August/September 2015

Signings and Special Events

Coming in 2015, Tom Holm and Betty Webb.

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Abel, James. Protocol Zero (Brk, 26.95) Aug. A scientist working in an area near the Arctic Ocean agrees to help the police when a family is found shot to death in a remote cabin after a hysterical call from the daughter complaining about a sickness in a well-plotted combination of science and suspense.

Altman, John. Disposable Asset (SH, 28.95) Sept. In the first of an espionage series, a young homeless woman is rescued from the streets and turned into an assassin, but when thing go wrong in Moscow, she knows that she has been set up—but by whom?

Andrews, Donna. Lord of the Wings (STM, 25.99) Aug. After the official haunted house for Caerphilly’s Halloween celebration burns down, Meg reluctantly offers hers, never expecting to find a dead body among the spooky decorations.

Austen, Jane. A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice (Blooms, 13.00) Oct. You’ll want to get your orders in early for this retelling of the classic novel illustrated by photographs of guinea pigs in exquisitely tailored period costumes. What better Christmas present for the Austen lover?

Bauer, Belinda. Rubbernecker (Per, 24.00) Aug. An autistic boy whose father died in an automobile accident decides to take an anatomy class to learn enough to prove that his father’s death was no accident. Highly recommended.

Baugh, Carolyn. Quicksand (STM, 25.99) Sept. A debut police procedural set in Philadelphia, featuring an Egyptian-American woman assigned to a joint FBI, city police department, and sheriff’s department to investigate gang violence, who believes that the case of a mutilated body may be something different—and more dangerous.

Beaton, M.C. Dishing the Dirt (STM, 25.99) Sept. After a therapist moves into the village, she and Agatha clash immediately, but when she hires an investigator to look into Agatha’s past, the sparks really fly, so when she is found dead, Agatha becomes the chief suspect.

Black, Saul. The Killing Lessons (STM, 25.99) Sept. A SFPD homicide detective on the trail of a pair of psychopathic killers discovers that they have left a witness—a 10-year-old girl—who escaped in a Colorado snowstorm in a suspenseful debut crime novel.

Block, Lawrence. The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes (Hard Case, 22.99) Sept. A former NYPD cop working in a small Florida town meets a beautiful woman while working undercover and she tries to hire him in a crime novel with frequent references to the noir fiction of James M. Cain.

Brady, Eileen. Unleashed (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Aug. Veterinarian Kate Turner investigates when the death of the owner of one of her patients is murdered and her assistant is arrested for the murder in a funny cozy mystery that includes a pot-bellied pig.

Brett, Simon. Mrs. Pargeter’s Principle (SH, 28.95) Aug. A welcome return for the wonderful Mrs. Pargeter, wealthy widow of a famous thief, who investigates when someone warns her off communicating with the widow of one of her husband’s “business” associates.

Brown, Sandra. Friction (LB, 26.00) Aug. A policeman who is seeking to regain custody of his young daughter saves the judge from a gunman during the court hearing, but then he must save her and himself from an unknown killer.

Byron, Ellen. Plantation Shudders (Per, 24.99) Aug. In a debut cozy, a woman returns to her Louisiana plantation home, now converted to a bed-and-breakfast, but the unexpected deaths of a newly-married older couple causes problems.

Carr, Howie. Killers (STM, 25.99) Sept. A Boston hit man and his mobster boss find themselves the targets of an unknown group of killers, and in order to track them down, they must join forces with a dodgy ex-cop who finds that the trail leads to the state house.

Cha, Steph. Dead Soon Enough (STM, 26.99) Aug. Los Angeles PI Juniper Song is hired by a woman in the Armenian immigrant community who wants her to find her cousin, who is acting as a surrogate for her baby in a case that ties into a very ugly battle to erect a memorial to Armenian victims of genocide.

Child, Lee. Make Me (Dela, 28.99) Sept. Jack Reacher has returned to the U.S. and is in love!

Cleave, Paul. Trust No One (SS, 26.00) Aug. A powerful psychological thriller about a man with Alzheimer’s who enters a New Zealand police station and confesses to having murdered his neighbor, but his daughter claims that he is remembering a crime novel he wrote years before—or did he base the crime novel on a real murder?

Coel, Margaret. The Man who Fell from the Sky (Brk, 26.95) Sept. When an Arapaho is killed while looking for the lost treasure of Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall gang, Vicky and Fr. John fear that a killer is after a map that the man supposedly had, drawn by Cassidy himself. Signing.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s the Devil Wins (Put, 27.00) Sept. Jesse Stone must investigate murders both old and new when the skeletons of two teenagers missing over twenty-five years are found next to a more recent body.

Connolly, John. A Song of Shadows (SS, 26.00) Sept. Charlie Parker meets a woman and her daughter in a small Maine town who need his help as old secrets are unearthed.

Corleone, Douglas. Gone Cold (STM, 26.99) Aug. Twelve years after his daughter was abducted, a former U.S. Marshall receives an e-mail with a portrait of his daughter as she would appear at age eighteen and a poster about a young woman wanted for murder in Ireland—and they are identical.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The End Game (Put, 26.95) Sept. FBI agents Drummond and Caine are on the hunt for a terrorist group that plans to assassinate the president in a suspenseful thriller.

Crider, Bill. Between the Living and the Dead (STM, 24.95) Aug. When the body of a local meth dealer is found inside an abandoned, and reputedly haunted house, Sheriff Dan Rhodes must find a killer amidst the eccentric population of Clearview, Texas.

Cross, Ethan. Blind Justice (Per, 26.95) Aug. A blind investigator in Washington, D.C. discovers that the supposed murder/suicide of a high-ranking general and his wife is the beginning of a deadly conspiracy that could kill thousands.

Cussler, Clive and Russell Blake. The Solomon Curse (Put, 28.95) Sept. Sam and Remi Fargo, after hearing rumors of fabulous treasure hidden in the Solomon Islands, go to explore only to find something more monstrous than they’ve ever encountered.

Daly, Paula. The Mistake I Made (Per, 25.00) Sept. A single mother in financial difficulties agrees to a lucrative and indecent proposal from a wealthy married man, but as we know things only get worse for her—leading to a disappearance.

Delaney, Kathleen. Purebred Dead (SH, 28.95) Aug. A cozy debut featuring a retired schoolteacher in a small California town who investigates when the body of an alcoholic veteran is found during the Christmas pageant along with an adorable cocker spaniel puppy.

Dobyns, Stephen. Is Fat Bob Dead Yet? (Png, 26.95) Sept. A comic thriller about a small-time con operation and a pair of combative detectives set in Connecticut. Great fun.

Du Brul, Jack. The Lightning Stones (DD, 25.95) Aug. When gunmen slaughter a team of scientists working on climate change and cosmic rays in a mine in Minnesota, a geological consultant vows to track down the gunmen and their leader in an action thriller.

Easley, Warren. Never Look Down (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Sept. An Oregon attorney goes hunting for the only witness to the shooting of a woman, a tagger who doesn’t know whom to trust.

Edwards, Martin. The Dungeon House (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Sept. DCI Hannah Scarlett’s Cumbria police team are working on the case of a teenaged girl who disappeared three years earlier and discover that it all ties into a twenty-year-old tragedy.

Evans, Mary Anna. Isolation (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Aug. Archaeologist Faye Longchamp investigates when the murder of a restaurant owner and possible attacks on other women bring trouble to Joyeuse Island on Florida’s Gulf coast.

Farnsworth, Christopher. The Eternal World (HC, 25.99) Aug. An inventive thriller about a group of Spanish soldiers who discover the fountain of youth in Florida in 1537, but find nearly five centuries later that eternal life is not all they expected.

Fairstein, Linda. Devil’s Bridge (Dut, 28.00) Aug. After a paralegal steals ADA Alexandra Cooper’s files on a sex trafficking case, investigators find a connection between the theft and a shady minister, but they don’t realize that Cooper has been kidnapped

Freedland, Jonathan. The Third Woman (HC, 26.99) Aug. In this thriller set in the near future after the U.S. has become economically weakened by its massive debt to China, so much so that the Chinese have stationed soldiers at the customs ports, a journalist investigates when his sister dies suspiciously and uncovers a cover-up with global implications.

Goodman, Lee. Injustice (SS, 26.00) Sept. Federal prosecutor Nick Davis is investigating the shooting death of a member of his extended family, while also grappling with a public corruption case involving a mining-services contractor. Recommended.

Grafton, Sue. X (Put, 28.95) Aug. Kinsey Milhone is hired by a wealthy woman to find a bank robber recently released from prison, who was the baby she gave away when she was a teenager in an well-plotted mystery with well-drawn characters.

Gregson, J.M. Skeleton Plot (SH, 28.95) Sept. The discovery of the remains of a drug addict who squatted at an abandoned house years before lead Gloucestershire homicide detectives to a number of people who have secrets they’d prefer to keep hidden.

Griffin, H. Terrell. Chasing Justice (Oceanview, 27.95) Sept. When the wife of the local police chief is accused of murdering a shady land developer, retired attorney Matt Royal agrees to defend her in a case that soon is tied to the discovery of the body of a beautiful woman found in a ritzy beach house.

Hamilton, Steve. The Second Life of Nick Mason (STM, 25.99) Sept. The first in a new series featuring an ex-con who is beholden to a criminal kingpin who still operates from prison, and finds himself forced to perform increasingly dangerous criminal activity while the detective who put him inside follows on his trail.

Hannah, Sophie. Woman with a Secret (HC, 25.99) Aug. Detectives Zailer and Waterhouse investigate the murder of an outspoken newspaper columnist, focusing on a woman seen leaving the oddly-staged murder scene.

Harrison, Kim. The Drafter (SS, 26.99) Sept. The first in a new paranormal series featuring a woman with the ability to jump back in time who is accused of murdering her partner, but has no memory of what happened.

Harstad, Donald. November Rain (Per, 24.99) Sept. When his daughter’s friend is kidnapped while studying in London, Iowa deputy sheriff Carl Houseman flies to London to help find her.

Holm, Chris. The Killing Kind (LB, 26.00) Sept. A special ops agent in Afghanistan returns home and contacts the victims of organized crime hit contracts and offers to take out their killer for a fee, but one of the most feared and sadistic hit men turns the tables and goes after him.

Hunt, Alaric. Godless Country (STM, 25.99) Aug. New York PIs Rachel Vasquez and Clayton Guthrie must protect an heiress from a stalker, whose last victim was murdered.

Jance, J.A. Dance of the Bones (HC, 26.99) Sept. Faced with a convicted killer who refuses to accept a plea deal for time served until the real murderer of a federal prosecutor is caught, Brendan Walker looks to J.P Beaumont for help when it appears that there are links with a Seattle case, but the matter becomes more urgent when two boys go missing from the reservation. Signed copies.

Johansen, Iris. Shadow Play (STM, 27.99) Sept. Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan agrees to help a sheriff when the bones of a 9-year-old girl are found buried, and finds the ghost of the murdered girl helping her find the killer.

Keller, Julia. Last Ragged Breath (STM, 25.99) Aug. West Virginia prosecuting attorney Bell Elkins must find the truth about the murder of an executive with a development company in a case with roots in a four-decades-old mining disaster. Keller is excellent.

Kellerman, Jonathan. The Murderer’s Daughter (Ball, 28.00) Aug. A stand-alone thriller about a therapist who has a fling with a stranger only to discover that he has travelled from out of state to become her patient, and when he is found murdered, she turns sleuth.

Kepnes, Caroline. Hidden Bodies (SS, 26.00) Sept. Bookstore owner Joe Goldberg has finally gotten over his unfortunate love affair with Beck and falls in love with a beautiful woman who decamps for LA with a collection of first editions and his broken heart, so he buys a Rachel Ray carving knife and goes after her. Great snarky fun.

Kirby, William S. Vienna (STM, 26.99) Sept. A reimagining of Holmes and Watson as an autistic young woman and a glamorous super-model whose meeting is a one-night stand, until the super-model’s boyfriend is found murdered.

Koryta, Michael. Last Words (LB, 26.00) Aug. A PI is asked to look into the murder of a teenaged girl who disappeared inside an Indiana cave, a tourist location that was later sealed by the owners, leading to an economic downturn in the small town nearby, but the townspeople are hostile and uncooperative. Not for the claustrophobic, but great for everyone else with well-developed characters and tight plotting.

Kubica, Mary. Pretty Baby (Mira, 24.95) Aug. When a woman invites a homeless teen and her baby into her family, her marriage frays and her daughter is neglected as she focuses her attention on the two newcomers in a novel of obsession.

LaPlante, Alice. Coming of Age at the End of Days (Per, 25.00) Aug. A teenaged girl becomes involved with a religious cult in a complex psychological thriller. Highly recommended.

Lefcourt, Simon. Purgatory Gardens (Per, 24.99) Aug. Two down-at-their luck middle-aged men are living in a seedy condo complex in Southern California, and when both become enamored of the same woman, they hire hit men—unfortunately the same pair—to rub the other out in a comic crime thriller.

Magson, Adrian. Close Quarters (SH, 28.95) Aug. A freelance specialist is hired by the CIA to find a State Department negotiator kidnapped in the Ukraine, but a senator with close ties to the energy industry does whatever he can to see that the mission doesn’t succeed.

Maron, Margaret. Long upon the Land (LB, 27.00) Aug. District court judge Deborah Knott is caught up in controversy when her lawman husband heads the investigation into the murder of a local farmer whose family has a long-running feud with the Knott family.

May, Peter. Entry Island (Quer, 26.99) Sept. A Montreal police team is sent to the remote Magdalen Islands to investigate the murder of a wealthy businessman in a well-done standalone.

Mayor, Archer. The Company She Kept (STM, 25.99) Sept. When a Vermont state senator is found dead, Joe Gunther and his men have a case that reaches to the state capitol and the governor herself.

McKenzie, Grant. Speak the Dead (Per, 25.95) Sept. A fast-paced thriller that features a murder-suicide, a kidnapping, a creepy religious cult in South Dakota, and a squadron of motorcycle-riding nuns. Who could ask for more?

McMahon, Jennifer. The Night Sister (DD, 25.95) Aug. In a story that combines suspense with fantasy as it moves between the 1950s and the present, two sisters investigate when a childhood friend apparently murders her husband and son before killing herself.

McPherson, Ben. A Line of Blood (HC, 25.99) Sept. A suspenseful debut set in London, a man and his young son find the body of their neighbor in the bathtub, and the investigation tears apart the family when both husband and wife come under suspicion.

McPherson, Catriona. The Child Garden (MidInk, 24.99) Sept. A woman living in a secluded Scottish country house is surprised by the arrival of a primary schoolmate of hers who is still haunted by the drowning death of a boy years before, and after they discover the corpse of another schoolmate, she investigates and discovers that a number of the boys present at the drowning have died or suffered hardships in a chilling novel of psychological suspense.

Meier, Leslie. Candy Corn Murder (Ken, 25.00) Sept. Lucy Stone investigates when vandalism hits the Pumpkin Fest, but when a murder occurs the stakes rise considerably.

Moore, Christopher. Secondhand Souls (HC, 26.99) Aug. Death merchant Charlie Asher must turn to his odd collection of friends when the souls of dead people disappear in San Francisco in another funny paranormal romp.

Myers, Amy. Classic in the Dock (SH, 27.95) Sept. Jack Colby investigates when a friend who is painting a 1938 Alfa Romeo Spyder is accused of murdering the scion of a local family, after he and the car are found covered in blood, even though the body is nowhere to be found.

Neville, Stuart. Those We Left Behind (Soho, 27.95) Sept. A young man recently released from prison for killing his stepfather and his brother become the targets for the man’s real son, who thinks that the wrong brother was convicted, a suspicion also held by the police in a brilliant novel of psychological suspense.

Parsons, Tony. The Slaughter Man (STM, 25.99) Sept. A London homicide detective must solve the murder of a wealthy family and the abduction of their little girl in a case that mimics a murder committed by a serial killer thirty years before.

Patterson, James and David Ellis. The Murder House (LB, 28.00) Sept. A former NYPD detective working in the Hamptons must solve the murder of a Hollywood power couple, found dead in an abandoned mansion long considered haunted by a chilling crime committed years before.

Patterson, Victoria. The Little Brother (Per, 25.00) Aug. A novel of psychological suspense about a boy who witnesses his older brother taking part in a gang rape and doesn’t know where his loyalties lie—to the victim or to his family.

Penny, Louise. The Nature of the Beast (STM, 27.99) Aug. When a young boy known for making up fantastic stories disappears, what Gamache and the others in Three Pines uncover in their search in the woods leads to murder and uncovers old betrayals. Excellent.

Pintoff, Stefanie. Hostage Taker (Ban, 26.00) Aug. When a man barricades himself inside New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral with a group of hostages, the FBI negotiator finds her job is hampered by her politically ambitious boss and by the church hierarchy that is more concerned with the safety of the building than the lives of the hostages.

Ramsay, Caro. The Tears of Angels (SH, 28.95) Sept. Scottish DCI Anderson and DI Costello investigate when a man found in a field with his arms ripped off turns out to be a man long sought for questioning in a child murder case.

Rankin, Ian. The Beat Goes On (LB, 26.00) Aug. A collection of the complete stories about the Scottish detective spanning his entire career.

Ransom, Michael. The Ripper Gene (STM, 24.99) Aug. A debut mystery about a neuroscientist who becomes an FBI profiler after discovering the DNA sequence peculiar to psychopathic murderers, and finds himself having to use everything he knows when his fiancée is abducted by the Snow White Killer.

Rash, Ron. Above the Waterfall (HC, 26.99) Sept. When a local man is accused of poisoning a trout stream a North Carolina, sheriff investigates and uncovers a caper heavy in Southern crime and violence, rooted in family quarrels and the sins of the past.

Reichs, Kathy. Speaking in Bones (BDD, 28.00) July. Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan reluctantly agrees to look into the case when a group of “websleuths” is convinced that some recently discovered bones belong to a young woman who disappeared three years earlier.

Robb, J.D. Devoted in Death (Put, 27.95) Sept. Eve Dallas hunts for a thrill-killing couple who have left a trail of bodies from Oklahoma to New York.

Robinson, Peter. In the Dark Places (HC, 25.99) Aug. DI Banks investigates the disappearance of a tractor belong to a Yorkshire gentleman farmer leading to a case of murder when they discover the body of a local tough.

Simon, Clea. Code Grey (SH, 28.95) Aug. Graduate student Dulcie Grey turns from working on her dissertation to investigating an assault on an eccentric former academic.

Slaughter, Karin. Pretty Girls (HC, 27.99) Sept. When her husband is found stabbed to death and she discovers nasty videos on his computer, a woman reunites with her estranged sister in a chilling standalone.

Spencer, Sally. Best Served Cold (SH, 28.95) Aug. DCI Monika Paniatowski investigates the murder of one of the lead actors in a revival of Thomas Kyd’s play The Spanish Tragedy in a case with numerous suspects and motives.

Swank, Denise Grover. Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes (Per, 24.99 hc, 14.99 tp) Aug. In a debut cozy, a woman who works for the DMV experiences a vision of her own death and is determined to accomplish the things on her bucket list, but she doesn’t count on her mother being murdered and becoming the chief suspect.

Syken, Bill. Hangman’s Game (STM, 25.99) Aug. A debut mystery set in the world of professional football, where a sidelined player witnesses the murder of an all-star draft pick and finds himself thrust into the spotlight in an unfamiliar role.

Talley, Marcia. Daughter of Ashes (SH, 27.95) Sept. After Hannah Ives and her husband buy a vacation house along Chesapeake Bay, they make the gruesome discovery of the mummified body of a baby girl where it appears to have been for over fifty years.

Tanenbaum, Robert K. Trap (SS, 27.00) Aug. Butch Karp investigates a blast at a meeting of Charter Schools in East Harlem.

Thiem, Brian. Red Line (Per, 24.99 hc, 14.99 tp) Aug. In a debut police procedural, an alcoholic Oakland homicide detective returns from a medical leave of absence to take charge of the investigation into the murder of a teenager, found bound with a medallion around his neck, the first of many similar homicides.

Tran, Vu. Dragonfish (Nor, 26.95) Aug. An Oakland police officer agrees to help find his Vietnamese ex-wife who has disappeared from Las Vegas after marrying a shady gambler in a noir debut thriller.

Truman, Margaret and Donald Bain. Margaret Truman’s Internship in Murder (STM, 25.99) Aug. When a young intern working for a congressman disappears, the Washington PI hired to find her discovers plenty of rumors about the “family values,” womanizing politician, which becomes more than just gossip when the young woman is found murdered.

Vail, Julie. A Deadly Legacy (Per, 24.99) Sept. The discovery of a human arm in the surf at Malibu sends an LAPD cop on an investigation that is connected to his own past in Brooklyn.

Ward, Sarah. In Bitter Chill (STM, 24.99) Sept. Thirty years after she was abducted with a school friend who never reappeared, a woman’s mother commits suicide, and the police decide to reopen the case using contemporary forensic methods, but a murder makes the investigation more urgent in a debut mystery set in Derbyshire.

Ware, Ruth. In a Dark, Dark Wood (SS, 26.00) Aug. When a crime writer agrees to go to a weekend party for a former close friend in a remote cottage in Northumberland, secrets from their shared past are revealed in a debut novel of psychological suspense. Recommended.

Wilson, Carter. The Comfort of Black (Oceanview, 26.95) Aug. A happily married woman overhears her husband, an Internet security entrepreneur, talking in his sleep, revealing that he is a sadistic murderer, and finds herself unable to trust anyone in a wonderfully paranoid thriller.

Young, Hester. The Gates of Evangeline (Put, 25.95) Sept. A debut Southern gothic novel of suspense about a woman who dreams of a child missing thirty years in Louisiana after she is asked to write a true-crime book about the disappearance, and when she travels to the family estate she encounters puzzling elements in a case that is not that cold.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Baldacci, David. The Escape (GC, 9.99) Sept.

Brown, Sandra. Mean Streak (GC, 8.00) Aug.

Carcaterra, Lorenzo. The Wolf (BDD, 7.99) Sept.

Castle, Richard. Raging Heat (LB, 9.99) Sept.

Chazin, Suzanne. Land of Careful Shadows (Ken, 9.99) Aug.

Child, Lee. The Affair (BDD, 9.99) Aug.

Coel, Margaret. Night of the White Buffalo (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Connolly, John. The Wolf in Winter (Pkt, 7.99) Aug.

Corleone, Douglas. Payoff (STM, 9.99) Aug.

Coulter, Catherine and J. T. Ellison. The Lost Key (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Coyle, Cleo. Once Upon a Grind (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Cussler, Clive and Russell Blake. The Eye of Heaven (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Deaver, Jeffery. Coffin Dancer (Pkt, 9.99) Sept.

Evanovich, Janet and Lee Goldberg. The Job (BDD, 8.99) Aug.

Fairstein, Linda. Terminal City (NAL, 9.99) Aug.

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: Death of a Blue Blood (NAL, 7.99) Sept.

Galbraith, Robert. Cuckoo’s Calling (LB, 9.99) Sept.

Grisham, John. Gray Mountain (BDD, 9.99) Aug.

Hoag, Tami. Cold Cold Heart (NAL, 9.99) Sept.

Hooper, Kay. Haunted (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Howell, Dorothy. Beach Bags and Burglaries (Ken, 7.99) Sept.

Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. The Golem of Hollywood (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

Land, Jon. Strong Darkness (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Martin, Nancy. A Little Night Murder (NAL, 7.99) Aug.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. Unlucky 13 (GC, 8.00) Aug.

Robards, Karen. Hush (Pkt, 7.99) Aug.

Robb, J.D. Obsession in Death (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. Truth be Told (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Slaughter, Karin. A Faint, Cold Fear (HC, 9.99) Sept.

White, Randy Wayne. Haunted (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Abbott, Allyson. In the Drink (Ken, 7.99) Aug. Milwaukee bar owner Mack Dalton uses her synesthesia to investigate a cold-case homicide, attracting press attention and the attention of a real-life Moriarty.

Abbott, Victoria. Marsh Madness (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Rare book collector Jordan must find some Ngaio Marsh first editions that are to die for—literally.

Adams, Ellory. Murder in the Paperback Parlor (Brk, 7.99) Aug. A Valentine’s Day-themed romance writers retreat leads to the heartless killing of an important author, so Jane must catalogue the suspects before someone else is written off.

Belle, Josie. All Sales Final (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Their new house is no bargain when Maggie and her fiancé find a skeleton in the basement.

Bridge, Kathleen. Better Homes and Corpses (Brk, 7.99) Aug. An interior designer finds that decorating leads to detecting in the first of a new series set in Montauk.

Chase, Erika. Law and Author (Brk, 7.99) Sept. The members of the Ashton Corners Book Club must reconvene to solve a murder when the retired police chief is found murdered shortly his estranged granddaughter comes to visit.

Cochran, Peg. Berried Secrets (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When a woman moves to the eastern shore of Lake Michigan to help her brother with his cranberry farm, she never expects that her first harvest will be a dead body in the first of a cozy new series.

Delaney, Luke. The Toy Taker (HC, 7.99) Aug. A London homicide detective with the ability to see into the minds of criminals must find a four-year-old boy abducted from his home with no signs of forced entry or struggle in the series written by a former London homicide detective.

Finch, Kay. Black Cat Crossing (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When a woman moves to a small Texas town to help her aunt, she discovers that the local black cat reputed to be a jinx, may in fact be one,  when he leads her to the scene of a murder in a debut mystery.

Fluke, Joanne. Final Appeal (Ken, 7.99) Aug. When a man falsely convicted of killing his wife escapes, he goes to his attorney brother for help, but when the jurors who convicted him are murdered one by one, his innocence is harder to maintain in the reissue of an early suspense novel.

Freydont, Shelley. Trick or Deceit (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Halloween brings more than ghosts and ghouls to Celebration Bay, when a murderer shows up and it’s up to Liv to unmask a killer.

Gates, Eva. Booked for Trouble (NAL, 7.99) Sept. When her socialite mother is in the spotlight for murder, Lighthouse librarian Lucy must shed light on a killer.

Genova, Rosie. A Dish Best Served Cold (NAL, 7.99) Aug. Whodunit writer Vic and her family are preparing for the restaurant’s seventieth anniversary, but their new murder investigation takes them away from their chopping.

Gerber, Daryl Wood. Fudging the Books (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When the editor of the guest of honor at the Chocolate Cookbook Club is murdered, Jenna must stir up some clues to find a killer.

Griffin, Laura. Shadow Fall (Pkt, 7.99) Sept. The third in the suspense series featuring forensic experts tracking down a serial killer.

Haddock, Nancy. Basket Case (Brk, 7.99) Sept. A crafty group of retirees in a small Arkansas town finds that there’s an art to growing older and a craft to catching a killer in the first of a new series.

Kappes, Tonya. A Ghostly Demise (HC, 7.99) Sept. When the ghost of the town drunk arrives claiming he was murdered, undertaker Emma Lee must find a killer with few clues to help her in the third in this funny, Southern ghost series.

Kelly, Diane. Laying Down the Paw (STM, 7.99) Aug. Caught in a tornado, Megan and Bridget come across a group of looters, but they are outmanned and outgunned, so they decide to go after them later only to discover that things are not necessarily what they appear.

Logan, Kylie. Revenge of the Chili Queens (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Maxie must find the right ingredients to catch a killer when her friend is accused of murder at the Chili Showdown.

Lucas, Mason. Error in Diagnosis (Brk, 9.99) Aug. A debut medical thriller about a new disease threatening pregnant women and a neurologist who races to find a cure.

MacRae, Molly. Knot the Usual Suspects (NAL, 7.99) Sept. The knitting group gets tangled up in the mystery of a murdered bagpiper in the annual craft fair.

Marks, Mary. Gone but Knot Forgotten (Ken, 7.99) Sept. When quilter Martha Rose becomes the executor of a friend’s estate, she learns that the woman was murdered and must piece together the intricate clues with the help of her intrepid quilting group.

Martin, Carol Ann. Loom and Doom (NAL, 7.99) Aug. When the building inspector refuses to sign off on their remodeling job for their business space, Della and Jenny go to his office and find him dead.

McHugh, Mary. Cancans, Croissants, and Caskets (Ken, 7.99) Sept. The Happy Hoofers are in Paris sightseeing before performing on a river cruise, but before they can begin a wealthy patron is murdered and they must step lively to catch a killer.

O’Brien, Kevin. No One Needs to Know (Ken, 9.99) Aug. When a movie is being filmed about a notorious murder committed in the 1970s by a Manson-like cult, there are whispers of a curse on the set, but caterer Laurie investigates after members of the film crew start dying.

Rowland, M.L. Murder on the Horizon (Brk, 7.99) Aug. With the Santa Ana winds creating wildfires in the area, Gracie and the search and rescue team face danger in the mountain community of Timber Creek.

Shelton, Paige. If Onions Could Spring Leeks (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Betts and her grandmother are convinced that by solving the murder of Grace the ghost in 1888 they can solve a contemporary murder as well in the latest in the cozy country cooking school series.

Smith, Karen Rose. Drape Expectations (Ken, 7.99) Aug. When she is asked by an 80s rock star to stage his girlfriend’s house, but the girlfriend is a difficult customer, made even more so when she is found strangled with a tieback from her tacky velvet drapes.

Swanson, Denise. Murder of an Open Book (NAL, 7.99) Sept. Skye must turn sleuth when a fellow teacher is found dead in the school’s swimming pool in the latest in this funny, cozy series.

Sweeney, Leann. The Cat, the Sneak, and the Secret (NAL, 7.99) Aug. When their new cat—who seems to have a streak of kleptomania—comes home with a bloody antique locket, Jillian and Tom must hunt for a killer.

Vallere, Diane. Crushed Velvet (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Fabric shop owner Polyester is wrapped up in a diabolical and crafty murder case.

Wait, Lea. Threads of Evidence (Ken, 7.99) Sept. When a movie actress decides to buy a mansion that has been abandoned since the death of a teenaged girl, she asks Angie and the Mainely Needlepointers to appraise the large collection of needlepoint pictures, but what they discover is that they point to a murder and the murderer.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Alexandra, Belinda. Golden Earrings (SS, 16.00) Aug. A ballet student in Paris, the granddaughter of Spanish refugees, receives an anonymous gift of a pair of earrings, and when she researches her Spanish past she discovers a link to a flamenco dancer who committed suicide—or did she?

Angus, Chris. London Underground (Per, 14.99) Aug. Two men—a scientist and a police inspector—find a Nazi V-2 rocket in the maze of subterranean corridors under the city and discover a biomedical experiment from the WWII-era that poses a tremendous threat to the entire British Isles.

Baldacci, David. Memory Man (GC, 15.99) Sept. A cop with an ability to remember everything is devastated when his family is murdered, but when a man comes forward to confess to the killings and a horrific act occurs in the town, he must use his abilities to stop a killer.

Balson, Ronald H. Saving Sophie (STM, 15.99) Sept. Chicago PI Liam Taggert and his attorney fiancée investigate an act of embezzlement complicated by links to child kidnapping and terrorist activity in Hebron, Israel.

Beck, K.K. Tipping the Valet (Pers, 15.95) Sept. A Seattle parking valet unwittingly becomes involved in a murder when he discovers a body in a parked car at an upscale restaurant, and tries to solve the crime, with both the police and the Russian Mob after him.

Belsky, R.G. Shooting the Stars (SS, 16.00) Aug. A New York journalist is given fresh evidence in the 1985 murder of a Hollywood star, who was shot by an obsessed fan, but her connections with the mob, her history in pornography, and her connection to a religious cult all lead him to believe that the cops got the wrong guy.

Blackwell, Elise. The Lower Quarter (Per, 16.00) Sept. A former art thief now working in art recovery investigates when a painting is taken from the hotel room of a murdered European in post-Katrina New Orleans, where an art restorer and the scion of a wealthy family are tied to theft, murder, and international trafficking.

Block, Sandra. The Girl without a Name (GC, 14.99) Sept. Psychiatrist Zoe Goldman investigates when a young African-American girl is brought to the hospital in a catatonic state and no one comes to claim her.

Challinor, C.S. Murder Comes Calling (MidInk, 14.99) Aug. Scottish barrister Rex Graves is called in when four murders take place in an English village and none of the victims were who they appeared to be.

Cook, Thomas H. A Dancer in the Dust (Per, 15.00) Sept. When a friend is found dead in NYC, a man connects the death to their time working for an NGO in Africa and a tragedy that occurred there.

Cronenberg, David. Consumed (SS, 17.00) Sept. A pair of international journalists become involved in the death of a French philosopher in a gory, surreal look at global conspiracy.

Daly, Paula. Keep Your Friends Close (Per, 14.00) Sept. When a woman is forced to leave home to take care of a sick daughter, her best friend steps in to take care of her family, but when she returns the friend has taken over—and then she discovers that the friend has done this before with fatal consequences.

Dobyns, Stephen. Boy in the Water (Png, 17.00) Aug. A reissue of a masterpiece of psychological suspense set in a toney private school where the curriculum includes murder. Church of Dead Girls and The Two Deaths of Senora Puccini are also being reissued.

Doyle, Peter and Luc Sante. The Big Whatever (Per, 14.95) Aug. An Australian cabbie discovers his former partner in crime is still alive after he finds a mystery novel left in his cab detailing their last job.

Dugoni, Robert. Her Final Breath (T&M, 15.95) Sept. Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite investigates a series of murders of strippers by someone into sadistic bondage and links the murderer to an earlier case—but that killer was convicted and still in prison.

Ellis, Robert. City of Echoes (T&M, 15.95) Aug. When his mentor is killed in a robbery, it is the beginning of an investigation into a serial killer for an LAPD homicide detective.

Ferris, Gloria. Shroud of Roses (IPG, 17.99) Aug. In the second in a funny Canadian series featuring a divorced socialite from a small town in Ontario she works with the local police chief when skeletal remains are found near an abandoned high school.

Forbes, Elena. Evil in Return (Per, 15.95) Aug. A London DI investigates the death of a successful, but reclusive novelist, but a second death with a similar MO leaves him searching for clues to link the two men.

French, Tana. The Secret Place (Png, 17.00) Aug. When a popular boy is killed at a Dublin boarding school, the police are stumped until Detective Mackey’s daughter finds a note on a bulletin board saying “I know who killed him.”

Gayle, Stephanie. Idyll Threats (Prom, 15.95) Sept. A closeted gay NYPD detective moves to a small Connecticut town, where the fatal shooting of a pretty college graduate gives him an opportunity to use his big-city skills in a debut mystery.

Gold, Alan. Bat Out of Hell (Per, 24.99) Sept. When a plague that kills 100% of its victims is proved to be carried by bats, a scientist must fight a scientist who will do anything to save these wonderful creatures.

Gold, Alan and Mike Jones. Birthright (SS, 16.00) Aug. In the second in the trilogy set in Jerusalem, the story moves between the present and the past, particularly the founding of the modern state of Israel.

Goldberg, Tod. Gangsterland (Per,15.95) Aug. A mobster is sent to Las Vegas to work as a rabbi after a hit job goes wrong in a funny, well-written crime novel. Highly recommended.

Griffiths, Elly. The Ghost Fields (HMH, 14.95) Sept. The discovery of a downed WWII plane with a body inside leads Ruth and DCI Nelson to the estate of an aristocratic family with dark secrets. Excellent.

Hannah, Sophie. The Carrier (Png, 16.00) Sept. When two women are forced together, one is surprised that the other appears to be afraid of her, but they both are connected to a man who confessed to murdering his wife, but who cannot explain why.

Hilary, Sarah. No Other Darkness (Png, 16.00) Aug. DI Rome and DS Noah are called in when the bodies of two little boys are found in a bunker in a garden outside of London, but when the owner’s two little boys disappear, the stakes are raised.

Hockensmith, Steve and Lisa Falco. Fool Me Once (MidInk, 14.99) Aug. Alanis agrees to help one of the customers of the White Magic Five & Dime get out of an abusive marriage, but when the husband is found dead, the police suspect Alanis.

Hoffman, Patrick. The White Van (Per, 14.00) Sept. A down-on-her-luck woman in San Francisco gets a job offer from a Russian businessman, and the next thing she knows she wakes up drugged and wanted for bank robbery.

Iles, Greg. Natchez Burning (HC, 17.99) Aug. Penn Cage must defend his father against a charge of murder of his beautiful nurse in the 1960s in a case that tears open deep racial wounds.

Lang, John Patrick. The Big Bitch (Per, 15.95) Aug. In clever debut, a PI investigates the murder of a friend, a priest found dead in Oakland with a suitcase containing $200,000, in a case that takes him to Oregon and San Diego.

Lippman, Laura. Hush, Hush (HC, 14.99) Sept. Baltimore PI Tess Monaghan is hired to provide security for a woman who was exonerated from killing her baby by an insanity plea years before, whose return home has created controversy, but when she becomes a suspect in a murder, Tess must protect both of them from a judgmental stalker.

Littlefield, Sophie. The Guilty One (SS, 16.00) Sept. A wonderful, humane book about a woman whose daughter is murdered by her boyfriend and whose husband leaves her for another man, who leaves home and discovers a new life. Highly recommended.

Lovitt, Charlie. First Impressions (Png, 16.00) Sept. A young woman who is an Austen enthusiast takes a job at a London antiquarian booksellers, but when two people come in hunting for the same obscure book, she is plunged into a dangerous mystery involving the authorship of Pride and Prejudice.

Malliet, G. M. A Demon Summer (STM, 15.99) Sept. Max Tudor is asked to investigate by the bishop when the local nobleman is poisoned by fruitcake made by the nuns of a local monastery. This is excellent.

Mayor, Archer. Proof Positive (STM, 15.99) Sept. Joe Gunther investigates the death of a Vietnam veteran whose collection of photos from that time are to kill for--literally.

McFetridge, John. A Little More Free (Per, 14.95) Aug. A young police detective in Montreal investigates when a dead body is found on Mount Royal in a case that becomes increasingly complex.

McKenzie, Grant. Switch (Per, 15.95) Aug. Two Oregon men join forces against a psychopath who has abducted their families and will keep them alive as long as they do his bidding.

Mendicino, Tom. The Boys from Eighth and Carpenter (Ken, 15.00) Sept. Two brothers from an Italian immigrant family vow to always protect one another, but the promise is difficult to keep when one becomes a prosecutor and the other a murderer.

Muir, T. Frank. Life for a Life (Academy, 14.95) Sept. In a gory police procedural set in Scotland, DCI Gilchrist investigates when the body of a sex slave is found off the coast.

Otto, Shawn Laurence. Sins of Our Fathers (Per, 16.95) Aug. A Midwestern banker with a gambling problem is blackmailed into sabotaging a Native American banker competing for a lucrative deal in an excellent, thoughtful mystery. Highly recommended.

Pashley, Jennifer. The Scamp (Nor, 15.95) Aug. A gritty debut novel about two cousins from a small Southern town, one of whom is helping a detective search for missing women and the other of whom is a serial killer.

Patterson, James and Marshall Karp. NYPD Red 3 (GC, 15.99) Sept. The grisly discovery of a body in a millionaire’s garage lead the detectives to a chilling conspiracy targeting the very wealthy.

Pryor, Mark. Hollow Man (Prom, 15.95) Sept. A suspenseful standalone thriller set in Texas about a prosecutor who needs money and agrees to hijack a payroll truck, and everything that possibly could go wrong does.

Raimondo, Lynne. Dante’s Dilemma (Prom, 15.95) Aug. Blind psychiatrist Mark Angelotti is hired to evaluate the emotional state of a woman who confesses to murdering her husband in order to decide if it was coldblooded murder or the result of years of abuse.

Reed, Philip. Off and Running (Brash, 14.99) Aug. A struggling writer kidnaps a retired TV star after his son refuses to allow him access for the biography he is writing in a funny romp.

Rimington, Stella. Close Call (Bloom, 17.00) Aug. Liz Carlyle and her colleagues at MI5 must find an arms dealer from the UK who is selling arms to Yemen after a UN embargo during the Arab Spring.

Robinson, Peter. Children of the Revolution (HC, 14.99) Aug. DCI Banks investigates the death of a disgraced university lecturer found with £5000 in his pocket in a case that goes back forty years during the student riots.

Scottoline, Lisa. Betrayed (STM, 15.99) Sept. Attorney Judy Clark investigates when her aunt’s housekeeper and best friend dies and discovers a world she never knew of vulnerable people and those who prey on them.

Simmons, Dan. Hard as Nails (LB, 15.99) Aug. When ex-PI Joe Kurtz and his parole officer are wounded in a shootout, there are no obvious suspects and both the cops and the mob are baffled. 

Tifft, Meghan. The Long Fire (Per, 16.00) Aug. When her mother is killed in a house fire, a young woman decides to learn about her gypsy roots, but the gypsy community is unwelcoming to say the least.

Tyler, L.C. Crooked Herring (F&M, 14.95) July. Midlist crime novelist Ethelred Tressider agrees to help out a fellow novelist who fears that he may have killed someone during a pub crawl on New Year’s Eve in the latest in this funny series.

Urbani, Ellen. Landfall (Per, 15.95) Aug. Two mothers and their teenaged daughters collide during the flooding of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina, changing their lives forever.

Waldman, Ayelet. And Murder Makes Three (Brk, 17.00) Aug. A reissue of the first three of the “mommy track” mysteries, a very funny not-too-cozy series featuring a public defender turned stay at home mom. Highly recommended.

Wendig, Chuck. Blackbirds (SS, 15.99) Sept. The first in a new thriller series featuring a young woman who can see into the future, and who meets a man and knows that he will be murdered—and she will be next.

Whellams, David. The Verdict on Each Man Dead (Per, 14.95) Aug. Retired London homicide detective Peter Cammon is in suburban Utah, where the case of a beheaded woman ties to a killer with terrorism connections.

Yates, Christopher J. Black Chalk (STM, 16.00) Aug. Fourteen years after six Oxford undergraduates began a game that left one of the tragically dead, they reunite to play the final round in a suspenseful novel of psychological suspense.

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Aichner, Bernhard. Woman of the Dead (SS, 25.00) Aug. A young undertaker in Innsbruck finds clues that her policeman husband who was killed in a hit-and-run accident was actually murdered, and uses every tool at her disposal to take down his killers. Highly recommended.

Batacan, F.H. Smaller and Smaller Circles (Soho, 26.95) Aug. A priest in Manila, skilled in forensic pathology is called in by the national crime bureau to investigate when the mutilated bodies of six boys found in a Quezon City garbage dump.

Boileau, Pierre. She Who Was no More (RH, 13.95) Sept. A French travelling salesman and his mistress murder his wife, but her body disappears from the bathtub where they had left it in a classic novel of suspense.

_____. Vertigo (RH, 13.95) Sept. A mystery set during WWII, where a retired detective agrees to investigate the mysterious wife of a friend only to become obsessed with the woman.

Brackmann, Lisa. Dragon Day (Soho, 25.95) Aug. In the third—and last--of the series featuring Iraq war vet Ellie McEnroe, she is hired by a billionaire Beijing businessman to investigate the murder of a waitress who served at one of his children’s soirees.

Brookes, Adam. Spy Games (LB, 26.00) Aug. A foreign correspondent has gone into hiding in East Africa after Chinese agents identify him as a spy, and when a British Intelligence agent is murdered in Hong Kong, he realizes that a serious—and dangerous—plot is in place.

Burdett, John. The Bangkok Asset (RH, 25.95) Aug. Thai homicide detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep investigates the brutal murder of a teenaged girl, and discovers a message written in the victim’s blood saying that the killer knows the identity of Sonchai’s father, in a case that involves a CIA agent who directed notorious mind-control experiments.

Camilleri, Andrea. A Beam of Light (Png, 16.00) Sept. Montalbano is faced with a case of art theft, the assault of a young merchant’s wife, and an arms trafficking deal, but he still finds time to become involved with a beautiful gallery owner.

Chiara, Piero. The Disappearance of Signora Giulia (RH, 13.95) Sept. When the wife of a wealthy businessman goes missing near Lake Como, the police inspector must dig beneath the tranquil façade of bourgeois life to find the dark secrets.  

Clarke, Lucy. The Blue (SS, 24.99) Aug. A woman awaits word of a yacht that has sunk off the New Zealand coast to discover the fate of a friend who remained after she disembarked because of rising tensions among the crew that had fatal consequences in a novel of suspense.

Condran, Jeffrey. Prague Summer (Per, 15.95) Aug. An American couple living in Prague have a quiet, comfortable life until an old friend from the States come to visit claiming that her husband has been mysteriously arrested.

Dorsey, C. Michele. No Virgin Island (Per, 24.99) Aug. A woman who runs an upscale home rental business in the Virgin Islands discovers the body of one of her renters in a hammock and becomes the chief suspect in his murder.

Farjeon, J. Jefferson. Thirteen Guests (PP, 12.95) Sept. The reissue of a classic British mystery where thirteen guests at a wealthy aristocrat’s country house find themselves up to their eyes in murder, mayhem, and mutilation until the redoubtable Inspector Kendall reveals the solution.

Fitzgerald, Conor. Bitter Remedy (Blooms, 17.00) Sept. Commissario Alec Blume is on medical leave and goes to central Italy to recuperate, but a young Romanian girl asks his help when her friend disappears.

Fossum, Karin. The Drowned Boy (HMH, 24.00) Aug. DI Sejer investigates the drowning death of a toddler in a case that looks less and less like an accident and more like murder.

Fox, Candice. Eden (Ken, 15.00) Sept. In the second in this gritty Australian series, a tough cop with a dark past goes undercover in a compound of sex workers and killers, putting herself in grave danger.

Freed, David. The Three-Nine Line (Perm, 29.00) Aug. When a former Vietnamese guard at the notorious Hanoi Hilton is killed during a reconciliation ceremony with former American prisoners and their guards, the Americans are placed under house arrest in a thriller that combines suspense with serious political and personal issues.

Gibson, Jasper. A Bright Moon for Fools (Per, 24.99) Sept. A comic caper novel about a recently widowed conman who goes to Venezuela looking for his wife’s village and finds himself on the run there with only a small chance of redemption.

Goff, Chris. Dark Waters (Per, 24.99 hc, 14.99 tp) Aug. An agent with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service stationed in Tel Aviv must guard an American and his young daughter after they are targeted in a very public assassination of a Palestinian, and she finds that discovering those behind the attempt involves a botched exchange of USB drives.

Goodfellow, Richard. Collector of Secrets (Per, 25.95) Aug. An American English teacher in Tokyo stumbles upon a journal kept by Emperor Hirohito’s first cousin detailing decades of Japan’s plundering of Southeast Asia’s treasures during WWII, a find that sends him fleeing both the Yakuza mob and the Japanese police in an intricately plotted, page-turning debut.

Hallinan, Timothy. For the Dead (Soho, 15.95) Sept. American ex-pat and sometimes PI in Bangkok Poke Rafferty investigates when his adopted daughter finds a cell phone belonging to a mobster.

Higashino, Keigo. Malice (STM, 15.99) Sept. A Tokyo detective is faced with an impossible murder scene with a novelist found dead in a locked room by his wife and best friend, but in talking to the friend he realizes that the case will be solved by discovering the motive in a cat-and-mouse game.

Horst, Jorn Lier. The Caveman (Duf, 17.00) Sept. DCI Wisting of the Larvik police follows up the leads in a murder case when a badly decomposed body is found in the woods while his investigative journalist daughter researches the death of a man whose body wasn’t found until four months later, and soon the two cases dovetail.

Indridason, Arnaldur. Strange Shores (STM, 16.00) Sept. DI Erlendur is in the frozen fjords of Iceland hunting for his brother who disappeared when they were both children as well as for a woman who also disappeared years before in the area.

Jurado, J.G. Point of Balance (SS, 24.99) Aug. A former neurosurgeon explains how he came to be on death row, beginning when he is tapped to remove a brain tumor from the president of the U.S. and ending when he is forced to choose between killing the president during surgery or losing his beloved daughter who has been abducted in a suspenseful thriller with a surprising ending.

Kahn, Vaseem. The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (LB, 15.99) Sept. A police detective in Mumbai inherits a baby elephant and an unsolved murder on the day before he retires, and discovers that an elephant may be just what he needed.

Kent, Christobel. The Killing Room (Peg, 25.95) Aug. Florentine PI Sandro Cellini steps in as head of security for a luxurious new residential development when the form head is found dead under suspicious circumstances and his first job is to solve the murder of a resident.

Lackberg, Camilla. The Drowning (Peg, 25.95) Sept. Writer Erica Falck investigates when a family man disappears in a case that suggests payback for a long-past crime in the latest in the series set in the Swedish town of Fjallbacka.

Lagerkrantz, David. The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Knopf, 27.95) Sept. When Blomkvist receives a tip about a hacker in the U.S., he turns to Lisbeth Salander to help him with what could be a career-enhancing scoop. This is what we’ve all been waiting for!

Lee, J.M. The Investigation (Peg, 24.95) Aug. In the first mystery to be translated by a Korean crime writer, a Japanese guard at Fukuoka Prison in 1944 must investigate the brutal murder of a prison guard, but the main suspect, a Korean poet, as well as the victim, are not the men they appear to be.

Lernet-Holenia, Alexander. I Was Jack Mortimer (RH, 13.95) Sept. A classic Austrian mystery, this is a tale of murder and misplaced identity.

Longworth, M.L. The Mystery of the Lost Cezanne (Png, 16.00) Sept. Verlaque and Bonnet investigate when a man who has found a possible Cezanne painting is murdered and the painting stolen, and a mysterious art historian appears to hold the clue.

Melo, Patricia. The Body Snatcher (Con, 14.95) Sept. A noir set in Brazil where a young man sees a small plane crash into the water and steals a backpack full of cocaine from the dead pilot, so he is soon on the run from the owners of the drugs.

Minier, Bernard. The Frozen Dead (STM, 15.99) Sept. Toulouse policeman Martin Servaz is called in when a dead horse is found near an asylum for the criminally insane in the Pyrenees, but the next murder victim is human in a case of madness and revenge.

Modiano, Pierre. The Occupation Trilogy (Blooms, 18.00) Sept. Three novels set during the Nazi occupation of France by the Nobel-prize winning French author.

Moss, Todd. Minute Zero (Put, 27.00) Sept. A diplomatic thriller set in Zimbabwe where a State Department troubleshooter is sent to oversee a contentious presidential election, with both candidates heavily fueled by foreign money.

Nakamura, Fuminori. Last Winter We Parted (Soho, 14.95) Sept. When a young writer is sent to interview a photographer accused of murdering two women, he finds himself questioning the man’s guilt.

Ӧstlund, Hakan. The Intruder (STM, 26.99) Aug. Gotland policeman Fredrick Broman is inclined to take seriously anonymous threats against an international photographer and his family, especially after the daughter disappears.

Pastor, Marc. Barcelona Shadows (RH, 14,95) Sept. The murder of children in Barcelona’s poor district doesn’t receive much official attention because they are children of prostitutes, but Inspector Corvo vows to stop the killer in the first English translation of a Catalan writer.

Quadruppani, Delia Casa. The Sudden Disappearance of the Worker Bees (Per, 14.99) Aug. On vacation in the Piedmont, Commissario Simona Tavianello finds the body of a beekeeper, shot with her own gun, in a case that places her between the environmentalists and the wealthy industrialists.

Shimada, Soji. The Tokyo Zodiac Murders (RH, 13.95) Sept. An astrologer and sometimes detective has one week to solve a murder that has baffled Tokyo for forty years in a mystery complete with maps and charts.

Simenon, Georges. The Madman of Bergerac (Png, 11.00) Aug. and The Misty Harbor (Png, 11.00) Sept. A reissue of two of the Maigret mysteries.

Smith, Dan. The Darkest Heart (Peg, 25.95) Aug. A hit man in Brazil decides to leave behind his criminal life, but he is lured into doing one more job to provide for his new life, but this job comes with a much higher price.

Walker, Martin. The Patriarch (RH, 24.95) Aug. Bruno begins to doubt his old friend who was a decorated fighter pilot on the Russian front during WWII when the former air attaché to Moscow dies under suspicious circumstances on his estate in a blend of international intrigue and gourmandise.

Qui, Xiaolong. Shanghai Redemption (STM, 25.99) Sept. Shanghai police detective Chen Cao has been stripped of his power under the guise of a promotion, so his investigation into a corrupt high-level Party official leaves him at risk—both professionally and personally.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem and Anna Waterhouse. Mycroft Holmes (Titan, 25.99) Sept. Yes, that Abdul-Jabbar fills in the backstory of Sherlock Holmes’s older and smarter brother, who goes to Trinidad in 1870 where children have been killed and their blood drained in a case that takes both his formidable intellect and his diplomatic skills to survive.

Adler, H. G. The Wall (RH, 18.00) Sept. A Holocaust survivor returns to Prague searching for his family, but after discover that his wife died in the camps, he flees to London, trying to find a new life with his second wife and children, but the shadows of the past haunt him.

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Hanging Girl (Dut, 28.00) Sept. Department Q is drawn into the cold-case investigation of the murder of a teenaged girl on the remote Danish island of Bornholm and a strange sun worshipping cult.

Albert, Susan Wittig. The Darling Dahlias and the Eleven O’Clock Lady (Brk, 25.95) Sept. When the local telephone receptionist is murdered the Dahlia garden club must weed out rumors to unearth the truth.

_____. The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When the local bank closes, the town leaders hatch a plan to print local currency, but someone makes an unauthorized withdrawal.

Belfoure, Charles. House of Thieves (Source, 25.99) Sept. An architect and his family are in a precarious position as old-money New York aristocrats, but when the son becomes addicted to gambling, in debt to a gangster, his parents turn themselves into a Gilded-Age Nick and Nora Charles to save the family.

Benn, James. The Rest is Silence (Soho, 15.95) Aug. Billy Boyle investigates when a body is washed ashore near where preparations are being made for the D-Day landings along the southern coast of England.

_____. The White Ghost (Soho, 26.95) Sept. Billy Boyle is sent to the South Pacific in 1943 to investigate a murder that implicates Jack Kennedy.

Bowen, Rhys. Malice at the Palace (Brk, 25.95) Aug. Lady Georgie is asked by the Queen to stay at Kensington Palace to chaperone a Greek princess betrothed to the Queen’s youngest son, but the discovery of a dead body sets her to sleuthing.

_____. Queen of Hearts (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Lady Georgie goes to Hollywood with her mother who’s starring in a new film, and when their movie mogul host is found dead, there’s more than enough drama to go around.

Chance, Maia. Cinderella Six Feet Under (Brk, 7.99) Sept. In the second in the Victorian series with fairy-tale elements, Ophelia’s friend’s mother disappears, leaving a bullet-riddled corpse in the pumpkin patch dressed in a ball gown and one glass slipper.

_____. Come Hell or Highball (STM, 24.99) Sept. The first in a funny, new series set in Prohibition-era New York featuring a wealthy socialite whose husband leaves her penniless, and who is hired to retrieve a stolen film reel, but she finds the man who has the film murdered.

Chisholm, P.F. A Chorus of Innocents (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Aug. In the latest in the series set in the borderlands between England and Scotland in the late sixteenth century, Sir Robert Carey and his lady love join forces to solve the murder of a minister.

Downie, Ruth. Tabula Rasa (Blooms, 17.00) Sept. Ruso and Tillia are on the border of Britannia where he is physician to the workers on Hadrian’s Wall, but as tensions build between the Britons and the Romans, Ruso’s clerk disappears and then the son of a farmer goes missing.

Finch, Charles. The Laws of Murder (STM, 15.99) Aug. Charles Lenox opens a private inquiry office in London in 1876, but unfortunately his first case involves the murder of a friend, a member of Scotland Yard shot in Regent’s Park.

Fraser, Sara. The Devil’s Monk (SH, 28.95) Aug. When the corpse of a pregnant woman is found near a Worcestershire haystack in 1829, Constable Thomas Potts must find a killer that the villagers believe to be the ghost of a licentious medieval monk.

Freydont, Shelley. A Gilded Grave (Png, 16.00) Aug. In the first of a new series set in Newport in 1895 during the gilded age, a socialite found kneeling over the body of a dead housemaid turns to a reluctant ally, another socialite known as an amateur sleuth to help him out.

Griffiths, Elly. The Zig Zag Girl (HMH, 25.00) Sept. A group of magicians who served together in special ops during WWII reunite in 1950s Brighton when someone begins targeting them for murder. Highly recommended.

Guinn, Matthew. The Scribe (Nor, 25.95) Sept. A disgraced policeman is called back in Atlanta in 1881 when two wealthy African-American businessmen are found murdered just before a Cotton Exposition is to be held.

Hart, Elsa. Jade Dragon Mountain (STM, 25.99) Sept. In this debut mystery set in 1708, an exiled librarian investigates when a Jesuit priest is murdered on the China-Tibet border just before the arrival of the emperor to watch a solar eclipse.

Hays, Tony. Shakespeare No More (Pers, 15.95) Sept. A dying William Shakespeare summons his former friend Stratford Constable Saddler to say that he has been poisoned and to ask him to investigate in an intriguing, well-researched mystery set in England in 1616. The author died this year.

Herriman, Nancy. No Comfort for the Lost (NAL, 15.00) Aug. A series debut set in San Francisco in 1867 introducing a nurse and a police detective who work together to solve the murder of a former prostitute in Chinatown, when the nurse’s brother-in-law is arrested for the crime.

Horowitz, Anthony. Moriarty (HC, 15.99) Sept. With Holmes and Moriarty presumed dead at Reichenbach Falls, a Pinkerton agent and a London police inspector join forces to fight their way through the sinister streets to take down the mysterious man who wants to become the mastermind of the underworld.

_____. Trigger Mortis (HC, 28.99) Sept. A new adventure for James Bond drawn from unpublished material and set in 1957 during the Soviet-American space race.

Hunt, Andrew. A Killing in Zion (STM, 25.99) Sept. A Salt Lake City sheriff’s deputy is tapped to head an anti-polygamist squad, but the murder of a Mormon patriarch raises the stakes in this mystery set in the 1930s.

Ireland, D.E. Move Your Blooming Corpse (STM, 25.99) Sept. Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle reunite to investigate murder at Ascot in the second in this comic series.

Kershaw, Alex. Avenue of Spies (RH, 28.00) Sept. The true story of an American doctor living in Paris who devoted himself to helping the French Resistance by sheltering downed Allied pilots and later protecting Jews, despite the fact that his clinic was just down the street from Gestapo headquarters.

Koenig, Joseph. Really the Blues (Peg, 14.95) Aug. An American jazz musician in Paris in 1941 investigates when the drummer in his band is found murdered, and finds himself in the clutches of a mercenary intelligence broker who threatens to reveal the secret of why he is really in Paris.

LeMaitre, Pierre. The Great Swindle (Quer, 24.99) Sept. In this dark novel of WWI, three French soldiers who realize that the French government has little use for them after the war is over develop a scam to swindle small towns by promising to build war memorials and leaving with the money. Powerful.

Liss, David. The Day of Atonement (Ball, 16.00) Sept. A man whose family was destroyed by the Portuguese Inquisition returns to Lisbon in 1755, vowing vengeance against the Inquisitors, but just as he manages to infiltrate them, a horrific event is on the horizon.

Loan-Wilsey, Anna. A Deceptive Homecoming (Kens, 15.00) Aug. Travelling secretary Hattie Davish returns to her hometown in Missouri when she receives notice that something suspicious is going on at her alma mater, including incidents of theft, arson, and vandalism.

MacBird, Bonnie. Art in the Blood (HC, 25.99) Sept. In a debut Holmes pastiche, Sherlock is hired by a French chanteuse to find her missing son, the son of a wealthy peer.

Morris, Bill. Motor City Burning (Peg, 15.95) Aug. In 1968 a disillusioned former activist agrees to drive a load of smuggled guns to Detroit only to discover that the police are still investigating a murder during the riots of the previous year and he is their main suspect.

Mort, Terry. The Monet Murders (Peg, 25.95) Sept. A debut noir set in Hollywood in 1934, featuring a PI who investigates a possible switch of a fake Monet for the real thing, leading to two violent deaths. Great fun.

Nickson, Chris. Two Bronze Pennies (SH, 28.95) Aug. In the second in this series set in Leeds, DI Tom Harper investigates a murder in the Jewish section of the city on Christmas Eve.

Oak, B.B. Thoreau in Phantom Bog (Ken, 15.00) Sept. Henry David Thoreau discovers the body of a conductor for the Underground Railway, and investigates to find the killer and the slave girl who has gone missing, not knowing that he is next on the list to be killed.

Peacock, Caro. Friends in High Places (SH, 28.95) Aug. Set in London in 1840 and featuring Liberty Lane an enquiry agent, this mystery deals with political intrigue involving Napoleon’s nephew and a failed coup.

Perry, Anne. Blood on the Water (Ball, 16.00) Sept. Monk investigates when a pleasure boat on the Thames explodes in a case that may be tied to the Suez Canal.

____. Corridors of the Night (Ball, 27.00) Sept. Monk must rescue Hester when she is kidnapped from the hospital where she volunteers in an investigation that leads him to a remote estate where several bodies are buried.

Raybourn, Deanna. A Curious Beginning (NAL, 25.95) Sept. In the first of a Victorian series set in London, an orphan on her own after her guardians die takes refuge at the home of a natural historian when she is warned by an elderly stranger who knew her mother that she is in danger.

Rosenberg, Alex. The Girl from Krakow (Lake Union, 14.95) Sept. A debut set in WWII Poland about a young Jewish woman who struggles to hide her identity to avoid being sent to a death camp while searching for her lost son.

Rosenheim, Andrew. The Accidental Agent (Overlook, 26.95) Aug. In 1942 FBI special agent Jimmy Nessheim is in law school, but he is also assigned to military security guarding the Manhattan Project.

Rowland, Laura Joh. The Iris Fan (STM, 15.99) Aug. The final entry in this long-running series set in feudal Japan finds Sano Ichiru investigating the stabbing of the shogun, an investigation that could lead to his own death if he doesn’t tread very carefully.

Saville, Guy. The Madagaskar Plan (HH, 35.00) Aug. An alternate history set in 1953 after the Nazi victory in Europe with British rebels resisting the plan to forcibly relocate European Jews to one small African island.

Smith, Dan. Red Winter (Peg, 14.95) Aug. A deserter from the Red Army returns to his central Russian village in 1920 to see his family, but the village is deserted and he realizes that someone—or something—is following as he searches for them.

Smith, Donald. The Constable’s Tale (Peg, 25.95) Sept. In this mystery set in colonial North Carolina, a volunteer constable investigates the murder of a farm family, a murder his neighbors attribute to an Indian attack.

Smith, Wilbur. Desert God (HC, 9.99) Aug. An adventure set in ancient Egypt where the Pharaoh’s advisor goes on an epic and dangerous journey to seek help to destroy the Hyksos army.

Stewart, Amy. Girl with a Gun (HMH, 27.00) Sept. A funny historical set in New Jersey in 1914 where a spinster and her sisters are tormented by an arrogant factory owner after they attempt to collect damages stemming from an accident with his automobile, but when the sheriff makes her a deputy, complete with a pistol, things begin to change.

Taylor, Andrew. The Scent of Death (HC, 15.99) Sept. A young British diplomat is sent to Manhattan in 1778 to help out the loyalist Americans who have been dispossessed by the rebel forces, but the discovery of a body in a notorious part of town plunges him into a murder inquiry with wide-reaching consequences.

Thynne, Jane. The Scent of Secrets (Ball, 16.00) Sept. A half-Jewish Anglo German woman uses her access to pre-war German society to spy on the Nazis for the British and finds herself caught up in a plot to assassinate Hitler.

Todd, Charles. A Fine Summer’s Day (HC, 14.99) Sept. Ian Rutledge faces his final case before the onset of WWI in 1914, a series of murders of upstanding men, based on a dark injustice that finds him torn between his duty and his sense of right.

_____. A Pattern of Lies (HC, 25.99) Aug. In the fall of 1918, Bess Crawford meets a former patient whose family is suffering from a whispering campaign after their business, a gunpowder factory, blew up killing 100 workers, so she agrees to look into the problem for him and almost loses her life.

Trow, M.J. Secret World (SH, 28.95) Sept. Playwright—and spy--Christopher Marlowe returns from a visit to his home in Canterbury when Walsingham asks him to investigate a break-in at the Chancellor of Exchequer where an odd artifact was stolen.

Urshel, Joe. The Year of Fear (STM, 26.99) Sept. In 1933, gangster Machine Gun Kelly decided that kidnapping was a relatively easy way to make money, so he kidnapped a wealthy oilman, leading to the country’s longest manhunt led by the unknown J. Edgar Hoover.

Waters, Sarah. The Paying Guests (River, 17.00) Sept. An impoverished gentlewoman and her daughter are forced to take in paying guests in their London home in 1922, shaking up their lives in dangerous and unforeseen ways.

Wilcken, Hugo. The Reflection (Mel, 25.95) Sept. A noir mystery set in New York in 1947 where a psychiatrist who has helped a patient who claims to be misidentified is injured in a subway accident and must convince his doctor of his true identity when he is found with his patient’s papers.

Williams, Kate. The Storms of War (Peg, 25.95) Sept. The first of a trilogy set during WWI, showing the changes wrought by war on a privileged English family.

Winters, Cat. The Uninvited (HC, 14.99) Aug. A young woman who survived the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 leaves home, but her ability to see the ghosts of loved ones convinces her that something dreadful is going to happen in a spooky paranormal mystery.

Wortham, Reavis C. Dark Places (PP, 26.95 hc, 15.95 tp) Sept. Set in 1967 in rural Texas, the mystery focusses on a fourteen-year-old girl who decides to leave and hitchhike to California, a terrible idea that leads to her meeting up with hippies, scam artists, and bikers.

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