February/March 2016


New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Ace, Cathy. The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer (SH, 28.95) Feb. The women who make up the WISE Enquiries Agency have resettled in Wales, where the Duke of Chellingworth asks for their help again when one of the Morris dancers meant to perform at his wedding goes missing in the second in this cozy series.

Adams, Jane. A Murderous Mind (SH, 27.95) Mar. When a college student is found eviscerated in a manner suggesting the mutilation-murders of Jack the Ripper, the DI in charge consults with former policewoman Naomi Blake about a similar case that occurred 15 years before.

Adams, Leigh. Hostile Witness (Per, 25.99) Feb. A computer security specialist is put on unexplained administrative leave just as a kidnapping occurs with ties to her company, so she begins to investigate and finds herself and her family in danger.

Anderson, James. The Never-Open Desert Diner (Rh, 26.00) Mar. This book was first published last year and is the story of a trucker in an area of Utah filled with people fleeing their mysterious pasts who falls in love with a beautiful woman and discovers that violent crimes cross generations. Highly recommended.

Atkins, Lucy. The Other Child (Quer, 24.99) Feb. When a London photographer falls in love with an American surgeon, she and her young son follow him to Boston, but she begins to fear that she really doesn’t know anything about her new husband and starts to investigate.

Barbieri, Maggie. Lie in Plain Sight (STM, 25.99) Mar. When her employee’s teenaged daughter vanishes on her way home from school, bakery owner Maeve Conlon feels guilty and decides to investigate on her own in another not-at-all cozy mystery.

Barclay, Linwood. Far From True (NAL, 27.00) Mar. A PI and a homicide detective join forces after an investigation into a break-in in a room filled with salacious material appears to be linked to two murders. Recommended.

Barnes, Emily. The Fine Art of Murder (Per, 25.99) Feb. After retiring from her job as a police chief, a woman returns to her hometown, but when a young woman is found murdered on the estate of the town’s wealthiest family, she must uncover secrets going back generations in the first of a new cozy series.

Barton, Fiona. The Widow (NAL, 26.00) Feb. The widow of a man suspected of a horrible crime, who has stood by him through everything, agrees to reveal what she knows in a twisty novel of psychological suspense. Highly recommended.

Beaton, M.C. The Death of a Nurse (GC, 25.00) Feb. Hamish investigates when the beautiful private nurse to an unpleasant newcomer in the village is found dead.

Berenson, Alex. The Wolves (Put, 28.00) Feb. John Wells is hunting the man who almost led the U.S. and Iran into war, but other governments are either protecting him or hunting him for their own purposes.

Binder, Mike. Keep Calm (HH, 28.00) Feb. An American ex-cop is unexpectedly invited to a high-stakes conference at the office of the British prime minister, but when a bomb explodes, he becomes the target of suspicion and goes on the run in a strange country in a debut thriller.

Bowen, Gail. What’s Left Behind (M&S, 27.95) Mar. When the wedding of their son is disrupted by a murder of one of the wedding party, Joanna Kilbourn and her husband must search through political motives and secrets buried deep in the past to find the killer.

Box, C. J. Off the Grid (Put, 27.00) Mar. Joe Pickett and Nate Romonowski come together in a case involving a killer grizzly bear, unpleasant government agents, and a band of terrorists in the latest in the series. Signing. TFOB.

Boyce, Trudy Nan. Out of the Blues (Put, 27.00) Feb. A debut police procedural set in Atlanta where a newly-minted homicide detective is given the case of a blues musician whose drug-overdose death is challenged by new evidence. I loved this.

Brundage, Elizabeth. All Things Cease to Appear (Knopf, 26.95) Mar. A beautifully written psychological thriller set in upstate New York, where two gruesome murders twenty years apart entwine two unhappy families. I loved this.

Carter, Maureen. Next of Kin (SH, 27.95) Mar. Birmingham DI Sarah Quinn comes under fire when a teenaged girl is murdered, in a case that appears linked to a serial rapist operating in the area.

Celine, Marie. Lights, Camera, Murder! (Sh, 28.95) Feb. Pet chef Kitty has been asked to do a pilot for a new television show in L.A., but when the producer is murdered, she decides to investigate.

Childs, Laura. Devonshire Scream (Brk, 26.00) Mar. Catering a jewelry show is a dream job for Theodosia until masked men break in, steal the jewelry, and leave a murdered man in their wake.

Coben, Harlan. Fool Me Once (Dut, 28.00) Mar. A former special ops pilot sees her two-year-old daughter playing with her father on the nanny-cam—but her husband was murdered two weeks before.

Conrad, Hy. Dearly Departed (Ken, 25.00) Feb. The second in this funny series a woman who worked as a maid for a number of New York families leaves money on her death to fund a round-the-world trip for eight of her employers to scatter her ashes, but it becomes clear to tour leader Amy Abel that there’s a killer on the tour. Highly recommended.

Cooper, Marla. Terror in Taffeta (STM, 24.99) Mar. In a debut cozy, a wedding planner is forced by the overbearing mother of the bride to investigate when the bridesmaid pitched forward into a flower arrangement during a destination wedding in Mexico turns out to be dead.

Cross, Mason. The Samaritan (Peg, 25.95) Feb. Manhunter Carter Blake is called in by the LAPD when the mutilated body of a young woman is found in the mountains, killed in the same way as another woman two years before.

Dams, Jeanne. Blood Will Tell (SH, 28.95) Feb. At a police conference with her police-detective husband in Cambridge, Dorothy Martin gets lost and winds up in a supposedly locked science lab, where she sees a pool of blood, but when she returns with the authorities, there’s nothing there--obviously, time for some sleuthing.

Deaver, Jeffery. The Steel Kiss (GC, 28.00) Mar. Although Lincoln Rhyme is no longer with the NYPD, his detective lover asks for his help in tracking a cunning killer who employs ingenious ways to subvert modern technology. TFOB.

De Beauvoir, Jeannette. Deadly Jewels (STM, 25.99) Mar. When an excavation in Montreal uncovers the hiding place for the British crown jewels during WWII, the publicity director for the city is pleased that she has good news for a PR coup, until a skeleton is found in the trench with a bullet hole and two jewels.

Delany, Vicki. Unreasonable Doubt (PP, 25.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Feb. When a man who spent 25 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit returns to his British Columbia hometown, he wants to find out who framed him, but the two arresting officers aren’t helpful—in fact one is dead under suspicious circumstances.

Drake, Rebecca. Only Ever You (STM, 25.99) Mar. A tense thriller about a woman who investigates when she is implicated in the disappearance of her young daughter and the police don’t investigate further.

Eisler, Barry. The God’s Eye View (T&M, 24.95) Feb. When an NSA analyst discovers a program that is proactively targeting those guilty of security breaches, she becomes a threat to the director of the program until one of the wet-work specialists falls in love with her.

Ellison, J.T. No One Knows (SS, 26.00) Mar. A woman whose husband is declared dead five years after he disappeared, after she was suspected of murdering him, tries to get on with her life, but she begins to think that he has returned. I loved this—great twisty plotting. TFOB.

Ellory, R.J. Bad Signs (Over, 26.95) Mar. Two orphaned brothers, raised in institutions, are captured and held hostage by a crazed killer, and their cross-country journey leaves a trail of escalating violence in its wake.

Estleman, Loren D. Shoot (STM, 25.99) Feb. When an old-time western film and television star approaches film archivist Valentino because he is being blackmailed over a smutty tape he made with his wholesome wife years before, Valentino agrees to help, but soon he finds that no one wears the white hat in this scenario.

Fielding, Joy. She’s Not There (Ball, 27.00) Feb. A novel of psychological suspense about a woman who gets a call from a girl claiming to be her daughter, kidnapped in Mexico fifteen years before.

Flanders, Judith. A Bed of Scorpions (STM, 24.99) Mar. London book editor Samantha Clair investigates the supposed suicide of a partner in an art gallery, but soon the killer is after her. I loved the first of this series—both funny and smart.

Fluke, Joanne. Wedding Cake Murder (Ken, 26.00) Feb. In the midst of her wedding preparations, Hannah is chosen to be a contestant on a television show to be filmed in Lake Eden, but when one of the celebrity chef judges is found dead, she must turn her attention to sleuthing.

Freeman, Brian. Goodbye to the Dead (Quer, 26.99) Mar. Duluth homicide detective Jonathan Stride discovers evidence that appears to exonerate a friend of his deceased wife, a surgeon convicted of murdering her husband.

Franze, Anthony. The Advocate’s Daughter (STM, 25.99) Mar. A government attorney on the short-list for the Supreme Court fears that a secret from his past may resurface, but the murder of his law-student daughter finds him investigating to see if there is a relationship between the two events.

Gardner, Lisa. Find Her (Dut, 27.00) Feb. A woman who managed to survive being abducted when she was a college student is abducted again along with another young woman, sending Boston detective Warren on a hunt for them both—wondering if the first woman has become a vigilante.

Gaylin, Alison. What Remains of Me (HC, 25.99) Feb. Five years after she is released from prison for killing a Hollywood director, a woman finds the body of her father-in-law in a pool of blood, but she finds some powerful allies to help her prove her innocence.

Gregson, J.M. Backhand Smash (SH, 28.95) Mar. DCI Peach investigates the murder of the member of a suburban tennis club outside of Manchester in the latest in this police procedural series.

Griffin, Neal. A Voice from the Field (STM, 25.99) Feb. When she sees a terrified young woman bound and gagged in a pickup truck, small-town Wisconsin detective Tia Suarez becomes involved in a white supremacist group using forced prostitution to finance their weapons purchases.

Grippando, James. Gone Again (HC, 26.99) Mar. Three years after a girl disappears and an ex-con is convicted of her murder, the girl’s mother gets a call from someone claiming to be her daughter, and Miami defense attorney Jack Swyteck is hired to make sure an innocent man is not executed for a crime that may not have happened.

Hall, Karen. Dark Debts (SS, 27.00) Mar. A cult favorite that combines southern gothic, romantic comedy, and mystery, newly reworked by the author.

Hamer, Kate. The Girl in the Red Coat (Mel, 25.95) Feb. When her eight-year-old daughter disappears one day in the park, a single mother does everything she can to find her, while the girl does everything she can to focus on being reunited with her mother.

Hamilton, Glen Erik. Hard Cold Winter (HC, 25.99) Mar. Former Ranger and thief Van Shaw discovers a murder scene including among the victims one of Seattle’s most prominent citizens when he agrees to help a friend of his grandfather, and his investigation pits him against a billionaire and a gang of criminals.

Handler, David. The Lavender Lane Lothario (STM, 25.99) Feb. Two local Connecticut families collide in a case that leads to murder when the grandson of one family is found burned to death in a dive bar belonging to the other family in the latest mystery featuring State Trooper Des Mitry and her boyfriend Mitch Berger.

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia. One Under (SH, 29.95) Feb. DCI Slider investigates when two seemingly unrelated deaths, one a suicide and the other a hit-and-run, lead to a crime that is so high-profile that he is ordered to desist.

Herron, Mick. Real Tigers (Soho, 26.95) Jan. The disgraced spies at London’s Slough House must save one of their own, when she is kidnapped by a group demanding information from government computer in MI5’s headquarters. Excellent spy fiction with a comic twist.

Jance, J.A. Clawback (SS, 25.99) Mar. Ali Reynolds investigates the murder of a man whose Ponzi scheme left hundreds of people bankrupt, seeking justice—or revenge. Signing. TFOB.

Jones, Stan. Tundra Kill (IPG, 25.99) Feb. Former Alaska state trooper Nathan Active is appointed chief of public safety for the Chukchi Regional Borough a large native region

Kahn, Ausma Zehanat. The Language of Secrets (STM, 25.99) Feb. When the head of Toronto’s Community Policing  Section, discovers that an estranged friend who was murdered had infiltrated a Muslim terrorist cell that was planning an attack, he and his partner investigate a charismatic Muslim cleric.

Kellerman, Jonathan. Breakdown (Ball, 28.95) Feb. Psychologist Alex Delaware is called in when a starlet is found half-mad, but when she is later found dead, and then another starlet is found murdered he and Milo Sturgis find a connection with the murder of a Hollywood star twenty years earlier. TFOB.

Kepnes, Caroline. Hidden Bodies (SS, 26.00) Feb. Bookstore owner Joel Goldberg has finally recovered from his unfortunate love affair and falls in love with a beautiful woman who decamps for Los Angeles with a collection of first editions, so he buys a Rachel Ray carving knife and goes after her. This funny crime novel was first announced for September.

Koenig, Minerva. South of Nowhere (STM, 25.99) Feb. When a dead body turns up in the Texas farmhouse she has been renovating, a woman in the Witness Protection Program after her criminal husband’s murder considers it’s just the one more of her many problems, but when she’s offered a bunch of money to find a missing woman she jumps at the chance in a mystery filled with weirdness, mayhem, and double-crossing.

Lansdale, Joe R. Honky Tonk Samurai (LB, 26.00) Feb. Odd-couple Texas PIs Hap and Leonard are blackmailed by a grandmother into looking for her missing granddaughter in a case that leads them to a car dealership that is the front for a prostitution ring. I love Hap and Leonard mysteries—a wonderful combination of outrageous violence and laugh-out-loud comedy.

Laukkanen, Owen. The Watcher in the Wall (Put, 26.95) Mar. Minnesota BCA agent Stevens and FBI agent Windermere join forces to hunt down a villain using the Internet to encourage unhappy teenagers to commit suicide.

Les Becquets, Diane. Breaking Wild (Brk, 25.95) Feb. When an experienced outdoorswoman disappears during an elk-hunting trip in western Colorado, a BLM ranger and her rescue dog continue to search for her especially after the local sheriff finds a possible motive for murder in a suspenseful story of survival.

Lupton, Rosamund. The Quality of Silence (Rh, 26.00) Feb. when a woman arrives at a remote outpost in Alaska to discover that her husband has been killed in a catastrophic accident, she and her young, deaf daughter set out to find answers, but it’s not just the climate that holds danger—someone appears to be following them.

Lowell, Catherine. The Madwoman Upstairs (SS, 25.99) Mar. In a debut novel, the only descendent of the Bronte family goes on a literary scavenger hunt to find the family’s long lost estate, using clues from her father’s papers and the novels themselves. Great fun.

Lutz, Lisa. The Passenger (SS, 25.99) Mar. A standalone thriller about an enigmatic woman who goes on the run when her husband takes a fatal fall down the stairs, and sets herself up with a new identity, the first of many in a fast-paced suspense novel. Highly recommended. TFOB.

Margolin, Phillip. Violent Crimes (HC, 26.99) Feb. Amanda Jaffe is hired to defend an eco-activist son accused of murdering his father, an attorney who became wealthy defending oil and gas interests, but the case is far more complicated than she first thought.

May, Peter. Runaway (Quer, 26.99) Feb. When five friends decide to leave Glasgow and run off to London to seek fame and fortune as musicians, they leave behind a legacy of violence that catches up to them 50 years later in a suspenseful standalone.

McDonald, Ann A. The Oxford Inheritance (HC, 25.99) Feb. A young American woman goes to Oxford in order to learn about her mother’s dark past, and discovers a world of tradition, privilege, and murder.

Mendelsohn, Jane. Burning Down the House (Knopf, 26.95) Mar. A wealthy New York family must face familial rivalry, a revealing love affair, and involvement in international crime.

Monday, T.T. Double Switch (Rh, 25.95) Mar. A major league pitcher who moonlights as a PI agrees to help a young Cuban player who is being threatened by a group of Latin American human traffickers.

Montanari, Richard. Shutter Man (LB, 26.00) Feb. Philadelphia detective Kevin Byrne is investigating a series of home invasions in his old neighborhood, an investigation that leads him back to a crime from his past and a deadly killer associated with a criminal family.

Morgan Jones, Christopher. The Searcher (Png, 26.95) Mar. When the majority owner of a corporate security agency in London disappears in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, his partner goes to find him, and must seek the help of criminal oligarchs in the lawless area.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat Jump for Joy (HC, 19.99) Feb. While awaiting the birth of their kittens Joel and Dulcie must find a mugger who preys on the elderly, a case that becomes more urgent when his latest victim dies.

O’Connor, Carlene. Murder in an Irish Village (Ken, 25.00) Mar. In a debut cozy set in County Cork, a woman must care for her family and their bistro after the death of their parents, but the discovery of a dead man in the dining room with her brother the main suspect turns her to sleuthing.

Parker, T. Jefferson. Crazy Blood (STM, 26.99) Mar. Two half-brothers, one the son of the woman who murdered their father, are engaged in a bitter rivalry in a thriller set in the world of Olympic skiing. TFOB.

Patterson, James and Marshall Karp. NYPD Red 4 (LB, 28.00) Feb. When a murder and high-stakes robbery takes place at a glitzy Manhattan movie premiere, NYPD Red is charged with investigating.

Patterson, James and Mark Sullivan. Private Paris (LB, 28.00) Mar. Jack Morgan must investigate when someone is targeting the cultural elites of Paris.

Pavone, Chris. The Travelers (RH, 27.00) Mar. A travel writer is blackmailed into becoming a spy in a twisty thriller set in the world of magazine journalism—and espionage. I absolutely loved this. TFOB.

Pears, Iain. Arcadia (Knopf, 27.95) Feb. A wonderful amalgam of historical mystery, magical dystopian story, and fantasy. Hard to categorize, satisfying to read.

Quirk, Matthew. Cold Barrel Zero (LB, 26.00) Mar. A former combat medic is called in when his friend, a special ops agent who went rogue, threatens a series of attacks on the U.S.

Rankin, Ian. Even Dogs in the Wild (GC, 26.00) Jan. John Rebus and Malcolm Fox join forces when the murder of a lawyer is just the beginning of a series, all tied to a former home for juvenile delinquents.

Redling, S. G. Baggage (T&M, 24.95) Feb. A woman whose mother killed her father and whose husband committed suicide begins to feel that someone really is out to get her when an arrogant professor is murdered at the college where she works.

Rhoades, J.D. Ice Chest (Per, 24.00) Feb. When an inept group of jewel thieves decides to rob a piece of lingerie made of precious stones during a fashion show, all bets are off when the model decides she is tired of being seen as an object and turns the tables on everyone in a comic caper novel.

Robb, J.D. Brotherhood in Death (Brk, 28.00) Feb. Eve Dallas investigates the disappearance of a powerful man, just the first in a series of abductions.

Sadowsky, Nina. Just Fall (Ball, 26.00) Mar. On her wedding day a woman discovers to her horror that her husband is not what she thought he was—in fact, he may be a killer—but when he is abducted she must decide if she can herself become a murderer to get him back.

Searle, Nicholas. The Good Liar (HC, 27.99) Mar. A wealthy widow invites a man she has met online to move into her cottage, and he proceeds to bilk her of her fortune, but it is not clear who the villain really is in this debut that is both a character study and a crime novel.

Sears, Michael. Saving Jason (Put, 27.00) Feb. Financial investigator Jason Stafford becomes embroiled in a grand-jury investigation of Mob-related activities on Wall Street and is put into Witness Protection, but when his autistic son disappears, he must risk everything to find him.

Seddon, Holly. Try Not to Breathe (Ball, 26.00) Feb. A disgraced journalist with an alcoholism problem struggles to get her life back together by concentrating on an unsolved assault on a woman fifteen years before, a woman who has been in a coma all this time. I loved this.

Shelton, Paige. The Cracked Spine (STM, 25.99) Mar. When an American woman moves to Edinburgh and goes to work at a bookstore, she does not expect that she’ll have to use her American ingenuity to track down a priceless artifact and solve a murder in the first in a new series. BTW, working at a bookstore is never this exciting—just ask Bosco.

Simon, Clea. When Bunnies Go Bad (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Mar. A real rabbit who’s behaving oddly, a painting stolen from an art museum, and a ski bunny whose boyfriend was murdered all occupy animal behaviorist (and psychic) Pru Marlowe in the latest in this animal-centric series.

Smith, Brad. Rough Justice (SH, 29.95) Feb. An animal activist convicted of arson at a pig farm that killed a firefighter returns home after twelve years in prison to reunite with his daughter, who is embroiled in the prosecution of the former mayor for raping her and three others when they were teenagers in the first of a new series. Smith is great.

Sorrentino, Christopher. The Fugitives (SS, 26.00) Feb. A journalist investigating a theft from an Indian casino attracts a reclusive writer, and together they focus on an Ojibway storyteller who is not what he seems. Beautifully written.

Spencer, Sally. Thicker than Water (SH, 28.95) Feb. DCI Monica Paniatowski is called in when a woman is found bludgeoned to death and her overbearing womanizing husband is the logical suspect—but he has an alibi and friends willing to use their influence to protect him.

Strecker, Susan. Nowhere Girl (STM, 25.99) Mar. An unhappily married woman who has channeled her grief over the murder of her twin into a career as a bestselling mystery writer uses research at a nearby penitentiary as an excuse to investigate the unsolved crime.

Tucker, K.A. He Will Be my Ruin (SS, 25.00) Feb. When she finds out about her best friend’s suicide, a woman goes to New York to investigate and discovers that her friend had become involved with a mysterious man, and that suicide may have been, in fact, murder. Recommended.

Walters, Minette. The Cellar (Per, 24.00) Feb. A young woman who is a virtual slave to a Hausa family living in London finds her fortunes change when the family’s young son disappears and Scotland Yard investigates.

White, Randy Wayne. Deep Blue (Put, 27.00) Mar. Doc Ford’s secret life as an undercover operative clashes with his life on Sanibel Island when an American working with ISIS vows to come after him and his friends.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Allan, Barbara. Antiques Swap (Ken, 7.99) Mar.

Andrews, Mary Kay. Spring Fever (STM, 8.99) Mar.

Bain, Donald and Jessica Fletcher. Murder She Wrote: Killer in the Kitchen (NAL, 7.99) Mar.

Baldacci, David. Memory Man (GC, 9.99) Mar.

Barclay, Linwood. Broken Promise (NAL, 9.99) Mar.

Beaton, M.C. Death of a Liar (GC, 7.99) Mar.

Berenson, Alex. Twelve Days (Png, 9.99) Feb.

Box, C.J. Endangered (Png, 9.99) Mar.

Brennan, Alison. Compulsion (STM, 7.99) Feb.

Burke, James Lee. Cadillac Jukebox (Pkt, 9.99) Mar.

Child, Lee. Make Me (BDD, 9.99) Mar.

Childs, Laura. Ming Tea Murder (Brk, 7.99) Mar.

Clark, Mary Higgins. Death Wears a Beauty Mask and other Stories (Pkt, 7.99) Feb.

Clarkson, John. Among Thieves (STM, 9.99) Mar.

Cleland, Anne. Murder in Hindsight (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Coben, Harlan. The Stranger (Png, 9.99) Feb.

Daheim, Mary. The Alpine Zen (Ball, 7.99) Mar.

Evanovich, Janet and Phoeff Sutton. Wicked Charms (Ban, 8.99) Mar.

Ferris, Monica. Darned if You Do (Brk, 7.99) Feb.

Grippando, James. Cash Landing (HC, 9.99) Mar.

Gross, Andrew. One Mile Under (HC, 9.99) Mar.

Hamilton, Glen Erik. Past Crimes (HC, 9.99) Mar.

Hart, John. The Last Child (STM, 9.99) Mar.

Hess, Joan. Pride v. Prejudice (STM, 7.99) Mar.

Howard, Linda. Kill and Tell (Pkt, 7.99) Feb.

Iles, Greg. The Bone Tree (HC, 9.99) Mar.

James, Miranda. Arsenic and Old Books (Brk, 7.99) Feb.

McKevitt, G. A. Killer Gourmet (Ken, 7.99) Feb.

Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Birches (HC, 7.99) Feb.

Palmer, Michael and Daniel Palmer. Trauma (STM, 9.99) Mar.

Parsons, Kelly. Doing Harm (STM, 9.99) Feb.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. Private Vegas (GC, 9.99) Feb.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. Mount Dragon (STM, 9.99) Mar.

Reichs, Kathy. Speaking in Bones (Ban, 8.99) Feb.

Robb, J.D. Devoted in Death (Brk, 7.99) Feb.

Rollins, James and Rebecca Cantrell. Blood Infernal (HC, 9.99) Feb.

Scottoline, Lisa. Come Home (STM, 8.99) Feb.

Sears, Michael. Long Way Down (Png, 9.99) Feb.

Slaughter, Karin. Fractured (Dell, 7.99) Feb.

White, Randy Wayne. Cuba Straits (Png, 9.99) Feb.

Wolf, Dick. The Ultimatum (HC, 9.99) Feb.



New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Aames, Avery. For Chedder or Worse (Brk, 7.99) Feb. When a pretentious food critic is found dead during a cheese festival, Lara must find the killer before her best friend is accused of murder.

Abbott, Kristi. Kernel of Truth (Brk, 7.99) Mar. When a divorced woman decides to return home, she and her poodle start a popcorn store, but when the owner of a neighboring chocolate shop is found dead, and suspects are popping up all over, she turns sleuth in a jiffy.

Arlington, Lucy. Off the Books (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Lila and the Novel Idea Literary Agency have planned a wedding-themed event with writers, but when she finds a dead man face down in the frosting, a number of the writers turn to suspects, and she must save them so that their next book is not a prison memoir.

Bradford, Laura. A Churn for the Worse (Brk, 7.99) Mar. Detective Fisher turns to shop-owner Claire when an Amish farmer is murdered and robbed and another family is assaulted.

Connolly, Sheila. A Turn for the Bad (Brk, 7.99) Feb. When a farmer and his young son disappear while walking on the seashore, Irish pub owner Maura goes investigating, not realizing that with smugglers along the coast, she may be in over her head.

Cooper, Amanda. The Grim Steeper (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Tea house owner Sophie must pore over the clues when her English teacher sort-of boyfriend is suspected of murdering the dean of the college, found dead after accusing him of falsifying grades.

Haywood, B.B. Town in a Cinnamon Toast (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Maine blueberry farmer Candy must find the best man in the wedding of her friend, but when she does, he is dead—killed by a bottle of wedding champagne.

Hollon, Cheryl. Shards of Murder (Ken, 7.99) Mar. When a glass making competition turns deadly, stained-glass maker Savannah must look for a window into a killer’s mind.

Hughes, Mary Ellen. Scene of the Brine (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Pickle shop owner Piper is in a peck of problems when a customer is poisoned by a jar of her preserved cherries.

James, Delia. A Familiar Tail (NAL, 7.99) Feb. When a woman moves to Portsmouth after a romantic breakup, she becomes involved with a witches’ group who use their spells and potions to keep the town safe, but soon she and her feline familiar are facing a serious evil in the first of a new paranormal series.

Logan, Kylie. And Then There Were Nuns (Brk, 7.99) Mar. The League of Literary Ladies investigate when first one, then another nun are murdered in a case that has echoes of Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Lyle, Dixie. A Deadly Tail (STM, 7.99) Feb. Dierdre, her telepathic cat, and her shape-shifting dog are clearly in trouble when she signs on a the “Gal Friday” to a production assistant for a movie being filmed in an old mansion and a dead body is found.

McLaughlin, Staci. Murder most Wholesome (Ken, 7.99) Mar. When a member of an eccentric commune is found dead, organic farmer Dana goes looking for a killer with an unwholesome appetite for murder.

O’Neill, Carlene. Ripe for Murder (Brk, 7.99) Mar. In the second in the series featuring California vintner Penny, she goes to a business conference for winemakers, only to turn sleuth when her neighbor’s daughter becomes a suspect in a murder.

Reilly, Linda. Out of the Dying Pan (Brk, 7.99) Mar. In the second in this fishy series, fish-shop owner Talia finds herself in hot oil when her unpleasant neighbor is murdered after they got in a public fight at community center function.

Ross, Barbara. Fogged Inn (Ken, 7.99) Mar. When an unidentified stranger is found dead in the walk-in freezer at Julia’s diner, she becomes embroiled in an investigation and grilled by the police.

Ryan, Annelise. Stiff Competition (Ken, 7.99) Feb. Assistant medical examiner Mattie Winston must investigate when a land developer is killed by an arrow in this comic series with a CSI edge.

Ryan, Sofie. A Whisker of Trouble (NAL, 7.99) Feb. Sarah is looking through a large donation to her second-hand shop from an estate, when her rescue cat finds a dead body in the kitchen.

Swanson, Denise. Between a Book and a Hard Place (NAL, 7.99) Mar. When the wealthy benefactor who offers to reopen the local library drops dead, Dev discovers that he is her runaway mother’s new husband—so now she must save her mother from a murder charge.

Vallere, Diane. A Disguise to Die For (Brk, 7.99) Feb. In the first of a new series set in Nevada, costume-shop owner Margo Tamblyn gets a big order for a detective-themed costume party, but when the wealthy host is found dead, she must put on her deerstalker and hunt for a killer.

Wallace, Auralee. Skinny Dipping with Murder (STM, 7.99) Mar. In the first of a funny new cozy series, a woman returns to her hometown to help her mother, even though she had vowed never to return after a mean practical joke played on her, but when those responsible for the joke begin showing up dead, she must fight to save herself.

Wenger, Christine. It’s a Wonderful Knife (NAL, 7.99) Feb. Diner owner Trixie is preparing to cater the town’s annual Christmas pageant and community dinner, when the director is found with Trixie’s butcher knife in her back.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Anolik, Lili. Dark Rooms (HC, 15.99) Mar. Although the death of her sister at a toney New England prep school is quickly solved, a woman remains unsatisfied and begins investigating while working at the same school.

Arlidge, M.J. The Doll’s House (NAL, 16.00) Feb. Homicide detective Helen Grace investigates when a woman’s body is found buried on the beach near Southampton, but strangely no one has reported her missing because someone has been sending text messages. Creepy.

Blake, James Carlos. The House of Wolfe (Per, 14.00) Mar. When a group of wedding guests in Mexico City is kidnapped, including an American cousin, the Wolfe family on both sides of the border join forces to rescue them. Highly recommended.

Bowen, Gail. 12 Rose Street (M&S, 15.95) Mar. Acts of violence mar the campaign for mayor of Regina, and when Joanna Kilbourn’s husband is caught in the midst unsavory revelations from the past, she must investigate to find the culprit.

Brown, Holly. A Necessary End (HC, 15.99) Mar. A woman desperate for a baby and her reluctant husband agree to let a pregnant teenager stay with her and her husband in their California home in exchange for giving up the baby after it’s born. Now what could possibly go wrong?

Brown, Sandra. Friction (GC, 14.99) Feb. A former Texas Ranger seeking to regain custody of his young daughter must protect the judge who can help him when she is targeted by an assassin.

Chanter, Catherine. The Well (SS, 16.00) Mar. A suspenseful mystery with dystopian and supernatural elements about a farm that has the only functioning water supply in a Britain where the water is drying up.

Chapman, Drew. The King of Fear (SS, 15.99) Feb. The second in the techno-thriller series featuring an economist who has the ability to see patterns in events that signal economic chaos.

Cross, Mason. The Killing Season (Peg, 15.95) Feb. A debut thriller featuring a man specializing in finding people who don’t want to be found, who is called in by the FBI to track an escaped serial killer, only to discover a conspiracy that gets him pulled off the case.

Cudmore, Libby. The Big Rewind (HC, 14.99) Feb. An aspiring Brooklyn music journalist finds her next door neighbor murdered, so she decides to investigate with the only clue being a mixtape of love songs.

Dahl, Julia. Run You Down (STM, 15.99) Mar. Reporter Rebekah Roberts is asked to re-enter the world of her mother, an ultra-Orthodox Jew who abandoned her as a baby, when a husband believes that his wife was murdered.

Edwards, Martin, ed. Murder at the Manor (PP, 12.95) Feb. A collection of stories set in English country houses. Also in March, Serpents in Eden (PP, 12.95), a collection of golden age crime stories focused on rural English murders.

Flanagan, Joe. Lesser Evils (Eur, 18.00) Mar. A debut noir mystery set on Cape Cod, where a police detective must solve the murder of a young boy, but his investigation leads him into a corrupt world of gambling, drug peddling, and secret psychiatric experiments, and worst of all, his law enforcement colleagues have become his enemies.

Flanders, Judith. A Murder of Magpies (STM, 15.99) Feb. A comic debut mystery featuring a London book editor who gets pulled into an investigation when a gossipy manuscript about a fashion industry scandal results in the disappearance of the author. I loved this.

Forbes, Elena. Jigsaw Man (Per, 15.95) Feb. After spending the night with a woman he just met, a London murder squad detective is called back to the hotel when her body is discovered, in a case that pits him against a serial killer.

Freeman, Brian. Season of Fear (Quer, 14.99) Feb. When a Florida politician receives anonymous threats from the assassin who killed her husband, Detective Cab Bolton is assigned the case and discovers deadly machinations within her campaign.

French, Nicci. Thursday’s Child (Png, 16.00) Mar. London psychologist Frieda Klein returns to her past when the daughter of a former friend is raped and later found hanging in her room.

Goldsborough, Robert. Stop the Presses (Mys, 14.99) Mar. Nero Wolfe is asked to investigate by a newspaper editor when one of his writer’s receives death threats, but the writer refuses protection and is found shot dead, although the police rule the shooting a suicide.

Gore, Steven. White Ghost (HC, 15.99) Mar. San Francisco PI Graham Gage agrees to help a woman who saved his life years before when her son is killed during a microchip robbery by the United Bamboo Triad, a case that takes him to Hong Kong, Thailand, and China where he comes face-to-face with the criminal mastermind.

Griner, Paul. Second Life (Per, 15.95) Feb. A disgraced body broker working as a coroner’s assistant decides to investigate when the body of her best friend goes missing after her death.

Hardacker, Vaughn C. The Black Orchid (Skyhorse, 16.99) Mar. A PI is sent to look for a woman from a moneyed family in New Hampshire who went to L.A. to become an actress and disappeared, but he discovers that she did get a starring role—in a snuff film.

Hart, Rob. City of Rose (Per, 14.95) Feb. Amateur PI Ash McKenna moves from New York to Oregon, working as a bouncer at a vegan strip club, but when one of the dancers asks for help in finding her daughter, he is soon on the run from a vicious drug cartel and a man in a chicken mask.

Hellmann, Libby Fischer. Jump Cut (PP, 15.95) Mar. Chicago video producer Ellie Foreman becomes involved in high-tech espionage when she finds herself in possession of a murdered man’s encrypted hard drive, but when her daughter is kidnapped, the case becomes personal. TFOB.

Joy, David. Where all the Light Tends to Go (Put, 16.00) Feb. The son of a meth dealer in a rural North Carolina small town botches a murder and finds himself faced with the choice of staying in the life he hates or leaving with the woman he loves. This is excellent. TFOB.

Kardos, Michael. Before He Finds Her (Per, 14.00) Feb. After her father murders her mother, their child goes into hiding with a family to protect her, but when, as a teenager, she discovers she is pregnant, she vows to discover the truth of the matter, so that she and her baby can live a normal life. I loved this.

Kegan, Stephanie. Golden State (SS, 15.00) Feb. A suburban mother must choose between her husband and children and her brother who has become a domestic terrorist.

Lewis, Ted. GBH (Soho, 14.95) Feb. A gritty noir tale set in London’s criminal underground.

Marche, Stephen. The Hunger of the Wolf (SS, 15.99) Feb. a genre-bending mystery that begins when the richest man in America is found dead in the Canadian wilderness and the investigation into his death reveals a horrific family secret—he and his family are werewolves.

Mariani, Scott. The Forgotten Holocaust (HC, 12.99) Feb. Ben Hope investigates when a woman researcher is killed right in front of him, and the only clues are in the journals she was researching on the Irish Great Famine.

Marr, Andrew. Head of State (Over, 16.95) Feb. A delicious tale of skullduggery and deception from the office of the British prime minister.

McBride, Stuart. The Missing and the Dead (HC, 15.99) Feb. Acting DI Logan McRae is sent to the wilds of Aberdeenshire, expecting to be catching shop lifters and stray farm animals, but the discovery of the body of a young girl plunges him into a serious murder investigation.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Revolving Door of Life (RH, 15.00) Feb. The further comic adventures of the residents of 44 Scotland Street.

McKinty, Adrian. Rain Dogs (Prom, 15.95) Mar. Belfast detective Sean Duffy is faced with a locked-room mystery when a journalist is found dead while working on an investigation into corruption at the highest levels. An excellent series.

McMahon, Jennifer. The Night Sister (RH, 15.95) Mar. When one of a group of friends who spent their childhood playing in and around an abandoned motel in Vermont is accused of a terrible crime, the other two must come to grips with a discovery they have kept secret for years, a secret with its roots in the 1950s and two sisters who also kept secrets.

Miller, Jax. Freedom’s Child (RH, 16.00) Mar. A woman in Witness Protection has been keeping tabs on the daughter she gave up for adoption years before, and when the daughter goes missing, she breaks away from her handlers and goes to find her daughter despite the danger to herself.

Myerson, Julie. The Stopped Heart (HC, 15.99) Mar. After a terrible tragedy, a young couple moves to a picturesque cottage near a small village, but the wife begins to sense that something is wrong, something that may be related to events that took place 150 years before.

Ould, Chris. The Blood Strand (Titan, 14.95) Feb. A British police detective returns to the Faro Islands after his estranged father is found unconscious with a bloody shotgun by his side, and when a man’s body washes up on the beach, he must uncover dark family secrets.

Pandian, Gigi. The Masquerading Magician (MidInk, 14.99) Jan. Zoe is working hard at unlocking the secrets of alchemy to free her gargoyle, but on a rare night out at a classical magic show, a murder at the theater leads back to a string of murders and robberies in Portland’s past.

Pelecanos, George. Martini Shot (LB, 14.99) Mar. A collection of crime stories and a novella.

Price, Richard. The Whites (STM, 16.00) Feb. A disgraced NYPD cop is called to the scene of a murder that is tied to his former partners in an aggressive anti-crime unit in the South Bronx.

Pyper, Andrew. The Damned (SS, 15.99) Feb. A man is haunted by his vindictive twin sister who died in a blaze that he survived and who threatens his new love in a supernatural thriller.

Robinson, Peter. No Cure for Love (HC, 14.99) Feb. In a standalone mystery set in Sothern California, a young actress’s past comes back to haunt her when she finds a body on the beach near her house.

Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Lays down the Law (Png, 16.00) Mar. When a haughty newcomer is found murdered, Miss Julia needs to find a killer right away, since her fingerprints are all over the crime scene.

Ross, Loretta. Death and the Brewmaster’s Widow (MidInk, 14.99) Feb. When his firefighter brother dies in an arson fire at an abandoned brewery, Death Bogart and his girlfriend want answers in the second in this cozy series.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. Prime Time (STM, 15.95) Feb. A reissue of the first in the Edgar-winning series featuring television journalist Charlotte McNally.

Scottoline, Lisa. Every Fifteen Minutes (STM, 15.99) Mar. A psychiatrist and single father is targeted by a psychopath who may be guilty of the murder of a young girl.

Sharp, Zoë. Killer Instinct (F&M, 14.95) and Riot Act (F&M, 14.95) Feb. The reissue of the first two in a great British PI series, featuring a smart, kick-ass female detective.

Stuart, Amy. Still Mine (SS, 18.99) Mar. A young woman with her own secrets arrives in a small town trying to find out what happened to a young woman who recently disappeared, but what she discovers is that everyone is covering something up from the woman’s ex-husband, to her parents, to an overly involved family doctor.

Treadway, Jessica. Lacy Eye (GC, 14.99) Feb. After an attack by her daughter’s boyfriend that left her husband dead and her with amnesia, a woman struggles to exonerate her daughter, but the more her memory returns, the more she begins to doubt.

Truss, Lynne. Cat Out of Hell (Mel, 15.95) Mar. A retired librarian searches for clues in the disappearance of his beloved wife and the only clue he finds is a cat, Roger, who talks and knows more than he has said in a comic mystery for those who love—or are highly suspicious—of cats.

Unsworth, Simon Kurt. The Devil’s Detective (Rh, 15.95) Feb. A genre-bending mystery about a detective who is charged with finding a killer guilty of horrific murders in Hell.

Weber, Tracy. Karma’s a Killer (MidInk, 14.99) Jan. When an out-of-control animal rights activist is found murdered, yoga teacher Kate discovers that the suspected killer is her estranged mother.

Weiss, Kirsten. The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum (MidInk, 14.99) Mar. In the first of a new paranormal series a woman returns to her wine country hometown to manage the local paranormal museum, but a murder in the museum makes her wonder if a ghost isn’t on the loose.

Wendig, Chuck. The Cormorant (SS, 15.99) Feb. In the third of this paranormal series, Miriam Black who has the psychic ability to see when people will die is hired by a Florida businessman.

White, Dave. An Empty Hell (Per, 14.95) Feb. Former New Jersey cop Jackson Donne joins forces with a PI when someone targets members of the police force, all former colleagues.

Wynne, Anthony. Murder of a Lady (PP, 12.95) Feb. A mystery from 1931 set in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, where the sister of the laird has been found murdered. Great fun.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Alphabet House (Dut, 16.00) Feb. Two British pilots escape capture behind the lines in Germany in 1944 by jumping on a train carrying wounded SS soldiers, and feigning madness, they are sent to a horrifying mental hospital. Excellent.

Angelis, Augusto de. The Murdered Banker (RH, 13.95) Feb. An English translation of the work of the father of the Italian crime novel, featuring Inspector De Vincenzi who investigates a murder that implicates an old friend from university.

Bjork, Samuel. I’m Travelling Alone (Vik, 27.00) Feb. In this debut Norwegian mystery, two detectives must hunt down the killer of a six-year-old girl, a crime that may be related to the abduction of an infant from a hospital years before.

Black, Cara. Murder on the Champs de Mars (Soho, 15.95) Mar. Aimée Leduc is asked by a young gypsy boy to visit his dying mother in the hospital because she has information about her father’s unsolved murder, but when she arrives, the woman has been abducted.

Blaedel, Sara. The Killing Forest (LB, 26.00) Feb. Danish homicide investigator Louise Rick investigates the murder of a teenaged boy in a forest area used by cultists practicing Old Norse religious rituals, an area where a prostitute has been found dead.

Camilleri, Andrea. Montalbano’s First Case and Other Stories (Png, 20.00) Feb. A perfect introduction for those who have not read these charming mysteries set in Sicily, featuring the slightly irascible detective who is as interested in good food and good wine as he is in good detection. Highly recommended.

Henshaw, Mark. The Fall of Moscow Station (SS, 26.00) Mar. A CIA field agent and an analyst hunt down a shadowy tech dealer through China, North Korea, and Iran.

Higashino, Keigo. A Midsummer’s Equation (STM, 25.99) Feb. The Tokyo physicist known as Detective Galileo is attending a conference at a run-down resort outside of Tokyo when a policeman is found murdered, a former homicide detective.

Holt, Anne. The Lion’s Mouth (SS, 26.00) Feb. The Chief Inspector of the Norwegian police is called back from her California vacation when the prime minister is killed, and the investigation reveals enough secrets from the victim’s past to create a major political scandal.

Indridason, Arnaldur. Into Oblivion (STM, 25.99) Feb. In a second prequel, Erlendur is a young homicide detective assigned to the case of a man who fell from a great height into a lagoon.

Kaaberbøl, Lene and Agnete Friise. The Considerate Killer (Soho, 27.95) Mar. Danish nurse Nina Borg is attacked by a man who apologizes before fracturing her skull with a tire iron, and the only clue to the crime may be a group of medical students she met on a trip to Manila five months earlier.

Kennedy, Douglas. The Blue Hour (SS, 26.99) Feb. When her husband disappears without a trace in Morocco, an American woman finds that everything she thought she knew about him was a lie. Excellent.

Kovaly, Heda Margolius. Innocence (Soho, 14.95) Mar. A murder mystery set in the 1950s in Communist Prague where the female ushers at a movie theater come under scrutiny when a child is found murdered. Excellent.

Lancet, Barry. Pacific Burn (SS, 25.00) Feb. Jim Brodie, Japanese arts and antiques dealer finds himself on the hunt for a killer who operates on both sides of the Pacific when a friend and his family are targeted by a legendary Japanese assassin.

Leon, Donna. Falling in Love (Per, 16.00) Mar. When his opera singer friend returns to La Fenice to sing in Tosca, Brunetti must help protect her from an obsessive fan.

_____. The Waters of Eternal Youth (Per, 26.00) Mar. The newest Commissario Brunetti finds him investigating a case that may not even be a case at the behest of a woman whose granddaughter may have been thrown into a canal years before.  Signed copies.

Montes, Raphael. Perfect Days (Png, 26.95) Feb. A pathologist in Rio de Janeiro falls in love with a beautiful woman, so he drugs and kidnaps her as a (questionable) seduction technique, but soon finds himself committing murder while monitoring her efforts to escape in a twisty noir thriller.

Nesbo, . Midnight Sun (Knopf, 23.95) Feb. Seeking to escape the drug lord for whom he has been working as a hit man, a man hides out in a small Norwegian village near the Arctic Circle, his only neighbors Samis and followers of a harsh version of Christianity.

Pauw, Marion. Girl in the Dark (HC, 25.99) Feb. An Amsterdam attorney and single mother is shocked to discover that she has an autistic brother, in prison for the brutal murder of his neighbor and her daughter, and after finally meeting him, she vows to clear his name.

Persson, Leif G W. Linda, As in the Linda Murder (Vin, 17.00) Feb. Irascible Swedish detective Bäckström is sent to a small town where a police cadet has been raped and murdered.

Piñiero, Claudia. Betty Boo (Con, 14.95) Feb. When an industrialist is found murdered in Buenos Aires, a journalist is asked to investigate, so she joins forces with an inexperienced reporter and a cynical crime reporter, and they discover links to other murders.

Redondo, Dolores. The Invisible Guardian (SS, 24.99) Mar. A debut novel featuring a Spanish detective sent from Pamplona to Basque country to investigate a serial killer who arranges the hands and hair of his victims and places a small cake from the region on their torsos, suggesting the presence of a figure in Basque folklore. I enjoyed this.

Seeley, Nick. Cambodia Noir (SS, 26.00) Mar. When an American photo-journalist disappears after a major drug bust in Phnom Penh, her sister hires another journalist to look for her, which leads him to an underworld of drugs, violence, and vice.

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa. The Silence of the Sea (STM, 25.99) Feb. When a yacht crashes into a Reykjavik harbor jetty with no one aboard, attorney Thora Godmundsdottir is hired to provide proof of death for the insurance payout, but there are suggestions that the boat was cursed, providing a supernatural element to what is essentially a locked room mystery.

Simenon, Georges. The Judge’s House (Png, 11.00) Feb and Signed, Picpus (Png, 12.00) Mar. Two more in the classic series featuring Inspector Maigret. The Blue Room (Png, 12.00), a non-series roman noir will also appear in February.

Song, Ying. Apricot’s Revenge (STM, 25.99) Feb. A Chengdu journalist and a homicide detective investigate the murders of rival real estate magnates in a case of revenge going back to China’s Cultural Revolution.

Steiner, Peter. The Capitalist (STM, 25.99) Feb. Former CIA operative Louis Morgon now retired and living in France travels to Guadeloupe to hunt for an American money manager who swindled his clients out of millions, but unfortunately for both, the Russian mobsters who were also defrauded are on their trail.

Villiers, Gérard de. The Lord of the Swallows (Vin, 15.00) Feb. Freelance Cia agent Malko discovers a Russian heading

a group of undercover spies in the U.S., but to get more information he must kill the Russian’s mistress at the behest of

his beautiful and ruthless wife.


Zander, Joakim. The Swimmer (HC, 15.99) Feb. A deep-cover CIA spy must race to save the daughter he never knew, a Swedish woman who has discovered a powerful and dangerous secret that has made her the target of men who will stop at nothing.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Arlen, Tessa. Death Sits Down to Dinner (STM, 25.99) Mar. When a man is found dead of foul play in the London mansion of an aristocrat, Clementine Talbot, Countess of Montfort and her housekeeper join forces to do some amateur sleuthing in the second of this Edwardian series.

Bradley, Alan. As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (Ban, 16.00) Feb. Flavia is sent to boarding school in Canada, but the first thing she discovers is a body stuffed in the chimney. I loved this.

Barker, Pat. Noon Day (Rh, 27.95) Mar. Set in London in 1940 during the Blitz, this is the final novel in the trilogy featuring former art students Elinor Brook, Paul Tarrant, and Kit Neville whose work rescuing those caught in the bombing involves them with a grotesque spirit medium with lots of work on her hands as people seek to contact the dead. The first two novels of this trilogy are also excellent.

Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Waterloo Map (Soho, 25.95) Feb. In London in 1815, Jane Austen stumbles upon the dead body of a close friend of Wellington while visiting HRH the Prince Regent and goes in search of a missing map and a killer.

Bilyeau, Nancy. The Tapestry (SS, 16.00) Mar. Former novice Joanna Stafford is called to Henry VIII’s court for her tapestry weaving, but she is soon involved in political intrigue and murder when she tries to help her friend Catherine Howard.

Bowen, Rhys. Time of Fog and Fire (STM, 25.99) Mar. Molly Murphy’s policeman husband has been offered a job working for the Secret Service in a covert mission, and when Molly receives a coded letter from him asking for help, she and her child travel to San Francisco.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries Wins the Prize (Brk, 7.99) Mar. When a rivalry at the local horticultural club leads to murder, Mrs. Jeffries helps Inspector Witherspoon by digging up the dirt on the group’s members.

Brody, Frances. Murder on a Summer’s Day (STM, 25.99) Feb. When an Indian maharaja disappears from a Yorkshire estate right before a grouse-shooting party held by the Duke of Devonshire, Kate Shackleton is called in to help solve the case by her cousin.

Carter,M.J. The Infidel Stain (Put, 26.95) Mar. A former army officer returned to London in 1840 joins forces with an inquiry agent at the behest of a politician who fears a lower-class revolt and wants them to investigate the deaths of two printers who were murdered in their workplace.

_____. The Strangler Vine (Put, 16.00) Feb. A debut historical mystery set in nineteenth-century colonial India where an army officer and a political agent gone native join forces to track down a missing writer. Highly recommended.

Chance, Maia. Beauty, Beast, and Belladonna (Brk, 7.99) Feb. Music hall artiste Ophelia investigates a murder at an opulent chateau, where someone beastly is killing the guests at a winter hunting party.

Connell, John A. Spoils of Victory (Brk, 27.00) Feb. A U.S. Army investigator in postwar Germany is sent to an Alpine village that is not only home to fleeing Nazi war criminals, but also the hub of black market operations led by corrupt and dangerous men with no scruples about murder.

Cussler, Clive and Justin Scott. The Gangster (Put, 29.00) Mar. Isaac Bell in New York City in 1906 is asked to form a special Black Hand Squad to go after Italian gangsters creating a reign of terror.

Dunn, Carola. The Winter Garden Mystery (STM, 15.99) Mar. A reissue of the second Daisy Dalrymple mystery set in the 1920s, featuring a young aristocratic lady who becomes a journalist with a penchant for finding bodies.

Flannery, Tim. The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish (STM, 24.99) Feb. A comic debut set in Australia where a museum curator returns to Sydney after years among the Venus Island natives to find that the famous Pacific Islands artifact has been altered, four curators have gone missing, and his fiancée has rejected the love token he sent her made from his foreskin.

Goddard, Robert. Sea Change (Per, 16.00) Mar. When a man who has fallen into debt in London in 1721 agrees to deliver a package at the behest of the director of the South Sea Company, he soon becomes the target of British government agents after the recipient is found murdered.

Harris, C.S. When Falcons Fall (NAL, 25.95) Mar. St. Cyr is asked by a Shropshire landowner to investigate the death of a woman, a widow who has just arrived in the area in the latest in this Regency series.

Harris, Tessa. Secrets in the Stones (Ken, 15.00) Feb. Eighteenth-century anatomist Dr. Thomas Silkstone agrees to help Lydia Farrell when she is suspected of the murder of a baronet in his study.

Helm, Sarah. Ravensbruck (RH, 20.00) Mar. A history of the notorious Nazi concentration camp for women.

Hodgson, Antonia. The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins (HMH, 27.00) Mar. In the first of a new series set in Georgian England in 1728, a gentleman on his way to the gallows for murder thinks back on the events that have led him to such a place, including spying for Queen Caroline and helping the king’s mistress.

Holsinger, Bruce. The Invention of Fire (HC, 15.99) Feb. When a mass murder occurs in London in 1386, John Gower is hired to investigate by the Lord Mayor and discovers that a new kind of weapon has been used—meaning a new kind of criminal.

Ifkovic, Ed. Cold Morning (PP, 26.95, hc, 15.95 tp) Mar. Edna Ferber and other celebrities are in New Jersey in 1936 for the trial of the man accused of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby, but she is not convinced of Hauptmann’s guilt.

Ison, Graham. Hardcastle’s Collector (SH, 28.95) Feb. In 1917, DI Hardcastle and DS Marriott are sent to Hampshire to investigate the murder of a light-fingered and loose-moraled young woman found murdered in a field.

Jecks, Michael. Blood on the Sand (SS, 15.00) Feb. The first of a new medieval series set in fourteenth-century Calais, then under English control.

Kanon, Joseph. Leaving Berlin (SS, 16.00) Mar. A Jewish writer who fled to America to escape the Nazis returns to East Berlin in 1949 when he is targeted by the McCarthy Hearings, but he soon find that Berlin under Soviet rule is unlivable, so he makes a deal with the CIA to act as their agent in order to return to America. I loved this.

Kasasian, M.R.C. Curse of the House of Foskett (Peg, 15.95) Mar. When a member a Final Death Society dies on his study floor, London detective Sidney Grice’s investigation leads to the mysterious Lady Foskett in the second in this Victorian series.

_____. Death Descends on Saturn Villa (Peg, 25.95) Mar. When Grice’s niece discovers a family member she never knew who is later murdered, she must turn to her curmudgeonly detective uncle to save her.

Kerr, Philip. The Lady from Zagreb (Put, 16.00) Feb. Bernie agrees to help a beautiful actress who is at the mercy of Joseph Goebbels and goes to the killing fields of Croatia. Highly recommended.

_____. The Other Side of Silence (Put, 27.00) Mar. Bernie Gunther is living on the French Riviera in 1956 when he is approached by the writer Somerset Maugham who is being blackmailed by spies he knew during his time as an agent for the British. Kerr is great.

Knott, Robert. Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack (Put, 27.00) Feb. When a wealthy Easterner comes to Appaloosa to start a casino, he is soon under suspicion for murder, so Territorial Marshalls Cole and Hitch are on his trail. TFOB.

Kurland, Michael. The Girls in the High-Heeled Shoes (Titan, 12.95) Feb. A witty mystery set in 1930s New York, where the disappearance of a con-woman and the murder of a chorine are investigated by a newspaper columnist and his sidekick.

Landau, Alexis. The Empire of the Senses (RH, 18.00) Feb. The story of a family of assimilated German Jews set in

Berlin during the time between the two wars, a story that shows how the monstrous and unthinkable can happen.


Lawton, John. Sweet Sunday (Per, 15.00) Mar. A standalone thriller set in 1969 in New York, where an attorney who specializes in helping resistors to the Vietnam War escape to Canada must investigate the death of his best friend.

_____. The Unfortunate Englishman (Per, 26.00) Mar. Joe Wilderness becomes involved in a prisoner exchange between the British and the Soviets, but as usual, he has another ulterior motive--a moneymaking scheme involving ten thousand bottles of Bordeaux.

Lawhon, Ariel. Flight of Dreams (RH, 25.95) Feb. In a fact-based novel based on the tragedy of the airship Hindenburg in 1937, all the passengers harbor dark secrets, but at least one wants to make sure there is no safe return.

Lawrence, Mary. Death of an Alchemist (Ken, 15.00) Feb. The daughter of an alchemist in sixteenth-century England investigates the murder of an alchemist working on the Elixir of Life when her husband falls ill.

Lee, Jonathan. High Dive (Knopf, 26.95) Mar. When the IRA decides to bomb a seaside hotel in Brighton in 1984 during a meeting of the prime minister and her cabinet, four people’s lives change dramatically in a novel that is both comic and heartbreaking.

Mathews, Francine. Too Bad to Die (River, 16.00) Mar. Ian Fleming is charged with stopping a German assassin who is targeting Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt at the Tehran Conference in 1943.

Morton, Andrew. 17 Carnations (GC, 15.99) Feb. The true story of the secret ties between the Duke of Windsor, his scheming wife, and the Nazis, and the massive cover-up to keep the truth from coming to light during WWII.

Mosse, Kate. The Taxidermist’s Daughter (HC, 26.99) Mar. When a strange woman dies on St. Mark’s Eve during a church service, the amnesiac daughter of the taxidermist of a small coastal village finds that the death brings back unsettling memories and snippets of a past that no one mentions in an atmospheric gothic mystery set at the turn of the twentieth century.

Muller, Marcia and Bill Pronzini. The Plague of Thieves Affair (STM, 25.99) Feb. San Francisco detectives Carpenter and Quincannon believe they have a lead on the identity of a Sherlock Holmes imposter, who may in fact be the heir to a great fortune, but first they need to find him.

Nordhaus, Hannah. American Ghost (HC, 16.99) Mar. The fascinating story of the author’s great-great grandmother who left Germany in the mid-nineteenth century to travel to New Mexico with her Jewish merchant husband, and whose ghost is said to haunt Santa Fé’s hotel La Posada. Highly recommended.

Pattison, Eliot. Blood of the Oak (Per, 26.00) Mar. In 1765, exiled Scotsman Duncan McCallum is captured by British agents during the Stamp Tax dissent, and sent into slavery in Virginia, where he plots to escape with an elderly Native American slave.

Perry, Anne. The Angel Court Affair (Ball, 16.00) Mar. Thomas Pitt is charged with protecting a Spanish revolutionary, but when her bodyguards are murdered and she disappears, he must hunt for the killers.

_____. Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Ball, 28.00) Mar. Charlotte and Thomas Pitt investigate a bombing that at first appears to be a terrorist attack, but Pitt soon realizes that it was a murder, targeting one man.

Purdy, Brandy. The Secrets of Lizzie Borden (Ken, 15.00) Feb. A novel based on the life of the infamous young woman who was accused of murdering her father and stepmother in late nineteenth-century Massachusetts.

Ribchester, Lucy. The Hourglass Factory (Peg, 25.95) Mar. A journalist asked to profile a trapeze acrobat and suffragette in London in 1912 discovers two deaths that seem to be failed attacks before the acrobat disappears, and her investigation leads her to team up with a Scotland Yard detective tasked with controlling the suffragettes’ disruptions.

Riordan, Kate. Fiercombe Manor (HC, 15.99) Mar. A terrific gothic mystery set in a mysterious manor house in the wilds of Gloucestershire where a young, unmarried woman sent to have her baby in the 1930s discovers a journal detailing the tragic past of the house’s family. Highly recommended.

Rizzolo, S.K. On a Desert Shore (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Mar. In this mystery set in Regency London, a Bow Street Runner who has spent time in the West Indies is asked to help when the daughter of a wealthy merchant believes that she has been cursed, but a series of fatal poisonings give the case more urgency.

Rose, M.J. The Witch of Painted Sorrows (SS, 16.00) Mar. In this paranormal thriller set in Belle Époque Paris, an American woman fleeing an abusive marriage finds herself in thrall to the spirit of a seventeenth-century courtesan who lived in the house where she now resides.

Royal, Priscilla. Land of Shadows (PP, 25.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Feb. Prioress Eleanor travels to Woodstock Manor in thirteenth-century England where her father has been struck by apoplexy during a royal visit, but the murder of one of the queen’s attendants complicates matters, and Eleanor investigates at the behest of the high sheriff of Berkshire.

Sanders, J. Aaron. Speakers of the Dead (Png, 16.00) Mar. Set in New York in 1843, this historical mystery features both Walt Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe seeking to exonerate a woman hanged for the murder of her husband.

Tallis, Frank R. The Passenger (Peg, 25.95) Feb. When a German U-boat is ordered to pick up two mysterious passengers off the Icelandic coast and transport them to Brest, one of the passengers manages to break free, and in so doing, unleashes a murderous supernatural force.

Taylor, Andrew. The Silent Boy (HC, 15.99) Mar. In a historical mystery set in Paris in 1792, an Englishman travels to France to take home his estranged wife’s son after her death, and finds the boy completely mute.

Taylor, David C. Night Life (STM, 15.99) Mar. The first in a new series set in 1950s New York featuring a cop investigating the murder of a chorus dancer, who may have been blackmailing a powerful person—so powerful that the FBI, CIA, and Mafia are all interested in the case.

Tidhar, Lavie. A Man Lies Dreaming (Mel, 25.95) Mar. A low-rent private detective in London roams the mean streets while a pulp fiction writer in a concentration camp dreams of another world.

Todd, Charles. No Shred of Evidence (HC, 25.99) Feb. Ian Rutledge is called to Cornwall, where four girls are accused of murder after an apparent act of mercy, but with the villagers up in arms, a further death occurs, one that leaves no evidence.

Upson, Nicola. London Rain (HC, 15.99) Mar. Mystery writer Josephine Tey must solve a murder on the eve of the coronation of a new king in a mystery set in the 1930s.

Westerson, Jeri. The Silence of Stones (SH, 29.95) Feb. Crispin Guest is tasked to find the Stone of Destiny, stolen from Westminster Abbey in 1388, and Richard II gives him three days to find it, meanwhile holding his young apprentice hostage.

Winspear, Jacqueline. A Dangerous Place (HC, 15.99) Feb. In 1937, returning to Britain after four years in India, Maisie impulsively leaves the ship at Gibraltar, where she becomes involved with the murder of a Sephardic Jew.

_____. Journey to Munich (HC, 26.99) Mar. Maisie agrees to go on a mission to Germany in 1938 to arrange for the release of a British prisoner.

Wishart, David. Trade Secrets (SH, 28.95) Feb. Marcus Corvinus investigates the murder of a friend’s brother who was stabbed to death in an alley in Rome in 41 CE, at the time when Claudius has succeeded Caligula.

Of Special Interest

I have marked the mystery writers with new books for the Tucson Festival of Books in March and I will post the signing schedule of the writers appearing at the Clues Unlimited booth at TFOB in mid-February on the website. I will also have printed schedules in the store. We hope to see you there.

Chris and Bosco