August/September 2017

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abramowitz, Adam. Bosstown (STM, 25.99) Aug. A Boston bike messenger whose father was a political fixer before he contracted Alzheimer’s must negotiate the gritty world of gangsters and blood money to save his criminal family after an armored car heist goes violently wrong.

Andrews, Donna. Gone Gull (STM, 25.99) Aug. Meg must help her grandmother when the craft center is the target of acts of vandalism, while also helping her grandfather locate a rare gull, but the two jobs come together when a body is found in the craft center.

Backlund, J.R. Among the Dead (Per, 26.99) Aug. A former North Carolina SBI agent is asked to help with a murder case in a remote mountainous area, but when the investigators are attacked, she works on her own to solve the case, discovering a secret in the small town that connects the victims.

Barber, Kathleen. Are You Sleeping? (SS, 26.00) Aug. When a podcast threatens to reveal all about her father’s murder years before, a woman is terrified that the past will ruin the new life she has created, but when she returns home for her mother’s funeral, she finds she must confront her past.

Bateson, John. The Education of a Coroner (SS, 27.00) Aug. The coroner for Marin County, California for almost four decades describes the things he has seen in the job—most of them completely unlike what’s on television.

Blake, James Carlos. The Ways of Wolfe (Per, 25.00) Sept. Twenty years ago college student Axel Wolfe, son and heir of the Wolfe law firm, got involved in a robbery that went wrong, lost his wife and infant daughter, and was sentenced to thirty years, so when he gets the chance to escape from prison together with a Mexican man with cartel ties, he takes it, wanting only to see his daughter, but the escape triggers a massive manhunt in the desert that he may not survive. I love this series set on both sides of the border.

Bolton, Sharon. Dead Woman Walking (STM, 25.99) Sept. The sole survivor of the crash of a hot-air balloon near the Scottish border witnesses a murder just before the crash and must escape a killer who knows her face as she knows his. Bolton is a master of suspense.

Bowen, Gail. The Winner’s Circle (RH, 27.95) Sept. When a triple homicide rips apart the lives of the lawyers who work with her husband, Joanna Kilburn decides that she must find out why.

Brady, A. F. The Blind (HC, 26.99) Sept. A successful therapist working at a Manhattan psychiatric facility undertakes a case no one else wants, a man who appears perfectly sane, but as she tries to unlock his psyche, she finds that she is analyzing herself, and what she finds terrifies her.

Brennan, Allison. Shattered (STM, 25.99) Aug. Investigative journalist Max Revere agrees to help a man whose wife is accused of murdering their son who was kidnapped from his room and found buried in a shallow grave, but she finds two other cases that are eerily similar over the past twenty years and must seek help from FBI agent Lucy Kincaid, whose cousin was one of those murdered.

Brodrick, William. A Whispered Name (Over, 27.95) Sept. Lawyer-turned-cleric Father Anselm investigates when serious allegations emerge about the founder of the priory based on an incident during WWI.

Brown, Sandra. Seeing Red (Hach, 27.00) Aug. A television journalist and the son of a reclusive national hero join forces when the hero and the journalist are both attacked by unknown assailants, an attack that may solve a decades-old bombing.

Burns, Catherine. The Visitors (SS, 26.00) Sept. A debut novel of psychological suspense about a timid spinster who lives with her brother in a crumbling mansion, and when he suffers a heart attack, she must confront the horrors that he has kept hidden in the locked basement.

Carlisle, Anna. All the Secret Places (Per, 25.99) Sept. On leave from the medical examiner’s office in Chicago, Gin Sullivan returns to her small Pennsylvania hometown, but the discovery of a body at a construction site causes her to investigate, especially after the body is identified as a sex offender who terrorized the town for years.

Chase, Julie. Cat Got Your Secrets (Per, 26.99) Sept. New Orleans pet-boutique-owner Lacy Marie must help her own father avoid a murder rap when he is the last person seen with a murder victim, but her investigations roil up a blackmailer, who threatens to reveal all her secrets unless she keeps her paws off the case.

Cleave, Paul. A Killer Harvest (SS, 26.00) Aug. A suspenseful crime thriller about a blind teenager who receives a corneal transplant after the death of his father and begins to see and feel memories of his homicide detective father and finds himself the target of a man hell-bent on killing him.

Cleeves, Ann. The Seagull (STM, 25.99) Sept. DI Vera Stanhope must investigate a case that is tied to her own past when a wheeler-dealer is found dead in the seedy seaside village of Whitley Bay.

Coben, Harlan. Don’t Let Go (Dut, 28.00) Sept. A suburban New Jersey detective has been haunted by the death of his twin brother and his brother’s girlfriend and the disappearance of his own girlfriend fifteen years ago, but with the discovery of his girlfriend’s fingerprints in a rental car of a suspected murderer, it looks as if he might finally get some answers—but they may be answers that he doesn’t want to know.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s The Hangman’s Sonnet (Put, 27.00) Sept. Jesse Stone investigates the death of an elderly woman whose house was ransacked in a case tied to a folk musician and a mysterious missing tape, but the death is only the first in a series, and Stone must seek help from a Boston PI named Spenser.

Connelly, Michael. The Late Show (Hach, 28.00) July. In the first of a new series, an LAPD policewoman working the beat on the night shift as punishment for a sexual harassment complaint catches two cases that she doesn’t want to turn over to the day shift—the brutal beating of a prostitute and the shooting death of a woman outside of a nightclub.

Cook, Robin. Charlatans (Put, 27.00) Aug. When a series of deaths of healthy patients who died under anesthesia occurs in a state-of-the-art Boston hospital, the new administer initially suspects the surgeon, but he discovers that the anesthesiologist has a strange life—or lives—on social media.

Copperman, E.J. Dog Dish of Doom (STM, 24.99) Aug. In the first of a funny new series, a Hollywood agent whose best client needs to be walked three times a day turns sleuth when her client’s very difficult owner is found face down in a water dish with a knife in his back.

Coulter, Catherine. Enigma (SS, 27.99) Sept. FBI agents Sherlock and Savich are dealing with a scientist who wants to discover the secret of immortality by experimenting on human subjects, while Agent Cam Whittier is hunting for a killer in a national forest who may be tied to a political murder.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Costume Party (Ken, 25.00) Sept. The Simmons sisters agree to cater a Halloween gala at a posh hotel in their hometown, but the hostess disappears before the party starts, and then the host makes an entrance crashing through a window, hanged.

Crider, Bill. Dead, To Begin With (STM, 25.99) Aug. Sheriff Dan Rhodes must deal with thefts, ghosts, and murderers when the new owner of the opera house is found dead before he even had a chance to make any enemies in town.

Culliton, Emily. The Misfortune of Marion Palm (Knopf, 24.95) Aug. A woman goes on the run leaving behind her husband and children when she realizes that a proposed audit of the books of her children’s private school will reveal that she has been embezzling funds for years in a debut that presents a thoroughly unpleasant protagonist with cleverness and wit. For those who like something different.

Cussler, Clive and Robin Burcell. The Romanov Ransom (Put, 29.00) Sept. Sam and Remi Fargo are searching for a Romanov fortune that puts them in the crosshairs of a neo-Nazi group.

Dalton, Annie. A Study in Gold (SH, 28.99) Sept. A murder at a murder mystery weekend at a country house impels Oxford administrator Anna Hopkins to revisit the family auction house to come to terms with the murder of her own family sixteen years before, in a case involving Nazis, stolen paintings, and born-again Christians.

Dams, Jeanne M. The Missing Masterpiece (SH, 28.99) Sept. On holiday in Normandy Dorothy Martin lands in a mystery involving a missing tourist and the search for an undiscovered medieval manuscript.

Delany, Vicki. Body on Baker Street (Per, 26.99) Sept. When an altercation during a book-signing leads to murder, the manager of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium and her friend investigate to save a customer who is under suspicion in the second in this clever, cozy series.

DeMille, Nelson. The Cuban Affair (SS, 28.99) Sept. In the first of a new series, a fishing boat captain in Key West, a U.S. Army veteran, is hired by a Cuban-American woman to take her to Cuba to hunt for a fortune her father left there before the Revolution.

Denfield, Rene. The Child Finder (HC, 25.99) Sept. Years after the disappearance of their young daughter, a couple hires a woman who specializes in finding lost children, but she finds that the more she investigates, the more the case reminds her of her own dark past as a lost child.

Deutermann, P.T. Red Swan (STM, 26.99) Aug. A medical consultant for the CIA devises a psy-ops scheme to discredit the head of security at the Chinese embassy in Washington, but the fallout results in his losing his job, only to be hired as a private contractor when his former boss is found dead.

Deverell, William. Whipped (Per, 24.99) Sept. When his wife is sued by a politician for having leaked a sex tape, criminal defense attorney Arthur Beauchamp defends her in a case filled with sleazy politicians, organized crime, kinky sex, and lots of humor.

Dodd, Christina. The Woman who couldn’t Scream (STM, 27.99) Sept. A mute woman (who communicates via computer) staying at a B&B in a small Washington tourist town finds that not only do her fellow guests have serious baggage, but that she is being targeted by a killer in a suspenseful thriller.

Elias, Gerald. Spring Break (SH, 28.99) Aug. Blind violinist Daniel Jacobus is invited to conduct a master class at a music conservatory in upstate New York, but the death of a famous composer and faculty member forces him to turn sleuth.

Ellison, J.T. Lie to Me (HC, 26.99) Sept. When the wife of a high-powered literary couple disappears, gossip links her husband to her disappearance as the façade of their perfect life crumbles under scrutiny in a fast-paced novel of psychological suspense. I loved this.

Gattis, Ryan. Safe (FSG, 26.00) Aug. A former gangbanger who has gone straight working for the DEA has the opportunity to repay the debts of his past by cracking a safe and stealing drug money—if he manages to survive.

Gentill, Sulari. Crossing the Lines (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Aug. A literary mystery about a successful mystery writer who creates a character who is also a writer and whose life begins to intersect and interact with her own, so much so that her husband becomes alarmed. A really fascinating novel about writing novels.

Gerritsen, Tess. I Know a Secret (Ball, 28.00) Aug. While Boston detective Jane Rizzoli investigates a series of seemingly unrelated murders, medical examiner Maura Isles is struggling to discover what actually killed the victims.

Goldberg, Tod. Gangster Nation (Per, 28.00) Sept. Las Vegas Rabbi David Cohen is really a Chicago hitman named Sal Cupertine, and when a former FBI agent working at an Indian casino in Wisconsin assaults his cousin, David finds himself running for his life again in a darkly funny thriller. I loved this.

Goldenbaum, Sally. Murder Wears Mittens (Ken, 25.00) Sept. While searching for a mother who left behind two young children, the Seaside Knitters become involved in solving the murder of a wealthy, elderly recluse that may be related to the missing mother.

Goldman, Matt. Gone to Dust (STM, 25.99) Aug. A debut novel that is a dark comedy featuring a Minneapolis PI called in when the crime scene in the murder of a suburban divorcee is completely contaminated, and the only clue is in the cell phone records.

Grafton, Sue. Y is for Yesterday (Put, 29.00) Aug. Kinsey Millhone is hired by the parents of a young man who ten years before raped a fourteen-year-old girl with his prep-school friends, and now a film of the assault has turned up with a ransom demand.

Grisham, John. Camino Island (RH, 28.95) July. A caper novel about the theft of precious F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts from Princeton’s Firestone Library and the suspicion that they have ended up in a bookstore in Florida, run by an eccentric bookseller. I loved this.

Hall, Rachel Howzell. City of Saviors (STM, 26.99) Aug. LAPD homicide detective Lou Norton finds herself suspicious of a large church, its charismatic leader, and its congregants when an elderly man is found dead in his home.

Hamer, Kate. The Doll Funeral (RH, 25.99) Aug. When a young girl who has the ability to see dead people discovers that she is actually adopted, she flees her abusive father to find her birth parents and falls in with an odd group of siblings living in a crumbling mansion while their parents are off on a spiritual quest in India.

Hannah, Sophie. Keep Her Safe (HC, 26.99) Sept. A woman vacationing in Arizona becomes convinced that the guest in the room next to her is a woman who disappeared in a sensational case years before. Hannah is wonderful.

Hanson, Hart. The Driver (Dut, 26.00) Aug. A former Special Forces sergeant working as a limousine driver for a celebrity skateboarding mogul finds that his skills come in handy when someone targets his boss in a suspenseful debut.

Harris, Charlaine. Sleep like a Baby (STM, 25.99) Sept. When her baby’s nanny disappears and a dead body is found in the back yard, Aurora Teagarden must find a killer—and hope that she doesn’t have to find a new nanny.

Holahan, Cate. Lies She Told (Per, 25.99) Sept. A bestselling novelist is working on a thriller about a woman who suspects her husband of infidelity and ends up killing his mistress while her husband is mourning the loss of his best friend, whose body was found in the same river as in his wife’s manuscript in a twisty psychological thriller.

Jance, J.A. Proof of Life (HC, 27.99) Sept. Now retired, J.P. Beaumont takes on the case of a dead Seattle crime reporter at the behest of the victim himself, and what he finds is tied to a decades-old case that may have left a murderer hiding in plain sight.

Johns, Roger. Dark River Rising (STM, 26.99) Aug. A debut mystery set in the bayous of Louisiana where a small-town cop must team up with a federal agent—against her wishes—when a career criminal is found murdered with a snake sewn into his stomach, and then a scientist with ties to the victim goes missing.

Johnson, Craig. The Western Star (Vik, 28.00) Sept. An old photograph of a group of armed men brings back memories of a law enforcement junket on an excursion train years before when Walt Longmire was a young deputy, an excursion that turned deadly, but another part of the past is also on a collision course with the present with the upcoming parole hearing of an elderly serial killer. Signing.

Jones, Holly Goddard. The Salt Line (Put, 26.00) Sept. A dystopian thriller set in a U.S. the borders of which have been closed by a ring of salt to prevent a plague of deadly ticks, and a group of thrill-seekers who decide to explore the other side where they encounter both deadly ticks and even deadlier survivors.

Keller, Julia. Fast Falls the Night (STM, 25.99) Aug. West Virginia prosecutor Bel Elkins and her colleagues must race to trace a shipment of heroin laced with a lethal tranquilizer that is killing all the addicts of Acker’s Gap in a tense thriller that takes place in 24 hours.

Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. Crime Scene (Ball, 28.99) Aug. The first of a new series featuring a coroner’s investigator in Northern California who investigates a death that may be tied to a decades-old murder.

Kelly, Sofie. A Tale of two Kitties (Brk, 23.00) Sept. With the help of her magical kittens, librarian Kathleen must solve the murder of a man whose son, a friend of hers, is the main suspect in a case that finds her digging into the past.

Kendal, Claire. The Second Sister (HC, 26.99) Sept. A woman whose sister disappeared years before reads in the newspaper that there is a new clue linking her sister to a sadistic psychopathic killer now locked in a psychiatric hospital, so, despite warnings from her friends and family, she decides to meet with him to find out the truth.

King, Stephen and Owen King. Sleeping Beauties (SS, 32.50) Sept. A father-and-son collaboration that is part sci-fi, part social commentary set in a small Appalachian town where an epidemic has hit, causing the women to fall asleep covered by a cocoon-like gauze, and if awakened they become violent and feral.

Kingsbury, Kate. Doom with a View (Per, 26.99) Sept. During the grand opening of their haunted B&B, Melanie and her grandmother have a murder to solve when one of the guests, all members of a senior reading group, dies unexpectedly.

Krueger, William Kent. Sulfur Springs (SS, 26.00) Aug. Cork and his new bride travel to Southern Arizona to help out her son, who has been fired from his job as a counselor at a drug rehab center and appears to be involved somehow with a border drug cartel. Signing.

Kukafka, Danya. Girl in Snow (SS, 26.00) Sept. A debut thriller about the death of a high-school girl in a small Colorado town and how it impacts the lives of the townspeople, particularly the boy who loved her, the girl who wanted to be her, and the policeman investigating the crime.

Land, Ali. Good Me Bad Me (STM, 25.99) Sept. A debut novel of psychological suspense about the teenaged daughter of a serial killer who finds life with her foster family is not as good as she expected, and when her foster sister begins bullying her, she must decide how to respond. She is, after all, her mother’s daughter….

Lapena, Shari. Stranger in the House (Png, 26.00) Aug. A woman victim of a car accident on the wrong side of town cannot explain what happened or why and suspicions are tearing her marriage apart. Lapena is great at twisty plotting.

LeCarré, John. A Legacy of Spies (Vik, 28.00) Sept. George Smiley returns when his assistant at MI6 is called out of retirement in Brittany to answer questions about a Cold War operation that created a number of casualties, casualties whose descendants are threatening legal action against the British government. Excellent.

Locke, Attica. Bluebird, Bluebird (Hach, 26.00) Sept. A black Texas Ranger takes on the case of the murders of a black lawyer from Chicago and a local white woman in a small East Texas town, where simmering racial tensions are threatening to boil over.

Lopez, Danny. The Last Girl (Per, 26.95) Aug. A former Florida newspaper reporter is hired by a wealthy retiree to find his missing daughter, who has left college to go to Mexico, but when the man is found murdered, the reporter, now a suspect, goes to Mexico to find the daughter, but she tells him that nothing is as it seems, and soon he is fleeing both the police and aggressive crime lords.

Marshall, Laura. Friend Request (Hach, 26.00) Sept. A debut psychological thriller about a woman who is contacted by a friend from her schooldays who want to be friends on Facebook—but the friend is dead. Or isn’t she?

Mayor, Archer. Trace (STM, 25.99) Sept. Joe Gunther must take leave of the VBI when his mother becomes ill, leaving his team to handle three critical cases of murder and possible sabotage of military equipment.

Middleton, Jarrett. Darkansas (Per, 26.95) Aug. A debut noir set in the Ozarks featuring a country musician who returns home for his twin brother’s wedding and discovers that his family has a grim inheritance—every generation has twin sons and one twin murders the father.

Mills, Kyle. Vince Flynn’s Enemy of the State (SS, 28.99) Sept. Mitch Rapp takes on the job of uncovering the relationship between the Saudi royal family and ISIS, a job that means that he is on his own without government backing and only a band of mercenaries to guard his back.

Mizushima, Margaret. Hunting Hour (Per, 25.99) Aug. Deputy Mattie Cobb and her K9 partner Robo find a missing teenager dead behind the school in Timber Creek, but when a second girl goes missing they find a clue in the dense forest outside of town, a clue that changes everything they thought about the case in the third in an excellent doggy series.

Mrazek, Robert. Dead Man’s Bridge (Per, 26.99) Aug. A former army officer working in security at a small upstate New York college town investigates when the hanging death of a wealthy alumnus of the college is the first of many murders in the first of a new series.

Muller, Marcia. The Color of Fear (GC, 26.00) Aug. PI Sharon McCone investigates when her father, a Shoshone artist is attacked while visiting her in San Francisco, but soon she begins receiving racially-motivated threats herself.

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Cat Shining Bright (HC, 22.99) Aug. Joe Grey has given up detection to care for his young kittens, but when a beautician and one of her customers are found dead, he investigates—not realizing that the kittens have followed him into danger. A mystery for cat lovers.

Norton, Graham. Holding (SS, 25.00) Sept. A police procedural set in a small Irish village, featuring a melancholy, underworked policeman whose life changes when 20-year-old bones are found at a construction site, bones thought to be those of a young man who left hurriedly after a love triangle ended badly.

Nugent, Liz. Unravelling Oliver (SS, 26.00) Aug. In a powerful, award-winning Irish debut, a handsome, successful writer unexpectedly, and without motive beats his wife, putting her into a coma, as friends try to understand what could have driven him to such a horrific act.

Overton, Hollie. The Walls (Hach, 25.00) Aug. A woman who works on death row in a Texas prison finds herself in an abusive marriage, and to protect herself and her family, she begins to consider using what she has learned from the inmates to commit the perfect murder.

Parker, T. Jefferson. The Room of White Fear (Put, 27.00) Aug. A former cop working as a PI is hired to find a patient who escaped from a private mental hospital, and he finds that the man has been deeply scarred from his experiences working in secret prisons and torture.

Patterson, James and Richard Born. Haunted (GC, 28.00) Sept. Michael Bennett takes his family to the Maine woods for a vacation, but he is called in when a series of grotesque murders occur.

Patterson, James and Richard Dilallo. The Store (GC, 27.00) Aug. In this standalone thriller a couple gets jobs working for a mega-successful, mega-secretive company known as the Store planning to write a tell-all book, but they are in over their heads because the Store knows everything….

Penny, Louise. Glass Houses (STM, 28.99) Aug. An ominous costumed figure begins appearing regularly on the green of Three Pines, and then Gamache’s wife discovers a murder victim in the local church leading to the unearthing of some dark, disturbing community secrets.

Penzler, Otto, ed. Bibliomysteries (Peg, 26.95) Aug. A collection of mystery short stories on the subject of books, libraries, bookstores, and collectors by some the best contemporary writers.

Robb, J.D. Secrets in Death (STM, 27.99) Sept. Eve Dallas investigates the stabbing death of a professional gossip, who had a lucrative sideline in blackmail.

Robins, Jane. White Bodies (SS, 24.99) Sept. In a debut novel of psychological suspense, a woman joins an internet support group for victims and friends of victims of domestic abuse when she suspects that her twin sister’s marriage to a financier is abusive, and she is horrified when one of her friends is murdered by her abusive husband. Then her sister’s husband is murdered…. I loved this; it caught me completely by surprise.

Robinson, Peter. Sleeping in the Ground (HC, 26.99) Aug. Detective Superintendent Banks and his team investigate a massacre outside of a Yorkshire church in the latest in this excellent police procedural series.

Rose, Augustus. The Ready-Made Thief (Put, 26.00) Aug. In a literary puzzle a seventeen-year-old girl is plunged into the twisted world of a secret society occupying the derelict buildings of Philadelphia.

Rouda, Kaira. Best Day Ever (HC, 26.99) Sept. An advertising executive plans a romantic getaway with his wife, but it soon becomes clear to the reader that there are tensions and stresses in the seemingly-perfect marriage and that his plans may be sinister in a novel of psychological suspense.

Schmitt, Gerry. Shadow Girl (Png, 26.00) Aug. When a millionaire is murdered, Minneapolis family liaison officer Alton Tangler discovers that someone out for revenge is part of a dangerous conspiracy.

Scottoline, Lisa. Exposed (STM, 27.99) Aug. Philadelphia attorney Mary DiNunzio agrees to represent an old friend when he is wrongfully dismissed by his company only to discover that her adversary is her law partner Bennie Rosato, who represents the parent company.

Seymour, Gerald. No Mortal Thing (STM, 26.99) Aug. A young Englishman working in a bank in Berlin witnesses a brutal assault by a member of a Calabrian crime family, and when the police seem uninterested, he travels to Italy only to find that he has stepped into a delicate multinational surveillance operation.

Sharp, Zoë. Fox Hunter (Peg, 25.95) Aug. When her boss at the “close protection” agency where she works goes rogue and appears to be responsible for a string of brutal murders, former special-forces operative Charlie Fox is sent to Iraq to find him and stop him, but she’s not the only one on his trail.

Skariton, Jonathan. Séance Infernale (RH, 26.95) Aug. A dealer in movie memorabilia is hired by a collector to find a copy of the first ever film, leading him to Edinburgh, home of the Victorian-era filmmaker, and tying in to a series of gruesome murders in the present day.

Slaughter, Karin. The Good Daughter (HC, 27.99) Aug. A lawyer in a small Georgia town who witnesses a school shooting finds that the event brings back memories of the home invasion that left her mother dead and her sister shot in the head and buried alive, and her investigation into the shooter leads her to new information about what happened to her family years before. I loved this for its psychological acuity and twisty plotting.

Spindler, Erica. The Other Girl (STM, 26.99) Aug. A cop from a small Louisiana town discovers that the ritualistic murder of a college professor plunges her back into her own dark past when evidence points to her own involvement in the gruesome killing.

Stein, Triss. Brooklyn Wars (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Aug. While doing research for her PhD. dissertation Erica Donato attends a meeting on the fate of the famous Brooklyn Navy Yard and witnesses the fatal shooting of one of the speakers, a New York power broker.

Sternbergh, Adam. The Blinds (HC, 26.99) Aug. A darkly funny, genre-bending mystery set in a small Texas town populated by criminals and witnesses to crimes who have had their memories altered and have been given a second chance, and when a murder and a suicide occur in quick succession the local sheriff—a man with secrets of his own—must find the truth fast.

St. James, Dorothy. Asking for Truffle (Per, 26.99) Sept. In the first of a delectable new cozy series, a woman goes to a small North Carolina beach town investigating the death of a friend who drowned in a vat of chocolate at a chocolate shop, and discovers a plot to destroy the seaside town.

Storey, Erik. A Promise to Kill (SS, 26.00) Aug. Drifter Clyde Barr picks up an elderly Ute hitchhiker and finds himself working on the ranch belonging to the man’s daughter—who is also the town doctor—but a series of attacks on the town by a biker gang forces him to discover the motive and stop the attacks in a nail-biter of a thriller.

Tanenbaum. Robert K. Without Fear or Favor (SS, 27.00) Aug. Butch Karp and his wife must stop a radical organization of armed militants targeting on-duty uniformed police officers.

Thurlo, David. Kill the Heroes (STM, 26.99) Aug.  Pawnshop-owner and veteran Charlie Henry is invited to the dedication of a war memorial in an Albuquerque park, but someone fires on the attendees, wounding the man sitting next to him, so he vows to find the shooter, fearing that he may have been the intended target.

Tracy, P.J. Nothing Stays Buried (Put, 27.00) Aug. The Monkeewrench group travels to a small Minnesota town to help a man find his missing daughter, but their search soon dovetails with a murder investigation by Minneapolis homicide detectives Magozzi and Rolseth, when DNA evidence reveals that the killer is the same man, a Mexican cartel member.

Walker, Wendy. Emma in the Night (STM, 26.99) Aug. In a searing psychological thriller, a young woman who disappeared three years before at the age of fifteen returns, but without the older sister who was with her, and the FBI forensic psychologist believes that the girls’ disappearance is related to emotional turmoil in the family, headed by a narcissistic, self-involved mother.

Woods, Stuart and Parnell Hall. Barely Legal (Put, 28.00) Aug. Stone Barrington’s protégé Herbie Fisher takes over his first case on his own.

Yap, Felicia. Yesterday (Hach, 27.00) Aug. In a detective story reminiscent of Momento, set in a world where people have at most two days’ worth of memories, a politician is the main suspect in the murder of his mistress, but the police detective in charge, who has his own secrets, finds that finding the truth is an extremely tricky business.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Baldacci, David. No Man’s Land (GC, 9.99) Aug.

Beaton, M.C. Pushing Up Daisies (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Berenson, Laurien. Unleashed (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Reissue.

Brennan, Allison. Poisonous (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Brown, Sandra. Sting (GC, 8.99) Aug.

Clark, Mary Higgins and Alafair Burke. The Sleeping Beauty Killer (Pkt, 8.99) Sept.

Coel, Margaret. Winter’s Child (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Cole, Martina. Betrayal (GC, 9.99) Sept.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s Debt to Pay (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The Devil’s Triangle (Pkt, 9.99) Sept.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Tea Party (Ken, 7.99) Sept.

Crosby, Ellen. The Champagne Conspiracy (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Cussler, Clive and Robin Burcell. Pirate (Put, 9.99) Sept.  

Driscoll, Sara. Lone Wolf (Ken, 9.99) Sept.

Evanovich, Janet. Turbo Twenty-Three (Ban, 8.99) Sept.

Ferris, Monica. Knit Your Own Murder (Brk, 7.99) July.

Fletcher, Jessica. Murder She Wrote: Hook, Line, and Murder (Png, 7.99) Sept.

Flynn, Vince. American Assassin (Pkt, 9.99) Sept. Reissue.

Grant, Andrew. False Friend (Ball, 9.99) Aug.

Harris, Charlaine. All the Little Liars (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Hartwell, Sadie. Yarned and Dangerous (Ken, 7.99) Aug.

Kava, Alex. Reckless Creed (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Kellerman, Faye. Bone Box (HC, 9.99) Aug.

Koryta, Michael. Rise the Dark (LB, 9.99) Aug.

Lescroart, John. Fatal (Pkt, 9.99) Sept.

Lester, Meera. The Murder of a Queen Bee (Ken, 7.99) Sept.

Meier, Leslie. British Manor Murder (Ken, 7.99) Aug.

O’Connell, Carol. Blind Sight (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Patterson, James. The Moores are Missing (GC, 9.99) Aug.

Patterson, James and Michael Ledwidge. Bullseye (GC, 9.99) Sept.

Picoult, Jodi. The Storyteller (Pkt, 8.99) Sept. Reissue.

Reichs, Kathy. Bare Bones (Pkt, 9.99) Sept. Reissue.

Robb, J.D. Echoes in Death (STM, 8.99) Aug.

Rollins, James. The Seventh Plague (HC, 9.99) Sept.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. Say No More (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Sandford, John. Escape Clause (Put, 9.99) Sept.

White, Randy Wayne. Seduced (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Woods, Stuart. Below the Belt (Png, 9.99) Aug.


New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Abbott, Allyson K. A Toast to Murder (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Bar owner Mack Dalton and her group of barstool detectives have cracked enough cold cases to stir up someone who doesn’t want them to continue, someone who killed her bouncer, but when her main suspect is murdered, she must look for another.

Bryan, Mollie Cox. Macramé Murder (Ken, 7.99) Sept. At a beach resort on a working vacation giving craft classes, Cora is enchanted with a beach wedding, but when the bride is found murdered and Cora’s boyfriend is implicated in the murder, she makes up her mind to find a crafty killer.

Buckley, Julia. Pudding Up with Murder (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Lilah creates a new casserole for the birthday party of her curmudgeonly wealthy neighbor, but he ends up face down in the serving dish, and she must find a killer who has made murder the main ingredient.

Cass, Laurie. Wrong Side of the Paw (Png, 7.99) Aug. When her rescue cat hops out of the bookmobile and into a pickup truck, librarian Minnie discovers a dead body in the truck bed, and when the truck’s owner falls under suspicion the two decide to sniff out the real killer.

Coco, Nancy. Oh, Fudge! (Ken, 7.99) Sept. When her estranged cousin returns to Mackinac Island and is found standing over a dead body, Allie realizes that the cousins must sweeten their animosity to find a killer.

Conte, Cate. Cat about Town (STM, 7.99) Aug. In the first of a new series, a woman moves to an island off the Massachusetts coast where she is adopted by a stray tabby cat, who creates a catastrophe when he finds the body of the town bully and she must find a killer before the local police pounce on her.

Flower, Amanda. Assaulted Caramel (Ken, 7.99) Sept. In the first of a new series set in an Amish candy shop in Ohio, a woman returns to help her grandparents with their shop when a non-Amish developer is found dead with her grandfather’s chocolate knife in his chest, but she knows someone is fudging the truth and vows to clear her grandfather’s name.

Flowers, Jean. Addressed to Kill (Png, 7.99) Aug. Small-town postmistress Cassie helps out the group of musicians rehearsing for a Valentine’s Day event at the local senior center, but when one of the musicians is murdered, she vows to find a killer before someone else ends up with a broken heart.

Fluke, Joanne. The Stepchild (Ken, 7.99) Aug. A college student whose father is running for the U.S. Senate finds herself plagued with recurring nightmares and memories of someone else—a frightened child, in a reprint of a suspenseful thriller.

Fox, Candice. Fall (Ken, 9.99) Sept. Sydney detectives Bennett and Archer realize that the killer who grotesquely mutilated a body in the park is a serial killer just beginning his spree, but Bennett must trust that his beautiful—and very dangerous—partner will find him. Eden Archer is an Australian version of Dexter, a cop who is also a killer.

Hamilton, Victoria. Muffin to Fear (Png, 7.99) Aug. When a ghost-hunting crew from a television show arrives at the home of newlywed muffin baker Merry, claiming that they have found the ghosts of two murder victims on her property, she can’t wait to have these guests from hell leave—and then two of them are murdered.

Hartwell, Sadie. A Knit before Dying (Ken, 15.00) Sept. Knitting-shop owner Josie is pleased when the shop next door is leased to two antique dealers, but when she finds one of them stabbed with a pair of sheep shears, she knows that she will have to examine the stitches to knot up a killer.

Hechtman, Betty. A Tangled Yarn (Png, 7.99) Aug. A knitting and crocheting retreat at an elegant hotel on Monterey Bay, becomes tangled up in murder when one of a group of travel writers is found dead covered in yarn—and one of the knitters is suspected as things go from worst to worsted.

Holmes, Juliane. Chime and Punishment (Png, 7.99) Aug. Just as the new clock tower is nearing completion, clockmaker Ruth must investigate a murder when the unpleasant town manager is found dead under the bell.

Marks, Mary. Knot what you Think (Ken, 7.99) Aug. When a fellow quilter is suspected of the murder of a woman, Martha Rose vows to help him and what she finds is that the victim had ties to a convicted fraudster and his stolen millions.

O’Brien, Kevin. Hide your Fear (Ken, 9.99) Aug. A divorced woman and her family move into an old house that the neighbors think is accursed, and when she discovers that teenagers have been disappearing from the town, she becomes more worried.

Perry, Carol J. Grave Errors (Ken, 7.99) Sept. The discovery of a body on the dia de los muertos in Salem is tied to a cold case that Lee’s policeman boyfriend has been investigating, and she must find a killer before the next gravestone is hers.

Swanson, Denise. Dead in the Water (Source, 7.99) Sept. In the latest in the Scumble River series, school psychologist Skye, very pregnant with her first child, must help her husband investigate the death of a city councilman in the aftermath of a tornado.

Vallere, Diane. Dressed to Confess (Png, 7.99) Aug. When one of the members of a dance troupe is found dead during the Sagebrush Festival, Margo and her father, owners of the costume shop, discover that a good friend is the main suspect and decide to investigate.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Baker, Shannon. Stripped Bare (STM, 15.99) Sept. In the first of a series set in western Nebraska, rancher Kate Fox Connor must keep her ranch going while she investigates the murder of a neighboring rancher and the shooting of her sheriff husband. Highly recommended.

Baldacci, David. The Fix (GC, 15.99) Sept. Amos Decker witnesses a shooting in front of FBI headquarters when a man shoots a woman execution style and then shoots himself, but the investigation turns up no motive, and later an agent from the Defense Intelligence Agency orders him to back off his investigation.

Bellairs, George. The Death of a Busybody (PP, 12.95) Sept. Inspector Littlejohn is sent to the village of Hilary Magna to investigate the murder of the village busybody, a woman who spent her life meddling in other’s affairs, in this classic written during WWII.

Benedict, Laura. The Abandoned Heart (Peg, 15.95) Sept. The third of a gothic trilogy set Virginia featuring the haunted Bliss House, haunted by dark secrets that cause madness and chaos to the family that inhabits it.

Bradley, James. Clade (RH, 14.95) Sept. A thoughtful dystopian novel set in England and Australia after an ecological collapse has changed society completely.

Brandman, Michael. Missing Persons (Per, 15.95) Sept. An L.A. homicide detective returns to his coastal hometown to take over for his ailing father the sheriff, and his first case involves the disappearance of the wife of a high-flying television evangelist, a case that is far more complex than it first appears in the first of a new series.

Brodrick, William. The Day of the Lie (Over, 16.95) Sept. Lawyer-turned cleric Father Anselm agrees to help an old friend, a war correspondent who wants to help a Polish revolutionary during the Cold War, who was betrayed and imprisoned by the Soviets.

Brown, Ethan. Murder in the Bayou (SS, 16.00) Sept. The true story of the author’s investigation into the deaths of eight women, poor sex workers, from a small town in Jefferson Davis parish, a town divided by race and class and filled with corruption on both sides of the law.

Byron, Ellen. Body in the Bayou (Per, 15.99) Sept. Maggie Crozat, owner of the Crozat Plantation B & B is forced into becoming maid of honor for the upcoming nuptials of her co-worker, but after the bride’s cousin is found dead, she finds that part of her duties involve keeping the bride from being arrested for murder in the second in this funny series.

Castillo, Linda. Sworn to Silence (STM, 9.99) Sept. A reissue of the first in the series featuring police chief Kate Burkholder who has returned to her Amish hometown in Ohio, only to face a killer.

Chambers, Ruth Coe. House on the Forgotten Coast (Per, 16.95) Sept. When a new family moves into a house where a murder occurred 100 years before, the ghost of the murdered woman, a bride who died on her wedding day, contacts the daughter of the family and asks her to help clear the name of the man accused of the murder.

Chase, Julie. Cat Got Your Cash (Per, 15.99) Aug. When New Orleans pet-boutique owner Lacy Marie arrives to meet with a famous fashion designer, she finds the woman dead and two Siamese kittens mewling at her side, and when the kittens disappear, she discovers that they were the beneficiaries of the designer’s will.

Cleeves, Ann. Telling Tales (STM, 16.99) Aug. Vera Stanhope investigates when a woman is exonerated for the crime of killing her school friend ten years ago, and finds that the village is hiding secrets. Reissue. Moth Catcher (STM, 16.99), another early Vera Stanhope mystery will be released in September.

Connolly, John. A Time of Torment (SS, 26.99) June. A jewelry store owner, a hero for saving people during an armed robbery, hires PI Charlie Parker to discover who set him up leading to his being convicted and imprisoned for possession of child porn.

Cooper, Mike. The Downside (Per, 14.99) Sept. A crook who specializes in big heists is hired by a Wall Street financier to break into a vault containing $50 million in rhodium and haul it out, but the job will be easy compared to dealing with the people involved.

Dard. Frédéric. The King of Fools (RH, 13.95) Sept. In the reprint of a classic French noir, a Frenchman falls in love with a Scottish tourist on the Cote d’Azur and follows her to Edinburgh, where he discovers that she has a jealous, and violent, husband.

Davis, Fiona. The Dollhouse (Dut, 16.00) July. A debut historical that begins in 1952 in Manhattan’s famous Barbizon Hotel, where a homesick secretary befriends one of the hotel’s maids who introduces her to jazz and even romance, but more than fifty years later a journalist hears the story of a deadly skirmish involving a hotel maid and decides to investigate.

Delaney, Vicki. Elementary, She Read (Per, 15.99) Aug. In the first of a new series, an Englishwoman who inherits her uncle’s Sherlock Holmes bookshop discovers a rare—and very valuable—copy of the first Holmes story, but when she goes to return it to its owner, she finds him dead and herself a suspect.

Deverell, William. April Fool (Per, 14.95) Sept. A reissue of an early legal thriller featuring Vancouver defense attorney Arthur Beauchamp who takes on the case of a jewel thief accused of rape and murder. I love Deverell for his humor and clever plotting.

Dugoni, Robert. Close to Home (T&M, 15.95) Sept. Seattle Violent Crimes detective Tracy Crosswhite investigates the hit-and-run death of a young girl, and when it turns out that the driver was a Navy serviceman, the Navy wins jurisdiction over the case, but as Tracy continues to dig, she discovers a link to an epidemic of deaths caused by bad heroin.

Early, Barbara. Death of a Toy Soldier (Per, 15.99) Sept. When a man who has brought in some vintage toys for appraisal is found dead, the manager of the shop and her father, a retired cop, decide to investigate.

Edwards, Martin, ed. Continental Crimes (PP, 12.95) Aug. A collection of Golden Age mysteries by British authors set on the Continent.

Ferencik, Erica. The River at Night (SS, 16.00) Aug. Four friends get together for a camping trip in the Allagash Wilderness are stranded by a freak accident and seek refuge at a ramshackle camp—not a good idea at all.

Fradkin, Barbara. The Trickster’s Lullaby (Per, 17.99) Sept. Former aid worker Amanda Doucette organizes a camping trip for inner-city teens in Canada’s Laurentian Mountains, but when two of the kids disappear and a farmer is found murdered, she and a police constable are engaged in a frantic hunt to find the missing kids amid allegations of terrorist links.

Frangello, Gina. Every Kind of Wanting (Per, 16.95) Aug. A novel of family secrets and friendship that begins when a gay couple arranges to have a friend serve as a surrogate, but as the time of the birth approaches, the relationships fragment as secrets begin to be revealed.

French, Tana. The Trespasser (Png, 17.00) Aug. When a beautiful young woman is murdered, all the detectives of the Dublin murder Squad want to arrest the boyfriend figuring a domestic incident that got out of hand, but Detective Antoinette Conway discovers during her investigation that the victim was not the person she appeared.

Gayle, Stephanie. Idyll Fears (RH, 15.95) Sept. A gay police chief in a small Connecticut town in the 1990s must find a missing child with a serious medical condition while fighting for acceptance from those who are intolerant of his sexual orientation.

Geary, Valerie. Everything We Lost (HC, 15.99) Aug. A woman whose brother disappeared ten years before after becoming increasingly divorced from reality finds herself returning to her hometown and her estranged family to finally come to grips with what happened.

Grace, Nancy. Murder in the Courthouse (Per, 14.99) Sept. Prosecutor Hailey Dean arrives in Savannah to testify in a high-profile murder case, but before she even reaches the courthouse, she is investigating the murder of a sheriff, a murder that is related to the trial.

Hall, Karen. Dark Debts (SS, 15.99) Sept. A reissue of a combination southern gothic, romantic comedy, and mystery, set in Georgia.

Handler, David. The Girl with the Kaleidoscope Eyes (HC, 14.99) Aug. A ghostwriter and his basset hound become involved with an eccentric literary family, helping one of the daughters write a tell-all book when murder intervenes.

Harris, Joanne. Different Class (SS, 16.00) Sept. A curmudgeonly Latin teacher at an antiquated English prep school uncovers the deadly secret of a sociopathic student.

Hartwell, Sadie. A Knit before Dying (Ken, 15.00) Sept. In the second in a charmingly cozy series, businesswoman Josie returns to her knitting shop to find her new tenant dead, and the suspect pool expands when a California filmmaker and the niece of the deceased arrive to film an antiquing reality show.

Holahan, Cate. The Widower’s Wife (Per, 15.99) Aug. An insurance investigator is sure that the husband is guilty when his heavily-insured wife falls off a cruise ship near the Bahamas, even though witnesses provide him with an alibi.

Hughes, Dorothy B. In a Lonely Place (RH, 14.95) Aug. The reissue of a 1947 classic noir with a feminist twist. Superb.

Ide, Joe. IQ (GC, 15.99) Sept. A high-school dropout in South Central L.A. who works as an unofficial investigator is hired by a rap mogul whose life is in danger. An excellent debut.

Johnson, Craig. An Obvious Fact (Vik, 16.00) Sept. When Walt and Henry investigate the circumstances of a motorcycle accident at the Sturgis motorcycle rally, they find that the young biker has been targeted by the ATF as well. Signing.

Johnstone, Doug. Hit and Run (Per, 15.95) Aug. When he hits someone with his car while coming home drunk from a party, a young man is horrified to find that he killed Edinburgh’s biggest crime lord.

Keller, Sophie Chen. The Luster of Lost Things (Png, 15.00) Aug. A young mute boy with an uncanny ability to find lost things must find the magical Book that protects his family bakery in a quest that takes him all over New York City in a fable-like debut.

Kingsbury, Kate. Dead and Breakfast (Per, 15.99) Aug. When a recently-divorced woman and her grandmother buy a haunted mansion on the Oregon coast to convert into a B&B, they are horrified to discover a skeleton in one of the closets, and their investigation does not sit well with the locals, so much so, that they find a body on the beach that looks eerily like the new owner.

LeCarré, John. The Pigeon Tunnel (Vik, 17.00) Sept. Stories and vignettes from the life of the man who invented the modern espionage novel.

_____. The Tailor of Panama (RH, 16.00) Aug. A reissue of a classic spy novel. A personal favorite.

Madeley, Richard. The Night Book (SS, 16.00) Sept. Based on a real occurrence in 1976 when a series of accidental drownings occurred in Cumbria during a heat wave, providing a perfect opportunity for those who might want to take revenge or get rid of an abusive partner.

Mann, George. Wychwood (RH, 14.95) Sept. When a journalist returns home to the sleepy village of Wilsby-under-Wychwood, she joins forces with the local police detective, a childhood friend, after a ritualistically slain body is found in the woods with cryptic symbols scattered around the corpse in the first of a new series.

Manus, Peter. The Dorchester Five (Per, 16.99) Aug. A Boston homicide detective investigating the murders of two men last seen in the company of a mysterious woman realizes that both men were involved in an incident years before when a young man was left paralyzed and brain-damaged, and wonders if there will be more murders.

Mayor, Archer. Presumption of Guilt (STM, 16.99) Sept. When the body of a man is discovered forty years after he disappeared, Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation investigate, but when the dead man’s former partner is murdered, it suggests that the murderer is still at large.

McKiniss, H.G. A Justified Bitch (Per, 15.00) Aug. A Las Vegas homicide detective has her hands full when the chief suspect in a murder case is an elderly hoarder, a cat lady who regularly has conversations with her dead husband in an off-beat debut.

Medhat, Katayoun. The Quality of Mercy (Con, 16.00) Sept. In the beginning of a new series set on the Navajo Reservation, where the discovery of a body near Chimney Rock unites a tribal policeman and an Anglo policeman from nearby Milagro in an investigation into the death of a member of a family known for its bad luck. Like Tony Hillerman, Medhat provides a background in Navajo culture and history.

Moretti, Kate. The Blackbird Season (SS, 16.00) Sept. When a beloved coach and high-school teacher in a small Pennsylvania town is caught embracing a student who claims they are having an affair he becomes the chief suspect when the girl disappears, and the only one who uncovers the truth is a fellow teacher, who finds the girl’s journal.

Moschetta, Paul Vincent. Do No Harm (SS, 16.00) Aug. A young man who suffered a manic episode in college finds himself trapped in a locked ward in the state psychiatric hospital at the mercy of a sadistic psychiatrist, and when he decides with the help of a sympathetic social worker to get free, he learns about real evil.

Oliva, Alexandra. The Last One (Ball, 16.00) Aug. A woman who is part of a survivalist reality television show stumbles across a scene of devastation and doesn’t know whether it is real or part of the television show, but either way she must use all her skills to survive.

Phillips, Louise. The Doll’s House (Per, 16.00) Aug. A Dublin criminal psychologist is called in to a murder investigation that soon reveals ties to a thirty-five year-old drowning death, putting herself and the daughter of the first victim in danger.

Preston, Douglas. The Lost City of the Monkey God (GC, 15.99) Sept. The true account of the discovery of a lost city in the Central American jungle and the incredible—and potentially lethal—adventures involved in the discovery.

Rankin, Jon. Running from Sunrise (per, 17.95) Aug. In a darkly funny debut thriller, a southern California PI has a deadly confrontation with a serial killer who murders every time he sees a television commercial. (Let’s hope he doesn’t have cable)!

Reed, Cheryl L. Poison Girls (Per, 15.99) Sept. A Chicago journalist investigates when fentanyl-laced heroin begins killing people, but soon it appears that the motive is political when teenaged girls from high-powered Democratic families begin dying.

Rees, Matt. The Damascus Threat (Per, 15.99) Aug. In the first of a new thriller series, an ICE special agent investigates a conspiracy to unleash a chemical attack somewhere in New York City after a doctor is found murdered on his doorstep.

Rickstad, Eric. The Names of Dead Girls (HC, 13.99) Sept. A retired police detective is called back to lead the investigation into the murders of a number of young girls, murders that began after the release of the murderer who killed his sister and brother-in-law.

Scottoline, Lisa. Damaged (STM, 16.99) Aug. Mary DiNunzio becomes involved in the case of a learning-disabled boy who is being sued for attacking a school aide, and her concern with the case puts her at odds with her office, her fiancé, and social services.

Skilton, Sarah. Club Deception (Hach, 14.99) July. Murder and mystery set in a magic club in L.A. where the wife of the owner—who actually works out his tricks—helps his young intern win the competition.

Slater, Dan. Wolf Boys (SS, 17.00) Sept. A very scary true-crime story of two American teenagers who were recruited by the Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel, to become hitmen in Texas and whose lives and careers intersect with a dedicated Mexican-American homicide detective who stops them.

Stark, Richard. Breakout (U of Chicago, 16.00) Aug. A reissue of one of the later Parker novels written by Donald Westlake, a must-read for lovers of noir. Chicago is publishing all of the novels in the series.

Tipton, Eric and Susana Rosenblum. Beautiful Criminals (SS, 16.00) Aug. In a funny debut, a con-woman just released from prison vows to go straight, but she not counting on her criminal family—and the FBI agent who wants her to stop an arms deal that her mother has set up.

Tucker, Abigail. The Lion in the Living Room (SS, 16.00) Sept. A book about cats and why they are so popular is a combination of history, natural science, and pop culture that seeks to explain the hold cats have over humans. A must for cat lovers.

Way, Camilla. Watching Edie (NAL, 16.00) Aug. In a psychological suspense debut two unlikely friends from the English Midlands meet up years later in London where, after a tragic event in their past, the popular pretty one is now a depressed single mother and her overweight unpopular friend has taken over her life.

Wayne, Teddy. Loner (SS, 16.00) Aug. A suspenseful psychological thriller about a Harvard freshman who becomes obsessed by a beautiful classmate, and his machinations to win her become increasingly creepy.

Wilson, Kea. We Eat Our Own (SS, 17.00) Sept. When an actor accepts a film role in a movie set in the Amazon, he doesn’t realize that the dysfunctional film crew is not nearly as dangerous as the town in the jungle run by narcotraficantes and rebels against the government. Darkly funny.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Scarred Woman (Dut, 28.00) Sept. The head of Copenhagen’s cold-case division searches for a connection between the murder of an elderly woman and a similar crime more than a decade before

Avdic, Asa. The Dying Game (Duf, 16.00) Aug. A locked-room mystery set in near-future Sweden where a bureaucrat is offered an unusual job—to pretend to have been murdered during a psychological exercise taking place on a remote island, but soon there is a real murder to deal with.

Ben-David, Mishka. Final Stop, Algiers (Over, 26.95) Sept. A man who joins the Mossad after a terrorist attack in Tel-Aviv is sent to Toronto as part of his cover story, but there he meets up with a woman he loved years before and finds himself torn between his duty and his love for her.

_____. Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg (Over, 16.95) Sept. A Mossad agent in Russia falls in love with a mysterious woman, but the agency develops a dark plan to separate the two lovers, leaving the agent on the horns of a dilemma.

Blaedel, Sara. The Lost Woman (GC, 14.99) Sept. Louise Rick is called to investigate when a Danish woman is killed in England, but the case becomes more complicated when her police colleague and lover goes to England to investigate and is jailed as a suspect.

Bonini, Carlo and Giancarlo de Cataldo. Suburra (Eur, 18.00) Aug. A powerful crime family from Ostia, twenty miles from Rome, decides to get their cut of the new casino development rather than leaving all the wealth to the Roman Mafia and their political allies.

Boström, Matthias. From Holmes to Sherlock (Per, 28.00) Aug. The definitive study of the creation of the Holmes incarnations from Conan Doyle to Benedict Cumberbatch by a noted Swedish expert.

Camilleri, Andrea. A Nest of Vipers (Png, 16.00) Aug. Inspector Montalbano investigates the murder of a wealthy elderly man with a history of greed and a string of mistresses. Montalbano is the Sicilian version of Bruno.

Correa, Armando Lucas. The German Girl (SS, 16.00) Aug. A young German Jewish girl who flees the Nazis on a transatlantic ocean liner believes that she and her family have escaped, but the ship is stopped in Havana and no one is allowed to leave in a powerful novel based on the true story of the St. Louis, whose 932 passengers were denied entry into Cuba, Canada, and the United States and were sent back to perish in Nazi Germany.

Cotterill, Colin. The Rat Catchers’ Olympics (Soho, 26.95) Aug. During the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Laos decides to field a team—since all the major nations are boycotting—and Dr. Siri goes along as the medical advisor, but when one of the Lao Olympians is accused of murder, he must turn sleuth. If you haven’t tried this funny series yet, you are in for a treat.

Dahl, Kjell Ola. Faithless (IPG, 14.95) Sept. In a police procedural set in Oslo, three detectives work on three cases that at first appear unrelated: a missing university student from Uganda, a case of rape-homicide, and a demented killer who preys on troubled women.

Davidson, Lionel. A Long Way to Shiloh (Per, 15.95) Sept. A professor of Semitic languages finds a clue in an ancient parchment that points toward the location of the true Menorah in a reprint of a classic thriller originally entitled The Menorah Men.

Fossum, Karin. Hell Fire (HMH, 14.99) Aug. Norwegian Inspector Sejer investigates the stabbing death of a single mother and her young son in a rural area in a case that is filled with emotional resonance.

Fuentes, Gabrielle Lucille. The Sleeping World (SS, 16.00) Sept. A young woman hunts for her missing brother in the chaos of post-Franco Spain in a searing debut.

Gamboa, Santiago. Return to the Dark Valley (Eur, 18.00) Sept. A collection of intertwined noir stories set in Central and South America, by one of Colombia’s most exciting young writers.

Gregorio, Michael. Lone Wolf (SH, 27.99) Sept. Umbrian park ranger Sebastiano Cangio is asked to help a Scotland Yard detective after the body of an unidentified man is found in London with a receipt from an Umbrian restaurant in his pocket, but while he assists with the case, some monstrous thing is attacking and disemboweling livestock in the forest.

Holmén, Martin. Down for the Count (RH, 14.95) Sept. In 1935 bisexual former boxer Harry Kvist leaves prison vowing to go straight, but the rise of the Nazis has led to intolerance of homosexuality which leads directly to the murder of his oldest friend, and forces him to spend more time in the Stockholm underworld hunting for his killer.

Hubbard, Janet. Burgundy: Twisted Roots (PP, 15.95) Sept. In the final volume of the trilogy set in the French wine country, NYPD police detective Max Maguire returns to France to visit her lover only to investigate the murder of an American woman in a case that hinges on the labyrinthine French inheritance laws.

Hye-Young, Pyun. The Hole (Per, 22.95) Aug. A psychological thriller by an award-winning Korean writer about a man who awakens to find himself paralyzed after a car accident that took the life of his wife, and his negligent caretaker is his mother-in-law, grieving for the loss of her daughter.

Horst, Jorn Lier. Ordeal (STM, 25.99) Aug. After a single mother moves into the house she inherited from her grandfather, she discovers a safe containing shocking evidence in a case that has plagued Norwegian police inspector Wisting for many years.

____. When it Grows Dark (Duf, 16.00) Sept. Norwegian police inspector Wisiting receives a letter that plunges him back into a case early in his career when he privately investigated a 1925 unsolved major theft.

Keyse-Walker, John. Beach, Breeze, Bloodshed (STM, 25.99) Sept. In the second in the series set in Anegada, BVI, the local policeman must deal with the death of a tourist attacked by a shark on a neighboring island, but he begins to suspect that the death was foul play.

Khemiri, Jonas Hassen. Everything I Don’t Remember (SS, 16.00) Sept. A gripping murder mystery told by a writer who tries to piece together the life of a young man who dies in a horrible car accident, written by a prizewinning young Swedish novelist.

Lackberg, Camilla. The Lost Boy (Peg, 16.95) Sept. Fjällbacka police detective Patrik Hedstrom investigates the murder of the city’s financial director, a man whom nobody knew well, and when his former high-school sweetheart arrives in town, he hopes that she will be of help, but she has her own secrets.

Lagercrantz, David. The Girl who Takes an Eye for an Eye (RH, 27.95) Aug. Lisbeth Salander joins forces again with journalist Mikael Blomkvist to discover once and for all the secrets of her childhood that have remained hidden, and together they find a sinister pseudoscientific experiment that has remained secret for years.

Lin, Ed. Incensed (Soho, 15.95) Aug. In a darkly comic crime caper set in Taiwan, food vendor Jing-nan is persuaded by his gangster uncle to bring back his daughter who has gotten involved with a biker from the wrong side of the tracks, but persuading the spoiled girl to return to her family is no easy job.

May, Peter. Blow Back (Quer, 14.99) Sept. Forensic investigator Enzo Macleod investigates the murder of a famous chef at his restaurant in central France., a murder that occurred on the day that he had promised an important announcement.

Mercier, Pascal. Lea (Per, 25.00) Sept. A bittersweet tale of love between a father and his talented musician daughter, a love that turns obsessive and twisted, by an award-winning Swiss novelist.

Mesa, Sara. Scar (Per, 15.00) Aug. A Spanish tale of a long-distance romance that turns to obsession, theft, and betrayal.

Meyer, Deon. Fever (Per, 26.00) Sept. A standalone mystery set in a dystopian world where the population has been decimated by a lethal virus, and the small community of survivors is faced with danger both from without and within when someone murders the founder.

Moss, Todd. The Shadow List (Put, 27.00) Sept. In an international crime thriller, a State Department crisis manager goes to Nigeria to investigate an internet scam, while his CIA agent wife is chasing a Russian master criminal, and little do they know that the crimes are tied together.

Oksanen, Sofi. Norma (RH, 26.95) Sept. A woman with supernatural powers tries to solve the mystery of her mother’s death in a magical mystery set in Helsinki.

Patric, A.S. Black Rock, White City (RH, 25.99) Sept. A refugee couple from Sarajevo have lost everything from their former life and live in a Melbourne suburb working as cleaners, but increasingly the man becomes uneasy as random acts of vandalism seem to target him in a moving debut novel.

Pryor, Mark. The Sorbonne Affair (Prom, 15.95) Aug. Head of security at the American Embassy in Paris Hugo Marston is approached by a best-selling American romance novelist at a funeral, who claims that she is being stalked, a claim that is confirmed when a spy cam is found in her hotel room and a hotel employee is stabbed to death.

Quartey, Kwei. Death by his Grace (Soho, 26.95) Aug. Chief Inspector Darko Dawson of the Ghanaian police investigates the murder of a woman ordered out of her house by her husband after his family accuses her of being a witch, and the suspects include not only her husband, a local lawyer, but the filthy rich pastor of the church she attended.

Rademacher, Cay. Murderous Mistral (STM, 24.99) Sept. A Parisian police detective reassigned to Provence must find the murderer of a man with no friends and many enemies and must dig into the dark underside of the quaint Provençal countryside.

Raphael, Kate Jessica. Murder under the Fig Tree (Per, 16.95) Sept. A young Palestinian policewoman is unjustly thrown into prison for having connections with Hamas, but an Israeli policeman offers her a way out: investigate the murder of a gay Palestinian man whose death is being blamed on the Israelis.

Redondo, Dolores. The Invisible Guardian (SS, 16.00) Sept. A Spanish homicide detective is sent to her hometown in the Basque country when a series of murders occurs that the locals attribute to a mythological creature, but she must fight her personal demons to find an all-too-human killer.

Rogneby, Jenny. Leona: The Die is Cast (Other, 16.95) Aug. The first in a new Swedish series featuring a police officer investigating a bizarre bank robbery carried out by a naked and bloody seven-year-old girl.

Rothmann, Ralf. To Die in Spring (FSG, 25.00) Aug. A powerful novel of WWII by a prizewinning German novelist about a son who pieces together his father’s horrific wartime experience based on a bare skeleton of a story left in a journal.

Schepp, Emelie. Marked for Revenge (Mira, 9.99) Sept. Swedish prosecutor Jana Berzelius discovers, while investigating the overdose of a Thai drug smuggler, that the nemesis who has threatened to out her sordid past is responsible for the crime and vows to find him in the second of a trilogy.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret, Lognon, and the Gangsters (Png, 13.00) Aug. Maigret goes up against American gangsters. In September, Maigret’s Revolver (Png, 13.00) will be reissued.

Sundstøl, Victor. The Devil’s Wedding Ring (U of Minn, 25.95) Sept. A Norwegian PI returns to Norway’s Telemark region for the funeral of a former police colleague, but the widow is convinced the man was murdered in a case tied to the disappearance of two graduate students studying ancient pagan religions.

Vallgren, Carl-Johan. The Boy in the Shadows (Quer, 16.99) June. When a wealthy businessman whose brother was kidnapped thirty years before in Stockholm disappears, his wife hires a former addict to help her find him in a case of twisted family secrets.

Volker, Christine Evelyn. Venetian Blood (Per, 16.95) Aug. After her marriage falls apart, a woman who goes to visit a friend in Venice finds herself the suspect in the murder of a money-laundering count, and when she decides to investigate herself, she becomes the target of the real murderer.

Young, David. Stasi Child (STM, 25.99) Aug. When a teenaged girl’s body is found in front of the Berlin Wall in 1975, the police detective in charge finds that the East German Ministry for State Security discourages her from investigating, even though it is clear that the body has been staged.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Beard, Richard. The Apostle Killer (Mel, 25.99) Sept. An aging investigator is given the task of proving that Christ’s resurrection was a hoax, but as he seeks to interview the witnesses—the apostles—they keep dying in ever more grotesque ways in an inventive noir mystery set in the Middle East.

Benn, James. The Devouring (Soho, 26.95) Sept. Billy Boyle is sent to Switzerland along with a lieutenant in the Polish army in exile to uncover hidden Nazi funds, but a murder intervenes.

_____. Blue Madonna (Soho, 15.95) Aug. Court-martialed and stripped of his rank for black market dealings, Billy Boyle is given an assignment behind enemy lines to rescue a high-value Allied soldier, but he discovers that he must avoid not just the Germans, but a murderer as well.

Bergmann, Emanuel. The Trick (SS, 26.00) Sept. A young Jewish man falls in love and joins the circus in 1934 where he becomes a famous magician in Germany, then years later a 10-year-old boy hunts him down to his retirement home in L.A. pleading with him to perform his famous trick. I loved this for its humor and all-around feel-good quality.

Bernet, Graeme Macrae. His Bloody Project (Per, 16.99) Sept. A brutal triple murder in remote Scottish farming village in 1869 leads to the arrest of a shy, intelligent seventeen-year-old boy, who clearly is the murderer, but why? The story unfolds in a series of police documents, court documents, and the boy’s own memoir.

Bolton, Guy. The Pictures (Per, 24.99) Sept. A man who has worked as a “fixer” for the MGM studio in Hollywood in the 1930s covering up potential scandals is called in when a producer commits suicide and a connection is made between the suicide and a murder.

Bowen, Rhys. Crowned and Dangerous (Brk, 7.99) Aug. En route to Gretna Green to elope with Georgie, her fiancé learns that his father has been arrested for killing the wealthy American who has bought the family estate, so he ends the engagement and returns to Ireland to help him in the cleverly-plotted latest in this charming and witty series.

_____. On Her Majesty’s Frightfully Secret Service (Brk, 26.00) Aug. Georgie is asked by the queen to travel to Italy to attend a house party in the lake country to spy on the Prince of Wales and his dreadful friend Mrs. Simpson, but the murder of one of the guests turns her Italian holiday into a nightmare.

Brody, Frances. Death at the Seaside (STM, 25.99) Sept. Kate Shackleton goes on a seaside holiday, but when visiting an old friend working as a fortune teller, she becomes involved in finding the friend’s missing daughter.

______.  Death of an Avid Reader (STM, 16.99) Sept. Hired to find the daughter a noblewoman gave up as a baby, Kate goes to Yorkshire, but she is distracted from her search by the discovery of a body in an old library in Leeds. An excellent series.

Burke, James Lee.  The Jealous Kind (SS, 9.99) Aug. Two teenagers in Houston in 1952 find themselves in a mess of trouble when they are on the run from thugs and Mafia hitmen after one of them falls for the ex-girlfriend of a vengeful rich kid.

Burley, John. The Quiet Child (HC, 15.95) Aug. Set in a small California town in 1954, this genre-bending mystery features a sheriff looking for two young boys whom the townspeople hold responsible for a plague that is sickening and killing the populace.

Chandlar, L.A. The Silver Gun (Ken, 15.00) Sept. In the first of a new series set in NYC during the Great Depression a woman who is the aide to Mayor Fiorello La Guardia finds herself attacked by a thug working for one of the city’s most notorious gangsters using a silver gun that she remembers from her recurring nightmares.

Crown, Jonathan. Sirius (SS, 15.00) Sept. A charming fable about a fox terrier who saves his Jewish family from the Nazis, becomes a famous movie star in Hollywood, and is tapped to go back to Germany to work undercover to bring down Hitler.

Davis, Fiona. The Address (Dut, 26.00) Aug. A former interior decorator and party girl in NYC gets the job of renovating the Dakota apartment that had belonged to the architect himself, and discovers new information about the events that led up to his fatal stabbing at the hands of a madwoman.

Dunmore, Helen, Birdcage Walk (Per, 26.00) Aug. In 1792, at the height of the French Revolution, a freethinking young Englishwoman married to an ambitious property developer in Bristol finds herself increasingly isolated and threatened when her husband decides that her views could interfere with his economic well-being.

Eccles, Marjorie. Property of Lies (SH, 28.99) Sept. In the fourth of this series set in England in the 1930s, DI Reardon investigates when his wife, hired by a newly-established girls’ school to teach French, discovers the body of the missing French mistress whose place she was hired to take.

Edwards, Martin. The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books (PP, 15.95) Aug. This study of the one hundred crime novels that define the Golden Age of Detection is a must-read for those who love these classics and want to find new authors and titles.

Estevao, Jessica. Whispers of Warning (Png, 15.00) Sept. In the second in this series set in nineteenth-century Maine, spirit medium Ruby Proulx investigates the death of a Suffragette, who also worked as a spiritualist.

Finch, Charles. A Beautiful Blue Death (STM, 9.99) Sept. A reissue of the first Charles Lennox mystery set in Victorian England.

Follett, Ken. A Column of Fire (Vik, 36.00) Sept. The third in the series set in Kingsbridge in the mid-sixteenth century presents a town divided by the religious conflict caused by “Bloody” Mary’s persecution of Protestants, where a young man joins with Princess Elizabeth’s secret service after he loses his sweetheart and his business because the Queen finds him pro-Protestant.

Freeman, Philip. The Gospel of Mary (Peg, 24.95) Sept. A young Irish nun finds herself the guardian of a manuscript purporting to be the gospel of Mary, mother of Jesus, but she soon finds herself on the run from Church authorities who will stop at nothing to destroy it.

Freisenbruch, Annelise. Rivals of the Republic (Peg, 16.95) Sept. A debut set in Rome, featuring a female sleuth based on the daughter of Roman lawyer Quintus Hortensius Hortalis who investigates the death of a Roman senator and later the death of a Vestal Virgin with the help of a former gladiator.

Gaines, Ernest J. The Tragedy of Brady Sims (Vin, 15.00) Aug. A newspaper reporter covers a courthouse shooting in a small Louisiana town and finds that the shooter killed his own son as part of his job for the local white sheriff keeping black children in line in a powerful look at Southern racism.

Gobel, Steve. The Bloody Black Flag (RH, 15.95) Sept. In the first of a new series, a man who joined a pirate ship off the coast of America with his friend in 1722 vows vengeance when his friend is murdered onboard ship.

Gray, Juliana. A Strange Scottish Shore (Png, 16.00) Sept. A young woman is asked to come to Scotland by her amateur archaeologist employer in the second in the series set in 1906, but danger follows as they study a strange artifact found in a ruined castle: a suit of clothing that once belonged to a selkie.

Griffiths, Elly. The Blood Card (HMH, 25.00) Sept. On the eve of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Max Mephisto and DI Edgar Stephens join forces to investigate the death of their war-time commander, an investigation that sends Edgar to New York to interview a mesmerist who may have information.

_____. Smoke and Mirrors (HMH, 14.99) Sept. In the second in this series set in Brighton in 1951, DI Edgar Stephens is hunting for the killer of two children whose bodies are found at the end of a trail of candy in the snow, but when magician Max Mephisto appears with the tale of a similar murder years ago, the investigation becomes more complicated. Highly recommended for strong characters, a wonderful sense of place and time, and a strong sense that murder matters to us as a society.

Jecks, Michael. A Murder too Soon (SH, 28.99) Sept. In 1554 a gambler agrees to undertake the murder of one of Princess Elizabeth’s guardians, but when he arrives at the palace of Woodstock the woman has already been murdered and he must discover the killer lest he hang for a crime he didn’t get the chance to commit.

Jennings, Maureen. Dead Ground in Between (RH, 17.95) Aug.  DI Tyler in Shropshire in 1942 must find the murderer of an elderly man, and the two evacuee boys who found the body have disappeared.

Joukowsky, Artemis and Ken Burns. Defying the Nazis (RH, 18.00) Sept. The true story of a Unitarian minister and his wife who travelled to Prague in 1939 to help with the growing refugee crisis and managed to save the lives of many political dissidents and Jews from the Nazis. In 1940, they were sent to Vichy France to continue their work.

Lansdale, Joe R. Paradise Sky (GC, 15.99) Sept. A young, black Texas cowboy lights out for the West and becomes a sharpshooter in Deadwood, but he finds that he hasn’t left behind the racism and hatred of his old life.

MacNeal, Susan Elia. The Paris Spy (Ban, 26.00) Aug. Maggie Hope is sent undercover to Nazi-occupied Paris, disguised as a fashionable Irish lady, to search for her German half-sister and a fellow agent whose transmission are critical for the planned Normandy invasion.

Mann, George. Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes (RH, 14.95) Aug. A collection of short stories focusing on the minor characters in the Holmes canon: Lestrade, Moriarty, and Irene Adler.

Maxwell, Alyssa. Murder at Chateau sur Mer (Ken, 25.00) Aug. Newport reporter Emma Cross is asked by a senator’s wife to investigate the death of a prostitute who crashed the elegant polo match she was covering for the newspaper.

McCrumb, Sharyn. The Unquiet Grave (SS, 26.00) Sept. A novel based on one of the most curious murder trials in U.S. history, set in post-Civil War West Virginia where a man was put on trial for the murder of his young bride, based on the testimony of her ghost.

Mullen, Thomas. Lightning Men (SS, 26.00) Sept. In the second in this excellent series set in Atlanta in the 1950s, two black cops have their hands full dealing with racism in a changing society as well as corruption when they seek to stop the flow of white lightning and drugs into traditionally black neighborhoods.

Perry, Anne. Echo of Murder (Ball, 28.00) Sept. William Monk, in charge of the Thames River Police, investigates the murder of a warehouse owner, a member of London’s Hungarian community.

_____. Revenge in a Cold River (Ball, 16.00) Aug. William Monk is framed for a series of murders by a man from his past, a man of whom he has no recollection, so he must rely on his wife and his friend to find the truth.

Putnam, Jonathan F. These Honored Dead (Per, 15.99) Aug. A well-researched debut featuring Abraham Lincoln and   merchant Joshua Speed, who investigate a murder of a young woman in Springfield in 1837, and Lincoln takes on the defense of the suspect.

Raybourn, Deanna. A Perilous Undertaking (Png, 15.00) Sept. Veronica Speedwell is asked to investigate the case of a society art patron convicted of murdering his mistress and sentenced to hang in a week.

Ribchester, Lucy. The Amber Shadows (Peg, 25.95) Aug. When she begins receiving mysterious packages containing bits of amber from Russia, a woman working as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park during WWII is surprised and mystified, and when her brother is murdered, she wonders if the packages are related to her absent father and the war on the Eastern Front.

Rickoff, Alix. The Way to London (HC, 15.99) Sept. An aristocratic young lady is sent home to England from Singapore for misbehavior just before the Japanese invade during WWII, which ensures her survival but not that of her family, and when she agrees to help a young evacuee return to London to find his mother, she realizes that she must change her ways.

Schmidt, Sarah. See What I Have Done (Per, 25.00) Aug. Four narrators recount events leading to the 1892 murders of Andrew and Abby Borden, including Lizzie herself in a debut novel of psychological suspense that is at once a whodunit, a “whydunit,” and an  historical.

Sebastian, Mihail. For Two Thousand Years (RH, 16.95) Sept. A young Romanian student struggles with the rise of anti-Jewish sentiment in 1934 and his friends’ Zionism, finding himself alienated and isolated in the reissue of a classic from the 1930s.

Sebba, Anne. Les Parisiennes (STM, 17.99) Sept. An illustrated history of the women of Paris during the Nazi occupation who found themselves dealing with the oppressors either through collaboration or resistance.

Seethaler, Robert. The Tabacconist (Per, 15.95) Sept. A young man arriving in Vienna in the 1930s from the country just as the Nazis are moving in must decide whether to flee with his new love or stay and resist.

Seiffert, Rachel. A Boy in Winter (RH, 25.95) Sept. The arrival of the SS in 1941 in a small Ukrainian town changes the lives of the Jewish inhabitants forever.

Sem-Sandberg, Steve. The Chosen Ones (STM, 18.00) Aug. A Viennese children’s clinic becomes part of the Nazi plan for euthanizing “undesirables” after the German takeover of Austria before the outbreak of WWII in a searing novel told from the point of view of one of the children and one of the nurses.

Smith, Martin Cruz. The Girl from Venice (SS, 16.00) Sept. A Jewish girl on the run from the last Nazis in Italy in 1945 is rescued by a fisherman, and together they negotiate their way to safety through a world of partisans, corrupt officials, random executions, forgery, and high explosives.

Stewart, Amy. Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions (HMH, 26.00) Sept. In 1916, Deputy Sheriff Constance Kopp works to improve the lives of women who are at the mercy of draconian laws that imprison them for waywardness, incorrigibility, and moral depravity in the latest in this lighthearted series based on the real life of the two Kopp sisters.

Sutton, William. Lawless and the House of Electricity (RH, 14.95) Aug. In the third Victorian mystery featuring Detective Lawless, he investigates when a body is found carrying the name of the Earl of Roxbury, England’s foremost munitions manufacturer.

Thomas, Sherry. A Conspiracy in Belgravia (Png, 15.00) Sept. In the second in this Sherlock-Holmes pastiche series, Charlotte Holmes must find her benefactress’s first love, who she discovers is her own half-brother.

Thomas, Will. Hell Bay (STM, 15.99) Sept. Enquiry agent Cyrus Barker is hired to provide security for a secret government meeting at a secluded island estate, but two people are murdered, and he must find a killer in the latest in this Victorian series.

Todd, Charles. A Casualty of War (HC, 26.99) Sept. Bess Crawford is nursing an officer with a severe head wound who accuses his cousin of shooting him, but it is clear that the cousin could not have been guilty, so when next in England, Bess travels to the cousin’s home in Suffolk to investigate the relationship between the cousins.

Weaver, Ashley. The Essence of Malice (STM, 24.99) Sept. At the behest of his childhood nanny, Amory and Milo travel to Paris to investigate the death of a famous parfumier, and uncover that things smell rotten among the industry rivals and the heirs.

_____. A Most Novel Revenge (STM, 15.99) Sept. Amory Ames and her husband are asked to visit a country house where the socialite writer of a scandalous roman à clef about a murder that took place there years before is about to announce the identity of the murderer—but a new murder intervenes.

Weaver, Eva. The Puppet Boy of Warsaw (Hach, 13.99) Sept. A young boy living in the Warsaw ghetto finds a puppet head among his deceased grandfather’s effects and entertains the people of the ghetto until he is caught by a German soldier.

Weeks, Stephen. The Countess of Prague (Per, 15.95) Sept. In the first of a new series set in Europe before WWI, a Czech aristocrat bored with her life and her marriage becomes involved in investigating the murder of an old man once under the command of her uncle in a case that takes her to the spa at Marienbad where the English king is meeting with Kaiser Wilhelm.

Of Special Interest

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