December 2017/ January 2018

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Anderson, James. Lullaby Road (RH, 26.00) Jan. When trucker Ben Jones finds an abandoned, mute Hispanic child on a remote stretch of highway through the Utah desert, he and his eccentric neighbors vow to find out what happened and the whereabouts of the parents.

Balzo, Sandra. The Importance of Being Urnest (SH, 28.99) Dec. A shoot-out with police at a local assisted living center is followed by the suspicious deaths of two residents, so coffeehouse-owner Maggy Thorsen investigates a case with a slew of eccentric suspects and juicy motives.

Barrett, Casey. Under Water (Ken, 25.00) Dec. A former Olympic swimmer turned PI agrees to help a former teammate whose sister has disappeared, but when the sister’s fiancé is murdered, the case turns deadly.

Bonner, Hilary. Deadly Dance (SH, 28.99) Dec. The first of a new police procedural series featuring a DI who investigates the death of a teenaged girl whose body was found in Bristol’s red-light district.

Brady, Eileen. Chained (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Dec. When veterinarian Kate Turner discovers a human bone turned up by a canine patient, she investigates to see if there is a connection to a starving, captive black bear nearby in the third in the series.

Brett, Simon. The Liar in the Library (SH, 28.99) Jan. When a bestselling author giving a reading at the Fethering library dies, Jude, who knew him before, becomes a suspect in his murder, and must turn to her friend Carole for sleuthing help. Brett always delights.

Burke, Alafair. The Wife (HC, 26.99) Jan. In a novel of psychological suspense a woman must decide how much she must give up in order to defend her husband, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by two women, one of whom has now disappeared.

Burke, James Lee. Robicheaux (SS, 27.99) Jan. Investigating a homicide case, Robicheaux realizes that he may have killed the victim, a man implicated in the death of his beloved wife in the first in this series for five years.

Cleeves, Ann. Hidden Depths (STM, 27.99 hc, 16.99) Jan. The reissue of an early Vera Stanhope mystery published for the first time in the US, in which a woman finds her son murdered in a bath covered with flowers.

Cleveland, Karen. Need to Know (Ball, 27.00) Jan. A CIA analyst who has developed a program to identify Russian sleeper agents finds a dossier that pits her loyalty to her country against her loyalty to her family. I read this in one night and loved it for wonderfully twisty plotting.

Connolly, Sheila. Many a Twist (Per, 26.99) Jan. Pub owner Maura is surprised when her estranged mother appears in County Cork, but before they can reestablish their relationship, she must investigate the murder of her mother’s hotelier employer.

Cooke, C.J. I Know My Name (LB, 26.00) Jan. The disappearance of a wealthy mother in London coincides with a dazed and amnesiac woman coming ashore on a Greek island in this debut novel of psychological suspense.

Cooperman, E.J. The Hostess with the Ghostess (Per, 26.99) Jan. In the latest in the Haunted Guesthouse series Alison agrees to help a murdered  attorney whose case of a woman accused of murdered her stepfather led him to someone who’d do anything to keep him—and Alison—from finding the truth.

Corry, Jane. Blood Sisters (Png, 26.00) Jan. Two young women who survived after the death of their friend fifteen years before are targeted by someone who wants revenge for what happened in a scary novel of psychological suspense.

Crais, Robert. The Wanted (Put, 28.00) Dec. When Elvis Cole is hired by a single mother to investigate where he teenaged son is getting the money he’s started flashing around, he discovers that the boy and his friends are operating a high-end burglary ring, and when they steal valuables from a powerful man one of the gang is murdered and it will take everything Elvis and Joe Pike can bring to bear to save the other two.

Cross, A. J. Something Evil Comes (SH, 28.99) Dec. A forensic psychologist is called in when the remains of a young man missing for a year are found in the crypt of an isolated church outside of Birmingham.

Dearman, Lara. The Devil’s Claw (Per, 26.99) Jan. A debut mystery set on the island of Guernsey where a journalist finds the body of a drowned woman, and, in the course of her investigation, she uncovers a fifty-year-old trail of murders leading back to WWII.

Dorsey, Tim. The Pope of Palm Beach (HC, 26.99) Jan. Serge decides to revisit Riviera Beach where he and Coleman grew up in order to investigate the legends of his youth, a surf god and a hermit, bringing with him inadvertently a cast of villains that only Florida could produce.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. X Marks the Scot (Ken, 25.00) Dec. When she finds a treasure map tucked in the frame of a painting that she bought at the local estate, Liss decides to investigate, but the case soon turns from treasure hunting to murder.

Eastman, Dawn. Unnatural Causes (Per, 26.99) Dec. In the first of a new series a new doctor in a small Michigan town must investigate to save her career when her patient’s suicide is blamed of medication that she doesn’t remember having prescribed.

Ellis, Karen. A Map of the Dark (Mull, 26.00) Jan. In the first of a new series, an FBI special agent with the Child Abduction Unit is asked to investigate a missing seventeen-year-old high school student who disappeared from the Queens café where she worked part-time.

Finn, A.J. The Woman in the Window (HC, 26.99) Jan. A debut novel of psychological suspense about a child psychologist suffering from agoraphobia becomes obsessed with the family that lives across the park from her Manhattan townhouse, and when she witnesses a stabbing in the house, no one believes her. Great plot twists.

Fowler, Christopher. Bryant and May: Wild Chamber (Ban, 27.00) Dec. Octogenarian detectives Arthur Bryant and John May investigate when a woman and her dog walking in a London park disappear with no trace. I love this series.

Furlong, Susan. Splintered Silence (Ken, 26.00) Jan. A former Marine MP suffering from PTSD and her canine partner return to her home in the mountains of Tennessee where she discovers a body in the woods and finds herself part of an investigation into the Irish group known as the Travellers—and into her own past.

Gardiner, Meg. Into the Black Nowhere (Dut, 26.00) Jan. FBI profiler Caitlin Hendrix is called in to hunt for a serial killer who targets young women, leaving them in the forest dressed in bloodstained white nightgowns, but when the man who is the main suspect is released for lack of evidence, she and the FBI must work to capture him before another murder occurs.

Gilbert, Victoria. A Murder for the Books (Per, 26.99) Dec. When the new librarian of a small Virginia town agrees to help her new neighbor investigate a murder from the 1920s, but they uncover a conspiracy among the families of the town that leads to a present-day murder.

Grant, Andrew. False Witness (Ball, 27.00) Jan. Alabama homicide detective Cooper Devereaux must hunt for a killer who targets young women on their birthdays, a task made more difficult after the wrong man is arrested.

Hannah, Mari. The Silent Room (STM, 25.99) Jan. When his superior disappears after having been accused of corruption, DS Ryan decides to investigate the charges in order to find him and clear his name in a police procedural set in the north of England.

Hendricks, Greer and Sarah Pekkanen. The Wife between Us (STM, 26.99) Jan. A novel of psychological suspense about a marriage—or marriages—that are not what the reader first supposes.

Henshaw, Mark. The Last Man in Tehran (SS, 24.99) Dec. CIA analyst Kyra Stryker is working to save the agency from a number of moles at the highest echelon in the latest thriller by an author who was a CIA analyst himself.

Herron, Mick. This is What Happened (Soho, 23.95) Jan. A very ordinary young woman, living in London without friends or family, is given the chance to work undercover to save Britain from an international conspiracy—if she can survive. I really liked this.

Housewright, David. Darkness, Sing Me a Song (STM, 25.99) Jan. Twin Cities PI Taylor Holland is hired by a wealthy and socially-prominent woman when she is accused of murdering her son’s fiancée, a woman whose name and background were fabricated.

Hunt, Margot. Best Friends Forever (Mira, 26.99) Jan. When her wealthy friend’s husband is found dead in their mini-mansion, the police first suspect the wife’s friend, but the case gradually falls apart in a novel of psychological suspense.

Hunt, Tom. Killer Choice (Brk, 26.00) Jan. A debut thriller about a man who needs money to treat his sick wife, but when he is offered the $200,000 he needs, he must murder someone to get it, creating a moral dilemma for him.

Hurwitz, Gregg. Hellbent (STM, 26.99) Jan. Hitman Evan Smoak is asked by the government agent who trained him to find and protect his protégé in a suspenseful thriller in the Nowhere Man series.

Hyde, Katherine Bolger. Bloodstains with Bronte (STM, 24.99) Dec. When the single-mother housekeeper of Windy’s Corner becomes the murder suspect when an actor in a mystery event is killed, owner Emily finds that her reading of Jane Eyre points her to the murderer.

Klinger, Leslie S. In the Shadow of Agatha Christie (Peg, 25.95) Jan. A collection of short stories by the classic British, American, and Australian female mystery writers who wrote prior to Christie and who have been unfortunately largely forgotten.

Krentz, Jayne Ann. Promise not to Tell (Put, 27.00) Jan. A gallery owner and a PI who share childhood memories of living in a cult in the Pacific Northwest join together to find out the truth of the deadly fire that destroyed the compound and killed the gallery owner’s mother.

Land, Jon. Strong to the Bone (STM, 26.99) Dec. Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong takes on a group of neo-Nazis in a case with its roots in a POW camp in Texas during WWII.

Lovesey, Peter. Beau Death (Soho, 27.95) Dec. When a Bath wrecking crew uncovers the body of a man wearing authentic eighteen-century clothing, Peter Diamond is convinced that the body is that of infamous rake Richard “Beau” Nash, but one of his constables is convinced that they are actually investigating a more modern murder.

Luna, Louisa. Two Girls Down (DD, 25.95) Jan. When two young girls disappear from a car parked outside a Pennsylvania mall, their mother hires a California bounty hunter who teams up with a disgraced former cop who knows the area to hunt for them in a nail-biting novel of suspense.

MacBride, Stuart. Now We Are Dead (HC, 26.99) Jan. Scottish DS Steele is in disgrace for fitting up a suspect who has been assaulting women, but when his sentence is quashed and he’s back on the streets, she knows that more women are in danger—but what can she do?

McCrea, Molly. Scones and Scoundrels (Peg, 25.95) Jan. When a hometown author returns for a writing residence in the coastal Scottish Highland village of Inversgail, the owners of Yon Bonnie Books are all excited until they realize that eccentric does not begin to describe her, and then when a murder occurs they must find a killer.

McDermid, Val. Insidious Intent (Per, 26.00) Dec. Psychologist Tony Hill and former police detective Carol Jordan return to hunt for a killer who is targeting women attending weddings.

Moore, Jonathan. The Night Market (HMH, 24.00) Jan. A genre-bending thriller set in the near future that presents a society in which people confound desire with shopping and mercantilism, and a conspiracy that may destroy human society must be stopped by a SFPD homicide detective and the neighbor.

Mosby, Steve. You Can Run (Peg, 25.95) Dec. A serial killer in England is identified when a car accidentally crashes into his garage and reveals a half-dead victim, but DI Turner must hunt through a series of notes that would indicate that someone else is also involved, and then there’s the husband of one of the victims who knows much more than he should about the case.

Oust, Gail. Ginger Snapped (STM, 27.99) Dec. When the police chief is the main suspect in the murder of a realtor in the fishing hole behind his house, he reluctantly turns to spice-shop owner and amateur sleuth Piper to help him investigate the crime before he ends up in cuffs.

Owens, Lauren Doyle. The other Side of Everything (SS, 25.00) Jan. In a suburban Florida neighborhood three generations of neighbors deal with a murder—an octogenarian still mourning a past love, an artist fighting the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis, and a teenaged girl trying to come to terms with the unexplained disappearance of her mother. I loved this.

Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Casket (HC, 25.99) Dec. Faith Fairchild is hired to cater the birthday celebration of a legendary Broadway impresario, but must also use her sleuthing ability to discover who sent him a casket.

Parra, Nancy J. A Case of Syrah, Syrah (Per, 26.99) Dec. In the first of a new series set in Sonoma’s wine country, a woman with a fledgling tour business must find a killer when one of her group is found with a corkscrew in her neck.

Petrie, Nick. Light it Up (Put, 26.00) Jan. War veteran Peter Ash agrees to help the daughter of an old friend whose Colorado security business guarding marijuana and cash shipments is being attacked by highwaymen. Petrie is a favorite of mine.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. City of Endless Night (LB, 27.00) Jan. Agent Pendergast investigates the murder of the daughter of a tech billionaire when her body is found in a warehouse in Queens missing the head.

Rayne, Sarah. Chord of Evil (SH, 28.99) Dec. London music researcher Phineas Fox agrees to help his neighbor whose cousin has gone missing, but the case soon involves a puzzle about music missing since WWII.

Reich, Christopher. The Take (Mull, 28.00) Jan. In the first of a new series, a freelance spy Who operates a high-end car repair shop in London is hired to track down a gangster who engineered a robbery of a Saudi prince and who unwittingly stole a letter that could seriously undermine the Russian government.

Reynolds, Amanda. Close to Me (Quer, 26.99) Dec. In a debut novel of psychological suspense a woman awakens in hospital after a fall with no memory of the past year, and it seems as if her family is bent on keeping her in the dark.

Robb, J.D. Dark in Death (STM, 27.99) Jan. Eve Dallas has a baffling case of a killer who is using the plots of the mysteries of a bestselling writer for his MO and she must find him before he goes through the entire series.

Rollins, James. The Demon Crown (HC, 28.99) Dec. Sigma Force must align with its greatest enemy in order to save mankind from a threat like no other.

Sadowsky, Nina. The Burial Society (Ball, 26.00) Jan. An American woman living in Paris is worried that her father’s suspicious death will reopen the wounds left by her mother’s disappearance years before.

Schaffhausen, Joanna. The Vanishing Season (STM, 24.99) Dec. A debut police procedural, featuring a detective who is convinced that the baffling disappearances from a small Massachusetts town are connected to each other and to a sadistic imprisoned serial killer, so she reaches out to an FBI profiler for help.

Shalit, Jonathan de. Traitor (SS, 27.00) Jan. A debut thriller featuring a young Israeli spy who agrees to spy for the CIA, not realizing that the agent who is his control is in fact a Russian mole, who is turning the intel over to the Kremlin. This is written by a Mossad agent.

Tantimedh, Adi. Her Beautiful Monster (SS, 26.00) Dec. Ravi, a detective for the Golden Sentinels Agency is assigned the case of British nobles marrying wealthy spouses who die of mysterious illnesses. If you haven’t tried this wonderfully offbeat series that combines comedy, action, and the supernatural, please give it a try. I love it.

Thompson, Dana. The Haircutter (Per, 24.99) Jan. A Wyoming serial killer finds fame and fortune in the New York art world in a funny satire that is also a really creepy serial-killer thriller.

Tudor, C.J. The Chalk Man (RH, 27.00) Jan. A group of pre-adolescent boys in a small English village communicate using little chalk figures until one of the chalk men leads them to a dismembered body—then, thirty years later all of them receive chalk men and one of them is found dead, leading them to the realization that they must discover what happened years ago in a debut novel of suspense.

Vaughan, Sarah. Anatomy of a Scandal (SS, 26.00) Jan. A successful British politician stands accused of rape, and while his wife is convinced that he is innocent, the prosecuting attorney is convinced that he is guilty as charged in a powerful novel that is part courtroom thriller and part portrait of a marriage.

Wiley, Michael. Monument Road (SH, 28.99) Dec. In a debut novel a man who was on death row for murdering two young boys goes to work for the nonprofit that exonerated him, and is first case involves the cop who arrested him, now accused of shooting the son of a prominent judge.

Woods, Stuart. Unbound (Put, 28.00) Jan. Stone Barrington faces his most difficult case yet.

Yates, Christopher J. Grist Mill Road (STM, 26.00) Jan. A Roshomon-style mystery with multiple narrators that begins in 1982 in a small town in upstate New York where three friends are bound by a senseless crime and when they meet again, 26 years later, the sexual tension, resentments, and violence erupt anew.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Bain, Donald. Margaret Truman’s Deadly Medicine (STM, 8.99) Dec.

Berenson, Alex. The Prisoner (Put, 9.99) Jan.

Berry, Steve. The Lost Order (STM, 9.99) Jan.

Black, Lisa. Unpunished (Ken, 9.99) Jan.

Box, C.J. Vicious Circle (Put, 9.99) Jan.

Carter, Chris. I am Death (Pkt, 9.99) Dec.

Castillo, Linda. Gone Missing (STM, 7.99) Dec.

Cavanagh, Steve. The Defense (STM, 9.99) Dec.

Child, Lee. No Middle Name (Dell, 9.99) Jan.

Childs, Laura. Egg Drop Dead (Brk, 7.99) Dec.

Finder, Joseph. Power Play (STM, 9.99) Dec. Reissue.

Gardiner, Meg. Unsub (Dut, 9.99) Jan.

Graham, Heather and Jon Land. The Rising (STM, 8.99) Dec.

Haseldine, Jane. Duplicity (Ken, 9.99) Jan.

Higgins, Jack. The Midnight Bell (Put, 9.99) Jan.

Iles, Greg. Mississippi Blood (HC, 9.99) Jan.

James, Miranda. Twelve Angry Librarians (Brk, 7.99) Jan.

Jance, J.A. Man Overboard (Pkt, 9.99) Dec.

Kellerman, Jonathan. Heartbreak Hotel (RH, 9.99) Dec.

Kubica, Mary. Pretty Baby (HC, 9.99) Jan.

Parsons, Kelly. Under the Knife (STM, 9.99) Jan.

Reichs, Kathy. Two Nights (Ban, 9.99) Jan.

Robb, J.D. Secrets in Death (STM, 8.99) Jan.

Ryan, Annelise. Dead in the Water (Ken, 7.99) Jan.

Shelton, Paige. Of Books and Bagpipes (STM, 7.99) Jan.

Woods, Stuart. Fast & Loose (Put, 9.99) Dec.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Alexander, Ellie. Another one Bites the Crust (STM, 7.99) Jan. Baker Jules is thrilled that Torte has been chosen to provide authentic Elizabethan treats for the Shakespeare Festival, but she must turn to sleuthing when a friend is accused of murdering an actor.

Archer, Winnie. Crust No One (Ken, 7.99) Jan. When her former restaurateur boyfriend can’t find his produce supplier, apprentice baker Ivy agrees to help find him by turning to her gossipy friends.

Blum, Christine E. Full-Bodied Murder (Ken, 7.99) Dec. A recently divorced woman joins the neighborhood wine-tasting group, but her first meeting is a disaster when she stumbles across the body of a neighbor. Now she must pair the culprit with the crime.

Bradford, Laura. Dial M for Mousse (Brk, 7.99) Jan. While delivering goodies for an artist’s retreat, baker Winnie comes upon the body of one of the artists, and realizes that there is a killer in their midst.

Cahoon, Lynn. Of Murder and Men (Ken, 7.99) Dec. When her partner’s new beau, a wealthy landowner, is found dead in a horse barn, Cat must enlist her group of aspiring writers to help write an ending to the tawdry story of his life that serves justice.

Dyer-Seeley, Kate. In Cave Danger (Ken, 7.99) Dec. Sent on assignment to join a caving expedition, outdoor journalist Meg stumbles across the body of a Forest Service employee and must do some in-depth sleuthing or the truth may never come to the surface.

Eaton, J.C. Ditched 4 Murder (Ken, 7.99) Dec. Phee has moved to Arizona to be close to her mother and is working for a private investigator, but finds herself roped into planning her elderly aunt’s wedding, and when a dead body turns up close to her mother’s front door, she is both personally and professionally involved in a murder case.

Haddock, Nancy. A Crime of Poison (Brk, 7.99) Dec. When a local troublemaker is found dead at the fall festival and bake sale, Nixy and the Silver Six must find a crafty killer, especially when suspicion falls on two of the group.

Hearon, Leigh. Unbridled Murder (Ken, 7.99) Jan. Washington horse trainer Annie discovers the trampled body of a feedlot owner when she goes to rescue a herd of horses from slaughter in the third in this horsey series.

Hollon, Cheryl. Etched in Murder (Ken, 7.99) Dec. When a noted glass artist, as well as her first boyfriend, is found murdered, glass-shop owner Savannah must find a murderer.

Kopfler, Pamela. Better Dead (Ken, 7.99) Jan. In the first of a new paranormal series set in a Louisiana plantation turned B&B, a woman discovers that her cheating husband died suspiciously before she could divorce him—but worse by far, he has returned to haunt her.

Leeson, Gayle. Honey-baked Homicide (Brk, 7.99) Dec. After agreeing to sell locally-produced honey, café owner Amy is in a sticky situation when the beekeeper’s body is found in front of her café.

Matthews, Olivia. Murder and Mass (Ken, 7.99) Dec. A nun who recently moved to New York to be near her beloved nephew finds her faith tested when a controversial theologian she had invited for a presentation is found murdered—and it might take a miracle to find the killer, in the first of a new series.

McConnon, Maggie. Bel, Book and Scandal (STM, 7.99) Dec. Wedding caterer Bel McGrath investigates the years-ago disappearance of her best friend, uncovering dangerous secrets in the third in this comic series.

Ross, Barbara. Stowed Away (Ken, 7.99) Jan. When an old prep-school frenemy invites her to dinner on her billionaire fiancé’s yacht, Julia arrives to find the man dead, and when she investigates she discovers that he was not what he seemed.

Shelton, Paige. Comic Sans Murder (Brk, 7.99) Dec. When a horror writer visit the Utah resort for vacation, he is horrified to find a boot complete with foot on the ski slopes, and it’s not until Clare tries to find an old friend who donated a truck-load of special typewriters that the body is identified in the third in the series.

Smith, Karen Rose. Murder with Lemon Tea Cakes (Ken, 7.99) Jan. When her aunt begins dating a not-quite-divorced man, Daisy is concerned, and when his bitter ex-wife crashes a garden party she is catering, she is more concerned, but when her aunt becomes the main suspect in his murder, she knows she must find a killer.

Tate, Clover. Live and Let Fly (Brk, 7.99) Dec. Kite-shop owner Emmy is hoping to win the kite competition with her homemade kites, but after the judge is found murdered, her dreams fall to the ground as she becomes the main suspect in the murder.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Allingham, Margery. The Crime at Black Dudley (Blooms, 16.00) and Mystery Mile (Blooms, 16.00) Jan. Two early Albert Campion mysteries.

Bauer, Belinda. The Beautiful Dead (Per, 16.00) Jan. A London journalist becomes to her horror the amanuensis for a murderer who creates a gruesome series of “exhibitions.”

Blair, Jamie M. Canal Days Calamity (MidInk, 14.99) Nov. Cameron stumbles upon another murdered neighbor, and when her handyman is arrested for murder, she and the Metamora Agency—and her collection of dogs and cats—vow to find a killer.

Block, Lawrence, ed. In Sunlight and Shadow (Peg, 15.95) Dec. A collection of short stories by Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Lee Child, and others inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper.

Boylan, Jennifer Finney. Long Black Veil (Crown, 16.00) Jan. When the body of a college student is found twenty years after his death and his friend is charged with his murder, the witness to what happened is caught in a terrible dilemma because testifying could reveal the secrets she has hidden for so long.

Bude, John. Death Makes a Prophet (PP, 12.95) Jan. A bizarre murder in a small village leads Inspector Meredith to a religious cult called the Children of Osiris in a witty Golden Age mystery from the 1940s.

Burns, V.M. The Plot is Murder (Ken, 15.00) Dec. In a debut mystery, a woman who is opening a mystery bookstore—while at the same time writing a historical cozy—finds the body of a shady realtor in her backyard and becomes the chief suspect in his murder. BTW, we mystery booksellers are generally such a boring bunch that no cop in his right mind would suspect us of murder.

Chancellor, Bryn. Sycamore (HC, 15.99) Jan. The discovery of human remains in a dry ravine outside of the town of Sycamore, AZ leads the residents of the town to believe that they are the remains of a young woman who disappeared eighteen years before and to understand the ways in which the crime has shaped the inhabitants of the small town.

Chaon, Dan. Ill Will (Ball, 17.00) Jan. A psychologist who testified against his brother when his family was murdered, supposedly as part of a “Satanic Cult,” must re-examine his memories and his testimony when his brother is exonerated just as a series of murders rocks his suburban life.

Cherner, Reid S. Justice for Some (SS, 16.00) Dec. The grandson of a Holocaust survivor who has dedicated her life to protecting those who cannot protect themselves finds himself in the crosshairs of the Feds—and the woman he loves is the one who is chasing him.

Cole, Daniel. Ragdoll (Ecco, 15.99) Dec. A London detective is hunting a killer who dismembers his victims and then sews them back together in a case that is connected to a controversial case in his past where the detective freed a man suspected of being London’s most prolific serial killer.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. What You Break (Put, 27.00) Feb. Former cop Gus Murphy agrees to help a wealthy man who wants to find out why his granddaughter was brutally murdered in the second in this outstanding series.

Connelly, Michael. The Late Show (LB, 15.99) Jan. An LAPD detective who has been banished to the midnight shift after filing a sexual harassment complaint takes on the case of a woman killed in a nightclub shooting that soon appears to be tied to another case she’s working on: that of a badly beaten prostitute. Highly recommended.

Connolly, Sheila. Cruel Winter (Per, 15.99) Dec. American ex-pat Maureen and customers at her pub find themselves snowed in with the suspect in a long-ago murder when a blizzard hits the small village in County Cork.

DeBoard, Paula Treick. Here We Lie (HC, 15.99) Jan. Two girls who become college friends—one the wealthy daughter of a senator—find their friendship torn apart by a tragic event in the summer before graduation, and it is not until years later when one of them threatens to go public that they realize how negatively their silence has influenced their lives.

Delaney, J.P. The Girl Before (Ball, 16.00) Jan. A woman recovering from the stillbirth of her daughter rents a London house designed by an enigmatic architect who imposes stringent rules on his tenants, and soon finds herself wondering not only about the tragic deaths of the architect’s wife and children but also the mysterious death of the woman who had rented the house before her. I couldn’t put this down.

Delaney, Vicki. Elementary, She Read (Per, 15.99) Jan. When the owner of a Sherlock Holmes bookshop on Cape Cod discovers an unpublished Holmes short story, she takes it to an expert for authentication, only to find the expert murdered and herself the main suspect in the first of a new series.

Diamond, Katerina. The Angel (HC, 12.99) Dec. Homicide detectives DS Miles and DS Grey investigate the case of a charred body found beside the railway tracks in Exeter, even though a teenager has been convicted of the crime.

Dorsey, Tim. Clownfish Blues (HC, 15.99) Jan. Serge A. Storms decides to go on a road-trip inspired by Route 66 (which doesn’t actually go through Florida, but hey) when he becomes involved with scheme to fix the state lottery, bringing out of the woodwork assorted grifters, drug lords, and schemers in another comic, psychopathic romp.

Drake, Rebecca. Just Between Us (STM, 15.99) Jan. Four suburban friends must decide how far they will go to help one another when one of them shows signs of domestic violence in a twisty novel of psychological suspense.

Duffy, Brendan. House of Echoes (Ball, 16.00) Jan. A young NYC couple moves to a house upstate with their family, but strange happenings in the house and the small town cause them to wonder what dark secrets threaten them in a scary debut.

Duncan, Francis. Murder Has a Motive (Sourcebooks, 14.99) Jan. Amateur sleuth Mordecai Tremaine is asked by his friends who live in the small village of Dalmering to investigate the stabbing death of a local friend who had previously told them that there was “something rotten” in the village in the reissue of a mystery first published in 1947.

Edwards, Martin, ed. The Long Arm of the Law (PP, 12.95) Jan. A collection of Golden-Age short stories that are early versions of the police procedural.

Elgar, Emily. If You Knew Her (HC, 15.99 Jan. A woman who is in a coma after having been struck by a car has secrets that she has kept from everyone, even her family, but another hospital patient who suffers from lock-in syndrome recognizes her and knows that she remains in danger—but has no way to communicate what he knows in a debut thriller.

Engel, Amy. The Roanoke Girls (RH, 16.00) Dec. When her cousin goes missing, a young woman returns to the family home in Kansas, realizing that she must confront the dark family secret that caused her to flee twenty years before. Not for the faint of heart.

French, Nicci. Sunday Silence (HC, 15.99) Jan. When a corpse is found under the floorboards of her London home, consulting psychologist Frieda Klein realizes that the chief suspect has been dead for seven years, which means he may have inspired a copycat.

Gehrman, Jody. Watch Me (STM, 15.99) Jan. A divorced writing instructor in her late thirties is pleased when the young writer she is mentoring is attracted to her, but she son realizes that he threatens her career, her relationships, and her safety.

Giambanco, Valentina. Blood and Bone (Quer, 16.99) Dec. Seattle homicide detective Alice Madison investigates a case where a burglary escalates to a gruesome murder and discovers that a serial killer is at work and may be stalking the widow of one of the victims.

Grayson, A.J. The Boy in the Park (HC, 12.99) Jan. An office worker who takes his lunch to the park everyday notices a young boy, and his interest turns to obsession when he begins to notice dark bruises on the boy’s arms in a twisty novel of psychological suspense.

Green, Cass. In a Cottage in a Wood (HC, 12.99) Jan. A woman who unsuccessfully attempts to keep another woman from jumping off Waterloo Bridge finds that she has been left a cottage in Cornwall, where she finds that her nightmares have just begun.

Harrison, Mette Ivie. For Time and all Eternities (Soho, 15.95) Dec. When her son becomes engaged to a young woman from a polygamist Mormon sect, Linda Wallheim and her husband, a Mormon bishop, travel to the compound outside  Salt Lake City, where one of the family members is found murdered.

Heller, Peter. Celine (RH, 16.00) Jan. A Brooklyn PI who specializes in reuniting families is hired to find a man supposedly killed by a bear in Yellowstone although his body has never been found, but she soon finds herself being followed by someone who doesn’t want the case solved. Highly recommended.

Herron, Mick. Spook Street (Soho, 26.95) Feb. The denizens of Slough House must band together to protect River Cartwright’s grandfather, a famous Cold War spy who may be suffering from age-related dementia or may just be right that he is being watched in the midst of a terrorist attack on London. I love this series—it’s smart, literate, and very funny.

Hillerman, Tony. The Blessing Way (HC, 15.99) Jan. The Leaphorn and Chee mysteries are being reissued in trade paperback editions.

Howe, K.J. The Freedom Broker (Quer, 16.99) Jan. A kidnap and rescue expert must fight her own family’s secrets when her oil tycoon father is kidnapped and no ransom demand is made, only a series of messages in Latin on her father’s phone.

Hunter, Maddy. Say no Moor (Midink, 15.99) Jan. While on a senior-citizen tour in Cornwall, tour leader Emily is roped into running the inn where they’re staying after the quarrelsome host dies under suspicious circumstances.

Jaffarian, Sue Ann. Too Big to Die (MidInk, 14.99) Dec. Odelia gets in trouble rescuing a dog locked in a hot car after the reality star owner demands blood.

Jones, Stephen Mack. August Snow (Soho, 15.95) Jan. A former Detroit policeman fired for uncovering corruption on the force is hired by a wealthy woman who is convinced that someone is trying to take over her investment banking business, but when she dies suddenly, a supposed suicide, he must take on hired assassins.

Khan, Ausma Zehanat. Among the Ruins (STM, 16.99) Jan. Esa Khattak on leave from Toronto’s Community Policing Section goes to Iran, where he is asked to look into the death of an Iranian filmmaker who had created a political firestorm in her native country only to be found dead in Toronto.

Kovac, Christina. The Cutaway (SS, 16.00) Jan. A television news producer investigates the disappearance of a Georgetown lawyer in a tangled world of cover-up and corruption. An excellent debut.

LoTiempo, T.C. Purr M for Murder (Per, 15.99) Jan. When their landlord is found murdered, two sisters who run a North Carolina cat rescue become the primary suspects, but one of them helped by a rescue cat pounces on the clues to find a killer.

Love, Melissa Scrivener. Lola (RH, 16.00) Jan. The secret leader of a South Central LA gang is the girlfriend of the putative leader, and as war heats up between rival drug cartels, she is smart and ruthless enough to ensure their survival in a brilliant debut with a fascinating protagonist.

MacRae, Molly. Plaid and Plagiarism (Peg, 15.95) Jan. In the first of a cozy new series set in the Scottish Highlands, four women buy a bookshop with an attached B&B in a small town, but when they find a body in a garden shed they turn to sleuthing.

McDermid, Val. Out of Bounds (Per, 16.00) Dec. Detective Karen Pirie of Scotland’s small cold case squad becomes intrigued when the DNA of a teenager involved in a car crash is a familial match to the 20-year-old rape and murder of a Glasgow hairdresser.

McMahon, Jennifer. Burntown (RH, 15.95) Jan. A woman who was left homeless with her mother when her father died in a small New England college town decides to investigate her mother’s claims that her father was murdered for an invention he had developed after both her mother and boyfriend die mysteriously.

Melville, Alan. Death of Anton (PP, 12.95) and Quick Curtain (PP, 12.95) Dec. Two clever, comic mysteries from the 1930s, the first set in a travelling circus and the second in the theater.

Miller, Derek B. The Girl in Green (HMH, 14.99) Jan. A British journalist and an American soldier who witnessed the cold-blooded murder of a young girl in Iraq in 1991 return to Iraq in 2013 when they see a video of another girl in harm’s way, but they end up being captured by ISIL terrorists in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

Miranda, Megan. The Perfect Stranger (SS, 16.00) Jan. When a disgraced journalist moves to rural Pennsylvania to live with an old friend leaving a failed relationship, things go well until the journalist is attacked and the friend then goes missing, but her attempts to enlist the police to find her reveal that the friend may never have existed at all. I loved this.

Monroe, J.S. Find Me (HC, 15.99) Jan. After his girlfriend committed suicide when they were both students at Cambridge, a man sees her everywhere, and it is only when he finds an encrypted diary on his aunt’s computer that he begins to wonder if he really is seeing her. I loved this.

Moore, Jonathan. The Dark Room (HMH, 14.99) Dec. An SFPD homicide detective is called away from his work on a cold case when the mayor receives a series of photographs of a beautiful woman and instructions to kill himself before more is revealed.

Newton, J.L. Oink (She Writes, 16.95) Dec. In a funny academic mystery, the head of the women’s studies department at a California university becomes enmeshed in the attempted murder of a plant biologist experimenting in feeding pigs genetically modified corn.

Parks, Brad. Say Nothing (Put, 16.00) Dec. When his children are kidnapped, a judge finds that the abductors want him to rule in their favor in a major drug case, but the real trial is whether his marriage will survive the kidnapping. I liked this.

Perry, Thomas. The Old Man (Per, 16.00) Jan. A former army intelligence officer has been in hiding after allegedly stealing $20 million during a mission in Libya goes on the run when assassins fail to kill him. All Perry’s thrillers are great, but this one is special because the action hero is 60 years old and has two wonderful dogs.

Pinborough, Sarah. Behind her Eyes (STM, 15.99) Jan. A debut psychological thriller about a secretary to a London psychiatrist who becomes involved with him and his wife and realizes that their seemingly perfect marriage is based on secrets and lies. I loved this.

Post, Steph. Lightwood (Per, 15.99) Dec. A noir thriller about a man from a criminal family who decides to go straight, but who finds himself caught between the family and a gang of vicious bikers.

Postgate, Raymond. Somebody at the Door (PP, 12.95) Dec. When a suburban town councilor is found dead, suspicion falls on his fellow passengers on the 6:15 from Euston in a classic mystery first published in 1943.

Powell, Mark. Small Treasons (SS, 16.99) Jan. A former CIA contractor now working as a college counselor is blackmailed into investigating a colleague who may be radicalizing his students.

Robinson, Peter. Not Safe after Dark (HC, 15.99) Dec. A collection of short stories, including ones featuring Inspector Banks.

Robotham, Michael. The Secrets She Keeps (SS, 16.00) Jan. In a brilliant novel of psychological suspense, a pregnant London grocery clerk bonds with a wealthy customer who’s also pregnant, but both women are keeping dark secrets.

Sager, Riley. Final Girls (Dut, 16.00) Jan. A woman who was the sole survivor of the massacre of her friends ten years before finds herself forced to relive the horror when one of two other women who survived predators in separate incidents around the same time shows up on her doorstep to tell her that the third survivor has been murdered, and insists that she help.

Shames, Terry. A Reckoning in the Back Country (Prom, 15.95 Jan. Police chief Samuel Craddock investigates the death by canine of the owner of a vacation home in the area, a case that may be tied to the disappearance of area pets and a dog-fighting ring.

Sherez, Stav. The Black Monastery (Per, 11.95) and The Devil’s Playground (Per, 14.95) Jan. A reissue of the first two crime novels by a critically-acclaimed British writer—one set in Greece and the other in Amsterdam.

Silvis, Randall. Walking the Bones (Sourcebooks, 15.99) Jan. In the second in this police procedural series set in Pennsylvania Sgt. DeMarco is pulled into an unofficial investigation into the deaths of seven young black women whose skeletons were found years earlier.

Sullivan, Matthew. Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (SS, 16.00) Jan. When one of her patrons commits suicide, a bookstore clerk untangles the clues that he left in the books he left to her to discover his motives, and finds as well the clues to the mysteries of her own violent childhood. I loved this.

Wendelboe, C. M. Hunting the Five Point Killer (MidInk, 15.99) Oct. The first in a new Wyoming-set series featuring a former homicide detective who joins with a television reporter to investigate a cold case—but the serial killer has come out of retirement.

Wendig, Chuck. The Raven and the Wren (SS, 16.00) Jan. Miriam Black must help a young girl who is on the path to become a killer in an attempt to change her own fate in the fifth of this series.

Winawer, Melodie. Scribe of Siena (SS, 16.00) Jan. In a debut novel with a time-travel theme, a neurosurgeon goes to Siena after the unexpected death of her brother and among his research into the plague in the fourteenth century she discovers the journal of a fresco artist with a drawing of her face, a discovery that plunges her literally into the earlier time.


New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Ahnhem, Stefan. The Ninth Grave (STM, 28.99) Dec. Swedish investigator Fabian Risk and his Danish counterpart investigate a series of murders of high-profile victims in which the victims are found missing body parts.

Alsterdahl, Tove. The Forgotten Dead (HC, 14.99) Jan. When her investigative journalist husband goes missing while working on a story about immigrants in Spain, a Swedish woman starts an investigation of her own and discovers a web of dark secrets.

Alter, Stephen. The Rataban Betrayal (Per, 16.99) Jan. The murder of an American agent in the sleepy Himalayan mountain town of Mussoorie on the border of India and Tibet is investigated by a joint US-Indian taskforce when it appears that there may be a connection with the murder of two border guards.

Archer, Ursula and Arno Strobel. Strangers (STM, 25.99) Jan. After mysterious foul play, a woman cannot recognize her fiancé, but they soon realize that they must trust one another in order to survive in a suspenseful novel of psychological suspense.

Arellano, Robert. Havana Libre (Akashic, 15.95) Dec. Dr. Mano Rodriguéz is recruited by Cuba’s National Revolutionary Police to take an undercover assignment to Miami to investigate a series of bombings of Havana hotels that threatens to shut down tourism in a mystery set in 1997.

Blaedel, Sara. Night Women (LB, 9.99) Jan. Copenhagen police detective Louise Rick investigates a human trafficking ring bringing women in from Eastern Europe after a woman is found with her throat slit and a newborn baby is found abandoned in the first of a trilogy.

_____. The Running Girl (LB, 9.99) Jan. After a gang terrorizes a school party, gravely injuring one girl, someone violently attacks the gang members, and Louis Rick must find out who.

_____. The Stone Angel (LB, 9.99) Jan. Louise Rick must negotiate with the abductors of the gravely ill infant of a wealthy family, but the kidnappers want a valuable painting in exchange for the child—a painting that was recently stolen.

Camilleri, Andrea. Pyramid of Mud (Png, 16.00) Jan. Inspector Montalbano investigates the death of a man found in a construction site in a case involving corrupt politicians, construction contractors, and the mafia.

Casarett, David. The Missing Guests of the Magic Grove Hotel (LB, 15.99) Dec. A Thai nurse ethicist at a hospital in Chiang Mai is asked to look into the disappearance of at least eight tourists, all connected to the eponymous hotel, and she finds that the foreign proprietor is hiding something. For fans of Precious Ramotswe.

D’Andrea, Luca. Beneath the Mountain (HC, 16.99) Jan. An American ex-pat filmmaker is living in his wife’s village in the Dolomites, a rural area with great suspicion of outsiders, and when he begins looking into a thirty-year-old murder he uncovers secrets that have marked the town for decades.

Dazieri, Sandrone. Kill the Father (SS, 16.99) Jan. In the first of a planned trilogy by an Italian author debuting in America, a Rome police detective and a private consultant on missing-persons cases investigate the disappearance of a child, in a case that leads them into an abyss of child abductions and international terrorism.

Disher, Garry. Signal Loss (Soho, 26.95) Dec. Hal Challis of the Australian Peninsula police investigates when a bushfire reveals the bodies of a meth lab and two enforcers for a drug kingpin, while his new colleague is on the trail of a serial rapist who leaves no clues.

Eterovic, Ramón Diaz. Dark Echoes of the Past (Amazon, 14.95 Dec. A Chandleresque Chilean crime novel centered on the human-rights abuses of the Pinochet government with a detective who owns a talking cat named Simenon, and investigates the murder of a guard at a lumberyard in a case that goes back to a government torture camp.

Hahn, Tracee de. Swiss Vendetta (STM, 16.99) Jan. In a debut set in Lausanne, a police detective investigating the murder of a British art assessor killed at an elegant estate is trapped with the owners, their guests, and servants during a blizzard in a satisfying locked-room mystery.

Hardisty, Paul E. Reconciliation for the Dead (IPG, 14.95) Dec. A powerful and disturbing novel set in South Africa featuring a paratrooper who returns 15 years later to testify in the atrocities committed while he was in the army fighting in Angola

Harper, Jane. The Dry (STM, 15.99) Jan. A debut mystery set in a drought-stricken small town in Australia where a federal agent returns for the funeral of a childhood friend who apparently murdered his wife and child before committing suicide, and stays to investigate the case that may be linked to a murder twenty years before. Highly recommended.

Jonasson, Ragnar. Nightblind (STM, 25.99) Dec. The local policeman in a small fishing village in northern Iceland must investigate the murder of a policeman shot point blank in a deserted house.

Kaaberbøl, Lene. A Lady in Shadows (SS, 16.00) Dec. French forensic pathologist Madeleine Karno investigates a murder case in Varbourg in 1894 that has unsettling resemblances to the crimes of Jack the Ripper in the second in the series by a Swedish author.

Kallentoft, Mons. Zack (SS, 17.00) Jan. In the first of a new series a young policeman in Stockholm who spends most of his time partying must get serious about his work when four Thai women in a massage parlor are found executed and a fifth badly mutilated.

Kutscher, Volker. Babylon Berlin (STM, 17.00) Jan. The first of a series set during the Weimar Republic, featuring a homicide investigator from Cologne who is transferred to Berlin after a shooting, and who investigates when an unidentified man is found bearing signs of torture in a case with ties to Russian revolutionaries, paramilitary organizations, and organized crime.

Malane, Donna. My Brother’s Keeper (STM, 25.99) Dec. A Wellington, New Zealand missing-persons expert is hired by a woman recently released from prison for killing her son to find her teenaged daughter, now living with her father, but the woman is murdered shortly after the hostile daughter is found.

May, Peter. The Firemaker (Quer, 15.99) Jan. A reissue of the first in a series set in China featuring an American pathologist and a Beijing policeman working together to solve the mystery of an unidentified burnt corpse found in a city park.

Mendoza, Elmer. Acid Test (Quer, 15.99) Jan. Detective Edgar Mendieta must solve the murder of a notorious stripper in a case that pits him against the corruption of Mexico’s political system, the leader of a drug cartel, and FBI agents investigating an attack on the U.S. president while on vacation in Mexico.

Nesbo, Jo. The Thirst (RH, 16.00) Jan. Harry Hole is drawn back into the Oslo police force to hunt for a serial killer targeting Tinder daters, a killer with an MO similar to that of Harry’s nemesis.

Oloixarac, Pola. Savage Theories (Soho, 16.00) Dec. A debut novel of madness and seduction set in the world of Argentine academia, combining the digital world with the world of metaphysics.

Roslund & Hellström. Pen 33 (Quer, 26.99) Dec. When the murder/rapist of two little girls is killed by the father of one of the victims, he is put on trial by an ambitious Swedish prosecutor.

Siger, Jeffrey. An Aegean April (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Jan. Inspector Kaldis is called in when a wealthy landowner on the island of Lesvos is found murdered after proposing a bold new way to stop the refugee-trafficking trade flooding the island with refugees from Turkey. Signing.

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa. The Undesired (STM, 16.99) Jan. A single father who works for a state supervisory agency is looking into abuses that occurred during the 1970s in a home for delinquent boys in a remote part of Iceland while coping with the guilt he feels over his ex-wife’s death in a standalone mystery.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret’s Mistake (Png, 13.00) Dec. In January, Maigret Goes to School (Png, 13.00) will be released.

Slimani, Leila. The Perfect Nanny (Png, 16.00) Jan. When a French-Moroccan lawyer in Paris finds the perfect nanny for her children, she is thrilled, but gradually tensions emerge in a suspenseful psychological thriller.

Svensson, Anton. The Sons: Made in Sweden, Part II (Quer, 26.99) Jan. Detective Broncks suspects that Leo Duvnjac, newly released from prison, is making plans to find a way to disappear forever, but he doesn’t realize that the plan involves stealing $100 million crowns from a police station.

Zander, Joakim. The Believer (HC, 16.99) Jan. A woman who has returned to Stockholm after the death of her brother and a human rights researcher who travels to Stockholm for a conference find themselves unwittingly involved in the sinister agenda of powerful forces.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Ashley, Jennifer. Death below Stairs (Brk, 15.00) Jan. The cook in an aristocratic Mayfair house calls in the help of an enigmatic enquiry agent when her assistant is found murdered, and together they uncover secrets both upstairs and downstairs in their quest to serve justice in the first of a Victorian series.

Blackwood, Gary. Bucket’s List (SH, 28.99) Dec. In the first of a new series, the detective is Charley Field,  the real-life inspiration for Charles Dickens’s Inspector Bucket in Bleak House, who is asked by Dickens to investigate who is sabotaging a stage adaption of A Christmas Carol.

Bradley, Alan. The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place (RH, 26.00) Jan. Flavia is recovering from a family tragedy, and what better to take her mind off her sorrow than the discovery of a human body during a boating trip with her sisters.

Brody, Frances. A Death in the Dales (STM, 16.99) Jan. Kate and her niece visit the Yorkshire village of Langcliffe, where Kate investigates a crime committed a decade earlier and helps the wife of a local landowner retrieve some indiscreet letters, and her niece helps a young friend whose brother has gone missing.

Doherty, Paul. The Mansions of Murder (SH, 28.99) Dec. Brother Athelstan investigates a seemingly impossible crime at a locked church, where someone murdered two people and made off carrying a corpse and a king’s ransom of gold.

Eastland, Sam. The Red Moth (Per, 14.95) Jan. After Stalin asks Inspector Pekkala to investigate when a German scouting plane is shot down and a drawing is found, he discovers a Nazi conspiracy to loot the most famous of all the Romanov treasures.

Fellowes, Jessica. The Mitford Murders (STM, 25.99) Jan. In 1920 a young London woman goes to work for the Mitford family in the Oxfordshire countryside where she is nursemaid and chaperone for the four sisters, and when a young woman is killed on a train, she and Nancy investigate.

Gentill, Sulari. Paving the New Road (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Jan. Rowland Sinclair, the bohemian younger son of a wealthy Australian businessman is persuaded to go to Munich in 1933 to investigate the death of an Australian agent and to keep tabs on a prominent Fascist politician.

Gleason, C.M. Murder in the Lincoln White House (Ken, 25.00) Dec. When a murder occurs on the day of Lincoln’s Inauguration, the new president calls on the nephew of his friend Joshua Speed to solve the crime as quickly and quietly as possible.

Harris, Robert. Munich (Knopf, 27.95) Jan. A spy thriller featuring two friends from Oxford—one British and one German—who meet again during the Munich Conference of September 1938.

Kasasian, M.R.C. Dark Dawn over Steep House (Peg, 25.95) Dec. Victorian “personal detective” Sidney Grice is asked for help in seeking justice by the brother of a woman who was raped by a wealthy German nobleman, but whose father forbids her from pursuing the case.

Knott, Robert. Robert B. Parker’s Revelation (Put, 7.99) Jan. Virgil and Hitch join in the hunt for an escaped murderer who is on the trail of the treasure he left and the men who betrayed him.

Levy, Lawrence H. Last Stop in Brooklyn (RH, 15.00) Jan. While in Coney Island PI Mary Handley is hired by the brother of a prostitute killed in a New York hotel room in a killing reminiscent of Jack the Ripper, but the police chief is sure he has caught the right man until more women are murdered in the latest in a series set in Brooklyn in 1894.

Lloyd, Catherine. Death Comes to the School (Ken, 25.00) Dec. With her marriage less than happy, Lucy jumps at the chance of some sleuthing when the local schoolteacher is found murdered, suspected of having written malicious anonymous letters to the villagers of Kurland St. Mary in the latest in this Victorian series.

Massey, Sujata. The Widows of Malabar Hill (Soho, 26.95) Jan. Set in Bombay in the 1920s, this series debut features the first female solicitor in the city, hired to execute the will of a wealthy Muslim mill owner, who left three widows all of whom signed over their inheritance to a charity, leaving them with nothing to live on. Perfect for those of us who love The Raj Quartet.

Maxwell, Alyssa. A Devious Death (Ken, 25.00) Jan. Lady Phoebe and her sister are pleased to receive an invitation to their cousin’s new country estate, but tensions among the house party erupt in the murder of their hostess in the most recent of this series set in post-WWI England.

_____. A Pinch of Poison (Ken, 15.00) Dec. Lady Phoebe and Eva investigate when a charity luncheon at a posh girls’ school leads to the uncharitable poisoning of the headmistress.

Quincy, D.M. A Murder in Mayfair (Per, 15.99) Jan. When a young aristocrat comes upon a man auctioning off his disobedient wife in the English countryside in 1810, he impulsively buys her to set her free, but she is frantic to see her children and refuses to be rescued. Later, when her husband is found dead, she becomes the main suspect in the first of a new nineteenth-century series.

Raybourn, Deanna. A Treacherous Curse (Brk, 26.00) Jan. When her enigmatic colleague has a series of unfortunate events occur during an archaeological expedition in Egypt where he discovered the tomb of a princess, Veronica Speedwell agrees to help with what is being billed as an accursed dig.

Rhys, Rachel. Dangerous Crossing (SS, 26.00) Jan. A young British woman is fleeing her past on an ocean liner in 1939 en route to a new life in Australia, but it soon becomes apparent that her fellow passengers are fleeing secrets of their own, secrets that lead to the deaths of two passengers.

Ricca, Brad. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes (STM, 16.99) Jan. The true story of the first female U.S. District Attorney, who solved the case of a missing girl in 1917 when the NYPD had given up.

Rowland, Laura Joh. A Mortal Likeness (Per, 26.99) Jan. Victorian photographer-turned-enquiry-agent Sarah Bain and her ragtag crew of investigators are hired by a wealthy banker to find his kidnapped infant son and an eerie photograph causes them to focus on the man’s family.

_____. The Ripper’s Shadow (Per, 15.99) Dec. In the first of a new Victorian series, a photographer in London’s Whitechapel district investigates when two of her clients are found murdered in 1888, and finds herself the target of the serial murderer known as Jack the Ripper.

Shattuck, Jessica. The Women in the Castle (HC, 16.99) Jan. A brilliant and thought-provoking historical novel about three women who live together in a remote castle in Germany with their children, united by their relationship to the German resistance to the Nazis. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Simpson, Rosemary. What the Dead Leave Behind (Ken, 15.95) Jan. In a Gilded Age mystery set in New York in 1888, an heiress investigates the death of her fiancé during a snowstorm and asks his friend, a former Pinkerton agent and attorney, for his help in discovering what happened and why.

Todd, Charles. Racing the Devil (HC, 14.99) Dec. When a group of British officers at the Battle of the Somme agree to meet a year after the war to hold a motorcar race from Paris to Nice, one of their group is badly injured in a crash. A year later Ian Rutledge investigates when one of them is killed in a fatal car crash in the South Downs and the killer will stop at nothing—not even another murder—to keep his secret.

Willig, Lauren. The English Wife (STM, 26.99) Jan. When a wealthy New York man is found murdered and his English wife disappeared, assumed dead, the man’s sister decides to investigate and discovers that her brother’s fairytale marriage was just that—fiction.

Wilson, Andrew. A Talent for Murder (SS, 16.00) Jan. In 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared for 10 days, finally found at a seaside hotel: from this Wilson crafts a mystery of blackmail and murder with Christie using all her talent to avoid being coerced into committing a murder herself, told in the voice of the grande dame of mystery herself.

Of Special Interest

These are only a few of the wonderful mysteries and thrillers that came out in the year, so you have hours of great reading ahead of you!

Cooper, Steven. Desert Remains (Prom, 15.95). This debut mystery set in Phoenix is a first-rate police procedural with the twist that one of the characters is a psychic who helps the police find a serial killer.

Goldberg, Tod. Gangster Nation (Per, 28.00). The first in this series (Gangsterland, 15.95) is a favorite of mine because it’s a funny, noir crime novel about an Italian gangster who goes into hiding in Las Vegas where he takes the job of rabbi at the largest synagogue in the city, and the second does not disappoint in any way as the hero must evade those hunting him on both sides of the law.

Lange, Richard. The Smack (Mull, 26.00). Lange is one of my favorite noir writers because he creates such interesting characters that even the villains are human, and this caper novel about a conman and a hooker who join forces to steal a fortune smuggled out of Afghanistan is superb.

Sheridan, Sara. London Calling (Ken, 25.00). It’s unusual when the second in a series is stronger than the first, but in this case the characterization of former Secret Service agent Meredith Bevin is stronger, the plotting is tighter, and the examination of racial and social mores in Britain in the 1950s gives a depth that makes this an outstanding historical mystery.

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