August/September 2014

New and Forthcoming in Hardcover

Balzo, Sandra.  Hit and Run (SH, 28.95) Sept.  A Wisconsin journalist returns to her North Carolina hometown for a reunion set up by her wealthy father to acknowledge his various love-children, but she becomes the prime suspect when he is murdered in a delightful Southern cozy.

Barclay, Linwood. No Safe House (NAL, 25.95) Aug. When his teenaged daughter follows her delinquent boyfriend into a strange house in a town still reeling from the senseless murder of two elderly people, she and her entire family are drawn into the shadowy depths of their seemingly idyllic small town.

Beaton, M.C. The Blood of an Englishman (STM, 24.99) Sept.Agatha Raisin is hired to investigate the death of a local baker during the performance of a pantomime in the small village of Winter Parva.

Berenson, Laurien. Death of a Dog Whisperer (Ken, 24.00) Sept. With well-heeled dog owners lapping up his services, Connecticut’s self-proclaimed “dog whisperer” may be finding out people’s secrets along with the dogs’ other concerns, and when he is found dead, Melanie is on the scent to track down a killer in the latest in this doggy series.

Beukes, Lauren. Broken Monsters (Mull, 26.00) Sept. When a Detroit detective finds the body of a half- boy, half-deer, it is only the beginning in a disturbing, genre-bending thriller. Beukes is great.

Block, Francesca Lia. Beyond the Pale Motel (STM, 24.99) Sept. An alcoholic L.A. hairdresser becomes involved when her neighbor becomes the third victim of a Hollywood serial killer.

Block, Lawrence. Defender of the Innocent (Subterranean, 30.00) Sept. A book of interlocking short stories featuring an amoral defense attorney anti-hero whose clients are always innocent—even when they confess to murder.

Brett, Simon. The Cinderella Killer (SH, 28.95) Sept. Charles Paris is hired to work in a Christmas pantomime starring an American sit-com star, but all is not well backstage and soon a body is found.

Brown, Sandra. Mean Streak (GC, 26.00) Sept. When a marathon runner disappears on a mountain road in North Carolina, her husband doesn’t report her disappearance until the trail has gone cold, and she is on her own to escape from her abductor.

Cain, Chelsea. One Kick (SS, 25.99) Aug. In the first of a new series, a young woman, kidnapped at the age of five and held for six years, agrees to help a private security agent find two abducted children. Highly recommended.

Carcaterra, Lorenzo. The Wolf (Ball, 25.00) Aug. The head of an organized crime syndicate vows retribution when his family is killed in a terrorist plot, and enlists the help of other crime bosses to go after the suicidal terrorists and their enablers.

Carver, Tania. The Black Road (Peg, 25.95) Aug. Set in a rundown beach resort in Suffolk, this police procedural features a newly-married police psychologist whose holiday turns to tragedy when an explosion kills her father-in-law, puts her husband in a coma, and leads to the kidnapping of her young daughter.

Cha, Stephen. Beware Beware (STM, 25.99) Aug. Los Angeles PI Juniper Song is hired to follow the boyfriend of a New York painter, a ghostwriter for a film star, who is later murdered in a case that takes Song from Koreatown to the LA party scene.

Child, Lee. Personal (BDD, 28.00) Sept. Jack Reacher returns!

Cleeland, Anne. Murder in Retribution (Ken, 24.00) Aug. When a rash of underworld murders occur in London, CID Chief Inspector Michael Sinclair and his rookie partner discover a violent clash between members of the Russian mafia and Irish terrorists in the second of this series.

Coel, Margaret. Night of the White Buffalo (Brk, 26.95) Sept. The birth of a white buffalo calf, an animal sacred to the Arapaho, on the ranch of a man found shot to death becomes an even more difficult investigation when a flood of pilgrims arrives on the Wind River Reservation.

Coleman, Reed Farrel. Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot (Put, 26.95) Sept. Jesse Stone is invited to a Triple-A baseball teammates’ reunion, but he must rush back to Paradise when a gunman abducts a wealthy college student and shots his girlfriend.

Cook, Thomas H. A Dancer in the Dust (Per, 26.00) Sept. A New York risk-management consultant who worked in the African country of Lubanda twenty years before returns to investigate when a Lubandan employee is murdered in New York—and also to make amends to the only woman he ever loved.

Cooley, M.P. Ice Shear (HC, 25.99) Aug. In a debut mystery a former FBI agent returns to upstate New York, working night shift at the police station and caring for her dying husband, where she finds the body of a young woman who recently married the son of the chief enforcer for a biker gang.

Cooper, Susan Rogers. Countdown (SH, 28.95) Sept. Oklahoma sheriff Milt Kovak attempts to keep the peace when members of an inbred, highly unstable family start a war after one of them shoots his wife, leading to a hostage standoff with Milt’s wife among the hostages.

Corleone, Douglas. Payoff (STM, 25.99) Aug. Former U.S. Marshall Simon Fisk is hired to find the kidnapped daughter of a filmmaker in a case that leads him from California south to Caracas.

Coulter, Catherine and J.T. Ellison. The Lost Key (Put, 26.95) Sept. When FBI agent Nick Drummond is assigned to the case of a murdered antiquarian bookseller, he and his partner become involved in a treasure hunt for a sunken German U-boat and a fortune in lost gold.

Crider, Bill. Half in Love with Artful Death (STM, 24.99) Aug. Texas Sheriff Dan Rhodes is faced with the usual assortment of petty, eccentric small-town crime until the prime suspect in the vandalism of an art show is murdered.

Crombie, Deborah. To Dwell in Darkness (HC, 25.99) Sept. Duncan Kincaid is called in to investigate an explosion at St. Pancras Station and finds that the witnesses disagree with what actually happened, but the disappearance of a mysterious witness leads him to dig deeper.

Cronenberg, David. Consumed (SS, 26.00) Sept. A husband is accused of murdering his wife and suspected of cannibalism in a twisty thriller about two couples—a pair of globe-trotting journalists and a pair of French philosophers.

Cumming, Charles. A Colder War (STM, 26.99) Aug. When British SIS operative Thomas Kell is called back into action to investigate the suspicious death of an SIS operative in Turkey, and he discovers that a mole inside western intelligence threatens the every operation in the Middle East. For fans of Deighton and LeCarré.

Cussler, Clive and Russell Blake. The Eye of Heaven (Put, 28.95) Sept. Sam and Remi Fargo discover a Viking longship frozen in ice, carrying perfectly preserved pre-Colombian artifacts, setting them on the trail of the legendary tomb of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, but their art thief nemesis Benedict is on their trail.

Daheim, Mary. Clam Wake (HC, 25.99) Aug. House-sitting for their aunt and uncle at a retirement community, the cousins discover the body of a former resident, just as the vote over new sewer lines becomes contentious.

Daly, Paula. Keep Your Friends Close (Grove, 25.00) Sept. When her daughter falls ill on a trip to France, a woman leaves her family in the care of a friend, only to return to find that her husband has decamped with the friend, and to discover that everything she thought she knew about the friend is false.

Dams, Jeanne. Day of Vengeance (SH, 28.95) Sept. The search for the new bishop of Sherebury Cathedral is complicated for Dorothy Martin’s husband when one of the candidates is found murdered in his church.

Davies, Linda. Ark Storm (STM, 25.99) Aug. A suspenseful thriller about the intersection of extreme weather events and high finance: when a meteorologist predicts a catastrophic weather event in California, she must battle a financial titan who sees it as a way to make money and a terrorist who sees it as a way to wage jihad.

Edwards, Martin, ed. Guilty Parties (SH, 28.95) Aug. An anthology of short stories from the British Crime Writers’ Association, featuring stories by Peter Lovesey, Christopher Fowler, and John Harvey.

Ewan, Chris. Dead Line (STM, 29.99) Aug. An Englishman who specializes in the recovery of kidnap victims goes to France after his fiancée disappears, but his chief suspect is himself kidnapped, so he must find him to rescue his fiancée.

Fesperman, Dan. Unmanned (RH, 26.95) Aug. A drone pilot in Nevada is asked to help a journalist investigate the high-level misuse of government drones by a rogue CIA officer.

French, Tana. The Secret Place (Vik, 27.95) Sept. A detective desiring to join Dublin’s Murder Squad is given information re-igniting the case of a popular student killed at an exclusive boarding school, but his superiors are suspicious of him and the evidence.

Fusco, John. Dog Beach (SS, 24.00) Sept. A funny look at the movie industry featuring a former Hong Kong martial-arts stuntman, now an enforcer in L.A. who gets the chance of the role of a lifetime. Highly recommended.

Giltrow, Helen. The Distance (Doubleday, 26.95) Sept. In this debut set in London’s underworld, a woman who specializes in information technology is asked by a hit man for whom she created a new identity to help him infiltrate a prisoner-run society to kill a female prisoner.

Giraldi, William. Hold the Dark (Nor, 24.95) Sept. When children begin to disappear in a village in the back country of Alaska, the locals blame wolves, but a wolf expert discovers that the body of the most recent child shows signs of murder, sending his father on a murderous spree.

Glazebrook, Olivia. Never Mind Miss Fox (LB, 25.00) Aug. A suspenseful domestic crime novel about a piano teacher and a dark secret that could tear a happy family apart.

Goldberg, Tod. Gangsterland (Per, 26.00) Sept. A hit man for a Chicago mob family needs a new identity after he makes a mistake killing three FBI agents, so after numerous surgeries he re-emerges in the guise of a Las Vegas rabbi, but the FBI is still on his trail.

Haddam, Jane. Fighting Chance (STM, 26.99) Sept. Gregor Demarkian must defend a friend accused of murder when he is found standing over a judge with a bloody gavel, and the key to the case may be the victim’s involvement with a private prison company.

Hannah, Sophie. The Monogram Murders (HC, 25.99) Sept. Hannah channels her inner Agatha in a well-plotted mystery featuring Hercule Poirot and his little gray cells.

Harvey, John. Darkness, Darkness (Peg, 25.95) Sept. Charlie Resnick is recruited by DI Catherine Njoroge when the skeleton of an advocate for coal miners is found after she went missing in 1984, the time of a mining strike in the final book in the series.

Haynes, Dana. Gun Metal Heart (STM, 25.99) Aug. Former Israeli spy Daria Gibron is asked to help an old colleague find his fellow bodyguard, who may have been seized by a Serbian para-military group.

Haynes, Natalie. The Furies (STM, 25.99) Aug. An accomplished debut novel of psychological suspense about a London stage director who accepts a job teaching in an Edinburgh school for troubled teenagers, whose assignments of Greek drama impact the students in ways she never imagined.

Heley, Victoria. Murder in Time (SH, 28.95) Sept. When the man who raped her housekeeper years ago returns to claim the son who was the result of the rape, Ellie Quicke must investigate the man’s allegations that the housekeeper murdered the owner of the house where the rape occurred.

Hoffman, Patrick. The White Van (Per, 24.00) Sept. In an outstanding debut set in San Francisco, a heist at a bank put together by a Russian émigré and others she coerces into helping sets a police detective with the SFPD Gang Task force on her trail.

Hooper, Kay. Haunted (Brk, 26.99) Sept. A small Georgia town suffers two murders, but the local policewoman finds that nothing about the murders is ordinary in a paranormal novel of suspense.

Howell, Dorothy. Beach Bags and Homicides (Ken, 24.00) Aug. Haley Randolph wins a vacation at a beach resort catering to Hollywood A-listers, but when she finds the body of a maid on the beach, she must stop looking at the celebrities long enough to find a killer.

Hurwitz, Gregg. Don’t Look Back (STM, 26.99) Aug. A recently-divorced woman’s vacation in the jungles outside of Oaxaca turns deadly when bad weather and sabotage cut her and her fellow guests off from the outside world, leaving them at the mercy of a crafty foe.

Jevons, Marshall. The Mystery of the Invisible Hand (Princeton, 24.95) Sept.  Economics professor Henry Spearman accepts a job as a visiting professor at a Texas university where a series of art thefts lead to murder in a whodunit filled with entertaining economics lessons.

Kaehler, Tammy. Avoidable Contact (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Aug. The 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race is the setting for the third in the series, featuring race car driver Kate Reilly, who is distracted when her beau is badly hurt in a car accident, and then a teammate is killed on the track.

Keller, Julia. Summer of the Dead (STM, 25.99) Aug. West Virginia County Prosecutor Bell Elkins and the sheriff are hunting for a murderer who is able to simply disappear after killing.

Kellerman, Faye. Murder 101 (HC, 26.99) Sept. Peter Dekker has retired from the LAPD and he and Rina have moved to Upstate New York, where he takes a job in a college town, but he discovers that an art theft leads to two murders in a town that’s not as sleepy as he’d thought.

Kellerman, Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman. The Golem of Hollywood (Put, 27.95) Sept. Part detective story, part supernatural thriller with a burned-out L.A. detective, a beautiful and mysterious woman, and a monster bent on retribution.

Kelly, Erin. Broadchurch (STM, 26.99) Sept. Based on the British television series of the same name, this police procedural is set in the close-knit Wessex town of Broadchurch, where a new DI and the DS whose job he took must find the killer of a young boy.

Kepnis, Caroline. You (SS, 26.00) Sept. An NYC bookstore clerk becomes obsessed with a young writer in a novel of psychological suspense that will remind you of Gone Girl. Highly recommended.

Klensch, Elsa. The Third Sin (STM, 25.99) Aug. When a wealthy man decides to sell his late mother’s fabulous diamond, his stepmother is enraged—and then he is murdered—leading NYC journalist Sonya Iverson to investigate.

Koenig, Minerva. Nine Days (STM, 24.99) Sept. A woman in Witness Protection in a small Texas town discovers a body on the roof of the bar where she’s working, and when the bar owner is suspected of the crime, she calls on her former criminal associates to help her find the killer.

Krueger, William Kent. Windigo Island (SS, 24.99) Aug. PI Cork O’Connor agrees to investigate the disappearance of a fourteen-year-old Native-American girl whose friend is found dead in the latest in this Edgar-winning series.

Kubica, Mary. The Good Girl (Mira, 24.95) Aug. When a young teacher from a well-connected family goes missing and returns with no memory of what happened, her mother and a police detective investigate in a twisty and heartbreaking novel of suspense.

Larsen, Ward. Assassin’s Game (STM, 25.99) Aug. A former Mossad agent, now retired and resettled in Virginia, finds himself forced to return for one more job when his wife is attacked at a medical conference in Stockholm.

Lovesey, Peter. The Stone Wife (Soho, 26.95) Sept. Peter Diamond investigates when a professor is murdered at a Bath auction house during a botched robbery attempt.

Maron, Margaret. Designated Daughters (GC, 27.00) Aug. The murder of Judge Deborah Knott’s terminally-ill aunt brings the family together to try to uncover the motive for murder in the ramblings of the elderly woman concealing a deadly secret.

Martin, Nancy. A Little Night Murder (NAL, 24.95) Aug. High–society columnist Nora Blackbird and her sisters investigate when the daughter of a Broadway diva drops dead.

Masters, Priscilla. The Devil’s Chair (SH, 27.95) Aug. When a woman is severely injured in a car accident and her young daughter goes missing, Shrewsbury coroner Martha Gunn must help the police find the missing girl.

May, Peter. The Lewis Man (Quercus, 26.99) Sept. Having left police work to return to the remote Hebrides Isle of Lewis, Fin MacLeod finds himself pulled back into an investigation when a mummified body is found in a peat bog, and the victim is tied to the father of his childhood sweetheart and grandfather of his son.

Mayor, Archer. Proof Positive (STM, 25.99) Sept. Joe Gunther is asked to investigate when a Vietnam vet is found crushed to death in his house, in a case that is tied to photographs from the war that lead to more murders.

McGoran, Jon. Deadout (STM, 24.99) Aug. A Philadelphia detective finds himself investigating a series of murders in this eco-thriller set on Martha’s Vineyard where the bee population is dwindling, and a corporation introducing genetically-modified bees into the ecosystem may causing the collapse.

McLean, Russel D. Mothers of the Disappeared (SH, 27.95) Aug. Scottish PI is asked to go undercover to investigate a powerful criminal, while at the same time he is investigating the death of a young boy by his mother who is convinced that the man convicted of her son’s death in innocent.

Meade, Glenn. The Last Witness (SS, 25.00) Aug. When her husband is killed by Serbian war criminals, a woman regains her memory of the horrors of ethnic cleansing in Serbia she experienced as a young child, and vows to return to find her brother.

 Melinek, Judy, M.D and T.J. Mitchell. Working Stiff (SS, 25.00) Aug. Set in NYC, this engaging account of the author’s training in the science of forensic pathology is not for the delicate of stomach, but is absolutely fascinating.

Menino, Holly. A Distance to Death (STM, 25.99) Aug. In the second in this horsy series, Tink and her veterinarian friend travel to California to take part in the Tevis Cup race through the Sierra Nevada, but the murder of an elderly scientist sends her on the trail of a murderer.

Mezrich, Ben. Seven Wonders (Running Press, 26.00) Sept. When the brother of anthropologist Jack Grady is murdered, he finds a thumb-drive linking the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World to the new Seven Wonders, sending him on a global adventure fraught with billionaire bad guys, booby traps, and lots of venomous snakes.

Moreno, Courtney. In Case of Emergency (Per, 24.00) Sept. An EMT in the South Central area of L.A. finds herself increasingly unable to deal with the trauma in her life in a suspenseful debut novel.

Mosley, Walter. Rose Gold (DD, 25.95) Sept. When a student at UC Santa Barbara, the daughter of a munitions giant, goes missing during the height of the Vietnam War, Easy Rawlins is asked to track down a black activist who last saw her.

Moss, Todd. The Golden Hour (Put, 26.95) Sept. A debut espionage thriller written by an insider, featuring a top diplomat in Africa who must respond  quickly after a coup in Mali to ensure that all the appropriate diplomatic channels are open, despite political infighting both at home and abroad.

O’Dell, Tawni. One of Us (SS, 26.00) Aug. A literary thriller about a forensic psychologist who returns to the backwoods Pennsylvania mining town where he was born to lead the search for a serial killer whose victims are tied to a miner’s strike years before.

Oldham, Nick. Low Pressure (SH, 28.95) Aug. Blackpool detective Henry Christie is investigating the death of a diamond merchant and his girlfriend, while meanwhile a former Lancashire cop in Puerto Rico becomes a suspect in another double murder—but Christie finds that both crimes are tied to a criminal clan in Blackpool.

Oliver, Lauren. Rooms (Ecco, 25.99) Sept. When a wealthy man dies he leaves his country house to his bitter and estranged family, a house haunted by long dead residents, but when a new ghost appears, the veil between the living and the dead is torn with catastrophic consequences.

Palumbo, Dennis. Phantom Limb (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Sept. Daniel Rinaldi, psychologist and consultant to the Pittsburgh police, must help find a patient who was kidnapped after telling him that she was planning on committing suicide that night.

Patterson, James and Michael Ledwidge. Burn (LB, 28.00) Sept. Michael Bennett returns to New York and is drawn into an underground criminal world of terrifying depravity.

Penny, Louise. The Long Way Home (STM, 24.99) Aug. When her husband Peter Morrow fails to show up in Three Pines as agreed one year after their separation, Clara turns to Inspector Gamache to find him.

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child. The Lost Island (GC, 27.00) Aug. Gideon Crewe steals a page from the Irish manuscript, the Book of Kells, at the behest of his mysterious employee only to discover that beneath the illumination is an ancient map dating back to the ancient Greeks.

Quinn, Spencer. Paw and Order (SS, 25.00) Aug. Bernie and Chet go to Washington, D.C. to visit Susie Sanchez, but the murder of a British consultant places Bernie in the crosshairs of the police.

Reichs, Kathy. Bones Never Lie (Ban, 27.00) Sept. Tempe Brennan returns—along with her mother—to track down the one criminal who got away.

Rimington, Stella. Close Call (STM, 24.00) Aug. British intelligence officer Liz Carlyle and her MI5 colleagues track a shipment of weapons to Manchester, where terrorists are planning a major attack at a soccer stadium.

Robb, J.D. Festive in Death (Put, 27.95) Sept. Eve Dallas must solve the murder of a narcissistic personal trainer—and the many women with motives—during a hectic holiday season.

Rollins, James. The Sixth Extinction (HC, 27.99) Aug. Gray Pierce and the Sigma Group respond to a distress call from a remote research base and discover that not only are the researchers dead, but that there is no living thing within a fifty-mile radius.

Ross, Ann B. Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-luck Day (Vik, 26.95) Aug. Told from the point of view of Etta Mae Wiggins, who sees a way out of her trailer-park life when she goes to work for a wealthy elderly man, but not only do his children want to stop the wedding, but also her own heart is torn when her first ex returns with a winning lottery ticket in another comic southern romp..

Rowland, Betty. The Scent of Death (SH, 28.95) Aug. Detective Constable Sukey Reynolds and her superior investigate the drowning death at a classical music festival set at a manor house in Somerset.

Rowson, Pauline. Shroud of Evil (SH, 28.95) Aug. DI Andy Horton of the Portsmouth CID is assigned to the case of a missing PI, whose car is found abandoned outside an apartment building.

Shafer, David. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Mull, 26.00) Aug. A debut comic novel of techno-conspiracy featuring three offbeat members of an idealistic online Underground who fight to keep a cabal of media barons from privatizing information.

Slattery, Brian Francis. The Family Hightower (7 Stories, 27.95) Sept. Two cousins with the same name take different paths in life—one becomes a journalist and the other a minor criminal—but when a group of criminals mistake the journalist for the criminal, he finds himself on the run.

Sloan, Michael. The Equalizer (STM, 27.99) Aug. A former CIA covert operative now offers his services for free as a troubleshooter, investigator, and righter of wrongs on the streets of NYC.

Smith, Derek Howe. The Derek Smith Omnibus (LockedRoomInt’l, 29.99) Aug. A reissue of three Golden-Age mysteries, including a baffling locked-room puzzle.

Stein, Garth. A Sudden Light (SS, 26.95) Sept. A spooky supernatural thriller set in a century-old mansion overlooking Puget Sound, where a man and his son return after the collapse of his marriage and business, but his plans to persuade his elderly father to sell the house upset the spirits.

Talley, Marcia. Tomorrow’s Vengeance (SH, 27.95) Sept. Hannah Ives agrees to volunteer at the memory center of an upscale retirement community in Annapolis, but when she discovers the body of a resident, she helps the police deal with a surprisingly large group of suspects.

Tanenbaum, Robert K. Fatal Conceit (SS, 26.00) Aug. Butch Karp investigates the death of the acting director of the CIA in a NYC hotel room and suspects that it might be linked to a terrorist attack on a U.S. mission in Chechnya.

White, Randy Wayne. Haunted (Put, 26.95) Aug. Hannah Smith is hired by a wealthy widow who thinks that the seller of an old house that she bought to raze to put up condos did not disclose the history of the house, a history that is related to Hannah’s own family, but she soon discovers that there are things more dangerous than ghosts.

Whitmer, Benjamin. Cry Father (SS, 25.00) Sept. A despairing man whose son died after being misdiagnosed becomes involved with a Mexican drug cartel after befriending a coke addict in a thriller set in Colorado.

Youmans, Marly. Glimmerglass (Mercer, 24.00) Sept. In a blend of mystery, myth, and magic a painter moves to a small upstate New York village and marries an older man, only to discover a dark family secret.

Zahler, S. Craig. Mean Business on North Ganson Street (STM, 25.99) Sept. When an Arizona detective is transferred to a decaying Missouri town, he discovers a violent place filled with criminals and cops who are equally violent, but when his family is threatened, he too stops playing by the rules.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Reprint

Baldacci, David. King and Maxwell (GC, 10.00) Sept.

Berenson, Laurien. Gone with the Woof (Ken, 7.99) Aug.

Brandman, Michael. Robert B. Parker’s Damned if you Do (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Brown, Rita Mae. The Litter of the Law (BDD, 7.99) Aug.

Chapman, Drew. The Ascendant (Pkt, 7.99) Sept.

Coel, Margaret. Killing Custer (Brk, 7.99) Sept.

Cornwell, Patricia. Dust (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Coyle, Cleo. Billionaire’s Blend (Brk, 7.99) Aug.

Crane, Cheryl. The Dead and the Beautiful (Ken, 7.99) Aug.

Cussler, Clive and Thomas Perry. The Mayan Secrets (Brk, 9.99) Sept.

Delany, Luke. The Keeper (HC, 9.99) Aug.

Douglas, John and Mark Olshaker. Law & Disorder (Ken, 9.99) Aug.

Dunnett, Kaitlyn. Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones (Ken, 7.99) Sept.

Fletcher, Jessica and Donald Bain. Murder She Wrote: Close Up on Murder (NAL, 7.99) Sept.

Grafton, Sue. W is for Wasted (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

Griffin, Laura. Far Gone (Pkt, 7.99) Sept.

Grisham, John. Sycamore Row (BDD, 9.99) Sept.

Haddam, Jane. Hearts of Sand (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Harrison, Kim. The Undead Pool (HC, 7.99) Aug.

Hooper, Kay. Hostage (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

Jones, Darynda. Sixth Grave on the Edge (STM, 7.99) Sept.

Kellerman, Jonathan. Bad Love (BDD, 9.99) Aug.

Land, Jon. Strong Rain Falling (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Lee, Alan. Sandstorm (STM, 9.99) Sept.

Martin, Nancy. The Little Black Book of Murder (NAL, 7.99) Aug.

O’Connell, Carol. It Happens in the Dark (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

Paretsky, Sara. Critical Mass (NAL, 9.99) Sept.

Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro. Twelfth of Never (GC, 10.00) Aug.

Reichs, Christopher. The Prince of Risk (RH, 9.99) Sept.

Rich, David. Middle Man (NAL, 9.99) Aug.

Richards, Douglas E. The Cure (STM, 9.99) Sept.

Robb, J.D. Concealed in Death (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

Ryan, Hank Phillippi. The Wrong Girl (STM, 7.99) Aug.

Sullivan, Mark. Outlaw (STM, 9.99) Sept.

Unger, Lisa. In the Blood (Pkt, 7.99) Aug.

White, Randy Wayne. Deceived (Brk, 9.99) Aug.

White, Stephen. Compound Fractures (NAL, (.99) Aug.

Wolf, Dick. The Execution (HC, 9.99) Aug.

New and Forthcoming in Paperback Original

Aarons, Kathy. Death is like a Box of Chocolates (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When two friends join together their bookstore and chocolate shop, life is sweet until a customer is poisoned by a truffle. Then they must pick through an assortment of suspects before their businesses melt away in the first in a new series.

Abbott, Allyson K. Murder with a Twist (Ken, 7.99) Aug. In the second in the series featuring bar owner Mack Dalton, she is asked to use her synesthesia to help the police locate a missing child.

Abbott, Victoria. The Wolfe Widow (Brk, 7.99) Sept. In the third in the series to feature researcher Jordan Bingham, she is dismissed without explanation when a mysterious woman arrives to visit her employer, a reclusive book collector, and after the postman is found dead, she investigates.

Adams, Ellery. Murder in the Mystery Suite (Brk, 7.99) Aug. In the first in a new series the manager of a Virginia resort catering to book lovers decides to host a Murder and Mystery Week, but she soon discovers that one of her guests is an actual murderer.

Belle, Josie. Marked Down for Murder (Brk, 7.99) Sept. Maggie and the Good Buy Girls must save her nemesis from being framed for murder, even if it means missing the President’s Day sales!

Brady, Jacklyn. Rebel without a Cake (Brk, 7.99) Sept. When her former mother-in-law’s friend claims to have seen a ghost, New Orleans cake shop owner puts it down the Halloween season, until a corpse is found in the swamp.

Cantrell, Janet. Fat Cat at Large (Brk, 7.99) Sept. The first in a new series featuring a Minneapolis baker whose tubby tabby leads her to the scene of a murder.

Casey, Elizabeth Lynn. Taken In (Brk, 7.99) Aug. The sewing circle must hunt for a killer when a trip to New York ends in murder.

Chase, Erika. Book Fair and Foul (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When an actual murder takes place during the Mystery Book Fair, the members of the book club must rally to clear the name of one of their own in the latest in this Southern-fried series.

Coco, Nancy. To Fudge or not to Fudge (Ken, 7.99) Sept. While walking her dog, the owner of the historic Mackinac Island hotel and fudge shop discovers that the bone he’s dug up belongs to a toe that’s been removed from its body, and she must find a killer before la dolce vita turns bitter.

Craig, Elizabeth. Shear Trouble (NAL, 7.99) Aug. When a local ladies’ man is stabbed with a pair of sewing shears, quilter Beatrice Coleman uses her detecting skills that are a cut above the rest.

Genova, Rosie. The Wedding Soup Murder (NAL, 7.99) Sept. When the body of an exclusive Jersey Shore country club is found on the beach during a wedding catered by Victoria’s family restaurant, she must find a killer.

Kelly, Diane. Death, Taxes, and Silver Spurs (STM, 7.99) Aug. IRS special agent Tara Holloway is sent to investigate a hunky country singer who has been too busy touring to file his taxes.

Kennedy, Mary. Nightmares Can Be Murder (Brk, 7.99) Sept. In the first in a new series, a group of Savannah women gather together to share and interpret their dreams, but when a local dance instructor is murdered in a way that resembles one of the member’s dreams, they decide to catch a nightmare killer.

Kingsley, Allison. Extra Sensory Deception (Brk, 7.99) Aug. In the latest in this paranormal series set in a bookstore in Maine, Clara uses her psychic abilities to solve crime.

Knox, Annie. Groomed for Murder (NAL, 7.99) Sept. Trendy Tails Pet Boutique is hosting two weddings—that of her mentor, Ingrid, and “pupptials” for two lovable dogs, but when the enigmatic writer who lives above the shop drops dead at the altar on Ingrid’s wedding day, it’s time to find a killer.

Logan, Kylie. Death by Devil’s Breath (Brk, 7.99) Aug. In Las Vegas, the Chili Showdown is including a special event with semi-celebrity guest judges, but a dose of poison makes for a killer chili.

Lyle, Dixie. To Die Fur (STM, 7.99) Sept. As part of her job for a zany billionaire, Foxtrot must host a party for a group of wealthy animal collectors, but when a liger is found dead, she and her paranormal furry friends must find a killer in the second in this cozy series.

Moran, Terrie Farley. Well Read, Then Dead (Brk, 7.99) Aug. The first in a new series set in a Florida bookstore café, where an elderly book club member is found dead.

Peikoff, Kyra. No Time to Die (Ken, 9.99) Sept. A suspenseful medical thriller about a group of researchers conducting illegal experiments who kidnap a young woman with a rare genetic makeup who may hold the key to a medical breakthrough.

Perry, Carol J. Caught Dead Handed (Ken, 7.99) Sept. The first of a new paranormal cozy series, featuring a television reporter who returns to her hometown of Salem, where she takes over the job of call-in psychic hosting late night horror films after the previous host is murdered, but when she begins to see real visions in the crystal ball, she finds herself involved in a witch’s brew of murder.

Perry, Leigh. The Skeleton Takes a Bow (Brk, 7.99) Sept. In the second in this paranormal cozy series, Sid the Skeleton witnesses a murder, and he and Georgia must keep their heads while they stick their necks out to find a killer.

Pike, Penny. Death of a Crabby Cook (NAL, 7.99) Aug. A former San Francisco restaurant reviewer goes to work with her aunt’s food truck, but when a local chef turns up murdered, she decides to put the brakes on a killer in the first of a new foodie series.

Shelton, Paige. If Catfish Had Nine Lives (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When one of a group of conventioneers at a cowboy poetry convention come to learn how to fry catfish, Betts and her grandmother must turn sleuths when a man is murdered and her brother is suspected.

Sweeney, Leann. The Cat, the Vagabond, and the Victim (NAL, 7.99) Sept. When a missing cat travels nearly two hundred miles back home only to find his former owner dead, cat quilter Jillian Hart agrees to foster him, but the media exposure is making things dangerous for both of them.

New and Forthcoming in Quality Paperback

Ace, Cathy. The Corpse with the Platinum Hair (Per, 14.95) Sept. Stuck in the posh dining room of a Las Vegas hotel after a murder with ten other potential murderers, Canadian criminologist Cait Morgan and her significant other must find a killer as the suspects dwindle and the bodies mount.

Baillie, Martha. The Search for Heinrich Schlögel (Per, 15.95) Sept. A German man who has gone hiking on Baffin Island has many strange encounters during his hike, but the strangest is that when he returns, he has not aged but thirty years have passed.

Bajo, David. Mercy 6 (Per, 16.00) Sept. When four patients die in the emergency room of a newly-renovated L.A. hospital, the head of Emergency first thinks it’s a contagion, but then she becomes convinced it’s not a virus at all in a suspenseful medical thriller.

Baldacci, David. The Target (GC, 16.00) Sept. Government assassin Will Robie is asked to join with Jessica Reel on a job not knowing that an assassin has targeted the two of them.

Belsky, R.G. The Kennedy Connection (SS, 16.00) Aug. An investigative journalist learns that Lee Harvey Oswald’s previously unknown son is peddling a book with conclusive proof that his father didn’t kill President Kennedy, and persuades his editors to send him to Dallas to investigate.

Campbell, Colin. Adobe Flats (MidInk, 14.99) Sept. Jim Grant goes to Texas to see the father of a former colleague, but finds himself caught up in a fight against an army of Texas bad guys.

Campbell, Drusilla. In Doubt (GC, 15.00) Aug. When the governor of California is shot and seriously wounded, the defense attorney for the alleged shooter, a seemingly gentle teenaged boy, investigates and comes to have her doubts about the boy’s mother and mentor in a case that could get her killed.

Castle, Richard. Storm Front (LB, 17.99) Sept. Derrick Storm returns when the CIA asks him to track down a psychopath targeting international bankers.

Challinor, C.S. Murder at Midnight (MidInk, 14.99) Aug. Scottish barrister Rex Graves is celebrating New Years at his Highlands retreat when two of the guests are found murdered.

Cobb, Sonya. The Objects of her Affection (Source, 14.99) Aug. The wife of a Philadelphia museum curator decides to steal certain uncatalogued artifacts to help them out financially in a suspenseful debut with a creative twist.

Connolly, John. The Creeps (SS, 15.00) Aug. The final book in the paranormal trilogy for young readers is a comic gem. Highly recommended.

Cook, Robin. Coma (Mull, 15.00) Dept. A reissue of the terrifying medical thriller first published forty years ago.

Cook, Thomas H. Sandrine’s Case (Per, 15.00) Aug. A professor on trial for murdering his beautiful, bohemian wife thinks over their life together, despite the fact that everyone, including their daughter is convinced of his guilt.

Cross, Ethan. Father of Fear (Per, 14.95) Aug. Special operative Marcus Williams must help a father whose son has been kidnapped, and to get him back he must kill an innocent person.

Daly, Paula. Just What Kind of Mother Are You? (Per, 15.00) Sept. When her friend’s teenaged daughter disappears while she is caring for her, a woman is publicly blamed, but as she begins to investigate, she finds that things are not what they seem in a debut novel of suspense.

Daniel, Ray. Terminated (MidInk, 14.99) Aug. In the first of a new series a Boston software engineer must track a serial killer after his wife is murdered.

Deaver, Jeffery. The October List (GC, 15.00) Aug. A riveting stand-alone thriller told in reverse about a mother whose daughter is kidnapped.

Delgado, Anjanette. The Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho (Ken, 15.00) Sept. A Cuban woman living in Miami is appalled when her lover is found dead right after she breaks up with him, and worrying that she might become the chief suspect, decides to investigate herself, using her gift of clairvoyance in a romantic, paranormal mystery.

Dick, R. A. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (RH, 14.95) Sept. A reissue of a classic ghost story about a widow who moves to a haunted seaside cottage and meets its charming ghost.

Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in a Yellow Spotlight (Wishlist, 18.99) Aug. Everything goes well in the reunion tour of a rock band, until a dead body is found onstage and Temple Barr must find a killer—with the help of the feline detective, Midnight Louie.

Dupont, James M. Shadow of the Corps (Peg, 14.95) Aug. A Marine JAG attorney takes on the case of a combat pilot accused of bombing a village in Afghanistan, and finds himself of losing not only his career but also his family.

Finch, Paul. Stalkers (HC, 14.99) Aug. In the first in a new series, a detective investigating the disappearance of successful women accepts the help of the sister of one of the missing women, and they discover a secretive criminal gang that may be behind the crimes.

Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl (RH, 15.00) Aug. A brilliant tour-de-force of a psychological novel with a husband who becomes the prime suspect when his clever wife disappears—but all is not as it first seems. Highly recommended.

Folger, Joni. Of Merlot and Murder (MidInk, 14.99) Sept. In the second in the cozy series, Elise Beckett must help clear her grandmother’s name when a rival vintner is found dead at a wine festival.

George, Elizabeth. Just One Evil Act (NAL, 17.00) Aug. Lynley and Havers must help a friend when his daughter is kidnapped in an Italian marketplace.

Gifford, Thomas. The Wind Chill Factor (Png, 14.95) Aug. The reissue of a spy thriller, set in Buenos Aires about a man on the run from the Nazis years after the war.

Girard, Geoffrey. Cain’s Blood (SS, 16.00) Sept. When clones of history’s most infamous serial killers escape from a secret government facility, a former Army Ranger must hunt them down –with the help of the teenaged clone of Jeffrey Dahmer in a smart, twisty thriller.

Grafton, Sue. V is for Vengeance (Brk, 15.00) Sept. When one of a shoplifting ring commits suicide in a mall parking lot, his fiancé suspects murder, and asks Kinsey to investigate.

Grant, M. C. Beauty with a Bomb (MidInk, 14.99) Sept. San Francisco journalist Dixie Flynn investigates when young immigrant women begin to disappear with the help of a group of Polish women who are bent on rescuing the missing women.

Greany, Mark. Gray Man (Brk, 16.00) Sept. and On Target (Brk, 16.00) Sept. The first two novels in the series featuring an intelligence operative, an assassin who hunts down high-level targets, but who finds that men of power and money are even more dangerous than he is.

Hannah, Sophie. Kind of Cruel (Png, 16.00) Sept. London police detectives  Charlotte Zailer and Simon Waterhouse arrest a woman for the murder of a woman she claims she has never met and her only defense is in the words she remembers from a hypnotherapy session.

Harris, Oliver. Deep Shelter (HC, 15.99) Sept. When London detective constable Nick Belsky takes his girlfriend to an underground bunker in Belsize Park, she vanishes and he soon begins receiving messages from her abductor leading him on a chase through the city’s network of underground shelters.

Keeley, D.A. Bitter Crossing (MidInk, 14.99) Aug. After returning to her Maine home, a border patrol agent is horrified to find an abandoned baby at the site of suspected marijuana drop, and finds herself involved in a dangerous conspiracy in the first of a new series.

Keller, Julia. Bitter River (STM, 14.99) Aug. A mystery set in a small West Virginia town, featuring a prosecuting attorney who is faced with the case of a pregnant teenager whose body is found in the Bitter River.

Kernick, Simon. Ultimatum (SS, 15.00) Sept. In a thriller that takes place in the space of 24 hours, a Det. Constable must rush to find an Islamic group that has set off a bomb in a crowded London café and promises more to come unless the government gives in to its demands.

Kersley, Susanna. Season of Storms (Sourcebooks, 16.99) Sept. When an actress goes to Italy to star in a play put on by the grandson of the dramatist, she discovers that the actress for whom the play was written had disappeared on opening night in 1921, and that the family estate is haunted in a novel of romantic suspense.

Kong, Debra Purdy. The Deep End (Per, 14.95) Sept. A transit security officer volunteering at a Youth Custody Center is appalled to discover that her young ward is dating one of the boys, but two deaths at the center and rumors of illegal activity make her wonder if the boy is a culprit or a potential victim.

Kramon, Justin. The Preservationist (Peg, 14.95) Sept. In a mixture of literary thriller and horror, a forty-year-old professor falls in love with a freshman student, but there is another student also in love with her and wants to make her his. Creepy.

Lashner, William. Bagmen (T&M, 14.95) Aug. Philadelphia attorney Victor Carl is working as a bagman for a political campaign, but when a young woman to whom he just give a blackmail payment is murdered, he realizes that he can’t trust the people he’s working for in a tightly plotted, funny mystery.

Legault, Stephen. Black Sun Descending (Per, 14.95) Sept. When he finds the body of a conservation activist outside of Moab, Utah, a conservationist finds that any number of people along the Colorado Plateau wanted her dead.

Leotta, Allison. Speak of the Devil (SS, 14.99) Sept. Federal Prosecutor Anna Curtis becomes involved in a case involving the Witness Protection Program and the violent gang MS-13.

Lewis, Ted. Get Carter (Soho, 14.95) Sept. The reissue of the first of a crime trilogy, featuring Jack Carter, a London fixer who returns home when his brother dies in a suspicious car accident.

Lippmann, Laura. After I’m Gone (HC, 14.99) Aug. When a shady Baltimore businessman disappears before he can be indicted, the effect of his disappearance is told by the five women he left behind. Highly recommended.

Lovesey, Peter. The Last Detective (Soho, 9.99) Aug. A reissue of the first in the Peter Diamond series set in Bath.

Malliet, G. M. Pagan Spring (STM, 15.95) Sept. Father Max Tudor must find a killer in the bucolic—but dangerous—village of Nether Monkslip, when an obnoxious West End dramatist is found dead after a rancorous dinner party. Highly recommended.

Maloney, Shane. The Big Ask (Per, 14.95) and Nice Try (Per, 14.95) Sept. A reissue of two comic novels, featuring Australian political fixer Murray Whelan. Highly recommended.

Masters, Sam. The China Dogs (Wit, 11.99) Aug. When dogs begin turning on people all over Miami, a special ops soldier discovers a diabolical plot to turn man’s best friend into his worst enemy that threatens national security.

Mayne, Andrew. Angel Killer (HC, 14.99) Sept. The first in a new series featuring an FBI agent who leaves behind her life as a magician, but she must use her knowledge of illusions to track down a killer committing seemingly impossible murders.

Mayor, Archer. Three Can Keep a Secret (STM, 15.99) Sept. Joe Gunther and the Vermont Bureau of Investigation are called in during the aftermath of hurricane Irene to deal with a number of odd cases, but the oddest is the disappearance of a mental patient who may have been falsely committed to an institution.

McIlvanny, William. The Papers of Tony Veitch (Europa, 16.00) Sept. Glasgow police detective Laidlaw is summoned to the death bed of a gangster who holds the clue to an unsolved murder in the second in this excellent series.

Miller, Louise. The Hidden Girl (SS, 15.00) Aug. When they move to a remote Suffolk village hoping to adopt a baby, a woman and her husband find that the villagers are hiding a secret about a local woman.

Milton, Nina. Unraveled Visions (MidInk, 14.99) Sept.  Shamanic counselor Sabbie Dare investigates when a detective is shot at the Bridgewater Carnival and a young gypsy disappears.

Muir, T. Frank. Eye for an Eye (Soho, 9.99) Sept. Scottish DI Andy Gilchrist is faced with a case involving the gruesome deaths of six men, all spousal abusers and all murdered.

O’Bryan, Laurence. The Manhattan Puzzle (HC, 12.99) Aug. A thriller about a global puzzle, a secret symbol, and a deadly conspiracy. For fans of Dan Brown.

Palmer, Barbara. Claudine (Brk, 15.00) Sept. A graduate student who moonlights as a paid escort finds the tenuous separation between the different worlds begins to dissolve when she becomes part of a murder case in a dark erotic thriller.

Parks, Carrie Stuart. A Cry from the Dust (Nelson, 15.99) Aug. When she accepts an assignment to reconstruct recently-found remains of victims of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857, a forensic artist becomes involved in present-day murder after a visitor to the historical site and then a security guard are found dead.

Patterson, James. Cross my Heart (GC, 16.00) Sept. Alex Cross becomes the obsession of a madman who uses his love of his family against him.

Patterson, James and Michael White. Private Down Under (GC, 15.00) Aug. When Private opens its newest office in Sydney, the investigators have their hands full from the beginning with a horrific murder in the Eastern Suburbs.

Paul, Bart. Under Tower Peak (Per, 14.95) Sept. When two wilderness guides come across the wreckage of a plane in the Sierra Nevada, they find themselves on the run in a battle between the plane owner’s trophy wife and his drug-running son.

Pelecanos, George. The Double (LB, 15.00) Sept. Investigator Spero Lucas is hired by a woman to find a painting that was stolen from her by a conman, but more than that she wants vengeance for the humiliation he caused her. Highly recommended.

Pryor, Mark. The Button Man (Prom, 15.95) Sept. After a Hollywood star and his wife kill a farmer in a hit-and-run accident, the wife is found dead in a London cemetery and the actor disappearances, so Hugo Marston, head of security for the American embassy in London, is called in to find him, leading to the trail of an unusual conspiracy.

Pynchon, Thomas. Bleeding Edge (Png, 17,00) Sept. A NYC investigator who specializes in fraud stumbles on a conspiracy involving the Russian mob when she investigates the finances of a computer-security firm.

Resnick, Mike. Cat on a Cold Tin Roof (Prom, 15.95) Aug. Cincinnati PI Eli Paxton is hired by the widow of the financial advisor to Chicago’s largest Mafia family to find her missing cat—who ran away wearing a diamond collar worth millions when her husband was murdered.

Rogan, Barbara. A Dangerous Fiction (Png, 15.00) Aug. A literary agent and widow of a famous—and notorious—novelist finds herself the victim of harassment that escalates into murder in an inside look at the publishing industry. Highly recommended.

Sallis, James. Others of my Kind (STM, 14.00) Aug. A young woman who spent two years as the captive of a psychopath when she was a child is asked by a detective to help another girl who has had a similar experience.

Scottoline, Lisa. Accused (STM, 15.99) Sept. Philadelphia attorney Mary DiNunzio agrees to help a teenager who believes that the man who confessed to killing her sister six years before is innocent, despite the objections of the girl’s wealthy and powerful family.

Simmons, Dan. Hardcase (Mull, 16.00) Sept. A reissue of the first in a hardboiled series featuring an ex-con who goes to work for an organized crime family looking for a missing accountant only to find himself on the run from two hired killers.

Smallman, Phyllis. Martini Regrets (Per, 14.95) Sept. When her car is highjacked while crossing the Everglades at night, a woman is in terror for her life from the carjackers and reptiles, and then she stumbles on a body.

Taylor, Debbie. Herring Girl (Per, 16.99) Sept. A young boy who feels that he is a girl is treated by a therapist who uses past life regression, and she discovers that he had a past life as a herring girl who was murdered, and in further sessions she comes to believe that the murder must be solved to keep it from recurring.

Thompson, Jim. The Killer inside Me (Mull, 15.00) Aug. The complete crime fiction of the classic novelist is being reissued. These are wonderful.

Thurlo, Aimee and David. Ghost Medicine (STM, 15.99) Sept. When a former Navajo policeman is murdered, Ella Clah will do anything to bring the killer to justice.

Unsworth, Cathi. Wierdo (Per, 15.95) Aug. A British PI reinvestigates a case of murder committed by a teenaged girl in 1984, and comes to believe that she did not act alone, despite the obstruction by the residents of the small seaside town where the crime took place.

Wait, Lea. Shadows on a Maine Christmas (Pers, 15.95) Sept. Antique dealer Maggie Summer visits her boyfriend in Maine over Christmas and investigates the murder of the nurse employed by one of his elderly aunt’s friends, a woman who supplemented her income with blackmail.

Wallace, Christopher. Killing the Messenger (IPG, 13.95) Aug. An amusing parliamentary thriller set in Britain, where a political party turns to an ad exec who has developed a morally dubious technology for mass persuasion.

Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleep (HC, 15.99) Aug. I loved this creepy novel of psychological suspense about a woman whose memories disappear every time she falls asleep.

Westlake, Donald. The Hot Rock (Png, 14.95) Aug. The reissue of an early comic caper novel featuring John Dortmunder, who agrees to steal a $500,000 emerald. What could go wrong?

New and Forthcoming in International Mysteries

Adler-Olsen, Jussi. The Marco Effect (Dut, 27.95) Sept. A teenaged gypsy boy, on the run from his tyrannical uncle, discovers a buried corpse and crosses paths with DI Mørck who is working on a cold case in Copenhagen’s seedy underbelly.

_____. The Purity of Vengeance (Png, 16.00) Aug. Copenhagen police detective Carl Mørck is assigned the case of a brothel owner who went missing in the 1980s, in a case tied to a surgeon who was part of a movement to sterilize wayward girls in 1960s Denmark.

Disher, Garry. The Dragon Man (Soho, 9.99) Sept. A reissue of the first Hal Challis mystery set in southeastern Australia, where he must contend with a serial killer and his divorced wife who wants to reconcile—after trying to kill him.

Fossum, Karin. Eva’s Eye (HMH, 14.95) Aug. In the very first Inspector Sejer to be written, he investigates when the body of a man missing for months is found in the river in a case that may be tied to the death of a prostitute.

_____.  I Can See in the Dark (HMH, 25.00) Aug. A standalone thriller about a man whose alibi for the crime he didn’t do is the crime of which he is actually guilty.

Fuller, Samuel. Brainquake (Hard Case, 12.95) Sept. A French thriller first published in 1993 features a NYC mob bagman who suffers from seizures, who falls in love with a gangster’s widow and flees with her and $10 million dollars to Paris, followed by an assassin disguised as a priest.

Gannon, Joe. Night of the Jaguar (STM, 25.99) Sept. A former Sandanista commander, now a Managua policeman is called to investigate a robbery/murder that appears to be the work of the CIA-funded group the Contras, and wonders if it is murder or assassination in the first of a new series.

Garnier, Pascal. Moon in a Dead Eye (Gallic, 12.95) Aug. A sly cynical mystery from a French crime writer about the residents of a retirement community in the south of France, and their disastrous reaction to the arrival of a nearby gypsy encampment.

Higashino, Keigo. Salvation of a Saint (STM, 15.99) Sept. When a husband about to leave his wife and family is poisoned, the wife is the obvious suspect—but she was hundreds of miles away. The Tokyo police call in Professor Yukawa to help them solve an impossible crime in the second in this bestselling Japanese series.

Indridason, Arnaldur. Black Skies (STM, 16.00) Sept. When a favor to a friend goes wrong and a woman dies in front of him, Erlendur’s colleague Sigurdur Oli is stuck with a murder investigation.

_____. Strange Shores (STM, 25.99) Aug. Reykjavik police inspector Erlendur becomes interested in a decades-old cold case of a missing woman, and all the evidence points to murder.

Kallentoft, Mons. Autumn Killing (SS, 16.00) Sept. When a self-made millionaire is found dead after recently moving back to his boyhood village and buying the local castle, DS Malin Fors must find a killer amidst a large group of people, both villagers and business colleagues of the victim.

Lancet, Barry. Tokyo Kill (SS, 25.00) Sept. Tokyo-based PI Jim Brodie takes the case of an elderly Japanese man whose fellow soldiers during the brutal occupation of China during WWII are being killed.

Lapidus, Jens. Life Deluxe (RH, 27.95) Sept.  The conclusion of his Stockholm Noir trilogy with a power struggle between the Yugo Mafia, a restaurateur planning a heist, and DI Martin Hägerström, undercover to break up a drug ring.

Larsson, Åsa. The Second Deadly Sin (Quercus, 26.99) Aug. Swedish prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson travels to the far north of the country to investigate the murder of a stabbing victim from a family hard hit by tragedy—the victim’s son was killed in a hit-and-run, her father’s remains were found inside a bear, and her grandmother was murdered.

Limón, Martin. The Iron Sickle (Soho, 26.95) Aug. CID agents Sueño and Bascom are surprised when they are not assigned to the murder of a U.S. Army officer, but when they decide to investigate informally they discover that someone wants to have the case remain unsolved.

Longworth, M.L. Murder in the Ȋle Sardou (Png, 15.00) Sept. Verlaque and Bonnet are called in to investigate the murder of a guest at a resort on an island off the coast of Marseille in the fourth of this charming series.

Manchette, Jean-Patrick. The Mad and the Bad (NYRB, 14.95) July. The reissue of a taut French crime novel first published in 1972 about a hit man on the trail of a young boy and his mentally unbalanced nanny.

Minato, Kanae. Confessions (GC, 15.00) Aug. An award-winning bestseller in Japan, this is the story of a grief-stricken school teacher who comes face-to-face with absolute evil when her young daughter is killed and conceives a diabolical plot to get her revenge.

Minier, Bernard. The Frozen Dead (STM, 25.99) Aug. The first of a new police series set in Toulouse, featuring a detective who is called away from a murder case to investigate when the body of a horse is suspended at a cable car terminus.

Mogford, Thomas. Hollow Mountain (STM, 26.00) Aug. Spike Sanguinetti investigates when his business partner is injured in a suspicious hit and run accident in Gibraltar.

Nabb, Magdalen. The Monster of Florence (Soho, 14.95) Sept. A Marshal Guarnaccia novel based on the real-life serial killer who terrorized Florence for two decades.

Nesbo, Jo. The Redeemer (RH, 14.95) Sept. Harry Hole investigates the shooting death of a caroler in a Salvation Army concert in Oslo.

Seraphim, Leta. The Devil Takes Half (Coffeetown, 14.95) Aug. A debut mystery set on the Greek island of Chios, where the chief police officer must investigate when a severed hand is found on an archaeological dig, and his only real assistant is an elderly priest who’s watched too many American crime shows.

Vichi, Marco. Death and the Olive Grove (Peg, 14.95) Aug. Florence detective Inspector Bordelli is faced with a series of murders of young girls as well as the disappearance of a friend who claimed to have found a body in a field.

Villiers, Gérard de. The Madman of Benghazi (RH, 14.95) Aug. Austrian nobleman and free-lance CIA agent Malko Linge is hired to find out who is trying to kill the grandson of the Libyan king who was deposed in 1967, a job he relishes because it involves seducing the man’s mistress, a beautiful model.

Wagner, David P. Death in the Dolomites (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Sept. When an American banker disappears from a ski resort in the Italian Alps, Rick Montoya agrees to help the local police investigate.

Yu, Ovidia. Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials (HC, 14.99) Sept. Singapore caterer Rosie Lee is suspected of murder when a mother and son are found dead after a party she catered, but too many things don’t add up, including gossip about illegal organ donations among Singapore’s elite.

New and Forthcoming in Historical Mysteries

Airth, Rennie. The Reckoning (Vik, 26.95) Aug. Set in Sussex in 1947 this mystery features retired Scotland Yard inspector John Madden, who investigates after two men are shot in the same manner, after inquiring as to his whereabouts.

Albert, Susan Wittig. The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush (Brk, 25.95) Sept. When the Darling Savings and Loan closes in 1933, the bank’s new vice-president decides to print scrip for people to use until the crisis is resolved, but someone steals the counterfeit money.

_____. The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star (Brk, 7.99) Sept.  After the Texas Star arrives in Darling, Alabama with her Dare Devils Flying Circus, the ladies are propelled into action when her plane is tampered with.

Amis, Martin. The Zone of Interest (RH, 26.95) Sept. A bleak love story set in a German concentration camp, where the nephew of Martin Bormann, sent to arrange for slave labor for a project to synthesize oil, seduces the wife of the camp commandant and discovers to his horror what is going on and conspires with her to stop it.

Anderson, Steve. Under False Flags (Per, 14.95) Sept. An American and a German soldier are sent on reckless “false flag” operations during the Battle of the Bulge, and both come to realize that their best option is to team up and desert the war.

Angus, Chris. Winston Churchill and the Treasure of Mapungubwe Hill (Per, 14.95) Sept. While a prisoner during the Boer War, the young Winston Churchill is approached by South African leader Louis Botha about a Nubian treasure hidden in a Central African fortress, and sent with a beautiful African girl to find it and protect it. Later, during WWII, he must again protect the treasure from the Nazis, led by a traitorous British nobleman.

Benn, James R. A Blind Goddess (Soho, 15.95) Aug. Billy Boyle investigates when an accountant is murdered in an English village, a man who may have a connection to the US Army.

_____. The Rest is Silence (Soho, 26.95) Sept. Billy Boyle is assigned the case when an unidentified corpse washes up on England’s southern coast near where preparations are being made for the top-secret D-Day landings, but strange goings-on in the manor house where they are staying lead to another murder and suspicions of hidden agendas among the residents.

Bowen, Rhys. Heirs and Graces (Brk, 7.99) Aug. Lady Georgiana must help groom a newly discovered heir—found in the Australian Outback—for his new life as a future duke, but the task becomes more difficult when the young man’s hunting knife is found in the reigning duke’s back. An excellent, funny series.

_____. Queen of Hearts (Brk, 25.95) Aug. Georgie’s mother invites her to go with her to America, and on the transatlantic voyage they meet a Hollywood mogul who offers her a part, but they find him dead at his Malibu estate, so it’s up to Georgie to reprise her role as star sleuth.

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got Away (Brk, 7.99) Aug. When a woman is found strangled in a North London cemetery, Mrs. Jeffries must help Inspector Witherspoon with an old case.

Carter, Stephen L. Back Channel (RH, 27.95) Aug. A young Cornell student agrees to help President Kennedy with the Cuban Missile Crisis, when a Russian chess champion agrees to give information on the Soviet intentions if she will accompany Bobby Fischer to Russia.

Dallas, Sandra. Fallen Women (STM, 15.99) Sept. In 1885, a New York socialite goes to Denver when she hears her estranged sister has died, but she discovers that the sister had become a prostitute and was murdered, and she must look for her killer in both the seedy areas and the palatial homes of the wealthy.

Downie, Ruth. Tabula Rasa (Bloomsbury, 26.00) Aug. Roman physician in second-century Britannia, Gaius Ruso investigates when his new clerk goes missing, using both his connections to the Emperor Hadrian and his wife, part of a local family.

Eastland, Sam. The Beast in the Red Forest (Opus, 22.95) Aug. In 1941 Moscow investigator Pekkala was sent behind enemy lines to discover the whereabouts of the Amber Room taken by the Nazis and disappeared. In 1944, Stalin sends his assistant to hunt for him in a surprising mystery.

Ellroy, James. Perfidia (RH, 28.95) Sept. The first of a projected L.A. quartet is set in December, 1941 when four members of a Japanese-American family are found dead, having left a note in Japanese that suggests foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack.

Faye, Lyndsay. Seven for a Secret (Brk, 16.00) Aug. When a terrified woman reports that her mixed-race sister and nephew have been stolen, Timothy Wilde and his feral brother are plunged into a world of political corruption and police complicity in nineteenth-century New York.

Florio, John. Blind Moon Alley (Prom, 15.95) Aug. Philadelphia bartender Jersey Leo is asked by a childhood friend on death row to help prove that he was framed in the second of this series set during Prohibition.

Francis, J.P. The Major’s Daughter (Png, 16.00) Aug. In New Hampshire in 1944 where 150 German POWs are sent, the daughter of the camp commandant falls in love with one of the prisoners, heedless of the dangers they both face.

Giovanni, Maurizio de. By My Hand (Europa, 17.00) Aug. Commissario Ricciardi investigates the murder of a fascist militia officer and his wife in 1930s Naples.

Gregory, Philippa. The King’s Curse (SS, 27.99) Sept. This novel set in the Tudor period focusses on Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, a Plantagenet who served as a lady in waiting for Katherine of Aragon, wife to both Prince Arthur and later Henry VIII.

Harris, Gregory. The Bellingham Bloodbath (Ken, 15.00) Sept. In the second in this series set in Victorian London, detective Colin Pendragon and his associate are asked to investigate when an officer in Her Majesty’s Guard and his wife are found brutally murdered in their flat.

Harris, Tessa. The Lazarus Curse (Ken, 15.00) Aug. Eighteenth-century anatomist and part-time investigator Thomas Silkstone is called in to investigate when the sole survivor of an ill-fated expedition to Jamaica goes missing, and he is drawn into the sinister world of slavery, magic, and murder.

Hayes, J. M. The Spirit and the Skull (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Aug. This mystery set in Paleolithic times follows a band of people crossing the Bering Straits, but a murder and hints of witchcraft cause the band’s middle-aged shaman to hunt for a killer at the direct behest of the Mother-Goddess. An excellent evocation of a culture that is both very distant and very close in its humanity. Highly recommended. Signing.

Ireland, D. E. Wouldn’t It Be Deadly? (STM, 24.99) Sept. A tongue-in-cheek mystery that takes off from My Fair Lady with Professor Henry Higgins the chief suspect when the rival elocution teacher who has stolen away Eliza Doolittle is murdered.

Joyce, Graham. The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit (RH, 24.95) Aug. A supernatural novel of suspense set in a rundown seaside town in 1976, where a college student takes a job, and where his father disappeared fifteen years before.

Koenig, Joseph. Really the Blues (Peg, 25.95) Aug. An American jazz musician in Occupied Paris in 1941 must find a murderer after a member of his band is found dead, but he finds himself under investigation by the Gestapo who want to know his real motive for staying on in Paris.

Krajewski, Marek. The Minotaur’s Head (Melville, 25.95) Aug. Inspector Mock is serving with the Abwehr in 1937 Breslau and is investigating the case of a young woman, raped, murdered, and with half her face torn off.

Kuhlken, Ken. The Good Know Nothing (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Aug. LA lawman Tom Hickey learns more about the disappearance of his father, a disappearance that may be tied to the mysterious writer B. Traven in a mystery set in 1936. Signing.

Liss, David. The Day of Atonement (RH, 28.00) Sept. A man returns to Lisbon in 1755 to exact vengeance for the death of his father at the hands of the Inquisition.

McCrumb, Sharyn. King’s Mountain (STM, 15.99) Sept. A historical novel based on the life of John Sevier, whose Carolina Overmountain Men helped turned the tide for the Americans during the Revolutionary War.

McKinty, Adrian. The Sun is God (Prom, 15.95) Sept. Based on an actual incident in 1906 in New Guinea, where a former British military policeman is sent to investigate by the German government when a member of a small German cult is murdered.

McNamara, Frances. Death at Chinatown (Allium, 15.99) Sept. When a Chinese-born physician is accused of murdering a local herbalist in Chicago’s late nineteenth-century Chinatown, criminologist Emily Cabot agrees to help her.

Miley, Mary. The Impersonator (STM, 15.99) Aug. When a man sees a vaudeville actress who is the spitting image of his niece, an heiress who disappeared years before, he enlists her in a scheme to claim the missing girl’s inheritance, not realizing that she is in danger from the person who knows the truth about the disappearance.

_____. Silent Murders (STM, 25.99) Sept. Former vaudeville actress Jessie Beckett, now working as an assistant to the swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks is invited to a celebrity party, but two people are found dead and two others are found poisoned, and she must help find a killer.

Nethercott, Michael. The Haunting Ballad (STM, 25.99) Sept. When her cousin leaps to her death from her Greenwich Village apartment, a woman hires Connecticut PI Lee Plunkett and his associate Mr. O’Nelligan to prove she didn’t commit suicide in the second in this series set in 1957.

Pajer, Bernadette. The Edison Effect (PP, 24.95 hc, 14.95 tp) Sept. Professor Bradshaw tangles with Thomas Edison when Edison arrives in Seattle in 1903, looking for a former student who has invented a highly dangerous device.

Parker, Kate. Counterfeit Lady (Brk, 15.00) Aug. Antiquarian bookseller Georgia Fenchurch must pose as a titled lady alongside the dashing Duke of Blackford to catch a spy in the second in this series set in Victorian London.

Perry, Anne. Blind Justice (Ball, 16.00) Sept. Monk and Hester help a judge whose actions in the trial of a charismatic preacher put his career in jeopardy.

_____. Blood on the Water (Ball, 26.00) Sept. Monk is a witness when a pleasure  boat is blown up on the Thames, and is assigned the case after the Egyptian man arrested for the crime is shown to be innocent—but not before he is murdered in prison.

Pirrone, D.M. Shall We Not Revenge (Allium, 16.99) Aug. When a rabbi is murdered in Chicago after the devastating fire of 1872, the Irish Catholic homicide detective assigned to the case must confront the customs and traditions of the Orthodox Jewish community with the help of the rabbi’s daughter.

Quinn, Peter. Dry Bones (Png, 15.95) Sept. Finbar Dunne is sent on a desperate OSS mission in 1945 to rescue a group of OSS officers sent to help the Czech resistance and now caught behind Russian lines in a case with consequences ten years later.

Rutherford, Anne. Twelfth Night Murder (Brk,15.00) Sept. In the third in this Restoration series, Suzanne Thornton is called in to identify the body of a young man dressed in woman’s clothing, who may be an actor or a transgender person who was killed by someone who hired him for the night.

Schumacher, Tony. The Darkest Hour (HC, 25.99) Sept. In an alternate history mystery set in German-occupied London in 1946, a British policeman is charged by the SS with arranging the deportation of London’s Jews, but when he finds a young Jewish boy, he is determined to save him.

Scott, A.D. The Low Road (SS, 16.00) Sept. Newspaper editor John McAllister is drawn into the Glasgow crime scene when a childhood friend is threatened by a gangster in the fifth in this series set in the Scottish Highlands in the 1950s.

Seth, Peter. What It Was Like (Per, 13.95) Sept. A novel of obsessive teenaged love—is there any other kind?—set at a summer camp in upstate New York in 1968.

Shamsie, Kamila. A God in Every Stone (Per, 20.00) Aug. A young Englishwoman joins an archaeological dig in Turkey in 1914, but the war intervenes and she must leave off her search for an ancient silver circlet, only to take up the search years later in Peshawar, where she meets an Indian soldier who has begun to doubt his loyalty to the British Raj.

Stanley, Kelli. City of Ghosts (STM, 26.99) Aug. In this mystery set in 1940, San Francisco PI Miranda Corbie is asked by a friend from the U.S. State Department to track a German professor suspected of being a Nazi spy and in return he’ll help her try to find her mother in England.

Taylor, D. J. The Windsor Faction (Peg, 14.95) Sept. A novel of alternate history that imagines Edward VII still on the throne of England and a woman who discovers the existence in 1939 of “The Faction,” a group of the wealthy and powerful determined to derail the war effort against Nazi Germany.

Todd, Charles. An Unwilling Accomplice (HC, 25.99) Aug. Bess Crawford accompanies a wounded hero to receive a medal from King George V, but the man disappears from the hotel where they are staying, and Bess must track him down.

Trow, M. J. Traitor’s Storm (SH, 28.95) Aug. Francis Walsingham, spymaster to Elizabeth I dispatches Christopher Marlowe to the Isle of Wight, where a spy investigating the threat of Spain has disappeared.

Waters, Sarah. The Paying Guests (River, 28.95) Sept. Set in London in 1922, this crime novel features a spinster who is forced to take in paying guests to maintain the large house, but when she falls in love with one of the guests, an accidental murder occurs, and when an innocent man is arrested, the lovers are caught in a moral quandary.

Watson, Larry. Let Him Go (Per, 16.00) Aug. Set in the mid-twentieth century, this story of grandparents who go across the west to fetch their dead son’s son after his mother remarries is a suspenseful story of small-town family gone wrong.

Willig, Lauren. The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (NAL, 15.00) Aug. Sally Fitzhugh doesn’t believe in vampires, but when a woman is found dead, blood drained from her throat, she and the reclusive Duke of Belliston join forces to stop the so-called vampire from killing again in the latest in this excellent Regency series.

Winter, Ariel. The Falling Star (Hard Case, 7.99) Aug. A mystery set in 1941 in the style of Raymond Chandler.

_____. Malniveau Prison (Hard Case, 7.99) Aug. A mystery set in Paris in 1931 in the style of Georges Simenon.

_____. Police at the Funeral (Hard Case, 7.99) Aug. The third in the trilogy, set in 1951 in the style of Jim Thompson.

Woodrell, Daniel. The Maid’s Version (LB, 15.00) Sept. When her sister is killed in an explosion at a local dance hall in Missouri in 1929, a woman who works as a maid for a prominent family spends her life looking for justice.

Of Special Interest

Bosco’s Bites for this newsletter cycle are Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn (and all the backlist titles) and Inside of a Dog by Alexander Horowitz. Chet the Dog is a real favorite of Bosco’s, and he’s often thought that being a private investigator might be almost as much fun as being a book-selling hound. Inside of a Dog is a must-have for dog-owners and dog-lovers that explains how dogs experience the world. Remember that 20% of the purchase goes to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption so that more hounds can have forever homes.

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