October/November 2017

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Adams, Ellory. The Secret, Book & Scone Society (Ken, 25.00) Nov. In the first of a new series, a former librarian scarred emotionally and physically by a tragedy in her past moves to a North Carolina resort town to open a bookstore, where she helps her customers solve their problems by giving them the perfect book to read, but when one of her customers is found dead, she vows to find out the truth.

Alexander, Ellie. Death on Tap (STM, 25.99) Oct. In the first in a new series, a craft beer brewer finds her husband in flagrante with a barmaid, so she goes to work for a rival brewery, only to find the brew-master dead in a brewing tank—and her husband is the chief suspect.

Andrews, Donna. How the Finch Stole Christmas (STM, 25.99) Oct. When the aging alcoholic actor brought in to star in her husband’s production of A Christmas Carol disappears after his bootlegger is found dead, Meg investigates while also rescuing a group of animals she finds in a barn and ensuring that the show must go on.

Axelrod, Steven. Nantucket Red Tickets (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Nov. Twenty years after he buried his dead business partner, a businessman has become mean and heartless, but when the body is unearthed, and Nantucket police chief Henry Kennis investigates the crime, the truth of the death leads to a sentimental, heart-warming ending.

Bailey, Sarah. The Dark Lake (GC, 26.00) Oct. The homicide investigator with many personal secrets in a rural Australian town is shocked when the body of a high-school classmate is found strangled, a woman whose life was an enigma to the townspeople because of the many secrets she kept.

Baker, Shannon. Dark Signal (STM, 26.99) Oct. Newly-divorced and just sworn in as sheriff in a small town in the Nebraska Sandhills, Kate Fox’s first official case is the murder of a railroad engineer, and when the State Police trooper arrests the victim’s neighbor, she uses her deep knowledge of the town and its people to find the real killer. Signing.

Baldacci, David. End Game (Hach, 29.00) Nov. Agents Will Robie and Jessica Reel must find the man who has been their handler during all of their missions when he disappears during a fly-fishing vacation in rural Colorado, and when they arrive in the area they find a small town over-run with crime, drugs, and fringe militias.

Barclay, Linwood. Parting Shot (RH, 27.00) Oct. When a young man is accused of killing a woman in a car accident of which he claims no memory, his family receives threats, so Cal Weaver agrees to investigate and discovers someone is bent on retribution at whatever cost.

Beaton, M.C. The Witches’ Tree (STM, 25.99) Oct. Agatha Raisin looks into a case of murder when the local vicar discovers the body of a church helper hanging from a tree.

Berenson, Laurien. Wagging Through the Snow (Ken, 19.95) Oct. Dog breeder Melanie Travers agrees to help her brother refurbish a dilapidated Christmas tree farm, but the first thing they find is the body of a homeless drunk, leading Melanie and her aunt to hunt for a killer.

Brook, Allison. Death Overdue (Per, 26.99) Oct. A young woman working as an event planner at the local library is horrified when a speaker, a retired policeman who claims to have new evidence in a cold case of murder, dies right after his lecture, so she joins forces with the victim’s son to find out the new evidence, but the library’s resident ghost insists on helping too in the first of a new series. Yes, there is a cat.

Brown, Dan. Origin (RH, 29.95) Oct. Harvard cryptographer Robert Langdon in Bilbao, Spain for a conference offered by a billionaire former student, but when the man disappears, Langdon must follow a trail of modern art and enigmatic symbols to find him.

Brown, Rita Mae. Crazy like a Fox (Ball, 27.00) Oct. An investigation into a valuable, missing object flushes out murder, ghosts, and old family rivalries in the latest in the series set in the Virginia foxhunting country.

Bruen, Ken. The Ghosts of Galway (Per, 25.00) Nov. Although he initially scoffs, Jack Taylor accepts the job of hunting for a lost heretical text in the possession of an ex-priest hiding in Ireland, and as usual with him everything soon turns to shite.

Byron, Ellen. A Cajun Christmas Killing (Per, 26.99) Oct. When artist Maggie Crozat finds the body of a shady hedge fund manager dead in a room of the family plantation, she must find a killer fast before her father falls under suspicion in the third in this cozy series.

Canadeo, Anne. Knit to Kill (Ken, 25.00) Oct. The Black Sheep Knitting group goes to a fancy New England island resort for a brief getaway, but things turn ugly when they discover the body of a prominent, universally-disliked resident, and when their hostess’ husband becomes a suspect, the knitters decide to untangle the clues to the real killer.

Castrique, Mark de. Hidden Scars (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Oct. PI Sam Blackman is asked by an elderly woman to investigate the death of her WWII veteran brother in 1946 while a movie being filmed in the area set in the same time period is plagued by sabotage and finally murder, leading Sam to think that the past isn’t really past.

Chazin, Suzanne. A Place in the Wind (Ken, 25.00) Oct. When a volunteer at a community center serving the local immigrant population disappears after being seen with a Guatemalan boy, upstate New York detective Jimmy Vega must investigate the crime without inflaming anti-immigrant feeling, particularly since he believes that the boy is innocent.

Child, Lee. Midnight Line (RH, 28.99) Nov. After finding a West Point ring in a pawnshop in the Midwest, Jack Reacher vows to find its owner in a quest that takes him to South Dakota and finally Wyoming in a case that deals with the opioid crisis in America.

Clark, Mary Higgins and Alafair Burke. Every Breath You Take (SS, 26.99) Nov. Television journalist Laurie Moran decides to investigate the death of a wealthy donor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who was thrown to her death during the Met Gala, and her much-younger boyfriend and personal trainer remains under suspicion for her death.

Connelly, Michael. Two Kinds of Truth (LB, 29.00) Oct. Harry Bosch is working as a volunteer on the case of a murdered pharmacist when an old case comes back to haunt him after a long-imprisoned killer claims that Harry framed him and he has the evidence to prove it.

Constantine, Liv. The Last Mrs. Parrish (HC, 25.99) Oct. A debut novel of psychological suspense about a manipulative woman who inserts herself into the lives of a “golden” couple in a toney Connecticut town to have for herself the life that they lead, but all three have secrets that could upend her plans.

Crosby, Ellen. The Vineyard Victims (STM, 25.99) Nov. When vintner Lucy Montgomery investigates the death of a former presidential candidate with everything to live for, she discovers a murder in his past and someone who doesn’t want her investigating old cases or new ones.

Cussler, Clive and Boyd Morrison. Typhoon Fury (Put, 29.00) Nov. Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon must find a Filipino rebel leader who has found a drug developed by the Japanese during WWII to create super-warriors.

Dolan, Harry. The Man in the Crooked Hat (Put, 27.00) Nov. In the first of a new series, a PI searching for the man who murdered his wife finds a cryptic clue that sets him on a collision course with a man who has a dark secret in his past. Dolan is a real favorite of mine for clever plotting and interesting characters.

Driscoll, Sara. Before it’s Too Late (Ken, 25.00) Oct. An agent in the FBI’s Forensic Canine Unit is targeted by a killer sending coded messages and when it becomes clear that all the victims are connected to sites tied to the Civil War and that all the victims resemble her, she and her black Labrador are taken off the case in the second in an excellent doggy series.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. Much Ado about Murder (Per, 26.99) Nov. When the replacement director for the production of Much Ado About Nothing is found shot to death, costume director for the Catskills Shakespeare Theater Company Charlotte decides to investigate in the third theatrical cozy.

Early, Barbara. Murder on the Toy Town Express (Per, 26.99) Oct. When a fellow vendor falls to his death during a train and toy show, shop-owner Liz and her retired-policeman father investigate the death—even though the victim bullied her unmercifully all through grade school in a well-crafted cozy.

Early, Hank. Heaven’s Crooked Finger (Per, 26.99) Nov. A debut series launch featuring a PI who is called home to the mountains of northern Georgia when his preacher father is found dead, but one of his flock suggests that he is still alive, and then disappears himself.

Evanovich, Janet. Hardcore Twenty-Four (RH, 28.00) Nov. Stephanie Plum returns!

Francis, Felix. Pulse (Put, 27.00) Oct. When an unidentified man is found unconscious by a racecourse, the doctor who treated him before his death becomes obsessed with discovering what happened—to the point where she herself is attacked.

Frost, Jacqueline. Twelve Slays of Christmas (Per, 26.99) Oct. After returning to her family tree farm in Maine, a woman finds the body of an elderly woman in a sleigh who had recently quarreled with her father, so to protect him from a murder charge she begins to investigate in the first of a new cozy series.

Gerber, Daryl Wood. A Deadly Éclair (Per, 26.99) Nov. In the first of a culinary series, a chef returns home to Napa Valley after the death of her husband and finds an entrepreneur to underwrite a French bistro and inn for her to develop, and he persuades his celebrity niece to hold her wedding there, but when the entrepreneur is found murdered after the rehearsal dinner, the chef must take off her toque and put on a deer-slayer hat to find the killer.

Grisham, John. The Rooster Bar (RH, 28.99) Oct. Three third-year students at a mediocre for-profit law school owned by a shady hedge-fund manager who also owns a chain of banks that provide student loans realized that they’ve been scammed—and decide to do something about it.

Hart, Carolyn. Ghost on the Case (Brk, 26.00) Oct. Ghostly PI Bailey Ruth must help a young woman whose sister has been kidnapped, a case that becomes even more serious after a murder occurs.

Havill, Stephen F. Easy Errors (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Nov. A prequel set in 1986 with undersheriff Bill Gastner investigating the death of a young woman found shot in a canyon the day after three of her friends die in an automobile accident.

Heley, Veronica. Murder for Nothing (SH, 28.99) Nov. London PI Ellie Quicke’s latest protégé is a less-than–ideal houseguest, and when she organizes a riotous party  that leaves one guest dead in the garden, she plunges the household into a murder investigation.

Ide, Joe. Righteous (Mull, 26.00) Oct. Los Angeles PI Isaiah Quintabe has searched for years for the killer of his brother, and his latest case, which takes him to Las Vegas to protect a DJ and her screw-up boyfriend, reveals a secret that just might put him in touch with his personal Moriarty.

James, P.D. Sleep No More (RH, 21.00) Nov. A posthumous collection of short stories by the master that explore variations of the theme of looking back on past violent incidents.

Johansen, Iris. Mind Game (STM, 27.99) Oct. In a paranormal novel of suspense, Eve Duncan’s adopted daughter is in Scotland helping search for a lost treasure, but she keeps dreaming of a woman being held captive, who she sees is the sister of a man from her past.

Jones, Darynda. The Trouble with the Twelfth Grave (STM, 26.99) Nov. Grim Reaper Charlie might have to let loose her razor-sharp claws when the love of her life, the Son of Satan, turns into a feral beast threatening all of humankind.

Keneally, Thomas. Crimes of the Father (SS, 26.00) Oct. A Catholic priest returns to Australia after years working in Canada as a psychotherapist, and unwittingly finds himself pulled into an investigation of a sexual-abuse scandal involving a prominent monsignor, and must deal with the official cover-up that follows.

Lehane, Con. Murder in the Manuscript Room (STM, 25.99) Nov. New York Public Library crime librarian investigates when a research assistant is murdered and a Middle Eastern scholar is summarily arrested in the second in this bibliographic series.

Lester, Meera. A Hive of Homicides (Ken, 25.00) Oct. Former cop turned farmer Abigail Mackenzie investigates when a friend is wounded and her husband shot in a case that awakens buried traumas in her own past in a cozy with real emotional substance.

Littlejohn, Emily. A Season to Lie (STM, 25.99) Nov. Small-town Colorado police office Gemma Monroe investigates the murder of a bestselling author on the grounds of an elite private school in the second in this western series.

Lovesey, Peter et al. The Usual Santas (Soho, 19.95) Oct. A collection of Christmas stories by a number of the Soho mystery writers including Mick Herron and Timothy Hallinan. The perfect stocking stuffer for the mystery fan.

Malliet, G. M. Weycombe (MidInk, 24.95) Oct. A standalone featuring the bored American wife of a titled Englishman who investigates when her beautiful neighbor is found strangled in the exclusive gates community where they live.

McCoy, Ken. A Long Way Down (SH, 28.99) Oct. Yorkshire DI Black investigates two cold cases—the murder of a business-man and the disappearance of a journalist—that he realizes are connected in a second in this gritty police procedural series.

Meier, Leslie. Turkey Trot Murder (Ken, 25.00) Oct. The influx of drugs in Tinker’s Creek, Me creates a strong anti-Mexican feeling among some of the residents, who then try to keep a television chef of Latino descent from opening a restaurant in the town, leading Lucy Stone to do some sleuthing into the death of a local woman that is attributed to drug usage.

Morrow, Bradford. The Prague Sonata (Per, 27.00) Oct. When a New York musicologist receives an eighteenth-century sonata manuscript from an elderly woman, she finds herself on a quest to find the composer and the final part of the manuscript, a quest that takes her to Prague and a history of love, war, and family.

McKinlay, Jenn. Death in the Stacks (Brk, 25.00) Nov. Library Director Lindsey is in danger of having the book thrown at her when the new president of the library board is found dead right after they have a heated argument.

Morton, Mandy. Cat among the Pumpkins (STM, 24.99) Oct. Feline detective Hetty Bagshot and her sidekick are looking into some new murders that are tied to an old murder on Hallowe’en. A clever mystery for those who like cats that talk and wear clothes.

Niederhoffer, Gal. Poison (STM, 26.99) Nov. A journalism professor finds that her area of expertise comes in handy when it becomes clear that her second husband is trying to kill her and take custody of her toddler son by impugning her sanity.

Patterson, James. The People vs. Alex Cross (LB, 29.00) Nov. Alex Cross is fighting for his life when he is accused of killing followers of his nemesis in cold blood, but while awaiting trial he agrees to work unofficially on a case of the disappearances of young women, a case that takes him to the darkest reaches of the Internet.

Quinn, Anthony J. Trespass (Peg, 25.95) Nov. A Belfast police detective hunting for a missing boy allegedly abducted by Travellers finds a politically-charged connection with the unsolved mystery of a Traveller woman suspected of being an IRA informer during the Troubles.

Ritter, Krysten. Bonfire (RH, 26.00) Nov. A debut legal thriller about an attorney who returns to her hometown for a case against a chemical company, but finds that there is a link between her case and the disappearance of a popular young woman ten years before.

Sandford, John. Deep Freeze (29.00) Oct. Virgil Flowers investigates when a woman is found dead, frozen in a block of ice, in a small northern Minnesota town, in a case involving 20 years of secrets, feuds, and hatreds going back to high-school days.

Schofield, Douglas. Killing Pace (STM, 25.99) Nov. A customs officer in Florida, suffering from amnesia after a car crash, suddenly recovers her memory and realizes that she has been held prisoner, so she is determined to continue her investigation into an international adoption scheme and a missing baby.

Smith, Carrie. Unholy City (Per, 27.99) Nov. NYPD detective Clare Codella investigates the murder of a church warden found in the garden of an Upper West Side Episcopal Church in the third of this police procedural series.

Smith, Lachlan. Wolf’s Revenge (Per, 25.00) Oct. San Francisco criminal attorney Leo Maxwell must defend a client who doesn’t deny shooting the man she is charged with murdering. An excellent legal series.

Staub, Wendy Corsi. Dead of Winter (Per, 26.99) Nov. An innkeeper sees a man dumping a corpse on the shore of a lake in upstate New York, and connects it to the disappearance of a young boy during a blizzard in the third of this series set in a real-life spiritualist community.

Weiner, Matthew. Heather, the Totality (LB, 25.00) Nov. A sociopathic young man spots the beautiful daughter of a Manhattan financier, and decides that she will be the victim in his rape, torture, and murder fantasy that he plans to carry out.

Woods, Stuart. Quick & Dirty (Put, 25.95) Oct. Stone Barrington investigates the theft of a Van Gogh from a Park Avenue penthouse that resulted in the death of the owner.

Wright, Jennifer. Killer Fashion (SS, 14.99) Nov. A funny, lavishly-illustrated history of clothes to die for—literally. A perfectly ghoulish stocking stuffer for your favorite fashionista.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Brookes, Adam. The Spy’s Daughter (Hach, 9.99) Nov.

Carl, JoAnna. The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha (Brk, 7.99) Nov.

Childs, Laura and Terrie Farley Moran. Crepe Factor (Brk, 7.99) Oct.

Christie, Agatha. Murder on the Orient Express (HC, 9.99) Nov. Reprint.

Connelly, Michael. The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Hach, 9.99) Nov.

Cussler, Clive. Odessa Sea (Put, 9.99) Nov.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. Kilt at the Highland Games (Ken, 7.99) Oct.

Evanovich, Janet. Twice the Plum (STM, 8.99) Nov.

Fluke, Joanne. Christmas Caramel Murder (Ken, 7.99) Oct.

Gardner, Lisa. Right Behind You (Dut, 9.99) Oct.

Grippando, James. Most Dangerous Place (HC, 9.99) Oct.

Hart, Carolyn. Ghost Times Two (Brk, 7.99) Oct.

Hillerman, Anne. The Song of the Lion (HC, 9.99) Oct.

Hurwitz, Gregg. The Nowhere Man (STM, 9.99) Nov.

Kava, Alex. Reckless Creed (Put, 9.99) Oct.

Kellerman, Jonathan. Heartbreak Hotel (RH, 9.99) Nov.

Koontz, Dean. The Silent Corner (RH, 9.99) Oct.

Korelitz, Jean Hanff. You Should Have Known (LB, 7.99) Oct.

Land, Jon. Strong Cold Dead (STM, 8.99) Oct.

McKinlay, Jenn. Better Late than Never (Brk, 7.99) Nov.

Meier, Leslie, et al. Eggnog Murder (Ken, 7.99) Nov.

_____. Holiday Murder (Ken, 9.95) Oct. Reprint.

Patterson, James. Cross the Line (LB, 9.99) Oct.

Patterson, James and Mark Sullivan. The Games (LB, 9.99) Nov.

White, Randy Wayne. Seduced (Put, 9.99) Oct.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Abbott, Kristi. Assault and Buttery (Brk, 7.99) Nov. While awaiting repairs on her popcorn shop, Rebecca amuses herself by reading an old diary she found in the walls, but the death of someone who was poisoned by her popcorn sets her to sleuthing, and a connection between the diary and the death pops to her mind.

Becker, James. The Templar Brotherhood (Brk, 9.99) Oct. Bookseller Robin Jessop and encryption expert David Mallory may have found a Templar passport for transporting something of great value, something priceless, but their discovery might shake the foundations of Christendom.

Blake, Bethany. Dial Meow for Murder (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Pet sitter Daphne decides to take care of a tiny cat when its owner is found murdered, but she and her basset hound find a number of clues when they go to pick up the cat, clues that might lead to a murderer.

Carlisle, Kate. Eaves of Destruction (Brk, 7.99) Nov. Together with a new employee, contractor Shannon Hammer must dig into the murder of a particularly unpleasant building inspector.

Cates, Bailey. Potions and Pastries (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When a fortune-teller friend is murdered, bakery owner—and witch—Katie must use her magical powers to discover what happened.

Connolly, Sheila. A Late Frost (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When an energetic newcomer arrives in the quiet Massachusetts town, orchard owner Meg is intrigued by her new ideas, but when she dies unexpectedly, Meg must turn her attention to finding a killer rotten to the core.

Davis, Krista. Not a Creature was Purring (Brk, 7.99) Nov. During a German-style Christmas market, Holly learns that her old flame has come to town with a new fiancée, but the death of a beloved friend has her, along with her dedicated detective-pets forgetting love to solve a murder.

Delaney, Vicki. Hark the Herald Angels Slay (Brk, 7.99) Nov. When her ex-fiancé shows up right before the Christmas in July celebration, Merry has her hands full, but when he is found murdered, she leaves the festivities to find a killer.

Erickson, Alex. Death by Eggnog (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Bookstore owner Krissy has taken some time off her business to participate in the local holiday musical extravaganza, but when a murder occurs, she finds herself trying to wrap up the case.

Farrow, Sharon. Blackberry Burial (Ken, 7.99) Nov. Marlee Jacob is helping with the preparations for a road rally to celebrate the art school’s centennial, when she comes across a body hidden in the brambles, the body of an art student missing for twenty years in the second in this series.

Griffin, Laura. Touch of Red (Pkt, 7.99) Oct. When she finds evidence of a witness at a gruesome crime scene, a CSI officer decides to find the missing person before the killer does, but the killer then sets his sights on her as well.

Hesse, Jennifer David. Yuletide Homicide (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Lawyer—and Wiccan—Keli is preparing to celebrate Yuletide, but first she is sent undercover to discover who is blackmailing a friend of her boss, a mayoral candidate, and she finds him dead under a Christmas tree.

James, Delia. Familiar Motives (Brk, 7.99) Oct. Annabelle and her magical cat Alistair must find the feline spokesperson for a pet-food brand after the veterinarian is found dead and the spokes-cat missing.

James, Miranda. Fixing to Die (Brk, 7.99) Oct. While visiting an old friend in Natchez, the Ducote sisters must investigate a murder when a distant relative is found in a supposedly haunted room of the antebellum mansion.

Kelly, Diane. Death, Taxes, and a Shotgun Wedding (STM, 7.99) Nov. In the finale of the series, IRS investigator Tara is hoping to live long enough to attend her own wedding as old cases come back to haunt her.

London, Colette. Dead and Ganache (Ken, 7.99) Oct. Hayden is on a trip to Brittany and hopes to see her chocolatier mentor, but the man has been murdered, and it’s time for her to get to the center of a bittersweet crime.

Mugavero, Liz. Purring around the Christmas Tree (Ken, 7.99) Oct. When Santa is found dead in his sleigh at the annual Christmas festival, Kristan is worried about her boyfriend’s uncle who was supposed to play Santa and has disappeared.

Simon, Misty. Cremains of the Day (Ken, 7.99) Nov. The newly-divorced wife of a wealthy man is forced to clean the houses of her former socialite friends, but when she stumbles across the body of her employer, she realizes that the family mortuary business has prepared her for digging up clues in a grave situation in the first of a new series.

Smith, Karen Rose. Slay Bells Ring (Ken, 7.99) Nov. When the owner of the historic house she has just finished staging for Christmas is found murdered, with his dog at his side, Caprice must find a killer before she herself ends up on his wish-list.

Tremel, Joyce. A Room with a Brew (Brk, 7.99) Oct. When a member of the oompah band she hired is found murdered brewpub owner Max is worried that her friend may have something to do with the death.

Wait, Lea. Thread the Halls (Ken, 7.99) Nov. When his actress mother has needled him beyond bearing, Angie’s boyfriend asks the Mainely Needlepointers to decorate the house for her and her Hollywood entourage, but he’s felled by some Christmas cookies, so they must turn to finding a killer.

Wallace, Auralee. Ring in the Year with Murder (STM, 7.99) Nov. Erica and her friends from Otter Lake Security must find a killer at a Gatsby-themed New Year’s Eve party.

Weiss, Kirsten. The Quiche and the Dead (Ken, 7.99) Nov. When one of her regulars keels over after eating a breakfast quiche, the new owner of a pie shop in California joins forces with her flaky employee to hunt for a killer before the business is ruined in the first of a new series.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Adams, Michelle. If You Knew my Sister (STM, 15.99) Oct. A woman who was given away by her parents when she was a toddler is contacted by her sister that her mother has died, and in returning home she must confront not only her manipulative sister, but finally discover the real reason why she was given away.

Arlidge, M. J. Hide and Seek (Brk, 15.00) Oct. DI Helen Grace is in prison, framed for a murder, but not only must she find a way to find the real killer, she must solve a series of murders of prisoners within the prison before she becomes the next victim.

Armstrong, Kelley. A Darkness Absolute (STM, 16.99) Oct. Rockton detective Casey Duncan goes hunting for a missing man, only to discover another missing resident held captive in a cave for over a year along with the bodies of two women. Highly recommended.

Banks, Leo W. Double Wide (Brash, 12.99) Nov. A debut novel by a Tucson writer featuring a former professional baseball pitcher who receives a box containing the severed hand of a close friend, a former catcher, and in his search for his friend he uncovers a body—with both hands—and loses his neighbor, who disappears. Great noir fun. Signing.

Bellairs, George. The Dead Shall be Raised and Murder of a Quack (PP, 12.95) Oct. A reprint of two novels featuring DI Littlejohn of Scotland Yard set in small English villages in the 1940s.

Blackhurst, Jenny. How I Lost You (SS, 16.00) Oct. A novel of psychological suspense about a woman with no memory who was accused of murdering her infant son, but three years later, she receives a photograph of a toddler and begins to wonder if her son might still be alive.

Bohjalian, Chris. The Sleepwalker (RH, 16.00) Oct. A woman with a history of sleepwalking disappears from her home one night, and the detective in charge of the case refuses to accept that she has died in a haunting novel of family secrets and lies.

Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes (SS, 15.99) Oct. This reprint of my favorite Bradbury novel isn’t a mystery, but it is a sheer delight. Highly recommended.

Bradley, Alan. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d (RH, 16.00) Oct. Flavia returns from Canada to find that her father has fallen ill, but her spirits are lifted when she encounters a dead man hanging from a door in his cottage while on an errand for the vicar’s wife.

Brookmyre, Christopher. The Black Widow (Per, 16.00) Nov. Reporter Jack Parlabane investigates the death of a man killed in a road accident, whose physician wife is charged with his murder. I loved this.

Bruen, Ken. The Emerald Lie (Per, 16.00) Nov. Galway PI Jack Taylor gets caught up in the hunt for a serial killer who can’t abide grammar mistakes. As a former freshman composition teacher, I have great sympathy with the killer.

Butler, Dave. Full Curl (Per, 14.99) Oct. The first in a new series featuring a Canadian national park ranger who investigates when animals begin disappearing from the mountain parks on both sides of the border. For fans of Nevada Barr.

Carey, Mike. The Devil You Know (Orbit, 15.99) Nov. In the first in a supernatural thriller series, a freelance exorcist accepts what should be a routine exorcism at a museum in London, but things soon go awry.

Cohen, Tammy. Dying for Christmas (Peg, 15.95) Nov. A complex novel of psychological suspense about an unbalanced woman who accompanies a stranger to his house outside of London, where he keeps her captive, torturing her, and the policewoman who digs into her disappearance, herself a less-than-reliable narrator.

Cooper, Steven. Desert Remains (Prom, 15.95) Oct. The first in a new series set in Phoenix featuring a homicide detective investigating the death of a woman in a desert cave who is helped by a psychic when the death is but the first of many.

Copperman, E.J. The Question of the Absentee Father (MidInk, 14.99) Oct. Autistic PI Samuel Hoenig goes to Southern California to find his father who left the family years before in the fourth in this charming series.

Correy, Jane. My Husband’s Wife (Png, 17.00) Nov. A novel of psychological suspense about a London lawyer who befriends the neighbor’s 9-year-old daughter with disastrous results for her marriage.

Crombie, Deborah. Garden of Lamentations (HC, 14.99) Nov. Gemma James investigates the murder of a nanny in a private garden in Notting Hill, part of a series of suspicious deaths in the wealthy area.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. Ill Met by Murder (Per, 16.99) Oct. Costume designer Charlotte Fairfax finds that a series of unpleasant pranks lead to murder when she is involved in a special performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of the wedding of the company’s chief benefactor’s daughter in the second in this cozy theatrical series.

Duncan, Francis. Murder for Christmas (Source, 15.99) Oct. In a mystery first published in 1949, a holiday house party turns deadly when a man dressed as Father Christmas is found dead next to the Christmas tree and a valuable necklace goes missing, leading an amateur sleuth to find a killer among a plethora of suspects.

Edwards, Megan. Full Service Blonde (Per, 15.00) Nov. Aspiring Las Vegas journalist Copper Black investigates the violent death of an outspoken prostitute in the second in this funny series.

England, Caroline. Beneath the Skin (HC, 12.99) Nov. In a debut mystery, a woman with a dark secret in her past finds that all her lies are beginning to unravel, despite her attempts to maintain her new life.

Eskins, Allen. The Deep Dark Descending (RH, 15.95) Oct. Minneapolis police detective Max Rupert is given evidence that the death of his beloved wife was no accident, so he decides to investigate, leading him to confront how far he would go to avenge her death.

Federcyk, Miriam. Fidelity (SS, 16.00) Nov. The FBI and the CIA join forces in the hunt for a mole in the government suspected of giving secrets to the Russians and an agent finds herself caught between her duty to her country and those she loves.

Fridlund, Emily. History of Wolves (Per, 16.00) Nov. An isolated teenager raised in the woods of northern Minnesota becomes drawn to a couple with a small child who move in across the lake, but she finds herself caught up in secrets and lies that she doesn’t understand.

Gardner, Erle Stanley. Turn on the Heat (Hard Case, 9.95) Nov. The first print appearance in the Cool/Lam PI series first published in 1940.

Green, Layton. Written in Blood (Prom, 15.95) Nov. A homicide officer in North Carolina investigates the murder of a bookstore owner in a case with echoes of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. The bookstore owner should have had a guard dog like Bosco!

Hallinan, Timothy. Fields Where They Lay (Soho, 15.95) Oct. A Russian gangster hires L.A. thief/PI Junior Bender to investigate a rash of shoplifting at a Hollywood mall, but after two deaths, he is investigating a murder case. Highly recommended.

Hare, Cyril. An English Murder (Per, 14.95) Nov. The reissue of a classic cozy set in a snowed-in English manor house. Great fun.

Hoffman, Patrick. Every Man a Menace (Per, 16.00) Oct. A grim noir set in San Francisco that looks at the violent underside of the drug trade from various points of view—from a small-time criminal, to a power broker looking for a new source of drugs, to a drug smuggler, written by a real-life private investigator.

Holm, Chris. Red Right Hand (Mull, 15.99) Oct. Hired by an FBI agent to find and protect a government witness, a former covert operative finds himself involved in a terrorist plot with a shadowy corporate backer.

Hoover, Colleen. Without Merit (SS, 16.00) Oct. A young woman decides to reveal the dark secrets of her seemingly happy family before she leaves forever, but then her plans fall through and she must deal with the unexpected consequences of telling the truth.

Ide, Joe. IQ (Mull, 15.99) Oct. A debut thriller set in a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles where an intelligent and determined high-school dropout takes it upon himself to solve the cases that the police can’t—or won’t—solve. Highly recommended.

Jackson, Shirley. Dark Tales (Png, 16.00) Oct. A collection of Jackson’s scariest stories—just in time for Halloween.

James, P.D. Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories (RH, 15.00) Oct. A collection of short stories that show James’s mastery of Agatha Christie-esque plotting combined with psychological depth.

Johnson, Jeff. Deadbomb Bingo Ray (Per, 16.99) Nov. A comic novel of crime, love, vengeance, and physics set in Las Vegas.

Kellerman, Faye. Killing Season (HC, 15.99) Oct. A high-school student in a small New Mexico town is hunting for the serial killer who murdered his beloved sister two years before and joins forces with another student, a cancer survivor, who helps him in his quest.

Kessler, Kate. Three Strikes (LB, 15.99) Oct. PI Audrey Harte agrees to help a girl who is looking for her father after she was put up for adoption as an infant, but while helping the girl, she discovers that a lot of people have secrets that they’d kill to keep.

Kidd, Jess. Himself (SS, 16.00) Oct. A young Irish ne’er-do-well receives a note suggesting that the mother who abandoned him as an infant was forced to do so, sending him to a small haunted village to investigate and unleashing forces both natural and supernatural in a funny romp.

King, Laurie R. and Leslie Klinger, eds. Echoes of Sherlock Holmes (Peg, 14.95) Nov. A collection of short stories by contemporary masters inspired by Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

Lasdun, James. The Fall Guy (Nor, 15.95) Nov. When an unemployed chef is invited to spend the summer at his wealthy cousin’s vacation house in the Catskills, his suspicions that his cousin’s wife is unfaithful lead to shocking violence.

Lefcourt, Peter. Purgatory Gardens (Per, 15.99) Nov. A funny novel about two con-men hitting on the same over-the-hill actress, who hire the same father-son team of hitmen to take out the competition. I loved this comic romp.

Leslie, Barbara. Unhinged (RH, 14.95) Nov. Former addict Danny is working at a gym in Toronto when her brother-in-law is beaten badly, so she vows to find those responsible.

Littlejohn, Emily. Inherit the Bones (STM, 16.99) Nov. When a circus clown is found behind a storage shed, Colorado deputy sheriff Gemma Moore discovers through his fingerprints that he was actually the son of the mayor who died three years earlier and must solve a case with its roots in a crime spree thirty years before in a compelling debut.

Mackintosh, Clare. I See You (Brk, 16.00) Nov. In a creepy psychological thriller, after a woman sees her photograph in a classified ad, she discovers that the other women whose photographs have appeared have suffered assaults and even murder. Highly recommended.

Marchetta, Melina. Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil (Mull, 15.99) Oct. In a debut thriller, a London policeman goes to France to see his teenaged daughter after the tour bus she was on is bombed, and finds himself hunting for another of the survivors, a young woman who becomes the chief suspect in the bombing as the result of racial profiling.

May, Peter. Coffin Road (Quer, 16.99) Nov. A homicide detective is sent to a tiny island in the North Atlantic where three lighthouse keepers disappeared more than a century earlier to investigate a contemporary murder.

McMillan, Gilly. Odd Child Out (HC, 15.99) Oct. When a boy falls into a canal near the prestigious Bristol high school he attends, his Somali best friend comes under suspicion of having pushed him, and since neither boy can or will explain what actually happened it is up to DI Clemo to investigate without exacerbate anti-immigrant tensions.

Mejia, Mindy. Everything You Want Me to Be (SS, 16.00) Oct. An unsettling debut novel of suspense about a teenaged girl from a small town in the year before her death. Strong characterization makes this a winner.

Moore, Syd. Strange Sight (Per, 14.99) Nov. In the second in this paranormal series, Rosie Strange and Sam Strong from the Essex Witch Museum are called in when a restaurant suffers from supernatural attacks culminating in the death of the chef.

Patterson, James and David Ellis. The Black Book (GC, 15.99) Oct. A Chicago cop who lost his memory in the aftermath of a shooting must fight to clear himself in a standalone mystery.

Penzler, Otto, ed. The Big Book of Rogues and Villains (RH, 25.00) Oct. A wide-ranging collection of stories featuring seriously bad guys and those who are more morally ambiguous, from Victorian times to the present.

Perry, Leigh. The Skeleton Paints a Picture (Per, 14.99) Oct. The fourth in the supernatural series finds Georgia working at a small college in Massachusetts until Sid talks her into investigating a mysterious car crash.

Porter, Anna. The Appraisal (ECW, 15.95) Oct. An art appraiser is hired by a wealthy businessman in Canada to restore a Titian painting to him, its rightful owner, but when she arrives in Hungary to get the painting, art-market intrigues turn deadly.

Postgate, Raymond. Verdict of Twelve (PP, 12.95) Oct. This classic courtroom drama was first published in 1940 about a woman accused of poisoning her nephew. Highly recommended.

Pruett, Eryk. What we Reckon (Per, 15.95) Oct. Two career grifters show up in a small Texas town, but this may be the last stop, when the brains of the operation begins hearing voices in a comic caper novel.

Ragan, T.R. Her Last Day (T&M, 15.95) Oct. In the first of a new series a Sacramento PI joins forces with a journalist who wants to do a series of articles focusing on the disappearance of her sister years before in hopes that new clues will come to light.

Rosenfelt, David. The Twelve Dogs of Christmas (STM, 15.99) Oct. New Jersey attorney Andy Carpenter agrees to defend a woman accused of having too many dogs because she has taken in puppies the shelter cannot handle, but when the neighbor who turned her in is found dead, the case gets much more complicated.

Rosenstiel, Tom. Shining City (HC, 15.99) Nov. A Washington fixer and his partner are hired to vet a Supreme Court nominee, but a series of murders of his close associates means that their job becomes one of keeping him alive in a debut political thriller.

Sandford, John, ed. The Best American Mystery Stories 2017 (HMH, 15.99) Oct. A collection of short stories by contemporary masters.

Sims, George. The End of the Web and The Last Best Friend (PP, 12.95) Nov. Former policeman Ed Buchanan is asked by the widow of an antiques dealer to look into his death which appears to be a tawdry sex scandal, but he uncovers a blackmail scheme related to WWII in a reissue of a mystery first published in 1976. In the latter, set in the world of rare books, a dealer investigates the alleged suicide of a fellow dealer.

Smith, April. Home, Sweet Home (RH, 26.95) Nov. When her brother and his family are shot in their western South Dakota house, a woman returns home and discovers that the attack has its roots in the McCarthy era and a smear campaign against her parents that ended in a libel trial. I loved this.

Snoekstra, Anna. Little Secrets (Mira, 15.99) Oct. When porcelain dolls appear in front of homes with little girls, the townspeople of a dying town react in fear, suspicion, and horror, stoked by a young woman who uses their stories to further her own journalism career.

Staub, Wendy Corsi. Something Buried, Something Blue (Per, 15.99) Oct. Widow Isabella Jordan decides to host a destination wedding at the guest house she manages, but things don’t go smoothly culminating with the bride collapsing and dying in the second in this charming paranormal cozy.

Taylor, C.L. The Missing (HC, 15.99) Nov. A novel of psychological suspense about a woman who must expose the secrets of their family in order to find her missing teenaged son.

Thomas, Wendell. Lost Luggage (Per, 15.95) Oct. In the first of a new comic series, a Brooklyn travel agent who wins a free African safari finds herself having to foil a group of endangered species smugglers to protect two of her elderly clients, not to mention having to face off an upset cobra.

Tucker, James. Next of Kin (T&M, 15.95) Oct. In a debut novel that is the first of a police procedural series, an NYPD detective is called in by an attorney representing a young boy whose wealthy family was murdered at their country house in the Adirondacks, and his hesitance about taking the case is overcome when there is an attempt on the boy’s life.

Watkins, Eileen. The Persian Always Meows Twice (Ken, 15.00) Oct. When a cat groomer finds her best client dead on his study floor, she takes custody of his cat only to find herself in the midst of a fierce squabble with the dead man’s sister, wife, and business associates over the animal, causing her to begin investigating on her own in the first of a cozy new series.

Wendig, Chuck. Thunderbird (SS, 16.99) Nov. Miriam Black goes to the Southwest to find another psychic who may be able to help her, but what she finds is a violent group of domestic terrorists in the fourth in this genre-bending series.

White, Kate. Even if it Kills Her (HC, 15.99) Oct. New York true-crime journalist Bailey Weggins reconnects with her college roommate who asks for her help in investigating the murder of her family years before, but the two find themselves in danger when they start asking questions.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Abarbanell, Stephan. Displaced (HC, 26.99) Nov. An elderly writer in British-occupied Palestine in 1946 persuades a member of the Jewish resistance to go to Europe to find his missing scientist brother who may have survived the Nazi camps, but the agent soon discovers that her every move is being followed by someone else looking for the scientist in a debut literary thriller.

Bannalec, Jean-Luc. Murder on Brittany Shores (STM, 14.99) Nov. Commissaire Dupin investigates when three bodies wash up on the beach of an idyllic Breton island in the second in this excellent French series.

Bolduc, Mario. The Roma Plot (Per, 17.99) Nov. When he hears that a friend is accused of the racially-charged murder 23 people in Bucharest, con-man Max O’Brien decides to investigate and finds links to the WWII concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and the love between a Roma man and a German woman.

Dashkova, Polina. Madness Treads Lightly (Amazon, 14.95) Sept. In the English-language debut for a bestselling Russian crime novelist, a Moscow journalist married to a counter-intelligence officer investigates when her friend’s brother dies in a suspicious suicide and his wife poisons herself shortly after, an investigation that puts her on the trail of a serial killer who raped and murdered two women years before in Siberia.

Dueñas, Maria. The Vineyard (SS, 26.00) Oct. A powerful novel of love, betrayal, and sherry wine set in Mexico, Havana, and Spain during the second half of the nineteenth century about a man who wins a rundown Spanish vineyard gambling, and finds himself falling in love with the strong-willed woman whose family had owned it.

Eriksson, Kjell. Stone Coffin (STM, 16.99) Nov. When a woman and her young daughter are killed by a hit-and-run driver, suspicion falls on her husband, a successful businessman with a mistress and a history of shady dealings, but Uppsala homicide detective Ann Lindell finds discrepancies.

García, Cristina. Here in Berlin (Per, 26.00) Oct. A novel that is a series of snapshots of a city still haunted by the trauma of WWII, including a zookeeper trying to keep his charges safe from the starving populace, a Cuban POW captured on a German submarine, and a woman who continues to support the Nazis against accusations of war crimes.

Gary, Romain. The Kites (New Directions, 27.95) Oct. A classic novel from the 1960’s of love and betrayal set during WWII, with a character who becomes a fighter in the French Resistance while pursuing the daughter of a Polish aristocrat.

Gracq, Julien. Balcony in the Forest (NYRB, 15.95) Nov. A compelling and magical novel set in the Ardennes Forest in 1939, where a young French army officer and his men await the arrival of the German army, which he does by observing nature and falling in love with a young widow. First published in 1959.

Hallinan, Timothy. Fool’s River (Soho, 26.95) Nov. Poke Rafferty agrees to help his adopted daughter’s boyfriend, whose “sexpat” father has been kidnapped while the abductors siphon off his credit card and bank accounts before killing him.

Hamilton, Ian. The Couturier of Milan (Per, 15.95) Oct. Kick-ass forensic accountant Ava Lee must protect the Triad’s latest investment in a fashion line started by two sisters when the Camorra decides to put them out of business.

Higashino, Keigo. A Midsummer’s Equation (STM, 15.99) Nov. When a body is found at the foot of a cliff near a fading resort town outside of Tokyo, the physicist known as Detective Galileo investigates and discovers that the victim was a former policeman poisoned by carbon monoxide—but why?

Indridason, Arnaldur. The Shadow District (STM, 25.99) Nov. The discovery of the body of an elderly man—who was murdered—leads back to a murder in Reykjavik in 1944 as police attempt to connect the two in the first of a new series.

Jónasson, Ragnar. Snowblind (STM, 9.99) Nov. A rookie policeman is sent from Reykjavik to an isolated village where he investigates the murder of a drunken actor, uncovering old secrets among the villagers in an outstanding debut police procedural.

Kurbjuweit, Dirk. Fear (HC, 25.99) Oct. An American debut thriller from an acclaimed German writer about a man who kills his neighbor who had been harassing his middle-class family, and the reaction of his son to this shocking act of violence.

Lagioia, Nicola. Ferocity (Eur, 18.00) Oct. When a young socialite’s violent death is ruled suicide, her estranged half-brother decides to investigate and what he finds is that their father’s southern Italian real-estate empire is built on extortion and corruption, which may have led to her unraveling.

Lemaitre, Pierre. Three Days and a Life (Quer, 22.99) Nov. A novel of psychological suspense about a man who killed a young boy years before, and when he returns to the small French village that was his home, he finds that his carefully constructed life as a doctor working in humanitarian aid may be destroyed.

Limón, Martin. The Nine-Tailed Fox (Soho, 26.95) Oct. The disappearance of three American soldiers in 1970’s South Korea, send U.S. Army CID officers Sueño and Bascom on a hunt with few clues—only the Korean legend of a fox changed into a lustful woman by the gods.

MacInnes, Martin. Infinite Ground (RH, 25.99) Oct. In a surreal mystery set in South America, a man disappears suddenly from a restaurant, and the semi-retired detective hired by the family to find him discovers that the company where he works seems to be a front, the man suffered from strange physical symptoms, and his office is infested with curious microorganisms.

Mankell, Henning. After the Fire (RH, 16.95) Oct. When his home on a remote island off Sweden burns down as the result of arson, an elderly man finds himself overwhelmed by the feeling that he is too old to rebuild and shaken by the thought that someone intentionally did this to him in the final novel from Mankell, published posthumously.

May, Peter. Cast Iron (Quer, 26.99) Oct. Forensic investigator Enzo MacLeod faces a cold case for 1989 that impacts him and his family in the present when the bones of a twenty-year-old woman are found in a drying lake in the west of France.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The House of Unexpected Sisters (RH, 25.95) Nov. Precious and Grace investigate the case of a woman who claims she was fired unjustly from her job, even as Precious must deal with personal problems of her own including the reappearance of her disreputable ex and the appearance of an unknown sister.

Ollestad, Norman. French Girl with Mother (Per, 16.95) Oct. A young artist meets a woman in Paris who takes him home to her parents’ crumbling chateau, where he becomes involved with her beautiful ballerina mother, her shady businessman father, and her uncle who is suspected of trafficking in art forgeries. I loved this.

Patterson, James and Ashwin Sanghi. Count to Ten (LB, 15.99) Nov. Santosh Wagh is persuaded to set up the Private office in Delhi, but his first case—the discovery of human remains in barrels in the basement of a house—might end up getting him killed.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret and the Man on the Bench (Png, 13.00), Maigret is Afraid (Png, 13.00) Nov and The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By (Png, 13.00) Oct. The reissue of two classic Maigret police procedurals and a non-series crime classic.

Stanley, Michael. Dying to Live (STM, 27.99) Oct. The autopsy on the body of a bushman raises questions about his age and why he has a bullet inside with no entry, leaving David Bengu of the Botswana CID to investigate, and then he finds that an anthropologist working with the victim has disappeared. An excellent series.

Tursten, Helene. Protected by the Shadows (Soho, 26.95) Nov. In the final installment of the Irene Huss series, the Göteburg detective’s Violent Crimes Unit joins forces with the Organized Crimes Unit when gang violence escalates, but it appears that there is a mole among the police.

_____. Who Watcheth (Soho, 15.95) Nov. DI Huss and the Gothenburg police must find a serial killer preying on women who are divorced and living alone, but who soon begins to stalk a woman member of the police.

Zylberman, Ruth. The Department of Missing Persons (Per, 22.99) Oct. A woman living in Paris whose mother survived Bergen-Belsen is shocked when she receives a letter suggesting that her grandfather survived the camps, although details are not known, plunging her into a quest to find a man she never knew.


New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Airth, Rennie. The Death of Kings (Vik, 16.00) Nov. Inspector Madden is called out of retirement in 1949 when new evidence is found in the 1938 murder of an actress, killed on the estate of a close friend of the king, a case that ended in the execution of a man who may well have been innocent.

Albanese, Laurie Lico. Stolen Beauty (SS, 16.00) Nov. A novel about the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and the beautiful Jewish woman who inspired him, Adele Bloch-Bauer, in fin-de-siècle Vienna as well as the story of her niece who managed to survive during WWII under the Nazis. An inspiring story beautifully told.

Alexander, Tasha. Death in St. Petersburg (STM, 26.99) Oct. Lady Emily agrees to help the aristocratic lover of a murdered ballerina, a case that sends her throughout Tsarist Russia, from the opulent Winter Palace to the garrets of political dissidents.

Benford, Gregory. The Berlin Project (SS, 16.99) Nov. In an alternate history set in 1944, the scientists of the Manhattan Project find another way to build atomic bombs and prepare to stop Germany in June—before D-Day and the loss of millions of lives.

Birkby, Michelle. The House at Baker Street (HC, 15.99) Oct. Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Watson join forces to help a woman who’s the target of a sadistic extortionist, who, they discover has other victims and is violent as well.

 Bowen, Rhys. The Ghost of Christmas Past (STM, 24.99) Nov. Molly Murphy Sullivan and her husband are spending Christmas with a wealthy family at their mansion on the Hudson when a young woman arrives at the door, announcing that she is the daughter who had disappeared in the snow 10 years before.

Brady, Conor. A Hunt in Winter (Per, 26.99) Oct. In the third in this series set in Victorian Ireland, the investigation into the death of a young woman becomes tied to the tense political situation amidst the desire for Irish independence.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women (Brk, 25.00) Oct. The shooting death of a guest at a Guy Fawkes Day party is still unsolved as Christmas approaches, and Inspector Witherspoon must turn to his household to solve the crime in time for the holiday festivities.

Burnet, Graeme Macrae. The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau (Per, 24.99) Oct. Set in 1982, this is both a crime story and a character study of the two characters involved in the crime—the detective and main suspect, who’s guilty of a crime, but not the disappearance.

Chamberlain, Diane. The Stolen Marriage (STM, 26.99) Oct. A woman who marries a man she barely knows and moves to a small town in North Carolina during WWII, but while helping her new sister-in-law deliver a mysterious envelope, she takes a detour with fatal consequences.

Chance, Maia. Gin and Panic (STM, 25.99) Oct. Former socialite Lola Woodby is hired to retrieve a stolen rhinoceros trophy from the Connecticut mansion of a big-game hunter, but she arrives to find the man dead in the third in this funny historical series.

_____. Teetotaled (STM, 16.99) Oct. In 1923 penniless New York socialite and her former cook who’ve set up a discreet enquiry agency go to a Long Island to recover the diary of a young bride-to-be that may contain indiscretions that could jeopardize the upcoming wedding in the second in this comic series.

Chiaverini, Jennifer. Fates and Traitors (Dut, 16.00) Nov. A novel about John Wilkes Booth and the four women in his life who became inextricably involved in his nefarious plot to assassinate the president.

Clare, Alys. A Shadowed Evil (SH, 28.95) Oct. Sir Josse d’Acquin and his wife travel to Sussex to pay their last respects to his dying uncle, but tensions in the household lead to several murders.

Collins, Max Allan. Quarry’s Climax (Hard Case, 9.95) Oct. Professional hit-man Quarry is hired to protect the publisher of a raunchy skin magazine and then to take out the assassins hired to kill him in a clever mystery set in 1975.

Cornick, Nicola. House of Shadows (HC, 15.99) Oct. Using a battered mirror and the diary of a Regency courtesan, a woman attempts to find her brother, a historian researching the seventeenth-century mystery of Elizabeth Stuart and her affair with Lord Craven, who disappeared in Oxfordshire.

Daniels, Casey. Smoke and Mirrors (SH, 28.99) Nov. In the first of a new series, the sister of P.T. Barnum must clear the name of the Lizard Man of Borneo when a family friend is found murdered near the mermaid exhibit in Barnum’s American Museum.

Dowling, Gregory. The Four Horsemen (STM, 27.99) Oct. The second of a series set in eighteenth-century Venice, where an English-educated tourist guide who is pressed into service by the chief of police who wants him to investigate a sinister secret society which enjoys powerful protection.

Ellicott, Jessica. Murder in an English Village (Ken, 25.00) Nov. In the first of a new series set in the English village of Walmsley Parva in 1920, an American ex-pat finds that an old school-friend needs a lodger to help with expenses, but the reunion becomes less happy when the Englishwoman is attacked and when they later find the body of a woman, so they join forces to solve the murder.

Finch, Charles. The Inheritance (STM, 15.99) Nov. Charles Lenox agrees to help a school friend from Harrow who has returned to London because of a sizable and mysterious inheritance, but who has survived two attempts on his life in the short time he’s been back.

Flint, Emma. Little Deaths (LB, 26.00) Jan. When a cocktail waitress in the working-class area of Queens in 1965 becomes the suspect in the murder of her two children, based largely on her party-girl lifestyle, but a rookie tabloid reporter becomes obsessed with the case and seeks to exonerate her in a debut thriller inspired by a true story.

Gates, Suzanne. The Glamorous Dead (Ken, 15.00) Nov. In a debut set in pre-WWII Hollywood a wannabe starlet gets help from Barbara Stanwyck when her roommate is found dead behind a nightclub—missing her thumb.

Goldstone, Lawrence. Deadly Cure (Peg, 25.95) Nov. The death of the young son of a wealthy family in Brooklyn in 1899, plunges a doctor into an investigation into a cabal that is manufacturing a patent medicines and puts his life in jeopardy.

Gregory, Susanna. The Habit of Murder (IPG, 26.99) Oct. In 1360, Matthew Bartholomew travels from Cambridge to Clare after hearing that the Lady of Clare has died, and when he arrives, the lady is alive, but a series of murders has occurred that have left four people dead.

Gulvin, J.M. The Long Count (Per, 22.00) Oct. A debut set in Texas in 1967, featuring a Texas Ranger investigating the beating of a cop who stumbles upon the dead body of a man whose suicide appears staged, and discovers that the case is tied to a fire in an asylum for the criminally insane that recently burned down.

Hansen, Ron. The Kid (SS, 16.00) Nov. A fictionalized treatment of  the life of Billy the Kid, the New Mexico killer, rustler, and horse thief, whose involvement in the bloody Lincoln County War between two business and political factions led to his imprisonment and eventual death at the hands of lawman Pat Garrett.

Huber, Anna Lee. This Side of Murder (Ken, 15.00) Oct. In the first of a new series set in 1919, a war widow attends a country house party hosted by friends of her late husband because she has been warned that one of the men in attendance may be a traitor.

Hurley, Graham. Aurore (IPG, 26.95) Oct. A former actor who joins the British air force during WWII is recruited to go undercover for MI5 in occupied France, using his acting skills to dupe a high-ranking German intelligence officer.

Jennings, Maureen. Let Darkness Bury the Dead (RH, 22.95) Nov. Murdoch’s son has returned from WWI in 1917 a changed man, and when a series of attacks occur, attacks on men who avoided conscription, He begins to think his son knows more than he’s telling.

Kinchloe, Jennifer. The Woman in the Camphor Trunk (Prom, 15.95) Nov. In Los Angeles in 1908, young police matron Anna Blanc investigates a suspicious death in Chinatown when the body of a Caucasian woman is found in a trunk and its owner, a Chinese importer, has disappeared.

Koreto, R.J. Death Among Rubies (Per, 15.99) Oct. Visiting a friend’s family country house, suffragette Lady Frances Ffolkes and her maid investigate the murder of her friend’s father in the second in this delightful Edwardian series.

_____. Death at the Emerald (Per, 27.99) Nov. After the 30-year-old disappearance of a famous actor comes back to haunt a family friend, Lady Frances tracks a murderer through Edwardian England.

Lawton, John. Friends and Traitors (Per, 26.00) Oct. In 1958, Inspector Troy goes to Vienna on a family holiday where he runs into the infamous traitor Guy Burgess, who claims he wishes to return to England, but the murder of an MI5 agent sends Troy on a hunt for a killer and a spy within the British government.

Lloyd, Catherine. Death Comes to the Fair (Ken, 15.00) Nov. When the verger of the church at Kurland St. Mary’s is found squashed by a gargoyle, Lucy and Robert must postpone their wedding to hunt for a killer.

Lyle, H. B. The Irregular (Quer, 26.99) Nov. A London man who as a boy worked for Sherlock Holmes as one of the “Baker Street Irregulars” is recruited by the head of intelligence at the War Office to investigate German espionage at a munitions factory in the first of a new series set in 1909.

MacBird, Bonnie. Unquiet Spirits (HC, 25.99) Oct. Sherlock Holmes and Watson go to the Scottish Highlands to investigate a haunted castle in an area near a whisky distillery in a case that ties in with a case in the south of France in a new pastiche.

McVeigh, Jennifer. Leopard at the Door (Put, 17.00) Oct. A woman returns to her childhood home in Kenya, but things have changed dramatically, and British colonists are in fear of the Mau Mau uprising in a debut novel of impossible love and betrayal.

Morrell, David. Ruler of the Night (LB, 15.99) Nov. On a railway trip to the Lake District Thomas De Quincey and his daughter investigate the strangling death of a fellow passenger, an attorney.

Murray, Sabine. Valiant Gentlemen (Per, 18.00) Nov. A novel based on the lives and friendship of Irish patriot Roger Casement and Herbert Ward, whose friendship of decades was destroyed by WWI when Ward and his sons fought on the British side and Casement allied himself with the Germans to rid Ireland of British rule.

Nelson, Anne. Suzanne’s Children (SS, 26.00) Oct. The true story of a Belgian heiress who risked her life rescuing Jewish children in German-occupied France during WWII. She was captured and executed shortly before the liberation of Paris.

Orbach, Danny. The Plots against Hitler (HMH, 15.99) Oct. The true story of the many German conspirators who plotted against the genocidal reign of Hitler and the Nazis, and how close some of the plots were to succeeding.

Perry, Anne. A Christmas Return (Ball, 20.00) Nov. After receiving an ominous Christmas present that recalls memories of a twenty-year-old murder that destroyed her friendship with the victim’s widow, Charlotte’s grandmother journeys to Sussex to reconcile with her friend and solve the crime.

Price, Steven. By Gaslight (FSG, 18.00) Oct. When the dismembered body of a woman is found in London in 1885, two men—one the son of American detective agency founder Allan Pinkerton and the other a master criminal—join forces to discover what happened to her in an atmospheric historical thriller.

Rabb, Jonathan. Among the Living (RH, 25.95) Oct. A Holocaust survivor moves to post-war Savannah where he has relatives, but he finds that he must forge a new identity in a completely different world.

Street, Karen Lee. Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster (Peg, 15.95) Nov. In a debut mystery, Edgar Poe and his fictional detective C. Auguste Dupin team up to investigate a series of assaults that occurred decades earlier, and in which Poe’s maternal grandparents may be implicated.

Thomas, Will. Old Scores (STM, 25.99) Oct. London private detective Cyrus Barker is accused of assassinating the Japanese ambassador, and his assistant must find a way to clear him despite overwhelming evidence against him in the latest in this Victorian series.

Thompson, Victoria. City of Lies (Brk, 26.00) Nov. In the first of a new series set in late nineteenth-century New York, a woman who is on the run after parting a wealthy man from his ill-gotten gains joins with a group of suffragette society ladies in order to hide, but she is in danger of being discovered by the son of one of the members.

Thomson, E.S. Dark Asylum (Peg, 25.95) Nov. The second to feature Victorian apothecary Jem Flockhart who lives near London’s Angel Meadow Asylum, where the body of the sadistic superintendent is found gruesomely mutilated, leading her to investigate with the help of her friend.

Tolkien, Simon. No Man’s Land (RH, 17.00) Oct. A young man in the early twentieth century finds himself caught up in the vagaries of the English class system after his mineworker father dies and he is adopted by the mine owner, but just when his life appears to be settling down, he is called up for WWI in a novel based on the life of the author’s grandfather.

Unsworth, Barry. The Ruby in her Navel (RH, 16.95) Nov. A young man who works for the King of Sicily in the twelfth century is dispatched to uncover a conspiracy against the Norman rulers, but he encounters his childhood sweetheart, leading to his ultimate betrayal.

Upson, Nicola. Nine Lessons (Per, 26.99) Oct. Mystery author Josephine Tey and DCI Penrose join forces to investigate a murder in a London graveyard and later a series of attacks on women in Cambridge in a series of murders based on the ghost stories of English author M.R. James.

Wishaw, Iona. An Old, Cold Grave (Per, 14.95) Oct. Former WWII intelligence officer Lane Winslow is called in to investigate when the skeletal remains of a child are found in the small village in British Colombia to which she has moved.


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