October/November 2015


New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Adams, Jane. Forgotten Voices (SH, 28.95) Oct. Actress Rina Martin investigates when a widow is killed outside the quiet English village where she lives after the police are stumped for a motive.

Avitabile, Tom. Give us this Day (Per, 26.95) Oct. An FBI agent who wishes to retire is called back in for one final assignment when a group of terrorists threatens NYC.

Baldacci, David. The Guilty (GC, 28.00) Nov. Professional assassin Will Robie finds himself suffering a crisis of conscience and must confront an episode from his past.

Berenson, Laurien. The Bark before Christmas (Ken, 25.00) Oct. When an expensive Westie goes missing during a school fundraiser, Melanie and her aunt must squeeze detection into their busy holiday schedule.

Bonfiglioli, Kyril, completed by Craig Brown. The Great Mordecai Mustache Mystery (Over, 24.95) Nov. Completed in 1996 and only now published in the U.S., this is the final in a funny series featuring an art dealer often on the wrong side of the law, who becomes involved in the murder investigation of an Oxford fellow.

Carl, JoAnna. The Chocolate Falcon Fraud (NAL, 22.95) Nov. After her former stepson arrives for a visit, his disappearance and the discovery of a dead body on the doorstep, send chocolate-shop owner Lee on a quest to find a killer.

Chazin, Suzanne. A Blossom of Bright Light (Kens, 25.00) Nov. Upstate New York homicide detective Jimmy Vega investigates the death of a dead newborn in a case where immigration issues loom large.

Childs, Laura with Terrie Farley Moran. Parchment and Old Lace (Brk, 25.95) Oct. New Orleans scrapbook shop Owner Carmela and her boyfriend find the body of a friend’s sister in a cemetery and investigate in a case involving fashions and casinos.

Clark, Mary Higgins and Alafair Burke. All Dressed in White (SS, 26.99) Nov. In the second in the series, television producer Laurie Moran investigates the cold case of a bride who went missing on her wedding day. I loved the first one.

Cobb, Thomas. Darkness the Color of Snow (HC, 25.99) Sept. When a young rookie police officer is blamed for a hit-and-run, the small town where he lives is quick to accuse him, creating a media frenzy interfering with the investigation in a bleak and gritty tale. Signing.

Connelly, Michael. The Crossing (LB, 28.00) Nov. Harry Bosch, now retired from the LAPD, reluctantly agrees to help his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, in investigating the case of a gang member accused of the brutal murder of a woman.

Cook, Robin. Host (Put, 26.95) Oct. When her boyfriend suffers severe brain damage during a routine orthopedic procedure, a medical student investigates and finds a high-tech facility that houses patients in vegetative states. This was announced in the spring.

Cornwell, Patricia. Depraved Heart (HC, 28.99) Oct. Kay Scarpetta must save her niece Lucy from prison, despite the fact that she is unsure of her innocence, when she comes under suspicion from the FBI.

Crais, Robert. The Promise (Put, 27.95) Nov. Elvis and Joe Pike are hired to find a missing defense contractor who is an explosives expert, while K9 officer Scott James and his partner Maggie find a dead body in a house filled with explosives.

Cussler, Clive and Graham Brown. The Pharaoh’s Secret (Put, 28.95) Nov. The NUMA team must fight against a mastermind intent on establishing a new Egyptian empire using a plant extract that can revivify the dead.

Dalton, Annie. The White Shepherd (SH, 29.95) Oct. In this debut set in Oxford, a university administrator discovers the bloodied body of an acquaintance while walking her rescued shepherd in the park, and her investigation leads to a serial killer.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. Untimely Death (Per, 24.99) Nov. In the first of a new cozy series set in a Shakespearean theater company in upstate New York, the costume mistress investigates the murder of the company’s ingénue.

Dunlap, Susan. Switchback (SH, 27.95) Oct. San Francisco stuntwoman Darcy Lott must investigate when her Zen teacher is beaten by a thug who breaks into his meditation room, but an investigative journalist suspects him of being involved in human trafficking.

Dunn, Matthew. The Spy House (HC, 26.99) Oct. Cia-MI6 agent Will Cochrane is asked to investigate when the members of a joint intelligence taskforce in Beirut are assassinated, possibly by Hamas.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. The Scottie Barked at Midnight (Kens, 25.00) Nov. Liss finds a lost Scottish terrier on a snowy road and discovers that the dog’s owner has been murdered—right before she was to appear on a reality show with her Dancing Doggies.

Estleman, Loren. The Sundown Speech (STM, 24.99) Nov. Detroit PI Amos Walker is hired by a couple to get back money they have invested with a Hollywood producer, but when the producer is found murdered the husband becomes the chief suspect.

Evanovich, Janet. Tricky Twenty-Two (BDD, 28.00) Nov. Stephanie Plum returns!

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher (NAL, 23.95) Oct. A realtor friend of Jessica gets the listing for a house that’s thought to be haunted, and things only get worse when the house’s elderly owner dies under suspicious circumstances.

Fortunato, John. Dark Reservations (STM, 25.99) Oct. A prize-winning debut set on the Navajo reservation featuring a BIA agent who teams up with a Navajo tribal policeman when the body of a congressman missing for twenty-five years is found, leading them to uncover a conspiracy involving the black-market trade in ancient artifacts.

Francis, Felix. Front Runner (Put, 26.95) Oct. After confessing to having thrown a race because he was being blackmailed a jockey is found dead, and British Horseracing Authority investigator Jeff Hinkley must discover if it was suicide or murder.

Freemantle, Brian. The Cloud Collector (STM, 26.99) Nov. A CIA agent working with an MI5 operative uncovers a terrorist mastermind while trolling the “darknets” of cyberspace, but their attempts to catch him are hampered by their own governments.

Gay, William. Little Sister Death (Per, 26.95) Oct. A terrifying ghost story based on Tennessee’s Curse of the Bell Witch about a writer who moves his family to an isolated farm house, not realizing that it is haunted.

George, Elizabeth. A Banquet of Consequences (Vik, 28.95) Oct. DS Havers investigates the murder of a feminist writer, and the chief suspect is the writer’s personal assistant, an abusive middle-aged busybody.

Gerritsen, Tess. Playing with Fire (Ball, 28.00) Nov. A standalone mystery about a violinist who discovers a handwritten waltz inside an antiquarian music book and goes to Venice to try to learn more about its Jewish composer whose love for a young Catholic woman inspired his music.

Goldenbaum, Sally. Trimmed with Murder (NAL, 24.95) Nov. When her brother, who’s come to town to volunteer at a free clinic, becomes a suspect in the murder of a tourist, Izzy and the Seaside Knitters must take time from their tree-trimming project to find the real killer.

Grisham, John. Rogue Lawyer (DD, 28.95) Oct. A Southern lawyer specializes in defending unpopular clients, including a brain-damaged dropout accused of killing two young girls.

Haas, Derek. A Different Lie (Peg, 24.95) Nov. Contract killer Columbus has settled down with his wife and child, but he receives an assignment to kill another assassin, a young man who has already killed numerous important people.

Hall, Parnell. Fool for a Client (Peg, 25.95) Oct. PI Stanley Hastings must investigate to help his attorney boss defend himself against a charge of murdering his girlfriend.

Hart, Carolyn. Ghost to the Rescue (Brk, 25.95) Oct. Bailey Ruth must help a single mother whose dreams of a faculty job turn into a nightmare when the professor in charge of hiring is murdered and her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon.

Hart, Ellen. The Grave Soul (STM, 25.99) Oct. Minneapolis PI Jane Lawless investigates when a friend’s girlfriend begins having nightmares about the death of her mother years before and remembers her mother being strangled by a family member.

Heley, Veronica. Murder by Suspicion (SH, 29.95) Oct. Ellie Quicke returns from a trip to America to find her home in chaos with the caretaker she had left involved in a fundamentalist sect with a sinister, charismatic leader.

Hill, Bonnie Hearn. If Anything Should Happen (SH, 28.95) Nov. In the first in a new series a California talk-radio host who specializes in trying to solve unsolved crimes investigates the death of a man from a prominent family, but when she finds a letter left by her recently-deceased mother, she turn to a personal mystery.

Holahan, Cate. Dark Turns (Per, 24.99) Nov. When an injured ballerina finds a teaching job at a posh girls’ school in Connecticut, she discovers a nest of pure evil when the body of one of the students is found in the lake.

Howell, Dorothy. Swag Bags and Swindlers (Ken, 25.00) Oct. Haley is getting her event-planning business started with a big party at a Hollywood retirement home, but her plans are put on hold when she discovers the body of the director in a pool of blood.

James, Peter. You are Dead (STM, 26.99) Oct. DS Roy Grace investigates the deaths of two women in Brighton that are separated by more than 30 years, but which appear to be tied to a series of disappearances of young women over the years.

Katzenbach, John. The Dead Student (Per, 26.00) Oct. When his uncle is found dead, a graduate student and his ex-girlfriend join forces to find the killer in a novel of psychological suspense.

Kellerman, Faye. The Theory of Death (HC, 26.99) Oct. The apparent suicide of a brilliant mathematician soon turns into a murder case for Peter Decker, now working in an upstate New York town where he and Rina moved after he retired from the LAPD.

Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. The Golem of Paris (Put, 27.95) Nov. LAPD detective Jacob Lev investigates a gruesome murder that has ties to his own family secret, sending him to Paris to find the truth.

Kelly, Jim. Death on Demand (SH, 29.95) Nov. DI Shaw and DS Valentine of the West Norfolk police investigate the murder of an elderly resident of a nursing home just before her one hundredth birthday in an impossible case with no motives.

Kirschman, Ellen. The Right Wrong Thing (Ocean, 26.95) Oct. After endorsing a young man for police service, a consulting psychologist is under fire both personally and professionally when the rookie policeman fatally shoots a pregnant teenager.

Klinger, Leslie, ed. In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe (Peg, 24.95) Oct. An anthology of 20 tales of terror inspired by the master.

Land, Jon. Strong Light of Day (STM, 25.99) Oct. Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is working on two cases—the disappearance of a busload of Houston prep school students and a herd of cattle found dead and stripped to the bone—that become entwined, related to a case her own father investigated years before.

Lanh, Andrew. Return to Dust (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. When his housekeeper falls from a bridge, her niece convinces PI Rick van Lam to investigate, insisting that her aunt was murdered.

Law, J.S. Tenacity (HH, 27.00) Nov. A detective investigating the suicide of a sailor aboard a nuclear submarine, a suicide verdict that she suspects because the victim’s wife was raped and murdered two days before, finds herself trapped when the submarine submerses before schedule with a misogynistic crew that will do anything to stop her investigation in a debut thriller.

Leininger, Rob. Gumshoe (Ocean, 27.95) Nov. A former IRS agent turned PI in Reno is hired to solve the disappearance of the mayor and the DA in a case with a twisty plot and complicated characters.

Lenhardt, Melissa. Stillwater (Per, 24.99) Oct. When a former FBI agent takes the police chief job in a small Texas town, he is soon working a murder case that ties to a fifty-year-old murder and dark secrets in the town.

Lester, Meera. A Beeline to Murder (Ken, 25.00) Oct. A debut cozy featuring a cop turned farmer, who finds a local chef dead on his kitchen floor and investigates at the behest of her friend, the local police officer.

Lister, Michael. Blood Money (Pulp, 26.99) Nov. Prison chaplain John Jordan must solve the murder of a prostitute whose body is found outside of the prison gates, while at the same time investigating a series of mysterious suicides among the inmates.

Malliet, G.M. The Haunted Season (STM, 25.99) Oct. When the local lord of the manor is killed while horseback riding, the Reverend Max Tudor is called in to help the police investigation centering on the dead man’s unpleasant family. Highly recommended.

Marcott, Lindsay. The Producer’s Daughter (Per, 24.99) Oct. The daughter of a wealthy Hollywood producer lands in jail for grand theft, but she claims she is innocent and tries to prove it, even though no one, including her father, is supportive.

Martin, Nancy. Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything (STM, 25.99) Nov. When a Texas heiress leaves her entire estate to her dog, the dogsitter finds herself not only protecting the Texas Cattle Cur, but also investigating the suspicious death of her mistress in the first in a funny, cozy new series.

Masters, Priscilla. Recalled to Death (SH, 27.95) Oct. Coroner Martha Gunn becomes involved in the investigation of the murder of a homeless man found at an English Heritage site, only to discover that the real mystery is why a respectable man with no history of drug use abandoned his life to become homeless.

McCarry, Charles. The Mulberry Bush (Per, 26.00) Nov. When a career covert agent finds the means to avenge his father, a disgraced secret agent, he goes to any lengths to achieve his goal, including marrying the daughter of the charismatic leader of a Latin American terrorist group in a brilliantly plotted spy novel by a master.

McKinlay, Jenn. A Likely Story (Brk, 25.95) Nov. Library director Lindsey Norris has made friends with two elderly brothers to whom she delivers books, but when she arrives and finds one murdered and one missing, she must find the missing brother before the killer does.

Mills, Kyle. The Survivor (SS, 28.00) Oct. Mills has taken over after the untimely death of Vince Flynn, and provides Mitch Rapp with a case like no other as he battles the lethal legacy of a dead terrorist.

Morton, Kate. The Lake House (SS, 28.00) Oct. When a disgraced London police detective goes to stay with her grandfather in Cornwall, she becomes interested in the disappearance of the son of a wealthy family in 1933 from their Cornish estate, and with the help of the family and the locals, she discovers what happened. I loved this.

Orgain, Diana. Yappy Hour (STM, 24.99) Nov. A woman must investigate a murder with the help of a group of dog-lovers who gather at her sister’s bar, when the sister leaves town unexpectedly in the first of a doggy new cozy series.

Patterson, James, ed. The Best American Mystery Stories 2015 (HMH, 28.00 hc, 14.95 tp) Oct. Twenty short stories by some of today’s best-known mystery writers.

_____. Cross Justice (LB, 29.00) Nov. Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown when his cousin is accused of a murder, and discovers a long-buried family secret.

Pitts, Jr. Leonard. Grant Park (Per, 24.95) Oct. Two men who were involved in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, both journalists, uncover a terrorist plot against the newly-elected president Barack Obama in a suspenseful thriller that is also a look at race relations in contemporary America. Highly recommended.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. Crimson Shore (GC, 27.00) Nov. FBI agent Pendergast agrees to investigate a robbery of a wine cellar containing not only rare vintages, but also human remains in a case that ties to local legends of a witch colony and a demonic figure. Very spooky.

Rendell, Ruth. Dark Corners (SS, 26.00) Oct. A novel of psychological suspense about a man who rents out the top floor of the London house he inherits and finds himself at the mercy of his tenant.

Renner, James. The Great Forgetting (FSG, 26.00) Nov. A genre-bending thriller that combines science fiction and conspiracy theory and starts when a man returns to his Ohio hometown and finds himself investigating the disappearance of his best friend, who years ago ran off with the only woman he ever loved.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. What You See (STM, 25.99) Oct. Newly-unemployed Boston reporter Jane Ryland has a freelance job covering a stabbing death in a public square outside of Faneuil Hall.

Sanders, Ben. American Blood (STM, 24.99) Nov. A former NYPD detective in the Witness Protection Program in Albuquerque unwisely tangles with two local thugs after a young woman goes missing in a debut thriller. Recommended.

Sanford, John. Saturn Run (Put, 28.00) Oct. A sci-fi thriller set in the near future when a Caltech intern notices a spaceship approaching Saturn indicating that someone has an advanced technology that would lead to near domination of the Earth for whichever power gets it first.

Scottoline, Lisa. Corrupted (STM, 27.99) Oct. A lapse of judgement comes back to haunt Bennie Rosato when an affair she had years before impels her to agree to defend a young man accused of murder even though his story is not believable.

Smith, Carrie. Silent City (Per, 24.99) Oct. An NYC detective newly returned to the job after battling lymphoma is assigned the bizarre case of a popular school principal posed as if crucified in a case with multiple suspects among parents, teachers, and administrators.

Starr, Jason. Savage Lane (Per, 25.95) Oct. A domestic thriller set in a supposedly idyllic Westchester suburb, with marital betrayals leading to murder.

Staub, Wendy Corsi. Nine Lives (Per, 24.99) Oct. The first in a new paranormal series featuring a widow who goes on a road trip with her young son and ends up at a spiritualist enclave in upstate New York, where the housekeeper drowns in what might not be an accidental death.

Swank, Denise Grover. Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons (Per, 24.99) Oct. In the second in the comic cozy series, Rose is called for jury duty, but she has a vision that the man on trial is innocent of the crime, so she calls on her family and cop boyfriend to help find the guilty party.

Thomas, David. Blood Relative (Quer, 24.99) Nov. When a man returns home and finds his brother dead and his German wife catatonic and holding a bloody knife, he vows to prove her innocence in an investigation that turns up dark secrets about her past in the former East Berlin and the infamous STASI.

Webb, Betty. The Puffin of Death (PP, 26.95) Nov. California zookeeper Teddy Bentley is sent to Iceland to pick up a polar bear cub, but while there she stumbles over the body of womanizing leader of a bird-watching tour in a puffin burrow and finds herself investigating the other members of the tour. Signing.

Wendig, Chuck. Mockingbird (SS, 26.99) Oct. A woman with psychic abilities and her lover investigate a school for bad girls that conceals a scheme of kidnapping, torture, and murder. Not for the squeamish.

Woods, Stuart. Foreign Affairs (Put, 27.95) Oct. Stone Barrington is in Italy to help plan a new luxury hotel in Rome, but a relocated New York Mafia don wants his piece of the action and kidnaps Stone’s latest girlfriend.

Wright, Erica. The Granite Moth (Peg, 24.95) Nov. NYC PI Kat Stone is asked to investigate when a float sponsored by a drag club at a Halloween parade is torched, killing two people in a case that ties to a drug kingpin she had pursued when she was an NYPD undercover detective.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Andrews, Donna. The Nightingale before Christmas (STM, 7.99) Oct.

Berenson, Laurien. Jingle Bell Bark (Ken, 7.99) Oct.

Carl, JoAnna. The Chocolate Clown Corpse (NAL, 7.99) Nov.

Child, Lee. A Wanted Man (BDD, 9.99) Oct.

Childs, Laura. Gossamer Ghost (Brk, 7.99) Oct.

Connelly, Michael. The Burning Room (GC, 9.99) Nov.

Cussler, Clive and Dirk Cussler. Havana Storm (Brk, 9.99) Nov.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. Ho-Ho-Homicide (Ken, 7.99) Oct.

Gardner, Lisa. Crash and Burn (NAL, 9.99) Nov.

Gerritsen, Tess. Die Again (BDD, 9.99) Oct.

Grippando, James. Cane and Abe (HC, 9.99) Nov.

Hart, Carolyn. Ghost Wanted (Brk, 7.99) Oct.

Hechtman, Betty. Knot Guilty (Brk, 7.99) Nov.

Hoag, Tami. Cold Cold Heart (NAL, 9.99) Oct.

Johansen, Iris. Your Next Breath (STM, 7.99) Oct.

Jones, Darynda. Eighth Grave after Dark (STM, 7.99) Oct.

Kellerman, Faye. Moon Music (HC, 9.99) Oct.

Koryta, Michael. The Prophet (GC, 7.99) Oct.

Lawson, M.A. Viking Bay (NAL, 9.99) Nov.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau and J.J. Murphy. The Cat, the Devil, the Last Escape (HC, 7.99) Nov.

Oust, Gail. Kill ‘Em with Cayenne (STM, 7.99) Nov.

Patterson, James. Hope to Die (GC, 9.99) Oct.

Plame, Valerie and Sarah Lovett. Burned (NAL, 9.99) Oct.

Sandford, John. Deadline (Brk, 9.99) Oct.

_____. Easy Prey (Brk, 9.99) Nov.

Sheehan, James. The Alligator Man (LB, 7.99) Oct.

Steinhauer, Olen. The Cairo Affair (STM, 9.99) Nov.

Truman, Margaret. Murder in the White House (HC, 7.99) Oct. Reissue.

_____. Murder on Capitol Hill (HC, 7.99) Oct. Reissue.

Washburn, Livia J. Trick or Deadly Treat (NAL, 7.99) Oct.

Wilson, F. Paul. Fear City (STM, 9.99) Oct.

Woods, Stuart. Insatiable Appetites (NAL, 9.99) Oct.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Adams, Ellery. Writing All Wrongs (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When a body is found on the beach where she’s spending her honeymoon, Olivia and her writing club—in town for a crime writer’s festival—must solve a whodunit.

Alan, Isabella. Murder, Plainly Read (NAL, 7.99) Oct. When the body of an Amish elder is found dead in the bookmobile, Angie and her quilting circle must save the librarian from being checked out permanently.

Allen, Beverly. Floral Depravity (Brk, 7.99) Oct. A florist must root out a toxic killer when the father of the groom at a medieval-themed hand fasting ceremony is poisoned with monkshood in the first of a new series.

Blake, Heather. Ghost of a Potion (NAL, 7.99) Oct. Potion shop owner Carly reluctantly attends a costume ball organized by her boyfriend’s mother, but when the mother is accused of killing the guest of honor, she must change into her sleuthing costume to find the real killer.

Brandon, Ali. Plot Boiler (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When the owner of a coffee shop is found murdered during a block party, bookstore owner Darla and her cat must find a killer.

Bryan, Mollie Cox. Scrapbook of the Dead (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Two murders at Halloween-time send the crafty croppers of Cumberland Creek cutting and pasting the clues to unmask a killer.

Buckley, Julia. The Big Chili (Brk, 7.99) Oct. A woman who has a catering service must find a killer when a woman is poisoned by her food before she finds herself in a pot-load of trouble in the first of a tasty new series.

Carlisle, Kate. Crowned and Moldering (NAL, 7.99) Oct. When the body of a young woman who’s been missing for 15 years is found during the renovation of an old mansion, Shannon must help solve a cold case.

Collins, Kate. Florist Grump (NAL, 7.99) Nov. When a beloved window washer is accused of killing a former banker, Abby and her husband must solve a thorny problem.

Connolly, Sheila. A Gala Event (Brk, 7.99) Oct. Orchard owner Meg agrees to help an ex-con who wants to prove his innocence for the tragic fire that put him behind bars years before.

Curtis, Waverly. The Silence of the Chihuahuas (Ken, 7.99) Nov. Pepe has stopped talking, just when Geri needs his dogged detective skills the most, what with her friend missing and her sister in grave danger.

Day, Maddie. Flipped for Murder (Ken, 7.99) Nov. A woman moves to a small southern Indiana town after a bad breakup and opens a pancake house, but on opening day, the disagreeable assistant to the mayor dies and she must uncover some dark secrets to find a killer.

Delany, Vicki. Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When a reporter who’s in town to cover the semi-annual Santa Claus parade is found murdered, shop owner Merry must put on her jingle bells and find a killer who’s naughty rather than nice in the first of a new series set in a Christmas-themed upstate New York town.

Flowers, Jean. Death Takes Priority (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When a woman moves to a small Berkshires town to become the postmistress, she finds herself looking for the killer of an unidentified man in the first of a new series.

Hamilton, Lee. White Colander Crime (Brk, 7.99) Nov. Vintage cookware collector Jaymie must find a killer during Dickens Days festival.

Hardy, Susannah. Olive and Let Die (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When Greek restaurateur Georgie gets a visit from her estranged mother, it’s like a soap opera, but when another relative is found dead, it becomes a crime drama.

Hollon, Cheryl. Pane and Suffering (Ken, 7.99) Oct. After her father dies, a woman returns to Florida to put things in order at his glass shop and leave his assistant in charge, but when the assistant also dies suddenly, she begins to suspect that both deaths are suspicious—especially when she finds a note from her father saying that she is in danger, in the first of a new series.

Holmes, Julianne. Just Killing Time (Brk, 7.99) Oct. In the first of a new series, a clockmaker investigates when her grandfather is murdered before someone else winds up dead.

James, Miranda. Dead with the Wind (Brk, 7.99) Oct. Two spry Southern ladies investigate when the bride-to-be dies before her wedding and discover that a number of the guests had reason to oppose the nuptials.

Kappes, Tonya. A Ghostly Murder (HC, 7.99) Oct. When the ghost of the town’s wealthiest woman—and biggest hypochondriac—appears to funeral director Emma Lee asking her to find her murderer, she must deal with a rival funeral director, a slimy lawyer, and a penny-pinching pastor.

Kelly, Diane. Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli (STM, 7.99) Oct. IRS agent Tara is on the trail of a local mobster who’s extorting protection money from local businesses and goes undercover as a waitress in his wife’s restaurant in the latest in this funny series.

Kelly, Sofie. Faux Paw (NAL, 7.99) Oct. When librarian Kathleen finds the body of the curator of a visiting art exhibition dead on the library floor, she and her magical cats must sniff out a murderous thief.

Lavene, Joyce and Jim. Looking for Mr. Good Witch (Brk, 7.99) Oct. The retired witches must dive into troubled waters to find a sinister sea witch in the second in this paranormal series.

Lee, Amanda. The Stitching Hour (NAL, 7.99) Nov. When a local waitress is found dead on the sidewalk in front of Marcy’s embroidery shop with mysterious markings on her neck, Halloween gets a lot scarier.

Lee, Elizabeth. Nuts and Buried (Brk, 7.99) Nov. Nut farmer owner Lindy must crack the case when a local is found murdered.

London, Colette. Dangerously Dark (Ken, 7.99) Oct. When her friend’s fiancé turns up dead at their chocolate-themed engagement party, chocolate-whisperer Hayden investigates.

LoTempio, T.C. Claws for Alarm (Brk, 7.99) Nov. A sandwich shop owner must interrupt her search for her cat’s owner when her sister is arrested for murder.

McBride, Susan. Say Yes to Death (HC, 7.99) Oct. When former debutante Andrea is dragged to a society wedding, she must turn sleuth after an old frenemy, now the wedding planner from hell, is stabbed with a cake knife after an altercation with the baker.

Myers, Ann. Bread of the Dead (HC, 7.99) Oct. In the first of a new series set in Santa , a chef turns to sleuthing when her landlord is found dead and the police rule it suicide, but she manages to uncover some dark secrets that may leave her celebrating dia de los muertos as one of the dead.

Perry, Carol J. Look Both Ways (Ken, 7.99) Nov. When the owner of an antiques shop where she bought a new bureau is found dead, Lee discovers that the mirror allows her to tap into her psychic skills to find the killer.

Perry, Leigh. The Skeleton Haunts a House (Brk, 7.99) Oct. Sid the skeleton is trapped in a Halloween haunted house with the body of a man whose murder appears to be without motive in the latest in this paranormal series.

Pressey, Rose. Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore (Ken, 7.99) Nov. When a famous fashionista is fatally flattened at a charity fashion show, Cookie, her cat, and her resident ghost must sew up a solution.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Ace, Cathy. The Corpse with the Diamond Hand (Per, 14.95) Oct. When a man drops dead in the game room while they are on a honeymoon Hawaiian cruise, Professor Cait Morgan and her husband are called on to investigate unofficially.

Andrews, Donna. Two Deadly Doves (STM, 16.99) Oct. Two Meg Langslow Christmas mysteries in one volume.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Christmas Bliss (STM, 12.95) Oct. A novella featuring Savannah antiques dealer Weezy Foley who has her hands full with her upcoming wedding and the mystery of why her best friend refuses to marry the father of her baby. Highly recommended.

Arlidge, M.J. Pop Goes the Weasel (NAL, 15.00) Oct. DI Helen Grace of the Southhampton police is faced with another serial killer—a prostitute who murders married men after targeting them on a Web forum.

Bailey, Dale. The Subterranean Season (Per, 16.00) Nov. A creepy horror story about a university instructor who discovers a seemingly bottomless hole in his office, perfect for disposing of the bodies of students who annoy him.

Ballantyne, Lisa. Everything She Forgot (HC, 14.99) Oct. A novel of psychological suspense set in London about a schoolteacher who becomes obsessed with a time in her childhood that she has blocked from her memory.

Barbieri, Maggie. Lies that Bind (STM, 15.99) Nov. When bakery owner Maeve Conlon discovers after her father’s death that she may have a sister she never knew, she decides to find her, but her investigation may be stirring up some dark secrets in the second in an excellent series that is wonderfully not what you’d expect.

Barclay, Alex. Killing Ways (HC, 14.99) Oct. FBI agent Ren Bryce, who suffers from bipolar disorder, joins forces with another detective to track down a serial killer.

Benson, E.F. Lucia in London and Mapp & Lucia (Vin, 15.95) Nov. If you love English village life in the 1920s and 1930s—and who doesn’t—the reissue of these wonderful comic novels will make you ecstatic (in a well-bred, genteel way, of course).

Blackwell, Juliet. The Paris Key (NAL, 15.00) Sept. When a recently divorced woman has the chance to return to Paris to take over her uncle’s lock-smithing shop, she discovers that the City of Lights holds many family secrets.

Boneham, Sheila Webster. Shepherd’s Crook (MidInk, 14.99) Oct. Animal photographer Janet and her Australian Shepherd investigate when twenty sheep go missing at a sheepherding competition—and then a livestock handler is found murdered.

Bridges, Victor. Trouble on the Thames (PP, 12.95) Oct. An entertaining mystery written in 1945, featuring a naval officer working for Naval Intelligence to bring down a Nazi spy ring, who gets caught up in the murder of a blackmailer. Jolly good fun.

Brons, Janet. Not a Clue (Per, 14.95) Oct. London homicide detective Hay is investigating the murder of a Canadian tourist while RCMP inspector Liz Forsyth investigates the murder of a Chechen woman in Ottawa, but the two cases soon come together when another murder occurs.

Brown, Rita Mae. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Ball, 15.00) Oct. When human remains are found in a famous equine cemetery in Kentucky, the mystery follows Sister Jane back to Virginia where she and the hounds must find a killer before he strikes again.

Conan Doyle, Arthur. Sherlock Holmes: The Novels (Png, 25.00) Nov. A deluxe edition of the four novels featuring the immortal Holmes and Watson. The perfect gift for the mystery lover.

Connolly, John. Night Music (SS, 16.00) Oct. A collection of paranormal tales by the author of the Charlie Parker mystery series. Great fun.

_____. The Reapers (SS, 16.00) Oct. and The Unquiet (SS, 16.00) Oct. Trade paper reissue of the Charlie Parker series.

Cooper, Tom. The Marauders (RH, 15.00) Nov. A funny debut crime novel featuring a Louisiana treasure hunter and his friends from a small bayou town after the BP oil spill who join together to find a lost treasure of the pirate Jean Lafitte.

Cooperman, E.J. and Jeff Cohen. The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband (MidInk, 14.99) Oct. PI Samuel Hoenig, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, becomes involved in a murder when a client leaves the body of her dead husband in his office.

Crowley, Kieran. Hack (Titan, 12.95) Oct. A New York tabloid journalist is investigating the case of a serial killer who specializes in unpleasant celebrities, posing their bodies in inventive ways, but when he is contacted by the killer, he realizes that he may be the next victim.

Cumming, Charles. The Hidden Man (STM, 15.99) Nov. When their father is killed, his two sons are drawn into his life as a master spy as they try to discover who killed him and why.

DeMille, Nelson. Cathedral (GC, 16.00) Oct. When an IRA terrorist takes over St. Patrick’s Cathedral, he faces off against an NYPD detective and a British intelligence operative.

Dorsey, Tim. Sharkskin Suite (HC, 13.99) Oct. Serge and Coleman go after the bankers who are foreclosing on half the population of Florida—often illegally and improperly. Funny, but unfortunately all too true.

Easton, Don. Art and Murder (Dundurn, 11.99) Nov. RCMP undercover agent Jack Taggert is on the hunt for a ring of sexual criminals headed by a mysterious mastermind who is willing to negotiate over a stolen painting.

Ellory, R.J. Saints of New York (Over, 16.95) Oct. An NYPD detective begins to notice a pattern in the deaths of  drug dealers in a case that goes back to the 1980s when his father was on the force.

Ernst, Kathleen. Death on the Prairie (MidInk, 14.99) Oct. On a trip to visit the historic site dedicated to Laura Ingalls Wilder, Chloe and her sister find murder as trouble stalks their fellow travelers, a group of academics, collectors, and obsessed fans.

Eskens, Allen. The Guise of Another (Prom, 15.95) Oct. In the second mystery to feature a disgraced Minneapolis police officer who investigates when a man who faked his death in a boat accident dies for real in a car accident.

Finch, Paul. Dead Man Walking (HC, 14.99) Oct. DS Mark Heckenburg must find a serial killer terrorizing Dartmoor, picking off his victims one by one from a small village.

Gallagher, Peter. Requiem for Roscoe (Amper, 17.95) Oct. A serial killer whodunit featuring a Chicago PD detective who investigates when two prostitutes have their throats slit and three men are fatally stabbed in the lungs with an ice pick, left to drown in their own blood.

Giambanco, Valentina. The Gift of Darkness (Quer, 14.99) Nov. A debut police procedural set in Seattle where a homicide detective and her partner are assigned to the case of a lawyer murdered in his home along with his family, and the clues point to an incident in his past when he and two other boys were abducted and let loose in the woods.

Golden, Frank. The Night Game (Duf, 24.00) Oct. A novel of psychological suspense by an Irish writer set in NYC, where a depressed woman dealing with a messy divorce invites a friend to stay with her and gets caught up in a vortex of sexual violence including rape and murder.

Harrison, Mette, Ivie. The Bishop’s Wife (Soho, 15.95) Oct. When her neighbor disappears leaving behind her young daughter, a woman doesn’t trust her husband’s story and begins to investigate in a debut set in a Mormon town in Utah.

Harvey, John. Darkness, Darkness (Peg, 14.95) Oct. In the final mystery in the Charlie Resnick series, he returns from retirement to help when the body of a young woman who disappeared during the miner’s strike of thirty years ago is discovered.

Hay, Mavis Doriel. The Santa Klaus Murder (PP, 12.95) Oct. A Golden Age mystery originally published in 1936 set in a country house at Christmas where Sir Osmond Melbury is shot to death and the only person who had the means to commit the crime has no motive.

Hayes, Frank. Death on the High Lonesome (Brk, 15.00) Oct. Sheriff Virgil Dalton of a small Southwestern town has his hands full when a deputy is injured after a woman’s body falls from an overpass onto his patrol car and a local rancher goes missing and his wife is killed.

Haynes, Natalie. The Furies (STM, 15.99) Nov. A woman who has suffered the death of her fiancé leaves London to begin teaching in a school in Edinburgh for students who have been expelled from other schools and finds that Greek drama is a way to reach these disturbed teenagers—in ways that she never expected or intended. A powerful novel of psychological suspense.

Hill, James Tate. Academy Gothic (SMSU, 15.00) Oct. A blind business instructor investigates the death of the dean of a small college in North Carolina, a man universally hated by his colleagues, and uncovers some bizarre quirks among the college community in a mordantly funny look at higher education as well as a well-plotted mystery.

Hull, Linda Joffe. Sweetheart Deal (MidInk, 14.99) Nov. Working on a story about bargain destination weddings, Maddie heads to Mexico with her family to a swank resort, but when a timeshare salesman ends up dead in the pool, she find herself in agua caliente.

Jaffarian, Sue Ann. A Body to Spare (MidInk, 14.99) Nov. Odelia Grey becomes the chief suspect in a murder when the body of a young man kidnapped eight years earlier is found in the trunk of her car.

James, Peter. Want You Dead (STM, 16.99) Oct. Roy Grace investigates when a woman is stalked by a man she met online, a liar who threatens to destroy her and everything she holds dear.

Johnson, Craig. Wait for Signs (Png, 14.00) Oct. A collection of short stories featuring Wyoming’s Walt Longmire.

Johnston, Linda O. Knock on Wood (MidInk, 14.99) Oct. Boutique owner Rory can’t decide whether her friend is suffering from bad luck or is a murderer when one of her suitors turns up dead.

Kalteis, Dietrich. The Deadbeat Club (Per, 14.95) Oct. A Canadian pot grower finds himself caught between rival gangs when he rescues a young woman, and must decide whether to stay and fight or leave.

Kelly, Mary Anne. Twillyweed (Open Rd, 14.99) Sept. Claire Berlinsky’s niece is hired as an au pair by the owner of a Long Island mansion, but an assault on a priest and the theft of a valuable relic causes Claire to begin investigating, more urgently after the mansion’s housekeeper is found strangled.

Kerley, J.A. The Memory Killer (HC, 14.99) Oct. When a twisted criminal begins drugging and torturing young men in Miami, detective Carson Ryder knows his name and his description but is unable to catch the elusive culprit before torture escalates to murder.

Lange, Richard. Sweet Nothing (LB, 16.99) Nov. A collection of noir short stories set in southern California.

Legault, Stephen. The Same River Twice (Per, 14.95) Oct. When his wife’s remains are found in Utah, Silas Pearson decides to hunt for her killer, and fears that she was executed for her environmental activism.

Leslie, Barbara. Cracked (Titan, 14.95) Nov. A Canadian crack addict leaves Toronto for southern California when her twin sister is found murdered, and she summons her inner vigilante to avenge her sister and save her nephews.

Lindsay, Jeff. Red Tide (Div, 15.95) Oct. A retired LAPD cop, now living in the Florida Keys becomes involved in a murder, sending him to the Miami harbor, where he and his friends hunt for a madman who deals in human suffering and superstition.

Loweecey, Alice. Second to Nun (Henery, 15.95) Sept. Former nun turned PI Giulia Driscoll is asked to investigate strange events at a B&B that the owner fears are caused by the family ghost, but Giulia is convinced that more earthly motives are involved in a captivating cozy.

Marsh, Ava. Untouchable (Brk, 15.00) Oct. A British debut featuring a high-class escort who investigates after a friend is found murdered in a cheap London hotel room, and the police show little interest in solving the crime.

Mason, Jamie. Monday’s Lie (SS, 16.00) Oct. A woman finds herself using the lessons of her intelligence agent mother when her marriage to a conventional man falls apart—and he prefers widowhood to divorce. Highly recommended.

McDermid, Val. Skeleton Road (Per, 14.00) Nov. A cold-case detective is assigned when a body is found in a building in historic Edinburgh, a body with ties to the Balkan Wars of the 1990s in a powerful standalone.

Morrow, Bradford. The Forgers (Per, 14.00) Nov. When a forger who specializes in reproducing the handwriting of literary greats is murdered, his sister’s lover, also a literary forger, is stalked by someone who is sending him forged letters from long-dead authors. Highly recommended.

Mulhern, Julie. Guaranteed to Bleed (Hen, 15.95) Oct. Kansas City socialite Ellison Russell goes to a high school football game to support her cheerleader daughter, but after she discovers a dying teenaged boy, her daughter goes missing in a funny cozy.

Munson, Sam. The November Criminals (SS, 15.99) Oct. A college student and his best friend become involved in investigating the murder of another student.

Palmer, Robert L. The Survivors (Prom, 15.95) Oct. In a debut mystery a D.C. psychologist joins forces with a childhood friend to prove that the friend’s mother was not guilty of shooting her family twenty-five years earlier.

Park, Ed and Brigid Hughes. Buffalo Noir (Akashic, 15.95) Nov. A collection of short stories set in New York’s second largest city.

Patterson, James. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (GC, 15.99) Nov. Alex Cross is called away from his family on Christmas Eve to solve a hostage crisis.

Penzler, Otto, ed. The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories (Vin, 25.00) Oct. Eighty-three stories inspired by the iconic detective. A must for Holmes fanatics.

Reardon, Bryan. Finding Jake (HC, 14.99) Nov. A father must face his worst nightmare when his son is accused of a school shooting and has disappeared.

Russell, Alan. A Cold War (T&M, 15.95) Oct. When a wealthy woman is abducted, she is horrified to discover that her kidnapper plans to keep her as his new “wife,” but she gradually transforms herself from victim to avenger by reading the diary of a previous captive.

Salhani, Claude. Inauguration Day (Per, 14.95) Oct. A Mexican drug cartel hires an Iranian terrorist to attack the U.S. president on Inauguration Day, while a CIA agent and a journalist race to find him.

Sandlin, Lisa. The Do-Right (Cinco Puntos, 16.95) Oct. A woman just released from prison after being convicted of killing a man who was raping her takes a job in a Beaumont, TX detective agency in an impressive debut mystery.

Saroyan, Aram. Still Night in L.A. (Per, 15.95) Oct. A Los Angeles private detective joins forces with an LAPD detective when the model who hired him because she believed someone wanted to kill her has, in fact, been murdered.

Smajic, Srdjan. We Dream of Water (Per, 15.00) Oct. Hired as an investigator by a biographer to get information on a legendary musician, a drifter in post-Katrina New Orleans finds himself in a world of invented identities and conspiracies in a noir debut.

Steinhauer, Olen. All the Old Knives (STM, 16.00) Nov. A thriller of love and betrayal that takes place in a restaurant in a California beach town where two intelligence officers meet to discuss an operation in Berlin that went tragically wrong. Excellent, with a twisty ending that surprised me.

Swank, Denise Grover. Thirty and a Half Excuses (Per, 14.99) Oct. Rose investigates the suspicious death of an elderly woman with the help of the woman’s friend.

Washburn, Livia. The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer (NAL, 15.00) Nov. When a local rancher dies after trying one of Phyllis’s Christmas cupcakes, it turns out that he was shot, and she finds herself tangled up in another murder investigation.

Williams, Conrad. Dust and Desire (Titan, 12.95) Nov. A debut thriller set in London featuring a PI hired to find a missing man who ends up tangling with a serial killer.

Wishnia, Kenneth. Jewish Noir (IPG, 17.95) Oct. A collection of short stories that includes some noir gems.

Worsley, Lucy. The Art of English Murder (Peg, 15.95) Nov. A critical look at the English obsession with murder from Jack the Ripper to the detective stories of the Golden Age.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Andrew, Sally. Recipes for Love and Murder (HC, 26.99) Nov. The first of a new series set in South Africa, featuring a food columnist who decides to do some sleuthing when one of her readers is murdered after complaining of spousal abuse.

Aykol, Esmahan. Divorce Turkish Style (Bitter Lemon, 14.95) Oct. The death of an environmental activist and soon-to-be ex-wife of a wealthy man sends an Istanbul bookstore owner and her friend investigating a large group of suspects from polluting factory owners to the woman’s high-profile lovers. A delightful series.

Blaedel, Sara. The Forgotten Girls (GC, 14.99) Oct. When the body of a unidentified woman with a scarred face is found, Louise Rick of Copenhagen’s Missing Person’s Department publicizes a photo and finds that the girl was an inmate in a mental institution and a twin—and both girls were issued death certificates thirty years before.

Callaghan, Thomas. A Killing Winter (Quer, 26.95) Oct. A noir debut set in Kyrgyzstan, where a homicide detective investigates the death of a mutilated woman helped by a corrupt police force, the local mafia, and a smuggler, in a case where the evidence leads to a Russian military installation.

Camillieri, Andrea, et.al. Judges (Hach, 24.99) Oct. Three novellas featuring judges in the Italian legal system by three Italian crime writers.

Carmín, Héctor Aguilar. Death in Veracruz (IPG, 16.95) Oct. A Mexico City based journalist investigates Pemex’s oil union boss for possible involvement in the murder of a fellow journalist in a mystery written in 1985 and just translated into English.

Dhyani, Girvani. S.T.A.L.K.E.D. (HC, 12.99) Oct. A young attorney is asked to investigate when she discovers that a top-secret file has been tampered, but soon she is being stalked by a mysterious man who will not stop at murder.

Dhooge, Bavo. Styx (SS, 25.00) Nov. A cop who is killed by a serial killer becomes a zombie and vows to stop the killer—although he has to deal with his compulsion to eat human flesh—in a genre-bending thriller by a Flemish crime novelist.

Ekbeck, Cecilia. Wolf Winter (Per, 16.00) Nov. A supernatural historical mystery set in Lapland in 1717, where the discovery of a man’s body causes a young woman to investigate, even though the villagers think that he was killed by a wolf.

Garnier, Pascal. Boxes (Gallic, 12.95) Oct. A gothic mystery by the master of French noir about a man who has moved to the countryside and is slipping into depression and madness while he awaits the arrival of his wife who may have been killed in a terrorist bombing.

Giovanni, Maurizio de. The Bottom of your Heart (Europa, 18.00) Nov. During a sweltering Neapolitan summer, Ricciardi investigates a murder where love and betrayal are intertwined in the latest in this series set in Fascist Italy.

Guez, Jérémie. Eyes Full of Empty (Per, 16.00) Nov. A Paris PI is hired by a university friend to find his missing brother in a case that takes him from high-society to the Algerian immigrant community—and the criminal underworld that links them.

Guillaume, Laurent. White Leopard (Lefrench, 16.95) When a student on her way from Paris to Mali is stopped for transporting 13 kilos of cocaine, her sister asks a former cop-turned-PI in Mali for help, but after he gets her off the drug charges, she is found dead.

Hallinan, Timothy. The Hot Countries (Soho, 26.95) Oct. When an experienced killer arrives in Bangkok looking for 3.8 million dollars that he thinks American ex-pat Poke Rafferty has taken, Poke must fight to protect his family.

Hammer, Lotte and Søren Hammer. The Girl in the Ice (Blooms, 27.00) Nov. DCS Simonsen is sent from Copenhagen to Greenland when the body of a young woman is revealed in an ice melt in a remote area in a case that is tied to a serial killer who has worked for the last twenty-five years, choosing victims who are all similar in appearance.

Hewson, David. The Flood (SH, 29.95) Oct. A mystery set in Florence in 1986 featuring a semi-retired carabineer, a British graduate student studying art, and a young carabineer who helps when a church fresco is defaced with blood and an aristocrat is murdered.

_____. The Killing III (IPG, 13.95) Sept. In this novelization of the popular Danish TV series, DI Sarah Lund investigates the disappearance of the young daughter of the owner of a large shipping conglomerate in a case with possible political ramifications.

Horst, Jorn Lier. The Caveman (Duf, 17.00) Oct. In the latest in this Norwegian series, police inspector Wisting’s journalist daughter investigates when a man is found dead in his home, undiscovered for four months.

Japp, Andrea. The Lady Agnès Mystery, Vol 1 (Gallic, 18.95) Nov. The first in a series set in medieval France where a widowed noblewoman investigates the deaths of friars against a complicated political and religious backdrop.

Lemaitre, Pierre. Irene (Quer, 14.99) Nov. Parisian detective Camille Verhoeven is investigating a series of murders that appear to be based on famous works of crime fiction, but when his pregnant wife is abducted, he realizes that the killer is about to create something original.

Limón, Martin. The Ville Rat (Soho, 26.95) Oct. Military CID agents Bascom and Sueño are sent to the scene of the murder of a woman who worked as an “entertainer” near a U.S. army base north of Seoul, but the military brass is less than helpful.

Maitland, Barry. Crucifixion Creek (STM, 25.99) Nov. In the first of a new series set in Australia, a Sydney homicide detective unofficially investigates the stabbing of his brother-in-law, a death that may be related to the suicide of an elderly couple and the shooting death of a woman by a meth-addicted biker.

Mayle, Peter. The Diamond Caper (Knopf, 24.95) Oct. PI Sam Levitt and insurance investigator Elena Morales are on the hunt for a jewelry thief in the south of France who latest heist was a two-million euro necklace from the Cannes Film Festival.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine (RH, 24.99) Oct. While Precious goes on vacation, Grace is in charge of the agency, but Precious worries that she has made no progress in the case of a dead government official.

Melander, Jakob. The Scream of the Butterfly (Per, 15.95) Nov. Detective Lars Winkler is in charge of the investigation when the mayor of Copenhagen is found murdered, but he finds that his politician parents are strangely untouched by the murder of their son.

Meyer, Deon. Cobra (Per, 15.00) Oct. Benny Griessel of Capetown’s CID must solve the kidnapping of a famous mathematician and find a professional killer known as Cobra. Highly recommended.

_____. Icarus (Per, 26.00) Oct. Benny Griessel investigates when the man who operates a website providing alibis—for a price—for those who want to hide what they were doing is murdered and someone is threatening to reveal his clients. Meyer is excellent.

Minier, Bernard. The Circle (STM, 25.99) Oct. Toulouse police commandant Martin Servaz is asked by an old girlfriend to look into the murder of the teacher of her teenaged son, who is considered the prime suspect in a psychological thriller with a twisty plot.

Nadel, Barbara.  Land of the Blind (IPG, 12.95) Oct. Istanbul police detective Ikmen investigates when the body of a woman who has recently given birth is found in an ancient ruin, but there is no sign of the infant.

Niko, D.J. The Oracle (Per, 14.99) Oct. An archaeologist investigates when antiquities are stolen from a museum in Thebes and discovers a plot to use the Delphic Oracle to transmit information to bring down the west.

Norman, Andreas. Into a Raging Blaze (Quer, 14.99) Nov. When a member of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is given a USB drive while at a conference in Brussels, she learns of high-level multinational plans to create an anti-immigrant, anti-Moslem taskforce to fight terrorism, knowledge that puts her in a very dangerous position.

Ohlsson, Kristina. Hostage (SS, 16.00) Nov. In a nail-biting thriller, the discovery of a note found in the lavatory of an airliner flying from Stockholm to New York threatening to blow up the plane if a terrorist scheduled for deportation is not released, sends former policewoman Fredrika Bergman, the head of Sweden’s NBI, and the head of counterterrorism in a race to diffuse the situation before the plane enters U.S. airspace and is shot down.

Park, Tony. Ivory (STM, 27.99) Nov. When a man turns to piracy to finance renovations on his parent’s hotel in Mozambique, he decides to highjack an ocean liner where a package worth millions has been hidden in a fun, well-plotted thriller.

Parks, Tim. Cara Massimina (Per, 14.95) Oct. In the first of a darkly comic trilogy an impoverished English teacher in Verona decides to take advantage of a student from a wealthy family who falls in love with him by running off with her and sending ransom notes periodically to her family. Mimi’s Ghost (Per, 14.99) is also coming out in October.

_____. Painting Death (Per, 24.95) Oct. Having murdered his way into a wealthy Veronese family, Morris Duckworth decides to become involved in the art world, but when things don’t go as planned, he must again consider murder in the third in this comic trilogy.

Roberts, Gregory David. Mountain Shadow (Per, 32.50) Oct. Lin has lost his mentor and his girlfriend, and, worse, finds himself involved with a Bombay mafia that is more violent than before in this sequel.

_____. Shantaram (STM, 17.99) Oct. A man who escapes from prison in Australia travels to Bombay where he establishes a free health clinic and finds himself clashing with the mafia in the reprint of a powerful novel first published in the 1990s.

Rose, David. Taking Morgan (Per, 14.99) Nov. A CIA operative is kidnapped during an assignment on the Gaza Strip by a group affiliated with al-Qaeda, and although assured by the CIA that they will rescue her, her husband decides to act.

Satterlee, Tom. The Stages (Per, 24.99) Oct. When his mentor dies under suspicious circumstances and a valuable Kierkegaard manuscript is stolen, a Copenhagen man with Asperger’s resolves to investigate.

Serafim, Leta. When the Devil’s Idle (Coffee, 13.95) Sept. The chief police officer in the Greek Islands is sent to Patmos to investigate when an elderly German is murdered and a swastika is carved on his forehead, in a case that combines past and present Greek history. For fans of Montalbano and Bruno.

Siger, Jeffrey. Devil of Delphi (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. Chief Inspector Kaldis must battle to stem the flow of counterfeit liquor into Greece after there are a spate of deaths caused by poisoning, but he is up against a businesswoman and an assassin who are formidable adversaries. Signing.

Simenon, Georges. Lock No. 1 (Png, 11.00) Oct. and Mr. Hire’s Engagement (Png, 11.00) Oct. A reissue of two Maigret mysteries. Maigret (Png, 11.00) is coming in November.

Simons, Pauline. Lone Star (HC, 16.99) Nov. An American woman and her friends are touring Eastern Europe the summer before college when they become involved with another American who has dark secrets that will change their lives forever.

Stanley, Michael. A Death in the Family (STM, 26.99) Oct. When Detective Kubu’s father is fatally stabbed, the detective fears that it may have been an indirect attack on him, but he is banned from investigating the murder and must concentrate on the apparent suicide of the Botswana Director of Mines, who was pushing a business venture with the Chinese.

Varenne, Antonin. Bed of Nails (Mac, 14.99) Oct. A prize-winning French police procedural featuring a Paris homicide detective who sees a pattern in the bizarre suicides of three men in a case that leads him to the upper echelons of both the Parisian police department and the American embassy.

_____. Loser’s Corner (Mac, 24.99) Nov. The noir story of a young beat cop in contemporary Paris is entwined with the story of a young socialist who is sent to Algeria in 1957 to interrogate prisoners during the war.

Vargas, Fred. Dog Will Have his Day (IPG, 16.95) Oct. When a former police detective finds a piece of human bone on a Paris sidewalk, the police aren’t interested in investigating, so he recruits evangelists Marc and Mathias to help investigate.

Vichi, Marco. Death in Florence (Peg, 25.95) Oct. Inspector Bordelli investigates the disappearance of a young boy during the disastrous flood in Florence in 1966.

Wagner, David. P. Murder Most Unfortunate (PP, hc, 26.95, 15.95 tp) Nov. Translator Rick Montoya, working as an interpreter at an art conference in Italy, turns sleuth when a participant is murdered in a case involving art works that disappeared during the chaos of the end of WWII.

Walker, Casey. Last Days in Shanghai (Per, 15.95) Nov. A debut thriller about a congressional aide who unwittingly becomes involved in the corruption that is a part of doing business in the new China when his boss disappears.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Alexander, Tasha. The Adventuress (STM, 25.99) Oct. Lady Emily and her husband investigate while they are in Cannes attending the engagement party of an old friend, a nobleman marrying an American heiress, after a member of their party is found dead in his hotel suite.

Bialoszewski, Miron. A Memoir of the Warsaw Uprising (NYRB, 17.95) Oct. In August, 1944, the citizens of Warsaw rose up against the Nazis, and two months later over 200,000 Poles were dead—a searing eyewitness account.

Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas (Soho, 16.95) Oct. During a Christmas celebration at a country estate in 1814, Jane Austen turns sleuth when one of the guests dies tragically and she fears that the killer may be among the guests.

Benedict, Laura. Charlotte’s Story (Peg, 26.95) Oct. In this spooky follow-up to Bliss House, set in 1957 in southern Virginia, housewife Charlotte Bliss, devastated by the death of her daughter, discovers disturbing, dark secrets about her own and her husband’s past, and worse, discovers that she is a prisoner at Bliss House, with only the ghost of her mother-in-law to help her.

Bowen, Rhys. Away in a Manger (STM, 24.99) Nov. Molly Murphy Sullivan is drawn into an investigation when she helps out a beggar girl in NYC in 1905, a girl whose origins are mysterious.

Brittain, Vera. Testament of Youth (Png, 18.00). The reissue of a WWI memoir written by a woman who served as a nurse in Malta and the western front of France—and saw all her friends die in the slaughter.

Buckley, Fiona. A Perilous Alliance (SH, 29.95) Oct. Queen Elizabeth’s half-sister Ursula Blanchard must investigate the death of a servant that may have been committed by a French count who has been proposed as her suitor by the queen.

Butler, Robert Olen. The Empire of Night (Per, 16.00) Oct. American spy Christopher Marlow Cobb is sent to Britain in 1915 to find a mole in the government, but his quest soon takes him to Berlin—along with his stage actress/spy mother.

Cantor, Jillian. The Hours Count (River, 26.95) Oct. A historical thriller set in the early 1950s, a time of red-baiting and paranoia, about a young housewife who becomes friends with her neighbor, Ethel Rosenberg, later executed for espionage. Highly recommended.

Casey, Donis. All Men Fear Me (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Nov. When Alafair’s IWW-activist brother comes for a visit, tensions heat up leading to acts of sabotage and murder in this Oklahoma mystery set at the time of America’s entry into WWI. Signing.

Celestin, Ray. The Axeman (Source, 14.99) Sept. A serial killer in New Orleans in 1919 is hunted by a policeman married to an African-American woman, a corrupt cop working for the Mafia, and a young African-American secretary at Pinkerton’s local office in a well-developed debut mystery with a strong sense of the city and its history.

Clare, Alys. A Shadowed Evil (SH, 28.95) Oct. Sir Josse d’Acquin and his wife travel to Sussex to pay their last respects to his dying uncle, but tensions in the household lead to several murders.

Clark, Clare. We that Are Left (HMH, 28.00) Oct. Two sisters who grow up on an English country estate must deal with family secrets after WWI upends everything they thought they knew about life—and death.

Cleverly, Barbara. Enter Pale Death (Soho, 15.95) Nov. Joe Sandilands feels compelled to investigate when an aristocratic woman is killed by a horse, and her wealthy and powerful husband refuses to consider anything but “death by misadventure,” despite signs of foul play. Excellent.

Dallas, Sandra. A Quilt for Christmas (STM, 12.99) Oct. When her husband volunteers to fight against the rebels in 1864, a woman begins to make a quilt to celebrate his return, but after she receives the news that he has been killed, she must remake her life with the help of her friends from her quilting group.

Downing, David. One Man’s Flag (Soho, 27.95) Nov. British spy Jack McColl is in India in 1915, protecting the Empire from Bengali terrorists and their German allies, but he is asked to meet with his former lover, Irish journalist Caitlin Hanley, to discover secrets about the threat of a rising in Dublin that would open another front for Britain during WWI. Highly recommended.

Finch, Charles. Home by Nightfall (STM, 25.99) Oct. Charles Lennox agrees to return to Sussex to help his brother investigate a series of crimes in the small village near the family estate, in a case that ties to the disappearance of a famous foreign pianist.

Franklin, Ariana and Samantha Norman. The Siege Winter (HC, 15.99) Nov. In a mystery set in England in 1184, a young noblewoman gives shelter to the empress Mathilda, at war with her cousin for the throne of England. Franklin’s final book, completed by her daughter.

Freeman, Philip. Sacrifice (Peg, 24.95) Oct. In the second in the series set in sixth-century Ireland, a young nun must find a serial killer preying on the nuns of the convent and arranging their bodies in ways that suggest druid sacrifices.

_____. Saint Brigid’s Bones (Peg, 14.95) Oct. In ancient Ireland, a young nun searches for the bones of her order’s patron saint in a world where Christians and druids clash.

Goddard, Robert. Painting the Darkness (Per, 15.00) Oct. In this reissue of a classic historical mystery, a man returns from his supposed death seeking the inheritance that was promised to him.

Hauser, Thomas. The Final Recollections of Charles Dickens (Per, 15.95) Nov. A well-researched mystery based on an incident in the youth of the famous novelist, and a very Dickensian tale of murder, betrayal, corruption in a London divided into very rich and very poor.

Holm, Tom. Anadarko (UA, 17.95) Oct. Set in Oklahoma in the early 1920s, this mystery features PI J.D. Dougherty who goes to Kiowa County with his Cherokee assistant looking for a missing geologist in an area filled with corruption, greed, and racial prejudice. Signing.

Jones, J. Sydney. The Third Place (SH, 28.95) Oct. Viennese attorney Karl Werthen is sent to the Hapsburg’s country home to recover a compromising letter involving Emperor Franz Joseph in the sixth in the series set in the early twentieth century.

Kincheloe, Jennifer. The Secret Life of Anna Blanc (Prom, 15.95) Nov. In this debut set in Los Angeles in 1907, the daughter of a bank president secretly takes the job of a matron at the LA County jail, where she discovers a series of murders of prostitutes that the police won’t investigate, so she decides to do it herself.

King, Laurie R. Dreaming Spies (Ban, 16.00) Nov. Sherlock Holmes and Mary are caught up in a web of political intrigue, including blackmail, spies, and an ancient line of ninjas after they return from a trip to Japan.

Kurland, Michael. Too Soon Dead (Titan, 12.95) Nov. A journalist in NYC in 1935 is given a folder of damning photographs, but when the tipster who gave it to him is found dead, he must run the gauntlet of corrupt politicians and dangerous Nazis.

MacNeal, Susan Elia. Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante (Ban, 15.00) Nov. Accompanying Churchill on a trip to Washington, D.C., Maggie Hope helps the American First Lady when her temporary secretary is found dead, an apparent suicide in the latest in this excellent WWII series.

Mann, William J. Tinseltown (HC, 16.99) Oct. A true-crime book set in Hollywood in the 1920s dealing with the murder of actor-director William Desmond Taylor.

Mawer, Simon. Tightrope (Other, 15.95) Nov. A former SOE undercover agent in France, captured by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbruck, returns to England after the war, but she is approached to spy for a secret organization. Mawer is excellent.

McAllister, John. Barlow by the Book (Duf, 15.00) Oct. In the second in this series set in 190s Northern Ireland, Station Sergeant Barlow investigates when his daughter is shot during a robbery—despite the fact that he has been ordered off the case.

McAlpine, Gordon. Woman with a Blue Pencil (Prom, 13.95) Nov. A wonderfully convoluted mystery about a Japanese-American academic investigating the death of his wife, who can’t find any traces of himself or her murder in post-December, 7, 1941 Los Angeles, even as his story is interspersed with the pulp spy story of a Korean PI—and who is this writer in a Japanese internment camp?

Mogach, Deborah. In the Dark (Over, 26.95) Oct. The young owner of a London lodging house in 1916 is devastated by the death of her husband in the Great War, and her teenaged son finds himself caught up in the secrets and lies of the adults around him.

Moliner, Sara. The Whispering City (Peg, 25.95) Nov. A debut historical mystery set in Barcelona in 1952 at the height of Franco’s oppressive regime, with a young journalist and her cousin who discover that the murder of a young socialite is connected to a political conspiracy among the city’s powerful—and corrupt.

Moorehead, Caroline. Village of Secrets (HC, 16.99) Oct. The true story of a French village in the Massif Central that defied the Vichy government and the Gestapo to save resistance fighters and Jews from capture.

Muller, Marcia and Bill Pronzini. The Body Snatchers Affair (STM, 15.99) Nov. PIs Quincannon and Carpenter are led from the heights above San Francisco Bay to the opium dens of Chinatown by their search for two missing bodies.

Murphy, Warren. Bloodline (STM, 27.99) Nov. A crime novel set in 1920s New York where an Italian family is torn apart when a cousin joins the Mafia.

Oliver, L.J. The Humbug Murders (Pkt, 9.99) Nov. Ebeneezer Scrooge investigates the murder of Mr. Fezziwig before he becomes the next victim in a wonderful, Victorian mystery.

Perry, Anne. A Christmas Escape (Ball, 18.00) Nov. Hester Monk’s brother, newly widowed, travels to Sicily, and finds himself hunting for a killer at the isolated hotel where he is staying.

_____. Anne Perry’s Merry Mysteries (Ball, 16.00) Nov. Two Christmas novellas in one volume.

Reed, Mary and Eric Mayer. Murder in Megara (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. In exile from Constantinople, John is at his family estate in Greece where he becomes a suspect when his estranged stepfather is found stabbed to death.

Saylor, Steven. Raiders of the Nile (STM, 15.99) Oct. The young Gordianus is in Alexandria when his slave is kidnapped, and he finds himself involved in a plot to steal the sarcophagus of Alexender the Great in order to get her back.

_____. Wrath of the Furies (STM, 26.99) Oct. When the young Gordianus discovers that his mentor Antipater, who betrayed his people to spy for Mithridates, is in danger he enters Ephesus to come to his aid, but his efforts are hampered by Mithridates’s plan to massacre Romans trapped in areas under his control in a mystery set in 88 BCE.

Schumacher, Tony. The British Lion (HC, 25.99) Oct. Set in Occupied Great Britain in 1946 after the German victory in WWII, this second in the alternate history finds British policeman John Rosett helping an American seeking a Jewish scientist who holds the secret to the atomic bomb.

Scott, A.D. A Kind of Grief (SS, 16.00) Oct. Freelance journalist Joanne Ross investigates when an herbalist living on a remote Highlands estate is found hanged in her barn in a case that integrates the 1950s’ Cold War intrigue with the closed-minded superstition of small, isolated communities. An excellent series. Highly recommended.

Shapiro, B.A. The Muralist (Algon, 26.95) Nov. A fictional artist interacts with the budding Abstract Expressionists before her mysterious disappearance in 1940 in a well-researched story of the pre-WWII art and political scene.

Stewart, David O. The Wilson Deception (Ken, 25.00) Oct. An American doctor and his friend in Paris in 1918 during the Versailles peace talks find themselves forced to spy on Woodrow Wilson, who is suffering from precarious health.

Taylor, Andrew. The Silent Boy (HC, 26.99) Oct. When he discovers that his estranged wife has been killed in Paris in 1792, a man goes to an English estate where her ten-year-old son has been taken, but he discovers that the child is mute, haunted by terrible secrets. Taylor is always terrific.

Thomas, David. Ostland (Quer, 14.99) Oct. A historical thriller that combines police procedural, courtroom drama, and Holocaust story based on the true story of Nazi war criminal Georg Heuser, the homicide detective who captured the notorious S-Bahn killer, then was promoted to the SS where he was responsible for the murders of tens of thousands of Jews, and in the 1950s was tried for war crimes.

Thompson, Victoria. Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue (Brk, 25.95) Nov. In a Christmas mystery, midwife Sarah Brandt and DS Frank Molloy return from their honeymoon to find the daughter of a family friend accused of murdering her wealthy new husband.

Trent, Christine. Death at the Abbey (Ken, 15.00) Nov. Victorian undertaker Violet Harper is summoned to a magnificent estate of a nobleman to prepare the corpse of his raven, but the raven’s death is a harbinger of doom as a series of murders take place on the estate.

Turley, Richard Marggraf. The Cunning House (Duf, 17.00) Nov. A debut whodunit inspired by a Regency-era sex scandal with a junior prosecutor investigating an attack on the Duke of Cumberland by, it appears, his valet, but when he questions the official story, he finds himself in danger.

Weaver, Ashley. Death Wears a Mask (STM, 24.99) Oct. In the second in this series set in London in the early 1930s, socialite Amory Ames agrees to help DI Jones when the son of a friend of her mother’s is murdered at a masked ball and stolen jewels are found on his body. For those who enjoy Carola Dunn and Jacqueline Winspear.

_____. Murder at the Brightwell (STM, 15.99) Oct. In a debut mystery set in London in the 1930s, a wealthy aristocrat married to a playboy agrees to help her former fiancé when his sister becomes engaged to a rotter, but after the sister’s fiancé is found murdered, he becomes the chief suspect. Highly recommended.

Wildman, Sarah. Paper Love (River, 16.00) Oct. When the author discovered a file left by her grandfather, who had escaped from Vienna just ahead of the Nazis, she found that he had left behind a woman he had loved and vowed to find out what happened to her.

Wilson, Laura. A Willing Victim (F&M, 14.95) Nov. In London in 1956 Ted Stratton investigates the murder of a young man who was involved in a new age cult based in Suffolk.

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