June/July, 2016

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abbott, Megan. You Will Know Me (LB, 26.00) July. The parents of a talent high-school gymnast will do anything to ensure her an Olympic berth, so when a tragic death occurs at the gym, the parents try to shield her until the mother begins to realize how little she really knows her daughter.

Adler, Elizabeth. The Charmers (STM, 26.99) June. After her aunt’s mysterious death, a woman inherits her villa in the south of France, but a series of suspicious incidents convince her that her aunt had a scandalous past when some of the men who were part of it begin to show up.

Atkins, Ace. The Innocents (Put, 27.00) July. After losing the election for Sheriff Quinn Colson goes back to Afghanistan, but when he returns to Mississippi, he accepts a job with the new sheriff, and they investigate when a teenaged girl is found walking down a rural road engulfed in flames.

Bain, Donald. Margaret Truman’s Deadly Medicine (STM, 25.99) June. D.C. PI Robert Brixton finds that his new case involving a scandal between a senator and a big pharmaceutical lobbyist is also related to the murder of a scientist researching a new non-addictive painkiller in New Guinea.

Barrett, Lorna. Title Wave (Brk, 26.00) June. Mystery bookstore owner Tricia and her sister book a Mystery Lovers cruise for some needed R & R, but when a fellow passenger is murdered, they must investigate for real.

Billingham, Mark. Die of Shame (Per, 26.00) June. When one of a group of recovering addicts is murdered, the detective in charge of the investigation find that the enforced anonymity of the group hampers her in finding the killer in a chilling standalone.

Booth, Claire. The Branson Beauty (STM, 25.99) July. After rescuing the passengers when the Branson, MO showboat sinks, the new sheriff is faced with a murder inquiry when a body is found locked in the Captain’s private dining in the first of a new series.

Brackmann, Lisa. Go-Between (Soho, 25.95) July. When her boyfriend is arrested for selling marijuana, a woman in hiding in northern California turns for help to an ex-CIA friend, who asks her to investigate a powerful socialite who has started a victims-rights foundation that is spearheading an effort to stop the legalization of marijuana.

Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane. A Most Curious Murder (Per, 25.99) July. When her neighbor is suspected of killing the local curmudgeon, a woman who has returned to her hometown after a bitter divorce turns amateur sleuth and discovers dark secrets the townspeople would rather keep hidden in the first of a new cozy series.

Byrnes, Michael. Bounty (RH, 28.00) July. In this techno-thriller with a twist, a website offers bounties to take out unrepentant killers—sort of an EBay for assassins.

Cannon, Joanna. The Trouble with Goats and Sheep (SS, 25.00) July. When their neighbor goes missing two ten-year-old girls decide to investigate the disappearance, uncovering the dangerous secrets of the adults in a prize-winning debut.

Carlisle, Kate. Books of a Feather (Brk, 25.00) June. Brooklyn is approached by a book collector who wants her to clean and restore a volume of Audubon bird prints, but before she can go to work the man is murdered and his book stolen.

Castillo, Linda. Among the Wicked (STM, 26.99) July. Because of her knowledge of the Amish, Kate Burkholder is asked to go undercover to infiltrate an Amish community in upstate New York, where a young girl has died mysteriously.

Copperman, E.J. Written Off (Per, 24.95) June. A mystery writer who has a series character named Duffy Madison who finds missing persons, so when she is asked to find a missing person by a mysterious caller named Duffy Madison, she is intrigued, but finds that she may be the next target of a serial killer specializing in mystery writers in the first of a new series.

Crouch, Blake. Dark Matter (RH, 26.99) July. A sci-fi crime thriller about a man who is drugged, kidnapped, and wakes up to world that is inexplicably different.

Cussler, Clive and Boyd Morrison. The Emperor’s Revenge (Put, 29.00) June. Juan Cabrillo joins forces with the CIA to recover his money after his Monaco bank account is hacked, but what they discover is a plot to use a document brought back by Napoleon from his Russian campaign to bring down the West’s economy.

Dalton, Annie. Written in Red (SH, 29.95) June. Oxford University administrator and her dog-walking friend investigate when an elderly historian is found dead in his rooms, and the murder appears to be linked to some low-level espionage he was involved in years before.

Doiron, Paul. Widowmaker (STM, 25.99) June. Mike Bowditch travels to a mountainous wilderness area in Maine to hunt for a missing man whose mother claims is his half-brother, but he runs into a top-secret military base and self-styled vigilantes. Doiron is excellent.

Easley, Warren C. Not Dead Enough (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) June. Portland lawyer Cal Claxton is asked to investigate the disappearance of a Native American man who was fighting the construction of a dam on the Columbia River, but the new investigation stirs up a lethal stew of politics and corruption.

Eckel, Wendy Sand. Death at the Day Lily Café (STM, 25.99) July. In the second in this cozy series set in a small town on Chesapeake Bay, owner Rosalie Hart must take time from opening her new café to help a friend whose sister is accused of murdering a thoroughly unpleasant local man.

Esposito, Shannon. High Jinx (SH, 28.95) July. Dog yoga instructor Elle Presley finds her host dead in the kitchen during a Halloween party given by her clients, and when her friend’s sister is arrested for the murder, she and her bulldog investigate.

Evanovich, Janet and Lee Goldberg. The Scam (RH, 28.00) June. Another comic caper novel.

Fields, Trisha. Midnight Crossing (STM, 26.99) July. Josie Gray, sheriff of a small West Texas border town must find out who shot a border crosser and discovers that someone in town has gone into the human trafficking business.

Flanery, Patrick. I Am No One (RH, 27.00) July. An NYC college professor discovers that he is the subject of surveillance and realizes that it may have something to do with a relationship he had with an Egyptian woman while studying at Oxford.

Flynn, Rory. Dark Horse (HMH, 22.00) June. Boston police detective Eddy Harkness discovers that an influx of a very pure and very deadly heroin is tied to corrupt City Hall officials in the second in this excellent series.

Gentry, Amy. Good as Gone (HMH, 23.00) July. When a young woman appears claiming to be her daughter abducted twenty years before, a woman can’t help being suspicious, so she works with a retired detective to investigate the abduction.

Harvey, Michael. Brighton (HC, 27.99) June. A prize-winning journalist returns to Brighton outside of Boston almost thirty years after having left when he hears that his old friend is the suspect in a string of murders, but to help his friend, he must face a dark secret from their shared past.

Haseldine, Jane. The Last Time She Saw Him (Ken, 25.00) July. A reporter in Detroit has always been obsessed with the abduction of her brother thirty years before, and when her two-year old son is abducted, she must comb through her memories to save him in a nail-biting debut.

Hood, Joshua. Warning Order (SS, 25.00) June. Operative Mason Kane must join forces with the CIA to neutralize a Syrian jihadist and avenge the death of his friend in a white-knuckle thriller written by a former paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Houston, Victoria. Dead Loudmouth (Tyrus, 24.99) June. When a nightclub owner and a stripper are found very naked and very dead atop a piano, the police chief of Loon Lake investigates.

Huntley, Swan. We Could Be Beautiful (RH, 25.95) June. A beautiful, wealthy Manhattan socialite meets an attractive man whose family used to be friends with hers, but as the relationship deepens, she begins to be suspicious of him, especially after she discovers a mysterious letter from her former nanny in a powerful debut of psychological suspense.

Hyde, Katherine Bolger. Arsenic with Austen (STM, 24.99) July. After she receives a substantial inheritance from an aunt, an English teacher moves to the small Oregon coastal village where her aunt lived only to discover that the death may not have been natural in a charming debut.

Jewell, Lisa. The Girls in the Garden (SS, 25.00) June. When a thirteen-year-old girl is found attacked and injured in the communal garden of a London neighborhood, the dark secrets of the residents come to light in a twisty mystery.

Johansen, Iris. Night and Day (STM, 27.99) July. Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan must fight to save the woman she has sworn to protect in the final of a trilogy.

Jones, Darynda. Curse of the Tenth Grave (STM, 26.99) June. Grim Reaper and sometimes PI Charley must find a way to help a runaway girl, solve a murder, and trap three gods sent to kill her daughter. A full day’s work.

King, Stephen. End of Watch (SS, 30.00) June. Retired cop, now PI Bill Hodges must find a way to stop the ingeniously evil Brady Hartsfield who has devised a way to drive people to commits suicide—while allegedly brain-dead in a hospital ward.

Kope, Spencer. Collecting the Dead (STM, 25.99) June. A tracker for the FBI, who has the ability to see the “essence” of a person is called in to track the killer of woman, but he sees that the killer has killed before and will kill again if he’s not stopped in a debut.

Kuhn, Shane. The Asset (SS, 26.00) July. In a stand-alone thriller, a private airport security contractor is tapped to work with a CIA counterterrorism operation to ward off a potentially devastating attack.

Lane, J.C. Tag, You’re Dead (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) July. Six Chicago teenagers are given the chance to play a high-stakes game of tag involving murder in a standalone by the author who also writes as Judy Clements.

Lanh, Andrew. No Good to Try (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.99 tp) July. A Connecticut PI tries to help the son of Vietnamese immigrants accused of attacking an elderly man.

Lawson, Mike. House Revenge (Per, 25.00) July. Joe DeMarco is sent to Boston to help an elderly woman threatened by a sleazy real estate developer, but when she is physically attacked, he and his Congressman boss are after revenge.

Levine, Laura. Murder Has Nine Lives (Ken, 25.00) June. When her cat Prozac is tapped for a starring role in a cat-food commercial, copy writer Jaine Austen doesn’t realize just how catty things can get, especially after someone dies on the set.

Lewis, Beth. The Wolf Road (RH, 26.00) July. In a post-apocalyptic world a young woman realizes that her adoptive father has a dark past—in fact, he may be a serial killer, and she may be his next victim.

Loehfelm, Bill. Let the Devil Out (FSG, 26.00) July. NOPD rookie cop Maureen Coughlin, despite being on suspension, can’t resist trying to locate the chief suspect in the murders of two gun-running members of an extremist militia. Highly recommended.

Lovesey, Peter. Another one Goes Tonight (Soho, 27.95) July. Investigating a car crash that left one policeman dead and one critically injured, Bath detective Peter Diamond finds an injured man by the side of the road, but the more he investigates, the more he believes that he may have saved the life of a serial killer.

Maxwell, Edith. Murder Most Fowl (Ken, 25.00) June. After a contentious town hall meeting, one of the participants, a chicken farmer, is found dead, and organic farmer Cam must find a killer among a field of suspects.

McCafferty, Keith. Buffalo Jump Blues (Vik, 26.00) June. The disappearance of a young Native American man leads Montana PI Sean Stranahan to the horrific scene where a herd of buffalo has been spooked into jumping over a cliff and the body of a young man is found among the bodies.

McHugh, Laura. Arrowood (RH, 27.00) July. A woman’s return to the family mansion in a small Iowa town brings back memories and regrets over the decades-old abduction of her twin sisters, and with the help a man who wants to write about the mystery, she begins to look for the truth of what happened.

McKenzie, C B. Burn What Will Burn (STM, 24.99) July. A newcomer to a small Arkansas town finds a body in the creek, and despite knowing that the townspeople, and especially the sheriff, view him with distrust, he investigates the death. Highly recommended.

Meltzer, Brad with Tod Greenberg. The House of Secrets (LB, 28.00) June. The first of a new series is a conspiracy-laden spy novel that is both suspenseful and humorously undercuts the genre.

Mina, Denise. The Long Drop (LB, 26.00) May. A standalone novel of psychological suspense set in Glasgow in the 1950s where a man who agreed to help another man suspected of murdering his family finds himself accused and sentenced to hang.

Miranda, Megan. All the Missing Girls (SS, 25.00) June. A woman returns to the small town she left ten years before when her friend went missing, but now another young woman disappears in a psychologically intense thriller told in reverse. Highly recommended.

Mosley, Walter. Charcoal Joe (RH, 26.95) June. Easy Rawlins agrees to help a young student at Stanford who was found standing over the body of a murdered man with racially-charged motives for the murder.

Muller, Marcia. Someone Always Knows (Hach, 26.00) July. Sharon McCone and her PI husband find themselves in real danger when his treacherous former business partner returns with an unhealthy interest in a property they are hired to secure.

Myers, Amy. Classic at Bay (SH, 28.95) July. Car detective Jack Colby is hired to negotiate a deal on a classic Jaguar for a former cabaret singer, but not only does the deal fall through, but her manager is also murdered.

Oliva, Alexandra. The Last One (RH, 26.00) July. A woman who is a participant in a reality TV survivor show stumbles across a scene of widespread devastation and doesn’t know if something cataclysmic has happened or if it is part of the show.

O’Malley, Daniel. Stiletto (LB, 26.00) June. Myfanwy Thomas returns as a highly placed agent for the group that employs supernatural abilities to protect Britain from supernatural threats, and must integrate another rival group that has reappeared in a funny supernatural thriller.

Overton, Holly. Baby Doll (Hach, 25.00) July. Succeeding in escaping from her abductor of eight years, a woman returns home to her family, but of course, everything has changed in a compelling mystery that begins where most thrillers end.

Patterson, James and Mark Sullivan. The Games (LB, 28.00) June. The security firm known as Private is called in to handle security in Rio for the Olympic Games, but a series of disappearances and murders make the job difficult.

Reid, Iain. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (SS, 22.95) June. A scary and intensely unnerving debut novel of psychological suspense about a man whose visit to his parents at their secluded farmhouse with his girlfriend turns very dark indeed.

Rimington, Stella. Breaking Cover (STM, 26.00) July. Liz Carlyle must track down a Russian spy on British soil whose job may be to silence Russian dissidents—or something more sinister and deadly.

Robertson, Michael. The Baker Street Jurors (STM, 24.99) July. When a letter arrives for Sherlock Holmes, the attorney who has his offices at 221B Baker Street agrees to investigate who is killing the jurors in the case of a famous cricketer accused of murdering his wife with a cricket bat.

Rosenfelt, David. Outfoxed (STM, 25.99) July. When a prisoner uses the dog he has been training through a program sponsored by the Tara Foundation to escape, Andy Carpenter must figure out how to save both man and dog from a murder charge.

Rosett, Sara. Marriage, Monsters-in-Law, and Murder (Ken, 25.00) July. Ellie is invited to a fancy wedding at a posh resort on Georgia Barrier Island, only to find that murder crashes the party in the latest in this cozy series.

Sallis, James. Willnot (STM, 26.00) June. A noir novel of psychological suspense set in a small town where human remains have been found in the woods outside, and as the town doctor struggles with the mystery, his partner is shot and critically wounded.

Schmitt, Gerry. Little Girl Gone (Brk, 26.00) July. A Minneapolis family liaison officer with the police department investigates when a baby is abducted and her teenaged babysitter assaulted, but she suspects that the crime may be part of a series. Schmitt also writes as Laura Childs.

Scott, J. Todd. The Far Empty (Put, 26.00) June. A debut mystery set in West Texas where a new Sheriff’s Deputy and a seventeen-year-old boy join forces to investigate when human remains turn out to be those of the boy’s missing mother, but all the evidence they find points to the boy’s father, the Sheriff.

Sefton, Maggie. Knit to be Tied (Brk, 26.00) June. When the husband of a new, pregnant member of the Lambspun Knitters is killed in a hit-and-run accident, the knitters put down their needles to find a killer.

Silva, Daniel. The Black Widow (HC, 27.99) July. A shocking act of violence in Paris starts this international thriller featuring art restorer and spy Gabriel Allon.

Stacey, Lyndon. No Second Chances (SH, 28.95) July. Former policeman Daniel Whelan and his retired K9 companion agree to help a young woman whose boyfriend, a Traveller, has gone missing.

Steiner, Susie. Missing, Presumed (RH, 27.00) June. A British police procedural set in Cambridge, featuring a police sergeant who investigates the disappearance of a graduate student whose father is the physician to the royal family.

Swierczynski, Duane. Revolver (LB, 26.00) July. A woman in Criminal Scene Investigator School decides to reinvestigate the 50-year-old murder of her grandfather, a street cop in Philadelphia in the 1960s.

Swinson, David. The Second Girl (Mull, 26.00) June. In a noir debut set in Washington, D.C., a former policeman turned PI is hired by a couple to find their missing teenaged daughter, but the multiple bad choices he makes due to his addiction to cocaine put a good outcome in jeopardy.

Thor, Brad. Foreign Agent (SS, 27.99) June. Operative Mitch Horvath is involved with the attempted assassination of an ISIS agent that leads to disastrous results.

Unger, Lisa. Ink and Bone (SS, 24.99) June. Eager to learn how to deal with her psychic gift, a young woman moves to the upstate town of the Hollows to live with grandmother, also a psychic, but her investigation into the disappearance of a little girl proves dangerous.

Unsworth, Simon Kurt. The Devil’s Evidence (BDD, 26.95) July. The Devil’s detective is sent with a delegation from Hell to Heaven, where he must solve a series of murders in a genre-bending horror/crime novel.

Verdon, John. Wolf Lake (Per, 25.00) July. Retired NYPD homicide detective Gurney is called in when a series of suspicious suicides occur all tied to a controversial psychotherapist headquartered in an old Adirondack resort who uses hypnotherapy on his patients.

Vine, Richard. SoHo Sins (Hard Case, 22.95) July. When a husband confesses to murdering his beautiful wife, even though he was in Europe at the time, a NYC art dealer investigates and uncovers the secrets of the SoHo art scene.

Walker, Wendy. All Is Not Forgotten (STM, 26.99) July. After she is raped by a stranger who left no DNA evidence, a fifteen-year-old girl is under psychiatric care, but her psychiatrist harbors dark secrets that lead him to impede the investigation.

Ware, Ruth. The Woman in Cabin 10 (SS, 26.00) July. A London travel journalist given the assignment of a luxury Scandinavian cruise hears a woman go overboard from the adjacent cabin, but there are no passengers missing in a tour-de-force of Agatha Christie-esque plotting.

Weaver, Tim. Fall from Grace (Vik, 26.00) July. When her retired homicide-detective father disappears while getting firewood, a London policewoman hires missing-persons specialist David Raker to find him, but he uncovers a devastating secret behind the disappearance.

Winters, Ben H. Underground Airlines (LB, 26.00) July. In an alternate history thriller set in an America where there was no Civil War and slavery still exists in four states a bounty hunter tracking down a runaway slave goes undercover in an abolitionist group and soon finds himself jeopardizing his cover and his career.

Wohlsdorf, Gina. Security (Algonquin, 25.95) June. The property manager for an opulent Santa Barbara resort is busy planning for an opening gala, unaware that some uninvited guests are planning on taking over the property in a debut thriller.

Woods, Stuart. Dishonorable Intentions (Put, 28.00) June. Stone Barrington returns in another crime novel set among the very rich behaving very badly.

Young, Heather. The Lost Girls (HC, 25.99) July. When she inherits a house on a lake in Minnesota along with her great aunt’s diary, a woman and her daughters become obsessed with the disappearance of a little girl in 1935 in a debut thriller..

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Beaton, M.C. Dishing the Dirt (STM, 7.99) July.

Berenson, Laurien. Chow Down (Ken, 7.99) June. A reissue.

Child, Lincoln. The Forgotten Room (RH, 9.99) June.

Cornwell, Patricia. Depraved Heart (HC, 9.99) July.

Coulter, Catherine. Nemesis (NAL, 9.99) July.

Deaver, Jeffery. The Blue Nowhere (Pkt, 9.99) July.

Doiron, Paul. The Precipice (STM, 9.99) June.

Dunn, Matthew. Spy House (HC, 9.99) June.

Evanovich, Janet and Lee Goldberg. The Scam (BDD, 8.99) June.

Fairstein, Linda. Devil’s Bridge (Dut, 9.99) June.

Grant, Andrew. False Positive (Ball, 9.99) July.

Griffin, Laura. Deep Dark (Pkt, 7.99) June.

Howells, Debbie. The Bones of You (Ken, 9.99) June.

Jance, J.A. Dance of the Bones (HC, 9.99) June.

Johansen, Iris. Shadow Play (STM, 8.99) June.

Jones, Darynda. The Dirt on the Ninth Grave (STM, 7.99) June.

Kellerman, Jonathan. The Murderer’s Daughter (Ball, 9.99) July.

Koryta, Michael. Those Who Wish Me Dead (GC, 7.99) June.

Laurie, Victoria. Sense of Deception (NAL, 7.99) June.

Lescroart, John. The Fall (Pkt, 9.99) July.

Levine, Laura. Death by Tiara (Ken, 7.99) June.

Lynds, Gayle. The Assassins (STM, 9.99) June.

Moss, Todd. Minute Zero (NAL, 9.99) July.

Paretsky, Sara. Brush Back (Put, 9.99) June.

Patterson, James and Marshall Karp. NYPD Red 3 (GC, 9.99) June.

Patterson, James and Howard Roughan. Truth or Die (GC, 9.99) July.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. Crimson Shore (GC, 9.99) July.

Reich, Christopher. Invasion of Privacy (RH, 9.99) July.

Sefton, Maggie. Purl Up and Die (Brk, 7.99) June.

Thor, Brad. Code of Conduct (Pkt, 9.99) June.

Tartt, Donna. The Goldfinch (GC, 10.99) July.

Toyne, Simon. The Searcher (HC, 9.99) June. First of a series set in Arizona.

Truman, Margaret and Donald Bain. Internship in Murder (STM, 7.99) June.

Woods, Stuart. Foreign Affairs (Put, 9.99) June.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Alan, Isabella. Murder Handcrafted (NAL, 7.99) June. A quilt shop owner in Ohio’s Amish country is in the midst of renovating an old house with her mother, when a shocking murder occurs—a workman is electrocuted.

Alexander, Ellie. Caught Dead-Handed (STM, 7.99) July. When Jules goes to deliver bread to a local restaurant, she discovers the dead body of the owner, and soon is kneading the clues to find a killer.

Blackmoore, Stephanie. Engaged in Death (Ken, 7.99) July. A wedding planner in a small Pennsylvania town must contend with a cheating fiancé, a ramshackle mansion, a litter of feral kittens—and a dead body on the lawn—in the first of a new series.

Blackwell, Juliet. A Toxic Trousseau (NAL, 7.99) July. When a rival clothier is found murdered after having been head-butted by Oscar the pot-bellied pig, vintage clothier Lily must protect her pet and find a killer, but her investigation changes when she discovers a cursed trousseau among her rival’s inventory.

Bradford, Laura. Éclair and Present Danger (Brk, 7.99) June. After she inherits a vintage ambulance and an unfriendly tabby from her neighbor, a pastry chef sets up a dessert delivery service, but when she finds her first customer murdered, she races to find a killer in the first of a new series.

Buckley, Julia. A Dark and Stormy Murder (Brk, 7.99) July. In the first of a new series, an aspiring writer who has found her dream job as the assistant to a famous crime writer gets some practical sleuthing experience when a dead body is found on her boss’ property.

Connolly, Sheila. Dead End Street (Brk, 7.99) June. A visit to an abandoned house owned by the Antiquarian Society turns deadly, and director Nell Pratt must find a killer before someone else becomes history.

Corrigan, Maya. Final Fondue (Ken, 7.99) July. In the third in the five-ingredient mystery series set on Chesapeake Bay, Val finds the body of a houseguest while helping her grandfather perfect his recipe for chocolate fondue during the town’ tri-centennial celebration.

Davis, Krista. The Diva Serves High Tea (Brk, 7.99) June. When the handsome owner of an antiques shop is found poisoned after an event at her favorite tea shop, domestic diva Sophie must strain a suspect from a bitter brew of suspects.

Day, Maddie. Grilled for Murder (Ken, 7.99) June. When a flirtatious widow is found dead in her diner after a homecoming party, Robbie must find killer before her friend is arrested in the second in this series set in Indiana.

Finch, Kay. The Black Cat Knocks on Wood (Brk, 7.99) June. Mystery writer Sabrina and her black cat take time to investigate the death of a local business owner while at the same time trying to persuade her mother that a knowledge of horses is important for rodeo-ing.

Hechtman, Betty. Gone with the Wool (Brk, 7.99) July. When a former queen of the Butterfly Festival is found pinned to the ground with a knife, Casey must set aside her loom and hook a killer before he flutters to another victim.

Hollon, Cheryl. Cracked to Death (Ken, 7.99) July. Florida stained-glass shop owner Savannah must save her associate when a treasure hunter is found dead after finding a pair of antique glass artefacts.

Hyzy, Julie. Grace Sees Red (Brk, 7.99) July. Grace must help her assistant when an elderly resident of an assisted-living facility is found dead shortly after they were seen arguing.

Kennedy, Mary. A Premonition of Death (Brk, 7.99) June. The dream club is invited to the Savannah mansion of a reclusive, wealthy lady who has had a dream foretelling her death, so when she is found lying dead at the foot of the staircase, the group decides to investigate.

Leeson, Gayle. The Calamity Café (NAL, 7.99) June. Deciding to buy the café where she works, a waitress arrives to negotiate with the owner only to find a dead body in the first of a new series set in small-town Virginia.

Marks, Mary. Something’s Knot Kosher (Ken, 7.99) July. When Martha Rose and her quilting group come together for the funeral of one of the members’ husband, they are appalled to find that the body in the coffin is a stranger!

McAndrews, Jennifer. A Shattering Crime (Brk, 7.99) June. When a local businessman is felled by a deadly Danish and her baker friend is suspected of the crime, stained-glass enthusiast Georgia investigates.

Moran, Terrie Farley. Read to Death (Brk, 7.99) July. When the driver of their tour to visit Thomas Edison’s Florida estate is found dead, bookstore café owners Sassy and Bridgy must find a killer before they end up reading behind bars.

Morrigan, Laura. Take the Monkey and Run (Brk, 7.99) July. Animal telepath Grace Wilde is hired to help a New Orleans woman find her missing sister by communicating with her cat, but she soon senses another animal in the area—a capuchin monkey on the loose in the Big Easy.

Reed, Hannah. Dressed to Kilt (Brk, 7.99) July. Aspiring romance writer Eden investigates the death of a woman at a Scotch whiskey tasting, only to discover that the crime is relating to her own family history in Scotland.

Rosett, Sarah. Moving is Murder (Ken, 7.99) June. A reissue of the first book in the series featuring a military wife who is an organizing expert and amateur sleuth.

Wiken, Linda. Toasting up Trouble (Brk, 7.99) July. In a series debut, the members of a cooking club add mystery to the mix when a chef is found murdered and one of their number is served up as the chief suspect.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Abbott, Patricia. Shot in Detroit (Per, 15.00) June. A freelance photographer who finds financial and artistic success photographing the dead in her boyfriend’s mortuary gets a commission for twenty “portraits” of dead black men, and she finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Arlidge, M. J. Liar, Liar (NAL, 15.00) June. DI Helen Grace is investigating a series of arson fires that have left two people dead in the forth in this British police procedural series.

Atkins, Ace. The Redeemers (Put, 16.00) June. Having lost the sheriff’s election, Quinn Colson is out of a job, but when someone smashes through the house of a wealthy mill owner and steals a safe, he investigates—because the safe contains something more important than money: it contains secrets. Highly recommended.

Bell, David. Since She Went Away (NAL, 16.00) June. Years ago, her friend disappeared, and a woman has felt guilty ever since, but when her son’s new girlfriend disappears, she realizes that she must uncover just what is going on.

Berry, Flynn. Under the Harrow (Png, 16.00) June. In this debut set in Yorkshire, a woman discovers her sister murdered and proceeds to insinuate herself into the police investigation, uncovering old secrets and following the clues to a surprising resolution.

Billingham, Mark. Time of Death (Per, 16.00) June. When DI Thorn and DS Helen Weeks cut short their vacation to return to her hometown where two girls have been abducted and the chief suspect is the husband of her school friend, Thorn soon believes that the wrong man is under suspicion.

Block, Lawrence. The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes (Hard Case, 9.95) July. An NYPD cop retired to Florida and working as a PI is hired to impersonate a hit man to implicate a woman looking to be free of her millionaire husband, but he soon finds himself in her thrall and working to help her lose the husband and keep the millions.

Bruen, Ken. Green Hell (Per, 16.00) July. Alcoholic Galway PI Jack Taylor takes on a personal vendetta against a university professor with some seriously bad habits, helped by an American student and a young Goth when things spiral out of control.

Burton, Miles. The Secret of High Eldersham (PP, 12.95) June. A reissue of the first in a series from the 1930s, featuring DI Young and his wealthy amateur sleuth friend who investigate the murder of a pub owner in a small English village.

Cady, Jack. The Hauntings of Hood Canal (Per, 17.00) July. A supernatural thriller set in a rural town in Washington State where the death of a resident opens up an ancient evil.

Carbo, Christine. Mortal Fall (SS, 16.00), set in Glacier National Park where police officer Monty Harris investigates the murder of a wildlife biologist. Signing.

Carlisle, Anna. Dark Road Home (Per, 14.99) July. Having left her hometown after her sister’s disappearance twenty years before, a medical examiner returns when her sister’s bones are found, but after she examines the body she uncovers a dark secret that could get her killed in a series debut.

Chandler, Jessie. Blood Money Murder (Per, 16.95) June. When two tough men come into the bar where she works looking for the woman who is her surrogate mother, Shay O’Hanlon must confronts a quarter century’s worth of secrets and lies, betrayal and murder.

Chapman, Drew. The Ascendant (SS, 16.00) June. The reissue of the first in a series of techno-thrillers. Even a techno-idiot such as I finds these great, smart fun.

Clark, Martin. The Jezebel Remedy (RH, 16.00) June. A Southern husband and wife law firm gets its biggest case ever when an elderly eccentric client dies in a freak accident. This is a wonderfully funny, fun caper novel and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Clark, Mary Higgins, ed. Manhattan Mayhem (RH, 14.95) June. A collection of mystery and crime short stories set in NYC.

Cleave, Paul. Trust No One (SS, 16.00) June. An elderly thriller writer’s worsening dementia leads him to believe that he committed the horrifying events in his novels. I loved this.

Connolly, John. A Song of Shadows (SS, 16.00) July. Recovering from wounds in a small Maine town, PI Charlies Parker agrees to investigate a case that has its roots in the atrocities of the Nazi concentration camps.

Crais, Robert. The Promise (Put, 16.00) June. Elvis Cole and Joe Pike join forces with K9 officer Scott James and Maggie when an explosives expert disappears and a body is found in a body is found in a house filled with explosives.

Craven, Michael. The Detective and the Chinese Hi-Fin (HC, 15.99) June. Los Angeles PI takes on the case of a universally-despised wealthy man gunned down in his driveway, but soon finds himself swimming with sharks in the high-dollar world of exotic tropical fish.

Crumley, James. Bordersnakes (Vin, 16.00), The Final Country (Vin, 16.00), and The Mexican Tree Duck (Vin, 16.00) July. A reissue of the final three classic, noir detective novels. Noir doesn’t get any better than this.

Freeman, R. Austen. The Red Thumb Mark (Per, 12.99) July. A welcome reissue of the first of a Golden-Age series featuring the first scientific detective, Dr. Thorndyke.

Fuller, Jack. One from Without (Per, 17.00) June. A credit-reporting company that specializes in gathering consumer data in order to develop a predictive model for behavior is hacked and when individual files are altered, they must fight against a dangerous adversary.

George, Elizabeth. A Banquet of Consequences (Png, 16.00) July. Lynley and Havers investigate a suicide in Dorset that may have links to a horrific poisoning in Cambridge.

Harris, Shaun. The Hemingway Thief (Prom, 15.95) July. A writer working on his latest novel while sipping margaritas at a friend’s Baja resort is pulled into the hunt for a missing suitcase filled with Hemingway’s papers lost since the 1920s in a literary caper.

Heald, Paul. Cotton (Per, 15.99) July. When photographs appear on the Internet of a young dance student who disappeared five years ago, Professor Stanley Hopkins is asked to investigate the website, which sends him delving into a world of corruption and vice.

Hiebert, Michael. Sticks and Stones (Ken, 15.00) July. Alabama police officer Leah Teal investigates the murder of a woman, the MO of which is that of a serial killer shot by her detective father fifteen years before. Could her father have shot the wrong man?

Highsmith, Patricia. Found in the Street (Per, 15.00) July. A reissue of a dark novel of psychological suspense about a beautiful young woman who becomes the object of desire and obsession for a married couple.

Hill, Gerri. Paradox Valley (Per, 17.95) July. In a sci-fi thriller set in Colorado where a small earthquake leads to a series of mysterious events from a widespread loss of power to the disappearance of a military helicopter.

Hilton, James. Search and Destroy (RH, 14.95) June. When two brothers who work as military contractors rescue a journalist from an assassination attempt in the Nevada desert, they are stalked by a paramilitary group with ties to the government.

Kalteis, Dietrich. Triggerfish (Per, 14.99) June. When he moors his new boat in an isolated cove near Vancouver for a tryst with his new girlfriend, a former cop discovers that he has made a huge, life-threatening mistake—a Mexican drug-running submarine arrives shortly afterward.

Keller, Julia. Last Ragged Breath (StM, 15.99) July. West Virginia prosecutor Bell Elkins finds it hard to believe that the man waiting in jail on a murder charge in a case of vengeance and greed, both past and present. Highly recommended.

Koryta, Michael. Last Words (LB, 15.99) July. A PI is asked to look into the murder of a young girl pulled from a cave in southern Indiana, but the townspeople are uncooperative, and soon his life is in danger.

Kuhn, Shane. Hostile Takeover (SS, 15.99) June. After John Lago and his wife take over Human Resources, Inc, a company that provides assassins to take out high-level corporate targets, they themselves become the targets of a hostile takeover that they may not survive. A funny take on the ruthlessness of contemporary corporate culture.

Lawson, Mike. House Rivals (Per, 16.00) July. Joe DeMarco is sent to North Dakota to protect a young blogger who finds herself threatened by the oil tycoon she has accused of political corruption.

Leotta, Allison. A Good Killing (SS, 15.99) June. D.C. prosecutor Anna Curtis returns home to Michigan to defend her sister, accused of murdering a popular high-school football coach. Highly recommended.

Lindsay, Jeff. Dexter is Dead (Vin, 15.95) June. The final installment in the series featuring a blood-spatter analyst for the police who moonlights as a serial killer.

Loehfelm, Bill. Doing the Devil’s Work (Pic, 16.00) June. NOPD cop Maureen Coughlin investigates when a mysterious corpse is found that raises more questions than answers. Highly recommended.

Lovesey, Peter. Down Among the Dead Men (Soho, 15.95) June. Bath detective Peter Diamond investigates the disappearance of an unpopular art teacher.

MacLean, Harry. The Joy of Killing (Per, 15.95) June. A professor writing his final memoir focusses on a series of incidents from his past that may or may not be actual crimes he committed in his youth. Very twisty.

Marco, Connie di. The Madness of Mercury (MidInk, 14.99) June. In the first of a new zodiac series, a San Francisco astrologer becomes the target of a cult leader and takes refuge with two elderly clients who are shocked when a young man arrives claiming to be a long-lost nephew.

Mathews, Francine. Death in Rough Water (Soho, 15.95) July. A reissue of the second Merry Folger mystery set in Nantucket.

McCafferty, Keith. Crazy Mountain Kiss (Png, 15.00) June. Montana PI Sean Shanahan is hired when a teenaged rodeo champion is found dead in a closed-up cabin in this excellent western series.

McCauley, Terence. A Murder of Crows (Per, 15.95) July. An intelligence operative for a secretive government agency on the hunt for a bio-terrorist discovers that there is a connection to a well-known terrorist kingpin.

McDougal, Len. The Mackinac Incident (Per, 14.99) June. The only one standing between a group of terrorists and their diabolical plot to detonate a dirty bomb in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is an ex-con turned survivalist in this thriller.

McKenzie, Grant. K.A.R.M.A. (Per, 15.95) July. A Seattle-based photojournalist uncovers a mysterious group with an unquenchable thirst for bloody revenge.

McManus, Patrick F. Circles in the Snow (Per, 14.99) June. Sheriff Bo Tully is on the verge of retiring when he is confronted with his most baffling case—a rancher is killed by an arrow with eagle fletching and the main suspect has left for Mexico.

Morton, Kate. The Lake House (SS, 17.00) June. While visiting her grandfather in Cornwall, a London police detective becomes fascinated by a crumbling estate and begins to investigate the tragedy that occurred there decades earlier. I loved this.

Murphy, Haughton. Murder.com (Mys, 14.99) July. Retired New York lawyer Reuben Frost and his wife Cynthia help their homicide detective friend investigate the death of a billionaire’s daughter in a mystery reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles.

Panowich, Brian. Bull Mountain (Put, 16.00) June. A debut crime novel set in Georgia about a man from a family of criminals who becomes a lawman, only to find the DEA puts him in a bad position pitting him against his own family.

Penny, Louise. The Nature of the Beast (STM, 15.99) July. When a precocious child goes missing from Three Pines, the search for him leads to a discovery in the nearby forest and an old crime.

Perona, Elizabeth. Murder under the Covered Bridge (MidInk, 14.99) July. The women of the bucket list arrange for a film shoot to fulfill Charlotte’s desire to be a “sexy calendar girl,” but the photo shoot is interrupted by gunshots injuring Francine’s nephew, so the ladies go into detective mode to find a killer.

Quertermous, Byron. Riot Load (Per, 14.99) June. A crime writer is asked by the mistress of a dead friend to steal the sperm sample that the man left before he died, but the simple favor turns deadly when he runs into two criminals who’ve discovered that kidnapping potential children is easier than kidnapping actual children—and just as lucrative.

Quinn, Spencer. Scents and Sensibility (SS, 16.00) June. PIs Chet and Bernie investigate a case of illegal cactus smuggling that leads them to a creepy cult leader who may be involved in a years-ago kidnapping. Bosco gives this series two paws up.

Rashid, Mark. Out of the Wild (Per, 17.95) July. A cattle rancher who has fallen into despair and drink takes a job at a Nevada guest ranch, where with the help of the ranch owner and an abused mustang stallion, he begins to get better—until the former ranch manager returns in a murderous rage

Rich, A.J. The Hand that Feeds You (SS, 15.00) June. When her boyfriend is killed by her rescue dogs, a woman discovers that everything he had told her about himself and his past was a lie. Always remember that if you are forced to choose between your dog and a man, the dog is always the better choice!

Rosenfelt, David. Who Let the Dog Out? (STM, 15.99) June. When a dog is stolen from the Tara Foundation, Andy and Willie track her down to an abandoned house, where she is standing over a murdered body.

Roy, Lori. Let Me Die in his Footsteps (Dut, 16.00) June. The 2016 Edgar Winner for Best Novel is a multi-generational story of dark secrets and crimes that have bound together two southern families. Excellent.

Runcie, James. Sidney Chambers and the Dangers of Temptation (STM, 17.00) June. The canon of Grantchester finds more mysteries to solve in the latest collection of inter-related short stories, all the while struggling with a persistent toothache.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. Air Time (STM, 15.99) June. Television journalist Charlotte McNally investigates a fashion counterfeiting ring.

Sharp, Zoë. Absence of Light (F&M, 14.95) July. Security expert Charlie Fox is dropped into an earthquake zone to help with the disaster, but she also investigates the death of a colleague, an investigation that becomes increasingly dangerous. If you like intelligent, kick-ass female protagonists, do try this excellent series.

Sheers, Owen. I Saw a Man (RH, 16.00) July. After the death of his journalist wife in Pakistan, a man tries to rebuild his life with the help of a neighboring family, but the unexpected death of one of the neighbors’ children leads him to uncover a dark secret.

Stevens, Chevy. Those Girls (STM, 15.99) June. Three sisters from a ranch in western Canada flee their abusive father only to find themselves in a worse situation when their truck breaks down in a small town, forcing them to change their identities and flee—but then one of the sisters goes missing….

Stewart, Leah. The New Neighbor (SS, 16.00) June. An elderly woman’s curiosity about her new neighbors becomes obsessive, threatening both her neighbor’s secrets and her own. Recommended.

Thomas, Julia. The English Boys (MidInk, 15.99) July. When the bride is killed minutes before her wedding, the best man joins forces with her sister to find the killer, and discovers dark secrets about the woman he also loved.

Thurlo, Aimée and David. Looking Through Darkness (STM, 15.99) July. After the death of her husband, a woman who works at a trading post on the Navajo Reservation is accused of embezzling money and killing her husband, so she turns to a blind sculptor for help.

Wangersky, Russell. Walt (Per, 15.95) June. A man who collects discarded shopping lists in the course of his job cleaning a grocery store is investigated by the Newfoundland police when his wife disappears in a dark novel of psychological suspense.

Weaver, Tim. Chasing the Dead (Png, 16.00) July. The first in the series featuring PI David Raker specializing in finding missing persons who is hired by a mother who swears she saw her son years after he had died in a car crash.

Williams, Conrad. Sonata of the Dead (RH, 12.95) July. Detective Joel Sorrell is hunting for a serial killer in London after a body is found surrounded by bloodstained typewritten pages.

Winslow, Don. The Cartel (RH, 16.95) June. A DEA agent who has pursued a Mexican drug lord for over ten years is determined to bring him down regardless of the cost. Excellent.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Balteau, Sylvain. Monsieur le Vet (Per, 15.95) June. The diary of a country veterinarian in the French Pyrenees. I couldn’t resist ordering this Gallic All Creatures Great and Small.

Bannalec, Jean-Luc. Murder on Brittany Shores (STM, 24.99) July. Commissaire Dupin investigates when three bodies wash up on a pristine beach of a coastal tourist area in the second in this excellent series.

Batacan, F. H. Smaller and Smaller Circles (Soho, 15.95) June. Two Catholic priests in Manila hunt for a serial killer in a notorious city dump in the very first Filipino crime novel.

Bilal, Parker. City of Jackals (STM, 27.00) June. Cairo PI Makana is hired to find a Sudanese student who has dropped out of university and disappeared, but when a severed head is found on the nearby riverbank, and it appears to be related to gangs from South Sudan, he becomes involved in political and social upheaval.

Black, Cara. Murder on the Quai (Soho, 27.95) June. In a prequel set in 1989, Aimée, a medical student, agrees to watch the family detective business while her father goes to Berlin, but the case she works on—a murder linked to the disappearance of a transport truck filled with Nazi gold—causes her to rethink her medical career. Signing.

Brackmann, Lisa. Dragon Day (Soho, 15.95) June. An Iraqi War vet living in Shanghai is hired by a wealthy man to investigate his son’s American business partner, but the murder of a waitress at an elegant party places her on the top of the suspect list—and maybe the hit list.

Burdette, John. The Bangkok Asset (Vin, 16.00) July. Bangkok policeman Sonji finds a message about his unknown father near the body of a savagely murdered man in a case with connections both to the CIA and the Chinese military.

Carlotto, Massimo. For All the Gold in the World (Eur, 15.00) July. Two years after a botched robbery in northeast Italy that resulted in murder, PI Marco Buratti is hired by the twelve-year-old son of one of the victims, and his investigation turns up contraband gold and vendettas among rival crime families.

Eriksson, Kjell. Open Grave (STM, 15.99) July. The controversy surrounding a Stockholm doctor receiving the Nobel Prize escalates from pranks, to threats, and finally to violence.

Fuminori, Nakamura. The Kingdom (Soho, 23.95) July. A woman who works as a freelancer for an underworld organization posing as a prostitute to get compromising photographs used for blackmail, suddenly finds that someone from her past has resurfaced, someone related to a monstrous crime lord.

Gregorio, Michael. Think Wolf (SH, 28.95) July. An Italian park ranger in Umbria investigates the murder of his partner, while trying to save himself from the carabinieri on the one hand and the Calabria mafia on the other.

Hobbes, Roger. Vanishing Games (Vin, 16.00) June. A fast-paced caper novel set in Macau where a criminal mastermind must call for the help of her friend when a heist goes badly wrong. I loved this.

Holmén, Martin. Clinch (RH, 14.95) June. Set in 1930s Stockholm this first of a trilogy featuring a bisexual boxer who works as an underworld debt collector is a gritty noir.

Holt, Anne. Dead Joker (SS, 26.00) July. Oslo homicide detective Hanne Wilhelmsen investigates the murder of a woman whose husband, a public prosecutor, claims to have an alibi, but when a journalist is found decapitated with the husband’s fingerprints at the scene, she must hunt for a motive.

Khemiri, Jonas Hassen. Everything I Don’t Remember (SS, 25.00) July. When a young man dies in a horrible car crash a writer tries to piece together his life to answer whether the death was an accident or suicide in a brilliant novel of love and memory.

Limón, Martin. Ping Pong Heart (Soho, 26.95) June. CID sergeants Bascom and Sueño investigate when an officer who had complained of being robbed by a bar girl is found murdered, and it becomes clear that the suspects are part of a U.S. Army battalion dedicated to tracking down North Korean spies.

_____. The Ville Rat (Soho, 15.95) June. Bascom and Sueño investigate the shooting of a Korean bar girl, but a racially motivated murder of an American officer killed by an African-American enlisted man also demands their attention.

Ludwig, Avram Noble. Shooting the Sphinx (STM, 26.99) June. When a movie company arrives in Egypt to film the Sphinx for a big-budget thriller, the producer who is negotiating with the government for permissions becomes friendly with a dissident student, and is drawn into the countries dangerous political struggle.

Manzini, Antonio. Black Run (HC, 14.99) July. An Italian police detective is exiled to a small Alpine village where his first case involves the murder of an unidentified person, and his investigation is made more difficult by his lack of understanding of the locals, including their dialect.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine (RH, 15.00) June. While Mma Ramotswe is on vacation, her assistant handles the case of a politician whose reputation is being tarnished.

Pearson, Ridley. White Bone (Put, 27.00) July. Former military contractor John Knox must find his partner whose cover has been blown in Kenya where she was investigating the disappearance of an AIDS drug, and may have stumbled into an elephant poaching ring.

Pötzsch, Oliver. The Castle of Kings (HMH, 28.00) July. A historical thriller set in Germany in 1524 where an unconventional young woman and her lover find themselves on the run during the Peasants’ War.

Pretorius, Michelle. The Monster’s Daughter (Mel, 27.99) July. When a police constable in a small South African town investigates the murder of a woman she discovers connections to secret medical experiments performed by a British doctor on children in a concentration camp during the Boer War.

Raabe, Melanie. The Trap (Hach, 26.00) July. A celebrity suspense author who suspects a television journalist is the murderer of her sister eleven years before sets a trap for him by writing a novel based on the murder, and then allowing him an exclusive interview.

Ramsay, Frederick. Danger Woman (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) July. When a hyena expert working in Botswana’s Chobe National Park discovers a human skull, he takes it to a park ranger who has been investigating a series of deaths in the park, tied to a Russian criminal gang in the area.

Schepp, Emelie. Marked for Life (Mira, 26.99) June. In the first of a new Swedish series, a prosecutor investigates the murder of the head of asylum issues for the migration board, and the clues include threatening letters, large cash withdrawals, and the body of a child.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret Gets Angry (Png, 12.00) June. A reissue of the classic French detective series.

Sund, Erik Axl. The Crow Girl (Knopf, 29.95) June. The first in a trilogy featuring a police detective in Stockholm investigating a series of murders of homeless boys who are found drugged and mutilated all of the city in a case related to human trafficking.

Walker, Martin. Fatal Pursuit (Knopf, 25.95) June. A rally car race and a classic car parade in Saint Denis find Bruno leaving the festivities to hunt for the murderer of a local historian hired to research a Bugatti that disappeared during WWII.

Wilson, Robert. Stealing People (Eur, 19.00) June. Charlie Boxer, an expert at solving kidnappings, is contemplating retirement when he gets a new case involving the disappearance of six children of wealthy families.

Wright, Lili. Dancing with the Tiger (Put, 26.00) July. A debut thriller set in Mexico where a grave digger uncovers the death mask of Montezuma, setting off a violent struggle for its possession among a drug lord, a museum curator, an ex-pat collector, and an American woman who wants the mask to restore her father’s reputation.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem and Anna Waterhouse. Mycroft Holmes (RH, 14.95) June. Sherlock Holmes’s older brother leaves his job in government to accompany his university friend to Trinidad where a series of mysterious events threaten both his friend’s family and his fiancé’s life.

Alexander, Tasha. The Adventuress (STM, 15.99) July. In the south of France for the wedding of a friend to an American heiress, Lady Emily must turn sleuth when the bride-to-be is found murdered.

Blevins, Win and Meredith Blevins. Stealing Fire (STM, 29.99) June. When an old Navajo man rescues the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, on the run from some Chicago gangsters, he turns to the actor John Wayne in Monument Valley filming a movie for help in a mystery of Old Hollywood and the desert Southwest.

Brown, Eric. Murder at the Loch (SH, 28.95) June. In this mystery set in 1955 in the Scottish Highlands, a thriller writer and a PI join together to help their former commanding officer, who has turned the family castle into a hotel and fears that someone among the assortment of guests including a Hungarian countess, a paranormal investigator, a poet, and an engineer looking for a crashed Nazi plane may be out to murder him.

Carmack, Amanda. Murder at Fontainebleau (NAL, 7.99) June. Kate Haywood is sent by Queen Elizabeth I to the court of Mary, Queen of Scots in France to spy out her cousin’s intentions, but the murder of one of the party, plunges her into a pit of poisonous intrigue as she searches for a murderer.

Carr, Matthew. The Devils of Cardona (Png, 27.00) June. A historical thriller set in sixteenth-century Spain during the height of the Inquisition when Jews and Muslims were being forcibly converted to Catholicism, where a priest is murdered by a mysterious Muslim avenger.

Cline, Emma. The Girls (RH, 27.00) June. In 1968 a lonely teenaged girl falls under the spell of a charismatic cult leader in a powerful debut novel that examines a tragic event from the point of view of someone on the periphery who was nonetheless involved. Excellent.

Davis, Lindsey. Deadly Election (STM, 15.99) July. Flavia Albia has a client who needs her to investigate dirty dealings just before the election in Rome.

_____. The Graveyard of the Hesperides (STM, 26.99) July. Flavia Albia investigates when human remains are found in the backyard her boyfriend is renovating, but the more they dig, the more they find, and soon she is in grave danger herself.

Doherty, Paul. The Great Revolt (SH, 29.95) July. Brother Athelstan is faced with a locked-room mystery that occurred during the unrest of the peasant revolt against Richard II.

Downie, Ruth. Vita Brevis (STM, 26.00) July. Ruso and Tilla arrive in Rome only to find that the medical practice he has bought is besieged with bill collectors—and then there’s a dead man in a barrel by the front door….

Freydont, Shelley. A Golden Cage (Brk, 16.00) June. When an actor is found dead in her Newport “cottage,” heiress Deanna Randolph and her maid go hunting for an actress friend who has gone missing and may be in danger.

Gentill, Sulari. A Few Right Thinking Men (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) June. The first in a series set in Depression-era Australia, where an artist from a moneyed family investigates the death of his uncle, in a case with political overtones.

Goddard, Robert. The Corners of the Globe (Per, 25.00) June. After solving his father’s murder, James Maxted is recruited by the British Secret Service to become a double agent, and his first assignment is to travel to the remote Orkney Islands to retrieve a mysterious file from a German captain.

_____. The Ways of the World (Per, 16.00) June. In the first of a new historical series, a WWI flying ace goes to Paris where his diplomat father has been found dead while working on the Treaty of Versailles, but as more serious questions arise about the death, the more he finds treachery and espionage. Excellent.

Grey, Iona. Letters to the Lost (STM, 15.99) June. A woman fleeing an abusive boyfriend takes shelter in a vacant house in London and comes across a letter from 1942 written by a woman to her American pilot boyfriend, and her search to know more about the lovers helps her understand the choices she must make in her own life.

Harmel, Kristin. When We Meet Again (SS, 16.00) June. When a journalist receives a mysterious painting of her recently-deceased grandmother as a young girl, she is driven to find the painter in a quest that leads to the little-known past when German POWs were sent to internment camps in Florida during WWII.

Hart, Elsa. Jade Dragon Mountain (STM, 15.99) July. In a debut mystery set in China in the eighteenth century, a librarian investigates the murder of Jesuit astronomer in a town near the Tibetan border.

Huber, Anna Lee. A Study in Death (Brk, 7.99) July. In Scotland in 1831, preparing for her nuptials, Lady Kiera Darby accepts a commission to paint a portrait of a lady, but when the lady is found dead, she suspects poison.

_____. As Death Draws Near (Brk, 15.00) July. While on their honeymoon in the Lake District, Kiera and her husband are called to investigate the murder of a nun at a convent south of Dublin, but the death is just the first.

Jarvis, Stephen. Death and Mr. Pickwick (Pic, 20.00) June. The Pickwick Papers began as a series of illustrations done by an irascible Victorian artist whose life changed dramatically—and not for the better—when the young Charles Dickens wrote the novel that made him the most successful novelist in the world.

Kane, Paul. Sherlock Holmes and Servants of Hell (SS, 9.99) July. Holmes and Watson investigate the mysterious disappearance of a man from a locked room.

Kelly, Stephen. The Language of the Dead (Peg, 15.95) July. In a first mystery set in a small Hampshire village during the early days of WWII, DI Lamb investigates a series of murders with more than a touch of the occult.

_____. The Wages of Desire (Peg, 25.95) July. DI Lamb investigates the death of a young woman who had joined a group of conscripted workers building a prisoner-of-war camp on the site of an abandoned farm.

Koreto, R.J. Death on the Sapphire (Per, 14.95) June. Edwardian-era suffragette Lady Frances Ffolkes is asked to investigate when a Boer War hero is found dead while working on a manuscript that reveals a case of military incompetence that resulted in the deaths of many innocent people in the first of a witty historical series.

Krugler, David. The Dead Don’t Bleed (Peg, 25.95) June. A young naval intelligence officer investigates a murder in Washington, D.C. in 1945 in a case tied to a defecting German scientist, a secret lab in New Mexico, and some Soviet spies looking to get their hands on American atomic secrets.

Kuhns, Eleanor. The Devil’s Cold Dish (STM, 26.99) June. In the latest in this series set in a Maine farming community in the 1790s, Will Rees finds a dead man and realizes that his neighbors want to pin the murder on him after they accuse his wife of witchcraft.

Lovesey, Peter. The Secret of Spandau (SH, 29.95) July. The reissue of a historical thriller first published in 1984 about an investigation into the life-long incarceration of Rudolf Hess and a possible conspiracy to hide secret British government negotiations with the Nazis early in the war.

MacBird, Bonnie. Art in the Blood (HC, 15.99) July. Sherlock Holmes is hired to find by a beautiful French singer to find her illegitimate son, whose father is an unsavory English peer, who has gone missing, perhaps kidnapped.

Mingarelli, Hubert. A Meal in Winter (Per, 19.95) July. Three German soldiers, sent to search the Polish countryside during WWII find a young Jewish boy, and on their way back to the barracks with him, they come across a Polish man and his dog, a meeting which changes their decision as to all their fates.

O’Malley, Thomas and Douglas Graham. We Were Kings (LB, 26.00) June.  In 1954, two friends from Boston are asked to help a policeman cousin on the trail of two IRA sympathizers suspected of running guns and murdering two informers.

Pegau, Cathy. Borrowing Death (Ken, 15.00) July. Journalist and suffragette Charlotte Brody investigates the death of a store owner found stabbed in the ashes of his store in the second in this series set in Alaska Territory.

Perez-Reverte, Arturo. What We Become (SS, 28.00) June. In the 1920s a charming hustler falls in love with a beautiful society woman while on a transatlantic cruise to Buenos Aires, and their forty-year love affair is negotiated through the tumultuous history of Europe in a beautifully-written novel of love and espionage.

Raybourn, Deanna. A Curious Beginning (Brk, 15.00) June. A Victorian lady with an interest in natural science embarks on the journey of a lifetime, but someone tries to abduct her, and the German aristocrat who helps her escape is murdered, so she finds herself on the run for her life in the first of a new series.

Rees, Tracy. Amy Snow (SS, 15.99) June. A foundling raised by an aristocratic family is devastated when the daughter of the house dies unexpectedly, but she is bequeathed an inheritance and a treasure map with instructions to find the secret that her friend had kept hidden from her in a debut set in Victorian England.

Rose, M.J. The Secret Language of Stones (SS, 25.00) June. Set in Paris during WWI, this follows a jewelry maker who finds herself with a secret cache of stones from the Romanov family, and uses her ability to communicate with the dead to solve the mystery they hold.

Schutt, Bill and J.R. Finch. Hell’s Gate (HC, 26.99) June. An army officer, a trained zoologist is sent to Brazil in 1944 to investigate a Japanese submarine large enough to carry three German bombers, but he finds that the German soldiers have been picked off by a predatory creature deep in the jungle that the natives call a chupacabra in a stellar combination of science and suspense.

Stratford, Sarah-Jane. Radio Girls (NAL, 16.00) June. When she goes to work for the newly formed BBC in London in 1926, an American-born woman is excited with the new medium of radio, but when she uncovers a conspiracy, she joins forces with the female program director to reveal it.

Sutton, William. Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square (RH, 8.99) June. A novice detective must find a violent revolutionary in 1850s London in the first of a new series.

_____. Lawless and the Flowers of Sin (RH, 14.95) July. In London in 1863, Inspector Lawless is charged with regulating the many houses of ill repute, but he runs afoul of wealthy and powerful men who will do anything to protect their reputations.

Tremayne, Peter. The Second Death (STM, 26.99) July. Fidelma and Eadulf investigate when a wagon catches fire during the Great Fair of Cashel and discover that not only was the dead driver a woman disguised as a boy, but also that there was a rotting corpse in the back

Unsworth, Cath. Without the Moon (Per, 15.95) July. During the dark days of the Blitz, a madman is murdering London prostitutes while DCI Edward Greenaway uses his knowledge of the city’s underworld to stop the killer in a police procedural based on historical events.

Willig, Lauren. The Other Daughter (STM, 15.99) July. In 1920s London a young woman discovers that she is illegitimate her father has another family, so she insinuates herself into the life of her half-sister in order to expose her father’s perfidy, but things don’t go according to plan.

Ziskin, James W. Heart of Stone (Prom, 15.95) June. Vacationing in the Adirondacks in 1961, journalist Ellie Stone is asked by the local police chief to photograph the bodies of two people who fell from a cliff, and she decides to investigate when the case is deemed accidental after no apparent connection between the victims is found.

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