect list in the latest in this funny series.

Littlejohn, Emily. Lost Lake (STM, 27.99) Nov. Colorado police detective Gemma Moore investigates the disappearance of a curator of a history museum, a disappearance seemingly explained by the simultaneous disappearance of a valuable historic diary, but when the director is murdered after a large fundraising gala, it seems that a killer is still at large.

Lupica, Mike. Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud (Put, 27.00) Nov. PI Sunny Randall investigates when her ex-husband is shot at on the Boston streets and it becomes clear that someone is targeting his mobbed-up family. Sunny is basically Spenser in a skirt, but great fun nonetheless.

Marion, Loretta. House of Ashes (Per, 26.99) Nov. A painter who lives in the Cape-Cod mansion built by her great-grandparents decides to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young couple only to find that she is uncovering dark family secrets in a debut mystery.

McCrum, Mark. Cruising to Murder (SH, 28.99) Oct. A B-list crime writer working on a cruise to West Africa finds it odd when the elderly lady he dined with dies unexpectedly the next day, but when another passenger falls overboard, he realizes that there is a murderer on board in a funny mystery with a fair-play plot.

McGarrity, Michael. Residue (Nor, 25.95) Oct. When the bones of a young woman are unearthed near Las Cruces belonging to a young woman who disappeared forty-five years ago, Kevin Kerney is arrested for the murder of his college girlfriend in a case where the clues appear to implicate him and there are no witnesses to alibi him. (Signing).

McKevitt, G.A. Murder in her Stocking (Ken, 26.00) Nov. In the first of a new series featuring Savannah Reid’s grandmother set in small-town Georgia in the 1980s, the death of a woman who was no better than she should be sends Granny Reid on the hunt for a killer right before Christmas.

McPherson, Catriona. Go to my Grave (STM, 26.99) Oct. A creepy standalone set in a seaside house in Scotland that has been refurbished as a B&B where a group of eight cousins gather for a reunion, but they soon realize that they have been at the house before—and then strange and awful things begin to happen….

Meier, Leslie. Silver Anniversary Murder (Ken, 26.00) Oct. Lucy Stone is reminded of her bridesmaid at her wedding years ago, but when she looks her up she discovers that her friend has recently died falling off her NYC penthouse terrace.

Meier, Leslie, Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross. Yule Log Murder (Ken, 26.00) Nov. Three tasty novellas with the theme of a killing for Christmas.

Morton, Kate. The Clockmaker’s Daughter (SS, 28.00) Oct. When a London archivist finds a satchel containing a sepia photograph of a beautiful woman in Victorian dress and the sketch of a house at the bend of a river, she is drawn to discover who the woman was and what happened to her in a story that begins in 1862 and leads to murder, theft, and mystery told in multiple voices. I love Morton.

Paretsky, Sara. Shell Game (HC, 27.99) Oct. Chicago PI V.I. Warshawski agrees to help a friend whose nephew is facing a murder charge in a case involving a stolen artifact desired by the Russian mob, ISIS, and a shady network of art traffickers, a case that stretches from Chicago to the East Indies and the Middle East.

Patterson, James. Target: Alex Cross (LB, 29.00) Nov. Alex Cross is asked by the president to find the sniper who killed someone in the heart of DC during a funeral procession.

Patterson, James and James O. Born. Ambush (LB, 28.00) Oct. Detective Michael Bennett and his family are targeted by an assassin while he works to stop two rival cartels involved in the opioid trade.

Penny, Louise. Kingdom of the Blind (STM, 28.99) Nov. Gamache is on suspension from the Sûreté du Québec, but he manages to become embroiled in another murder when he and psychologist-turned-bookseller Myrna are enlisted to be executors of a stranger’s will and one of the beneficiaries turns up dead.

Perry, Sarah. Melmoth (HC, 27.99) Oct. A gothic novel that begins in Prague where a translator investigates the disappearance of a friend who has found a mysterious letter that is a warning about Melmoth, a character from fairy tales who roams the earth dooming those who join her to eternal, isolated wandering.

Picoult, Jodi. A Spark of Light (Ball, 28.99) Oct. When a gunman enters a women’s health clinic guns blazing, he takes all those inside hostage, and as the hostage negotiator seeks to diffuse the situation we learn the stories of all of the people inside in a narrative that moves backward to explain how everyone arrived at the clinic.

Porter, Henry. Firefly (Per, 27.00) Oct. A former MI6 agent is called in to find a thirteen-year-old Syrian boy who is fleeing his country in hopes of finding refuge in Germany, but ISIS terrorists are also on his trail because he knows all the details of their planned terror attack. Porter is great and doesn’t write nearly fast enough for me.

Preston, Lisa. The Clincher (Per, 24.99) Nov. The first of a new cozy series featuring a farrier (horseshoer) in a small Oregon ranching town who becomes a suspect when one of her clients is found murdered and turns sleuth to clear her name. This is a stellar debut with an interesting protagonist, interesting horse lore, and a nicely twisty plot. Preston will be participating in Tucson Festival of Books in March, 2019.

Quinn, Holly. A Crafter Knits a Clue (Per, 26.99) Oct. In a warm and fuzzy debut, a woman who returns to her small hometown to take over her deceased friend’s craft store finds herself tied up in murder when a neighboring shop owner is found murdered.

Rayne, Sarah. Song of the Damned (SH, 28.99) Nov. Musicologist Phineas Fox accompanies a friend to a private school where plans for the bicentenary are underway, but things are complicated by a wealthy donor who insists that her late uncle’s opera be staged, an opera based on the disappearance of some nuns in the eighteenth century.

Rimington, Stella. The Moscow Sleepers (Bloom, 27.00) Nov. MI5 agent Liz Carlyle investigates a shady private school in Suffolk that enrolls only boys with advanced computer skills from Eastern Europe and which appears to be a training ground for hackers run by Moscow.

Rosenfelt, David. Deck the Hounds (STM, 24.99) Oct. Andy Carpenter offers his garage apartment to a homeless veteran at the urging of his wife, and when the man is arrested for murder, he takes the case without knowing if the man is innocent or not in a feel-good Christmas story.

Sandford, John. Holy Ghost (Put, 29.00) Oct. Virgil Flowers investigates when the mayor of a small Minnesota town decides that a miracle is what is needed to bring pilgrims to the area, but what he gets is not a miracle, but a murder.

Simms, Chris. Loose Tongues (SH, 28.99) Oct. In the first of a British police procedural series, a young Manchester detective constable is assigned to a murder case where the victim’s cell phones have been shoved in their mouths after death, but otherwise there is no connection between the victims.

St. Vincent, Sarah. Ways to Hide in Winter (RH, 25.99) Nov. A woman who has retreated from life to work in a state park in Pennsylvania’s Blue Ridge Mountains befriends a stranger who claims to be a student from Uzbekistan, but he seems to be terrified in a story of violence and redemption, betrayal and empathy.

Vernon, P.J. When You Find Me (Per, 26.99) Oct. When a wealthy socialite’s husband goes missing after a tumultuous night she can’t remember, she is approached by a mysterious woman who claims she knows where he is and then begins to threaten her in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Ward, J.R. Consumed (SS, 26.99) Oct. A former firefighter turned arson investigator must find a killer who is setting a series of fires in her Massachusetts town before he makes her his next victim.

Willan, Jane. The Hour of Death (Per, 26.99) Oct. Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn must take up sleuthing once again when the president of the Village Art Society is found dead in the parish hall in the second of this delightfully cozy series set in an Abbey in a small Welsh village. Recommended.

Woods, Stuart. Desperate Measures (Put, 28.00) Oct. Stone Barrington must protect a beautiful woman who may become the target of violent crime rocking Manhattan.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Abbott, Jeff. Blame (GC, 7.99) Oct.

Andrews, Donna. How the Finch Stole Christmas (STM, 7.99) Oct.

Atkins, Ace. The Fallen (Put, 9.99) Nov.

Barclay, Linwood. Parting Shot (RH, 9.99) Oct.

Berenson, Laurien. Best in Show (Ken, 7.99) Nov. Reissue.

_____. Wagging Through the Snow (Ken, 7.99) Oct.

Box, C.J. Paradise Valley (STM, 9.99) July.

Chazin, Suzanne. A Place in the Wind (Ken, 9.99) Oct.

Clark, Mary Higgins and Alafair Burke. Every Breath You Take (SS, 8.99) Nov.

Connelly, Michael. Two Kinds of Truth (GC, 9.99) Oct.

Cooke, C.J. I Know My Name (LB, 7.99) Oct.

Cussler, Clive and Boyd Morrison. Typhoon Fury (Put, 9.99) Nov.

Driscoll, Sara. Before it’s Too Late (Ken, 9.99) Oct.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. X Marks the Scot (Ken, 7.99) Oct.  

Evanovich, Janet. Hardcore Twenty-Four (RH, 9.99) Oct.

Fletcher, Jessica, Donald Bain, Jon Land. Murder She Wrote: A Date with Murder (Brk, 7.99) Oct.

Gardner, Lisa. Look for Me (Dut, 9.99) Oct.

Grant, Andrew. False Witness (Ball, 9.99) Oct.

Greenlaw, Linda. Slipknot (STM, 7.99) Nov.

Grippando, James. A Death in Live Oak (HC, 9.99) Oct.

Jance, J.A. Duel to the Death (Pkt, 9.99) Oct.

Lester, Meera. A Hive of Homicides (Ken, 7.99) Oct.

Margolin, Phillip. The Third Victim (STM, 9.99) Nov.

Masterman, Becky. A Twist of the Knife (STM, 9.99) Oct.

Meier, Leslie. Mistletoe Murder (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Reissue of the first in the series.

_____. Turkey Trot Murder (Ken, 7.99) Nov.

Patterson, James. The People vs. Alex Cross (LB, 9.99) Oct.

Patterson, James and Howard Roughan. Instinct (LB, 9.99) Nov. Previously entitled Murder Games.

Rosenfelt, David. Twelve Dogs of Christmas (STM, 7.99) Oct.

Turow, Scott. Testimony (GC, 9.99) Nov.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Ho-Ho-Homicides (Ken, 7.99) Oct. A collection of three Christmas-themed stories originally published as e-books.

Archer, Winnie. The Walking Bread (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Apprentice bread-maker Ivy must sift through the suspects when her brother is accused of murdering his rival at the art car parade.

Bryan, Mollie Cox. Assault and Beadery (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Craft-shop owner Cora must get a bead on the real killer when her friend becomes the main suspect in the murder of the director of the local theater group.

Carlisle, Kate. A Wrench in the Works (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When her sister who is the host of a popular home-repair show returns home to film several shows featuring her, Shannon soon finds that all is not well, especially after the executive producer is found dead and all signs point to her sister as the next victim.

Coco, Nancy. Forever Fudge (Ken, 7.99) Oct. When a film crew comes to Mackinac Island to film a murder mystery pilot, Allie agrees to help the lead actor prep for his role as a detective, but when her bichonpoo finds a dead body in the alley, she finds herself hunting for a crazed killer who dares her to find him.

Delaney, Devon. Final Roasting Place (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Shelley is on the set of the local cooking show to claim her prize for her recipe with her father in the wings to cheer her on when the lights go out, and when power is restored the show’s hostess is found dead.

Elliott, Laurie. Murder by the Book (Ken, 7.99) Nov. In the first of a new series, the owner of a rare bookshop, formerly a librarian, finds that all is not going as she had planned when she moves to a small Massachusetts town—first she is almost run over by a car and then her friend is arrested for murder.

Farrow, Sharon. Killed on Blueberry Hill (Ken, 7.99) Nov. The blueberry festival in a small Michigan town turns sour when Marlee’s fiancé is the main suspect in the death of his rival in the third in the series.

Flower, Amanda. Premeditated Peppermint (Ken, 7.99) Oct. In the third in this series set in Ohio’s Amish country, confectioner Bailey must find a killer when her former boyfriend, in town to film an Amish Christmas, becomes the chief suspect when the executive producer is found strangled.

Kelly, Diane. The Long Paw of the Law (STM, 7.99) Nov. Megan and her K9 partner Sergeant Brigit investigate when an infant is found abandoned at a local fire station only to discover a connection to the compound of a religious sect outside the Fort Worth city limits.

Kopfler, Pamela. Downright Dead (Ken, 7.99) Nov. When a famous debunker of hauntings arrives at Holly’s B&B to question her haunted house, he is converted from a skeptic to a believer after he is pushed off the widow’s walk and arises as a ghost, but now he wants her to find his murderer.

London, Colette. The Peppermint Mocha Murder (Ken, 7.99) Sept. “Chocolate whisperer” Hayden goes on vacation with a friend to New England for the opening of a pal’s holiday-themed musical, but things turn bitter when the show’s producer is found murdered.

Perry, Carol J. Bells, Spells, and Murders (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Salem TV news reporter Lee is set to interview the chairman of a walking tour through the town’s historic district, but she finds him dead and finds that her psychic visions are leading her to investigate.

Wallace, Aurelie. Haunted Hayride with Murder (STM, 7.99) Oct. Erica and the Otter Lake Security team are called in when a murder is blamed on the ghost of a dead witch in the latest in this funny series.

Zanetti, Rebecca. Hidden (Ken, 7.99) Oct. A woman on the run from a killer is taken to a safe house by the authorities, but the cop who’s charged with keeping her safe is less than thrilled with the assignment in the first of a new romantic suspense series.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Anderson, James. Lullaby Road (RH, 16.00) Oct. When trucker Ben Jones finds an abandoned, mute Hispanic child on a remote stretch of highway through the Utah desert, he and his eccentric neighbors vow to find out what happened and the whereabouts of the parents.

Armstrong, Kelly. This Fallen Prey (STM, 17.99) Nov. When the council members of Rockton agree to take in an accused murderer, he manages to escape leaving a trail of carnage in his wake, while Detective Casey Butler and her boss must face difficult decisions—as well as the Yukon wilderness—in order to ensure the safety of the community.

Baart, Nicole. You Were Always Mine (SS, 16.00) Oct. A newly-separated woman in a small Iowa town is appalled to learn that her estranged husband had been in contact with her son’s birth mother and vows to uncover the truth at all costs.

Balson, Ronald H. The Trust (STM, 16.99) Oct. PI Liam Taggert returns to his childhood home in Northern Ireland when his uncle dies only to discover that his uncle was murdered and that before he died set up a trust that prevented the distribution of his assets until the killer is found.

Bell, Maymee. Cake and Punishment (Per, 15.99) Nov. In the first in a delectable new cozy series set in rural Kentucky, a pastry chef must sift for clues while making a wedding cake for a friend when the chef at the local country club is found dead.

Benjamin, Carol Lea. A Hell of a Dog (Per, 13.99) Oct. A reissue of the third in a series featuring a PI and her dog, who investigate a killing in the world of dog trainers.

Black, Helen. Damaged Goods (HC, 12.99) Oct. When a prostitute is found murdered, the police arrest her fourteen-year-old daughter, but a Yorkshire lawyer agrees to defend the girl, who has been left scarred and mute after a suicide attempt.

Blair, Jamie M. Fatal Festival Days (MidInk, 15.99) Nov. In the third in this doggy series, Cameron investigates when a greedy landowner is found dead during the preparations for the winter festival.

Blake, James Carlos. The Ways of Wolfe (Per, 16.00) Oct. Twenty years ago college student Axel Wolfe, son and heir of the Wolfe law firm, got involved in a robbery that went wrong, lost his wife and infant daughter, and was sentenced to thirty years, so when he gets the chance to escape from prison together with a Mexican man with cartel ties, he takes it, wanting only to see his daughter, but the escape triggers a massive manhunt in the desert that he may not survive. I love this series set on both sides of the border.

Bockoven, Mike. FantasticLand (Per, 16.99) Oct. After a hurricane isolates a fun-park in coastal Florida for weeks, the authorities are appalled to find that the surviving park employees, mostly college-aged, have descended into savages, in a novel of horror that will be appreciated by those who are or have been parents of teenagers.

Bonner, Hilary. Deadly Dance (SH, 17.95) Dec. The first of a new police procedural series featuring a DI who investigates the death of a teenaged girl whose body was found in Bristol’s red-light district.

Brett, Simon. The Liar in the Library (SH, 17.95) Oct. When a bestselling author giving a reading at the Fethering library dies, Jude, who knew him before, becomes a suspect in his murder, and must turn to her friend Carole for sleuthing help. Brett always delights.

Brookmyre, Christopher. The Sacred Art of Stealing (Per, 17.00) Nov. An early comic thriller about a policewoman who is held hostage by a bank robber in Glasgow—and then he calls her to ask her on a date. Brookmyre is great at plotting with a wonderful sense of humor.

Brown, Rita Mae. Crazy like a Fox (Ball, 16.00) Oct. An investigation into a valuable, missing object flushes out murder, ghosts, and old family rivalries in the latest in the series set in the Virginia foxhunting country.

Bruen, Ken. The Ghosts of Galway (Per, 16.00) Nov. Although he initially scoffs, Jack Taylor accepts the job of hunting for a lost heretical text in the possession of an ex-priest hiding in Ireland, and as usual with him everything soon turns to shite.

Bryndza, Robert. The Night Stalker (GC, 12.99) Oct. London homicide detective Erika Foster investigates a series of murders in which the victims are found bound and suffocated, and she must discover what links the victims, all single men with very private lives.

Burke, Alafair. The Wife (HC, 16.99) Nov. In a novel of psychological suspense a woman must decide how much she must give up in order to defend her husband, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women, one of whom has now disappeared.

Burke, James Lee. The Light of the World (SS, 16.00) Oct. The reissue of a Dave Robicheaux mystery.

Burrows, Steve. A Tiding of Magpies (Per, 14.95) Nov. DCI Jejuene is facing the reopening of his most celebrated case which would lead to the revelation of some long-buried secrets in the first in this series that combines bird-watching lore with police procedural.

Butler, Dave. No Place for Wolverines (Per, 14.99) Nov. B.C. park warden Jenny Willson investigates when a wolverine researcher is killed in a suspicious fire near the site of a proposed ski development.

Cleeves, Ann. The Seagull (STM, 17.99) Nov. DI Vera Stanhope must investigate a case that is tied to her own past when a wheeler-dealer is found dead in the seedy seaside village of Whitley Bay.

Cooper, Steven. Dig Your Grave (Prom, 15.95) Oct. Phoenix homicide detective Alex Mills turns to his psychic friend Gus Parker for help when a killer leaves bodies in cemeteries around the valley with warnings of more to come. This is an excellent police procedural series with a paranormal twist.

Copperman, E.J. The Question of the Dead Mistress (MidInk, 15.99) Oct. PI Samuel Hoenig and his associate Janet are at odds over their latest case: the client is convinced that her husband is in love with the ghost of his college girlfriend.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The Sixth Day (SS, 16.00) Nov. When several politicians die, the initial verdict is natural causes, but the latest death is found to be an assassination using a small drone, so the Covert Eyes team is sent to discover the killer.

Delany, Vicki. The Cat of the Baskervilles (Per, 15.99) Oct. When the lead actor in a stage production of The Hound of the Baskervilles is found murdered, Gemma must put on her deerstalker and find the killer before her friend’s mother is arrested.

Eastman, Dawn. Unnatural Causes (Per, 15.99) Nov. In the first of a new series a new doctor in a small Michigan town must investigate to save her career when her patient’s suicide is blamed of medication that she doesn’t remember having prescribed.

Ellis, Karen. A Map of the Dark (Mull, 15.99) Nov. In the first of a new series, an FBI special agent with the Child Abduction Unit is asked to investigate a missing seventeen-year-old high school student who disappeared from the Queens café where she worked part-time.

Feeney, Alice. Sometimes I Lie (STM, 16.99) Oct. In a debut novel of psychological suspense, a British radio show presenter lies in a coma, but with her mind alert, trying to piece together what happened to her in the past weeks—fears that her husband was unfaithful with her sister, worries about her job, and a sinister incident from her childhood—to lead to her this situation.

Fields, Helen. Perfect Death (HC, 12.99) Nov. The third in the police procedural series set in Scotland.

Flower, Amanda. Flowers and Foul Play (Per, 15.99) Oct. In the first of a new gardening mystery, a florist recently jilted by her fiancé moves to Scotland when her godfather leaves her his cottage, but on the day of her arrival, she finds a body in the garden and must examine a bouquet of suspects to sniff out a killer.

Fluke, Joanne. Sugar Cookie Murder (Ken, 12.95) Nov. A reissue of a holiday-themed Hannah Swenson mystery.

Fradkin, Barbara. Prisoner of Hope (Per, 19.99) Oct. Amanda Doucette is stranded when her tour guide leaves her on an island in Canada’s Georgian Bay only to find herself rescuing a Filipina housekeeper accused of murdering her wealthy and abusive employer.

Frost, Jacqueline. Twelve Slays of Christmas (Per, 15.99) Oct. After returning to her family tree farm in Maine, a woman finds the body of an elderly woman in a sleigh who had recently quarreled with her father, so to protect him from a murder charge she begins to investigate in the first of a new cozy series.

Graves, Sarah. Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (Ken, 15.95) Nov. After having worked in home repair, Jake Tiptree and her friend decide that opening a bake shop would be a piece of cake—until an unpleasant health inspector is found in the kitchen of the Chocolate Moose, murdered.

Gutcheon, Beth. The Affliction (HC, 16.99) Nov. When a teacher’s body is found at a struggling girls’ school, the new head calls on retired educator Maggie Detweiler, who with her socialite friend Hope Babbin, agrees to help as the ladies soon find a raft of suspects in the second in this “caviar cozy” series. I loved this.

Hall, Lisa. The Party (HC, 12.99) Oct. A woman wakes up nude and bruised during a party to find that her husband has left and her friends are clearly uncomfortable in a novel of domestic suspense.

Hall, Oakley. So Many Doors (Hard Case, 9.95) Nov. The publication of a legendary lost crime novel about a man who is convicted of killing a torrid and troubled woman, and we only gradually find out why he has killed the woman with whom he was obsessed.

Harris, Charlaine. Shakespeare’s Christmas (STM, 17.99) Oct. A reissue of an early Lily Bard mystery.

Hechtman, Betty. On the Hook (Per, 15.99) Nov. When one of the Tarzana Hookers who’s become a real estate agent stumbles across a body in the house she’s showing, it turns out to be the acting coach of another of the group in a case that has Molly worried that the group is coming apart at the seams.

Hendricks, Greer and Sarah Pekkanen. The Wife between Us (STM, 16.99) Oct. A novel of psychological suspense about a marriage—or marriages—that are not what the reader first supposes.

Herron, Mick. The Marylebone Drop (Soho, 7.99) Oct. A twisty little gem of an espionage novel set in the spooky world of the Slough House. I loved this.

Hull, Richard. Excellent Intentions (PP, 12.95) Oct. A classic mystery from 1938 with a twist—the reader knows that one of the four suspects is on trial for a murder, but we don’t know until the end who it is.

James, P.D. Sleep No More (RH, 15.00) Oct. A posthumous collection of short stories by the master that explore variations of the theme of looking back on past violent incidents.

Jewell, Lisa. Then She Was Gone (SS, 16.00) Nov. A woman whose teenaged daughter disappeared ten years before meets a man, and as the relationship develops she meets his daughter, a young woman who is identical to her missing daughter in a novel of psychological suspense.

Jones, Stan. Tundra Kill (Soho, 15.95) Oct. Investigating the death of a dog-sled musher killed by a snowmobile, Inuit policeman Nathan Active discovers that the case is linked to Alaska’s governor, a beautiful and ambitious woman who tries to make sure that his investigation is shut down by fair means or foul.

Keneally, Thomas. Crimes of the Father (SS, 17.00) Oct. A Catholic priest returns to Australia after years working in Canada as a psychotherapist, and unwittingly finds himself pulled into an investigation of a sexual-abuse scandal involving a prominent monsignor, and must deal with the official cover-up that follows.

Kessler, Kate. Dead Ringer (LB, 15.99) Oct. An FBI agent whose identical twin sister was abducted twenty years before and who has been receiving pictures of her twin every year becomes convinced that a wealthy photographer is the abductor in a novel of suspense.

Lange, Richard. The Smack (Mull, 15.99) Nov. A petty conman working a phone scam in Reno meets a hooker with a desire for a better life—and the knowledge of a fortune smuggled out of Afghanistan—so together they go to Los Angeles for the score of a lifetime. I loved this.

Lovesey, Peter. Beau Death (Soho, 16.95) Oct. When a Bath wrecking crew uncovers the body of a man wearing authentic eighteen-century clothing, Peter Diamond is convinced that the body is that of infamous rake Richard “Beau” Nash, but one of his constables is convinced that they are actually investigating a more modern murder.

McDermid, Val. Insidious Intent (Per, 16.00) Nov. Psychologist Tony Hill and former police detective Carol Jordan return to hunt for a killer who is targeting women attending weddings.

Millar, Margaret. An Air that Kills (Soho, 14.95) Nov. A reissue of a classic novel of domestic suspense. Millar is great.

Owens, Lauren Doyle. The other Side of Everything (SS, 15.99) Oct. In a suburban Florida neighborhood three generations of neighbors deal with a murder—an octogenarian still mourning a past love, an artist fighting the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis, and a teenaged girl trying to come to terms with the unexplained disappearance of her mother. I loved this.

Penzler, Otto, ed. The Big Book of Female Detectives (RH, 25.00) Oct. A collection of short stories featuring 150 years of female detectives.

Perry, Leigh. The Skeleton Makes a Friend (Per, 14.99) Nov. Teaching at an exclusive college during the summer, Georgia, her daughter, and Sid the Skeleton become embroiled in a murder case when an online gaming friend of Sid’s asks for his help.

Queen, Ellery. The Chinese Orange Mystery (Penzler, 15.95) Oct. A reissue of a classic locked room puzzle first published in 1934.

Reynolds, Amanda. Close to Me (Quer, 16.99) Nov. In a debut novel of psychological suspense a woman awakens in hospital after a fall with no memory of the past year, and it seems as if her family is bent on keeping her in the dark.

Skuse, C.J. Sweetpea (HC, 12.99) Nov. A woman whose childhood was haunted by a famous crime has settled into a blameless adulthood, except that she spends her evenings making a list—a kill list.

Smith, Lachlan. Wolf’s Revenge (Per, 16.00) Oct. San Francisco criminal attorney Leo Maxwell must defend a client who doesn’t deny shooting the man she is charged with murdering. An excellent legal series.

Smith, Sherri. Follow Me Down (STM, 16.99) Oct. A woman returns to her North Dakota hometown when her twin brother, a high school teacher goes missing shortly after the body of one of his students is found.

Starr, Jason. Fugitive Red (Per, 16.00) Nov. A family man with problems at work begins using an online hook-up site and when he goes to meet the woman he finds her dead. A nicely twisted plot for fans of Gone Girl.

St. James, Simone. The Broken Girls (Brk, 15.00) Nov. A mystery with a tinge of the supernatural set at a girl’s boarding school in Vermont, where the disappearance of one of the students in 1950, is explained when renovations in 2014 uncover her body, and a journalist investigates the sinister past of the school.

Stuckart, Diane A.S. Fool’s Moon (MidInk, 15.99) Nov. A woman who has taken over her half-sister’s tarot shop agrees to help when a client asks her to help solve a murder, with the help of her two black cats who are talented at tarot, in the first of a new series.

Temple-Camp, Cynric. Cause of Death (HC, 17.99) Oct. A rural coroner in New Zealand reveals the strange facts behind the many cases he has worked on, including a case of spontaneous combustion.

Unger, Lisa. Under my Skin (HC, 16.99) Oct. After the murder of her husband, a woman disappears in an oblivion of grief only to turn up days later with no memory of what happened, but later she begins having vivid nightmares that may, in fact, be memories of what happened—both to her and her husband.

Van Straten, Giorgio. In Search of Lost Books (Pushkin, 14.95) Oct. The story of eight books that have completely disappeared, including Byron’s memoirs, a novel by Sylvia Plath, and the manuscript that Hemingway lost. A fascinating look at how they disappeared and the attempts at locating them—the perfect bibliophile’s mystery.

Vaughan, Sarah. Anatomy of a Scandal (SS, 16.00) Jan. A successful British politician stands accused of rape, and while his wife is convinced that he is innocent, the prosecuting attorney is convinced that he is guilty as charged in a powerful novel that is part courtroom thriller and part portrait of a marriage. I loved this.

Wassmer, Julie. The Whitstable Pearl Mystery (Constable, 13.99) Sept. In the first of a charming cozy series, an empty-nester decides to open a detective agency in a picturesque coastal village in Kent, and her first case is the death of a fisherman, but the newly-arrived DCI is reluctant to accept her help because she is one of the suspects.

Watkins, Eileen. Feral Attraction (Ken, 15.95) Oct. When a colony of feral cats takes up residence near a condo community, many of the residents are ready to scratch out the eyes of their neighbor who is feeding them, so cat-groomer Cassie is asked to come to speak to them, but she discovers the cat lady dead and must find a killer.

Way, Camilla. The Lies We Told (Brk, 16.00) Oct. When her boyfriend disappears without a trace a woman discovers that his perfect family is less-than-perfect in a dark novel of psychological suspense.

Webb, Wendy. Daughters of the Lake (Lake Union, 14.95) Nov. Shortly after a woman returns home leaving behind a faithless marriage, her father finds the body of a woman holding an infant on the lake shore, and the woman realizes that she has been dreaming about this unknown woman, who it turns out mysteriously disappeared a century before in a well-crafted supernatural thriller.

Wendelboe, C.M. Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler (Mid Ink, 15.99) Oct. RA retired Denver police detective is hired by a group of Wyoming sheep ranchers to nab a rustler, but the murder of a local girl complicates the case, especially because the sheep rustler could have been a witness to the murder and may be the target of the killer.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Abarbanell, Stephan. Displaced (HC, 16.99) Nov. An elderly writer in British-occupied Palestine in 1946 persuades a member of the Jewish resistance to go to Europe to find his missing scientist brother who may have survived the Nazi camps, but the agent soon discovers that her every move is being followed by someone else looking for the scientist in a debut literary thriller.

Altan, Ahmet. Like a Sword Wound (Europa, 18.00) Oct. The first of a quartet of novels set during the transformation of Turkey as the Ottoman Empire made way for the modernization and reforms of Attaturk, with an emphasis on the women who were newly empowered by the changes. The author is in prison, having been accused of supposedly sending “subliminal messages over the television.”

Beer, Alex. The Second Rider (Europa, 17.00) Oct. An Austrian police detective must hunt for a killer in post-World- War-I Vienna, a city rife with vice and corruption, in the first of a new series.

Ben-David, Mishka. Final Stop, Algiers (Over, 16.95) Nov. A man who joins the Mossad after a terrorist attack in Tel-Aviv is sent to Toronto as part of his cover story, but there he meets up with a woman he loved years before and finds himself torn between his duty and his love for her.

Bernhard, Emilia. Death in Paris (Per, 26.99) Oct. Two American women decide to investigate when the death of a former boyfriend, a wealthy French financier, begins to look like murder in a case with too many suspects—until someone starts whittling the list down. A charming, cozy debut.

Blaedel, Sara. The Midnight Witness (GC, 9.99) Oct. Copenhagen homicide detective Louise Rick is faced with two cases: the murder of a nurse and the death of a journalist, and her superiors insist that she prioritize the man’s murder over the woman’s.

Braithwait, Oyinkan. My Sister, the Serial Killer (DD, 22.95) Nov. A funny debut novel set in Lagos featuring a woman who finds herself cleaning up after her sister who has a history of killing her boyfriends (in self-defense, of course), and who realizes that the situation has to come to an end when the sister sets her sights on a handsome doctor.

Burnet, Graeme Macrae. The Accident on the A35 (Per, 24.99) Oct. Inspector Gorski from the small French town of Saint-Louis investigates the death of a respected solicitor in a car accident that may have been no accident in the second of this prize-winning series.

Bussi, Michel. Don’t Let Go (Europa, 17.00) Oct. When a Parisian family—husband, wife, and child—disappear will on a vacation on the idyllic resort island of Reunión, the police begin a massive manhunt, but things are not as they seem in a twisty thriller.

Collette, Sandrine. Nothing but Dust (Europa, 17.00) Nov. A western noir set on the desolate steppes of Patagonia, featuring a completely dysfunctional Argentine family.

Dahl, Kjell Ola. The Ice Swimmer (IPG, 14.95) Oct. Oslo police detective Lena Stigersand is in charge of the case when a political aide is found in a fjord, a case that leads her to international intrigue involving a Norwegian politician and a warning from Norway’s National Security Service to back off.

Disher, Garry. Signal Loss (Soho, 15.95) Nov. Hal Challis of the Australian Peninsula police investigates when a bushfire reveals the bodies of a meth lab and two enforcers for a drug kingpin, while his new colleague is on the trail of a serial rapist who leaves no clues.

Faldbakken, Matias. The Waiter (SS, 24.99) Oct. A debut novel by a Norwegian writer about a waiter in a formal European restaurant whose well-ordered world is turned upside down when a beautiful guest upsets the balance. I really liked this off-beat gem.

Giménez Bartlett, Alicia. Naked Men (Europa, 18.00) Oct. A prize-winning Spanish novel about a well-to-do divorcée who takes up with a former literature teacher turned male stripper—not for sex but to see him naked and humiliated—and soon things get out of control.

Hewson, David. The Savage Shore (SH, 28.99) Nov. Roman police detective Nic Costa and his team are sent to Calabria where he goes undercover to infiltrate the local criminal brotherhood to find a high-ranking member who might turn state’s evidence.

Higashino, Keigo. Newcomer (STM, 26.99) Nov. Tokyo police detective Kyoichiro Kaga investigates the strangulation of a divorcee estranged from her only child, a woman who seemed to have no enemies.

Hye-Young, Pyun. The Hole (Per, 16.99) Oct. A psychological thriller by an award-winning Korean writer about a man who awakens to find himself paralyzed after a car accident that took the life of his wife, and his negligent caretaker is his mother-in-law, grieving for the loss of her daughter.

Ismail, Barbara. Spirit Play (F&M, 14.95) Sept. Malaysian cloth vendor Mak Cik is asked to help with the investigation into the death of a young woman who had recently had an exorcism performed to rid her of minor ills in the second in this series set in Singapore.

Jonasson, Ragnar. The Darkness (STM, 27.99) Oct. In a series debut set in Reykjavik, a DI with only two weeks left before her mandatory retirement is assigned a cold case of the death of a Russian asylum seeker, but her investigation uncovers irregularities with the police handling of the case, and soon she is encouraged leave things alone.

Keplar, Lars. The Fire Witness (RH, 16.95) Nov. In the third in the Swedish series featuring Inspector Joona Linna, he investigates a murder in a home for wayward teenaged girls, a murder the authorities want to pin on another girl who has disappeared.

Kurbjuweit, Dirk. Fear (HC, 16.99) Oct. An American debut thriller from an acclaimed German writer about a man who kills his neighbor who had been harassing his middle-class family, and the reaction of his son to this shocking act of violence.

Kutscher, Volker. The Silent Death (STM, 17.00) Sept. In 1930’s Berlin, Superintendent Gereon Rath investigates the murder of a starlet in a talking picture, a death that may have political overtones.

Lapidus, Jens. Top Dog (RH, 18.00) Nov. An attorney again calls on her reformed criminal friend when a witness is murdered before she can testify in court against her abuser in a second crime novel set in Stockholm’s drug-and-sex fueled underground.

Lemaitre, Pierre. Three Days and a Life (Quer, 14.99) Oct. A novel of psychological suspense about a man who killed a young boy years before when he was a child, and when he returns to the small French village that was his home, he finds that his carefully constructed life as a doctor working in humanitarian aid may be destroyed.

Leon, Donna. Willful Behavior (Per, 16.00) Oct. A reissue of a Commissario Brunetti mystery.

Limón, Martin. The Line (Soho, 26.95) Oct. CID agents Sueño and Bascom are dispatched from Seoul when a battered body is found four feet north of the DMZ, and discover that political tensions make investigating the death almost impossible.

Lin, Ed. 99Ways to Die (Soho, 26.95) Oct. Jing-nan reluctantly agrees to help a frenemy from high school when her father is kidnapped, but he soon finds himself in trouble with a host of unsavory people including the abducted father in the third of this series set in Taiwan.

Manzini, Antonio. Out of Season (HC, 15.99) Oct. Deputy police chief Rocco Schiavone investigates the kidnapping of a teenager, while at the same time a criminal he had put behind bars escapes seeking revenge in the third in this series set in the Italian Alps.

May, Peter. Cast Iron (Quer, 16.99) Oct. Forensic investigator Enzo MacLeod faces a cold case for 1989 that impacts him and his family in the present when the bones of a twenty-year-old woman are found in a drying lake in the west of France.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Colors of all the Cattle (RH, 25.95) Nov. Precious Ramotswe reluctantly agrees to run for a seat on the Gabarone City Council to prevent a flashy hotel from being built next to the graveyard in the latest in this charming series.

Meuleman, Sarah. Find Me Gone (HC, 15.99) Oct. A Belgian woman working in New York for a fashion magazine begins a study of women writers who disappeared—Barbara Follett, Virginia Woolf, and Agatha Christie—and her research reminds her of a school friend who disappeared twenty years before from their countryside village in Belgium, causing her to investigate.

Meyer, Deon. Fever (Per, 16.00) Oct. A standalone mystery set in a dystopian world where the population has been decimated by a lethal virus, and the small community of survivors is faced with danger both from without and within when someone murders the founder.

Rademacher, Cay. Deadly Camargue (STM, 26.99) Nov. When a bicyclist is found on a lonely road in the Camargue having been gored by an escaped fighting bull, Captain Roger Blanc discovers that the bull was let out on purpose and that the victim was a journalist in a case with ties to the theft of a van Gogh painting from a provincial museum.

_____. Murderous Mistral (STM, 16.99) Oct. A Parisian police detective reassigned to Provence must find the murderer of a man with no friends and many enemies and must dig into the dark underside of the quaint Provençal countryside.

Roslund, Anders and Borge Hellstrom. Pen 33 (Quer, 16.99) Nov. The first in the series featuring Stockholm DCI Ewert Grens who must track down a monster, a sexual predator and serial killer who has escaped from prison and is terrorizing the country.

Shalit, Jonathan de. Traitor (SS, 16.00) Oct. A debut thriller featuring a young Israeli spy who agrees to spy for the CIA, not realizing that the agent who is his control is in fact a Russian mole, who is turning the intel over to the Kremlin. This is written by a Mossad agent.

Simenon, Georges. A Maigret Christmas and other Stories (Png, 13.00) Nov and Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses (Png, 13.00). Two reissues of the classic French detective.

Snoekstra, Anna. The Spite Game (HC, 15.99) Oct. A woman who was bullied as a teenager exacts revenge on the worst of her tormentors when she reaches adulthood—until she realizes that the ringleader knows what she is doing and is ready to play the game against her.

Togawa, Masaka. The Lady Killer (Pushkin, 13.95) Oct. A Tokyo man who leads a double life—a hard-working, devoted husband by day and seducer of lonely women in seedy bars by night—becomes aware that someone is hunting him and leaving a wake of murdered bodies.

Tursten, Helene. An Elderly Lady is up to no Good (Soho, 12.99) Nov. An elderly woman with no family, no friends, and no qualms about murder does what is necessary—including playing the fuzzy-brained little old lady—to maintain her independent lifestyle.

_____. Protected by the Shadows (Soho, 15.95) Oct. In the final installment of the Irene Huss series, the Göteburg detective’s Violent Crimes Unit joins forces with the Organized Crimes Unit when gang violence escalates, but it appears that there is a mole among the police.

Viskic, Emma. And Fire Came Down (Pushkin, 14.95) Oct. In the second in the Australian series featuring a deaf detective, he returns to his hometown of Resurrection Bay to find the killer of a young woman who pleaded for his help in sign language. A first-rate series that is a bestseller in Australia.

Yokoyama, Hideo. Seventeen (MCD, 28.00) Nov. A thriller based on the crash of a Japanese airliner, featuring a reporter who is put in charge of covering the crash and who must weigh the public’s need to know against the concerns of his superiors and the government, and years later he makes good on a promise he made that holds the key to the mystery of the tragedy.

Yu, Ovidia. The Frangipani Tree Mystery (Constable, 13.99) Sept and The Betel Nut Tree Mystery (Constable, 13.99) Oct. A new cozy historical series set in 1936 Singapore, then a British Crown colony, featuring a young mission-school graduate who is asked by the governor to take over after his daughter’s nanny is found dead and who finds herself helping the local British-born police detective.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem and Anna Waterhouse. Mycroft and Sherlock (RH, 25.99) Oct. Mycroft Holmes has returned to the War Office and asks his brother Sherlock to take over tutoring responsibilities at a London charity orphanage, but the death of a young boy from a drug overdose leads him to the opium dens of the Limehouse docks.

Alexander, Tasha. Uneasy Lies the Crown (STM, 27.99) Oct. When the dying Queen Victoria hands her diplomat husband a cryptic note, he and Lady Emily investigate a series of murders that mimic the deaths of English kings, not sure if the murders are political or personal in the latest in this late Victorian series.

Allen, Amanda. Santa Fe Mourning (Per, 15.99) Nov. In a debut mystery set in 1922, a wealthy New York artist and war-widow moves to Santa Fe, turning sleuth when her housekeeper’s body is found and his teenaged son is accused of murder.

Bowen, Rhys. The Ghost of Christmas Past (STM, 16.99) Oct. Molly Murphy Sullivan and her husband are spending Christmas with a wealthy family at their mansion on the Hudson when a young woman arrives at the door, announcing that she is the daughter who had disappeared in the snow 10 years before.

Bracht, Mary Lynn. White Chrysanthemum (Put, 16.00) Oct. When a Korean female sea diver is captured by the Japanese in 1943 while protecting her young sister, she is forced to work in a Japanese military brothel, and years later she and her sister must learn to let go of the bitterness of their past.

Burnet, Graeme Macrae. The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau (Per, 16.99) Oct. Set in 1982, this is both a crime story and a character study of the two characters involved in the crime—the detective and main suspect, who’s guilty of a crime, but not the disappearance.

Chance, Maia. Naughty on Ice (STM, 26.99) Nov. Socialite-turned-detective Lola Woodby and her partner, her former cook, are hired by an anonymous client to a family celebration in Vermont in 1923 to steal a stolen ruby ring from an aunt who will be in her cups and to leave it hidden, but the murder of one of the guests leave them in the position of chief suspects and they must find the culprit before they end up behind bars in the latest in this cozy series.

Chandlar, L.A. The Gold Pawn (Ken, 15.95) Oct. Lane Sanders breaks away from her job working for New York Mayor LaGuardia in 1936 to return to Michigan and confront her past tragedy—the brutal murder of her parents.

Clare, Alys. The Angel in the Glass (SH, 28.99) Oct. In a mystery set in a West Country village during the reign of James I, a former ship’s doctor helps the local coroner when a dead man is found emaciated and impoverished in a desolate hut, but attempts to discover his identity lead to a realization that strange things are happening in the village, culminating in a gruesome murder.

Dunmore, Helen, Birdcage Walk (Per, 17.00) Oct. In 1792, at the height of the French Revolution, a freethinking young Englishwoman married to an ambitious property developer in Bristol finds herself increasingly isolated and threatened when her husband decides that her views could interfere with his economic well-being.

Ellicott, Jessica. Murder Flies the Coop (Ken, 26.00) Oct. Beryl and Edwina are asked by the Walmsley Parva vicar, the president of the pigeon-racing club, to look into some missing funds and missing birds, but their investigation turns up a dead man and the two are not shy about ruffling feathers to get to the truth. I really enjoyed the first of this series.

Fellowes, Jessica. Bright Young Dead (STM, 26.99) Oct. During a treasure hunt at the Mitford estate a wealthy playboy is pushed to his death from a nearby church tower and police accuse a maid of the murder, but the sisters’ chaperone believes that she is innocent and sets out to find the murderer.

_____. The Mitford Murders (STM, 16.99) Oct. In 1920 a young London woman goes to work for the Mitford family in the Oxfordshire countryside where she is nursemaid and chaperone for the four sisters, and when a young woman is killed on a train, she and Nancy Mitford investigate.

Gaddes, Andrew. Those Who Go by Night (Per, 26.99) Nov. A debut mystery set in a fourteenth-century village near Lincoln where the murder of a beggar has caught the attention of the Pope’s Inquisitor General, who uncovers a group of unsavory characters.

Greenwood, Kerry. Death by Water (PP, 15.95) Nov. Phryne Fisher is hired by a cruise line to investigate a series of jewel thefts aboard a luxury liner sailing between Melbourne and New Zealand, but the murder of one of the passengers sends her hunting for a killer, who may also be a jewel thief.

Gregory, Susanna. The Habit of Murder (IPG, 13.99) Oct. In 1360, Matthew Bartholomew travels from Cambridge to Clare after hearing that the Lady of Clare has died, and when he arrives, the lady is alive, but a series of murders has occurred that have left four people dead.

Griffiths, Elly. The Vanishing Box (HMH, 25.00) Oct. Magician Max Mephisto and his daughter are headlining a variety show in Brighton in 1953 while DI Edgar Stephens investigates the murder of a young woman with ties to a female troupe performing in the same show in the latest in a series with rich characterization and a brilliant evocation of post-war Britain.

Harmel, Kristin. The Room on Rue Amélie (SS, 16.00) Nov. An American woman whose marriage to a Frenchman falls apart during the Nazi occupation of Paris, an RAF fighter pilot, and a young Jewish girl come together in Paris and join forces to resist the Nazis. For fans of The Lilac Girls and The Nightingale.

Harper, Bradley. A Knife in the Fog (RH, 15.95) Oct. Arthur Conan Doyle is asked to help the London police track down a murderer in London’s East End, a murderer who is known as Jack the Ripper in a debut novel featuring the creator of Sherlock Holmes as detective.

Harris, Robert. Munich (Knopf, 16.95) Oct. A spy thriller featuring two friends from Oxford—one British and one German—who meet again during the Munich Conference of September 1938.

Horowitz, Anthony. Forever and a Day (Harper, 26.99) Nov. A prequel to Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale that provides the story of the beginnings of James Bond, who joins the Double-0 section to find the killer of the agent known as 007, probably the victim of the Corsican mobsters he was investigating in Marseilles.

Huber, Anna Lee. Treacherous is the Night (Ken, 15.95) Oct. Attending a séance in 1919, Verity Kent learns of the death of a fellow British spy, so she goes to Belgium to find out what she can after the War Office refuses to help her.

Jackson, Shelley. Riddance: or: The Sybil Jones Vocational School for Ghost Speakers and Hearing-Mouth Children (Per, 28.00) Oct. A strong-willed woman founds a school in Massachusetts in 1890 for children with speech impediments based on her belief that they have the ability to channel voices of the dead in a paranormal mystery.

James, Bill and Rachel McCarthy James. The Man from the Train (SS, 18.00) Oct. From 1898 to 1912 a series of axe murders occurred across the country, and now statistician and baseball writer James has researched the crimes and concluded that there was one killer who used the railway system to elude detection in a well-researched Edgar finalist.

Kelly, Stephen. Hushed in Death (Peg, 25.95) Nov. In the third in this series set in England during WWII, DCI Lamb investigates the murder of a gardener at a country house turned into a treatment center for traumatized war veterans, and discovers that a similar murder took place during WWI.

Lenhardt, Melissa. Heresy (LB, 15.99) Oct. Two women who lost their ranch to a greedy cattleman form the West’s first and only female outlaw gang, but soon the Pinkertons are on their trail and a rival gang vows to take them down.

Lindsey, Erin. Murder on Millionaires’ Row (STM, 17.99) Oct. In the first of a new paranormal series set in Manhattan in 1886, featuring a young housemaid working in the elegant Fifth Avenue townhouse of a wealthy British bachelor, and who investigates when her employer disappears only to find that more than human perfidy is afoot.

Lloyd, Catherine. Death Comes to the School (Ken, 15.95) Nov. With her marriage less than happy, Lucy jumps at the chance of some sleuthing when the local schoolteacher is found murdered, suspected of having written malicious anonymous letters to the villagers of Kurland St. Mary in the latest in this Victorian series.

Loewenstein, Laurie. Death of a Rainmaker (Akashic, 16.95) Oct. The sheriff of a small Oklahoma town in 1935 investigates the bludgeoning death of an itinerant rainmaker, and soon arrests a young man from the nearby Civilian Conservation Corps camp, but his wife convinced of his innocence starts her own investigation in the first of a new series set during the Dust Bowl.

Lyle, H.B. The Irregular (Quer, 16.99) Oct. In the first of an espionage series set in London in 1909, the head of the newly-created counterespionage service enlists the help of a former Baker Street Irregular, a man who is able recruit the help he needs on the street and to use deduction in order to take down a deadly Russian gang.

_____. The Red Ribbon (Quer, 26.99) Nov. The head of the counterespionage service is worried that it will be shut down until Wiggins, working on the case of a missing girl, comes across a brothel being run out of a foreign embassy in Belgravia and a sinister conspiracy.

Marsh, Ngaio and Stella Duffy. Money in the Morgue (F&M, 14.95) Nov. Using two chapters and notes left by the late Marsh, Duffy writes a Roderick Alleyn mystery set during WWII, with Alleyn sent to a New Zealand hospital to uncover a spy who is sending radio transmissions intended for the Japanese.

Mamet, David. Chicago (HC, 17.99) Nov. A journalist, a veteran of WWI in Chicago in 1923 finds himself going after the mob when the woman he loves is murdered.

Massey, Sujata. The Widows of Malabar Hill (Soho, 16.95) Nov. Set in Bombay in the 1920s, this series debut features the first female solicitor in the city, hired to execute the will of a wealthy Muslim mill owner, who left three widows all of whom signed over their inheritance to a charity, leaving them with nothing to live on. Perfect for those of us who love The Raj Quartet.

Mayer, Eric and Mary Reed. An Empire for Ravens (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. John, Emperor Justinian’s former Lord Chamberlain leaves Greece where he has been exiled to help a friend in Rome, but when he arrives, his friend is missing and a servant girl has been found murdered.

McCarthy, Kevin. Wolves of Eden (Nor, 25.95) Nov. A historical mystery set in the Dakota Territory in 1866 during Red Cloud’s War, featuring a Cavalry officer and his orderly who are sent to Fort Phil Kearney to investigate a politically-charged triple murder at a brothel.

Nelson, Anne. Suzanne’s Children (SS, 17.00) Oct. The true story of a Belgian heiress who risked her life rescuing Jewish children in German-occupied France during WWII. She was captured and executed shortly before the liberation of Paris.

Noble, Shirley. Ask Me No Questions (STM, 25.99) Oct. The first of a new series set in 1907 featuring an aristocratic English widow who sets sail for New York City to visit an old friend whose husband is shot dead shortly before her arrival. The rich really knew how to behave badly in this time period making for a fun and clever look at high society.

Odden, Karen. A Dangerous Duet (HC, 15.99) Nov. A debut mystery set in Victorian London, featuring a talented young pianist who plays in a Soho music hall to make money for her studies, but she soon stumbles upon a criminal conspiracy that puts her life in danger.

Parry, Ambrose. The Way of All Flesh (Per, 26.00) Oct. A debut novel set in nineteenth-century Edinburgh at a time of intense medical experimentation leading to the development of anesthesia, featuring a medical student and a housemaid who join forces when a series of women are found murdered in the city. Parry is the pen-name of Christopher Brookmyre and his wife, an anesthesiologist.

Perry, Anne. A Christmas Revelation (Ball, 20.00) Nov. Two London boys see a young woman being abducted from the street, so they go to rescue her only to discover that she doesn’t want to be rescued—the abductors murdered her father and she wants revenge.

Rabb, Jonathan. Among the Living (RH, 25.95) Oct. A Holocaust survivor moves to post-war Savannah where he has relatives, but he finds that he must forge a new identity in a completely different world.

Robinson, Maggie. Nobody’s Sweetheart Now (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Nov. In the first of a cozy, paranormal series set in England in 1924, a woman who recently buried her rakish husband finds that he has come back to haunt her—literally—which is such a help when a guest is murdered at a weekend house party.

Schott, Ben. Jeeves and the King of Clubs (LB, 27.00) Nov. A homage to P.G. Wodehouse that is also a spy thriller with Jeeves and Bertie helping the government keep an eye of a fascist demagogue who may be in cahoots with a hostile foreign power. A must-have for the lover of Jeeves and Bertie Wooster.

Shapiro, B. A. The Collector’s Apprentice (Algonquin, 27.95) Oct. A complex tale of art fraud, theft, scandal, murder, and revenge set in Paris in 1922, featuring a young woman disowned by her Belgian family and on the run from the police, falsely accused of art fraud, who reinvents herself as an art expert working for a wealthy Philadelphia collector, but when he is murdered she must use all her skills to set things right.

Simpson, Rosemary. Lies that Comfort and Betray (Ken, 15.95) Nov. When her childhood friend is found murdered, New York heiress Prudence Mackenzie and her business partner vow to find a murderer who has the same MO as Jack the Ripper in the second in this series set in Gilded Age New York.

Stoker, Dacre and JD Barker. Dracul (Put, 27.00) Oct. A prequel to the classic horror novel based upon notes left by Bram Stoker who is himself a character in this novel, coming to grips with supernatural evil.

Swanson, Cynthia. The Glass Forest (SS, 15.99) Oct. In 1960 a woman and her family journey to upstate New York when her husband’s uncle is found dead and his wife missing in a story that spans twenty years of lies, secrets, and betrayals, beginning during WWII, told from the point of view of three very different women. Highly recommended.

Thomas, Sherry. The Hollow of Fear (Brk, 15.00) Oct. In the third in the Lady Sherlock series, Charlotte agrees to investigate the death of the estranged wife of an aristocratic friend after her body turns up on his country estate.

Thomas, Will. Blood is Blood (STM, 27.99) Nov. After their London office is dynamited and enquiry agent Cyrus Barker is hospitalized with his injuries, his assistant looks for the five men who have grudges against Barker, with the help of Barker’s brother, a Pinkerton agent newly arrived from the U.S.

_____. Old Scores (STM, 16.99) Nov. London private detective Cyrus Barker is accused of assassinating the Japanese ambassador, and his assistant must find a way to clear him despite overwhelming evidence against him in the latest in this Victorian series.

Thompson, Victoria. City of Secrets (Brk, 26.00) Nov. In the second in the series featuring a woman on the run in nineteenth-century New York, Elizabeth agrees to help a high-society suffragette friend whose second husband died suddenly, leaving her penniless.

Todd, Charles. The Gate Keeper (HC, 15.99) Nov. While driving in Suffolk, DI Ian Rutledge comes upon a woman with bloodstained hands standing over a dead man, and discovers that the man is a local bookseller shot by a man who stepped into the road and then ran away.

Tremayne, Peter. Bloodmoon (SH, 28.99) Oct. Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadwulf travel to Finnbarr’s Abbey to meet with the Abbott, but when they arrive he is found dead and his helper has disappeared.

Truss, Lynn. A Shot in the Dark (Bloom, 27.00) Nov. The first in a funny new series set in Brighton in 1957, featuring an eager police constable who investigates the murder of a London theater critic who is shot before he can tell the police something he remembers about the unsolved Aldersgate robbery that occurred in 1945.

Wojtas, Olga. Miss Blaine’s Prefect and the Golden Samovar (F&M, 14.95) Nov. A very funny debut featuring an Edinburgh librarian—trained at the finest educational institution in the city in everything from martial arts to quantum physics—who is recruited to time-travel to Tsarist Russia to prevent a miscarriage of romance only to discover that a murderer is on the loose. I loved this.

Wolfe, Suzanne M. Murder by any Name (Per, 26.99) Oct. When a lady in waiting at the court in Whitehall is found murdered, Elizabeth I asks the raffish son of an aristocratic family to investigate, although too late to prevent another murder in a debut historical mystery.


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