April/May 2017

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Albert, Susan Wittig. The Last Chance Olive Ranch (Brk, 27.00) Apr. Herbalist China Bayles goes to the eponymous ranch to teach a workshop while her husband hunts for a dangerous escaped convict.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Frame (Ken, 25.00) May. With Brandy in the frame for the murder of her beau’s ex-wife, Vivian and Sushi, their shih tzu, must find a killer in a rogue’s gallery of suspects.

Armstrong, Ross. The Watcher (Mira, 26.99) Apr. A woman who uses binoculars to watch birds and people from the window of her London flat becomes obsessed when one of her neighbors is murdered in a modern homage to Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Ashworth, A.R. Souls of Men (Per, 26.99) Apr. A debut British police procedural featuring a DI who takes over a bungled case and releases the only suspect creating an outcry among her male colleagues and the tabloid press.

Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse (Vik, 26.00) May. When an elderly quilter in the village admits to killing her first husband, Lori, with the help of the ghostly Aunt Dimity, goes to the neighboring town to investigate, only to find that opinion is divided—she either killed five men or she is entirely innocent.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Little White Lies (Put, 27.00) May. Spenser and Hawk are on the trail of a con man who has defrauded investors and misled the news media with his supposed CIA connections, but who has now disappeared completely.

Baldacci, David. The Fix (LB, 29.00) Apr. Amos Decker witnesses a murder outside of FBI headquarters—a murder that seems inexplicable—but he soon discovers that the DIA wants him to back off because the murder has national security implications.

Barnes, Emily. Death in the Abstract (Per, 26.99) May. Former police Chief Katherine Sullivan is called back to work when a former colleague goes missing in a case that may be connected to the murder of a local woman.

Berry, Steve. The Lost Order (STM, 28.99) Apr. In a fusion of contemporary and historical adventure, Justice Department operative Cotton Malone is on the trail of a subversive organization founded before the Civil War that seeks to change the political power structure of the U.S.

Blauner, Peter. Proving Ground (STM, 25.99) May. An Iraqi war veteran returns to NYC for the funeral of his estranged attorney father, who was murdered while suing the FBI on behalf of a Muslim mail carrier who was turned over to the Macedonians for “enhanced interrogation.” Highly recommended.

Bourland, Barbara. I’ll Eat When I’m Dead (GC, 27.00) May. An assistant editor of a fashion magazine and an NYPD detective team up to solve the murder of the editor of the magazine whose demise may be linked to designer eye drops from an upscale cosmetics shop.

Boylan, Jennifer Finney. Long Black Veil (Crown, 25.00) Apr. Twenty years after his death the body of a college student is found, and his friend is charged with his death, placing the witness to what happened in a terrible dilemma because testifying could reveal the secrets she has hidden for so long.

Campbell, Michele. It’s Always the Husband (STM, 26.99) May. A twisty page-turner about three friends at a toney New England college who become fast friends despite a tragedy in their freshman year—and a murder two decades later.

Carter, Chris. I am Death (SS, 25.00) May. The lead detective of the LAPD’s UltraViolent Crime Unit must race to stop a serial killer who delights in torturing and murder.

Chapman, Julie. Date with Death (STM, 25.99) Apr. In a debut English village mystery, a woman who runs a dating service reluctantly accepts a new tenant, a former policeman working as PI, but when his case investigating a suicide leads to her business they must work together despite their personal antipathy.

Chase, Julia. Cat Got Your Cash (Per, 26.99) Apr. When a noted NOLA designer is interested in Lucy Marie’s pet couture line, they agree to meet, but when she arrives, Lucy Marie finds the designer dead with two unhappy Siamese kittens: kittens, it turns out, who are heirs to the designer’s fortune.

Child, Lee. No Middle Name (RH, 27.00) May. The complete Reacher short stories in one volume.

Child, Lincoln. Full Wolf Moon (RH, 26.95) May. Jeremy Logan, an investigator of the supernatural and fantastic, is at a writer’s retreat in the Adirondacks when a dead hiker is found savagely mauled and among the strange explanations is that it was the work of a werewolf.

Clark, Mary Higgins. All by Myself, Alone (SS, 26.99) Apr. An expert in gems meets and befriends an elderly woman on a cruise, but when the woman is found dead—and her fabulous emerald necklace goes missing—she tries to find a killer among her fellow passengers, all of whom have strong motives.

Cleeves, Ann. Cold Earth (STM, 25.99) Apr. DI Jimmy Perez of the Shetland Islands investigates when the body of an unidentified woman is discovered in the ruins of a house after a massive landslide.

Cole, Daniel. Ragdoll (Ecco, 27.99) Apr. A London detective is hunting a killer who dismembers his victims and then sews them back together in a case that is connected to a controversial case in his past where the detective freed a man suspected of being London’s most prolific serial killer.

Connolly, Sheila. Cruel Winter (Per, 25.99) Mar. In the fifth in this Irish series, pub owner Maura Donovan finds herself and her patrons stranded in the bar by a snowstorm—with the suspected killer in a long-ago murder. A classic locked-room mystery.

Cooper, Marla. Dying on the Vine (STM, 26.99) Apr. After wedding planner Kelsey finds the body of a murdered colleague in her office, she is accused of murder by the colleague’s shrewish assistant, so she must find the killer fast.

Copperman, E.J. Edited Out (Per, 25.99) May. In the second in this funny series, a mystery author whose fictional character has become a flesh-and-blood person finds herself helping out Duffy Madison look for a missing person, who just may have information on the person Duffy was before he became Duffy Madison.

Cross, A.J. A Little Death (SH, 28.99) May. In a well-plotted puzzle mystery, forensic psychologist Kate Hanson is called in when the badly decomposed body of a student is found and the cause of death is inconclusive.

Cussler, Clive and Graham Brown. Nighthawk (Put, 29.00) May. Kurt Austin and his crew are hunting for a missing experimental aircraft in a race to find it before the Russians and the Chinese—and before it could destroy the planet.

Deaver, Jeffery. The Burial Hour (GC, 28.00) Apr. Forensic expert Lincoln Rhyme and Det. Amelia Sachs fly to Naples to find a kidnapper who leaves a small hangman’s noose at the site of the abductions.

Delaney, Vicki. Elementary, She Read (Per, 25.99) Mar. When the owner of a Sherlock Holmes bookshop on Cape Cod discovers an unpublished Holmes short story, she takes it to an expert for authentication, only to find the expert murdered and herself the main suspect in the first of a new series.

Dennison, Hannah. Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall (STM, 25.99) May. In the latest in this delightful cozy series, Kat must find the only copy of her romance-writer mother’s latest manuscript, taken during a series of thefts in the area.

Donlea, Charlie. The Girl who was Taken (Ken, 25.00) May. After one of two abducted girls returns, the forensic scientist sister of the still-missing girl tries to piece together what happened to the two in a case that becomes more urgent when the body of a young man is found.

Drew, Alan. Shadow Man (RH, 27.00) May. A detective returns to his California hometown looking for a more peaceful life, but a serial killer shatters the peace of the community, a community that has a dark secret that may be revealed by the suicide of a teenager.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. Murder is for Keeps (STM, 26.99) Apr. When she finds a body on the grounds of the local castle near her home in North Wales, artist and spa-owner Penny discovers a connection between the victim’s family and a 20-year-old theft.

Easley, Warren C. Blood for Wine (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) May. Portland lawyer Cal Claxton agrees to represent a friend and neighbor, a vintner accused of murdering his estranged wife, but further investigation uncovers murder and a blackmail scheme tied to the area’s booming wine business.

Farrow, John. Perish the Day (STM, 25.99) May. Retired Montreal detective Emile Cinq-Mars and his wife are in New Hampshire for the graduation of her niece, but the murder of another student sends Cinq-Mars on a quest for the killer, despite opposition from the state trooper in charge of the case.

Freeman, Brian. Marathon (Quer, 26.99) May. Duluth police detective Jonathan Stride investigates when a bomb explodes during a marathon after a right-wing rabble-rouser taunts the Muslim community.

Griffiths, Elly. The Chalk Pit (HMH, 27.00) May. The discovery of a cannibalized skeleton in an underground Norfolk tunnel catapults archaeologist Ruth Galloway into a case that leads to the murder of a homeless man—and a surprising revelation from the wife of her married lover, DCI Nelson.

Haines, Carolyn. Sticks and Bones (STM, 25.99) May. Sarah Booth and her partner in detection are hired to check into the veracity of a former resident’s memoir by a film company interested in doing a screen adaptation, but the more they learn, the closer they get to the sordid truth—and the bullets start flying.

Hamilton, Steve. Exit Strategy (Put, 26.00) May. Ex-con Nick Mason is tasked by the man who helped him get out of prison to infiltrate the Witness Protection Program in order to kill three men scheduled to testify against him in the second in this excellent series.

Hampton, Nell. Kale to the Queen (Per, 26.99) Apr. An American chef who becomes Personal Chef to the Royal Family at Kensington Palace finds her new kitchen a mess when one assistant is found dead in the kale bed and another under suspicion for murder, but dinner must be on the table, so she has her hands full cooking and sleuthing in the first of a new series.

Hart, Carolyn. Walking on my Grave (Brk, 26.00) May. Annie and Max Darling investigate when a wealthy woman has an “accidental” fall after a dinner for her prospective beneficiaries and one of the suspects is found murdered.

Haseldine, Jane. Duplicity (Ken, 25.00) Apr. Crime reporter Julia Gooden investigates after her ADA husband is injured in a bomb attack orchestrated by a crime boss her husband was prosecuting.

Hawkins, Paula. Into the Water (River, 28.00) May. A twisty psychological thriller about a woman who returns to a sleepy English village when her estranged sister is found dead in a part of the local river known as the Drowning Pool, and known for a long history of woman who’ve died there.

Heley, Veronica. False Fire (SH, 28.99) Apr. When fire breaks out in the bedroom of two young girls during a party in a posh London neighborhood, Bea Abbot investigates, an investigation that becomes more urgent after three party guests are later murdered.

Hill, Sasscer. Flamingo Road (STM, 25.99) Apr. In the first of a horse-racing series, a former Baltimore cop joins the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau and is sent to Florida’s Gulfstream Park to investigate an unknown performance-enhancing drug, a case that allows her to help her recently-divorced brother with his horse-crazy teenaged daughter.

Hillerman, Anne. Song of the Lion (HC, 27.99) Apr. When a bomb is detonated in the parking lot of Shiprock High School on the Navajo Nation, and the target appears to be a lawyer scheduled to mediate a meeting of Native Americans and environmentalists about a proposed resort on Navajo land, both Bernie Manuelito and Jim Chee are involved in the case.

Hogsett, Annie. Too Lucky to Live (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) May. When a professor wins a $550 million lottery jackpot, he is not too pleased, but the youngster who helped him pick the winning numbers is ecstatic—until three men are dead and his mother is hospitalized—in a funny debut cozy.

Irby, Lee. Unreliable (DD, 26.95) Apr. A clever and funny—and very unsettling—novel of psychological suspense about a charming college professor who may or may not have killed his ex-wife.

Jewell, Lisa. I Found You (SS, 26.00) Apr. A holiday at a quaint seaside town leads to twenty years of secrets kept by two teenagers and a missing husband and an amnesiac man in the present in a novel of psychological suspense and alternating points of view.

Johansen, Iris. No Easy Target (STM, 27.99) Apr. In a standalone, a woman with the ability to communicate with animals is kidnapped by a former CIA operative who wants to use her to rescue his mentor who has been kidnapped by a sadistic criminal.

Johnson, Jeff. Lucky Supreme (Per, 24.99) Apr. A fast, funny, and furious noir that takes place in the Old Town are of Portland, Oregon where the owner of a seedy tattoo parlor goes to find some tattoo artwork that has been stolen from him—even though he can’t figure out why someone would want it.

Katchur, Karen. The Sisters of Blue Mountain (STM, 25.99) Apr. When a young ornithologist investigating a mass death of snow geese is found murdered, the owner of a nearby bed and breakfast is horrified when her father, suffering from dementia, is arrested for the murder in the second in the series.

Kies, Thomas. Random Road (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) May. In the first of a new series, a journalist whose bad choices have sent her back to her hometown is the first reporter on the scene of a multiple murder at a Long Island sex club, and she thinks that the story could revive her career.

Lehane, Dennis. Since We Fell (Ecco, 27.99) May. A former journalist who can now barely leave her house is helped by her husband, whom she met when she was looking for the identity of her real father and later married, but as she gets better, she begins to doubt the man she loves. I loved this for the strong portrait of relationships.

Lepucki, Edan. Woman No. 17 (RH, 26.00) May. When a Los Angeles author leaves her husband, she hires a nanny to help with her children while she finishes her book, but the nanny begins to behave in disturbing ways that make her wonder about her motives for taking the job in a noir novel of psychological suspense.

LoTiempo, T.C. Purr M for Murder (Per, 26.99) Mar. When their landlord is found murdered, two sisters who run a North Carolina cat rescue become the primary suspects, but one of them helped by a rescue cat pounces on the clues to find a killer.

Lotz, Sarah. The White Road (Mull, 26.00) May. A man who fractured his skull in a climbing accident starts a website with spooky videos and scary images leading him to the wilds of Wales to film a cave system where three explorers have died, helped by a possibly unbalanced guide.

Mackay, Malcolm. Every Night I Dream of Hell (Mull, 26.00) Apr. A gritty standalone about a man who is the brains for a Glasgow crime organization and must deal with the infiltration of a deadly English gang, eager to take over while the leader of the group is in jail.

Malliet, G. M. Devil’s Breath (M, 25.99) Apr. Cleric Max Tudor is asked by his police detective friend to look into the death of an aging movie star who was the guest on the yacht of a bigtime film director.

McKevett, G. A. Every Body on Deck (Ken, 25.00) May. PI Savannah Reid is onboard with her new job protecting a famous mystery writer during an Alaskan cruise, but when the writer and her husband are found dead after a mysterious explosion, she discovers that the writer’s life was more mysterious than her fiction.

McMahon, Jennifer. Burntown (RH, 25.95) Apr. A woman who was left homeless with her mother when her father died in a small New England college town decides to investigate her mother’s claims that her father was murdered for an invention he had developed after her mother and boyfriend die mysteriously.

Miranda, Megan. The Perfect Stranger (SS, 25.00) Apr. When a disgraced journalist moves to rural Pennsylvania to live with an old friend leaving a failed relationship, things go well until the journalist is attacked and the friend then goes missing, but her attempts to enlist the police to find her reveal that the friend may never have existed at all. I loved this.

Palmer, Matthew. Enemy of the Good (Put, 28.00) May. An agent who was raised in Kyrgystan is recruited to go undercover to infiltrate an underground democracy movement, but she soon finds that nothing is as it initially seemed.

Paretsky, Sara. Fallout (HC, 27.99) Apr. Chicago PI VI Warshawski is hired to investigate the disappearance of a young filmmaker, leading her to the University of Kansas, where he was planning to do a documentary on a black actress of whom he had become enamored.

Peden, Peggy O’Neal. Your Killin’ Heart (STM, 25.99) May. A debut featuring a Nashville travel agent who accompanies her boyfriend as he goes to get some paintings from the widow of a legendary country music star, but when they find the woman murdered, she decides to do some sleuthing on her own.

Pennie, Ross. Beneath the Wake (Per, 24.95) May. On vacation on a cruise in the Indian Ocean, epidemic investigator  Zol Szabo is called in by the ship’s doctor when a mysterious microbe attacks below decks, leaving the crew decimated.

Pyper, Andrew. The Only Child (SS, 25.00) May. When a forensic psychiatrist meets a nameless man who is accused of the most twisted crimes, she is shocked when he says that he is two hundred years old—and her father—in a suspenseful and creepy new novel.

Reilly, Matthew. The Four Legendary Kingdoms (SS, 26.00) May. Jack West is kidnapped and forced to compete in a series of deadly challenges to fulfill an ancient ritual in another suspenseful action adventure.

Riggs, Cynthia. Trumpet of Death (STM, 25.99) Apr. When her upstairs tenant is suspected of killing his difficult girlfriend with poisonous mushrooms, poet Victoria Trumbull discovers that there were many people on Martha’s Vineyard who’d like to see her dead.

Rio, M.L. If We Were Villains (Flat, 25.99) Apr. A murder mystery set at a college specializing in Shakespeare studies where the tensions among a group of students escalate to murder.

Rosett, Sara. Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder (Ken, 25.00) Apr. Ellie investigates when a fellow volunteer at her kids’ elementary school finds a dead body in a broom closet.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Weathers the Storm (Png, 27.00) Apr. Miss Julia must protect Latisha during a trip to the beach when a hurricane blows up and a strange couple begin following them to safety in the latest in this cozy southern series.

Salvaggio, Karen. Silent Rain (STM, 26.99) May. Montana state detective Macy Greeley goes to a college town to investigate the death of a writer and his artist wife in a house fire and finds that everyone she interviews had reason to hate the writer.

Sanders, Ben. Marshall’s Law (STM, 25.99) Apr. Ex-NYPD cop Marshall Grade returns to New York from New Mexico when he discovers that someone has put a price on his head.

Sandford, John. Golden Prey (Put, 29.00) Apr. Lucas Davenport joins a special taskforce with the U.S. Marshalls and is sent to Dallas to investigate a rash of audacious robberies, with an MO that reminds him of a criminal he chased years ago.

Sardar, Gian. You Were Here (Png, 27.00) May. A woman long haunted by nightmares of being buried alive returns to her Minnesota hometown in an attempt to track down the cause, only to discover ties to her family and a long-ago love triangle involving her own grandmother in a truly scary gothic novel of suspense.

Scottoline, Lisa. One Perfect Lie (STM, 27.99) Apr. An ATF agent goes undercover as a high school baseball coach in a suburban Pennsylvania town to investigate a domestic terrorism plot involving three teenaged boys.

Segura, Alex. Dangerous Ends (Per, 24.99) Apr. Miami PI Pete Fernandez is hired by the daughter of a former Miami police officer convicted of killing his wife, and at the same time finds himself investigating his own father’s death at the hands of a pro-Castro hitman.

Shelton, Paige. Of Books and Bagpipes (STM, 25.99) Apr. In the second in the Scottish Bookshop cozy, American bookseller Delaney is sent to meet with a mysterious man who has a 1930s comic book to sell, but she finds him dead, and furthermore discovers a link to her employer’s past.

Smith, Brad. Hearts of Stone (SH, 28.99) Apr. When the farm where he works is attacked by three thugs, who leave his partner in a coma, ex-con Cal Burns decides to take matters into his own hands.

Sokol, Kelly. The Unprotected (Per, 24.99) Apr. When a professional woman decides it is time to have a baby, she is completely unprepared for the toll caring for an infant takes on her life and marriage in a stunning novel of psychological suspense.

Stabenow, Dana. Less than a Treason (PP, 25.95 hc) May. In the newest Kate Shugak mystery, the Alaska PI is hired to find a missing husband, shortly after she finds a cache of human bones.

Swinson, David. Crime Song (Mull, 26.00) May. DC PI Frank Marr is tailing a cousin whose mother is worried that he is missing his university classes, but he soon discovers that boy is dealing drugs, then the boy is found dead in his apartment and Frank becomes the chief suspect. The interesting thing about this series is that the protagonist is a drug addict himself.

Tesh, Jane. Baby, Take a Bow (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Apr. In a cozy mystery with a paranormal twist, PI David Randall investigates the case of a missing baby whose mother was murdered, suspecting that it is related to an illegal adoption ring.

Tinti, Hannah. The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley (RH, 27.00) Apr. A former criminal moves to a New England fishing village with his daughter in hopes of protecting her from his past, but the past is on his trail.

Turnbull, Peter. Cold Case (SH, 28.99) Apr. In the first of a new series, a retired detective constable joins Scotland Yard’s Cold Case Review Team, investigating the death of a 12-year-old boy that may be related to a case being investigated currently.

Turow, Scott. Testimony (GC, 28.00) May. A U.S. attorney working for the International Criminal Court in The Hague investigates a 2004 war crime where 400 members of a Roma community were killed in Bosnia.

Unger, Lisa. The Red Hunter (SS, 25.99) Apr. Two women—one learning to deal with a brutal attack that left her perfect life in tatters and the other a woman seeking revenge on those who killed her family—come together when the first buys the house where the murder took place.

Wechsler, Pamela. The Graves (STM, 26.99) May. Boston ADA Abby Endicott is hunting for a killer targeting college girls working as escorts in a case that soon becomes political in the second in this funny and smart series.

Winawer, Melodie. Scribe of Siena (SS, 26.99) May. In a debut novel with a time-travel theme, a neurosurgeon goes to Siena after the unexpected death of her brother and among his research into the plague in the fourteenth century she discovers the journal of a fresco artist with a drawing of her face, a discovery that plunges her literally into the earlier time.

Woods, Stuart. Fast and Loose (Put, 28.00) April. Stone Barrington returns in another exciting caper.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Albert, Susan Wittig. Blood Orange (Brk, 7.99) Apr.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Fate (Ken, 7.99) Apr.

Andrews, Donna. Die Like an Eagle (STM, 7.99) May.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Ladies’ Night (STM, 8.99) May.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Slow Burn (Put, 9.99) May.

Baldacci, David. The Last Mile (GC, 9.99) Apr.

Barclay, Linwood. The Twenty-Three (Brk, 9.99) May.

Berry, Steve. The Fourteenth Colony (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Brown, Rita Me. Tall Tail (BDD, 7.99) May.

Carlisle, Kate. Books of a Feather (Brk, 7.99) May.

Child, Lee. Night School (BDD, 9.99) May.

Clark, Mary Higgins. As Time Goes By (Pkt, 7.99) Apr.

Coes, Ben. First Strike (STM, 9.99) May.

Doiron, Paul. Widowmaker (STM, 9.99) May.

Donlea, Charlie. Summit Lake (Ken, 9.99) Apr.

Evanovich, Janet and Phoef Sutton. Curious Minds (RH, 8.99) May.

Haines, Carolyn. Rock-a-Bye Bones (STM, 7.99) Apr.

Hannah, Sophie. The Wrong Mother (Png, 9.99) Apr.

Hawkins, Paula. The Girl on the Train (Png, 9.99) Apr.

Hilton, James. Search and Destroy (RH, 7.99) Apr.

Jance, J.A. Downfall (HC, 9.99) Apr.

King, Stephen. End of Watch (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Kope, Spencer. Collecting the Dead (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Levine, Laura. Murder has Nine Lives (Ken, 7.99) May.

Maxwell, Edith. Murder Most Fowl (Ken, 7.99) May.

McKevett, G.A. Killer Reunion (Kens, 7.99) Apr.

Olsen, Gregg. Heart of Ice (Ken, 9.99) Apr. Reissue.

Patterson, James and Mark Sullivan. Private Paris (LB, 9.99) Apr.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. Fifteenth Affair (GC, 9.99) May.

Sandford, John. Extreme Prey (Put, 9.99) Apr.

Slaughter, Karen. The Kept Woman (HC, 9.99) May.

Stevens, Jeffrey S. Rogue Mission (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Storey, Erik. Nothing Short of Dying (Pkt, 9.99) May.

Tanenbaum, Robert. Infamy (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Thor, Brad. Foreign Agent (Pkt, 9.99) May.

Unger, Lisa. Ink and Bone (Pkt, 7.99) Apr.

Viets, Elaine. The Art of Murder (NAL, 7.99) May.

Woods, Stuart and Parnell Hall. Smooth Operator (Put, 9.99) May.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Adams, Ellery. Killer Characters (Brk, 7.99) May. When a fellow Bayside Book Writer is accused of killing her cheating husband’s new hottie, the women in the group are determined to find the real killer before the woman’s life turns into a tragedy.

Bridge, Kathleen. Ghostal Living (Brk, 7.99) May. An Antiquarian Book Fair in Sag Harbor finds interior designer Meg busy redecorating rooms for a wealthy bibliophile, but when a book appraiser who is examining a possible manuscript by F. Scott Fitzgerald is murdered, she must find a killer, who may also be a book thief.

Bryan, Mollie Cox. No Charm Intended (Ken, 7.99) May. A weekend crafting retreat at her Victorian mansion turns ugly for Cora when a local nanny goes missing and her boyfriend asks for her help.

Buckley, Julia. Death in Dark Blue (Brk, 7.99) May. In the second in this series featuring an aspiring suspense writer, she is again plunged into a real murder when a blogger who attacked her boyfriend is found dead.

Cattrell, Bailey. Nightshade for Warning (Brk, 7.99) May. In the second Enchanted Garden mystery, a journalist come to do a story on the house and garden is found dead and Ellie’s brother’s girlfriend is the main suspect.

Cochran, Peg. Dead and Berried (Brk, 7.99) May. When a beekeeper’s assistant is fatally stung, cranberry farmer Monica finds herself bogged down in murder once again

Day, Maddie. When the Grits Hit the Fan (Ken, 7.99) Apr. When a professor is found dead after a contentious meeting of the sociology department in her restaurant, Robbie must hunt for a killer before her graduate-student friend is forced to do his thesis on prison life.

Gregory, Lena. Occult and Battery (Brk, 7.99) Apr. A murder-mystery weekend in a supposedly haunted Long Island mansion turns fatal, and then a blizzard traps everyone in with a murderer in the latest featuring a psychiatrist-turned-psychic.

Harris, Sherry. A Good Day to Buy (Ken, 7.99) May. After her estranged brother appears unexpectedly garage-sale organizer Sarah is concerned, but becomes even more so when her employer is murdered and his wife gravely injured—and, her brother has disappeared.

Haywood, B. B. Town in a Maple Madness (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Things get sticky during Maple Madness when Candy finds a less-than-savory landscaper dead, and she must follow the flow of suspects.

Leeson, Gayle. The Silence of the Jams (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When the unpleasant Chamber of Commerce director is found dead, poisoned after eating at the Down South Café, owner Amy must prove that it wasn’t her food that killed him.

McKinlay, Jenn. Caramel Crush (Brk, 7.99) Apr. When she delivers a dozen break-up cupcakes to her friend’s fiancé, Mel finds him iced and her friend is in the frame for the murder.

Reilly, Linda. A Frying Shame (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Tempers heat up during a cooking contest, and when the winner is found dead, restaurant-owner Talia must hunt for a killer.

Stevens, Amanda. The Awakening (HC, 9.99) Apr. A cemetery restorer hired to restore a Charleston cemetery is asked by the ghost of a child who disappeared forty years before to find her killer, a quest that leads her to the city’s wealthiest who have the money to guard their secrets.

Thompson, James M. Dust to Dust (Ken, 7.99) May. When they receive funding from an eccentric billionaire for a project developing a drug to stop the effects of aging, a neurologist and a biochemist find that some people will kill for their discovery.

Wait, Lea. Tightening the Threads (Ken, 7.99) Apr. When her friend reveals to a wealthy artist and gallery owner that she is his estranged sister and he welcomes her home and changes his will to leave her his collection of paintings to the consternation of his family, needle-pointer Angie vows to find the killer after he is murdered and the sister becomes the main suspect.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Andrews, Mary Kay. The Weekenders (STM, 16.99) May. A woman arrives at their weekend resort of Belle Island to find her husband missing and a process server awaiting her in a summer filled with beaches, cocktails, and murder. I really liked this.

Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Buried Treasure (Png, 14.00) May. When she finds a bracelet in the attic, Aunt Dimity asks Lori to return it to the man who gave it to her years ago during a doomed love affair, while the villagers are all excited when a family to treasure hunters move in.

Barnes, Emily. The Fine Art of Murder (Per, 15.99) Apr. When a former police chief retires to her hometown she finds herself investigating when a young woman’s body is found on the grounds of an elegant home in a smart and charming series debut.

Bauer, Belinda. The Facts of Life and Death (Per, 16.00) Apr. A young girl in North Devon worries that her parents are divorcing, so she decides to help her detective father capture a serial killer who is terrorizing vulnerable women as a way of keeping him close—but the killer may be even closer.

Block, Sandra. The Secret Room (LB, 14.99) Apr. When her patients begin dying, psychiatrist Zoe Goldman is the target of vicious rumors that she is an “angel of death,” but she soon realizes that someone is targeting her patients and her.

Caletti, Deb. What’s Become of Her? (Ban, 16.00) Apr. When a woman living on an island that has become an art colony is intrigued by a stranger, who seems to be the man of her dreams, she is unsettled to learn that he has a dark past—he is looking to start a new life after the death of his fiancée and the disappearance of his wife.

Carr, Caleb. Surrender, New York (RH, 18.00) May. A criminal psychologist fired from the NYPD and his friend, a DNA expert, are called back to duty to investigate a series of murders of “throwaway” kids in the upstate New York county where they live, a case that puts them in the crosshairs of a killer.

Cartmel, Andrew. The Vinyl Detective: The Run-out Groove (RH, 14.95) May. The vinyl detective investigates the disappearance of a young child, whose mother, a noted pop singer in the 1960s, hanged herself after his abduction.

Chase, Julia. Cat Got your Diamonds (Per, 15.99) Mar. The owner of a toney New Orleans pet boutique finds herself in trouble when someone is killed with the glitter gun used to make tutus for shih tzus in the first of a cozy new series.

Cline, Emma. The Girls (RH, 17.00) May. A neglected teenaged girl dealing with the divorce of her parents becomes involved with the members of a cult led by a charismatic man in northern California in the 1960s, not realizing how close she is coming to violence and horror. I loved this.

Cooperman, E.J. Written Off (Per, 15.99) Apr. A mystery writer who writes a series featuring a consultant to the county prosecutor’s office named Duffy Madison is shocked when she receives a call from Duffy Madison, but she doesn’t have time to investigate because a serial killer is targeting mystery writers in the first of a clever series.

Connolly, John. A Time of Torment (SS, 16.00) May. Charlie Parker investigates an isolated community to face down a group of men who rule by terror, intimidation, and murder.

Cronin, Justin. The City of Mirrors (Ball, 18.00) May. The final volume in the Passage trilogy, featuring a mysterious girl chosen to save a dystopian world.

Crouch, Blake. Dark Matter (RH, 16.00) May. A fascinating science-fiction thriller about a man who is abducted and wakes to find that he is in an alternate reality, where his family doesn’t exist and he is a famous inventor rather than a college physics professor. I loved this.

Dawson, Janet. Water Signs (Perse, 15.95) Apr. Oakland PI Jeri Howard looks into the death of a former colleague in a case that leads her to a group of shady real estate developers bent on gentrifying the city at any cost.

Dennison, Hannah. A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall (STM, 15.99) May. When she discovers a mummified body of a murdered woman in the abandoned wing of the manor house, Kat finds that the key to the mystery is her own mother’s past, a past she had never known. Highly recommended.

DiBiase, Diane D. Bound by Mystery (PP, 18.95) Apr. A collection of 34 new short stories from novelists published by Poisoned Pen Press including Vicky Delany, Sulari Gentill, and Jane Finnis.

Doiron, Paul. The Widowmaker (STM, 15.99) May. Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch discovers that he has a half-brother, a wrongly-convicted sex offender, who has disappeared from a brutal work camp in the mountains.

Edwards, Megan. Getting off on Frank Sinatra (Per, 15.00) Mar. In the first of a funny, cozy series set in Las Vegas, an aspiring journalist discovers the body of the beloved headmaster of a private school while researching a story, and finds herself dodging a sociopathic killer and a less-than-friendly homicide detective.

Flanery, Patrick. I Am No One (RH, 16.00) Apr. A New York college professor finds himself the target of surveillance after he notices that someone has sent boxes of internet correspondence to his apartment, he is being followed, and someone has called his elderly mother slandering him in an unsettling novel of memory, privacy, and fear. I loved this.

Gragg, Walt. The Red Line (Brk, 17.00) May. A timely thriller set in the near future where a revived Soviet Union goes head-to-head with NATO in a cold war turned very, very hot, and filled with a horrifying look at the devastation of modern warfare, without sacrificing well-drawn characters on both sides..

Hamilton, Steve. The Second Life of Nick Mason (Put, 16.00) Apr. In the excellent first of a new series, a man who has spent five years in prison is given a deal to get out, but the price is that he will work for a criminal mastermind who runs his empire from jail. Highly recommended.

Hannah, Sophie. A Game for all the Family (HC, 15.99) Apr. A novel of psychological suspense about a woman who must save her family after they move to a new village where anonymous calls become more and more threatening. Hannah is great.

Hart, John. Redemption Road (STM, 16.99) May. An excellent crime novel about a woman police officer who must confront her past in the wake of a brutal shooting. I loved this.

Hayman, James. The Girl on the Bridge (HC, 12.99) May. When Maine detectives McCabe and Savage are contacted by a woman whose husband disappeared on a business trip, they discover a connection to a woman who was raped by 12 athletes when she was a college student and who had recently committed suicide.

Heffernan, William. The Scientology Murders (Akashic, 15.95) Apr. A Florida detective investigates the secretive Church of Scientology after his adoptive father is shot while trying to rescue a young member of the church.

Hiaasen, Carl. Razor Girl (RH, 15.95) May. When a reality-show star is abducted, a mean mongoose is on the loose, and giant Gambian rats invade local restaurants, it’s up to Key West health inspector Andrew Yancy to deal with them all—as well as the beautiful scam artist of the title. I loved this.

Hilton, L.S. Maestra (Put, 16.00) Apr. A woman who works in a prestigious London art gallery discovers a heist that sends her on the run throughout Europe. I loved this for the charming and immoral protagonist.

Houston, Victoria. Dead Spider (SS, 16.99) May. Police chief Llewellyn Ferris and coroner Doc Osbourne must find the killer when the richest man in Wisconsin is killed during a fishing tournament at Loon Lake.

Jaynes, Jennifer. The Stranger Inside (T&M, 15.95) May. A mystery writer who volunteers at a crisis center receives a call from a man who tells her that a woman has been killed and that she is the only one who can stop the killer, so she is forced to match wits with a killer who continues to kill in an intricately-plotted mystery.

Jewell, Lisa. The Girls in the Garden (SS, 16.00) Apr. During a garden party in a communal square in London a young girl finds her teenaged sister unconscious and bloody, and as she attempts to find out what happened, she uncovers the dark secrets of the inhabitants. Excellent.

Johnson, Craig. The Highwayman (Vik, 13.00) May. A novella featuring Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear who investigate when a patrolman begins receiving messages from an Arapahoe policeman who died decades before.

Johnson, Lee Clay. Nitro Mountain (Vin, 16.00) Apr. An Appalachian noir debut about a group of people tied together by petty crime, alcohol, and country music.

Kennedy, Douglas. The Blue Hour (SS, 16.00) May. When her husband disappears during a trip to Morocco, a woman finds herself a suspect in the case, and also finds that she never really knew the man she married.

Knowles, Mike. Rock Beats Paper (Per, 15.95) May. A master thief finds himself without a job when the inside man in a diamond heist is killed, but he decides to do it on his own only to find that others have the same idea.

Kroll, Bob. The Hell of it All (Per, 15.95) Mar. Retired detective T J Peterson is asked by a long-time friend to search for her missing drug-addict daughter in a case that leads him to a thirty-year-old body.

Krueger, William Kent. Manitou Canyon (SS, 16.00) May. When Cork disappears two days before his daughter’s wedding, the lives of hundreds of innocent people are in danger.

Lansdale, Joe R. Hap and Leonard: Blood and Lemonade (Per, 15.95) Mar. A collection of short stories, dealing primarily with the backstory of the comic Texas PIs.

Leotta, Alison. The Last Good Girl (SS, 16.00) May. Prosecutor Anna Curtis investigates when a freshman girl disappears after filing rape charges against the member of a fraternity at a prestigious Michigan college, the son of a prominent politician.

Lewis, Beth. The Wolf Road (RH, 16.00) Apr. In a dystopian wilderness a young girl who has lived with a solitary hunter since she can remember, a man who has taught her the skills to survive in the harsh land, discovers that the man is a monster, and she may be his next victim.

Marshall, John. The Greenfather (Per, 15.95) May. The owner of an organic grocery becomes the head of the Mob family when his father dies, but he only agrees to follow in the family business if his lieutenants agree to enforce recycling and healthy eating—notions that don’t sit well with the likes of Two-ton Tony and Fat Paulie, or for that matter, the FBI—in a very funny send-up of crime novels.

Mathews, Francine. Death in a Cold Hard Light (Soho, 15.95) May. Nantucket detective Merry Folger investigates the death of a college student found with needle tracks on his arm. Death in a Mood Indigo (Soho, 15.95) is being reprinted in April.

McHugh, Laura. Arrowood (RH, 16.00) May. A woman returns to her childhood home in Iowa, a mansion on the Mississippi River, where her twin sisters were abducted years before, to solve the mystery of their disappearance.

Miller, Emma. Plain Missing (Ken, 15.00) Apr. When two Amish teenagers disappear without a trace—not even their horse and buggy are found—Rachel starts investigating since she has an in with the closed Amish community.

Mizner, Adam. The Girl from Home (SS, 16.00) May. A disgraced Manhattan hedge-fund manager returns to his New Jersey hometown to care for his aging father where he reconnects with his high-school girlfriend, who is now the wife of an abusive man who’d be better off dead.

Mosley, Walter. Charcoal Joe (RH, 15.00) May. LA PI Easy Rawlins agrees to help exonerate the college-professor son of an aging convict who has been accused of murdering two white men after a racially-charged encounter.

Muir, T. Frank. The Meating Room (Academy Chicago, 14.99) Apr. DCI Andy Gilchrist investigates the death of a man in his car only to discover the man’s family dead in their home as well in a police procedural set in Scotland.

Myers, Tamar. Tea with Jam and Dread (SH, 17.95) May. In an attempt to upgrade the image of Magdalena’s PennDutch Inn, her friend persuades a titled English family to visit, but the discovery of a body on the premises does lower the tone.

Myers, William L. A Criminal Defense (T&M, 14.95) Apr. A debut legal thriller featuring a defense attorney who takes on the case of a law-school friend, accused of murdering a reporter by pushing her down a staircase just after she breaks a major story on police corruption.

O’Malley, Daniel. Stiletto (LB, 16.99) Apr. Only novice Myfanwy Thomas can broker a deal between two warring supernatural factions in the second in this paranormal series.

Paris, B.A. Behind Closed Doors (STM, 16.99) May. A wealthy and glamorous couple’s seemingly perfect marriage hides a deadly secret in a chilling novel of psychological suspense.

Petrie, Nick. Burning Bright (Put, 16.00) May. War veteran Peter Ash goes to the California Redwood country and stumbles across an investigative journalist fleeing from two men who had abducted her, and together they race to discover why. I loved this.

Priamos, Paula. Inside V (Per, 16.95) Apr. When her husband disappears the night before he is to turn himself in for a heinous crime he swears he didn’t commit, a woman decides to find him herself in a dark novel of deceit and secrets.

Rader-Day, Lori. The Day I Died (HC, 14.99) Apr. A handwriting analyst agrees reluctantly to help the local sheriff hunt for a missing child because she fears that the mother was a victim of domestic abuse and escaped with the boy, but when her own son goes missing, she must confront her own past of domestic violence.

Robertson, Craig. Murderabilia (SS, 16.00) Apr. DI Narey is assigned the case of a victim found hanging from a railway bridge whose clothes are carefully folded and left by the body, and discovers a group of collectors who spend fabulous sums on items left at crime scenes.

Robertson, L.F. Two Lost Boys (RH, 14.95) May. In a debut mystery featuring a death-row attorney who agrees to defend a man convicted of the murder and rape of two women, but the more she investigates, the more she discovers that there may be more victims.

Rolls, Anthony. Scarweather (PP, 12.95) Apr. When his cousin disappears while visiting an archaeologist couple at their home on the remote British coast, a man fears that there was foul play, and it isn’t until after WWI that he returns to find out the truth in a work of psychological suspense first published in 1934.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Inherits a Mess (Vik, 16.00) Apr. When an elderly widow learns that she has been named executor of the will of a woman she barely knew, she must turn to Miss Julia for help after a man turns up claiming to be a relative of the dead woman.

Segura, Alex. Down the Darkest Street (Per, 15.95) Apr. Newsman-turned-PI Pete Fernandez is on the trail of a psychopathic killer terrorizing Miami when he is hired to find a missing girl.

Smith, Lachlan. Panther’s Prey (Per, 16.00) Apr. San Francisco attorney Leo Maxwell partners with an attoryney from a white-shoe firm to successfully overturn a rape conviction against a mentally ill homeless man, but shortly after the trial, Leo finds the other attorney raped and murdered in her apartment. I loved this.

Stembridge, Gerard. What She Saw (HC, 15.99) May. An American on holiday in Paris finds herself in serious trouble when she takes photographs of a naked French politician assaulting a woman in a posh hotel.

Swinson, David. The Last Girl (LB, 15.99) Apr. A former police detective now working as a PI in Washington, DC accidentally finds a kidnapped teenaged girl in the home of a drug lord, becoming a hero and reluctantly agrees to hunt for another missing girl. The hero is a drug addict, which makes this both creepily fascinating and slightly repulsive—but, hey, I couldn’t put it down.

Topol, Allan. Washington Power Play (Per, 16.95) May. An FBI agent discovers a plot on the part of the Chinese to put an American president in power by influencing the election. Scary and very plausible.

Torjussen, Mary. Gone Without a Trace (Png, 16.00) Apr. When her boyfriend disappears completely—even the texts and emails between them are gone—a woman struggles to figure out what happened to him, and if her memories of their years together are true in a chilling novel of psychological suspense.

Ware, Ruth. The Woman in Cabin 10 (SS, 16.00) Apr. A travel journalist on a luxurious North Sea cruise is convinced that she saw a woman thrown overboard one stormy night, but all of the passengers are accounted for and nobody believes her. Very Agatha Christie-esque plotting. Recommended.

Yocum, Robin. Favorite Sons (Per, 16.99) Mar. Three teenaged boys involved in a tragedy that took the life of another teenager let another man be convicted of the crime, but now, thirty-three years later, one of them is a prosecuting attorney running for state office when he receives a blackmail threat.

_____. A Welcome Murder (Prom, 15.95) Apr. An ex-con just wants to retrieve the drug money he stashed in Steubenville before he was convicted and leave town, but the cops are after him when an FBI informer is murdered, and perhaps worse his former cellmate shows up wanting to use the drug money to fund a white supremacist compound in Idaho.

Young, Heather. The Lost Girls (HC, 14.99) Apr. When a woman moves to a lake house in Minnesota that she inherited from her great-aunt, she finds a journal about a terrible family tragedy that occurred in 1935, a tragedy that will play out in the present for her and her children.


New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Bahrami, Beebe Café Neanderthal (Per, 26.00) Apr. An account of life as an archaeologist in the Dordogne, featuring good food, good wine, and the attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of our ancient ancestors 35,000 years ago.  I loved this, in part, because my archaeologist brother is central to the story.

Black, Cara. Murder on the Quai (Soho, 15.95) May. In a prequel set in 1989, Aimée Leduc, a Parisian medical student, takes over her father’s detective agency while he is in Germany on a case.

Craig, Charmaine. Miss Burma (Per, 26.00) May. A multigenerational saga of a Burmese family who are caught up in the bloody twentieth-century history of Burma. Excellent and heartbreaking.

Davidson, Lionel. Kolymsky Heights (Per, 15.95) Mar. The reprint of a classic thriller set in a secret research facility in the Siberian permafrost, a place so secret that all the scientists are virtual prisoners, and only one sends a message for help.

Dumont, Claudine. Captive (Per, 15.95) May. A woman with a mundane life and job awakens to find herself captive in a concrete cell, but just when she learns to accept her fate, her captors begin testing her to see how strong her will to survive is in a novel of psychological suspense.

Friis, Agnete. What My Body Remembers (Soho, 25.95) May. A woman who has had severe panic attacks since she was a child after her father murdered her mother returns to her childhood home in northern Denmark with her young son to confront her memories, but finds that dredging up the past can be dangerous.

Georget, Philippe. Crimes of Winter (Eur, 18.00) May. In a police procedural set in Perpignan, Inspector Gilles Sebag investigates a murder, a suicide, and a man who threatens to blow up the neighborhood in a series of crimes that are all crimes of passion.

Hamalainen, Karo. Cruel is the Night (Soho, 25.95) Apr. The English-language debut by a prize-winning Finnish author is a locked-room black comedy inspired by Agatha Christie.

Hamilton, Ian. The Princeling of Nanjing (Per, 15.95) May. Ava Lee is in Shanghai on business when she discovers that her friend is being pressured by the head of the Tsai family to begin trading drugs, so she agrees to help.  Ava is one kick-ass accountant!

Herzoni, Nir. Three Envelopes (STM, 24.99) Apr. A superior thriller debut featuring an Israeli intelligence operative who receives a notebook from ten years before chronicling an intelligence operation that led to a mass murder in Canada.

Koutsakis, Pol. Athenian Blues (Bitter Lemon, 14.95) Apr. A Greek hit man, who prides himself on killing only people who deserve it, finds himself in a conundrum when a glamorous supermodel hires him to kill her husband, but the husband wants to hire him to protect his deluded wife from an unknown killer in a film-noir tinged case.

Lagercrantz, David. The Girl in the Spider’s Web (RH, 9.99) May. Lisbeth Salander returns!

Lagioia, Nicola. Ferocity (Eur, 18.00) May. When the daughter of a prominent Roman family dies, the death is called a suicide, but her brother insists on investigating and finds a corruption at the heart of the family’s ascent.

Lapidus, Jens. Stockholm Delete (Vin, 16.95) Apr. A Stockholm attorney, an ex-con, and his nephew find themselves involved in a grisly murder of an unidentified man, and all the clues lead to the man the ex-con once kidnapped.

Leon, Donna. Earthly Remains (Per, 25.00) Apr. Brunetti takes a vacation on one of the larger islands in the laguna to recuperate from the stress of work, but when one of the caretakers of the villa where he is staying disappears after a storm, he can’t help investigating. Signed copies.

_____. The Girl of his Dreams (Per, 16.00) Apr. Venice’s Commissario Brunetti investigates the death of a gypsy girl in this reissue.

Limón, Martin. Ping Pong Heart (Soho, 15.95) May. When a U.S. Army major is found murdered after accusing a bar girl of stealing $50 from him, CID Sergeants Bascom and Sueño investigate other possible motives relating to his work as an intelligence officer.

Longworth, M.L. The Curse of La Fontaine (Png, 15.00) Apr. When a restaurateur in Aix-en-Provence seeks to enlarge his successful restaurant by extending into a historic courtyard, his plan meets opposition and the discovery of a skeleton causes Bonnet and Verlaque to open an investigation.

McCall Smith, Alexander. My Italian Bulldozer (Pan, 25.95) Apr. A food writer whose girlfriend recently left him goes to Tuscany to finish his latest book amid good wine and truffled pasta, but he is plagued by a series of misadventures beginning with being stranded at the airport.

_____. Precious and Grace (RH, 15.00) May. Precious Ramotswe and her assistant Grace agree to help a Canadian tourist who wants to recover memories of her early childhood in Botswana.

MacKenzie, Jassy. Bad Seeds (Soho, 25.95) Apr. Johannesburg PI Jade de Jong is hired to find a missing security official after a break-in at a nuclear energy facility.

May, Peter. Blacklight Blue (Quer, 14.99) Apr. Former forensics expert Enzo must leave his teaching job at Toulouse when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness, but then things become even worse after someone begins targeting him and his family.

Minato, Kanae. Penance (Mull, 15.99) Apr. Four young women suffer the effects of the murder of a young friend when they were 10 years old, showing the far-reaching consequences of the murder on their lives.

Miské, Karim. Arab Jazz (Quer, 16.99) Mar. When his upstairs neighbor is murdered in Paris, a man joins forces with the homicide detectives in charge to look for the killer, and they soon find links with Hasidic Jews, Salafist Muslims, and a powerful new street drug.

Morfoot, Peter. Fatal Music (RH, 14.95) Apr. In the second in the series set in Nice, Captain Darac investigates when a woman’s mutilated body is found.

Motte, Anders de la. Ultimatum (SS, 17.00) May. David Sarac of the Stockholm Police Force Intelligence Unit is recovering from gunshot wounds after a violent encounter with a high-level informant when he is given an anonymous letter containing two photographs—one of a happy family and one of a dead woman.

Nakamura, Fuminori. The Boy in the Earth (Soho, 23.95) Apr. A Tokyo taxi driver finds himself obsessing about committing suicide after his abusive father makes contact with him again in a powerful, prize-winning novel of psychological suspense.

_____. The Kingdom (Soho, 14.95) Apr. A young grifter in Tokyo finds herself locked in a game of cat-and-mouse with a deadly crime lord.

Nesbo, Jo. The Thirst (RH, 26.95) May. Harry Hole is drawn back into the Oslo police force to hunt for a serial killer targeting Tinder daters, a killer with an MO similar to that of Harry’s nemesis.

Neuhaus, Nele. I am Your Judge (STM, 16.99) Apr. The murders of four women, killed by a sniper while doing ordinary things, four unrelated victims with no known enemies sends the investigative team of Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein on a hunt for a different kind of serial killer in the fourth in the police procedural series by the German bestseller.

Pérez-Reverte, Arturo. What We Become (SS, 17.00) Apr. The passionate love between a society woman and a charming con man unfolds against the backdrop of espionage and adventure from the 1920s into the 1960s. Excellent.

Persson, Lief G.W. The Dying Detective ((Pan, 27.95) May. A famous detective, retired from the Swedish National Criminal Police, suffers a stroke, and while in the hospital investigates an unsolved case of a murdered nine-year-old girl with the help of an amateur detective and a man closely involved in the case.

Rufin, Jean-Christophe. Checkpoint (Eur, 18.00) May. Four men accompanying a humanitarian aid worker through Bosnia gradually reveal their hidden motives for their work in a novel of psychological suspense.

Ryan, Alex. Hong Kong Black (Per, 26.99) May. When bodies begin washing up near Hong Kong, a former Navy SEAL agrees to investigate in a case that involves bio-terrorism on a global scale.

Scott, Gavin. The Age of Olympus (Rh, 14.95) Apr. A former SOE officer witnesses the death of a Greek poet, but realizes that the intended victim was a general allied with the communist party, just as Greece is on the point of civil war.

Sendker, Jan-Philipp. The Language of Solitude (SS, 26.00) May. An ex-pat journalist living in Hong Kong travels to a small village outside of Shanghai where a mysterious illness is affecting the locals, but the quest for justice against corporate corruption and greed could be more dangerous than the illness.

Shea, Susan. Love and Death in Burgundy (STM, 24.99) May. In the first of a cozy new series, an American couple who buy an old house in Reigny-sur-Canne find themselves investigating when the German-born husband of the owner of the local chateau dies in a fall. A treat for francophiles.

Simenon, Georges. Madame Maigret’s Friend (Png, 12.00) April, Maigret’s Memoirs (Png, 12.00) May, and Maigret at Picratt’s (Png, 12.00) May. Reissues of three classic mysteries featuring the Parisian detective.

Vigan, Delphine de. Based on a True Story (Bloomsbury, 26.00) May. When a shy woman writer meets a meets a chic confident woman with whom she quickly becomes friends, she finds herself ceding control of both her writing and her life to her new friend in a chilling tale of obsession and interchangeable identities.

Walker, Martin. Fatal Pursuit (RH, 16.00) May. During a car rally race in St. Denis, police chief Bruno must investigate the murder of a scholar and a second death, both of which may be linked to the disappearance of a Bugatti during WWII.

Williams, Timothy. The Second Day of the Renaissance (Soho, 26.95) May. Commissario Trotti comes out of retirement when a friend from Siena warns him that a notorious hit man has returned to Italy to kill him.

Zepeda Patterson, Jorge. Milena or the Most Beautiful Femur in the World (SS, 18.99) May. When her rich and powerful lover dies, Milena knows that the thugs who kidnapped her from her Croatian village will be after her, but they don’t reckon with three people who will protect her—and protect the mysterious black book she carries filled with crimes of the wealthy and politically powerful.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong (Brk, 15.00) May. When a businessman is murdered in his London hotel room, Inspector Witherspoon can find no motive, but Mrs. Jeffries uncovers that the man is a notorious con man who has fleeced people on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chisholm, P.F. A Clash of Spheres (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Apr. Sir Robert Carey is sent to the Scottish border in 1592 to end the bloody feuds between the Catholic and Protestant factions in a novel heavy on intrigue as both groups vie for influence over the heir to the throne.

Christie, William. A Single Spy (STM, 25.99) Apr. The adopted son of a German couple who immigrate to the Soviet Union only to die in a purge, becomes a spy for the Soviets because of his intelligence and linguistic ability and is sent to Germany in 1936 to infiltrate Nazi intelligence.

Cleverly, Barbara. Diana’s Altar (Soho, 15.95) Apr. Joe Sandilands investigates the alleged suicide of a man at Cambridge in 1933, a death with national importance beyond simply aristocratic hedonism. Excellent.

Corby, Gary. The Singer from Memphis (Soho, 15.95) May. Athenian investigator Nicolaos is hired by the historian Herodotus to accompany him to Egypt to do research, but they arrive at the time that the country is rebelling against the Persian Empire.

Doerr, Anthony. All the Light We Cannot See (SS, 17.00) May. Finally in paperback, the haunting story of a blind French girl and a young German soldier who seek to survive the wholesale destruction of WWII. Excellent.

Dunmore, Helen. Exposure (AtlMon, 16.00) Apr. A novel of Cold War domestic intrigue about a foreign office agent who realizes that his mentor is a Russian spy, but when he is himself arrested for spying, his wife take charge. Excellent.

Eldridge, Jim. Shadows of the Dead (SH, 28.99) May. In the second in this series set in post-WWI London DCI Stark finds himself investigating the murders of his titled lover’s ex-husband and a visiting American, but it becomes increasingly unclear who the real target was.

Emerson, Kathy Lynn. Murder in a Cornish Alehouse (SH, 28.99) Apr. Mistress Jaffrey, a gentlewoman who works as an intelligence gatherer in 1584 goes to Cornwall where her stepfather, himself an intelligence agent, has been found murdered.

Forry, Lauren A. Abigale Hall (Per, 24.99) Apr. Two young sisters who lost their parents during WWII are forced to work in the country at the mysterious Abigale Hall where bloodstained books, ominous photographs, and the portrait of a mysterious woman all point to a deadly secret in an atmospheric debut gothic novel.

Goddard, Robert. The Ends of the Earth (Per, 25.00) Apr. In the final volume of this historical trilogy, WWI flying ace James Maxted goes to Tokyo and confronts a lethal German foe and a thirty-year-old secret in an attempt to find out about his father’s murder. A twisty, swashbuckling gem.

Grann, David. Killers of the Flower Moon and the Birth of the FBI (DD, 28.95) Apr. The true story of the investigation into the murders of Osage Indians in Oklahoma in the 1920s, a murder spree that led to the hiring of a former Texas Ranger by the FBI, who in turn set up an undercover team including one of the only Native Americans in the FBI to uncover a massive conspiracy that flourished amidst the prejudice against Native Americans.

Grant, Richard. Cave Dwellers (Knopf, 27.95) Apr. A conspiracy in late 1937 to bring down the Nazi regime backed by a number of German aristocrats finds a young man recruited to go to Washington on a perilous mission, a mission that leaves him stranded in the U.S. and forced to sneak back into Germany. I loved this.

Gyasi, Yaa. Homegoing (RH, 16.00) May. The family saga of two sisters from Ghana that begins in the eighteenth century where one becomes a slave and is sent to America and one marries an Englishman and becomes part of the ruling class. Not a mystery, but excellent.

Hannah, Kristen. The Nightingale (STM, 16.99) May. Two sisters in a quiet French village must make difficult decisions to save themselves and their families when the Nazis invade in 1939. Excellent.

Harris, C.S. Where the Dead Lie (Png, 26.00) Apr. When a street urchin is found tortured and murdered, St. Cyr vows to find the culprit in a case that takes him from the brothels of London to the upper levels of society in the latest in this Regency series.

Harris, Gregory. The Endicott Evil (Ken, 15.00) Apr. Colin Pendragon investigates the death of the elderly sister of a peer in Parliament and discovers that the family country house is filled with secrets and violence.

Hunter, Stephen. G-Man (Put, 27.00) May. When Bob Lee Swagger finds his grandfather’s memorabilia dating from 1934 when he was an FBI agent hunting for notorious gangster Baby Face Nelson, he discovers that someone else is very interested in what he found.

Kasasian, M.R.C. The Secrets of Gaslight Lane (Peg, 25.95) Apr. Grice and his ward are asked to look into the murder of a man killed after visiting his mother—as was his father 11 years earlier—in the fourth in this Victorian-era series.

Kerr, Philip. Prussian Blue (Put, 27.00) Apr. When the head of the Stasi with a former Kripo agent appears in Cap Ferrat in 1956 to recruit him to kill an agent in London, Bernie Gunther goes on the run back to Germany and remembers the first time he met the men, in 1939 during a murder investigation among the Nazi elite in Obersalzberg. Highly recommended.

King, Laurie R. The Murder of Mary Russell (Ban, 16.00) Apr. When Mary Russell disappears from her cottage after opening the door to a man claiming to be Mrs. Hudson’s son, it is the housekeeper and her story as the daughter of a criminal that leads to the resolution of the mystery.

Koreto, R.J. Alice and the Assassin (Per, 26.99) Apr. In the first of a new series Alice Roosevelt and her Secret Service Agent investigate the murder of President McKinley, killed by an avowed anarchist.

Kutscher, Volker. Babylon Berlin (Duf, 16.00) May. A police procedural set in 1929 Berlin featuring a disgraced detective inspector who investigates the death of an unidentified man who may have been involved in a Stalinist plot to search for a rumored trove of gold hidden in the city.

Kutzukake, Lynn. The Translation of Love (DD, 16.95) Apr. A Japanese teenager who spent WWII in a Vancouver internment camp returns to occupied Tokyo with her father, where she is completely isolated until a schoolmate asks her help in finding her missing sister.

Lagercrantz, David. The Fall of Man in Wilmslow (Knopf, 16.00) May. A London homicide detective investigates the alleged suicide of famed British mathematician Alan Turing after he was caught in a homosexual tryst.

Madeley, Richard. Some Day I’ll Find You (SS, 16.00) May. A woman who fighter-pilot husband was shot down over northern France at the beginning of WWII visits France with her new husband when she hears a voice from the past, the voice of someone who will torment her and blackmail her until there is only one way out.

McCrumb, Sharyn. Prayers the Devil Answers (SS, 16.00) May. When she becomes sheriff after the death of her husband, a woman must investigate the secrets and superstitions of the small Depression-era Tennessee town where she lives, all tied to her job to execute a convicted killer.

McGarrity, Michael. The Last Ranch (Dut, 17.00) May. Matthew Kearny returns from WWII to find that things have changed dramatically in the San Andres Mountains as the U.S. Army seeks to take control of his ranch for expanded weapons testing, and meanwhile he must cope with his war injury, his father’s increasing age, and an ex-con who wants revenge.

Mina, Denise. The Long Drop (LB, 26.00) May. In a stand-alone set in 1950s Glasgow, a man whose family was butchered, and who is saved by a clever lawyer, becomes an amateur crime-solver and when he meets a career criminal who promises to show him where the murder weapon is hidden, the action moves between a bizarre pub crawl with the murderer and the trial of the real murderer.

Mukherjee, Abir. A Rising Man (Peg, 25.95) May. A debut set in Calcutta in 1919 featuring a former Scotland Yard detective assigned to the British Imperial Police Force, whose first case is the murder of a top aide to the lieutenant governor, a case that may be the work of anti-Raj forces.

Muriel, Oscar de. The Strings of Murder (Peg, 15.95) May. In this debut historical set in 1888, a Scotland Yard detective is sent to Edinburgh to investigate the murder of a virtuoso violinist brutally killed in a locked room.

Myers, Amy. Dancing with Death (SH, 28.99) May. In the first of a new series set in 1925, the chef at a large country house in Kent stumbles across the body of a family friend during a dinner party featuring a midnight ghost hunting, and decides to investigate in a cozy historical mystery.

Nagorski, Andrew. The Nazi Hunters (SS, 17.00) May. The true story of those who dedicated their lives to tracking down the Nazi war criminals who escaped in the aftermath of WWII.

Navarro, Joe. Three Minutes to Doomsday (SS, 26.00) Apr. The true story of an FBI agent whose job was to interrogate a suspected traitor who had been giving secrets to the Russians at the end of the Cold War.

O’Nan, Stewart. City of Secrets (Vik, 15.00) Apr. In an espionage thriller set after WWII in Jerusalem under British occupation, a concentration camp survivor joins a cell of Haganah, a group fighting for Jewish independence, and is sent on increasingly dangerous and desperate missions.

Patrick, Renee. Dangerous to Know (Forge, 24.99) Apr. In the second in this series set in 1930s Hollywood, Edith Head is asked to find a missing pianist for Marlene Dietrich. The joy of this series is that even the most outlandish incidents featuring real-life celebrities of the time are true.

Peacock, Caro. Fool’s Gold (SH, 28.99) May. On their honeymoon in the Greek Isles in 1841, PI Liberty Lane and her husband investigate when a guest of an Englishman goes missing from his villa.

Potzsch, Oliver. The Play of Death (HMH, 18.00) May. In the latest in this series set in 1670 in Bavaria, the actor playing Jesus in a Passion play is found crucified on the set of the play, and the hangman is sent to the village to torture the suspect into a confession.

Richards, Penny. Though this be Madness (Ken, 15.00) May. Pinkerton agent Lilly Long travels with another agent to New Orleans to investigate why a young widow who inherited a great fortune has been put into an insane asylum.

Robb, Candace. The Service of the Dead (Peg, 15.95) May. The beginning of a new series set in York in 1399, featuring an innkeeper who must turn sleuth when an unknown man is strangled during a tryst with a prostitute in one of her rooms.

Robinson, Daniel. The Death of a Century (Per, 14.99) Apr. When he discovers a one-way ticket to France by the side of his murdered WWI army buddy, a man escapes to Paris where he becomes a hunted man as he looks for his friend’s killer among other disillusioned American ex-pats. I loved this.

Runcie, James. Sidney Chambers and the Persistence of Love (Bloomsbury, 17.00) May. In the latest volume of six interlinked tales, Sidney is now an archdeacon in the 1970s and stumbles upon a body, the theft of a rare religious book, and possible fraud.

Sheridan, Sara. London Calling (Ken, 25.00) Apr. When a London socialite disappears after visiting a Soho night club with a jazz musician in 1952, the musician hires Brighton PI Mirabelle Bevan to investigate after he is arrested, and she and her associate must use all her skills from the Secret Service to navigate the London club scene.

Simpson, Rosemary. What the Dead Leave Behind (Ken, 25.00) May. In a Gilded Age mystery set in New York in 1888, an heiress investigates the death of her fiancé during a snowstorm and asks his friend, a former Pinkerton agent and attorney, for his help in discovering what happened and why.

Thompson, Victoria. Murder in the Bowery (Brk, 26.00) May. Frank and Sarah investigate the murder of a society woman whose death may be connected to the murder of the brother of Frank’s client.

_____. Murder in Morningside Heights (Brk, 7.99) May. Frank and Sarah investigate the murder of a teacher in Morningside Heights, a woman whose public life was exemplary, but whose private life was a tissue of lies and deceit.

Tidhar, Lavie. A Man Lies Dreaming (RH, 16.99) May. A strange and haunting combination of noir detective story and Holocaust story featuring a London PI in 1939 and a writer of pulp noir in a German concentration camp whose lives intersect.

Todd, Charles. The Shattered Tree (HC, 14.99) Apr. WWI nurse Bess Crawford investigates when an officer she is caring for begins calling out in German.

Underdown, Beth. The Witchfinder’s Sister (Ball, 28.00) Apr. A debut historical novel set in 1645, where the sister of the Witchfinder General of England returns home penniless, husbandless, and pregnant to find that her brother is targeting woman like her.

Vidich, Paul. The Good Assassin (SS, 26.00) Apr. A noir espionage novel set in Cuba in 1958 as foreign powers attempt to influence the outcome of a revolution in the island nation.

Wilde, Darcie. A Purely Private Matter (Brk, 15.00) May. In the second in this Regency series, Rosalind Thorne agrees to help a pregnant woman whose husband has received anonymous letters saying that she is carrying the child of a notorious actor, and when the actor is found dead, the woman’s husband falls under suspicion.

Of Special Interest

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