August/September 2016

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abel, James. Cold Silence (Brk, 27.00) Aug. When a doctor and bioterrorism expert receives word of a plague in Somalia, he arrives too late to help the sufferers—and too late to stop it from breaking out in the United States.

Andrews, Donna. Die like an Eagle (STM, 25.99) Aug. Meg turns sleuth when the half-brother of the president of the youth baseball league is shot dead, and can’t decide whether the president was the intended victim or the culprit.

Baker, Shannon. Stripped Bare (STM, 24.99) Sept. In the first of a series set in western Nebraska, rancher Kate Fox Connor must keep her ranch going while she investigates the murder of a neighboring rancher and the shooting of her sheriff husband. Highly recommended. Signing.

Beaton, M.C. Pushing Up Daisies (STM, 25.99) Sept. When his aristocratic father is murdered, a man hires Agatha Raisin to find the killer because he feels that as heir, he might become the main suspect.

Berenson, Laurien. Live and Let Growl (Ken, 25.00) Aug. While at a dog show in Kentucky, Melanie investigates the mysterious death of friend, a former handler of standard poodles, and finds that her friend had lots of secrets to be dug up—both in the dog show world and among her pedigreed kin.

Bolton, Sharon. Daisy in Chains (STM, 25.99) Sept. An attorney known for her ability to overturn convictions is hired by the mother of a surgeon convicted of killing three overweight women in Somerset, and while at first, she considers the case airtight, after meeting with the lead detective, she begins to think there may be another killer.

Bowen, Michael. Damage Control (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Aug. In the first of a new series set in the political world of Washington, D.C., where a fundraiser enjoying a little hanky-panky with a client witnesses his murder, and must save her husband from becoming the chief suspect.

Broderick, William. The Discourtesy of Death (Overlook, 27.95) Aug. Father Anselm is asked to investigate an anonymous letter accusing a local man of murdering his disabled wife, a letter that may have been written by the man’s father-in-law.

Brown, Sandra. Sting (GC, 26.00) Aug. A hitman sent to kill a New Orleans event-planner decides to kidnap her instead to see if he can get information from her about a $30 million fraud perpetrated by his brother and another man, but the key element of this thriller is the sexual tension between the two of them in a novel of romantic suspense.

Bruen, Ken. The Emerald Lie (Per, 25.00) Aug. Galway PI Jack Taylor is hired to find the perpetrators of a grisly rape and murder of a young woman, but he is drawn into the case of a man killing those guilty of egregious grammar errors, a killer for whom I have sympathy based on my many years teaching Freshman Composition.

Byron, Ellen. Body in the Bayou (Per, 25.99) Sept. Maggie Crozat, owner of the Crozat Plantation B & B is forced into becoming maid of honor for the upcoming nuptials of her co-worker, but after the bride’s cousin is found dead, she finds that part of her duties involve keeping the bride from being arrested for murder in the second in this funny series.

Carr, Caleb. Surrender, New York (RH, 30.00) Aug. Set in the present day, a forensic psychologist who was fired from the NYPD is called in when a friend in law enforcement consults him about the deaths of several local kids.

Coben, Harlan. Home (Dut, 28.00) Sept. Myron Bolitar believes that he has located one of a pair of boys from wealthy families who were abducted ten years before, but where has he been and what happened to his friend?

Coel, Margaret. Winter’s Child (Brk, 27.00) Sept. Five years after an Arapaho couple find a baby abandoned on their doorstep during a blizzard, they hire an attorney to help them formally adopt the white child, but when he is killed, Vicky and Father John investigate and uncover a deadly secret.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s Debt to Pay (Put, 27.00) Sept. Jesse Stone investigates when a major Boston crime boss is murdered, and he suspects the killer was a psychotic assassin known as Mr.Peepers, a killer who has threatened revenge against him as well.

Connolly, John. A Time of Torment (SS, 26.99) Aug. A jewelry store owner, a hero for saving people during an armed robbery, hires PI Charlie Parker to discover who set him up leading to his being convicted and imprisoned for possession of child porn.

Coulter, Catherine. Insidious (SS, 27.00) Aug. FBI agents Savich and Sherlock investigate when an elderly businesswoman falls victim to poison, while their associate is hunting for the killer of four actresses in L.A.

Crawford, Isis. A Catered Tea Party (Ken, 25.00) Sept. Ecstatic to be catering the opening gala of the newly-renovated art museum, the sisters are horrified when the billionaire who has funded everything is killed by a short-circuited tea kettle.

Crider, Bill. Survivors Will Be Shot Again (STM, 25.99) Aug. Texas sheriff Dan Rhodes is called in to investigate a series of robberies, but the investigation turns to murder when one of the victims is found dead on the property of another victim.

Cussler, Clive and Robin Burcell. Pirate (Put, 29.00) Sept. Treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo go after an 800-year-old artifact, but someone else is determined that it will be his—at any cost.

Davey, E.M. Foretold by Thunder (Over, 26.95) Aug. A London journalist becomes involved in the search for ancient Etruscan texts that were of interest to Winston Churchill, but their quest comes to the attention of MI6 which begins following them.

Davis, Fiona. The Dollhouse (Dut, 26.00) Sept. A debut historical that begins in 1952 in Manhattan’s famous Barbizon Hotel, where a homesick secretary befriends one of the hotel’s maids who introduces her to jazz and even romance, but more than fifty years later a journalist hears the story of a deadly skirmish involving a hotel maid and decides to investigate.

DeSilva, Bruce. The Dread Line (STM, 25.99) Sept. Former Rhode Island reporter turned PI Liam Mulligan is hired to investigate a football player for the NFL team who want to make sure he has no skeletons in his closet.

Detection Club. The Sinking Admiral (HC, 24.99) Sept. A collaboration by fourteen members of the club about the murder of a publican in the seacoast village of Crabwell in Suffolk and the fears of the villagers that the debt-ridden pub will now close. Great fun.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. Kilt at the Highland Games (Kens, 25.00) Aug. During the Highland Games in Moosetookalook, Maine, Liss finds the body of a universally disliked town selectman, and investigates with the help of a PI friend.

Elias, Gerald. Playing with Fire (SH, 28.99) Sept. While enjoying Christmas with friends in the Berkshires, blind violinist Daniel Jacobus finds himself investigating a house fire and the disappearance of a violin-maker friend.

Emery, Anne. Lament for Bonnie (Per, 24.95) Sept. When young girl who is the member of a musical group disappears from her Cape Breton home, lawyer and musician Monty Collins joins the investigation, putting himself and his family at risk.

Evanovich, Janet and Phoef Sutton. Curious Minds (RH, 28.00) Sept. The first in a new series featuring an analyst at a mega-bank and an eccentric savant who join forces to uncover an embezzlement scheme.

Fairstein, Linda. Killer Look (Dut, 28.00) Aug. Still recovering from her recent kidnapping, ADA Alexandra Cooper insists on joining the investigation into a murder and the suspicious suicide of a high-fashion designer.

Farjeon, J. Jefferson. The House Opposite (HC, 15.99) Sept. A reprint of the 1931 crime classic featuring a Cockney detective, who gets an unexpected job offer from a mysterious woman in evening dress to investigate the strange goings-on in an untenanted house.

Farnsworth, Christopher. Kill File (HC, 25.99) Aug. A psychic who can read minds and influence others through mental suggestion is hired by a billionaire to recover a stolen algorithm from the mind of a one-time protégé turned business rival, but he becomes the target of mysterious forces, and he must use his abilities to survive.

Ferris, Monica. Knit Your Own Murder (Brk, 26.00) Aug. When a successful businesswoman falls dead during a charity auction, it turns out she was poisoned, so Betsy must untangle the motives to stitch up a killer.

Finder, Joseph. Guilty Minds (Dut, 28.00) Aug. Private intelligence operative Nick Heller is asked to check out a story set to run on a website accusing the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of having a regular relationship with a prostitute, and he finds that the website is itself suspicious. Finder does great political thrillers.

Frangello, Gina. Every Kind of Wanting (Per, 26.00) Aug. A novel of family secrets and friendship that begins when a gay couple arranges to have a friend serve as a surrogate, but as the time of the birth approaches, the relationships fragment as secrets begin to be revealed.

Gregson, J.M. Final Act (SH, 28.99) Sept. DCS Lambert and DS Hook investigate the death of an American television producer filming on location in Herefordshire, amidst an entire crew with motives for murder.

Grundvig, James. Dolphin Drone (Per, 24.99) Sept. While doing surveillance on two U.S. ships hijacked by Somali pirates, a former Navy Seal uncovers a terrorist plot to bomb New York Harbor.

Hawvermale, Lance. Face Blind (STM, 26.95) Aug. A research scientist working in Chile with an inability to see human faces sees a mysterious person get murdered, but when he returns with the authorities, there is no body.

Hiaasen, Carl. Razor Girl (RH, 27.95) Sept. When a reality television star disappears after a ruckus in a bar, Yancy, a health inspector wanting to get his job back at the sheriff’s department, joins forces with a female scam artist to find him in a caper filled with assorted Florida crazies, a mongoose, and Gambian pouched rats. Highly recommended.

Holahan, Cate. The Widower’s Wife (Per, 25.99) Aug. An insurance investigator is sure that the husband is guilty when his heavily-insured wife falls off a cruise ship near the Bahamas, even though witnesses provide him with an alibi.

Holm, Chris. Red Right Hand (Mull, 26.00) Sept. When a terrorist plot reveals that a federal witness is still alive, an FBI agent calls on a hitman who specializes in going after other hitmen to help her.

Howells, Debbie. The Beauty of the End (Ken, 25.00) Aug. When he hears that the woman he loved and lost is in a coma from an apparent overdose and the lead suspect in a murder, a retired barrister leaves his isolated cottage in the English countryside to help prove her innocence, but he discovers that she was not the woman he thought she was.

Jance, J.A. Downfall (HC, 26.99) Sept. A pregnant Joanna Brady investigates when two women’s bodies are found at the base of a peak, one a botany student and the other the wife of a local preacher.

Johnson, Craig. An Obvious Fact (Vik, 28.00) Sept. When Walt and Henry investigate the circumstances of a motorcycle accident at the Sturgis motorcycle rally, they find that the young biker has been targeted by the ATF as well. Signing.

Kahn, Michael. The Dead Hand (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95tp) Sept. Rachel Gold must deal with two cases where people have tried to control their assets beyond the grave, known in legalese as “the dead hand,” in the latest in this very funny legal series.

Kava, Alex. Reckless Creed (Put, 27.00) Sept. Two mysterious suicides and the deaths of a flock of snow geese send FBI agent Maggie O’Dell, Ryder Creed, and his K-9 search-and-rescue dogs on the trail of a diabolical killer.

Keller, Julia. Sorrow Road (STM, 25.99) Aug. West Virginia prosecutor Bel Elkins agrees to help a friend who worries that her father was suffering from a secret guilt before he died, and when the friend dies in a car accident, Bel is more concerned to find the truth. I loved this.

Keskinen, Karen. Dragon Fruit (SH, 28.99) Sept. A Santa Barbara PI is hired by an undocumented immigrant to look for her missing toddler in a case that becomes tied to drug smugglers and dirty cops.

Koryta, Michael. Rise the Dark (LB, 26.00) Aug. When a woman is held hostage by a recently released convict, PI Markus Novak, who suspects the man murdered his wife, must work to release her and bring the man to justice.

Krueger, William Kent. Manitou Canyon (SS, 24.99) Sept. Working the case of a missing camper PI Cork O’Connor vanishes days before his daughter’s wedding, and when the family goes to the wilderness area where he was last seen, they find blood but no sign of him. Signing.

Lapena, Shari. The Couple Next Door (Vik, 26.00) Aug. A young couple arrives home from the neighbors to find that their baby has been taken in a novel of suspense with a couple of surprising twists. Very well plotted.

Laurie, Victoria. A Grave Prediction (NAL, 25.00) Aug. Professional psychic Abby is hired by the FBI to teach agents to use intuition, but she is plunged into the case of a series of bank robberies that leads to a vacant lot where she sees four bodies.

LeCarré, John. The Pigeon Tunnel (Vik, 28.00) Sept. Stories and vignettes from the life of the man who invented the modern espionage novel.

Martin, Andrew. The Yellow Diamond (Per, 24.95) Aug. Taking over from a superior gravely injured in a shooting, a DI is appointed to lead a London unit dealing with the super-rich, finding himself in an unfamiliar world as he investigates the theft of a fabulous diamond owned by a wealthy Russian and the murder of a hedge-fund manager.

Mayor, Archer. Presumption of Guilt (STM, 25.99) Sept. When the body of a man is discovered forty years after he disappeared, Joe Gunther and his team at the Vermont Bureau of Investigation investigate, but when the dead man’s former partner is murdered, it suggests that the murderer is still at large.

McEwan, Ian. Nutshell (RH, 24.95) Sept. A contemporary retelling of Hamlet, with the young Hamlet overhearing his mother and uncle’s plot to kill his father while in utero in a classic tale of love and deceit.

McHugh, Laura. Arrowood (RH, 27.00) Aug. When she inherits the old family house along the Mississippi River, a woman decides to look into the defining event of her childhood—the abduction of her twin sisters—and learns the secrets and lies that are her family legacy. Highly recommended.

McInerney, Lisa. The Glorious Heresies (RH, 27.00) Aug. In a debut novel by an Irish writer, a messy murder affects five people who inhabit the fringes of Ireland’s criminal underworld.

McKenzie, Grant. The Butcher’s Son (Per, 25.99) Sept. Child Protection Officer Ian Quinn is surprised to find that he has been left something in his father’s will—a key, the deed to his grandfather’s old butcher shop, and an ominous note.

Moose, Ruth. Wedding Bell Blues (STM, 25.99) Aug. The proprietor of the Dixie Dew B & B has her hands full with a homeless woman who claims to have killed God, a missing man whose wife is sure he has run off with a floozy, the first annual Green Bean Festival, and the wedding of her best friend in the second in this funny, cozy series.

Mosby, Steve. The Reckoning on Cane Hill (Peg, 25.95) Sept. The death of one policeman’s son and the reappearance of a young woman thought dead in a car crash come together in an intricately plotted police procedural.

Moss, Todd. Ghosts of Havana (Put, 27.00) Sept. When a boat with four sports fisherman strays into Cuban waters and the four men are arrested, the State Department official sent to straighten things out begins to suspect that the men may not be as innocent as they claim.

Neville, Stuart. So Say the Fallen (Soho, 26.95) Sept. When a Belfast car dealer dies in what looks like suicide from an overdose of pain medication, detective Serena Flanigan is not convinced, and her continuing investigation creates deep suspicions of the man’s widow. Highly recommended.

O’Connell, Carol. Blind Sight (Put, 27.00) Sept. When four bodies are found on the lawn of Gracie Mansion, NYPD detective Mallory is committed to finding the young blind boy who was abducted at the same time as one of the victims.

Olsen, Rena. The Girl Before (Put, 27.00) Aug. After a young woman is taken by the FBI when they break up a human trafficking operation, she must come to terms with her past as one of a series of girls taken in by a family grooming them for life with wealthy clients in a really powerful novel of psychological suspense.

Papantonio, Mike. Law and Disorder (Per, 26.95) Sept. An attorney specializing in going up against big corporations finds that everything in his life is at risk when he goes after a pharmaceutical corporation protected by corrupt politicians in a debut legal thriller.

Paris, B.A. Behind Closed Doors (STM, 25.99) Aug. A newlywed couple appear to lead a perfect life in a perfect English village, but the husband is a sadistic psychopath keeping his wife as a prisoner, and her will to escape grows stronger when her young sister decides to come to live with them in a tense thriller.

Penny, Louise. A Great Reckoning (STM, 28.99) Sept. The discovery of an old map in the bistro of Three Pines sends retired homicide detective Armand Gamache back to the Sûreté in Quebec, where he finds a murdered professor and the professor’s protégé, a heavily tattooed young cadet.

Ramsay, Caro. Rat Run (SH, 29.99) Aug. DCI Anderson and DI Costello re-investigate the murder of a woman and her two children in Altmore, Scotland years before after human bones are found in a sinkhole with the same marks on the bodies, an investigation that is more pressing since the man convicted of the murder was in prison when the later murders were committed.

Rees, Matt. The Damascus Threat (Per, 26.99) Aug. In the first of a new thriller series, an ICE special agent investigates a conspiracy to unleash a chemical attack somewhere in New York City after a doctor is found murdered on his doorstep.

Robb, J. D. Apprentice in Death (Brk, 28.00) Sept. Eve Dallas investigates when three people are killed by a sniper in Central Park, but she sees that the weapon was so advanced that the sniper could have been miles away from the murder site.

Robinson, Peter. When the Music’s Over (HC, 25.99) Aug. Alan Banks investigates when a female poet comes forward to accuse a famous man of assault decades before and his daughter investigates the murder of a woman found on a remote Yorkshire road.

Robinson, Todd. Rough Trade (Per, 25.00) Aug. When a jazz musician turns up dead after receiving a beating from two bouncers at a Boston rock and roll club, they must fight to clear themselves.

Scottoline, Lisa. Damaged (STM, 27.99) Aug. Mary DiNunzio becomes involved in the case of a learning-disabled boy who is being sued for attacking a school aide, and her concern with the case puts her at odds with her office, her fiancé, and social services.

Slaughter, Karin. The Kept Woman (HC, 27.99) Sept. When a dirty cop is murdered in a nightclub, Will Trent must find his mentally-ill wife, whose prints are on the murder weapon.

Spencer, Sally. Death in Disguise (SH, 28.99) Aug. DCI Monika Paniatowski is put in charge of the investigation of the murder of an American, but she discovers that the woman wasn’t who she said she was and was investigating a murder that occurred in 1924.

Spiegelman, Peter. Doctor Knox (RH, 26.95) Aug. A doctor with a health clinic for disenfranchised patients—addicts, prostitutes, transients—vows to track down a Romanian woman who leaves her young son at the clinic, a decision that puts him and those he loves at risk from Russian thugs and a ruthless billionaire. Highly recommended for a wonderful combination of suspense and complex moral issues.

Storey, Erik. Nothing Short of Dying (SS, 25.00) Aug. In an adrenaline-fueled debut, a man returns to the U.S. after years working in Africa and Latin America to find that his sister is being held by a vicious meth dealer in Colorado, so he uses his tracking and people-killing skills to rescue her.

Tanenbaum, Robert K. Infamy (SS, 27.00) Sept. When an army colonel is murdered by a veteran, Karp and Ciampi are plunged into a case of corruption in the highest levels of government in the latest legal thriller.

Telep, Peter. The Secret Corps (Per, 22.95) Aug. A fatal terrorist invasion in a small town leads a Marine to question if his relatives are somehow involved, and the only ones he can trust to discover the truth are his former comrades in arms.

Thurlo, David. Rob Thy Neighbor (STM, 25.99) Aug. Pawnbroker Charlie Henry and his friends foil a kidnapping attempt on a neighbor, but in the aftermath they are left with a number of unanswered questions.

Tracy, P.J. The Sixth Idea (Put, 27.00) Aug. The Monkeewrench computer experts are called in when the murders of two men are tied to their being descendants of the eight scientists who developed the hydrogen bomb in the 1950s, and it appears that there is a clever conspiracy at work.

Tucker, Neely. Only the Hunted Run (Vik, 27.00) Aug. When D.C. journalist Sully Carter stumbles upon the body of an Oklahoma congressman, the killer escapes the scene, but soon becomes obsessed with Carter, who in turn decides to investigate the man’s life, sending him to an Oklahoma Indian reservation.

Van Lustbader, Eric. Any Minute Now (STM, 25.99) Aug. In a military thriller with strong supernatural elements, a black-ops private security team in Pakistan goes rogue after a mission awry, battling an occult group seeking world domination.

Ward, Sarah. A Deadly Thaw (STM, 25.99) Sept. A police procedural featuring officers of the Derbyshire Constabulary who believe that a woman who confessed to killing her husband years before may have misidentified him, but as more deaths follow they begin to suspect that rape is at the heart of the events.

Way, Camilla. Watching Edie (NAL, 26.00) Aug. In a psychological suspense debut two unlikely friends from the English Midlands meet up years later in London where, after a tragic event in their past, the popular pretty one is now a depressed single mother and her overweight unpopular friend has taken over her life.

Wayne, Teddy. Loner (SS, 26.00) Sept. A suspenseful psychological thriller about a Harvard freshman who becomes obsessed by a beautiful classmate, and his machinations to win her become increasingly creepy.

Wendig, Chuck. Invasive (HC, 25.99) Aug. An FBI consultant is called in unexpectedly to a murder scene when someone is weaponizing the natural world in a way that could lead to the end of the world.

Wilson, Kate. We Eat Our Own (SS, 26.00) Sept. When an actor accepts a film role in a movie set in the Amazon, he doesn’t realize that the dysfunctional film crew is not nearly as dangerous as the town in the jungle run by narcotraficantes and rebels against the government.

Wolf, Kevin. The Homeplace (STM, 24.99) Sept. A prizewinning debut set in Colorado where a former high school basketball star returns after his professional career crashed and burned, only to find that someone has murdered both a basketball star and his old coach, and now two acquaintances have gone missing.

Wolfe, Inger Ash. The Night Bell (Peg, 25.95) Aug. Ontario homicide detective Hazel Micallef investigates when the remains of eighteen boys, all murder victims, are found near a new housing development, in a case where murders in the past lead to the kidnapping of a police officer and the murder of three people involved with the development.

Woods, Stuart and Parnell Hall. Smooth Operator (Put, 28.00) Aug. Stone Barrington is asked to investigate when an important congressman’s daughter is kidnapped, so he calls in ex-CIA agent Teddy Fay to help.

Wurster, Erich. The Coaster (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Aug. In a debut caper novel, an incompetent man whose only talent has been to marry well is appointed the executor of his father-in-law’s large estate and finds that he quickly descends into criminal mayhem, saved by his level-headed wife.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Andrews, Donna. Lord of the Wings (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Black, Saul. The Killing Lessons (STM, 9.99) Sept.

Box, C.J. Badlands (STM, 9.99) Aug.

_____. Free Fire (Put, 9.99) Aug. Reissue.

Brown, Dan. Inferno (RH, 9.99) Sept.

Brown, Sandra. Friction (LB, 8.99) Aug.

Chazin, Suzanne. A Blossom of Bright Light (Ken, 9.99) Aug.

Coben, Harlan. Fool Me Once (Dut, 9.99) Aug.

Coel, Margaret. The Man Who Fell from the Sky (Brk, 7.99) Aug.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s The Devil Wins (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The End Game (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Coyle, Cleo. Dead to the Last Drop (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Du Brul, Jack. The Lightning Stones (DD, 9.99) Aug.

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher (NAL, 7.99) Sept.

Fluke, Joanna. Wicked (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Reissue.

Flynn, Vince and Kyle Mills. The Survivor (Pkt, 9.99) Sept.

Gardner, Lisa. The Third Victim (BDD, 9.99) Aug.

Grafton, Sue. X (Put, 9.99) Aug.

Hooper, Kay. Fear the Dark (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Kellerman, Faye. Theory of Death (HC, 9.99) Sept.

Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. The Golem of Paris (Put, 9.99) Sept.

Land, Jon. Strong Light of Day (STM, 9.99) Aug.

Lescroart, John. The Fall (Pkt, 9.99) Aug.

Martin, Nancy. Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Meier, Leslie. Candy Corn Murder (Ken, 7.99) Sept.

Olsen, Gregg. A Cold Dark Place (Ken, 9.99) Sept. Reissue.

Robb, J.D. Brotherhood in Death (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Reissue.

Rollins, James. The Bone Labyrinth (HC, 9.99) Aug.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. What You See (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Spindler, Erica. The First Wife (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Woods, Stuart. Scandalous Behavior (Put, 9.99) Sept.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Abbott, Allyson K. Shots in the Dark (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Bar-owner and amateur sleuth Mack must figure out who is trying to frame her for the murder of a bartender.

Adams, Ellery. Murder in the Secret Garden (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When a group of herbalists come to Jane’s book-themed resort, they are particularly interested in the secret garden containing poisonous plants, and then one of the group decides to put this knowledge into practice.

Becker, James. The Templar Archive (Brk, 9.99) Sept. Bookseller Robin Jessop and encryption expert David Mallory discover clues that the Templar treasure that they have been seeking may in fact be information about land and financial transactions of the noble families of Europe.

Bonner, Bryn. Dead in a Flash (Pkt, 7.99) Sept. Genealogists Sophreena and Esme are hired by a senator to do a genealogical scrapbook of his family history, but the tragic death of his infant brother clouds the issue and leads to a new murder.

Bryan, Mollie Cox. Death among the Doilies (Ken, 7.99) Sept. In a new crafting series, a woman setting up a craft retreat must turn to sleuthing when the local librarian is found dead and her friend and business partner’s fingerprints are found at the scene.

Buckley, Julia. Cheddar off Dead (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When a Santa is killed in the school parking lot, caterer Lilah decides to find the Grinch who did it.

Cahoon, Lynn. A Story to Kill (Ken, 7.99) Sept. When she inherits an old Victorian house in Colorado an English professor decides to set up a B-and-B that’s a writer’s retreat, but when one of her first guests is found dead, she must study the suspects to find a killer in a debut mystery.

Cass, Laurie. Cat with a Clue (NAL, 7.99) Aug. When the body of an out-of-town woman is found in the library, Minnie and her rescue cat Eddie must discover what she was doing there and who wanted her checked out permanently.

Cates, Bailey. Spells and Scones (NAL, 7.99) Aug. When a well-known author who has come to town for a book-signing is found dead with an ex-witch standing over her, magical bakery owner Katie must find a killer, even though she may lose her terrier familiar.

Cochran, Peg. No Farm, No Foul (Brk, 7.99) Sept. In the first of a new series a single-mother farmer in rural Michigan discovers the body of a minster’s wife on her property after a fundraiser and decides to dig for a killer as suspects crop up.

Coco, Nancy. All You Need Is Fudge (Ken, 7.99) Aug. During the annual yacht race off Mackinac Island, candy-maker Ally and her bichonpoo find a body in the marina, and when she hears the bitter news that her boyfriend’s sister is the chief suspect, she vows to discover who is coating the truth.

DiSilverio, Laura. The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala (NAL, 7.99) Aug. A celebration of gothic novels in the small Colorado town turns truly frightening when a dead body is found at the costume ball, so Amy-Faye and the Readaholics must use their knowledge of fiction to find a real-life killer.

Flowers, Jean. Cancelled by Murder (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Postmistress Cassie agrees to help when the owner of the fabric store is killed during a massive storm, and the police blame foul play rather than foul weather.

Gerber, Daryl Wood. Grilling the Subject (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When his unpleasant neighbor is found dead while he is off fishing by himself, Jenna’s father becomes the chief suspect in the murder, so bookstore owner Jenna must save him before he is raked over the coals.

Haddock, Nancy. Paint the Town Dead (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Nixy and her aunt’s crafting group, the Silver Sixes, are inaugurating their new craft shop by inviting a painter to give classes, but when a woman is killed, they must turn sleuths.

Hamilton, Victoria. Much Ado about Muffin (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When the town postmistress is found dead, the police concentrate on an opera singer who was her bitter enemy, but bakery owner Merry thinks the case is half-baked.

Hesse, Jennifer D. Midsummer Night’s Mischief (Ken, 7.99) Aug. In the first of a new series, an attorney who’s also a practicing Wiccan is in deep trouble when a valuable Shakespearean artifact goes missing after the death of a client just in time for the Summer Solstice.

Hollis, Lee. Death of a Pumpkin Carver (Ken, 7.99) Sept. Things get very spooky when a killer crashes Halloween festivities and Hayley’s ex-husband is the chief suspect.

Holmes, Juliane. Clock and Dagger (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Right before the grand re-opening of the clock shop she inherited from her grandfather, Ruth discovers the body of a rival clockmaker and must stop time while she looks for a killer.

James, Delia. By Familiar Means (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When a new coffeehouse in the village is plagued by ghostly sounds, the owner asks Annabelle and her coven to investigate, and when they find old smuggler’s tunnels and a dead body, it turns into a murder investigation.

James. Miranda. Digging up the Dirt (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When a body turns up at the estate of a very eligible bachelor, the Southern sisters must discover who would kill for love.

Kelly, Diane. Death, Taxes, and a Satin Garter (STM, 7.99) Aug. While preparing to be maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding IRS investigator Tara is also investigating a talk-radio host giving people advice how to cheat on their taxes and a Casanova relieving lonely ladies of their money.

O’Brien, Kevin. You’ll Miss Me when I’m Gone (Ken, 9.99) Aug. A case of high-school bullying has deadly consequences in a nail-biting thriller.

Shea, Hunter. The Jersey Devil (Ken, 7.99) Sept. The legendary Jersey Devil must fight for its life when a pack of survivalists threaten to annihilate it. I couldn’t resist.

Swanson, Denise. Murder of a Cranky Catnapper (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Psychologist Skye decides to try pet therapy with a group of awkward fourth-grade boys, but the experiment draws the ire of a school-board member who is later found dead with the therapy cat hidden in his garage.

Sweeney, Leann. The Cat, the Collector, and the Killer (NAL, 7.99) Aug. When an elderly woman is found wandering in the streets with a kitten in her handbag, the authorities searching her house discover more cats, a maze of boxes, and a dead body, so Jillian investigates.

Vallere, Diane. Silk Stalkings (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Fabric shop owner Poly must look for a pattern when her friend is a suspect in the murder of a millionaire just before the annual beauty pageant.

Wallace, Auralee. Pumpkin Picking with Murder (STM, 7.99) Sept. After a dead man sails out of the Tunnel of Love during the Otter Lake Fall Festival, Erica Bloom must help her aunt from becoming the main suspect.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Bauer, Belinda. Rubbernecker (Per, 16.00) Aug. An autistic boy whose father died in an automobile accident decides to take an anatomy class to learn enough to prove that his father’s death was no accident. Highly recommended.

Beaumont, Maegan. Blood of Saints (MidInk, 15.99) Aug. Former homicide cop Sabrina Vaughn chases a serial killer from her remote Montana home to Yuma, Arizona after he implicates her in his gruesome crimes.

Blackwell, Juliet. Letter from Paris (Brk, 15.00) Sept. When a woman finds the mask of an unknown woman in her grandmother’s attic, her quest to find the identity of the woman sends her to Paris to a surly sculptor, where she uncovers some family secrets of her own.

Boice, James. The Shooting (Per, 17.00) Sept. When a young immigrant is killed by a paranoid banker, the fallout of the shooting pits various members of the community in their NYC neighborhood against one another on the subject of gun violence.

Brett, Simon. Mrs. Pargeter’s Principle (SH, 17.95) Aug. A welcome return for the wonderful Mrs. Pargeter, wealthy widow of a famous thief, who investigates when someone warns her off communicating with the widow of one of her husband’s “business” associates.

Byron, Ellen. Plantation Shudders (Per, 15.99) Aug. In a debut cozy, a woman returns to her Louisiana plantation home, now converted to a bed-and-breakfast, but the unexpected deaths of a newly-married older couple causes problems.

Caine, Alex. Befriend and Betray II (SS, 16.95) Sept. The real-life exploits of an RCMP agent who has worked undercover with both the DEA and the FBI to bring down drug cartels, human traffickers, and terrorists.

Cleeves, Ann. Thin Air (STM, 15.99) Aug. When a woman disappears after claiming to have seen the ghost of a small child, Jimmy Perez investigates in the latest in the series set on the Shetland Islands.

Cobb, Thomas. Darkness the Color of Snow (HC, 15.99) Aug. A suspenseful tale of small-town secrets and lies when a tragic accident places a rookie cop in the spotlight of blame. Highly recommended.

Cross, Ethan. Blind Justice (Per, 13.95) Aug. A blind investigator in Washington, D.C. discovers that the supposed murder/suicide of a high-ranking general and his wife is the beginning of a deadly conspiracy that could kill thousands.

Crowley, Sinéad. Can Anybody Help Me? (LB, 14.99) Aug.  An Irish woman who joins an online forum for new mothers is worried when one of the mothers stops posting, but when she hears that a woman with her online friend’s description is found dead, she is terrified.

Daly, Paula. The Mistake I Made (Per, 15.00) Sept. A single mother in financial difficulties agrees to a lucrative and indecent proposal from a wealthy married man, but as we know things only get worse for her—leading to a disappearance, violence, and blackmail.

Daniels, Robert. Wake the Devil (Per, 14.99) Sept. A retired FBI agent and an Atlanta police detective join forces to stop a clever assassin who leaves no trace, and who has been hired to kill a pair of witnesses scheduled to testify before a grand jury.

Delaney, Kathleen. Purebred Dead (SH, 17.95) Aug. A cozy debut featuring a retired schoolteacher in a small California town who investigates when the body of an alcoholic veteran is found during the Christmas pageant along with an adorable cocker spaniel puppy.

Dobyns, Stephen. Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? (Png, 16.00) Sept. A comic thriller about a small-time con operation and a pair of combative detectives set in Connecticut. Great fun.

Emery, Anne. The Ruined Abbey (Per, 14.95) Sept. Father Brennan Burke flies to London when his cousin is arrested for murdering a policeman and planning an attack on Westminster Abbey.

Francis, Felix. Front Runner (Put, 16.00) Sept. When a jockey who has approached him to talk about races purposely lost is found dead, British racing investigator Jefferson Hinkley finds it dangerous to ask too many questions.

Freedland, Jonathan. The Third Woman (HC, 15.99) Aug. In this thriller set in the near future after the U.S. has become economically weakened by its massive debt to China, a journalist investigates when his sister dies suspiciously and uncovers a cover-up with global implications.

Glynn, Alan. Paradime (STM, 16.00) Aug. In a financial thriller, an Iraq veteran with mental health problems is recruited to pose as a murdered venture capitalist who is his doppelganger, but he soon discovers that he is in deep trouble and must discover who exactly is manipulating him.

Goodman, Lee. Injustice (SS, 16.00) Sept. Federal prosecutor Nick Davis is investigating the shooting death of a member of his extended family, while also grappling with a public corruption case involving a mining-services contractor. Recommended.

Grace, Margaret. Matrimony in Miniature (Pers, 15.95) Sept. Gerry must put her wedding plans on hold when the wife a fellow miniaturist is found dead near the B & B where the wedding is to take place and she wants to find the killer to save him.

Herbert, A.L. Murder with Macaroni and Cheese (Ken, 15.00) Sept. Soul food restaurateur Halia must find a killer when the mean girl from her high school class is found murdered at the reunion and the list of suspects could fill the school gymnasium.

Herren, Greg. Garden District Gothic (Per, 16.95) Sept. Thirty years after his little sister’s body was found behind the carriage house of his family’s new Orleans mansion, a man asks PI Scotty Bradley to look into the crime that has destroyed his family.

Hoag, Tami. The Bitter Season (Dut, 16.00) Sept. Now working the cold-case squad Minneapolis policewoman Nikki Liska is reopening the murder of a much-decorated sex crimes detective, while her former partner is investigating the brutal double homicide of a university professor and his wife, but the two cases come together in interesting ways.

Holm, Chris. The Killing Kind (LB, 15.99) Aug. A special ops agent in Afghanistan returns home and contacts the victims of organized crime hit contracts and offers to take out their killer for a fee, but one of the most feared and sadistic hit men turns the tables and goes after him.

Horsley, Kate. The American Girl (HC. 15.99) Aug. An American student who was boarding with a family in a small French village is found mute and bloody in the woods and later when the family is found murdered, she becomes the main suspect in a twisty, psychological thriller.

Jensen, Jane. In the Land of Milk and Honey (Brk, 15.00) Aug. When a deadly milk-borne disease threatens the Amish in Pennsylvania, DI Elizabeth Harris investigates only to discover that a clever poisoner is at work.

Johnson, Jeff. Everything under the Moon (Per, 15.99) Sept. A serial killer who is part werewolf finds himself battling a corporation that has identified werewolves and forces them into servitude.

Johnstone, Doug. The Jump (Per, 14.95) Aug. After the suicide of her teenaged son, a woman finds another teenager on the point of jumping from the same Scottish bridge, so she saves him only to discover that there is something more than simple depression at work in a suspenseful psychological thriller.

Jurado, J.G. Point of Balance (SS, 16.00) Sept. A surgeon is placed on the horns of a terrible dilemma: if the patient he is scheduled to operate on survives, his kidnapped daughter will die in a suspenseful thriller.

Kirby, William S. Vienna (STM, 15.99) Sept. A reimagining of Holmes and Watson as an autistic young woman and a glamorous super-model whose meeting is a one-night stand, until the super-model’s boyfriend is found murdered.

Lake, Alex. After Anna (HC, 12.99) Aug. After she asks her husband for a separation, an English attorney arrives at school to find that her young daughter has disappeared, but even after she appears a week later, life doesn’t go back to normal.

LaPlante, Alice. Coming of Age at the End of Days (Per, 16.00) Aug. A teenaged girl becomes involved with a religious cult in a complex psychological thriller. Highly recommended.

Lee, M. Elizabeth. Love Her Madly (SS, 16.00) Aug. Two college friends have a perfect relationship until they fall for the same man, and after one of them disappears in the jungle during a trip to Costa Rica, the other thinks she sees her seven years later in NYC in a novel of psychological suspense.

Macmillan, Gilly. The Perfect Girl (HC, 15.99) Sept. A suspenseful and serpentine tale of a mother and daughter who come back from a tragedy in the past after the mother remarries a wealthy entrepreneur, but they find that they are not the only ones with secrets, and what they don’t know about the new husband and his brooding teenaged son is dangerous.

Malfi, Ronald. The Night Parade (Ken, 15.00) Aug. After a mysterious illness threatens to destroy the human race, a man tries to escape with his young daughter, who may in fact hold the key to stopping the plague.

Marwood, Alex. The Darkest Secret (Png, 16.00) Aug. After a real-estate magnate is found dead handcuffed to a woman who is not his fourth wife, his daughters by two previous marriages join forces to discover what happened to a third daughter who disappeared.

Mayor, Archer. The Company She Kept (STM, 15.99) Aug. When a Vermont state senator is found dead, Joe Gunther and his men have a case that reaches to the state capitol and the governor herself.

McKenzie, Grant. Speak the Dead (Per, 16.00) Aug. A fast-paced thriller that features a murder-suicide, a kidnapping, a creepy religious cult in South Dakota, and a squadron of motorcycle-riding nuns. Who could ask for more?

Miller, Jason. Red Dog (HC, 14.99) Aug. In the second of this funny series, Redneck detective Slim is hired to find the missing Shelby Ann Cleaves, who turns out to be a red-haired pit bull puppy, in a case that plunges him into the unsavory world of underground dog fighting and white supremacists.

Mizushima, Margaret. Stalking Ground (Per, 15.95) Sept. In the second in this excellent series a Colorado deputy sheriff and her K-9 partner find themselves stalked by a killer after they find a woman’s body during a blizzard.

Moretti, Kate. The Vanishing Year (SS, 16.00) Sept. A woman married to a fabulously wealthy Wall Street tycoon hides a past that begins to catch up with her in a novel of psychological suspense.

Mosby, Steve. The Nightmare Place (Peg, 15.95) Sept. A man who is entering into the houses of young women and assaulting them contacts the detective in charge of the case while she is working on a crisis hotline, claiming that his compulsion soon will demand blood be shed.

Neville, Stuart. Those We Left Behind (Soho, 15.95) Aug. A young man recently released from prison for killing his stepfather and his brother become the targets for the man’s real son, who thinks that the wrong brother was convicted, a suspicion also held by the police in a brilliant novel of psychological suspense.

North, Gil. The Methods of Sergeant Cluff (PP, 12.95) Sept. When a young woman is murdered in a fictional Yorkshire town, the local policeman—with the help of his collie, Clive—is able to use his knowledge of the locals to find the killer in a mystery from 1961.

Oswald, James. Dead Man’s Bones (Per, 14.99) Sept. Edinburgh DI McLean is called to the countryside to investigate the murder/suicide of the family of an influential politician, but the more he discovers, the more he sees a connection with the murder of a heavily-tattooed unidentified man.

Patterson, Victoria. The Little Brother (Per, 15.95) Aug. A novel of psychological suspense about a boy who witnesses his older brother taking part in a gang rape and doesn’t know where his loyalties lie—to the victim or to his family.

Petrie, Nicholas. The Drifter (Put, 16.00) Aug. When a returned veteran agrees to help the widow of a Marine buddy after he commits suicide, he discovers a mean dog and a suitcase filled with money and explosives under the front porch of her house, embroiling him in a plot that had its beginnings in the Middle East. Highly recommended.

Pitts, Leonard Jr. Grant Park (Per, 16.00) Sept. A fascinating look at race relations from the assassination of Martin Luther King to the election of Barack Obama told in the form of a thriller featuring two journalists, one white and one black who tangle with angry white supremacists.

Powell, William Dylan. Untimely Demise (SS, 16.95) Sept. An illustrated guide to the myriad ways people have murdered others in a humorous murder manual.

Rankin, Ian. The Beat Goes On (LB, 16.99) Aug. A collection of the complete stories about the Scottish detective spanning his entire career.

Rash, Ron. Above the Waterfall (HC, 15.99) July. When a local man is accused of poisoning a trout stream a North Carolina, the sheriff investigates and uncovers a caper heavy in Southern crime and violence, rooted in family quarrels and the sins of the past.

Robinson, Peter. In the Dark Places (HC, 14.99) Aug. DI Banks investigates the disappearance of a tractor belonging to a Yorkshire gentleman farmer leading to a case of murder when they discover the body of a local tough.

Rothschild, Hannah. The Improbability of Love (RH, 16.00) Sept. When a woman who works for two unscrupulous art dealers in Manhattan buys an eighteenth-century painting in a junk shop, she finds that not only does the painting speak, but that everyone wants it by fair means or foul in a magical tale of love, mystery, and magic.

Sharp, Zoë. The Blood Whisperer (F&M, 14.95) Aug. In the first of a new series a disgraced London crime scene investigator working as a crime-scene cleaner is convinced that the scene of a suicide she is working on is really a murder, but someone is determined that she be stopped from investigating.

Simon, Clea. Code Grey (SH, 17.95) Aug. Graduate student Dulcie Grey turns from working on her dissertation to investigating an assault on an eccentric former academic.

Starr, Jason. Savage Lane (Per, 15.99) Sept. A divorced mother living in suburbia doesn’t realize that her married neighbor has become obsessed with her, and he’s not the only danger she faces.

Stefan-Cole, Janyce. The Detective’s Garden (Per, 18.00) Sept. A recently widowed retired police detective finds his life torn apart when an ugly discovery is made in the backyard of his Brooklyn home in a literary noir.

Thiem, Brian. Thrill Kill (Per, 15.99) Aug. Oakland police detectives Matt Sinclair and his partner investigate the murder of a prostitute he had tried to help years before in a case that leads them to political and business corruption in their search for the killer. Thiem is a former police officer.

Tran, Vu. Dragonfish (Nor, 15.95) Aug. An Oakland police officer agrees to help find his Vietnamese ex-wife who has disappeared from Las Vegas after marrying a shady gambler in a noir debut thriller.

Tucker, Neely. Murder, D.C. (Png, 16.00) Aug. When journalist Sully Carter begins to investigate the murder of the son of one of the city’s most prominent African-American families, he finds that this is more than a drug deal gone wrong.

Turner, Lisa. Devil Sent the Rain (HC, 14.99) Sept. Memphis homicide detective Billy Abel investigates the shooting death of an attorney from a prominent Mississippi family and finds that her jilted fiancé, a missing cousin, a greedy brother, and shady dealings at the family law firm provide a plethora of suspects.

Tuil, Katherine. The Age of Reinvention (SS, 16.00) Sept. A high-powered attorney in in New York has it all—wealth, power, a beautiful family—but it is all built on a lie: as a poor Muslim student in Paris, he took the identity of a friend.

Viets, Elaine. Brain Storm (T&M, 15.95) Aug. In the first of a new series, a “death investigator” who suffers brain damage when a local doctor misdiagnoses her symptoms, decides to help the doctor who finally saved her when he is accused of murdering his colleague.

Wait, Lea. Shadows on a Morning in Maine (Pers, 15.95) Sept. Busy with opening an antiques mall and in the midst of adopting a little girl, antique print dealer Maggie Summer also finds herself investigating the shooting of seals that escalates to the shooting of a local fisherman.

Weaver, Tim. The Dead Tracks (Png, 16.00) Sept. Missing Persons Investigator David Raker is hired to find a seventeen-year-old girl, a girl unlikely to be a runaway, and what he finds leads him to more secrets, lies, and terrified teenagers.

White, Karen. Spinning the Moon (Brk, 16.00) Sept. Two early gothic novels set in Louisiana. White is great.

Young, Hester. The Gates of Evangeline (Put, 16.00) Sept. A debut Southern gothic novel of suspense about a woman who dreams of a child missing thirty years in Louisiana after she is asked to write a true-crime book about the disappearance, and when she travels to the family estate she encounters puzzling elements in a case that is not that cold.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Ahnhem, Stefan. Victim without a Face (STM. 27.99) Sept. In the first of a new series, a Stockholm detective returns to his hometown where his first case involves a former classmate and bully found with his hands chopped off; after another classmate is killed it is clear that all the classmates, including the detective are at risk.

Aichner, Bernard. Woman of the Dead (SS, 15.00) Aug. When her policeman husband is killed in a hit-and-run accident an Austrian undertaker investigates and finds that it was no accident, and vows to find the guilty. This is a woman you don’t want to cross!

Alzamora, Sebastia. Blood Crime (Soho, 25.95) Sept. A genre-bending mystery set in 1936 in Barcelona at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, where the murder of a Marist monk and a young boy, both drained of their blood, catches the attention of a police inspector who believes in justice in the midst of chaos—but can he fight against the monsters?

Aspe, Pieter. The Fourth Figure (Open Rd, 16.99) Sept. Flemish police detective Pieter Van In finds that his investigation of a possible suicide in Bruges leads to multiple homicides, and a satanic cult.

Atir, Yiftach Reichter. The English Teacher (Png, 16.00) Aug. In this U.S. debut, a woman who works undercover as an Israeli spy in London teaching English disappears, Mossad asks her handler to track her down. An interesting look at the mundane details and loneliness of being a spy written by a former intelligence officer.

Béchard, Deni Ellis. Into the Sun (Per, 18.00) Aug. When a car explodes in Kabul killing three American ex-pats, a Japanese-American journalist decides to investigate and finds that the killing was not random.

Callaghan, Thomas. A Killing Winter (Quer, 14.99) Sept. A police inspector in Kyrgyzstan is investigating the murder of a young woman, but when he realizes that she is the daughter of the state security minister, he knows that no matter what, the case will go badly for him.

Casarett, David. Murder at the House of Rooster Happiness (LB, 15.99) Sept. The first of a series set in Thailand featuring a nurse who takes note when the same young woman brings in two dying men to the hospital on different nights claiming that each is her husband.

Cotterill, Colin. I Shot the Buddha (Soho, 26.95) Aug. Dr. Siri and his wife are asked by a Thai monk to smuggle another monk across the border to Thailand in a case that is tied to the murder of three women.

Dard, Frédéric. Bird in a Cage (RH, 12.95) Aug. A man returns to Paris after the death of his mother and becomes involved with a woman he meets in a restaurant who finds her husband’s body in their home—a body that just as mysteriously disappears.

_____. The Wicked Go to Hell (RH, 12.95) Sept. A classic French thriller about a policeman who is sent undercover to prison to persuade a convicted spy to reveal his secrets in order to capture the entire ring.

Dunevich, Roni. Ring of Lies (HC, 15.99) Aug. In the U.S. debut of an Israeli series, a high-ranking Mossad agent must identify a mole after a series of deaths of agents in Europe and Asia.

Fossum, Karin. Hell Fire (HMH, 24.00) Aug. Norwegian Inspector Sejer investigates the stabbing death of a single mother and her young son in a rural area in a case that is filled with emotional resonance.

Fuentes, Gabrielle Lucille. The Sleeping World (SS, 24.00) Sept. A young woman hunts for her missing brother in the chaos of post-Franco Spain in a searing debut.

Giordano, Mario. Aunti Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (Con, 14.95) Sept. When the retired daughter of a Munich police detective arrives in a Sicilian village, she decides to investigate the death of a teenager, despite the warnings from the local policeman, who knows that powerful figures are best left undisturbed.

Giovanni, Maurizio di. Darkness for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone (Eur, 17.00) Aug. Naples police inspector Lojacono and his team investigate the kidnapping of a child and the burglary of a luxury apartment in the second in this Italian police procedural series.

Hallinan, Timothy. The Hot Countries (Soho, 15.95) Sept. When a man comes looking for Poke Rafferty, wanting both money and the whereabouts of someone else, into a Bangkok bar filled with American ex-pats from the Vietnam era, he doesn’t reckon that these old guys have Poke’s back.

Hamilton, Ian. The King of Shanghai (Per, 15.95) Sept. Canadian-Chinese forensic accountant Ava Lee becomes entangled in Chinese Triad warfare through a young man her late uncle had been mentoring.

Hammer, Lotte and Søren. The Vanished (Blooms, 26.00) Sept. DS Simonson is assigned to the low-profile murder case of a Copenhagen postal worker, but it soon becomes clear that the case is related to the fate of a missing British woman who disappeared years before.

Inbinder, Gary. The Hanged Man (Peg, 25.95) Aug. In 1890 Parisian police inspector Lefebvre investigates the hanging death of a Russian anarchist who is part of a violent terrorist network.

Ingelman-Sundberg, Catharina. The Little Old Lady who Broke all the Rules (HC, 15.99) July. A group of pensioners living in an assisted-living facility decide to rob the National Museum in an attempt to improve their quality of life, but they end up with both the police and the Mafia in pursuit.

Kahn, Vaseem. The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown (LB, 15.99) Aug. PI Ashwin Chopra, a retired inspector from the Mumbai police force, investigates with the help of his baby elephant (who has a real talent for surveillance) when a British crown containing the legendary Koh-i-Noor goes missing at an exhibition in the second in this charming series. For fans of Tarquin Hall and Alexander McCall Smith.

Keyse-Walker, John. Sun, Sand, and Murder (STM, 24.99) Sept. A debut mystery set in Anegada, BVI, where the local policeman must deal with the island’s first murder since 1681, the death of an American professor studying iguanas, but nothing seems to explain what happened—not drug smuggling or treasure hunting.

Koch, Herman. Dear Mr. M (RH, 26.00) Sept. A writer gains an international reputation when he writes a novel based on a teacher who falls in love with his student and then disappears, but years later, his star has faded for all but his timid neighbor who keeps a close eye on him in a dark novel of psychological suspense.

Lemaitre, Pierre. Blood Wedding (MacLehose, 26.99) Sept. A young Parisian woman is a fugitive accused of strangling the child she was caring for, although she has no memory of the act and is plagued with paralyzing nightmare, but when a mysterious man appears in her life, things change dramatically in a devious psychological thriller.

Manzini, Antonio. Adam’s Rib (HC, 14.99) Aug. Chief Deputy Rocco Schiavone investigates what looks like a suicide after a burglary in the small Alpine town where he has been sent, but despite the assurances of his less-than-competent colleagues, he is sure it’s a murder.

Matsumoto, Seicho. A Quiet Place (Con, 14.95) Aug. A novel of psychological suspense about a bureaucrat who receives word that his wife has died while he was out of town, and he becomes obsessed with discovering why a woman with a serious heart condition would risk her health by climbing a steep hill.

Mayle, Peter. The Diamond Caper (RH, 16.00) Aug. PI Sam Levitt is hired to track down precious diamonds stolen from a Riviera socialite, part of a series of audacious heists along the coast, he realizes that he may be in danger himself if he gets too close to the thief.

Pryor, Mark. The Paris Librarian (Prom, 15.95) Aug. Hugh Marston investigates the death of a friend and finds the key to the mystery dates back to WWII.

Roberts, Gregory David. The Mountain Shadow (Per, 20.00) Sept. An Australian smuggler in Mumbai finds that the Indian mafia for which he has worked is changing—becoming more violent and more dangerous.

Sanchez, Mamen. The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman (SS, 23.00) Aug. A comic caper about an Englishman sent to Madrid to close a failing literary journal who disappears to the consternation of the five women who work in the office, leading an incompetent police inspector to take on the case. Great fun.

Sem-Sandberg, Steve. The Chosen Ones (FSG, 27.00) Aug. A powerful and moving novel set in a Viennese clinic used by the Nazis for children with mental and physical disabilities for experimentation and euthanasia told from the points of view of a patient and a nurse.

Siger, Jeffrey. Santorini Caesars (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Sept. Inspector Kaldis is sent to the island of Santorini, investigating the execution-style murder of a general’s daughter.

Simenon, Georges. Maigret in New York (Png, 12.00) Aug. and Maigret’s Holiday (Png, 12.00) Sept. A reissue of two of the Maigret mysteries.

Snoekstra, Anna. Only Daughter (Mira, 15.99) Sept. In a suspenseful Australian debut a woman caught shoplifting in a supermarket claims to be a girl who disappeared ten years before, using her uncanny resemblance to the missing girl, but while navigating the difficulties inherent in being an imposter, she realizes that she could suffer the same fate as the other girl.

Vallgren, Carl-Johan. The Boy in the Shadows (Quer, 26.99) Aug. When a wealthy businessman whose brother was kidnapped thirty years before in Stockholm disappears, his wife hires a former addict to help her find him in a case of twisted family secrets.

Villiers, Gérard de. Surface to Air (RH, 9.99) Special agent Malko Linge is sent to Russia to stop a terrorist group intent on shooting down Air Force One.

Vindry, Noel. The Howling Beast (Locked Room, 19.99) Aug. A classic locked-room mystery from 1934 featuring a Parisian examining magistrate who listens to a suspected murderer tell a terrifying story with supernatural overtones.

Walker, Martin. The Patriarch (RH, 16.00) Sept. Bruno begins to doubt his old friend who was a decorated fighter pilot on the Russian front during WWII when the former air attaché to Moscow dies under suspicious circumstances on his estate in a blend of international intrigue and gourmandise.

Qui, Xiaolong. Shanghai Redemption (STM, 15.99) Aug. Shanghai police detective Chen Cao has been stripped of his power under the guise of a promotion, so his investigation into a corrupt high-level Party official leaves him at risk—both professionally and personally.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Agee, Jonis. The Bones of Paradise (HC, 25.99) Aug. When a rancher and a young Lakota woman are found murdered on a far corner of the ranch, his estranged wife returns to take over the ranch in the desolate Sand Hills of Nebraska in the years after the massacre at Wounded Knee, and discovers that the solution to the mystery of her husband’s murder is tied to the bloody Indian Wars. I loved this—the characters, the setting, the sense of history—I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Ballard, Mignon F. Miss Dimple and the Slightly Bewildered Angel (STM, 25.99) Aug. In the latest in this small-town, WWII-era series, school teacher Miss Dimple helps a homeless woman, who turns up dead on the floor of the local church, and it’s up to her guardian angel to find out why.

Beard, Richard. The Apostle Killer (Mel, 25.99) Sept. An aging investigator is given the task of proving that Christ’s resurrection was a hoax, but as he seeks to interview the witnesses—the apostles—they keep dying in ever more grotesque ways in an inventive noir mystery set in the Middle East.

Benn, James. Blue Madonna (Soho, 26.95) Sept. Court-martialed and stripped of his rank for black market dealings, Billy Boyle is given an assignment behind enemy lines to rescue a high-value Allied soldier, but he discovers that he must avoid not just the Germans, but a murderer as well.

_____. The White Ghost (Soho, 15.95) Aug. In 1943 investigator Billy Boyle is asked to investigate the murder of a PT-boat captain, a murder in which the young John Kennedy is implicated.

Bowen, Rhys. Crowned and Dangerous (Brk, 26.00) Aug. En route to Gretna Green to elope with Georgie her fiancé learns that his father has been arrested for killing the wealthy American who has bought the family estate, so he ends the engagement and returns to Ireland to help him in the cleverly-plotted latest in this charming and witty series.

_____. Malice in the Palace (Brk, 7.99) Aug. The Queen asks Georgie to help dispel rumors of her youngest son’s wild behavior on the eve of his marriage, but the murder of one of his mistresses places him right in the spotlight of scandal.

Bradley, Alan. Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d (RH, 26.00) Sept. Flavia has returned to her home in England, and just when she fears dying of boredom, she stumbles across the body of a reclusive wood-cutter, whose only companion was a curiously incurious cat.

Brody, Frances. Death of an Avid Reader (STM, 25.99) Sept. Hired to find the daughter a noblewoman gave up as a baby, Kate goes to Yorkshire, but she is distracted from her search by the discovery of a body in an old library in Leeds. An excellent series.

Bruschini, Vito. The Prince (SS, 17.00) Sept. Based on U.S. intelligence files from WWII, this historical thriller features a Sicilian nobleman who flees to New York to become part of the Mafia, but who returns to Italy during the war to settle some old scores.

Burke, James Lee. House of the Rising Sun (SS, 9.99) Aug. A father’s quest for an artifact that might be the Holy Grail puts his son’s life in jeopardy.

_____. The Jealous Kind (SS, 27.99) Aug. Two teenagers in Houston in 1952 find themselves in a mess of trouble when they are on the run from thugs and Mafia hitmen after one of them falls for the ex-girlfriend of a vengeful rich kid. Signed copies.

Cantor, Gillian. The Hours Count (Png, 16.00) Aug. The story of a normal housewife and mother in 1947 who becomes the neighbor of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, the couple who were—probably unjustly—executed for treason in 1953 at the height of the McCarthy witch-hunts. Excellent.

Chiaverini, Jennifer. Fates and Traitors (Dut, 27.00) Sept. A novel that focusses on the four women who surrounded John Wilkes Booth—his mother, his sister, his lover, and the Confederate widow to whom he confessed his plans.

Deutermann, P.T. The Commodore (STM, 26.99) Aug. A military thriller set in the waters off Guadalcanal during WWII.

Eccles, Marjorie. Against the Light (SH, 29.99) Sept. Set in 1912, this standalone focuses on a wealthy MP and the subject of Irish Home Rule, a question that leads to activists, threats, kidnappings, and murder, amid the increasing unease of his physician wife.

Estevao, Jessica. Whispers beyond the Veil (Brk, 15.00) Sept. In the first of a new series, a woman goes to live with her aunt at a home for spiritualists in Maine after her snake-oil salesman father gets in serious trouble, but her aunt is convinced she has a real psychic gift that she must use to explain the mysterious occurrences at the inn.

Fanning, Diane. Treason in the Secret City (SH, 28.99) Aug. Chemist Libby Clark who is working at a secret government facility enriching uranium during WWII agrees to help a switchboard operator accused of giving secrets to the enemy.

Finch, Charles. Home by Nightfall (STM, 15.99) Aug. Charles Lennox returns to his family home in Sussex, but mysterious goings-on in the small village point to a more serious crime.

Goodman, Simon. The Orpheus Clock (SS, 18.00) Aug. The true story of a man who was able to find and secure the return of his German grandparents’ art collection that was stolen by the Nazis before they were imprisoned in the concentration camps. Sometimes justice is served.

Gregory, Philippa. Three Sisters, Three Queens (SS, 27.99) Sept. A novel focusing on the three powerful queens of the Tudor era: Katherine of Aragon and Margaret and Mary, sisters to Henry VIII, powerful enemies who ruled the British Isles.

Griffiths, Elly. Smoke and Mirrors (HMH, 25.00) Sept. In the second in this series set in Brighton in 1951, DI Edgar Stephens is hunting for the killer of two children whose bodies are found at the end of a trail of candy in the snow, but when magician Max Mephisto appears with the tale of a similar murder years ago, the investigation becomes more complicated. Highly recommended for strong characters, a wonderful sense of place and time, and a strong sense that murder matters to us as a society.

_____. The Zig Zag Girl (HMH, 14.95) Sept. The first of a new series set in post-WWII Brighton, featuring a police detective and a stage magician who had worked in military intelligence together and join together to investigate a series of murders involving their former colleagues. Excellent.

Gross, Andrew. The One Man (STM, 26.95) Aug. In this thriller set during WWII in 1944, the head of the American OSS sends a Polish intelligence officer into Auschwitz to rescue a Jewish scientist who holds the key to the development of the atomic bomb for the Allied forces. Highly recommended.

Hannah, Sophie. Closed Casket (HC, 26.99) Sept. While visiting a country manor in County Cork, Hercule Poirot and Inspector Catchpool must find out whodunit after the announcement of a change in her will leads to a murder of the doyenne of the house. Great fun.

Harris, Robert. Dictator (RH, 16.00) Sept. Agreeing to support Julius Caesar, now dictator after the fall of the Roman Republic, Cicero returns to Rome, where political intrigue and danger are a part of life in the final volume of the historical trilogy.

Hart, Elsa. The White Mirror (STM, 25.99) Sept. In the second in this series set in eighteenth-century China, Li Du finds the body of a dead monk on a bridge, and assiduously hunts for a killer among the travelers who are staying at an isolated manor.

Herriman, Nancy. No Pity for the Dead (NAL, 15.00) Aug. In the second in this series set in 1867 San Francisco, Nurse Celia Davies becomes involved in an investigation when a body is found in the cellar of an office building.

Hodges, Jr, Andrew Gerow. Behind Nazi Lines (Brk, 17.00) Aug. In 1944, an American Red Cross volunteer was tapped to bring aid to Allied POWs held by the Germans, and not only did he accomplish this, but also he managed to negotiate the release of 149 prisoners.

Jecks, Michael. Rebellion’s Message (SH, 28.99) Aug. In the first of a new medieval series set in London in 1554, a young man seeking his fortune—not necessarily by legal means—finds himself suspected of a tavern murder, but the murder victim was carrying papers related to the conspiracy to keep Queen Mary from marrying the king of Spain.

Jennings, Maureen. Dead Ground in Between (M&S, 19.95) Aug. In Shropshire in 1942, DI Tom Tyler is faced with a murder case of an elderly man near the site of an Italian POW camp, but the children who found the body have gone missing and he must find them first.

Joukowsky, Artemis and Ken Burns. Defying the Nazis (RH, 25.95) Sept. The true story of a Unitarian minister and his wife who travelled to Prague in 1939 to help with the growing refugee crisis and managed to save the lives of many political dissidents and Jews from the Nazis. In 1940, they were sent to Vichy France to continue their work.

Kershaw, Alex. Avenue of Spies (RH, 16.00) Aug. The true story of an American doctor in Nazi-occupied Paris who despite being neighbors with the Paris headquarters of the Gestapo was able to help English pilots shot down over France and members of the French Résistance.

Lake, Deryn. Death at the Boston Tea Party (SH, 28.99) Aug.  While in the American Colonies on business, retired apothecary John Rawlings is asked to investigate the murder of a shipmate, whose involvement in the American political uprising known as the Boston Tea Party leads to a plethora of suspects.

Lemaitre, Pierre. The Great Swindle (LB, 14.99) Sept. Three French veterans of WWI survive by swindling villagers with fake war memorials.

Maxwell, Alyssa. Murder at Rough Point (Ken, 25.00) Sept. Newport journalist Emma Cross is sent to cover a house party at the “cottage” of one of her Vanderbilt cousins, but when a visiting English aristocrat is found dead, she must help find a killer.

McFetridge, John. One or the Other (Per, 14.95) Aug. Just as Montreal is preparing for the 1976 Olympics, Constable Eddie Daugherty is assigned to investigate the death of two teenagers.

Mort, Terry. The Monet Murders (Peg, 15.95) Sept. A PI in Hollywood in 1934 investigates the disappearance of a producer’s girlfriend, and later is hired to recover a stolen Monet, a case that leads to two murders in a wonderfully written noir. Highly recommended.

Mullen, Thomas. Darktown (SS, 26.00) Sept. In this powerful police procedural set in Atlanta in 1948, two newly-hired black cops are assigned the murder case of a black woman last seen in the car of a white man, and must fight to investigate with no help from their white colleagues.

Palma, Felix J. The Map of Chaos (SS, 18.00) Sept. A man must seek the help of H.G. Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to find a map that will lead him back to his true love in the third of a genre-bending trilogy.

Parker, Ann. What Gold Buys (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Sept. In Leadville, a Colorado silver-mining boomtown in 1880, saloon keeper Inez Stannert discovers the dead body of a fortune-teller in the red light district and soon more murder follow in a welcome return of this historical series..

Pearce, Michael. The Women of the Souk (SH, 28.99) Aug. The Mamur Zapt is asked by a schoolgirl to find her missing friend, who turns out to be kidnapped, and her wealthy family is loathe to get her back.

Perry, Anne. Revenge in a Cold River (Ball, 28.00) Sept. William Monk must trust Hester to save him when a man he cannot remember tries to frame him for a series of murders.

Putnam, Jonathan F. These Honored Dead (Per, 25.99) Aug. A well-researched debut featuring Abraham Lincoln and   merchant Joshua Speed, who investigate a murder of a young woman in Springfield in 1837, and Lincoln takes on the defense of the man suspected.

Richards, Penny. An Untimely Frost (Ken, 15.00) Aug. In 1881 Chicago an actress decides to go to work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, where her first case is to search for a minister who has disappeared with his parish’s funds.

Ripley, Mike. Mr. Campion’s Fault (SH, 29.99) Sept. Gentleman sleuth Albert Campion finds himself enmeshed in a mystery at a Yorkshire school after his daughter and son-in-law are recruited to take over for a teacher who was recently killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Rosenheim, Andrew. The Accidental Agent (Overlook, 26.95) Aug. FBI agent Jimmy Nessheim is asked to go undercover when it appears that Nazis have managed to infiltrate the Chicago laboratory where Enrico Fermi is working on what will become the Manhattan Project.

Saunders, Kate. The Secrets of Wishtide (STM, 26.00) Sept. A debut historical set in England in 1850 featuring a clergyman’s widow working for her barrister brother who goes undercover as a governess to investigate the background of a nobleman’s fiancée only to find herself involved in a murder case when the woman is found murdered.

Spann, Susan. The Ninja’s Daughter (RH, 15.95) Aug. the fourth in the series set in sixteenth-century Japan featuring a ninja master and a Portuguese priest who investigate the murder of an actor’s daughter in Kyoto, in political upheaval after the death of the shogun.

Stewart, Amy. Lady Cop Makes Trouble (HMH, 26.00) Sept. In the second in this comic mystery series set in 1913, the first female sheriff in New Jersey finds herself demoted when a prisoner, a con man known as the baron escapes, but to save her job she investigates the prisoner’s past through New Jersey and New York, solving a murder along the way.

Stewart, David O. The Wilson Deception (Ken, 15.00) Sept. In Paris for the Peace Conference at the end of WWI to help President Wilson’s doctor protect his health against the Spanish flu, Dr. James Frazier runs across his friend whose son has been wrongly accused of desertion, and together they join forces to save him from the firing squad.

Thomson, E.S. Beloved Poison (Peg, 25.95) Sept. The apothecary of a ramshackle London infirmary in 1850 investigates when six tiny coffins are found in the old chapel, but her quest to know the secrets of the place proves very dangerous to her and others.

Thynne, Jane. Woman in the Shadows (RH, 16.00) Sept. In the third in this series set in Berlin before WWII, Clara investigates when a cabaret dancer engaged to an SS officer is murdered on the grounds of the Bride’s School where she is being groomed to be the perfect Nazi officer’s wife.

Todd, Charles. The Shattered Tree (HC, 25.99) Aug. Bess Crawford decides to investigate when an injured French officer begins to yell in fluent German after being attacked by a fellow patient, so she follows him to Paris despite the danger to herself.

Towles, Amor. A Gentleman in Moscow (Vik, 27.00) Sept. A Russian count who survives the Bolshevik Revolution due to a poem he wrote as a young man, is sentenced to house arrest in Moscow’s Metropol Hotel, where he learns about life as he watches the changes in post-revolutionary Russia.

Westerson, Jeri. A Maiden Weeping (SH, 29.99) Aug. Medieval investigator Crispin Guest is drinking at a tavern when he is mistaken for a hired killer, and when he goes to warn the victim, he ends up sleeping with her—only to find her by his side strangled in the morning.

Wishart, David. Foreign Bodies (SH, 29.99) Sept. In 42 C.E. Marcus Corvinus is sent to Gaul to investigate the murder of a wine merchant at the behest of the Emperor Claudius, but he finds that the man had many enemies with many motives.

Woodward, Gerard. Vanishing (Peg, 15.95) Aug. When an artist is arrested shortly before the end WWII for painting landscapes near Heathrow Village, the authorities undercover a web of connections with well-known fascist sympathizers through the Soho underworld, and that landscape painting is a good way for spies to reveal information about military installations.

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