June/July, 2016

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abbott, Jeff. Blame (GC, 26.00) July. In a standalone thriller, after a car crash a 17-year-old girl loses her memory and her best friend’s boyfriend loses his life, and two years later when someone begins sending her threatening online messages, she begins to recover her memories only to realize that everyone in her life is hiding the truth.

Atkins, Ace. The Fallen (Put, 27.00) July. Mississippi sheriff Quinn Colsen is on the trail of a gang of bank robbers who rob with the speed and organization that he himself learned as a highly trained Army Ranger in another crime story of corrupt politicians, dysfunctional families, and good old-fashioned greed.

Baldwin, Rosecrans. The Last Kid Left (MCD, 27.00) June. When a young man is found with two dead bodies in his trunk and confesses to the murders,  the recently retired police chief of the neighboring town decides to help the public defender prove the man’s innocence in a character-driven mystery.

Barker, J.D. The Fourth Monkey (HMH, 26.00) June. When a Chicago police detective realizes that the dead man whose death he is investigating is a serial killer who has terrorized the city for five years, he also realizes that the man has taken another woman who may still be alive.

Barrett, Lorna. A Just Clause (Brk, 26.00) June. Mystery bookstore owner Tricia is shocked when her estranged father comes to town, but even more shocked when he is suspected of a murder that occurs just after he arrives, although she can’t help but wonder about the bestselling thriller writer who arrived just before the murder. Believe me, being a mystery bookstore owner is never this interesting, which is why Bosco catches up on his sleep here.

Barton, Fiona. The Child (Brk, 26.00) June. When the skeleton of an infant is found during the demolition of a house in a gentrifying section of London, a journalist traces a connection to the disappearance of a newborn in a maternity ward, and to three women who have kept dark secrets for years.

Baugh, Carolyn. Shoreline (STM, 27.99) July. FBI agent Nora Khalil is assigned to Erie, PA where after a rash of violent acts, she uncovers a domestic terrorist plot to take back America and make it great again, which must be stopped before it spreads nationally.

Beck, Haylen. Here and Gone (RH, 26.00) June. A woman escaping domestic abuse with her children is pulled over by the police in Arizona and put in custody, but when she is released her children are missing and, worse, the police claim that she was alone.

Berenson, Laurien. Murder at the Puppy Fest (Ken, 25.00) July. While helping out with the local dog charity event, Poodle breeder Melanie comes across the body of the local benefactor, whose death may be more than an accident.

Billingham, Mark. Love Like Blood (Per, 26.00) June. Tom Thorne agrees to help DI Tanner after her partner is killed during a cold-case investigation of honor killings in a case fraught with political tensions.

Black, Saul. LoveMurder (STM, 25.99) July. A San Francisco police detective must work with a woman convicted of multiple murders when a new killing occurs with the same MO.

Booth, Claire. Another Man’s Ground (STM, 25.99) July. The sheriff of Branson County, MO must interrupt his election campaign to investigate when a stand of trees are stripped of their bark, but what he finds is a a body and the eruption of a centuries-old backwoods feud in the second in this witty series.

Bouman, Tom. Fatal Mornings (Nor, 25.95) June. A small-town lawman in rural Pennsylvania must deal with a spate of crimes, all of which appear to be drug related in the second in this Edgar-winning series.

Box, C.J. Paradise Valley (STM, 27.99) July. A disgraced North Dakota sheriff’s officer is on the hunt for a serial killer known as the Lizard King, but when a troubled kid she has mentored goes missing, she realizes that her search has brought danger to her doorstep.

Brookmyre, Christopher. The Last Hack (Per, 25.00) July. Jack Parlabane agrees to help a teenager who is being blackmailed online after someone discovers that she is supporting herself and her younger sister by hacking.

Brown, Rita Mae. A Hiss Before Dying (Ball, 27.00) June. The discovery of a body by a pack of beagles chasing a rabbit leads to a mystery that has its roots in Virginia’s post-Revolutionary past, and it takes all the help that Mrs. Murphy, Tucker, and Pewter can provide to make sure that Harry isn’t the latest victim.

Buchanan, Tracy. No Turning Back (Per, 25.99) June. When a new mother kills a crazed teenager who attacks her and her baby on a beach, the police are sympathetic until the autopsy reveals something sinister in a psychological thriller by a best-selling author in the UK.

Cameron, Stella. Lies that Bind (SH, 28.99) June. In a cozy English village mystery, a pub owner becomes involved in a murder when the body of a woman is found in the nearby woods.

Carlisle, Kate. Once Upon a Spine (Brk, 25.00) June. San Francisco book restorer Brooklyn and her fiancé investigate when two of their shop-owner neighbors are felled by heavy shelves in a juice bar, just as the discovery of a rare edition of Alice in Wonderland surfaces.

Casey, Jane. Let the Dead Speak (STM, 27.99) July. London detective Maeve Corrigan investigates when a young woman returns home to find the house an abattoir and her mother missing, and the neighbors all have something to hide.

Castillo, Kate. Down a Dark Road (STM, 26.99) July. Police Chief Kate Burkholder must find an escaped murderer, a man she knew as a child, and who claims to have fled to prove his innocence.

Chance, Maia. Bad Housekeeping (Per, 25.95) June. In the first of a cozy new series, a woman jilted by her professor boyfriend agrees to help her eccentric great-aunt refurbish a local inn, but when a woman with whom they both have had words is found dead, they must turn to sleuthing to save themselves from a murder rap.

Chase, Eve. The Wildling Sisters (Put, 27.00) July. When a London family moves to a manor house in the country the wife finds herself caught up in a dark secret involving four sisters who lived there fifty years ago in a gothic novel of psychological suspense. For fans of Kate Morton and Daphne du Maurier.

Child, Lee, ed. Matchup (SS, 27.00) June. A collection of collaborative crime stories pairing up top-rank female thriller writers with their male counterpart—a great way to start if you’ve not yet tried some of these authors. A perfect Father’s Day gift.

Connolly, John. A Game of Ghosts (SS, 26.99) July. PI Charlie Parker is hired by an FBI agent to track down another missing PI who has been investigating a series of homicides that occur after hauntings in a fusion of noir and the supernatural.

Cunningham, Peter. The Trout (Per, 22.99) July. When a man living in Canada receives a package from Ireland containing a trout-fly, he begins to remember things he has forgotten from his childhood, including a murder, so he returns home to Ireland to investigate.

Delaney, Kathleen. Blood Red, White, and Blue (SH, 28.99) July. In the third in this cozy series for dog-lovers, retired teacher Mary McGill and her cocker spaniel find the body of a tourist while cleaning up after the Independence Day celebration, and with the help of her dog-loving friends, she investigates the shooting.

Dionne, Karen. The Marsh King’s Daughter (Put, 26.00) June. When a happily-married woman discovers that her father has escaped from prison after killing two guards, she realizes that the only way to save her carefully-constructed life is to use the survivalist skills he taught her in order to track him down in a debut set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Doiron, Paul. Knife Creek (STM, 25.99) June. Maine game warden Mike Bowditch finds the body of a dead baby buried in a shallow grave in the middle of the forest, and the subsequent investigation leads him to believe that the mother was a young woman who disappeared from a rafting trip four years before. If you haven’t tried Doiron, you are in for a treat.

Ellis, Kate. The Mermaid’s Scream (Piatkus, 30.00) June. Police detective Wes Peterson investigates the murder of  the biographer of a famous novelist who stopped writing suddenly in the 1980s after the death of his wife, and discovers that the murder is tied to a grisly Victorian puppet show—and his own son.

Ephron, Hallie. You’ll Never Know, Dear (HC, 26.99) June. Years after a young child disappears with her antique porcelain doll, the doll returns, the first clue in a case that now threatens her mother, her sister, and her sister’s daughter in a novel of psychological suspense.

Esposito, Chloé. Mad (Dut, 26.00) June. When an identical twin, known for an inability to keep a job, agrees to change places with her perfect sister, married to a rich, handsome Italian, she finds herself frantically striving to keep up the pretense after her sister is found dead—and the very habits that turned her life into a trainwreck before become very useful indeed.

Evanovich, Janet. Dangerous Minds (RH, 28.00) June. Emerson Knight and Riley Moon join forces to help a Buddhist monk find his missing island in the second of this comic series.

Fairstein, Linda. Deadfall (Dut, 28.00) July. When an iconic public figure close to her is murdered, ADA Alexander Cooper vows to find the killer in a case that takes her through the urban jungle to big-game hunting to the illegal animal trade to the zoos of NYC.

Farnsworth, Christopher. Flashmob (HC, 26.99) June. A “fixer” for wealthy celebrities discovers the existence of an encrypted site on the “dark net,” listing celebrities and offering a bounty for anyone who can kill them, sending him on a hunt for a criminal mastermind.

Finder, Joseph. The Switch (Dut, 28.00) June. After a businessman accidently picks up the wrong MacBook at an airport, his life turns upside down when it turns out that the MacBook he has is owned by a senator and is filled with classified government files—files that everyone wants to retrieve at whatever cost.

Gardiner, Meg. Unsub (Dut, 26.00) June. A Bay Area narcotics detective becomes involved when a series of killings occur with the same MO as that of a serial killer in the 1990s, a killer who was never caught and who destroyed the career of her detective father.

Goff, Chris. Red Sky (Per, 26.99) June. When an airplane carrying an American diplomatic agent and his Chinese prisoner, along with sensitive documents, crashes in the Ukraine, a diplomatic secret service agent is put in charge of the investigation after it is determined that the crash was intentional.

Goldberg, Lee Matthew. The Mentor (STM, 25.99) June. An editor at a New York publishing house agrees to read a manuscript given him by his favorite college professor, and finds that the book is not only atrociously written, but depraved, and his polite rejection causes the professor to threaten his life, his girlfriend, and his career.

Greenlaw, Linda. Shiver Hitch (STM, 24.99) June. When a Miami homicide detective moves to Maine to become a marine insurance investigator, she is surprised that her first case is one of the murder of a universally-detested elderly woman.

Hamdy, Adam. Pendulum (Quer, 26.99) June. When a solitary photojournalist regains consciousness to find that he is hanging in his living room, he miraculously manages to escape, but the police think that he is suicidal and he alone must find out who his assailant is and why he is a target in a novel of unrelenting suspense.

Hamilton, Glen Erik. Every Day Above Ground (HC, 26.99) July. When a dying ex-con asks for his help in retrieving a fortune in lost gold to leave a legacy for his pre-teen daughter’s future, Van Shaw agrees to help, but the whole thing is a set-up, and the two men, along with the girl, are in serious danger.

Harding, Robyn. The Party (SS, 26.00) June. When a tragic event takes place at a sweet sixteen party at the home of a wealthy San Francisco family, the secrets that they have kept from their friends and neighbors are all revealed, leading to the destruction of the once-perfect family.

Harper, Jordan. She Rides Shotgun (HC, 26.99) June. A shy 9-year-old girl is kidnapped by her father upon his release from prison and learns to survive in a world of drug heists and danger as he struggles to protect her from a prison gang that has put a price on both their heads.

Harrison, Colin. You Belong to Me (FSG, 27.00) June. An NYC immigration lawyer and his beautiful neighbor attend an art auction, their lives are changed completely after a mysterious man whisks the woman away and the lawyer loses his bid for a map he coveted—and then the bodies start to pile up….

Hart, Rob. The Woman from Prague (Per, 25.00) July. Amateur PI Ash McKenna is in Prague escaping his demons when he is approached by a mysterious man working for the government who wants him to exchange a package, but the handoff is a hit, and Ash is on the run from assassins in a city he barely knows.

Hillard, Stephen. Knoll (Per, 23.95) Jul. A woman leaves her job at the NSA when she discovers that her project is to detect and destroy any person with new facts about the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

Hilton, L.S. Domina (Put, 27.00) July. In the second in this fascinating trilogy, art gallery owner and femme fatale (literally) Judith Rashleigh has settled in Rome, but the discovery of a body in Ibiza causes her to realize that she’s become involved in a cache of stolen paintings, and she’s soon on the run in the most glamorous spots in Europe. I loved the first of this series—think Tom Ripley as a woman.

Horowitz, Anthony. Magpie Murders (HC, 27.99) June. A London book editor who works with a crime writer whose specialty is manor-house mysteries in the vein of Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers finds herself suspecting that the latest manuscript—the hero investigating a series of murders at a local manor house—also contains a thoroughly contemporary story of ambition, jealousy, and real-life murder.

Housewright, David. What the Dead Leave Behind (STM, 25.99) June. Minneapolis PI McKenzie agrees to investigate the murder of the father of his stepdaughter’s friend, and what he finds is that the trail leads to a group of the dead man’s friends and a very deadly conspiracy.

Howells, Debbie. Part of the Silence (Ken, 25.00) July. When a woman is found left for dead in a cornfield, she awakens in the hospital asking for her three-year-old daughter, but the authoritities can find no evidence that the girl exists in a twisty novel of psychological suspense.

Huntley, Swan. The Goddesses (RH, 26.95) July. After moving to Hawaii with her family to make a new start, a woman becomes involved with a new friend and soon finds herself neglecting her husband and children in a novel of psychological suspense.

Jackson, Lisa. You Will Pay (Ken, 26.00) May. Twenty years after a teenaged prank goes tragically wrong at a summer camp, human remains are found and the former counselors return, but the nightmare is only beginning when they begin to receive texts and personal mementos threatening revenge.

Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen. Look Behind You (STM, 27.99) June. A consultant in San Diego is hired by the FBI to help them find a serial killer who leaves behind souvenirs from unsolved murders.

Kamal, Sheena. The Lost Ones (HC, 26.99) July. A PI who gave up her daughter for adoption fifteen years before is contacted by the adoptive father when the girl disappears after the police label her a chronic runaway and refuse to help in the first of a new series.

Kelly, Erin. He Said, She Said (STm, 25.99) June. A couple who have been on the run for 15 years after the woman witnessed a crime during a solar eclipse find that their past has caught up with them in a novel of psychological suspense.

King, Laurie R. Lockdown (Ban, 28.00) June. A high school career day erupts in violence, with everyone from the principal to the school janitor hiding dark secrets in a contemporary novel of psychological suspense.

Koontz, Dean. The Silent Corner (Ban, 28.00) June. An FBI agent wants to find out the truth when her husband commits suicide, but what she finds is that her investigation turns her into a fugitive as she discovers a string of unlikely suicides.

Kubica, Mary. Every Last Lie (HC, 26.99) June. When her husband is killed in a car accident that leaves her 4-year-old daughter suffering from nightmares, a woman becomes convinced that the accident was, in fact, not an accident at all.

Lange, Richard. The Smack (Mull, 26.00) July. A petty conman working a phone scam in Reno meets a hooker with a desire for a better life—and the knowledge of a fortune smuggled out of Afghanistan—so together they go to Los Angeles for the score of a lifetime. Lange is great.

Lanh, Andrew. Child of my Winter (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) July. Hartford PI Rick Van Lam decides to help a student at the community college where he teaches part-time when the young Vietnamese man is suspected of murdering a beloved professor.

Laurie, Victoria. A Panicked Premonition (Brk, 25.00) July. Psychic and FBI consultant Abby Cooper must save her husband’s security business when his partner goes missing after two clients are found murdered in their panic room.

LaValle, Victor. The Changeling (RH, 28.00) June. When his wife commits an unforgivable act of violence and disappears, a NYC antiquarian bookseller enters into a magical world to find her in a work of horror based on myths and stories.

Lepionka, Kristen. The Last Place You Look (STM, 25.99) June. The sister of a man on death row hires PI Roxane Weary to reinvestigate the case after she sees the supposed victim, and Roxane discovers that there have been a number of young women who have turned up missing or dead.

Levine, Laura. Death of a Bachelorette (Ken, 25.00) July. Jaine and Prozac are on a tropical island where she is writing dialogue for a cheesy reality show with a dim-witted leading man, catty contestants and no air conditioning. Murder is what you’d expect next, and sure enough, one of the finalists dies in a freak accident.

Loehfelm, Bill. The Devil’s Muse (FSG, 26.00) July. When a shooting occurs during Mardi Gras in New Oleans, cop Maureen Coughlin and her colleagues have their hands full trying to help the victims and find the perp.

Logan, Michael. Hell’s Detective (Per, 25.99) June. A fun combination of noir and the supernatural featuring a woman who commited suicide after accidentally killing her lover in 1978, and who is condemned to live in Los Angeles tortured by memories until a mysterious woman asks for help finding a missing box.

MacBride, Stuart. A Dark so Deadly (HC, 26.99) June. A disgraced police detective is assigned to the cold case squad, but the discovery of a mummified body turns into the biggest case of his career when it becomes clear that a serial killer has been operating for decades in Oldcastle.

Maron, Margaret. Take Out (GC, 27.00) June. NYPD detective Sigurd Herald returns grieving for the death of her lover, but the case of two homeless men murdered by poisoned take-out food is a puzzle that gets more and more complicated, involving a missing painting, an opera star with dark secrets, and a Mafia widow.

Mathews, Francine. Death on Nantucket (Soho, 24.95) June. Nantucket police detective Merry Folger investigates the disappearance of a Vietnam war correspondent whose memory is failing, and discovers that his entire career may be based on a lie in the first new mystery in this series in almost twenty years.

Maxwell, Edith. Mulch Ado About Murder (Ken, 25.00) June. When a neighbor is found dead in a vat of chemical slurry, Cam’s mother becomes the main suspect, but fortunately her father shows an unexpected talent for both chickens and sleuthing.

McCafferty, Keith. Cold Hearted River (Vik, 26.00) July. The death of a woman stranded in a spring snowstorm leads Montana sheriff Martha Ettinger and detective Sean Stranahan on the trail of a mysterious steamer trunk that may containing a missing manuscript by Ernest Hemingway in the latest in this excellent western series.

McCall Smith, Alexander. A Distant View of Everything (RH, 25.95) July. Isobel agrees to help a matchmaker acquaintance who has found incriminating evidence against a charming cosmetic surgeon she had introduced to a wealthy friend.

Meade, Glenn. Unquiet Ghosts (SS, 26.00) July. A woman who believes that her husband and children died in a plane crash discovers that he disappeared on purpose after uncovering evidence of the $8 billion that completely disappeared during the Iraq War (and yes, that $8 billion did disappear and has never been investigated to this day).

Oates, Joyce Carol. Dis Mem Ber (Per, 25.00) June. Four stories of suspense, one the winner of the Bram Stoker Prize.

Paris, B.A. The Breakdown (STM, 25.99) July. A woman who is tortured by guilt for not helping a woman she saw in the woods, a woman who was later found killed, can’t get over the feeling that someone is watching her.

Patterson, James and Howard Roughan. Murder Games (LB, 28.00) June. A renowned expert on murder is called in by a senior NYPD detective when his book is found at the scene of a murder to hunt for a killer who leaves a playing card signaling his next victim.

Phillips, Gin. Fierce Kingdom (Vik, 25.00) July. A mother visiting a suburban zoo with her child sees something as they are leaving that send the two of them fleeing danger in a suspenseful thriller that takes place during the course of three hours.

Powell, Mark. Small Treasons (SS, 24.99) June. A former CIA contractor now working as a college counselor is blackmailed into investigating a colleague who may be radicalizing his students.

Pronzini, Bill. Endgame (STM, 24.99) June. The Nameless detective is hired to investigate when the agoraphobic wife of a man goes missing and he fears that he is the likely suspect.

Quinn, Spencer. The Right Side (SS, 26.00) June. A soldier seriously wounded in Afghanistan returns home suffering from PTSD, but when her hospital roommate dies, she decides to go to her small Washington hometown, only to find that the woman’s young daughter is missing. With the help of a stray dog who adopts her, she decides to find the child. Incredibly powerful and compelling.

Ramsay, Caro. Standing Still (SH, 28.99) June. In a police procedural set in Glasgow, when the body of a young man is found during a music festival, the Major Investigation Team must hunt for a murderer who may be tied to a kidnapping ring.

Rees, Matt. China Strike (Per, 27.99) July. When thousands of cars speed out of control in the U.S. and Europe creating a horrendous death toll, ICE special agent Verrazzano is called in to talk to a prisoner who claims to have knowledge of the plot and a more horrific plot in the works.

Reichs, Kathy. Two Nights (Ban, 28.00) July. A standalone novel of suspense featuring a woman with a dark past who agrees to help a family find their missing daughter who disappeared in the confusion of a bomb blast.

Richmond, Michelle. The Marriage Pact (RH, 27.00) July. In a novel of psychological suspense and conspiracy a newlywed couple find themselves inititated into a mysterious organization called the Pact, dedicated to keeping marriages together—at all costs.

Robotham, Michael. The Secrets She Keeps (SS, 26.00) July. In a brilliant novel of psychological suspense, a pregnant London grocery clerk bonds with a wealthy customer who’s also pregnant, but both women are keeping dark secrets.

Rosenfelt, David. Collared (STM, 26.99) July. When a dog left at the Tara Foundation turns out to be a dog that was kidnapped along with a baby 2 1/2 years before, Andy Carpenter investigates to see if the baby might still be found.

Rowson, Pauline. Lethal Waves (SH, 28.99) June. Portsmouth CID DI Andy Horton visits Guernsey the home of a relative of his mother’s, but he is called in to assist the police with the death of an unidentified woman on the ferry.

Sager, Riley. Final Girls (Dut, 26.00) July. A woman who was the sole survivor of the massacre of her friends ten years before finds herself forced to relive the horror when one of two other women who survived predators in separate incidents around the same time shows up on her doorstep to tell her that the third survivor has been murdered, and insists that she help.

Schwegel, Theresa. The Lies We Tell (STM, 27.99) July. A Chicago police officer is keeping secret her diagnosis of MS, but when she runs into a suspect wanted for assault in the hospital, she knows that she must find him before her colleagues do in order to protect her secret.

Seddon, Holly. Don’t Close Your Eyes (RH, 27.00) July. A novel of psychological suspense told from the alternate points of view of two sisters, one a recluse and one who’s been kicked out by her husband—both harboring dark secrets.

Sefton, Maggie. Only Skein Deep (Brk, 26.00) June. When the social-climbing trophy wife of a wealthy man is found dead on the greens of the country club, the Lambspun Knitters vow to knit together the case of a vicious killer.

Shaw, William. The Birdwatcher (Mull, 26.00) June. A community policing officer in Kent must investigate the death of a fellow birdwatcher, whose life is as much a mystery as his death.

Silva, Daniel. House of Spies (HC, 28.99) July. Gabriel Allon follows the clues after a deadly terrorist attack in the U.S. and London to a wealthy drug seller in Saint-Tropez and his fashion-model wife, whom he uses to bring down the cunning and deadly terrorist known as Saladin.

Spencer, Sally. The Hidden (SH, 28.99) July. After DCI Monika Paniatowski is found unconscious in the woods near a country estate, and later a teenaged girl is found strangled in the same woods, Paniatowski’s team decide to investigate on their own after the case is given to a grandstanding colleague.

Stansel, Ian. The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo (HMH, 23.00) July. A woman takes off after her brother-in-law when he kills her husband in a horseback manhunt across northern California in a debut contemporary Western.

Steiner, Susie. Persons Unknown (RH, 27.00) July. Policewoman Mona Bradshaw is stuck in the Cambridgeshire PD cold-case office, but when a wealthy man is found murdered, her sister’s ex and the father of her young son, she must insert herself in the case to save her family.

Sullivan, Matthew. Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore (SS, 26.00) June. When one of her patrons commits suicide, a bookstore clerk untangles the clues that he left in the books he left to her to discover his motives, and finds as well the clues to the mysteries of her own violent childhood.

Sykes, Plum. Party Girls Die in Pearls (HC, 26.99) May. In the first of a new series, a country girl newly arrived at Oxford in 1985 discovers a glamorous classmate with her throat cut, and enlisting the help of an American exchange student she decides to investigate for the Oxford newspaper, during which they find danger amidst the secret dining societies and black-tie parites. There’s nothing more fun in a mystery than the rich behaving badly.

Thiem, Brian. Shallow Grave (Per, 25.99) July. In the third in this police procedural serials set in Oakland, homicide sergeant Matt Sinclair discovers that a body buried in a shallow grave is that of his former partner, a man who knew way too many secrets.

Thomsen, Lesley. The Dog Walker (Head of Zeus, 27.95) July. Part-time detective Stella Darnell is hired to investigate the cold-case disappearance of a woman who went running with her dog in 1987, leading to murder, suicide, betrayal, and obsession among the neighbors, in a case that hinges on the dogs that people walk.

Thor, Brad. Use of Force (SS, 27.99) June. Covert operative Scott Horvath is tasked with foiling an ISIS-led plot against the Vatican.

Toyne, Simon. The Boy Who Saw (HC, 27.99) July. A man who has no memory of who he is, only clothes with the name Solomon Creed, goes to the south of France where he discovers a corpse with a Star of David carved on the chest, sending him on a hunt to discover why survivors of a Nazi death camp are being killed—and what this has to do with his identity.

Van Lente, Fred. Ten Dead Comedians (RH, 24.00) July. In a contemporary take-off on an Agatha Christie mystery, nine Hollywood comedians are invited to an island retreat by a legendary comic, but when they arrive, there is no cell-phone service, no wifi—and someone is murdering them one by one.

Ware, Ruth. The Lying Game (SS, 26.99) July. When a human bone is found near the boarding school they attended years ago four friends reunite to protect themselves and their secret about the mysterious death of the school’s art teacher. Ware is absolutely brilliant at creating twisty plots.

Winslow, Don. The Force (HC, 27.99) June. A member of an elite NYPD taskforce in Harlem, decorated for bravery and beloved by his colleagues, is actually a dirty cop hiding millions in stolen drugs, and when the FBI comes after him, he finds that he must decide who to betray in an effort to save himself and his family. Very powerful.

Woods, Stuart. Indecent Exposure (Put, 28.00) June. Stone Barrington is pulled into politics even more when his old flame Holly Barker becomes secretary of state.

Youers, Rio. The Forgotten Girl (STM, 27.99) June. A combination thriller and fantasy novel about a man who decides to hunt for a former girlfriend to save her from a man who is threatening her—the only trouble is, he can’t remember her.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Adler, Elizabeth. The Charmers (STM, 7.99) June.

Barrett, Lorna. Title Wave (Brk, 7.99) June.

Bass, Jefferson. Without Mercy (HC, 9.99) June.

Berenson, Laurien. Live and Let Growl (Ken, 7.99) June.

Castillo, Linda. Among the Wicked (STM, 7.99) July.

Chazin, Suzanne. No Witness but the Moon (Ken, 9.99) July.

Child, Lee. Personal (BDD, 9.99) June.

Coben, Harlan. Home (Dut, 9.99) June.

Cornwell, Patricia. Chaos (HC, 9.99) July.

Fairstein, Linda. Killer Look (Dut, 9.99) July.

Ferris, Monica. Knit Your Own Murder (Brk, 7.99) July.

Finder, Joseph. Guilty Minds (Png, 9.99) June.

Grisham, John. The Whistler (BDD, 9.99) July.

Hamilton, Glen Erik. Hard Cold Winter (HC, 9.99) June.

Johansen, Iris and Roy Johansen. Night Watch (STM, 9.99) June.

Jones, Darynda. Eleventh Grave in the Moonlight (STM, 8.99) July.

Keller, Julia. A Killing in the Hills (STM, 8.99) June. Reissue.

Laurie, Victoria. A Grave Prediction (Brk, 7.99) June.

Lustbader, Eric Van. Any Minute Now (STM, 9.99) July.

Mills, Kyle. Order to Kill (Pkt, 9.99) July.

Muller, Marcia. Someone Always Knows (Hach, 7.99) July.

Palmer, Daniel. Forgive Me (Ken, 9.99) June.

Pearson, Ridley. White Bone (Put, 9.99) July.

Sefton, Maggie. Knit to be Tied (Brk, 7.99) June.

Thor, Brad. Foreign Agent (Pkt, 9.99) June.

Tracy, P.J. The Sixth Idea (Put, 9.99) July.

Woods, Stuart. Sex, Lies & Serious Money (Put, 9.99) July.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Alexander, Ellie. A Crime of Passion Fruit (STM, 7.99) July. Julie has agreed to work on her estranged husband’s cruise ship, a sort of working vacation, but the discovery of a unidentified woman’s body in the pool causes her to put aside her chef’s toque for a deerstalker to find a killer.

Blackwell, Juliet. A Ghostly Light (Brk, 7.99) July. When a friend asks Mel to help her convert an old lighthouse into an inn, neither count on finding the body of the friend’s abusive ex-husband at the bottom of the stairs nor that the friend might be checking in to the local jail.

Casey, Elizabeth Lynn. Patterned after Death (Brk, 7.99) June. When the son of one of the ladies in the Southern Sewing Circle is accused of murdering his business parter (and former high-school football rival), the ladies vow to find the real killer.

Cochran, Peg. Sowed to Death (Brk, 7.99) July. When the body of a man is found during a demonstration of the Jaws of Life at the County Fair, Shelby’s neighbor, a volunteer fireman, becomes the main suspect.

Collins, Kate. Yews with Caution (Brk, 7.99) June. Flower shop-owner Abby investigates when the owner of a landscaping business is found murdered, and the case becomes personal when her husband is poisoned by the yew trees in their yard.

Corrigan, Maya. The Tell-tale Tarte (Ken, 7.99) July. When an actor famous for impersonating Edgar Allen Poe is found murdered, Val suspects her grandfather may have been the intended victim, so she takes a job at the house of a local author inspired by Poe to keep an eye on him and finds herself in a real-life horror story.

Eaton, J.C. Booked 4 Murder (Ken, 7.99) July. In the first of a funny new series, a woman who works as a clerk in a Minnesota sheriff’s office is persuaded by her mother to travel to Sun City, Arizona to investigate when four members of a book club die unexpectedly.

Erickson, Alex. Death by Vanilla Latte (Ken, 7.99) June. Café owner Krissy must deal with a deadly brew when her mystery-writer father shows up unexpectedly and his boorish agent is found dead.

Fee, Vicki. One Fete in the Grave (Ken, 7.99) June. Party planner Liv has put on an unforgettable July Fourth celebration in Dixie—maybe too much so, when the body of a town councilman is discovered.

Finch, Kay. The Black Cat Sees his Shadow (Brk, 7.99) June. Mystery novelist Sabrina and her black cat are roped into a mystery during a fall festival when an ornery jewelry vender is murdered and a caricature artist who looks just like Sabrina—complete with a black cat—becomes the prime suspect.

Gilstrap, John. Final Target (Ken, 9.99) July. A freelance operative is sent to the Mexican jungle to release a captured DEA officer, but things go very bad, very fast in a suspenseful thriller.

Hollis, Lee. Death of a Lobster Lover (Ken, 7.99) July. On a girls’ getaway at the beach in Maine with her two friends, Hayley discovers the body of a man on the beach next to an overturned lobster pot and vows not to let the killer escape her net.

Hyzy, Julie. Grace to the Finish (Brk, 7.99) July. Grace is helping some friends who are starting up a wineshop, but while checking out the refurbished space, they stumble over the body of the banker who handled the sale.

Kelly, Diane. Enforcing the Paw (STM, 7.99) July. Fort Worth police officer Megan Luz and her K9 partner Brigit investigate when a woman claims that she is being stalked by her ex, but they begin to suspect that the woman may be out for revenge at having been jilted as the case becomes more dangerous.

Logan, Kylie. French Fried (Brk, 7.99) June. A week of French-themed food during a gala in her small Ohio town turns deadly for Laurel when a French-chef friend is killed by a poisoned glass of Chardonnay, and she must turn from souffles to sleuthing.

McLaughlin, Staci. Marriage is Murder (Ken, 7.99) June. When the florist for her wedding at the Blossom Valley Organic Farm and Spa is found murdered, Dana is shocked to find that her friend had a sideline in blackmail and that the suspects are growing faster than weeds.

Pressey, Rose. If the Haunting Fits, Wear It (Ken, 7.99) July. Cookie Chanel heads off to the Kentucky Derby where she has been hired to provide vintage hats, but the ghost of a jockey who died before he could ride the favorite horse entreats her to help him uncover a murderer.

Swanson, Denise. Lions, and Tigers, and Murder, Oh My (Brk, 7.99) July. When a handsome PI rents the space above Devereaux’s dime store, she becomes involved in his first case: the disappearance of the wife of a wealthy philanthropist who hasn’t been seen since they had an ugly fight about opening a wildlife park outside of town.

Wortham, Reavis Z. Hawke’s Prey (Ken, 9.99) July. In the first of a new action series, a Texas Ranger must fight against terrorists who take over a west Texas courthouse, holding the survivors of the attack hostage.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Atkins, Ace. The Innocents (Put, 16.00) June. After losing the election for Sheriff Quinn Colson goes back to Afghanistan, but when he returns to Mississippi, he accepts a job with the new sheriff, and they investigate when a teenaged girl is found walking down a rural road engulfed in flames.

Austen-Leigh, Lois. The Incredible Crime (PP, 12.95) July. In the reissue of a mystery from 1931 written by the novelist’s great-great-niece, a young academic woman leaves Cambridge for a visit to the country after learning that Wellende Hall, her destination, is suspected to be a distribution point for a dangerous new drug, and subsequent events, including a noisy ghost, lead her to believe that something is indeed seriously amiss.

Bell, David. Bring her Home (Brk, 16.00) July. When his teenaged daughter disappears along with a friend and later turns up badly beaten, a widower finds out that he really didn’t know her—and he’s not sure if the heavily bandaged girl in the bed is his daughter.

Billingham, Mark. Die of Shame (Per, 16.00) June. When one of a group of recovering addicts is murdered, the detective in charge of the investigation find that the enforced anonymity of the group hampers her in finding the killer in a chilling standalone. I loved this.

Black, Saul. The Killing Lessons (STM, 16.99) June. A San Francisco detective on the trail of a psychopathic killer has a break in the case when a little girl escapes when they attack her mother in an isolated Colorado farmhouse—but will she survive the frigid winter to tell her story?

Bolton, Sharon. Daisy in Chains (STM, 16.99) June. A serial killer who has protested his innocence since the beginning persuades a high-powered defense attorney to take his case in a very twisty novel of psychological suspense. Highly recommended.

 Brackmann, Lisa. Go-Between (Soho, 15.95) July. When her boyfriend is arrested for selling marijuana, a woman in hiding in northern California turns for help to an ex-CIA friend, who asks her to investigate a powerful socialite who has started a victims-rights foundation that is spearheading an effort to stop the legalization of marijuana.

Brons, Janet. Measured for Murder (Per, 14.95) June. RCMP officer Liz Forsyth and DCI Stephen Hay join forces in London when two women are found murdered, one a Canadian tourist. An excellent, award-winning police procedural series.

Bryant, Harry. Hidden Palms (Per, 17.00) June. In the first of a new southern California-set series, an ex-con former porn star makes a living helping people out, but his latest case finds him confronting a motorcycle gang, a rogue DEA agent, and a narcissitic narcotics entrepreneur.

Cannon, Joanna. The Trouble with Goats and Sheep (SS, 16.00) July. When their neighbor goes missing, two ten-year-old girls decide to investigate the disappearance, uncovering the dangerous secrets of the adults in a prize-winning debut.

Carbo, Christine. The Weight of Night (SS, 16.00) June. The discovery of a child’s body in a shallow grave during a forest fire in Glacier National Park and the disappearance of a teenaged boy lead Park Police Officer Monty Harris to call in a crime scene investigator in the third in this excellent series.

Chase, Eve. Black Rabbit Hall (Put, 16.00) July. When she decides to be married at her family’s country estate, a woman is drawn into the past and the fate of her mother in a mix of gothic suspense and dark family secrets.

Cutter, Nick. Little Heaven (SS, 16.00) July. A horror story set in the backwoods of New Mexico where three mercenaries are hired to find a missing man who has joined a secretive cult.

DaSilva, Bruce. Scourge of Vipers (STM, 14.99) June. Rhode Island investigative journalist Liam Mulligan wants to investigate when the governor decides to legalize gambling and unleashes a flood of money into the state and political coffers, but his corporate bosses allow him to do so only after a powerful state legislator is found dead.

Diamond, Katerina. The Secret (HC, 12.99) May. DS Imogen Gray and her partner are hunting for a missing woman, a woman with a dark secret that just might get her killed.

Douglas, Claire. Local Girl Missing (HC, 15.99) July. A woman has been haunted by the disappearance of her best friend from an English seaside village almost two decades before, so when her friend’s brother tells her that human remains have been found she returns home only to find herself catching glimpses of someone who looks just like her friend.

Ellwood, Nualla. My Sister’s Bones (HC, 15.99) July. A war reporter in the Middle East returns home for her mother’s funeral, haunted by an incident with a young Syrian boy, but while staying in her mother’s house, she is convinced she sees the boy even though the neighbor says she has no children in a novel of psychological suspense.

Flynn, Rory. Dark Horse (HMH, 14.99) June. Boston police detective Eddy Harkness discovers that an influx of a very pure and very deadly heroin is tied to corrupt City Hall officials in the second in this excellent series.

Francis, Felix. Triple Crown (Put, 17.00) July. Racing investigator Jeff Hinkley is sent to the U.S. to investigate when three horses fall suspiciously ill right before the Kentucky Derby.

French, Nicci. Dark Saturday (HC, 15.99) July. London psychotherapist Frieda Klein is asked to meet with a woman convicted of killing her family while a teenager and suspects that the woman is as much a victim as her family—and that there’s a killer still at large.

Gardner, Lisa. Find Her (Dut, 16.00) June. When a woman who was abducted years before as a college student and escaped disappears again, Boston detective D.D. Warren suspects at first that she may have turned vigilante, but soon realizes that she is the victim of a predator who wants to ensure that she doesn’t escape a second time.

Gudenkauf, Heather. Not a Sound (HC, 15.99) June. A woman who becomes deaf after a tragic accident finds the body of a fellow nurse and must decide if investigating the killing will risk her losing her carefully constructed new life.

Hall, Lisa. Tell Me No Lies (HC, 12.99) May. A couple moves to the country to escape a dark past, but their past follows them in a novel of psychological suspense.

Hardacker, Vaughn C. Wendigo (Per, 16.99) July. A supernatural thriller set in the depths of the Maine woods, where a creature with a hunger for human flesh is on the hunt.

Hawley, Noah. Before the Fall (LB, 15.99) June. The crash of a small plane flying from Martha’s Vineyard to NYC with a passenger list of eleven powerful people and one down-on-his-luck painter gives rise to intense media speculation when the painter and a small boy are the only survivors. Highly recommended.

Highsmith, Patricia. Those who Walk Away (Per, 16.00) July. A wealthy American grieving for his wife who committed suicide wants to find answers from his father-in-law, who instead tries to kill him.

Hilton, James. Fight or Die (RH, 14.95) June. Two brothers, both former military, agree to help old friends whose business is being threatened by a vicious gang, but what should be a straightforward job turns ugly when a second gang becomes involved.

Howells, Debbie. The Beauty of the End (Ken, 15.00) June. A man decides to investigate when his former lover is in a coma from an overdose, accused of murdering her stepfather, but he finds that there are many things he never knew about her.

Huntley, Swan. We Could Be Beautiful (RH, 16.00) June. A beautiful, wealthy Manhattan socialite meets an attractive man whose family used to be friends with hers, but as the relationship deepens, she begins to be suspicious of him, especially after she discovers a mysterious letter from her former nanny in a powerful debut of psychological suspense.

Jackson, Lisa. Almost Dead (Ken, 15.00) July. A gothic mystery set in San Francisco where members of a well-known, wealthy family are dying mysteriously, and a single mother must discover what is happening to her family.

Johnstone, Douglas. Crash Land (Per, 14.95) July. While waiting for a commuter plane in the airport in Orkney, a man meets a beautiful woman and finds that his life is changed forever in a crime novel of lust and murder.

Kahn, Michael. Played! (PP, 15.95) July. A St. Louis lawyer who is trying to bring down a shyster extraordinaire is horrified when his slacker brother is arrested for murdering the man’s trophy wife, so he vows to prove his innocence.

Karp, Larry and Casey. The Ragtime Traveler (PP, 16.95) June. In a mystery with a time-travel element, ragtime music authority Alan Chandler and his grandson travel to Missouri to meet with a pianist who has discovered a cache of unknown compositions by Scott Joplin, but the man is murdered and the compositions stolen, so they must hunt for a killer.

Keller, Julia. Sorrow Road (STM, 15.99) July. Prosecutor Bel Elkins is asked by an old firend to look into the death of her father who suffered from Alzheimer’s, the first of a series of deaths of elderly patients in a nursing home. Excellent.

Kuhn, Shane. The Asset (SS, 16.00) July. In a stand-alone thriller, a private airport security contractor is tapped to work with a CIA counterterrorism operation to ward off a potentially devastating attack.

Lapena, Shari. The Couple Next Door (Png, 16.00) June. When their infant daughter goes missing while they are at a neighbors a young couple finds their world torn apart in a twisty psychological thriller with a great surprise ending.

Laurin, Nina. Girl Last Seen (GC, 14.99) June. A woman who spent three years in the hands of a captor who was never caught is horrified when another girl disappears, a girl who looks just like her, and when she tries to save the missing girl she endangers both her tenuous stability and her life in a debut thriller.

Lawson, Mike. House Revenge (Per, 16.00) July. Joe DeMarco is sent to Boston to help an elderly woman threatened by a sleazy real estate developer, but when she is physically attacked, he and his Congressman boss are after revenge.

Lenhardt, Melissa. Stillwater (Per, 16.99) July. A former FBI agent takes a police job in a small Texas town, but finds himself with more homicides than he expecte, when a 50-year-old skeleton is found and a staged murder-suicide occurs.

Leonard, Peter. Unknown Remains (Per, 15.95) July. After her husband dies in the rubble of 9/11, a widow discovers that she really didn’t know him at all, but the two men who are after her believe that she did. Highly recommended.

Loehfelm, Bill. Let the Devil Out (STM, 16.00) July. Rookie NOLA police officer Maureen Coughlin must help the FBI investigate a ruthless anti-government militia group. Highly recommended.

Lescroart, John. The Fall (SS, 16.00) July. Dismas Hardy and his adult daughter become involved in the case of a young woman who fell from a San Francisco bridge—or was she pushed?

Lovesey, Peter. Another one Goes Tonight (Soho, 15.95) July. Investigating a car crash that left one policeman dead and one critically injured, Bath detective Peter Diamond finds an injured man by the side of the road, but the more he investigates, the more he believes that he may have saved the life of a serial killer.

Lundrigan, Nicole. The Substitute (Per, 15.95) June. A disillusioned graduate student teaching middle school befriends a young student, but when he discovers her dead, he flees as the townspeople turn against him.

Macy, Meg. Bearly Departed (Ken, 15.00) June. In a debut mystery, the owner of a teddy-bear shop and factory finds that there’s nothing warm and fuzzy about murder when an obnoxious sales rep is found murdered and her hot-tempered uncle is the main suspect.

Martin, Andrew. The Yellow Diamond (Per, 14.95) June. A London police detective investigates the theft of a fabulous diamond among the very wealthiest of Mayfair.

May, Peter. Freeze Frame (Quer, 14.99) June. Forensic expert Enzo MacLeod travels to an island of the coast of Brittany to investigate a 20-year-old murder, where he finds the locals hostile, but the scene of the crime perfectly intact.

McCafferty, Keith. Buffalo Jump Blues (Vik, 16.00) June. The disappearance of a young Native American man leads Montana PI Sean Stranahan to the horrific scene where a herd of buffalo has been spooked into jumping over a cliff and the body of a young man is found among the bodies.

McHugh, Laura. Arrowood (RH, 16.00) June. A woman returns to her childhood home, an historical mansion on the banks of the Mississippi, and vows to discover what happened to her twin sisters, who disappeared without a trace twenty years ago, but what she discovers are devastating family lies and betrayals.

Millar, Margaret. Collected Millar (Soho, 17.99) July. A reissue of three classic novels and a collection of short stories.

Moore, Syd. Strange Magic (Per, 14.99) June. A woman who inherits  the Essex Witch Museum is at first ready to sell it, but the curator persuades her to help with a centuries-old mystery in the first of a new series that sounds like a great combination of humor and creepy.

Neville, Stuart. So Say the Fallen (Soho, 15.95) June. A Belfast detective inspector investigates what appears to be a straightforward case of suicide, when she finds herself becoming suspicious of the man’s wife. Highly recommended.

Novak, Adam. Freaks of the Industry (Per, 14.95) July. A tale of terror set in the world of Hollywood, with demons, anti-Christs, and other members of the movie industry.

Oates, Joyce Carol. The Doll-Master and other Tales of Terror (Per, 16.00) June. A collection of creepy stories by a master.

O’Malley, Daniel. Stiletto (LB, 16.99) May. Myfanwy Thomas returns as a highly placed agent for the group that employs supernatural abilities to protect Britain from supernatural threats, and must integrate another rival group that has reappeared in a funny supernatural thriller.

Overton, Holly. Baby Doll (Hach, 15.99) May. Succeeding in escaping from her abductor of eight years, a woman returns home to her family, but of course, everything has changed in a compelling mystery that begins where most thrillers end.

Paris, B.A. Behind Closed Doors (STM, 16.99) July. A beautiful and newly-married young couple appears to have it all, but they live in a tangled web of deceit in a debut novel of psychological suspense.

Perona, Elizabeth. Murder at the Male Revue (MidInk, 14.99) July. The senior ladies of the bridge club go to visit Brownsburg, Indiana to see a male stripper group, but in the midst of the show one of their number is fatally stabbed, and the others vow to find out by whom and why.

Robinson, Peter. When the Music’s Over (HC, 15.99) July. Newly-promoted, Detective Superintendent Banks is investigating a fifty-year-old assault case against a beloved celebrity, while his daughter investigates the murder of a young woman.

Rosenfelt, David. Outfoxed (STM, 15.99) July. When a prisoner uses the dog he has been training through a program sponsored by the Tara Foundation to escape, Andy Carpenter must figure out how to save both man and dog from a murder charge.

Schmitt, Gerry. Little Girl Gone (Brk, 16.00) June. A Minneapolis family liaison officer with the police department investigates when a baby is abducted and her teenaged babysitter assaulted, but she suspects that the crime may be part of a series. Schmitt also writes as Laura Childs.

Spiegelman, Peter. Dr. Knox (RH, 15.95) July. In the first of a series set in LA, a doctor with a strong humanitarian impulse protects a woman and her child, only to find himself in serious problems with powerful interests who go after not only him but also his loved ones. Highly recommended.

Stacey, Lyndon. No Second Chances (SH, 17.95) July. Former policeman Daniel Whelan and his retired K9 companion agree to help a young woman whose boyfriend, a Traveller, has gone missing.

Stolberg, Josh. Incarnate (SS, 16.00) July. A hospital psychiatrist is assigned the case of a young woman who has violently attacked a number of people, a woman who may have dissociative identity disorder, but when she begins channeling several missing locals, the psychiatrist decides to investigate.

Swierczynski, Duane. Revolver (LB, 15.99) July. A woman in Criminal Scene Investigator School decides to reinvestigate the 50-year-old murder of her grandfather, a street cop in Philadelphia in the 1960s.

Tantimedh, Adi. Her Nightly Embrace (SS, 16.00) July. A Hindu theological student drops out of school and goes to work for a London PI agency. It is difficult to describe this, but it was one of my favorite books of last year.

Unger, Lisa. Ink and Bone (SS, 15.99) July. A young woman with psychic abilities and her psychic grandmother help a PI find a missing girl at the behest of the girl’s deperate mother.

Unsworth, Simon Kurt. The Devil’s Evidence (BDD, 16.95) June. The Devil’s detective is sent with a delegation from Hell to Heaven, where he must solve a series of murders in a genre-bending horror/crime novel.

Verdon, John. Wolf Lake (Per, 16.95) June. Retired NYPD homicide detective Gurney is called in when a series of suspicious suicides occur all tied to a controversial psychotherapist headquartered in an old Adirondack resort who uses hypnotherapy on his patients.

Vine, Richard. Soho Sins (RH, 12.95) July. An art dealer investigates when a gallery owner confesses to killing his wife—even though he was in Europe at the time of her murder.

Walker, Wendy. All Is Not Forgotten (STM, 16.00) July. After she is raped by a stranger who left no DNA evidence, a fifteen-year-old girl is under psychiatric care, but her psychiatrist harbors dark secrets that lead him to impede the investigation.

Weaver, Tim. Fall from Grace (Vik, 16.00) July. When her retired homicide-detective father disappears while getting firewood, a London policewoman hires missing-persons specialist David Raker to find him, but he uncovers a devastating secret behind the disappearance.

Webb, Wendy. The End of Temperance Dare (Lake Union, 15.95) June. A supernatural thriller featuring a woman who gets the director’s job at a writers’ retreat that was formerly a TB sanatorium owned by the wealthy Dare family, but almost immediately a tragedy occurs and a number of threatening occurances take place—all of which appear linked to the death of Mr. Dare and his two daughters decades before.

Weber, Ronald. Riverwatcher (Per, 15.99) July. When a fly-fisherman is murdered at his camp near a lake in northern Michigan, a journalist friend investigates the crime.

Winters, Ben H. Underground Airlines (LB, 15.99) July. In an alternate history thriller set in an America where there was no Civil War and slavery still exists in four states a bounty hunter tracking down a runaway slave goes undercover in an abolitionist group and soon finds himself jeopardizing his cover and his career.

Wohlsdorf, Gina. Security (Algonquin, 15.95) June. The property manager for an opulent Santa Barbara resort is busy planning for an opening gala, unaware that some uninvited guests are planning on taking over the property in a debut thriller.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Akunin, Boris. The State Counsellor (Per, 25.00) July. When the new governor-general of Siberia is murdered by a man claiming to be diplomat-detective Erast Fandorin, Fandorin must find a killer before he is arrested himself in a mystery set in Russia in 1891.

 Bilal, Parker. Dark Water (STM, 28.00) July. Cairo policeman Makana is approached by the British Intelligence Service to help them capture a terrorist specializing in biochemical weapons, but the mission means he must go to Istanbul, a city he doesn’t know, with dangers he doesn’t realize.

Bjork, Samuel. The Owl Always Hunts at Night (Png, 16.00) June. In the second in this Norwegian series, the discovery of the body of a teenager who had disappeared from an orphanage sends detective Munch and his team on the hunt for a killer who filmed his victim before her death.

Black, Cara. Murder in Saint-Germain (Soho, 27.95) June. Aimée Leduc agrees to help a friend who is convinced that she is being haunted by the ghost of a Serbian warlord whom her counter-terrorism team had killed in Yugoslavia, and when members of the team begin to die mysteriously, Aimée begins to wonder if the man could still be alive and pursuing vengeance in Paris.

Cotterill, Colin. I Shot the Buddha (Soho, 15.95) July. Dr. Siri investigates three interlocking murders involving Buddhist monks in the latest in this comic series.

Giovanni, Maurizio de. Glass Souls (Eur, 18.00) July. Commissario Ricciardi is asked by a beautiful countess to look into a homicide case that was officially closed, never a good idea in fascist Italy in the 1930s.

Hammer, Lotte. The Lake (STM, 28.00) July. When the body of an unidentified woman is found in a lake north of Copenhagen, the local police turn the case over to Konrad Simonsen, who finds that the woman is key to unravelling a ring of trafficking and prostitution.

Holt, Anne. Odd Numbers (SS, 27.00) June. Curmudgeonly police detective Hanne Wilhemsen is called in when a series of terrorist attacks in Oslo appear to be related to a cold case of a missing girl from decades before.

Honda, Tetsuya. Soul Cage (STM, 26.99) July. When a building contractor goes missing and a severed hand is found outside of Tokyo, detective Himekawa investigates only to discover that the missing man was not who he said he was.

Ingelman-Sundberg, Catherina. The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again! (HC, 15.99) July. The League of Pensioners are up to their tricks when they leave Stockholm for Las Vegas, where they swindle the biggest casinos, outsmart a gang of dangerous thieves, and return to evade the Swedish police.

Jacobsen, Steffen. Trophy (Per, 25.99) July. When a woman discovers a DVD in the safe of her late, very wealthy father showing two people being hunted to death, she hires a Copenhagen PI to investigate, but soon his case intersects with a police investigation into the suicide of a decorated war hero in the first of a new Danish series.

Jepson, Duncan. Emperors Once More (Quer, 14.99) June. A Hong Kong police detective is sent to the scene of a massacre of five people at a Kowloon warehouse, a killing that echoes the ritualistic killings of the Boxer Rebellion in the early 1900s.

Khan, Vaseem. The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star (LB, 15.99) July. Inspector Chopra and Ganesha, his baby elephant (who’s great at surveillance) are hired by the mother of a missing film star to find her son, amid the jealousies, feuds, death threats, and failed investments of the movie industry in Mumbai.

Koch, Herman. Dear Mr. M (RH, 16.00) June. A successful novelist whose bestselling suspense novel was based on the real-life story of a history teacher who went missing after an affair with a student is stalked by a neighbor in a creepy crime novel.

Lancet, Barry. The Spy Across the Table (SS, 26.00) June. Antiques dealer and Japan expert Jim Brodie is sent to Tokyo by the White House in a case that puts him in the crosshairs of the North Koreans and the Chinese.

Lin, Ed. Ghost Month (Soho, 9.99) July. A reissue of the first of a series set in Teipei, featuring a food vendor in a night market who investigates when his high-school sweetheart is found murdered.

Longo, David. Bramard’s Case (Quer, 26.99) July. A former homicide detective from Turin, who retired after his wife and daughter were murdered receives periodic notes from the murderer who is still at large, taunting notes with lyrics from Leonard Cohen, but he makes a mistake and Bramard finally has a clue to follow.

Mogford, Thomas. A Thousand Cuts (STM, 29.00) July. Gibralter attorney Spike Sanguinetti successfully defends a man in a harassment case brought by a doctor, but when the doctor kills herself shortly after the trial, he becomes suspicious and investigates, finding a link to a bombing in 1940.

Pötzsch, Oliver. The Castle of Kings (HMH, 15.99) July. A historical thriller set in Germany in 1524 where an unconventional young woman and her lover find themselves on the run during the Peasants’ War.

Pretorius, Michelle. The Monster’s Daughter (Mel, 16.99) July. When a police constable in a small South African town investigates the murder of a woman she discovers connections to secret medical experiments performed by a British doctor on children in a concentration camp during the Boer War.

Raabe, Melanie. The Trap (Hach, 14.99) July. A celebrity suspense author who suspects a television journalist is the murderer of her sister eleven years before sets a trap for him by writing a novel based on the murder, and then allowing him an exclusive interview.

Rydahl, Thomas. The Hermit (Per, 14.99) June. A Danish ex-pat living in the Canary Islands with his goats decides to investigate when the body of a small boy is found in the trunk of a car in a prize-winning mystery.

Sánchez, Mamen. The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman (SS, 16.00) June. A wonderfully funny novel about an uptight Englishman who is sent to Madrid to close down a money-losing literary journal and the five Spanish women who devise a plan to save their beloved jobs. I loved this.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret Takes a Room (Png, 13.00) June and Maigret and the Tall Woman (Png, 13.00) July. Two more reissues of the classic French detective series.

Sund, Erik Axl. The Crow Girl (Knopf, 17.95) June. The first in a trilogy featuring a police detective in Stockholm investigating a series of murders of homeless boys who are found drugged and mutilated all of the city in a case related to human trafficking.

Vallgren, Carl-Johan. The Tunnel (Quer, 26.99) June. A dark thriller that plumbs the depths of Sweden’s pornography industry, featuring a security consultant who investigates when his former drug dealer disappears.

Walker, Martin. The Templar’s Last Secret (RH, 25.95) July. Bruno investigates when the body of an archaeologist is found near the ruins of a stronghold of the Knights Templar, and the case becomes more serious when he uncovers that she had ties with Islamic extremists—but not so serious that he forgoes good wine and good food in the company of an old flame.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Adams, Jane A. Death Scene (SH, 28.99) July. In 1928, DCI Johnstone and his sergeant travel to a seaside resort to investigate the murder of a film star, and the later murder of one of her admirers sends them looking into her past in the second in this police procedural series set between the two wars.

Agee, Jonis. The Bones of Paradise (HC, 15.99) July. Ten years after the massacre at Wounded Knee, a rancher in the Sandhills of Nebraska is found murdered beside a young native woman in a western mystery that is part family saga and part history of a harsh and beautiful country. I loved this.

Alexander, Tasha. A Terrible Beauty (STM, 16.99) July. While on holiday in Greece, Lady Emily is reunited with her first husband, who has seemingly risen from the grave hunting for a priceless lost artifact, a piece of the helmet of Achilles.

Black, Benjamin. Wolf on a String (HH, 28.00) June. When a young scholar in Prague in 1599 finds the body of a woman in an alleyway, he impulsively decides to investigate the murder, plunging him into the machinations of the court of Rudolf II and putting him in danger.

Blake, James Carlos. The Friends of Pancho Villa (Per, 16.00) July. A novel about the famous revolutionary hero of Mexico, who used to come to Tucson to buy cattle and horses.

Cantor, Jillian. The Lost Letter (River, 26.00) June. In Austria in 1938 the apprentice to a Jewish engraver falls in love with his employer’s daughter, and must find a way to save her and himself; in Los Angeles in 1969 a woman finds her father’s stamp collection which contains a rare Austrian WWII stamp affixed to a love letter, sending her and a stamp appraiser on a quest to discover the fate of the lovers.

Carr, Matthew. The Devils of Cardona (Png, 16.00) June. A historical thriller set in sixteenth-century Spain during the height of the Inquisition when Jews and Muslims were being forcibly converted to Catholicism, where a priest is murdered by a mysterious Muslim avenger.

Crichton, Michael. Dragon Teeth (HC, 28.99) May. A recently discovered novel set in the American West in 1876 during the golden age of fossil hunting, where a young easterner is stranded in Cheyenne by the leader of a fossil-hunting expedition, and when he stumbles across a cache of dinosaur bones, he discovers that Wild Indians are not nearly as dangerous as paleontologists.

Corby, Gary. Death on Delos (Soho, 26.95) July. Athenian investigator Nico is asked by Pericles to solve a murder during a visit to the sacred island of Delos to move the treasury to safety in Athens.

Davis, Lindsey. The Graveyard of the Hesperides (STM, 16.99) June. Flavia Albia investigates when human remains are found in the backyard her boyfriend is renovating, but the more they dig, the more they find, and soon she is in grave danger herself.

_____. The Third Nero (STM, 26.99) July. Flavia Alba is hired by one of the Emperor Domition’s men to investigate when a man appears claiming to be Nero, but then a second appears in Parthia rousing support for his claim to the throne.

Dawson, Jill. The Crime Writer (HC, 15.99) June. A crime novel featuring the writer Patricia Highsmith, who moves to a Suffolk village to write and to be near her married lover, but when the lover’s husband becomes suspicious, she finds herself discovering what it really feels like to commit the ultimate transgression.

Downie, Ruth. Vita Brevis (STM, 17.00) July. Ruso and Tilla arrive in Rome only to find that the medical practice he has bought is besieged with bill collectors—and then there’s a dead man in a barrel by the front door….

Gentill, Sulari. Miles off Course (PP, 26.95, hc, 15.95 tp) June. In 1933, Australian portrait painter Rowland Sinclair is invited to show his work at a prestigious gallery in Sydney, but when he arrives at his hotel he barely escapes three thugs who are trying to abduct him.

Goddard, Robert. The Corners of the Globe (Per, 16.00) June. After solving his father’s murder, James Maxted is recruited by the British Secret Service to become a double agent, and his first assignment is to travel to the remote Orkney Islands to retrieve a mysterious file from a German captain.

Goldberg, Leonard. The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (STM, 25.99) June. In 1914, the elderly Dr. John Watson invites a nurse who has witnessed an apparent suicide to help him and his son investigate the death, because unknown to her, she is the daughter of the late Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler.

Grimwood, Jack. Moskva (STM, 27.99) July. At the height of the Cold War in 1985 an American army intelligence officer is tasked with finding the missing teenaged daughter of the British ambassor, who may have fallen into the clutches of a serial killer, in a debut novel of suspense.

Gross, Andrew. The One Man (STM, 9.99) July. An American intelligence officer who fled Poland is sent to infiltrate a concentration camp in 1944 to help a noted Polish physicist escape with the information that could help win the war.

Hannah, Sophie. The Closed Casket (HC, 14.99) June. Hercule Poirot is invited to the country estate of a wealthy woman who has recently changed her will, cutting out her children and leaving her vast fortune to an invalid with only weeks to live. Great plotting, great fun.

Harris, Tessa. The Sixth Victim (Ken, 25.00) June. In London in 1888, a flower girl with the gift of clairvoyance is asked by a wealthy woman to investigate when a woman is found murdered and assumed to be another victim of Jack the Ripper.

Harrison, Jamie. The Widow Nash (Per, 26.00) June. A novel set in Montana in 1904, featuring a young woman who leaves her fiancé after he father dies and resettles in a small town, reinventing herself as a wealthy widow, but the fiancé is determined to find her. Jamie Harrison wrote a series of wonderful mysteries in the 1990s and is the daughter of Jim Harrison.

Hart, Elsa. The White Mirror (STM, 16.99) July. When a caravan stops at the manor house of an aristocrat during a snowstorm, exiled librarian Li Du investigates the murder of a monk, which his family dismisses as a bizarre suicide in the second in this series set in eighteenth-century China.

Hewitt, Jason. Devastation Road (GC, 26.00) July. A British flight engineer, suffering from amnesia, must make his way from Chechoslovakia to England during the final days of WWII, a landscape of death and destruction in profoundly moving thriller.

Ison, Graham. Hardcastle’s Runaway (SH, 28.99) June. In 1919, a time of great upheavel in England after the end of WWI, DI Hardcastle and his associate look into the disappearance of a teenaged daughter of a wealthy MP.

Kane, Paul. Sherlock Holmes and Servants of Hell (SS, 9.99) July. Holmes and Watson investigate the mysterious disappearance of a man from a locked room.

Kanon, Joseph. Defectors (SS, 27.00) June. An American CIA agent working for the Soviets after WWII defects to Moscow when his cover is blown in an espionage novel rich in period detail and moral ambiguity. Kanon is great.

Kelly, Stephen. The Wages of Desire (Peg, 15.95) July. DI Lamb investigates the death of a young woman who had joined a group of conscripted workers building a prisoner-of-war camp on the site of an abandoned farm.

Kenyon, Kay. At the Table of the Wolves (SS, 26.99) July. An alternate history with fantasy elements set in England in 1936, featuring a young woman with a superpower who is recruited to investigate a possible German spy among the British aristocracy.

Krugler, David. The Dead Don’t Bleed (Peg, 15.95) June. A young naval intelligence officer investigates a murder in Washington, D.C. in 1945 in a case tied to a defecting German scientist, a secret lab in New Mexico, and some Soviet spies looking to get their hands on American atomic secrets.

Maxwell, Alyssa. Murder at Rough Point (Ken, 15.00) June. Reporter Emma Cross is sent to cover an elegant house party in Newport, but the festivities are marred by the murder of a visiting artist.

Mazzeo, Tilar J. Irena’s Children (SS, 16.00) June. The true story of a woman who saved over 2000 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII.

Mullen, Thomas. Darktown (SS, 16.00) June. A brilliant police procedural set in 1940’s Atlanta, where the first two black police officers investigate the murder of a black woman last seen in a car with a white man, and discover a possible cover-up on the part of their white colleagues. Really powerful and very timely.

Penrose, Andrea. Murder on Black Swan Lane (Ken, 25.00) July. In the first of a new Regency series, an aristocrat joins forces with a mysterious lady to investigate the murder of a clergyman who may have been dabbling in questionable scientific practices.

Peters, Elizabeth and Joan Hess. The Painted Queen (HC, 27.99) July. The final installment in the Amelia Peabody series finds the archaeologist and her husband in Cairo in 1912, hunting for a priceless stolen bust of Queen Nefertiti, when Amelia becomes the target of assassins.

Putnam, Jonathan F. Perish from the Earth (Per, 25.99) July. In the second in the series featuring Abraham Lincoln and his friend Speed, Lincoln agrees to defend a man who shot another during a card game aboard Speed’s steamboast, but in preparing the defense, Lincoln finds that the card game is not the only thing crooked on the boat.

Quincy, D.M. A Murder in Mayfair (Per, 26.99) June. When a young aristocrat comes upon a man auctioning off his disobedient wife in the English countryside in 1810, he impulsively buys her to set her free, but she is frantic to see her children and refuses to be rescued. Later, when her husband is found dead, she becomes the main suspect in the first of a new nineteenth-century series.

Quinn, Kate. The Alice Network (HC, 16.99) June. An American socialite goes to London in 1947 to look for her cousin who disappeared in Nazi-occupied France, where she meets a woman who was part of a spy ring in France during WWI, a spy ring that was betrayed by one of its members.

Reed, Eric. Ruined Stones (PP, 15.95) July. In the second in the series set during WWII, a woman serving in the British army is assigned to help the Newcastle police force, and her first case is the death of an unidentified woman whose body is posed in the form of a reversed swastika.

Rose, M.J. Library of Light and Shadow (SS, 26.00) July. A woman flees to the south of France from NYC after WWI after one of her scandalous drawings causes a tragedy in a mix of history, mystery, and magical arts.

_____. The Secret Language of Stones (SS, 16.00) June. Set in Paris during WWI, this follows a jewelry maker who finds herself with a secret cache of stones from the Romanov family, and uses her ability to communicate with the dead to solve the mystery they hold.

Schutt, Bill and J.R. Finch. The Himalayan Codex (HC, 26.99) June. In 1946 zoologist/adventurer R.J. Macready is sent to Tibet to investigate the existence of a creature that were described by Pliny the Elder as a divergent species of hominids that is able to accelerate evolution in an exciting mixture of science, history, and adventure.

Spann, Susan. Betrayal at Iga (RH, 15.95) July. In autumn of 1565, ninja Hiro Hattori and a Portuguese priest take refuge with Hattori’s ninja clan, but a murder creates the threat of a war between rival clans, so they must find the killer immediately.

Stewart, David O. The Babe Ruth Deception (Ken, 15.00) July. When the Sultan of Swat finds himself embroiled in a scandal, he asks for help from Speed Cook and Dr. Jamie Fraser in a mystery set in the Prohibition Era.

Sykes, S.D. The Butcher Bird (Peg, 15.95) July. In plague-ravaged medieval Kent, the Lord of Somershill Manor must discover why the children are disappearing, disappearances that the villagers blame on a mysterious bird.

­­­_____. City of Masks (Peg, 25.95) July. While stopping in Venice during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1358, the young Lord of Somershill Manor discovers the body of a man during Carnival and decides to investigate.

Taylor, David C. Night Work (STM, 19.99) July. After successfully returning a murderer to pre-revolutionary Havana, NYPD cop Michael Cassidy is assigned to the security detail for Fidel Castro—a man with a host of enemies from the Mob to political assassins.

Tremayne, Peter. Penance of the Damned (STM, 27.99) July. Sister Fidelma is sent to investigate when the King’s trusted advisor is killed in a locked room, with the commander of the King’s bodyguard standing over the body.

Wilson, Andrew. A Talent for Murder (SS, 26.00) July. In 1926, Agatha Christie disappeared for 10 days, finally found at a seaside hotel: from this Wilson crafts a mystery of blackmail and murder with Christie using all her talent to avoid being coerced into commiting a murder herself, told in the voice of the grande dame of mystery herself.

Wishaw, Iona. Death in a Darkening Mist (Per, 14.95) June. Former British intelligence officer Lane Winslow visits the local hot springs near the small Canadian village where she has moved after WWII and is surprised to hear two people speaking Russian, and when one of the two is found dead, she agrees to help the local police.

Ziskin, James W. Cast the First Stone (RH, 15.95) June. Reporter Ellie Stone is sent to Hollywood to write a profile of a local actor-turned-movie-star, but when she arrives the actor has vanished and the film’s producer is found dead.

Of Special Interest

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