April/May 2015

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Albert, Susan Wittig. Bittersweet (Brk, 25.95) Apr. While visiting her mother in South Texas for Thanksgiving, China Bayles teams up with a game warden to solve a complex case of theft and murder.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Swap (Ken, 25.00) May. Antiques dealer Brandy investigates—along with her mother and their sleuthing Shih Tzu—when an old beau is accused of murdering his wife shortly after Brandy falls into his arms.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Beach Town (STM, 26.99) May. A Hollywood location scout finds the perfect Florida town for a big-budget movie, but tangles with the environmentally-minded mayor who wants to protect his town from movie mayhem in another funny summer read.

Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity and the Summer King (Vik, 25.95) Apr. The ghostly Aunt Dimity helps Lori discover why the villagers dislike an eccentric genius so vehemently and why two cottages aren’t attracting new owners.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Kickback (Put, 26.95) May. Spenser agrees to help a mother whose teenaged son is convicted of terrorism after setting up a fake Twitter account for his high-school vice principal and sent to a horrific boot camp for juvenile offenders.

Balcigalupi, Paolo. The Water Knife (RH, 25.95) May. A dystopian thriller set in Arizona, which has become a wasteland due to water shortages with the Colorado River having become the object of armed conflict among the residents of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Baldacci, David. Memory Man (GC, 28.00) Apr. After a football injury leaves him with an inability to forget anything, a man becomes a police detective—until his entire family is brutally murdered—causing him to resign, but then he is called in to help investigate another series of murders that just may explain what happened to his family

Begley, Louis. Killer, Come Hither (DD, 25.00) Apr. When he discovers that his lawyer uncle committed suicide, a Marine veteran decides to investigate only to discover that the man was murdered, and his law partners are covering it up to protect a ruthless billionaire.

Block, Lawrence. The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons (Sub, 30.00) Apr. Bernie is hired by a button collector to steal a manuscript of an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story along with other button-associated art in the latest in this funny series.

Bollen, Christopher. Orient (HC, 26.99) May. A series of deaths in a small Long Island town is tied to a nearby research facility and a transplanted Manhattanite and a loner team up to investigate in a suspenseful debut thriller

Bolton, Sharon. Little Black Lies (STM, 25.99) May. When her children are killed in a car accident caused by her childhood friend in the Falkland Islands, a woman vows to avenge their deaths, but the disappearance of a small boy sends the villagers on a vigilante hunt for the abductor in a novel of suspense.

Born, James O. Scent of Murder (STM, 25.99) Apr. A police officer assigned to a special K-9 unit investigates a kidnapping that appears to be related to the child-molester case that almost lost him his job.

Boyle, Gerry. Once Burned (Islandport, 24.95) May. Freelance crime reporter Jack McMorrow begins investigating minor cases of arson in a small Maine town, but things spiral out of control, and he’s investigating murder.

Brennan, Allison. Compulsion (STM, 25.99) Apr. Television reporter Maxine Revere gets an exclusive interview with an accused serial murderer, who taunts her that she cannot find the bodies of two people he may also have murdered.

Brookmyre, Christopher. Dead Girl Walking (Per, 25.00) May. Edinburgh journalist Jack Parlabane is asked by an old friend to track down the lead singer of a rock group who disappeared during a European tour, leading him in to a web of secret connections with a criminal ring.

Brown, Rita Mae. Tail Gait (Ball, 26.00) May. Harry and Mrs. Murphy team up with Tee Tucker, the crime-solving corgi, in another investigation.

Burke, Declan. The Lost and the Blind (SH, 29.95) May. When a Dublin journalist is hired to ghostwrite a biography of a thriller writer from the 1960s, he discovers that the author is a recluse on the island of Delphi near Donegal, haunted by a Nazi atrocity that resulted in a massacre on the island in 1938.

Cameron, Stella. Folly (SH, 27.95) May. In the first of a new series, a woman returns to her native Cotswolds and buys a pub after her marriage falls apart, only to find the body of a monk in the snow, and her investigation to save her new life reveals dark secrets in the small village.

Chanter, Catherine. The Well (SS, 26.00) May. A debut novel set in a U.K. so ravaged by drought that society falls apart and an extremist religious sect takes over a farm with an operating well, converting the wife of the owner into a religious mystic, who may have committed murder while in a trance.

Charles, Kate. False Tongues (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. Anglican curate Callie Anston is in Cambridge for a religious retreat and to meet the family of her fiancé, who is investigating the murder of a teenager, a boy whose perfect life hides a darker side.

Child, Lincoln. The Forgotten Room (DD, 26.00) May. Paranormal investigator Jeremy Logan is called in after a computer scientist attacked his assistant and killed himself, which could be related to his overseeing renovations in the mansion where the business is headquartered.

Childs, Laura. Ming Tea Murder (Brk, 25.95) May. When her boyfriend becomes the chief suspect after a major donor to the museum where he works is found dead, Theodosia turns sleuth.

Cleeland, Anne. Murder in Hindsight (Ken, 25.00) Apr. Scotland Yard detectives—and husband and wife—Doyle and Sinclair are hunting a serial killer who is handing out vigilante justice to those who have not paid the price for their crimes.

Cleeves, Ann. Thin Air (STM, 25.99) May. When a bridesmaid disappears from a wedding ceremony and later turns up dead, DI Reeves and Jimmy Perez investigate the case that may be tied to the research the victim was doing about a young girl who died on the Shetland Islands one hundred years ago.

Cooley, M.P. Flame Out (HC, 24.99) May. FBI-agent-turned-small-town cop June Lyons spots an arson fire in an abandoned factory, and manages to save an unconscious woman, but later a barrel is found with the remains of another woman, leading her to investigate some thirty-year-old secrets.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Mother’s Day (Ken, 25.00) May. Libby and Bernie help out a friend when her planned Mother’s Day celebration goes off-track after she finds a body.

Crosby, Ellen. Ghost Image (SS, 25.00) Apr. Photojournalist Sophie Medina suspects foul play when an environmentalist friend is found dead in a case that sends her to London on the trail of a lost treasure that may have important medical implications.

Cussler, Clive and Boyd Morrison. Piranha (Put, 28.95) May. Captain Cabrillo and his crew must stop a Venezuelan admiral who is contracting a mad scientific genius to attack the plane carrying the American vice-president.

Cutler, Judith. Green and Pleasant Land (SH, 28.95) Apr. Former police detective Fran Harmon and her husband assist the West Mercia cold case of a mother and child who disappeared leaving a mortally-ill baby in a car on a lonely stretch of road.

Daheim, Mary. Alpine Zen (Ball, 26.00) Apr. Newspaper publisher Emma Lord agrees to help a young woman who is sure that her birth mother was murdered in Alpine in the last in the series.

Deaver, Jeffrey. Solitude Creek (GC, 28.00) May. CBI agent Kathryn Dance investigates the deaths of three patrons of a private club killed when a false fire alarm created a panicked stampede toward blocked exits, while at the same time continuing a case involving a drug and gun transportation network.

Dennison, Hannah. Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall (STM, 24.99) Apr. In the second in this funny, cozy series Kat’s mother is still postponing their joint antiques business because she is involved in a campaign opposing a new high-speed rail network in Devon—but she still has time for matchmaking much to Kat’s chagrin.

DeSilva, Bruce. A Scourge of Vipers (STM, 25.99) Apr. Beset with problems at the Providence newspaper where he works, reporter Liam Mulligan investigates a series of murders linked to the state’s governor.

Duffy, Brendan. House of Echoes (Ball, 26.00) Apr. In a chilling debut, a New Yorker suffering from writer’s block moves to a small village upstate with his bipolar wife and family, but a series of disturbing incidents—including animal carcasses left on the property--create increasing fear as they learn about the town’s strange history.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. Slated for Death (STM, 25.99) Apr. Welsh spa-owner Penny Branigan investigates when the organizer of a St. David’s Day concert is found dead in an abandoned slate mine.

Durrant, Sabine. Remember Me this Way (SS, 26.00) May. After her husband dies, a woman discovers that she never really knew him in a chilling novel of psychological suspense. I liked this.

Egan, Kevin. The Missing Piece (STM, 27.99) Apr. When a NYC judge inherits a complex legal case involving a $70 million art collection that was postponed after gunmen entered the courtroom and stole one of the pieces, she finds that she herself is in danger.

Emery, Anne. Ruined Abbey (Per, 24.95) May. In a prequel to the Collins-Burke mystery series set in Nova Scotia, Fr. Brennan Burke returns to Belfast during the Troubles when a cousin is accused of murdering a Special Branch detective and plotting to blow up Westminster Abbey.

Farrow, John. The Storm Murders (STM, 25.99) May. Retired Montreal police detective Emile Cinq-Mars consults for the FBI on the murder of a Quebec couple found murdered after a severe snowstorm, a murder with a similar MO as several murders committed in the U.S.

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: Killer in the Kitchen (NAL, 23.95) Apr. When the young couple who own Jessica’s favorite restaurant are suspected of the murder of a celebrity chef who opened a restaurant right next door, she must uncover who added murder to the menu.

Green, Simon. The Dark Side of the Road (SH, 28.95) May. In the first of a new series, a hardboiled detective is hired to investigate mysterious doings at an English manor house at Christmastime, and when everyone is snowed in, corpses begin to pile up in a witty mystery with supernatural elements.

Griffin, Neil. Benefit of the Doubt (STM, 25.99) May. In a debut, a man newly released from prison goes on a hunt to murder those involved in putting him away, and arrives at a small Wisconsin town on the trail of a policeman, who is haunted by his own past.

Griffiths, Elly. The Ghost Fields (HMH, 25.00) May. Archaeologist Ruth Galloway takes part in the investigation when a WWII-vintage airplane is found containing the body of a man with connections to the local aristocratic family. Highly recommended.

Gross, Andrew. One Mile Under (HC, 26.99) Apr. Former cop Ty Hauck agrees to help his goddaughter after she discovers a body while leading a white-water rafting trip in Colorado in a case that leads him to a shadowy drilling company.

Guild, Nicholas. Blood Ties (STM, 25.99) May. A San Francisco homicide detective joins forces with the son of a serial killer terrorizing the city.

Haines, Carolyn. Bone to be Wild (STM, 25.99) May. Sarah Booth decides to mend her broken heart by attending a Halloween Ball in New Orleans, but when the bandleader—an old flame—receives threats, she decides a new case is just what she needs.

Hall, Rachel Howzell. Skies of Ash (STM, 24.99) May. An L.A. homicide detective investigates a suspicious house fire that left a woman and two children dead, and focusses on the husband after autopsy results show that all three were drugged.

Hart, Carolyn. Don’t Go Home (Brk, 25.95) May. When an author who grew up in South Carolina threatens to write a tell-all memoir about the residents of Broward’s Rock, the response is swift—he’s found dead in his hotel room right before a book signing at Annie Darling’s Death on Demand mystery store.

Havill, Steven F. Blood Sweep (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. Posada County cop Esther Reyes-Guzman finds that her family is being targeted after her mother is asked to withdraw money from the bank at the behest of a supposed colonel of the Mexican federales.

Hayes, Samantha. What You Left Behind (RH, 25.00) Apr. Di Lorraine Fisher investigates a “suicide cluster” among teenagers in an affluent English village when her nephew begins to show signs of disaffection and depression.

Helton, Peter. A Good Way to Go (SH, 29.95) May. Bristol police detective Liam McLusky is assigned the case of a woman found tied to a buoy in a canal lock, but the discovery of another corpse only adds to his elevated stress levels.

Hess, Joan. Pride v. Prejudice (STM, 25.99) Apr. When Claire Malloy is dismissed from jury duty, she decides to investigate the defendant’s alleged murder of her unpleasant husband in another comic mystery.

Hillerman, Anne. Rock with Wings (HC, 26.99) May. Although Joe Leaphorn is still recovering from his injuries he is able to help Jim Chee when his job working security at a movie set leads to the discovery of a freshly dug grave, as well as Bernadette Manuelito when a routine traffic stop reveals a very nervous driver with two boxes of dirt in his car. Signing.

Iles, Greg. The Bone Tree (HC, 27.99) Apr. Penn Cage investigates the connections between a KKK splinter group and assassinations in the 1960s in the middle novel of a trilogy.

Johansen, Iris. Your Next Breath (STM, 27.99) Apr. CIA operative Catherine Ling is on the trail of a drug dealer recently released from prison in Caracas, whom she believes is responsible for the deaths of three people close to her.

Johnson, Craig. Dry Bones (Vik, 27.95) May. Walt Longmire suspects that the death of a Cheyenne rancher is murder after an uproar arises over the discovery of a nearly complete T. Rex skeleton on his property, which is claimed by the U.S. government, Absaroka County, and the Cheyenne tribe. Signing.

Jones, Darynda. Eighth Grave After Dark (STM, 25.99) May. Hugely pregnant, Grim Reaper Charley takes refuge on the grounds of convent to keep the hellhounds at bay, but the apparition of a nun murdered decades ago gives her a new case to take her mind off her problems.

Kane, Andrea. The Silence that Speaks (Mira, 24.95) May. An attempt on the life of a surgical nurse at a New York hospital leads Casey Woods and the FI team to a wide range of possible motives for doctors and administrators.

Kirby, Leslie Dana. The Perfect Game (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95tp) Mar. A suspenseful debut mystery featuring a Phoenix emergency-room intern who is a suspect in the murder of her sister, along with her brother-in-law, a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks in a mystery that exposes the dark side of professional baseball.

Kirk, Shannon. Method 15/33 (Oceanview, 26.95) May. A pregnant teenager who has been abducted plots to turn the tables on her male captor with great cunning and patience.

Knight, Renée. Disclaimer (HC, 25.99) May. In a cunning psychological thriller, a successful, married filmmaker discovers a manuscript that details a tragedy in her past that she has kept secret, which is only the beginning as someone tries to dismantle her personal and professional lives.

Knoll, Jessica. Luckiest Girl Alive (SS, 25.00) May. In this terrific debut, a woman returns to her suburban Philadelphia hometown to be part of the making of a documentary about a school shooting at a prestigious private high school years before, and must confront both her past and the woman she has become. Highly recommended.

Kovacs, Ed. The Russian Bride (STM, 26.99) Apr. A U.S. military intelligence officer in Moscow is being coerced by a Russian mobster, who has kidnapped his sister, into helping to steal an electromagnetic device that could open the door to massive cyber-theft.

Kurkjian, Steven. Master Thieves (Per, 25.99) Mar. An investigative reporter who has followed the infamous art heist from the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990, a mystery that has never been solved nor have any of the artworks surfaced again, argues that the theft was committed by the Mob—a position vehemently denied by the FBI.

Larson, K.J. Bye, Bye Love (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Apr. Chicago PI Cat DeLuca discovers a body in the park with a money-filled envelope addressed to her ethically-challenged policeman uncle.

Leotta, Allison. A Good Killing (SS, 25.00) May. Washington, D.C. attorney goes home to Michigan when her sister is accused of the murder of a popular high school coach. I liked this.

Lescroart, John. The Fall (SS, 26.99) May. San Francisco attorney Dismas Hardy’s attorney daughter agrees to defend a middle-school teacher accused in the death of a young African-American teenager.

Lewis, Ted. GBH (Soho, 26.95) Apr. Originally published in 1980, this gritty thriller is set in the world of pre-Internet pornography, where a pornographer whose wife has discovered that someone has been skimming substantial amounts of money, is hiding out after going after the thief.

Lister, Michael. Innocent Blood (Pulpwood, 26.95) May. In this prequel, clergyman John Jordan as a 12-year-old child meets up with Wayne Williams, the Atlanta child murderer, leading to an obsessive interest in the case, and an investigation into the death of a boy who was not part of the official list of victims.

Locke, Attica. Pleasantville (HC, 26.99) Apr. Civil rights attorney Jay Porter agrees to represent the suspect in the murder of a black Houston girl when the flimsy evidence against him appears to be a political stunt in a case of dark money and family secrets.

Locke, Hillary Bell. Collar Robber (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) May. An insurance loss-prevention specialist and an attorney join forces in a case of art fraud, big money, and dubious ethics, when a Pittsburgh art museum is sued by the heirs of a man who sold them a painting under Nazi pressure in 1938.

Martini, Steve. The Enemy Inside (HC, 27.99) May. Attorney Paul Madriani agrees to defend a young man accused of killing a woman in an automobile accident, but the deeper Madriani digs into the victim’s life, the more he discovers powerful people with motives to murder her.

Masters, Priscilla. Guilty Waters (SH, 28.95) Mar. DI Joanna Piercy is asked to help a French mother whose daughter and a friend disappeared on a hitchhiking tour of England in the same vicinity where Joanna and her husband are vacationing.

McCall Smith, Alexander. Emma (Rh, 25.95) Apr. An updating of the classic Jane Austen novel finds the newly-graduated Emma returning to stay with her hypochondriac father and playing matchmaker among her friends.

McCreight, Kimberly. Where They Found Her (HC, 26.99) Apr. A freelance journalist in a New Jersey college town investigates the discovery of a dead newborn found in a nearby creek, and discovers a number of dark secrets, some too close to home.

McKenzie, Sophie. You Can Trust Me (STM, 24.99) Apr. A woman investigates when her friend supposedly commits suicide, but when she digs further, she discovers that her friend had a lead on the murderer of her sister in a novel of psychological suspense set in Exeter.

McKevett, G. A. Killer Gourmet (Ken, 25.00) Apr. Plus-size PI Savannah investigates when the temperamental chef at a friends’ restaurant is found dead, but her problem is that there are too many suspects.

Mizner, Adam. Losing Faith (SS, 26.00) Apr. A New York attorney guilty of an ethical lapse involving an affair with a judge now being considered for the Supreme Court is blackmailed by a hedge-fund owner facing trial for money laundering and suspected of involvement in a terrorist bombing.

Montanari, Richard. The Doll Maker (LB, 26.00) Apr. Philadelphia PD homicide detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano are investigating a series of grotesque killings of seemingly unrelated people with a doll left at the scene of the crimes.

Moseley, Walter. And Sometimes I Wonder About You (DD, 26.95) May. New York PI Leonid McGill is faced with both professional and personal problems, including the return of his left-wing revolutionary father.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Jack of Spades (Per, 24.00) May. A respected crime novelist who moonlights as the author of a series of violent potboilers begins to behave like one of his alter ego’s characters after a frivolous lawsuit sends him into a rage.

Oldham, Nick. Edge (SH, 28.95) Apr. DCS Christie is on the verge of retirement, but he must follow the trail through Lancashire of a psychopathic killer seeking revenge on those who betrayed him.

Osborne, Steve. The Job (DD, 25.95) Apr. A memoir of twenty years with the NYPD as a street cop that is scary, touching, and funny.

O’Sullivan, Kathryn. Neighing with Fire (STM, 24.99) May. North Carolina fire chief Colleen McCabe and her dog stumble across a body on the beach in a case involving construction threatening the Outer Banks’ wild horse population.

Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Birches (HC, 24.99) May. Faith Fairchild and her family are vacationing on a resort island off the coast of Maine, where a prominent family’s reunion to decide who inherits a grand summer house leads to murder.

Palmer, Michael and Daniel. Trauma (STM, 27.99) May. After an error during surgery, a neurosurgeon leaves the hospital where she worked and takes a job with DARPA working on a project to aid vets with PTSD, but when her patients are discharged after developing serious complications, she must find them at all costs.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. 14th Deadly Sin (GC, 28.00) May. The Women’s Murder Club must risk their lives when a rash of deadly violence sweeps through San Francisco.

Riggs, Cynthia. Poison Ivy (STM, 25.99) Apr. Nonagenarian Victoria Trumbell investigates when a corpse is found at a small college on Martha’s Vineyard, but the discovery of more corpses—some years old—sets her on the hunt for a serial killer with a taste for academics.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Lays down the Law (Vik, 26.95) Apr. When a newcomer to Abbotsville appears to know too much about the socially prominent ladies of the town, Miss Julia, at the urging of the local minister, decides to talk to her, only to find her lying in a pool of blood.

Salvalaggio, Karin. Burnt River (STM, 25.99) May. Montana homicide detective Macy Greeley investigates the death of a decorated veteran of Afghanistan in a case tied to a militia leader who has disappeared.

Scottoline, Lisa. Every Fifteen Minutes (STM, 27.99) Apr. The chief of a psychiatric unit at a hospital in the Philadelphia suburb in the process of being divorced by his wife finds himself fielding a sexual harassment claim and implicated in the murder of a young woman when he is targeted by a sociopath.

Smith, Lachlan. Fox is Framed (Per, 24.00) Apr. After Teddy gets his father’s conviction for murdering his mother overturned, he and Leo must defend him when the prosecutor decides to retry him after discovering a new motive—jealousy--in the third in this legal series set in San Francisco.

Strumwasser, Stu. The Organ Broker (Per, 24.99) May. A man who has gotten rich selling organs from third-world people to wealthy U.S. and European patients who need transplants, but the death of a patient leads to a crisis of conscience.

Thurlo, David and Aimee. Grave Consequences (STM, 25.99) Apr. When a prostitute shows up at Charlie Henry’s Albuquerque pawn shop with a beautiful silver and turquoise necklace, he discovers that it was stolen from a grave, and when he tries to investigate further, the woman has disappeared.

Treadway, Lisa. Lacy Eye (LB, 26.00) Mar. When her daughter’s friend who has been convicted of the brutal home invasion that leaves her permanently disfigured and her husband dead is let out on appeal, a terrified woman must come to grips with her faulty memory and her protective love for her daughter to arrive at the truth of the event.

Tremayne, S. K. The Ice Twins (GC, 26.00) May. A novel of psychological suspense with gothic overtones featuring a family that moves to a remote Scottish island after the death of one of their twin daughter, where the isolation leads to the deterioration of the family.

Vidal, Gore writing as Cameron Kay. Thieves Fall Out (Hard Case, 22.95) Apr. The reissue of a thriller first published in 1953 about a former Army officer who is recruited by an Englishman and a French countess to smuggle a valuable objet d’art out of Egypt.

Viets, Elaine. Checked Out (NAL, 24.95) May. PI Helen Hawthorne goes undercover as a volunteer in a private library hunting for a $1 million watercolor that may be hidden in a book there.

Woods, Stuart. Hot Pursuit (Put, 27.95) Apr. Stone Barrington helps out a woman pilot who is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend while at the same time foiling a terrorist plot.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Albert, Susan Wittig. Death Come Quickly (Brk, 7.99) Apr.

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Chop (Ken, 7.99) Apr.

Andrews, Donna. The Good, the Bad, and the Emus (STM, 7.99) May.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Summer Rental (STM, 7.99) May.

Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker’s Cheap Shot (Brk, 9.99) May.

Baldacci, David, et.al. Face Off (Pkt, 9.99) May.

Barrett, Lorna. Book Clubbed (Brk, 7.99) May.

Box, C.J. Shots Fired (Brk, 9.99) May.

Brown, Rita Mae. Nine Lives to Die (BDD, 7.99) Apr.

Carlyle, Kate. The Book Stops Here (NAL, 7.99) May.

Castillo, Linda. The Dead Will Tell (STM, 7.99) Apr.

Child, Lee. Personal (BDD, 9.99) May.

Clark, Marcia. The Competition (GC, 8.00) Apr.

Clark, Mary Higgins. I’ve Got You Under my Skin (pkt, 7.99) Apr.

Coben, Harlan. Deal Breaker (BDD, 9.99) May. Reissue.

Conrad, Hy. Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant (NAL, 7.99) May.

Daheim, Mary. Clam Wake (HC, 7.99) Apr.

Dunn, Matthew. Dark Spies (HC, 9.99) May.

Evanovich, Janet. Top Secret Twenty-one (BDD, 8.99) May.

Finder, Joseph. Suspicion (NAL, 9.99) Apr. Excellent.

Grimes, Martha. Vertigo 42 (Pkt, 7.99) May.

Harris, Charlaine. Midnight Crossing (Brk, 9.99) Apr.

Hart, Carolyn. Death at the Door (Brk, 7.99) May.

Henshaw, Mark. Red Cell (Pkt, 5.99) Apr.

Hooper, Kay. A Deadly Web (Brk, 9.99) Apr.

Iles, Greg. Natchez Burning (HC, 9.99) Apr.

Jance, J.A. Remains of Innocence (HC, 9.99) May.

Jones, Darynda. Seventh Grave and No Body (STM, 7.99) May.

Kellerman, Faye. Murder 101 (HC, 9.99) Apr.

Lescroart, John. The Keeper (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Leotta, Alison. Speak of the Devil (Pkt, 5.99) Apr.

Meltzer, Brad. The Inner Circle (GC, 10.00) May.

Muller, Marcia. The Night Searchers (GC, 8.00) May.

Palmer, Daniel. Desperate (Ken, (.99) May.

Palmer, Michael. Resistant (STM, 9.99) May.

Preston, Douglas. The Kraken Project (STM, 9.99) Apr.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. The Lost Island (GC, 8.00) Apr.

Sandford, John. Field of Prey (Brk, 9.99) May.

Tanenbaum, Robert B. Fatal Conceit (Pkt, 9.99) Apr.

Turow, Scott. Identical (GC, 10.00) May.

Viets, Elaine. Catnapped (NAL, 7.99) May.

Woods, Stuart. Cut and Thrust (NAL, 9.99) Apr.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Adams, Ellery. Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (Brk, 7.99) Apr. A series of mysterious and mystical murders threaten the success of Ella Mae’s Charmed Pie Shoppe.

Archer, Connie. Ladle to the Grave (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Soup shop owner Lucky must live up to her name if she wants to succeed in clearing both her grandfather and her best friend of murder charges.

Blake, Heather. Some Like it Witchy (NAL, 7.99) May. Darcy investigates when the realtor in charge of the sale of the old Tavistock House is found dead, and it’s unclear whether her enemies did her in or the house itself.

Bolin, Janet. Seven Threadly Sins (Brk, 7.99) May. When murder strikes at a fashion show, Willow must unravel the threads to find a killer.

Casey, Elizabeth Lynn. Wedding Duress (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Librarian Tori is getting ready to tie the knot, but she and the Southern Sewing Circle must find a killer before she can walk down the aisle.

Coco, Nancy. Oh Say Can You Fudge (Ken, 7.99) May. Allie is planning a Fourth of July celebration on Mackinac Island with fireworks and fudge, but when the warehouse housing the pyrotechnics goes up in smoke—and a body is found—she must find a killer.

Cooper, Amanda. Shadow of a Spout (Brk, 7.99) Apr. The antique teapot that Rose takes to a collector’s convention for appraisal is used as a murder weapon, and it takes her granddaughter to get her out of hot water.

Crockett, Jessie. Sticky Situation (Brk, 7.99) Apr. Syrup maker Dani must solve a sticky cold case in New Hampshire.

DeSmet, Christine. Five-Alarm Fudge (NAL, 7.99) Apr. When a fire at a local historical church reveals the body of a murdered man, Ava wonders if someone would kill for a famous divinity fudge recipe hidden in the church.

DiSilverio, Laura. The Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco (NAL, 7.99) Apr. In the first in a new series, the members of a mystery book club discover that catching a real killer in their midst is not as easy as solving a literary crime.

Donally, Claire. Hiss and Tell (Brk, 7.99) May. Covering a celebrity wedding for the local paper turns into an exposé on murder among the fat cats for Sunny and Shadow.

Dyer-Seeley, Kate. Slayed on the Slopes (Ken, 7.99) Apr. When one of the Ridge Rangers, Oregon’s elite high altitude rescue team is shot during a training session, reporter Meg Reed investigates during a blizzard.

Eastman, Dawn. A Fright to the Death (Brk, 7.99) Apr. The psychic Fortune family is snowbound in a creepy castle with a cold-blooded killer.

Fiedler, Chrystle. Garden of Death (Pkt, 7.99) Apr. In the third in the series featuring homeopathic physician Willow McQuade, she must dig for a killer when a rival is found murdered in her garden and her boyfriend is the main suspect.

Gilstrap, John. No Mercy (Ken, 9.99) May. In the first of the explosive series, a covert rescue specialist is called in when an Indiana college student is abducted. Reissue.

Hirahara, Naomi. Grave on Grand Avenue (Brk, 7.99) Apr. LAPD bicycle cop Ellie Rush is drawn into a mysterious case when a gardener falls to his death at a music hall and a classical musician disappears. Signed copies.

Kappes, Toni. A Ghostly Grave (HC, 7.99) Apr. In the second in this funny paranormal series, Southern undertaker Emma Lee is bothered by the ghost of a man who claims he was murdered, so she looks into the ladies in his life—a beauty queen and a prize-winning hen.

Lee, Amanda. Wicked Stitch (Nal, 7.99) Apr. When the sister of her nemesis is murdered, embroidery shop owner Marcy becomes a suspect.

Lyle, Dixie. Marked fur Murder (STM, 7.99) Apr. In the midst of setting up a party for her zillionaire boss, Foxtrot Lancaster finds a body in the pool, so it’s up to her, her telepathic cat, and her shape-shifting dog to find a killer before death puts a damper on the festivities.

Maxwell, Edith. ‘Til Dirt Do Us Part (Ken, 7.99) May. Organic farmer Cam must sift through a bushel of suspects when a wealthy widow is found murdered during the fall harvest.

McAndrews, Jennifer. Death Under Glass (Brk, 7.99) May. Georgia has found a home for her stained glass business in a small Hudson River town, but all is not as transparent as it seems.

McKinlay, Jenn. Dark Chocolate Demise (Brk, 7.99) Apr. The Fairy Tale Cupcake crew are ready to sell horror-themed desserts at the Scottsdale Zombie Walk, but a real dead body turns up to everyone’s horror.

Mugavero, Liz. The Icing on the Corpse (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Gourmet pet-food chef Kristan must find out who killed the local historian in a case with its roots in a 1948 unsolved murder.

O’Neil, Carlene. One Foot in the Grape (Brk, 7.99) May. In a debut mystery a photojournalist inherits her family winery, but after her niece is accused of murder, she must use her investigative skills to clear her name.

Parra, Nancy J. Flourless to Stop Him (Brk, 7.99) May. Gluten-free baker Toni has to separate the wheat from the chaff to clear her brother of murder.

Perry, Carol J. Tails, You Lose (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Failed TV psychic Lee Barrett investigates the murder of a local handyman, a murder that may be related to mysterious doings at a local night school, and finds her clairvoyant abilities on high alert.

Reilly, Linda. Fillet of Murder (Brk, 7.99) May. In the first of a new series, a woman helping out a friend with her fish and chips restaurant must fish for clues when her friend is suspected of murdering a fellow shop owner.

Ross, Barbara. Musseled Out (Ken, 7.99) May. When a powerful owner of a chain of upscale seafood restaurants begins looking at the small Maine town where Julia’s family has their clambake business, they feel concern, which turns to fear when Julia’s brother-in-law is accused of murder.

Ryan, Sofie. Buy a Whisker (NAL, 7.99) Apr. Rescue cat Elvis has an uncanny ability to sniff out a lie, so when a controversy over developing the waterfront leads to murder, Sarah must count on him to find a killer.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Abbott, Megan. The Fever (GC, 15.00) May. A small-town high school becomes a breeding ground for a mysterious illness in a novel of psychological suspense.

Ace, Cathy. The Corpse with the Sapphire Eyes (Per, 14.95) May. Cait’s wedding at a romantic Welsh castle turns into a disaster when the choirmaster is found dead.

Brookmyre, Christopher. Bred in the Bone (Per, 16.00) May. Glasgow PI Jasmine Sharp believes that the gangster who murdered her father is innocent even though DS Catherine MacLeod has found clues pointing to his involvement in the murder of another gangster.

Brown, Holly. Don’t Try to Find Me (HC, 14.99) Apr. When their teenaged daughter disappears, her parents use the media to try to find her, but their plan backfires when media scrutiny reveals discrepancies in the mother’s story and she comes under suspicion.

Bude, John. The Sussex Downs Murder (PP, 14.95) May. In conjunction with the British Library, Poisoned Pen Press is releasing two vintage mysteries. In this, two brothers quarrel and then one disappears.

Campbell, Colin. Snake Pass (MidInk, 14.99) Yorkshire police officer Jim Grant, on suspension, intervenes in the robbery of a small-town diner that turns into part of a larger criminal enterprise.

Canadeo, Anne. The Postman Always Purls Twice (SS, 15.00) Apr. The Black Sheep Knitters see the darker side of Hollywood glamor when a famous actor is murdered during filming.

Casey, Jane. The Stranger You Know (STM, 16.99) Apr. London police detective Maeve Kerrigan investigates a series of murders of women who appear to have known their attacker, and increasingly the evidence points to her partner.

Child, Laura, et.al. The Cozy Cookbook (Brk, 16.00) Apr. A selection of delicious recipes from a number of cozy writers that includes a taste of their work.

Connelly, Michael. The Burning Room (GC, 16.00) Mar. When a man finally dies from a bullet wound he received almost a decade before, Harry Bosch investigates a murder case where the evidence is almost non-existent.

Cook, Thomas H. The City When it Rains (Png, 13.95) Apr. A freelance photographer fixates on the mysterious death of a woman found on the sidewalk under her New York apartment.

Cooley, M.P. Ice Shear (HC, 14.99) Apr. An FBI agent returns to her small upstate New York town to work as a cop, and discovers the body of a congressman’s daughter in a case that leads to a meth dealer. An excellent debut.

Corbett, David. The Mercy of the Night (T&M, 14.95) Apr. A northern California PI is hired to hunt for a teenager who was abducted and tortured by a predator years before, and who is now the witness to a murder on the run from some thugs sent by her mother’s boyfriend.

Dawson, Janet. Cold Trail (Pers, 15.95) Apr. Oakland PI Jeri Howard is searching for her missing brother whose ID is found on a corpse in the Santa Rosa morgue and whose seemingly perfect life is showing serious problems—including suspicion that he may be involved in murder.

DeLeeuw, Brian. The Dismantling (Png, 16.00) Apr. A medical-school dropout working as an organ broker goes on the run after a seemingly straightforward liver transplant goes horribly wrong in an ingeniously-plotted novel of suspense.

DiSabato, Catie. The Ghost Network (Mel, 16.95) May. When a famous pop star disappears, her personal assistant and a journalist doing a story on her join forces to find her using her song lyrics and journals as a guide, which leads them to the Chicago subway tunnels and an obscure sect.

Driggers, James. Lovesick (Ken, 15.00) Apr. Four interconnected stories set in the rural South with elements of gothic and noir, spanning fifty years.

Durrant, Sabine. Under Your Skin (SS, 16.00) Apr. When young woman stumbles upon a body while jogging in a London park, she finds that the main suspect is someone very close to home. Highly recommended.

Emery, Anne. Blood on a Saint (Per, 14.95) May. Fr. Brennan is appalled at the media circus that ensues when a parishioner claims to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary on the church grounds, but when a man is murdered at the site, he and attorney Monte Collins must find a killer without violating either the seal of the confessional or lawyer-client privilege in the latest in this series set in Nova Scotia.

Finch, Paul. The Killing Club (HC, 14.99) May. A maverick police detective is assigned the case of a bloodthirsty gang that kills in cold blood in broad daylight.

Flower, Amanda. The Final Reveille (MidInk, 14.99) May. The first in a new series, featuring the director of a living history museum in Ohio who stages a Civil War re-enactment to raise funds, but when the nephew of a major donor is found dead, she must find a killer.

Flynn, Rory. Third Rail (HMH, 14.95) Apr. A disgraced Boston police officer secretly investigating a series of deaths stumbles on a new designer drug and a trail of corruption among Boston’s most powerful. Excellent.

Ford, G.M. Threshold (T&M, 14.95) Apr. A local councilman whose wife and children have been taken in by a woman’s shelter after fleeing his abusive behavior wants the local police to return his family to him, but the detective sergeant on the case is unwilling.

Friedman, Daniel. Don’t Ever Look Back (STM, 15.99) Apr. Former cop Buck Schatz is bored living in an retirement home, so when an old friend asks him for a favor, he jumps at the chance, not knowing that things will go rapidly downhill.

Fuller, Claire. Our Endless Numbered Days (Per, 15.95) Apr. When her father takes her from London to an isolated cabin in the Dutch wilderness, a nine-year-old girl spends the next nine years of her life believing that the rest of the world no longer exists, but when she escapes, her rambling story of a mysterious mountain man baffles her doctors in a novel of suspense with an unreliable narrator and a shocking ending.

Go, Justin. The Steady Running of the Hour (SS, 15.99) Apr. A young American discovers that he may be the heir to the estate of a WWI flying officer and alpinist in a quest to learn the story of the man and the woman who may have been his great-grandmother.

Goodman, Lee. Indefensible (SS, 16.00) Apr. A debut legal thriller featuring a federal prosecutor who investigates after a birdwatcher reports two men burying a body in a state park. Highly recommended.

Grace, Margaret. Manhattan in Miniature (Pers, 15.95) Miniaturist Maddie is in Manhattan with her granddaughter for a craft fair, but that doesn’t keep her from investigating the recent death of a friend’s beloved aunt.

Hall, Rachel Howzell. Land of Shadows (STM, 15.99) Apr. LAPD homicide detective Elouise Norton and her partner investigate the murder of a teenaged girl, a murder that took place on a construction site owned by a millionaire who may have been involved in the murder of her own sister.

Hallinan, Timothy. Herbie’s Game (Soho, 15.95) Apr. Junior Bender accepts a job from L.A.’s “executive crook” in a case that leads him to the discovery of the body of his mentor and reveals dark secrets in his mentor’s past. Highly recommended.

Harper, Tom. Zodiac Station (HC, 14.99) May. The discovery of a man on an ice floe near the Arctic coast, leads the captain of a Coast Guard cutter to investigate what happened at a research outpost on the island of Utgard, where an explosion devastated the scientific base.

Hayder, Mo. Wolf (Per, 15.00) Apr. Police detective Jack Cafferty reluctantly becomes involved when a dog is found with a note tied to his collar in a chilling novel of suspense. Excellent and powerful.

Haynes, Elizabeth. Behind Closed Doors (HC, 15.99) Apr. When a woman who disappeared a decade before when she was 15 is found during the raid on a brothel, DCI Louisa Smith and the Major Crime team must investigate in the second in this English police procedural series.

Herron, Mick. The Last Voice You Hear (Soho, 15.95) Apr. Oxford PI Zoë Boehm is reluctant to take the case of a woman who fell in front of a train and whose lover failed to show up for the funeral, but she is persuaded by the woman’s boss.

_____. Why We Die (Soho, 15.95) May. Zoë agrees to take a simple case of a jewelry store break-in, but she becomes involved with a strange group of characters, including a violent man with a crossbow.

Hoffman, Cara. Be Safe I Love You (SS, 16.00) Apr. A beautifully written novel of suspense about a woman who returns to her upstate New York hometown after a year serving in Iraq. Highly recommended.

Ignatius, David. The Director (Nor, 16.95) May. The newly-appointed director of the CIA must deal with a cyber-mole in the agency and turns to the in-house techno-geek who must track the mole through the hacker underground of Europe and America.

Johnson, Craig. Any Other Name (Png, 16.00) Apr. Walt agrees to investigate the suicide of a local lawman, and soon he and Vic are involved in a cold case involving three missing women.

Johnston, Linda O. Bite the Biscuit (MidInk, 14.99) May. When a vet tech decides to open a new bakery specializing in dog treats, she finds that the competition is not at all friendly, and when the woman is found dead, there’s a dog biscuit at her side.

Kendall, Claire. The Book of You (HC, 15.99) May. A woman who is the victim of a stalker, finds that his loving obsession with her is turning into jealousy and hatred, so she tries to expose him using what she has learned while serving on a jury with a similar case.

Kerr, Philip. Prayer (Png, 16.00) Apr. An agent with the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Unit finds his faith in justice and religion shaken, but the case of a serial killer targeting the morally righteous may be the terrifying answer to his prayers in a brilliant novel of psychological suspense.

Kiely, Tracy. Murder with a Twist (MidInk, 14.95) May. In the first of a new series, a couple in New York for a cousin’s birthday celebration must investigate when her cad of a husband goes missing, despite the fact that it might just be better for all if he was never found.

Kingston, Charles. Murder in Piccadilly (PP, 14.95) May. A young Englishman falls in love with a nightclub dancer who is more enamored of his family’s money than of him in a classic mystery.

Klein, Matthew. No Way Back (Peg, 14.95) Apr. A man trying to turn his own life around takes a job as CEO of a failing company in South Florida, but he discovers that not only has the former CEO disappeared, but nothing is at it seems.

Kroll, Bob. The Drop Zone (Per, 14.95) May. A Canadian police detective with an alcohol problem is investigating the murder of a Catholic priest that leads him into the seamy world of under-age prostitution.

Krueger, William Kent. Windigo Island (SS, 16.00) May. Cork O’Connor battles to save a young Native American girl who has fallen into the clutches of a human trafficking ring near Duluth, after discovering the body of a girl who did not survive. Krueger is great.

Lambert, Linda. A Rapture of Ravens (Per, 15.95) May. Anthropologist Justine Jenner travels to Taos doing research on D.H. Lawrence and discovers a cache of papers at the Taos courthouse that explain secrets of his journey to Lobos Mountain.

LaSeur, Carrie. The Home Place (HC, 14.99) Apr. An excellent debut set in Montana, where an attorney returns after her sister is found dead. I loved this.

Lee, Ashton. The Wedding Circle (Ken, 15.00) Apr. When the members of the Cherry Cola Book Club gather for Maura Beth’s wedding, they find that whatever can go wrong does in the latest in this charming Southern series.

Lewis, Robert K. Innocent Damage (MidInk, 14.99) Apr. San Francisco PI Mark Mallen agrees to help when a friend’s three-year-old daughter is kidnapped, despite active discouragement on the part of the police..

Ludwig, Jerry. Blacklist (STM, 15.99) May. A man whose father was targeted by the HUAC in the 1950s returns to Hollywood and comes under FBI scrutiny when people tied to his father and HUAC turn up dead.

Mackay, Malcolm. The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter (Mull, 15.00) Apr. The first of a trilogy set in Glasgow featuring a freelance hit man hired to take out a smalltime drug dealer who has offended a powerful mob boss.

_____. How a Gunman Says Goodbye (Mull, 15.00) Apr. In the second in the trilogy, an aging hit man with a heart condition becomes the target of a younger man, who doesn’t realize the advantage of long experience.

_____. The Sudden Arrival of Violence (Mull, 15.00) Apr. The third in the Glasgow trilogy finds the hit man trying to leave his job, but a police detective sees this as the perfect opportunity to take down the mob.

Marshall, Colby. Double Vision (Png, 15.00) Apr. FBI agent Jenna Ramey is called in when a shooting at a Virginia grocery store leaves seven people dead, and she joins forces with a precocious child with a talent for number associations to find the killer.

McCafferty, Dead Man’s Fancy (Png, 15.00) May. Montana fly fisherman-detective Sean Stranahan helps out the sheriff when a woman goes missing and a man is found impaled on an elk antler, and they discover a dangerous madman on a crusade.

McDermid, Val. Northanger Abbey (Per, 15.00) Apr. McDermid’s retelling of Jane Austen’s tongue-in-cheek gothic novel is a funny romp with a country clergyman’s daughter visiting the Fringe Festival and meeting the attractive Henry Tilney whose family lives at the forbidding Northanger Abbey. I usually don’t like updated Austen, but I loved this.

McIlvanney, William. Strange Loyalties (Europa, 16.00) Apr. The third in the Glasgow series featuring police detective Jack Laidlaw who investigates the road-accident death of his brother in a case that forces him to confront his own past. An excellent trilogy.

McManus, Patrick. The Tamarack Murders (Per, 14.99) Apr. Bo Tully’s last case as sheriff of Blight County, Idaho has him witnessing a murder while tracking down some bank robbers.

McPherson, Catriona. Come to Harm (MidInk, 14.99) May. A Japanese exchange student studying in Edinburgh discovers an anonymous threat hidden in a radiator in her apartment and begins to wonder what happened to the previous occupant, more so when she discovers that several local girls have gone missing.

Milchman, Jenny. Ruin Falls (BDD, 15.00) Apr. When she discovers that her missing children are with her husband, she does everything to find them, especially after she discovers a disturbing incident in her husband’s past. Highly recommended.

Miller, Susan Cummins. Chasm (TT, 29.95) Mar. Geologist Frankie MacFarlane jumps at the chance to lead a whitewater through the Grand Canyon, but it soon turns into a nightmare when she is attacked. Signing.

Mims, Lee. Saving Cecil (MidInk, 14.95) Apr. Geologist Cleo Cooper discovers a corpse while working on a fracking project in North Carolina.

Montanari, Richard. The Stolen Ones (GC, 10.00) Apr. A killer who grew up in Philadelphia’s asylum for the criminally insane still uses the tunnels to hide his prey as police detectives Byrne and Balzano hunt for him. Really spooky.

Nesbit, Jim. The Price of the Ticket (Png, 16.95) Apr. A noir classic set in San Francisco featuring an ex-con who makes high-class torture racks for an S&M outfit, and whose new car may be his last ride.

Quertermous, Bryon. Murder Boy (Per, 14.00) Apr. A Detroit writing student kidnaps the professor who refuses to let him graduate only to find himself in much more serious problems when the kidnapping goes awry in a funny debut novel.

Quinn, Spenser. Paw and Order (SS, 16.00) Apr. Chet and Bernie go to Washington D.C. to visit Bernie’s girlfriend Suzie Sanchez, but when Bernie is arrested for murder, it’s up to Chet to dig up the political secrets that will free him, including meeting a sinister guinea pig with the fate of the nation in his tiny paws.

Rayne, Sarah. The Death Chamber (F&M, 14.95) Apr. A TV producer decides to do a documentary film on the abandoned, notorious Calvary Gaol, seeking to debunk the stories of ghostly visitations with twenty-first century technology, but we know how that will turn out—not good. Rayne is wonderfully spooky.

Scofield, Ted. Eat What You Kill (STM, 15.99) Apr. A disgraced Wall Street trader lands a job shorting stocks—selling borrowed stock betting the price will go down—but when the market turns against him, he see no way out except murder.

Shafer, David. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Mull, 16.00) May. Three disaffected thirty-something people stumble onto a conspiracy on the part of a group of multinational corporations and media moguls to privatize all information in a funny technological thriller.

Shames, Terry. A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge (Prom, 15.95) Apr. Small-town Texas lawman Benjamin Craddock attempts to help out a county prosecutor whose dying mother warns that she is in mortal danger, despite the fact that she doesn’t want to cooperate with the investigation. Signing.

Simmons, Dan. Hard Freeze (Mull, 16.00) Apr. A PI and convicted felon is hired by a gravely ill man who is seeking to avenge the death of his murdered daughter, but the killer turns the tables.

Stevens, Chevy. That Night (STM, 15.99) May. A woman wrongly convicted of killing her younger sister returns to her hometown when she is paroled, determined to discover the real killer at whatever cost.

Tallis, F. R. The Sleep Room (Peg, 14.95) May. A promising young psychiatrist takes a job working with a brilliant researcher, who is developing a pioneering project—a therapy where patients are kept asleep for months—but soon he begins to wonder what is really happening in a wonderfully gothic thriller.

Taylor, Sara. Boring Girls (Per, 16.95) Apr. Two high-school girls escape from the bullying of their popular peers by forming a metal band, and when they are violently attacked by two musicians they admired, their plans for revenge set them on a violent course.

Vachss, Andrew. Shock Wave (Vin, 15.95) May. Ex-mercenary Dell is called in when a schizophrenic homeless man is arrested for the murder of a tattooed man whose body washes up on the Oregon coast, and he discovers that the victim had a connection to a treasonous hate group.

Watson, Jan Elizabeth. What Has Become of You (Png, 16.00) Apr. A psychological thriller about a young woman who goes to teach at a toney private school in New England, the site of a recent murder, and finds herself bonding with a student who reminds her eerily of her younger self.

White, Kate. Eyes on You (HC, 15.99) May. A television host with a successful new show becomes aware that someone is threatening her in subtle, and increasingly not-so subtle ways, and it appears that it is someone who works with her, someone who wants to destroy her. Excellent.

Willig, Lauren. That Summer (STM, 15.99) May. When she inherits a house outside of London from an unknown great-aunt, a woman returns to England and discovers a hidden Pre-Raphaelite painting that is a window to the houses’ past and hers as well.

Wright, Erica. The Red Chameleon (Peg, 14.95) May. A former NYPD detective turned PI specializes in catching cheating spouses in flagrante, but when one husband ends up dead, she must use her skills to catch a killer.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Ben-David, Mishka. Duet in Beirut (Png, 26.95) Apr. A debut thriller written by a former Mossad agent about a government-sanctioned hit on the Hezbollah leader who planned a car-bombing in Jerusalem that goes awry.

Camilleri, Andrea. Game of Mirrors (Png, 16.00) Apr. Inspector Montalbano investigates when two bombs explode outside of empty warehouses connected to a drug lord, but things take a sinister turn when he becomes the main suspect in a brutal crime.

Cotterill, Colin. Six and a Half Deadly Sins (Soho, 26.95) May. Dr. Siri investigates when a severed finger is found sewn into the hem of a skirt, in a case involving Laotian drug-dealing warlords, a Vietnamese invasion, and a murder investigation that may implicate Chinese nationals.

Deverell, William. Sing a Worried Song (Per, 24.95) Apr. A brilliant legal thriller set in Vancouver, featuring an attorney who is warned that the “thrill killer” he successfully prosecuted twenty-five years before is out on parole and seeking revenge. I liked this.

Eriksson, Kjell. Black Lies, Red Blood (STM, 15.99) May. When a Swedish homicide detective’s boyfriend disappears, and later his phone number is found in the pocket of a murdered homeless man, she rushes to find him before her colleagues do.

Gazan, S.J. The Arc of the Swallow (Quer, 26.99) Apr. A Danish biologist investigates when her mentor who was working on a study about the ways vaccine testing in Africa was harming children is found dead, an alleged suicide, and she joins forces with maverick policeman Soren Merhauge in a case that pits them against Big Pharma.

Giovanni, Maurizio de. Viper (Europa, 17.00) Apr. When the body of a notorious prostitute is found is found in a Naples brothel during Easter week, 1932, Commissario Ricciardi must untangle a complex web of greed, frustration, and jealousy to find the killer.

Gregorio. Michael. Cry Wolf (SH, 28.95) Apr. When the ruthless Calabrian crime family moves into the Italian region of Umbria, a park ranger studying Appenine wolves finds himself in the crossfire in a tale of violence and political corruption.

Hamid, Omar Shahid. The Prisoner (Per, 24.99) Mar. A debut political thriller written by a former Pakistani police officer about an attempt to rescue a captured American journalist in the murky world of Pakistani politics and justice.

Hiller, Mischa. Disengaged (SH, 27.95) May. A stand-alone spy thriller about suspicious dealings between Iran and Israel and the development of high-tech drone software by a London-based video-game designer.

Indridason, Arnaldur. Reykjavik Nights (STM, 25.99) Apr. A prequel featuring Inspector Erlendur as a young policeman, who investigates the death of a tramp in a case connected to a missing woman and a criminal enterprise.

Kaminsky, Stuart M. Black Knight in Red Square (Png, 13.95) Apr. Moscow police investigator Rostnikov is asked to investigate four murders in the restaurant of the Metropole Hotel.

Kavaly, Heda Margolius. Innocence (Soho, 25.95) May. A previously-unpublished mystery by the late Czech translator, set in 1950s Prague, where the murder of a young boy in a cinema leads to the death of the investigating officer, and discovering the truth in the communist-controlled city is no easy task, since everybody has secrets.

Lackberg, Camilla. The Hidden Child (Peg, 15.95) May. When a Swedish crime writer discovers a Nazi medal among her late mother’s possessions, she begins to investigate, but the retired history teacher who knew her during WWII is murdered, and she begins to fear for her husband and new-born baby.

Lemaitre, Pierre. Camille (Quer, 26.99) May. Inspector Camille Verhoeven faces his most dangerous case in the third of this French crime trilogy when he must protect the only witness to a bank robbery from those who are out to silence her.

Leon, Donna. Falling in Love (Per, 26.00) Apr. Venetian opera diva Flavia Petrelli confides in Commissario Brunetti that she has a secret admirer, but Brunetti realizes that, in fact, she has a stalker—especially after two people close to her are seriously injured. Signed copies.

Mallock. The Faces of God (Europa, 16.00) Mar. Paris Police Commissioner Amédée Mallock is faced with a serial killer who leaves his victims with demented expressions of corrupted piety in four separate neighborhoods of the city.

Manzini, Antonio. Black Run (HC, 25.99) Apr. An abrasive Roman police deputy chief is exiled to the Italian Alps, where he investigates when the badly-mangled body of a villager is found.

Marklund, Liza. Borderline (SS, 16.00) Apr. When her husband is kidnapped by Somali rebels during an EU conference in East Africa, Swedish reporter Annika Bengtzon must deal with the ransom demands while at the same time investigating whether a serial killer is guilty of the murder of a young mother.

Mazzantini, Margaret. Rising Sea (Per, 16.99) Apr. A bestseller in Italy, this is the story of a young mother and her son who make the perilous journey from war-torn Libya to Italy across the dangerous Mediterranean Sea.

Melander, Jakob. The House that Jack Built (Per, 15.95) May. A Copenhagen police detective with serious personal problems is assigned to the case of a murdered prostitute, a case that threatens to reveal his own dark secrets.

Nesbo, Jo. Blood on the Snow (RH, 23.95) Apr. In a standalone set in 1970s Oslo, a hit man is assigned the task of watching his boss’ wife, but it becomes clear that she is being blackmailed into sleeping with another man, so he decides to double-cross his boss and rescue her.

Nguyen, Viet Thanh. The Sympathizer (Per, 26.00) Apr. A spy for the Viet Cong accompanies a South Vietnamese general to exile in Los Angeles in 1975 in a brilliant look at the politics of the Vietnam War. Excellent.

Ramirez, Sergio. Divine Punishment (IPG, 30.00) May. A fascinating historical novel set in Nicaragua in the 1930s, where a series of poisonings roil a small town, and the trial of the accused murderer reveals motives both personal and financial tied to the political upheaval of the time.

Riva, Peter. Murder on Safari (Per, 14.95) Apr. When a wildlife photographer, his safari guide, and the daughter of an American evangelist are caught in the crosshairs of an Islamic terrorist group, they must escape to prevent a plot against the evangelist’s convention in Nairobi.

Schenkel, Andrea Maria. The Murder Farm (Quer, 13.99) May. A debut novel by a German crime writer that uses a blend of eyewitness account, third-person narrative, and incomplete case files to show the murder of an entire family on an isolated farm.

Sendker, Jan-Phillipp. Whispering Shadows (SS, 25.99) Apr. A German living in Hong Kong agrees to help an old friend, a Chinese homicide detective investigate the murder of an American businessman.

Thomas, Paul. Fallout (Con, 14.95) Apr. Aukland police detective Tito Ihaka is asked to investigate when new evidence surfaces in the decades-old unsolved murder of a seventeen-year-old girl. Thomas is great.

Vindry, Noel. The House that Kills (lockedroom, 19.95) May. First published in 1932, this mystery by a French master of the impossible crime novel is set in Aix-en-Provence where a series of murders baffle the examine magistrate.

Walker, Martin. The Children Return (Knopf, 24.95) Apr. Bruno must investigate the torture-murder of an undercover operative investigating extremist infiltration of a local mosque while protecting an autistic young man being returned from Afghanistan where he had been forced to engineer terrorist bombs.

Wilson, Robert. You Will Never Find Me (Europa, 16.00) Apr. When their teenaged daughter disappears, a couple whose career is solving disappearances search for her in Madrid amid the crowded dance clubs.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Brady, Conor. A June of Ordinary Murders (STM, 25.99) Apr. A debut historical set in Dublin in 1887 during the preparations for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, where a police detective investigates the shooting deaths of a man and a young boy.

Burke, James Lee. Wayfaring Stranger (Pkt, 9.99) May. Set in Texas beginning in the 1930s, this sprawling historical novel takes the young hero from a confrontation with Bonnie and Clyde to the battlefronts of WWII to the oilfields of Texas.

Calkins, Susanna. The Masque of a Murderer (STM, 24.99) Apr. Printer’s apprentice Lucy Campion meets up with her former employer’s daughter in London in 1667 who has become a Quaker, but when her friend is killed she investigates a group of Quakers who may not be who they seem.

Connell, John A. Ruins of War (Brk, 26.95) May. An American army officer serving in the CID investigates a series of murders in post-WWII Munich, even though his commanding officer discourages him from pursuing the case.

Corby, Gary. Death Ex Machina (Soho, 26.95) May. During the City of Athens Great Dionysia, a series of accidents on the set of Sophocles’s new play are thought to be the work of a ghost and investigator Nicolaos is called in, but before he can exorcise the ghost, one of the players is murdered.

Douglas, Stuart. The Albino’s Treasure (Titan, 9.95) May. In a convincing pastiche, Holmes and Watson are called in to stop an anarchist plot hatched by an Irish Home Rule group.

Downing, David. The Red Eagles (Soho, 15.95) Apr. At the end of WWII, Stalin realizes that it is the U.S., not Nazi Germany, that is the enemy, so he sends two undercover agents to America to obtain the secrets to the atom bomb.

Dunn, Carola. Heirs of the Body (STM, 15.99) May. When her uncle asks her to investigate the claimants to his title, Daisy Dalrymple agrees to go to his country estate to help, but when one of the claimants goes missing, she learns of a deadly plot.

Edelman, Gwen. Train to Warsaw (Per, 14.00) Apr. A couple who escaped from Poland separately after WWII, meeting later in London, return to Warsaw, and finding themselves in the middle of the Warsaw Ghetto where they discover the dark secrets of each other’s pasts.

Emerson, Kathy Lynn. Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe (SH, 29.95) Mar. In the first of a new Tudor series, a gentlewoman at the court is asked to be an “intelligence gatherer” as negotiations begin for an English princess to marry Russia’s Ivan the Terrible, but a death and subsequent attacks on members of the court cause her to investigate.

Estleman, Loren D. Detroit is my Beat (Tyrus, 15.95) May. Four policemen on the Racket Squad work to keep a lid on a powder keg stuffed with black-market gangsters, draft dodgers, and enemy saboteurs in Detroit during WWII in a collection of ten interlocking stories.

Faye, Lynday. The Fatal Flame (Put, 26.95) May. New York police officer Timothy Wilde is called in after a politician receives an anonymous threat of arson in a building he owns—and shortly thereafter the building goes up in flames.

Godberson, Anna. The Blonde (Per, 16.00) May. Marilyn Monroe is recruited by the KGB and ordered to get close to JFK in a re-imagining of her life filled with Hollywood glamor and Cold-War intrigue.

Grecian, Alex. The Devil’s Workshop (Brk, 16.00) Apr. In 1890 four murderers escape from prison and Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad must find them before they exact retribution from another member of the squad and his family.

_____. The Harvest Man (Put, 26.95) May. DI Walter Day of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad must not only try to find Jack the Ripper, but also a sadistic killer known as the Harvest Man in the latest of this late-Victorian series.

Gregory, Philippa. The King’s Curse (SS, 16.99) Apr. The final volume in the series that follows the Plantagenets and their fight for the throne of England.

Haldane, Sean. The Devil’s Making (STM, 25.99) May. Set in British Colombia in 1868, this award-winning mystery deals with the conflict between the Native Americans and the white settlers when an American is murdered and the chief of a small band of Tsimshian Indians is arrested.

Holsinger, Bruce. The Invention of Fire (HC, 26.99) Apr. Set in fourteenth-century London, this medieval whodunit features John Gower, asked to look into the mysterious deaths of sixteen men, slaughtered in an unknown fashion, in a case that pits him against the powerful mayor who is covering up the murders.

Hunter, Stephen. I, Ripper (SS, 27.99) May. A standalone set in London’s East End in 1888 that provides three distinct points of view: that of a journalist, a prostitute, and the Ripper himself.

Ifkovic, Ed. Café Europa (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) May. Edna Ferber goes to Budapest in 1914 where she investigates the murder of a young American woman about to be forced into marriage with an aristocrat.

Kelly, Stephen. The Language of the Dead (Peg, 25.95) Apr. The first in a series set in England during WWII, featuring DCI Thomas Lamb, a veteran of the Great War, who investigates the murder of an elderly farmhand thought by the villagers to be a witch.

Kerr, Philip. The Lady from Zagreb (Put, 26.95) Apr. In 1942 Bernie Gunther is working in the SD and is asked by Joseph Goebbels to help a film star locate her estranged father in Yugoslavia. Kerr is excellent.

King, Lily. Euphoria (Per, 16.00) Apr. A suspenseful novel set in 1930s New Guinea where three anthropologists become involved in a love triangle that threatens their careers and their lives. This is excellent.

Kriss, Gary. The Zodiac Deception (STM, 9.99) Apr. In 1942, an American conman is recruited by the OSS to use his skills in deception to take advantage of the Nazi interest in the occult to persuade Himmler to assassinate Hitler.

Laerhoven, Bob van. Beaudelaire’s Revenge (Peg, 14.95) Apr. A prize-winning historical mystery set in Paris in 1870 where a police commissioner investigates a series of murders of victims with a handwritten lines from Baudelaire’s Les fleurs du mal in the poet’s handwriting.

Lawrence, Mary. The Alchemist’s Daughter (Ken, 15.00) May. In the first in a new series set in the waning years of the reign of Henry VIII, the herbalist daughter of an infamous alchemist finds herself suspected of murdering a friend and must investigate to save her neck from the gallows.

Lent, Jeffrey. A Slant of Light (STM, 27.00) Apr. When a man returns to his upstate New York home after having fought in the Civil War, he discovers that he has been betrayed by his wife and hired hand, so he kills them, and the only witness to the killing desperately gathers evidence for his defense

Levin, Meyer. Compulsion (Per, 15.95) Apr. A legal thriller based on the horrific murder of a teenaged boy by Leopold and Loeb in 1924, originally published in 1956.

Levine, Daniel. Hyde (HMH, 14.95) Apr. In a compelling debut set in nineteenth-century London, Mr. Hyde, summoned by a magical potion by Dr. Jekyll, fears that someone is attacking girls and committing murder in an attempt to destroy the both of them.

McCoy, Max. Giving Up the Ghost (Ken, 7.99) Apr. Psychic detective Ophelia Wylde must solve the murder of a telegraph operator when ghostly events plague the telegraph lines.

Newton, Charlie. Traitor’s Gate (T&M, 14.95) May. A historical thriller set in the Middle East in the decade leading up to WWII, with an American chemical engineer and a Palestinian activist who join forces against a sinister Nazi Luftwaffe officer.

Parry, Leslie. Church of Marvels (HC, 26.99) May. Set in 1895 New York, this debut historical mystery shows the underbelly of a society filled with opium dens, brothels, and baby sellers where a woman hunts for her sister after their mother dies in a fire, a man who finds an abandoned baby hunts for the mother, and a woman imprisoned in a brutal insane asylum hunts for her freedom.

Pastor, Ben. Tin Sky (Bitter Lemon, 14.95) May. In 1943, German officer Martin Bora is sent to the Ukraine, where the death of a defecting Soviet tanks commander could be tied to the massacre of Ukrainian peasants.

Pearce, Michael. Mouth of the Crocodile (SH, 28.95) Mar. Gareth Owen is tasked with protecting a royal pasha carrying sensitive documents after an attack that kills one of his entourage, but the train carrying the group is stranded by a sandstorm in the empty desert in the latest of the Mamer Zapt mysteries set in early twentieth-century Egypt.

Pearl, Matthew. The Last Bookaneer (PNG, 27.95) May. A nineteenth-century manuscript thief decides to steal Robert Louis Stevenson’s last manuscript before the enactment of the international copyright agreement for financial gain in an adventure that pits him against cannibals, incarceration, and a rival book thief.

Rosbottom, Ronald C. When Paris Went Dark (GC, 19.00) May. The story of the German occupation of Paris that began in 1940, and forced the Parisians into a resistance against the brutality of the Nazis.

Runcie, James. Sidney Chambers and the Forgiveness of Sins (STM, 18.00) May. Canon Sidney Chambers continues his sleuthing in 1960s Cambridge in six new stories involving murder and mayhem.

Scarrow, Simon. The Zealot (Png, 16.95) May. Roman Centurians Cato and Macro are sent to Judea where a local tribesman is fomenting rebellion among the followers of Jehoshua with the Parthians waiting on the sidelines to invade.

St. James, Simone. The Other Side of Midnight (NAL, 14.00) Apr. When a glamorous medium who has become wealthy helping the bereaved contact those killed during the Great War is murdered, her former friend joins forces with a veteran dedicated to debunking psychics to find her killer.

Sweazy, Larry D. See Also Murder (Prom, 15.95) May. The first of a proposed trilogy set in North Dakota in 1964, featuring a farm wife and book indexer who asked by the local sheriff to research a strange copper amulet left at the scene when her neighbors are murdered.

Taylor, Patrick. Now and in the Hour of our Death (STM, 15.99) May. When a convicted IRA bomb maker escapes from prison in 1983, he goes to British Colombia to search for his former lover, a woman who has made a new life for herself, although she is still haunted by the past.

Thomas, Will. Anatomy of Evil (STM, 25.99) May. Victorian enquiry agents Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn are asked by the assistant commissioner of Scotland Yard to investigate the gruesome deaths of two prostitutes in London’s East End in a case that puts them on the trail of Jack the Ripper.

_____. Fatal Enquiry (STM, 15.99) May. Barker and Llewelyn face their most formidable enemy when sociopathic aristocrat Sebastian Nightwine is given immunity from his previous crimes and returns to London.

Thompson, Victoria. Murder in Murray Hill (Brk, 7.99) May. Midwife Sarah and Detective Frank Malloy are trying to find a missing young woman who had been responding to “lonely heart” ads in the paper, but they stumble on a twisted plot targeting single women in the latest set in New York’s gaslight period.

_____. Murder on Amsterdam Avenue (Brk, 25.95) May. Frank Malloy becomes a private investigator, and his first case involves the suspicious death of a man recently appointed as the director of an insane asylum in Manhattan.

Todd, Charles. An Unwilling Accomplice (HC, 14.99) May. Bess Crawford is in trouble when a gravely-wounded veteran in her care disappears after a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, and, in fact, there is some suspicion that she has killed him herself.

Trent, Christine. The Mourning Bells (Ken, 15.00) Apr. When Victorian undertaker Violet Harper agrees to accompany dead bodies of indigents and prostitutes to a doctor in Northumberland, she is shocked when one of the “bodies” sits up and begins to scream, and when her complaints to the shipping company result in her being discharged, she vows to investigate.

Trow, M.J. The Blue and the Grey (SH, 28.95) Apr. In the first of a new series set after the American Civil War, a Union officer is sent to England to hunt for an accomplice of John Wilkes Booth, where he meets a London journalist and they join forces to hunt a killer of prostitutes.

Vanderbes, Jennifer. The Secret of Raven Point (SS, 17.00) Apr. When she learns that her brother has been reported missing in action, a teenaged girl lies about her age and travels to the front lines as an army nurse to find him. This is a fascinating WWII adventure that reveals the horrors of even a “just” war. Highly recommended.

Woodward, Gerard. Vanishing (Peg, 24.95) May. When a young British artist is arrested on charges of espionage toward the end of WWII, the contradictions of his past come back to haunt him—is he a brilliant camouflage officer who was a hero of El Alamein or a fascist sympathizer?

Ziskin, James W. Stone Cold Dead (Prom, 15.95) May. In the third in this funny series set in New York in the early 1960s, investigative reporter Ellie Stone, who’d “make a good detective” if she weren’t a girl, is drawn into a the disappearance of a teenaged girl, whose bullying stepfather and juvenile delinquent boyfriend try to get her off the case.

Of Special Interest

Be sure to come in to see the new space and check out the signed copies we have from the Tucson Festival of Books.

With the new store, I have added some categories of mysteries, in particular animal mysteries (also known as Bosco’s Picks), and Something Special (also known as Chris’s Picks), books that don’t really fit a category, but are highly recommended. Some of my favorites in this newsletter are:

Cara Hoffman’s Be Safe I Love You

Jennifer Vanderbes’s The Secret of Raven Point

Carrie LaSeur’s The Home Place

Elly Griffiths’s The Ghost Fields

Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive

Bosco suggests Spenser Quinn’s Paw and Order—the guinea pig scared him!

Chris and Bosco